Friday, December 30, 2016

LEGO Ghostbusters ECTO 1- & 2

Hello Dear OCHO!!

I gave myself a splendid addition to my LEGO Display in the form of the iconic car from the GHOSTBUSTERS, the ECTO-1.
I love the detail.  I love the engineering involved.  I'm the farthest thing in the world from that yet I love the process and the end result.  And the mistake-making which always seems to be from not slowing down & being precise.  And as much as I love the original movies and the cartoon, the Ladies Reboot was so fun.
Hey now my "Dimension" can pass the Bechdel Test, eh?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Batman Story for Competition 2016

The Detective was Alone.
It was a Dark & Stormy Night.
Robin's curfew was hours ago yet Here He Was.  A Gargoyle in the Rain.  Waiting.
He'd got a good tip from Clark who heard it from Diana who got it from Barry.  Hal is Offworld.
Deathstroke was in Gotham...and He was On The Job.
The Assassin's Targets were in the hotel across the way although 56 stories up.
Who was in the luxury suites at this Gotham hi-rise was a mystery.  Why and How...Unimportant at this moment.
Deathstroke was on the move...
The Batman was on the Case.

The Man and the Woman lay in the darkness, enjoying their solitude, their respite, their embrace.
A feminine, squeaky-voice asks aloud, "Klaus, Klaus?? Is Mr. Hoohah home?"
The bubbling laughter ripples in the Darkness, as if made of it itself then replies, "Hum...I dunno. Lemme check!"
Then the World Came Crashing In.
Two New Bodies, equally sprawled, equally entwined, equally devoted were too at play, yet of a different kind.
The Darkness now penetrated by light from a newly-minted maw on the side of the room
The Batman and the Terminator: Deathstroke!  FIGHTING!!
"A Match fitting a God!!!", the Joker thought aloud with No Filter, bellowing out in sheer delight, wearing only his purple trousers and a smile.  All awhile, Harley Quinn in her nightie is bravely shouldering the duo away from her man muttering, "Don't touch me!" over & over again, rather coyly as well.
The Combatants Stopped for about 3 Seconds in bewilderment at the sight.
(PSST! This scene I ripped off a Cheech & Chong movie. I thought it worked so well here. Thanks!!

Round Two commenced back at street level mere seconds after this intrusion.  Two holes now punctured the pristine mirrored 56th floor of the Bilton Gotham Towers Hotel.
"Ahhh he'll getaway!!!", raged the one-eyed mercenary.
"He always does", countered the Dark Knight flatly.
"After what he's done to you, to the birdboy?"
"Not in My City, Slade.  Not on my watch.", says the Batman as he shifts his feet as boxers do.

As the Armored Prisoner Transport rolls away, Commissioner James Gordon asks his old friend, "Why?"
The Batman agrees..."Why."

3 Days Later and the Rain had finally ceased. Gordon and Montoya pull up to a modest 3-story dwelling common to these parts of Gotham.  The real neighborhoods outside busy Downtown or South Island or whatever hip name "They" come up with this year.  Gordon buzzes the 2nd floor.  A woman, in her late 30's comes to the door.
"Hello, Maggie".
"Hey, Ney!", Maggie waves.  The Lieutenant simply makes a head nod and stays with the Car.
Maggie Infantino was born Margaret Dunphy in this same neighborhood.  Her husband's Memorial picture & Shield on a plaque greet you as you enter their home.  He inherited it from his great-grandmother as Neil was reared there.  His widow inherited from him.
Maggie wasted no time, as real Gotham Girls are Notorious in such serious matters.
"Are ya gonna charge me, Jimmy?  Bring me in?"
"No...but I will give to the D.A. the evidence you embezzled from the Widow's Fund to hire Deathstroke.  He didn't talk but he didn't need to...Batman followed the money."
"I didn't embezzle, Jimmy. We all agreed.  I mean,  We're not just 'widows', we're husbands too.  Partners.  This was all of Us.  We're all in on it, Jim.  Please reconsider.  We were just trying to take this one off of "His" shoulders."
Gordon gets up, reflects on the plaque and leaves, in silence.

For the foreseeable time thereafter, there was no mention of any occurrence in the media until Now with this faithful recounting.

-The End

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

quasi-annual update...

Darnitall, I'm just not very good about visiting the ol' ocho.

Since I last poked my head in, I've landed a sweet job with Cray supercomputers, and now work (with a remote team in Bristol, UK) out of a basement office in my new home in Shelburne Vermont. Send me your updated address at msilvia7 at verizon.net, and I'll shoot you a Christmas card Sully.

Nice Batcave, by the way. My son would LOVE it.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Episode WTF!!!

What Moof-Milker decided this?

I get it.  To a degree yet what the Aftermath leaves boggles me.
On April 24, 2014, Disney announced the Re-Launch of the Publishing World of Star Wars.
All Printed Stories published before this date are now relegated to a Limbo now culled into a Property Known as "Legends".
Star Wars "Canon" is best defined at the Wiki.

Yet this leaves all 6 previous movie novelization out in the cold.  The baby is with the bathwater.
To boot, The Force Awakens and Rogue One's novelizations are "Canon" and not "Legends".
This makes very little sense to me.
And affects me deeply.  Very personally.
I grew up on all three original novelization.
We didn't have VCRs until the mid-80s and those who had them before were more well-off than Us.
The Golden-covered Del Rey paperback of STAR WARS written by George Lucas (ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster, who also wrote EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, Splinter of the Mind's Eye and THE FORCE AWAKENS but iDigress...)
The Toche Station scene opens STAR WARS with Luke, Biggs and the Gang goofing on Luke.  Not much additive in EMPIRE yet JEDI opens with Luke in Obi-Wan's hut, assembling his new lightsabre, talking to Artoo.
Later on...
The prequels offer great scenes not seen in the movies and make them better stories overall, divorced from their production.  PHANTOM MENACE, Anakin saves the wounded Tusken, knowing full well he'll catch a literal beating from Watto.  CLONES adds a puzzle piece around Obi-Wan's investigation of the Kaminoan Sabre-Dart, illuminating the Lost 20 Jedi which Dooku was part of.  His bust in the Temple Library. Also Anakin talking with padme's father about the threat on Naboo.  And RotSITH had the most vibrant Padme scenes cut.  She invented the Rebellion.  Anakin also savors his Fall.  Never sheds a tear.

Even THE FORCE AWAKENS novelization contains a few not-seen scenes...in Act 3 on Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren has a candid story beat in the cockpit of the Falcon.  Great little story beat yet matters a bit, if that stuff matters to you.  The snowspeeder chase on SK-Base.  Poe getting away from Jakku ended up being superfluous storywise yet if you were wondering, it's in there.  It's simply another speeder chase.  There's a charming character moment at Maz Kanada's wherein the group is dining and Rey seems to eat everything on the table...it's impressive.  It then segues into movie-wise Maz asking Han, "Who's the Girl?"  Han shrugs.
I'll read ROGUE ONE after I've seen it yet, what tiny divergences or cut scenes await?

So how can the movie's novelizations be cast away so...
by a blanket edict?

This makes me very sad.