Thursday, March 31, 2016

Batman vs. Superman: Who is Superman?

So, full disclosure, I have not yet seen the movie. I have however read many people critique the movie. The primary complaint has been the portrayal of Superman. Below are my feelings as to why the changes to Superman were a unfortunate choice, however blind I may be to the actual portrayal.

It's only natural to change a character for a changing world, but it's the choice of what you change about the character that is important. In this case, it appears to be his foundation - who he is inside and how that affects his actions, interactions with people, and the choices he deliberately makes.

The defining statement I've grown up with is this: Superman is the boy scout. He is all the qualities that you want to be. We have plenty of superheroes that are inherently violent and prone to quick (over)reaction. That is what distinguishes him from the rabble. Batman is distinguished because he is a superhero with no superpowers, and has the one huge rule: never kill. That, in the end, is his definition of what separates what he does from the baddies. He may hurt and destroy, but he won't kill, and that's a reoccurring theme through many superheroes (Daredevil S2 is episode after episode of him pushing that fact).

We have plenty of deeply dark superheroes. The pleasure in Superman is his brightness. I have no doubt I will see the movie at some point, but the role heroes play are important, and the beauty of their character shouldn't be tarnished by our despair in the current reality, but rather instead they should reinforce the character. Batman stands in the shadows, he is meant to strike fear. Superman stands in the light, his power comes from the sun, he is meant to be hope. Taking that away means he isn't superman, but just a Kryptonian on earth.

Friday, March 25, 2016

So I did it.
Again.  I can't help "thinking outside the box" when it comes to LEGO.

I got a LEGO Batcave and now the Imagination Engines are On!
Things not included in my Batcave are the Giant Penny & the T-Rex.
Both I plan to create and add to my Batcave.
But what Batcave could be complete without...

The head I simply covered in Silver Sharpie.  I was going to use Black yet at last second, I changed my mind thinking Silver would look more like a store Mannequin. I think it worked.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

OK.  Spoiler-Free.

I dragged Pete to it.  Front Row Center, IMAX 3-D.
He seemed to like it well-enough.  Pete found it bemusing yet he's the Non-Comics Fan I brought.  I want to bring him to Deadpool too but iDigress...

It was Opening Day and the first showing.
I thought there would been more Fun people.  I saw one dude with a bat-cowl.  Yet in hindsight, didn't some fool with a gun ruin movie-going fun at a Batman show?  Shit, I didn't even think of that until now.
Good thing I didn't let that influence my decision to go.

I do want to see SUICIDE SQUAD now.  DC will be creating a Movie Universe like MARVEL has done.  So my question has been answered.  Jared Leto's JOKER has to be Ben Affleck's Joker.
There is a juicy Easter Egg, a "Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It" Scene in BvS.
For the first time brings to Screen this story note in one simple Beat as Affleck's Bruce walks through his Cave...
'Nuff Said.

Look: If You Want to Beat Up Something, You Can Beat This Movie Until Your Knuckles Split and Turn Black & Blue.
I'll choose to appreciate what's hath finally been wrought.
Movie Versions of the SuperFriends.

This is the "Empire Strikes Back" of these new SuperFriends Movies which started with "Man of Steel (2013)".
It's Dark.  Who really wins?  Look at the ending.  Yet it's not The End.  If you can't tell me, "Who's Who?" comparing BvS ending to Empire's ending then we should sit down with a stack of movies & some pizza...

Hey hats off to Hans Zimmer once again.  I liked the musics most especially Lex Luthor's motif.

And Ben Affleck, Well Done, Kid.  Ya did real good.  Thanks.

PS Hey, did you get the Star Wars reference?  I did... ^_~
and a Billion Thanks to Peter Fernandez for Coming With to a Movie he was completely not into going to see on his own.  I love going to the Show with the Gang and Pete & I will walk out of a Stinker, a solemn promise.  If he wanted to walk, we woulda.  I'll see it again with Posty anyhoo ^_^

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Smoking Puck!

What Happened to the Fire in my Puck?
It's actually right here, burning brightly in my belly.  
I just don't take time to be a fan much lately.  
Is it a sabbatical time.  Or is it the NHL Era of the Shootout & 3-on-3 OT?
Is the NHL what's Wrong with Professional Hockey?  

Midway through this season, NHL Dot Com revamps the homepage.
Angle: All About Marketing.
No Soul.  And it Sells a Nostalgia for the Sport and the Teams while lacking the charm that got it There. 
I used to go NHL Dot Com everyday.  Now it's an eyesore.  All B.S.  And little substance.  
Yet I do go daily now to Sportsnet Dot CA slash NHL.  It's a Canadian Mega-Sports site yet its All Substance & Story.  These are the Minutiae that Drives Fandom.
Not Excel Spreadsheets.
C'mon...Life isn't all Fantasy Statistics is it?  Hmmmm...in 2016, the Jury is Out.  

The Big Thing in the NHL is Data.  Metrics.  Numbers.  
On every facet that can be quantified, there is a Column that can be Crunched.  
Numbers Crunching is not Fun.  Well, it can be yet are we so far removed from Fun & Thrill that Metrics & the Modern Paradigm rule?  I believe so.  

Feature This: I went to a Game this Year.  Finally.  Del kicked over some tix.  I gladly accepted.
I took my flatmate.  They were great seats.  I was piss-poor broke and Mike offered to pay for beer.
Yet at the cost of $10.75 per Miller Lite.  What ever whisky/rocks he was drinking.  2 Slices of cheese pizza I ended up with 3 beer and we were broke of "our" About $100 Budget by the end of the 2nd Period.  

