Monday, September 11, 2017


It's 9/11.
The Defining Moment and Inciting Incident of the early 21st Century America.

I'm keen on making a Blog.  Click the Label for the earlier posts.
So this year I'm thinking about it, wearing my Stars & Stripes.

I like to think of myself as a Good American. 

Monday, September 04, 2017

Star Wars...Now It Begins!

I am now in Write-Only Mode for Twitter.
This past Force Friday was awash in Spoiler-rific Suddenness I had to make bold action.
Only a few things spoiled for me:
1.  An alien.  I think I've seen it before in the cartoons so...
2.  A certain new droid.  Can't un-ring that bell.
3.  And could this astromech be the unit for the HERO STARFIGHTER I found out about by name only while watching the Battlefront II Space Battle YouTube Vids...but iDigress...
4.  Some Crimson Guards, what?
5.  Snoke got a Mega Star Destroyer that I caught out of the corner of my eye.  I mean they got to get around in something, right?  And it's the First Order, dammit.  We are Not The Empire!  ^_^
6.  The 2nd movie poster.

So I'm all set with Twitter spoiling.  It's all worthy to me, to see the first time in the movie.
Twitter, see you on the other side of the war...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Get in My Belly! Homemade Pizza from Scratch!

Hey Dear OCHO,

I'm in the mood to cook.
And I wish I could share a some of my Super Satisfying Sully's 7-Cheese Slice!

We were at Peter's place.  It was Sunday PM.  We were having Supper for the Season Finale of Game of Thrones.  Posty had smoked 2 whole chicken, covered in delicious bbq rubs.  Juicy meat, crispy & salty & spicy skin...ooof but iDigress...

Yet we've been having supper parties for over a decade!  And I love bringing up home cooking Life Hacks for Any Kitchen, especially fresh, healthy food fit for family and kids.
And we're talking cracking the code of an American staple food!

Making bread at home is such a lost touchstone to the family table.
The subject is vast & what an item in which to be promiscuous.
A gift from the Planet to We the Human Race.
That every divergent culture seems to have on some level figured "It" out.
Unless you experience a gluten sensitivity, then like me you've eaten an amazing array & amount of bread over your lifetime!!

5 parts Flour.
3 parts Water.
From here.  It's about how much you need to make for how many people.
It comes down to simple, schoolhouse Arithmetic.
5 grams to 3 grams, same result.  5 ounces to 3 ounzes, same result.  5 pounds...  you get it.
A little salt.
A little bloomed yeast to leaven.
A little shortening which helps the dough keep its shape when rolling out, reduces elasticity.

It is so easy to make pizza dough at home.
It is so easy to make a tomato sauce at home.
What else would you need?
Cheese, toppings and a Hot Oven?
And so inexpensive.  And with a few pizza-related kitchen staples, you to can have restaurant-quality pizza a few times a week.  Be master of your consumed sodium level!
If you love your children, never feed them frozen pizza again!  Read the Sodium % on the side of the box.  Then think if you eat the whole thing or the "Suggested Portion"!
Wow...being a Label Reader Sucks!!! It's taken all the fun out of Eating Fast or Packaged Foods!

So I do it at home.
I'd love to be able to cook for you too.
But if I can't...then here's the Next Best Thing.

Below is a Video I took while I was making a tomato sauce just for a demo like this.  Don't use hot sauce on your dough.  It should be cold-to-room temperature.  The oven will heat it up along with the baking the dough and melting the cheese.  Make your sauce, cool your sauce, keep it in the fridge until you need to use it.  I've sweated a Spanish onion, sliced raw garlic, covered over low heat until wet & translucent.  I added one can of plum tomatoes and 2 bay leafs.  Let stew for about 45 minutes.  REMOVE the bay leafs.  And use your stick blender until smooth.  I pour out onto a sheetpan with an edge and let cool before I stow in a Tupperware and put in the fridge.
This is Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly as well as the Dough.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Get In My Belly!!! Fried Chicken Tacos!! ^_^

Oh Dear OCHO!

I know...you do too. ^_^  Yay!

I've been hankering not just for a Taco...
but This Specific Taco!!
It's available in Chicago, IL, USA at BROKEN ENGLISH, 75 E Lake, on the corner where the Loop turns "Left" but iDigress.

It's one of my favorite places to eat on Planet Earth and that ain't no lie!

