Saturday, November 26, 2016

Get in My Belly meets the Tao of Sully

The Tao of Coffee

I love Coffee.

I have recently made the conscious switch.
I now use a French Press.  

Every 5 AM (Saturdays, sometime 9-10AM).  I make 2 mugs of the freshest Jawa Juice on the Planet.  
I go to Starbucks (#DontJudgeMe).
Buy a pound of whole bean, then freshly-ground for French Press.
The rougher ground lends more surface area in which the essential oils of the roasted bean can be released.  That thin sheen of oil beads on the surface of your coffee is not only natural, it should be the goal of a properly-brewed Cuppa.  It's not from a dirty mug, it's a gift of the bean herself...think about it.
Coffee is to be drank Black with No Sugar.
Flipping That, coming from an Irish Household, Tea is to be Black Tea (Salada was my Grandma's table brand yet her sister Helena was Red Rose...), served piping hot at 3PM, with milk & sugar along a small service of cookies (Peak Freans jellies with the creme-filling please?).  

But coffee...is a ritual at this point in my life.
A Morning Meditation.
People ask me all the time, how are you so Enthusiastic and Positive.
Part of it is knowing that Life Sucks.  Not a Nihilistic remark yet a Buddhist Frame-of-Mind.  
It's the First of the Four Noble Truths.  
Yet another factor has gotta be a Good. Waking Cuppa Jamoke...
By The Average 5:22AM, I'm on my first sip.
My mind is in Motion.
My body engaged with the caffeine and my senses awakened with the smell & flavor of the piping hot pour.

So be not offended if I kindly refuse your generous offer of Dunkins or a Keurig.
In the Immortal Words of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, "I've got mine."

Saturday, November 12, 2016

LEGO Batcave '66