In the 2-1 Bruins victory over the Calgary Flames that Tuesday Night, the B's posted a 1st period goal, gave up a softy then went ahead in the waning 3 minutes of the 3rd Period...they looked like a Hive of Bumblebees in-between the scoring!!
It was the Nature Channel.  At the cost of $10.75 per Miller Lite.  
My Inner Metrics as a Life-Long Bruins Fan Screams out....

It's Not.  It's just Not.  
The Bruins still a great night out yet that night out is not aimed at me anymore...
It's not aimed at You persee.
The Intention of NHL Hockey isn't to give you the best hockey on the Planet.
Its to sell you a Hockey Jersey.
Its to sell you on the notion of the NHL Experience.  

Hey NHL, guess what?  We always wanted the Jersey!  We will always want the Jersey, and the Tee and the Hat.  
How about you get back to a better game?  
It is soooooooooo hollow.  
From the names of the conferences to the reliance on metrics to beer prices at the arena to charmless boilerplate statements from the locker room...  

You are no longer a Fan.
You are a Consumer for the Marketing Office.  
Welcome to the new NHL...


Monday, March 21, 2016

So.  Spoilers.  Huh?  The Elephant in Our Room,

How do we go into Star Wars Episode VIII without Being Spoiled.  
I went to measures to ensure I wasn't spoiled for The Force Awakens yet it was a sense of constant alertness.  Of avoidance.  I made conscious choices to avoid leaks in my water-tight alibi.  

I might just have conditioned myself to simply "do it again" yet how can I be part of a Community On-line & IRL that just might reveal something.  
I've seen with The Walking Dead and Doctor Who that their fandom has completely squashed mine own...with innocent spoilers, ahas!, and Recaps on Twitter.  
I used to love AMCs The Walking Dead yet I don't subscribe to AMC; I'm a whole season behind on Netflix.  Do you have any idea how unsatisfying it is to be a TWD Fan and to be on Twitter.  Now I'm content to just be the comics fan, buying the trade when it comes out like clockwork every 6 months.  
And I bet the Capaldi Who is Juicy!  I've only seen 1 or 2 episodes yet again...  My fuse got doused with the brimming accolades of Others!!  I'm serious, Who was a lot more cooler when it was Sunday Afternoon fare on PBS but iDigress...
Even River Song would tell you to keep it under yer hat, pardner!
So what awaits me as a True Blue STAR WARS nut.  As we enter a New Phase of Movies & Shows.
What is Spoiler?  

*How can I help?  I finished Netflix' DAREDEVIL Season 2 on Saturday the 19th.  It was released on Friday the 18th.  I'm not gonna ruin anything for you.  Cheers!  ^_~

Saturday, March 19, 2016

I have been bitten by the LEGO Bug!!
I was chillin' out at the MIT Bookstore, waiting for the bus as I often do.
When I noticed some new LEGO kits in their toy section.  Being MIT they got a great selection of the Architecture Series.
Me...what caught my eye were 6 mini kits, 3 MARVEL & 3 DC COMICS.
So I bought all three DC Comics LEGO Mighty Micros.  The traditional Minifigure is a little smaller & unable to bend at the hips yet the blocks remain compatible.
The 3 are: Robin vs Bane, Batman vs. Catwoman and Flash versus Captain Cold.  Each kit contains a Mighty Micro car & minifigure for the combination.
Yet WTF does the Flash need a Car for??
As we said in Southie in the 80s, "Der!"
Cute, huh?  So when the box was in my hand...I began to inspire my Inner Six Year Old!
What does The Flash need more than a Car?
Click to Embiggen Image! ^_^
A "Fake" Ad for the Central City Flash Museum. 
So that's exactly what I built for The Flash.
I cannibalized one piece from my Milennium Falcon I wasn't using (the secret cargo bay) and had a Ziplok I'm filling with unused & extra parts from any kit.
The only Non-LEGO Item I used was a green rubber band to give the illusion of an actual treadmill.
It took a few days of tinkering to get "just right" yet I nailed it.
For fans of the show, I was conversing with my Imaginary Cisco Ramon where things should go & why ^_~
Cheers! And Play with your Inner Child a Bit.  It is really fun to use your imagination.

OK!! I did one more tweak!  I moved the Speed Force Lightning Effect up towards Flash's waist.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Monday, March 07, 2016

Get in My Belly!

Once More With Feeling!

@highlandkitchen we have a true #superhero behind the line! Pancake man by day Eric by night. #brunch #Somerville

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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Tao of Sully: Star Wars


I love this Podcast.

It allows me "to think Star Wars well again".
'Nuff Said!
And Also to Play Along At Home but iDigress...

This week:
Life Lessons.
What "Life Lessons" did I learn from Star Wars??
I outgrew Roman Catholicism with Imagination! ^_^
Lucas really lets LOTS of "Eastern Spirituality" influence this Story.
Regarding especially "The Force".
I Believe in The Force more than what "The Church" has to Offer.
And I've always been an Ordained Minister Who Stands With Those Who Feel The Same.
The Force is Real.  It Exists.  Yay!

So, it's helped a lot.
Other Life Lessons?
"Another Solution Will Present Itself"
Never Drop Your Lightsabre.
"Only a Sith Believes in Absolutes"
"A More Civilized Time..."
"I know."
"See you with my own eyes..."

"These are your First Steps"

And May The Force Be With You...Always.
What Hath Brought This PANCAKEMAN!!!

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