Yet here I am.  In Boston.  All the way over here when my taco is all the way over there...
But wait!  I have the know-how, I have the technology....

So, it began with this Vision of Tacos floating around my head and an inability to pop one in my mouth.
DIY, at home.  Sure the restaurant is a lot more fun!
Yet Heed The Call...

What I did was to hydrate some powdered buttermilk with the spices; black pepper, paprika, chili powder & garlic powder.  Then I put a chicken breast into a quart Ziplok.  Then I poured the seasoned buttermilk into the baggie.  Zip shut.  I then did what initially should have done and that was to butcher the breast into morsel pieces, more surface contact with the buttermilk, et al.  It's a good idea.
24 hours later when you're about to cook, drain the baggie in a colander in the sink.  Then dredge in panko and rest to fire.  It's that simple.  I put a few spices & kosher salt in with the panko.  and it's most important to season with a little salt when done cooking yet a few capsful of canola oil, a frying pan and a few minutes on each side.

So while all that was in the fridge, earlier in the day I got my "Chef On!" ^_^
The original taco calls for a Smoked Slaw and a Ghost Pepper Mayo.
What do I envision.  I'm literally afraid of Ghost Peppers thanks to Chef Howie at Olde Magoun's Saloon, my local Pub.  So I'm gonna go with Scotch Bonnets.  Serious Scofield Numbers here too, kids.
And I don't have a smoker yet I know a Pickled Slaw technique that'll do!
Pickling Liquid is literally the reverse of the Vinaigrette Ratio. 4:1 yet flip the values of oil & vinegar.
So on with the Show!  And lemme tell you ZERO-LEVEL LEFTOVERS.
None.  I've seen Chicken fly, man...lemme tell you. ^_^

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Welcome to...ASK BATMAN!

We've found the Caped Crusader fresh from an another evening of Crime-Fighting!
Yet protecting the Citizens of Gotham City is a 24-Hour Long Job.
So this "Doc Knight" is offering his problem-solving technique for the more everyday situation that do not include Ransom, Killer Clowns or Bat Anti-Shark Repellent.
Use the Hashtag #AskBatman to @revsully on Twitter to get your very own answer from Gotham's Very Own Super Friend!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Chicago 2017

Hey All!

Another Summer, Another Trip to Chicago!
The 3rd Annual Ferris Bueller Memorial Painting of the Windy City RED!

Pete, Emily, Kris & I crammed so much into more or less 48 Hours.
Food, Fun, Foolery!  What a great time.  Good to see old friends, make new.
Great weather, great restaurants, great times. ^_^
Aunt Patty & Selma's slideshow to Egypt is about to begin...

Happy Summer!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Star Wars

I have a Theory.

A Tale of Two Skywalkers.

No!! Not Luke & Leia...

but Anakin Himself!

Let's play...

