Saturday, June 25, 2016

Star Wars!

Hey Jedis and the Occasional Pieces of Sith,

It's time for another strong-in-the-Force cup of Jawa Juice as Lattes With Leia 'casts again.
This time one of the subjects is "Debate This!".  The Ladies bring up some Hot Topics that have been bandying about the lore.
My favorite part of the podcast though was when Amy Ratcliffe told us about her interview with comics writer Charles Soule.
Amy writes for Star Wars Dot Com (so cool!!).
I thought I swore off the Books.  Yet I got sucked back in a little bit.
Mr. Soule writes POE DAMERON and it's drawn by one of my favorite artists Phil Noto.
Soule writes dialog for BB-8 which then gets translated into Boops & Tweeeps!  It's so engaging in the pilot & droid's relationship.

So check out the Lattes Ladies Latest Cup of Goodness.  And play along at Home!
Debate This!! ^_^

Hey there Lattes Ladies & Lads!

Let's Debate!

On Ewoks: remember that David Lynch was tapped to direct Episode VI? Just Imagine... http://www.slashfilm.com/david-lynch-talks-about-not-directing-return-of-the-jedi/

On Slave Leia: that imagery has been in the Public Domain, Zeitgeist & Nerd Culture for SO LONG....it's a dead issue. Or it can be any issue you wish to "dress up".  What I saw as a child and as an adult was Princess Leia choking that slimo with his own chain.  Leia rules. 'Nuff Said.

On Jar-Jar: I love the guy. What can I say? Episode I might have it's problems yet the greatest threat was Story then Acting, not the Characters. And as delivering a performance, Ahmed Best did a great job, IMHO.

On Jedi Celibacy: My robes do not come with a Chastity Belt! ;) Remember, Lucas was trying to smuggle Hindu, Zen & Buddhist Ideas. Look at character names: Qui-Gon, Padme, Shaakti and in that vein later on Asohka. Anakin suffers from Attachment and its ultimate consequence Loss & Grief. I betcha there was some serious "shipping" going on at the Jedi Temple for a 1,000 years. ;)

Han Shot First. I was there. It was the late 1970s. It was of its time. Dirty Harry with Clint Eastwood. Death Wish with Charles Bronson. And Han Solo. These characters all share a time in Cinema that they could be correlated into an archetype: the Maverick with a Gun who ain't afraid to use it. Remember in Firefly when Captain Mal kicked that guy into the engine? Han would have approved... More?

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Chicago 2016

I only took a few Chicago pics this year.
I wanted to remember this time like I'm supposed to: with my Smile ^_^

In the Hotel Room was a Pizza Party.  The sink was filled with Miller Lite cans & Ice.
And we painted the Town red...
Karaoke Kings of Chee-Ka-Go!
Pete, Emily, Anna & Myself.
2nd Annual Friends Reunion in the Windy City.
So much fun was had.
The Short List of Karaoke Songs.
Anna did an amazing "Life on Mars?" by Bowie.
Anna and Emily rocked the house down on Salt 'n' Peppa's "Shoop".
Peter closed the show with "Freedom '90" by George Michael.  We all sang backup & did Interpretive Dance.
Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant
Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics
Bad Case of Lovin' You by Robert Palmer
Fat-Bottomed Girls by Queen (2nd year in a row, the only repeat but iDigress....)
Pete blasted the nuts off the crowd the night he did Santaria by Sublime!
And Pete and I got our Rolling Stones song, 2nd year. Last year it was "Satisfaction".
This year was "Jumpin' Jack Flash".
We're a Mick/Keef combo anyway.
Kermit & Fozzie too so you figger it out.