Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Whatcha Reading?

So who still reads?
I do.
I love it.
I get in as much as I can.
I love unabridged audiobooks read to me via my Audible account.

Here are just a few.  Got any suggestions?

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Tao of Sully

On Coping...

I'm pretty frank on my blog here.  It's a side effect of being me.
I think I have a Story to Tell.

Mental Health is something I cherish, being a Seeker of that I think my whole life and not some elusive Spirituality.  Some real peace of mind.  Some real balance.
Yet recently, I've come under real challenges.
And the Struggle is Real.  To Us.  The ones that needed some help in coping with the Mad, Mad World the Rest of You have so much effortless grace in  ^_^

It's been 2 1/2 years since I've stopped Talk Therapy.  I'm open about the experience and its impact on me chronicled here.  Since I started Talk Therapy, I was assigned an SSRI to help me cope with the Tipping Point I encountered.  Eventually, she decided on 40mg/Day.  So for the past few years....clear sailing.  Yet I came upon a real challenge and I couldn't handle it.

That was Odd.  I've been Nigh-Unflappable for about 4 Years.
Now...panic attacks.  Nightmares.  Waking up sweating out, getting sick to my tummy.
Why?  What's Different?
A new professional stressor met something Bigger.
My precious salty waters on my brain.
As the old cliche goes, I could feel it in my water.
Something was Wrong.  Like really Wrong.

What once caused Eustress was now producing Distress.
What once strengthened my Resilience now produced my Anxiety.

Coming to a few weeks ago, a new Tipping Point.
I awoke.  Sick to my stomach, nightmarish and sweating out.  Woke up Tired & Fatigued.  There goes all my electrolytes, I thought that morning.  It was 33 degrees out when I left for my 20 minute walk to work.  I was layered up.  Yet feeling baby-weak.  It was horrible.
I get to the kitchen, HK to us in the know.  I have about 13 different First Things to Do at 7AM.  Kick the Tires, Light the Fires so by the time the Boys show up, we have a fully-rolling kitchen.  I take the spent fryer oil out to the oil dumpster in the parking lot.  These are usually between 25-40 lbs of liquid canola oil that reeks of usage & derivative battered seafoods but iDigress...
I do this, as I do every week and I completely sweat out again.
And I catch a chill.

Imagine this.  4 linecooks, cooking.  3 in shortsleeve cotton button-up kitchen shirts.
Me in two hoodie sweatshirts, with both hoods up and shivering in the heat of the kitchen.
I had to go home.  I was sick.
Yet I knew what was really wrong.
I could feel it in my water.
My Meds are Clobbering Me!!!
My body is being crushed by Bad Signals.
From once was negotiable becomes unbearable.

So...I cut my pill in half.  and after "Listening" to this Med that's helped me...I knew when to rein it back a bit.
Now I'm feeling better.  Lots better.  Back to work with no problems.
Crushing It is better than being Crushed By It.
So if this is how you live life as well...then learn to listen to your body.
Stress is only Natural.
And if anything, I could always check in with my doctor.
Yet I haven't needed to.
She gave me the Gift of Resiliency or rather showed me the "Way".
It's up to me to walk it or not.