I am a huge fan of Matthew Stover's novelization of Revenge of the Sith, based on the story & screenplay by George Lucas, Del Rey/Balantine/Lucas Books, 2005. I cherish my hardcover. I lend it out with Absolute Seriousness. "Do you want to Enjoy Episode 3???" I've always got it back as well.
We need to remember that George Lucas did reshoots of the Finale, the showdown between Obi-Wan on Mustafar. Lucas did some redacting. Irregardless after April 2014, the novelization "lost" its value becoming "non-canon" and part of LEGENDS, the umbrella term for the formerly known as the Expanded Universe.
Info Different from the Movie:
  • Names and details are given for the lightsaber techniques the characters use in their respective duels. All the seven lightsaber combat forms are mentioned and described except Form VI.
  • Anakin wants to access the Holocrons of the Archives to know more about Darth Plagueis so that he can learn how to save Padme. As the Holocrons are only available to Jedi Masters, this explains his outrage over not being promoted to the rank of Master when put on the Council.
  • Palpatine deliberately tricks the Council into sending Obi-Wan to Utapau using reverse psychology by suggesting they send Anakin. He knew he needed to get Obi-Wan off Coruscant before he could turn Anakin to the Dark Side, so he used Grievous as a trap to lure Obi-Wan away. This proves necessary when Anakin's reaction to learning that Palpatine is the Sith Lord. Anakin's crisis is to think "If only Obi-Wan were here - Obi-Wan would know what to say. What to do. Obi-Wan could handle this". Right then, Anakin knew he couldn't.
  • Anakin actively protects Padme from Palpatine's "wrath" from being on the "other side of the Aisle".  Or think he does, and says it to her.  He's a little overtired from Nightmares.  He's pissed off already for not becoming a Master with Councilship, the Holocrons he can't read to save you Padme!  See Palpatine's strings better?  The Phantom Menace?  
  • Obi-Wan grieves Anakin's death before his and Yoda's return to the Jedi Temple, assuming that Anakin must have died during Order 66.
  • Towards the end of the movie a conversation takes place between Obi-Wan and Yoda in which Yoda tells the younger Jedi that Qui-Gon Jinn has "returned from the netherworld of the Force", and is ready to teach the pair of them how to do the same. In the novel, Qui-Gon's return is described in full during a significant conversation between his spirit and Yoda. During the discussion, Yoda laments having had reservations about the headstrong master prior to his death: "A great Jedi Master you always were, but too blind I was to see it." He then declares, "Your apprentice, I gratefully become", as he prepares to embrace the Force in such a way as to retain consciousness after death.
And my observation includes this: Anakin gets back his sense of humor. When murdering the Gate Master Jurokk, he is basically asked, "Is there anything wrong?". After turning his lightsabre on then off under the Gatekeeper's chin, Vader nonchalantly replies, "you have no idea..."
When Padme & Threepio (and Obi-Wan) are landing on Mustafar, Sidious advises his new Apprentice, "be mindful. I sense a disturbance in the Force". Vader makes the conscious choice to yellow-down his eyes and adopt Anakin's face to greet his wife. He does not shed a tear. He turns off his comm-link and arrogantly states, "peh...I am a disturbance in the Force". Finally believing his own press...
What are your thoughts?
Are all the novelizations of the Movies now non-canon or only this book? Does this mean in Episode 1, Anakin before we meet him on-screen, never saved the Tusken in the Dune Sea in the book's Act 1? Color Me Unimpressed if that the case. The novelizations get a latitude unafforded the novels. Cheers! ^_~

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Whatcha Reading?

So who still reads?
I do.
I love it.
I get in as much as I can.
I love unabridged audiobooks read to me via my Audible account.

Here are just a few.  Got any suggestions?

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Tao of Sully

On Coping...

I'm pretty frank on my blog here.  It's a side effect of being me.
I think I have a Story to Tell.

Mental Health is something I cherish, being a Seeker of that I think my whole life and not some elusive Spirituality.  Some real peace of mind.  Some real balance.
Yet recently, I've come under real challenges.
And the Struggle is Real.  To Us.  The ones that needed some help in coping with the Mad, Mad World the Rest of You have so much effortless grace in  ^_^

It's been 2 1/2 years since I've stopped Talk Therapy.  I'm open about the experience and its impact on me chronicled here.  Since I started Talk Therapy, I was assigned an SSRI to help me cope with the Tipping Point I encountered.  Eventually, she decided on 40mg/Day.  So for the past few years....clear sailing.  Yet I came upon a real challenge and I couldn't handle it.

That was Odd.  I've been Nigh-Unflappable for about 4 Years.
Now...panic attacks.  Nightmares.  Waking up sweating out, getting sick to my tummy.
Why?  What's Different?
A new professional stressor met something Bigger.
My precious salty waters on my brain.
As the old cliche goes, I could feel it in my water.
Something was Wrong.  Like really Wrong.

What once caused Eustress was now producing Distress.
What once strengthened my Resilience now produced my Anxiety.

Coming to a few weeks ago, a new Tipping Point.
I awoke.  Sick to my stomach, nightmarish and sweating out.  Woke up Tired & Fatigued.  There goes all my electrolytes, I thought that morning.  It was 33 degrees out when I left for my 20 minute walk to work.  I was layered up.  Yet feeling baby-weak.  It was horrible.
I get to the kitchen, HK to us in the know.  I have about 13 different First Things to Do at 7AM.  Kick the Tires, Light the Fires so by the time the Boys show up, we have a fully-rolling kitchen.  I take the spent fryer oil out to the oil dumpster in the parking lot.  These are usually between 25-40 lbs of liquid canola oil that reeks of usage & derivative battered seafoods but iDigress...
I do this, as I do every week and I completely sweat out again.
And I catch a chill.

