Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Get in my Belly! EMERGENCY RIBS!!!

Snowy Daze Bring This Out in Me!!
Comfort food.  The Ultimate In...
RIBS!!!  Sully-Style.
I love to Share,
Please share with anyone.
These are pork ribs.  Any rib would do esp beef ribs need time braising before your sauce and serve them.
I have a simple technique.
I have taken the thinking out of it for anyone lucky enough to follow.
It's All You Too!!!
Your BBQ Rub.  Your Flavors.  Your BBQ Sauce.
This is Personal!!
So get a rack of ribs in that VacPac.
And follow some simple steps:
Time, Low Heat, Tight Foil.
275degF is Suggested.
My BBQ is Modest.  I hand measured the Kosher salt as if I was seasoning the rack.  Added normal paprika, common dark chili powder, garlic powder, cumin then an almost equal notion of brown sugar,  Placed the Garlic Cloves then covered the rack in Rub.
Then tight sealed.
The rest is in the pictures.
Cheers.  ^_^

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Star Wars

Empathy for the Devil

Hey everybody.  I'm in a Lattes With Leia kinda mood to spin Star Wars thoughts.  

I experienced an unintended empathy with a literary hero/villain, depending on which story side of the coin lands but iDigress...
Let's get Our Own Empathy. What happened?
Sully got a boo-boo! Simple.
Yet it opened a window in my mind to feeling for someone else.
I got a burn on my hand.
Tiny, on the tip of my left ring finger. Under where my print would be, slightly above the inside of the first knuckle.
Not just once but twice in the same spot.
How? Simple.
I grabbed the eggs pan with a badly swaddled towel.  My bare finger barely barely touches the inferno-hot handle. Then minutes later again in the same spot.  Stupid, Sully.  Tres Stooopeed, "Chef".  
In the middle of a brunch service, a professional cook cannot waste time or attention on minor burns. Its simply a workplace hazard. Cuts too. If it doesn't require immediate emergency medical attention...you just gotta deal with it.  Cuts are a lot more serious yet I've seen chefs cauterize simple, bleeding fingercuts on the six-top burner stove by rolling his finger over the cast-iron stove top.
My "Enfant Terrible" happened at the start of service.
For the rest of the day I had to stick my hand back into fire the pain was excruciating!  
Something so small hurts so badly it ripped the attention away selfishly to myself.
Between orders I kept my finger submerged in a six pan of ice.
I got through it.  I mean how could I not?  It was the grandest of inconvenience yes!  But what was I going to do...sit on the bench?  Are you kidding?  In the middle of a HK Sunday Brunch?

Later on, looking at this Small Wonder.  Now out of the fire and feeling better, healing.  In awe of such a small thing making such a big hurt.
And as all things churn in my big, bald head...I usually think of silly Sully things in Star Wars.
Like "What Colour is Your Lightsabre"?  (My Choice: White, like Asohka's Shoto & Daito)
So I thought this...
Anakin Skywalker.  Former Hero.  Sith Lord.  Amputee and Burn Victim.  
He has lost both his arms and both his legs.  His remaining head and torso were horribly immolated by the lava rivers of the planet Mustafar.  I'm of the opinion he got his Wedding Tackle burned off too.  
From here I want Further Context.  This is a Human, Non-Fictional Link to a Site regarding the Managing of Pain after a Burn.  
I thought this to be a great standard on how to Empathize With Darth Vader.  His day-to-day life.  The agony of living in his charred & damaged humanity.  
Anakin is a walking, talking, feeling Avatar of Sarte's Hell.  He is one Giant Itch He Cannot Scratch.  This is Art.  This is an Existential Nightmare.  This is Metaphor.  And there is also a touchstone of Reality to it as well...Suffering.  

My burn was so small.  So tiny.  So healable compared to what befell Anakin Skywalker.  
I felt not Pity...yet Empathy for him.  For poor, deluded, doomed Anakin Skywalker.  So handsome, so funny, so loyal.  Trapped between a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Being Played by a Master Manipulator for sake of the Story.  Yet the Flesh, the Blood, the Person Underneath that Helmet.  The daily agony of his burnt flesh magnified by his self-loathing.  
My little boo-boo has to pale in comparison to Darth Vader's daily life.  
Does he deserve it?  For Killing Younglings, his Wife and countless others since?  
That's for a Jury of his Fictional Peers to decide.  
Me...I was simply pleased to meet him.  
Guess his name?   
Hero or Villain?
Human in Pain, all the same.