Imagine this.  4 linecooks, cooking.  3 in shortsleeve cotton button-up kitchen shirts.
Me in two hoodie sweatshirts, with both hoods up and shivering in the heat of the kitchen.
I had to go home.  I was sick.
Yet I knew what was really wrong.
I could feel it in my water.
My Meds are Clobbering Me!!!
My body is being crushed by Bad Signals.
From once was negotiable becomes unbearable.

So...I cut my pill in half.  and after "Listening" to this Med that's helped me...I knew when to rein it back a bit.
Now I'm feeling better.  Lots better.  Back to work with no problems.
Crushing It is better than being Crushed By It.
So if this is how you live life as well...then learn to listen to your body.
Stress is only Natural.
And if anything, I could always check in with my doctor.
Yet I haven't needed to.
She gave me the Gift of Resiliency or rather showed me the "Way".
It's up to me to walk it or not.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Get in my Belly! EMERGENCY RIBS!!!

Snowy Daze Bring This Out in Me!!
Comfort food.  The Ultimate In...
RIBS!!!  Sully-Style.
I love to Share,
Please share with anyone.
These are pork ribs.  Any rib would do esp beef ribs need time braising before your sauce and serve them.
I have a simple technique.
I have taken the thinking out of it for anyone lucky enough to follow.
It's All You Too!!!
Your BBQ Rub.  Your Flavors.  Your BBQ Sauce.
This is Personal!!
So get a rack of ribs in that VacPac.
And follow some simple steps:
Time, Low Heat, Tight Foil.
275degF is Suggested.
My BBQ is Modest.  I hand measured the Kosher salt as if I was seasoning the rack.  Added normal paprika, common dark chili powder, garlic powder, cumin then an almost equal notion of brown sugar,  Placed the Garlic Cloves then covered the rack in Rub.
Then tight sealed.
The rest is in the pictures.
Cheers.  ^_^

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Star Wars

Empathy for the Devil

Hey everybody.  I'm in a Lattes With Leia kinda mood to spin Star Wars thoughts.  

I experienced an unintended empathy with a literary hero/villain, depending on which story side of the coin lands but iDigress...
Let's get Our Own Empathy. What happened?
Sully got a boo-boo! Simple.
Yet it opened a window in my mind to feeling for someone else.
I got a burn on my hand.
Tiny, on the tip of my left ring finger. Under where my print would be, slightly above the inside of the first knuckle.
Not just once but twice in the same spot.
How? Simple.
I grabbed the eggs pan with a badly swaddled towel.  My bare finger barely barely touches the inferno-hot handle. Then minutes later again in the same spot.  Stupid, Sully.  Tres Stooopeed, "Chef".  
In the middle of a brunch service, a professional cook cannot waste time or attention on minor burns. Its simply a workplace hazard. Cuts too. If it doesn't require immediate emergency medical attention...you just gotta deal with it.  Cuts are a lot more serious yet I've seen chefs cauterize simple, bleeding fingercuts on the six-top burner stove by rolling his finger over the cast-iron stove top.
My "Enfant Terrible" happened at the start of service.
For the rest of the day I had to stick my hand back into fire the pain was excruciating!  
Something so small hurts so badly it ripped the attention away selfishly to myself.
Between orders I kept my finger submerged in a six pan of ice.
I got through it.  I mean how could I not?  It was the grandest of inconvenience yes!  But what was I going to do...sit on the bench?  Are you kidding?  In the middle of a HK Sunday Brunch?

Later on, looking at this Small Wonder.  Now out of the fire and feeling better, healing.  In awe of such a small thing making such a big hurt.
And as all things churn in my big, bald head...I usually think of silly Sully things in Star Wars.
Like "What Colour is Your Lightsabre"?  (My Choice: White, like Asohka's Shoto & Daito)
So I thought this...
Anakin Skywalker.  Former Hero.  Sith Lord.  Amputee and Burn Victim.  
He has lost both his arms and both his legs.  His remaining head and torso were horribly immolated by the lava rivers of the planet Mustafar.  I'm of the opinion he got his Wedding Tackle burned off too.  
From here I want Further Context.  This is a Human, Non-Fictional Link to a Site regarding the Managing of Pain after a Burn.  
I thought this to be a great standard on how to Empathize With Darth Vader.  His day-to-day life.  The agony of living in his charred & damaged humanity.  
Anakin is a walking, talking, feeling Avatar of Sarte's Hell.  He is one Giant Itch He Cannot Scratch.  This is Art.  This is an Existential Nightmare.  This is Metaphor.  And there is also a touchstone of Reality to it as well...Suffering.  

My burn was so small.  So tiny.  So healable compared to what befell Anakin Skywalker.  
I felt not Pity...yet Empathy for him.  For poor, deluded, doomed Anakin Skywalker.  So handsome, so funny, so loyal.  Trapped between a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Being Played by a Master Manipulator for sake of the Story.  Yet the Flesh, the Blood, the Person Underneath that Helmet.  The daily agony of his burnt flesh magnified by his self-loathing.  
My little boo-boo has to pale in comparison to Darth Vader's daily life.  
Does he deserve it?  For Killing Younglings, his Wife and countless others since?  
That's for a Jury of his Fictional Peers to decide.  
Me...I was simply pleased to meet him.  
Guess his name?   
Hero or Villain?
Human in Pain, all the same.  


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Star Wars...

So OCHO...
What STAR WARS thing are you tuned into?

What did you think about ROGUE ONE?
Spoiler Alert On!  Let's Talk!
Have I even gone on about it?
I tried to read the set-up book CATALYST which I gleefully bailed on, mid-way.  
I then endured all Eleven Hours of the Rogue One Novelization.  I read book on the Audible reader.  The only scene not in the movie that was in the book was the famous cut Jyn Erso vs TIE Fighter at the Finale on the Skarif Tower.  It must have been one of the last things to be cut and reshot.  
Actual (not) Cut Footage!

Cassian Andor is given a smidge of character depth with an inner struggle regarding blowing away his Act 1 Informant.  And the Set-Up to CLIMB!! in Act 3, By The Way but iDigress...
Baze & Chirrut share a Brotherhood of the Guardian of the Whills.  Yet I think we all like the ambiguity of the film better regarding their relationship.  

I liked the Bad Guy.  So insipid,  So Better-Than-You.  Director Orson Krennic.
Once Again...Actual (not) Footage from the Film!!

As a life-long Asthma suffer, I can only feel True Empathy for Saw Gererra.
The Droid didn't steal the show but he earned his keep.
The real comic relief was Donnie Yen as the blind Guardian of the Whills, Chirrut Imwe.  And his unmistakable contribution to Our Star Wars Lore...
"I am One with The Force and The Force is With Me."
I liked the ending.  A lot.  It was like a real War Movie.  It put War back in Star Wars.  It was like a Samurai movie.  
I loved the cheese and I loved the costumes & sets.  It was a time machine to a Galaxy a Long, Long Time Ago...1977.  The haircuts.  The costumes.  It was all water-tight to fit next to the opening crawl of Episode IV A New Hope.
These are Our Rebel Spies.  

Every planet has it name put in the frame upon arrival.
Except One.  
Where Darth Vader's Castle is Located.  In the book...Director Krennic is simply summoned to Mustafar.
If you know your STAR WARS REBELS, Mustafar is a creepy place where legend says its where Jedi are taken to die...

So Rogue One the Movie, definitely pretty good.  The book?  Ugh.  As a Star Wars fan, I'm glad I could get through it.  I'd reread the Prequels but not this one.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Get in My Belly: Pro Version!

Ok ok ok.  So let me share with you the DIRTY BIRD!!!
The Dirty Bird is a Phenomenon of Brunch...unique to one location in Space/Time: Somerville's Highland Kitchen!
I'm a brunch linecook there on Sundays.  It keeps me "real".  But iDigress...
Instead of the common Benedict, we offer as the House Plate the Dirty Bird.  
Let's let the Menu speak for herself...
That just happened!  And we make it happen every Sunday 11AM-2:30PM.  
I'm proud of this dish because I cook the eggs to order and I made the Sausage Gravy.  My sausage gravy is the Best in the Multiverse.  
HK is an onslaught.  From the moment we open the doors until the end it's a flat seat then turn after turn after turn...Hungry Guests.  And we got a high approval rating.  I'm starting my 5th year and it's nice to run a line of grown-ups.  It's got it's ups and downs but overall, it's very fulfilling.  
Before we open, I go out to greet the line.
Then I pump my boys up with a little Tomfoolery.  We crank a song or two and get pumped up.  This is what a championship locker room must feel like before you step out onto the field.  
So in the Spirit of Doctor Demento and good parody music everywhere...I present the Dirty Bird Song as sung over Surfin' Bird.  
I do it every Sunday.  The boys have a good time and sing along mostly.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Smoking Puck!


Been a while since the last Smoking Puck yet as the Phoenix rises from its ashes, so the Puck Brightly Burns.

Happy New Year and MLK Day.  It's time for a Bruins Matinee against the New Yawk Islandahs.

There's nothing too much to talk about besides it's good to watch hockey.  I got a new TV system so last night I'm watching Minnesota at Chicago on NBCSports.  The day before and right now, I got NESN so I get Bruins Hockey at Home for the first time in about 5 seasons.  Tonight it's Washington at Pittsburgh.  I'm really happy with it so far.

Overall, my lifelong love affair with God's Game is still ready & steady.
What would I like to do?  Get out to Chicago and see the Hawks play at home.  That's doable.
What would you like as a hockey fan?
Finally Stop Fighting?
The Auto Icing?  Liking it?
Sick of the Shootout by Now?  Lots of folk are...lend your voice.
Growth to 31 teams in the Vegas Golden Knights?
My hope is that the NHL adopt the International Size ice surface.  It would help the game, tremendously.  More time to move, maneuver.  See who is coming atcha.  Perhaps injuries and fighting would both subside with more time to skate out of harms way?  But iDigress...

I kind of like this 2017 Bruins.  Hey, they're far from perfect.  They're barely mediocre.  But they're Our Home Team.  New Young Guns...with a veteran core.  There is a D20 at Goalie...you never know what it's gonna roll on any given day.  They skate, they shoot, they score, they miss.  We've missed the Playoffs for two years in a row.  Reality sez, something's gotta give.

Until then here are a few free lessons on how to celebrate a Bruins goal when enjoying the Boston Gahhden.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just a Little Sci-Fi Piece. Enjoy.

The Last of the TechnoArchons, the Man named Morrison stood at gunpoint.
Of course the Atomic Destabilizer Pistol was in the shaking fist of his ex-partner-turned-Nemesis Doctor Wilco Rajas.
"Where IS she?!?", demanded the tragic, brilliant scientist-now-World Conqueror with nothing but fire and rage in his grey eyes.
"Somewhere you can never harm her.  A one-way trip out of your fetid reach, my old friend.", Morrison wiped the sweat off his brow and sat, relaxing and grinning.
"With My Power there is Nowhere on the Planet your haughty shrew of a daughter can hide from ME!!!  You will bring me my Bride!"
"Heh...hahaha!!", Morrison can't contain his laughter.  "Not 'where', Rajas...'When'!!  I sent her into the Future.  This bird has flown!  With my Ultimate Experiment.  A last-ditch countermeasure against YOU.  I just threw it together but it works.  Heh!  She can't come back.  It doesn't work like that.  Yet you can't follow.  Or really...it's not likely you'll follow her.  I don't believe you'd sacrifice all this for her.  I thought you were full of shit then and I think doublely so now, Son."

10 Minutes Later, Doctor Wilco Rajas was willfully strapped into Morrison's Time Machine.
"Are you sure you want to go through with this, Wilco?  There is No Technology in the Far, Far Future when I sent Helen...your Dark Sciences might have no place in such a world!", asked the concerned Father-in-Law, through a microphone.
"I am nothing without my Queen.  My Empire is Worthless without Her By My Side.  Without My Claim through Her from You.  Send Me, Old Man and with the Forbidden Technologies I will forge, I shall return to spite you with my Bride & Brood!", hissed the petulant Young Alexander.
Morrison looked through the glass to the harnessed traveler and flicked the switch.
In a moment after, a few lights flickered and some pistons ceased rocking, a microwave emitter was activated and within seconds, Doctor Wilco Rajas exploded from within, covering the glass bulb in gore.

Helen and her Handmaiden stepped into her Father's Laboratory.
"I think I'll draw you a bath, Milady" and exeunt as the Bard spake.
Grimy & tired, the Lady thanks her servant.
Then Helen falls into Morrison's arms.
"Is he gone, Pappa?", she looks up to her Father.  For him, seeing her mother's eyes cry to him across the years.
"Yep.  Into the Future, alright.  Dumb sumbitch...I never knew what you saw in him."