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Star Wars...

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Star Wars...

Yes the Music is SOOOO GOOD!!!
23 Tracks on the Apple Music Store for $9.99
It's Familiar and Brand-New all at the Same Time.
Thank you, John Williams. ^_^

Star Wars...

I believe that THE FORCE AWAKENS helps me with my fore mentioned predicament!
Han talking to Rey & Finn about The Force in Act 2.

Original Thought was this: Han Solo has Worst Cinematic Payoff in Cinema History 
The Force Awakens fixes that.  Thanks!

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Tao of Sully: Discussing Suicide Rationally?

I'm talking frankly about a subject dear to me.  It's about Suicide.  If you're struggling, please seek help.  Click here or pick up the phone and just talk to someone...1-800-273-8255  ^_^  eo's


How do you feel?  

Well, I hope you feel Normal.  Whatever that means!  

Me?  I feel it took me an extra 10 years more than the rest of Us to "Get It"

Along the way, I wanted the Ride to End so many times.  I mean it.  
The Small Hours,  The Dark Voices.  The Bad Feelings.  

So I feel I am what you would call a Hindu.
And I believe in Reincarnation.
The point of Life is to give it as a gift to the Lord as Well-Lived, even the Bad Stuff.
And in a nutshell the Goal is to Break the Cycle of Rebirth!
And I feel as a Person, I've come closest to this Ideal in This Life!!
So Suicide for Me?
Would be a One-Way Ticket Back.
Why would I do that now that I've earned this Sound Exit Strategy.

Spirituality helped.  What was bigger was seeking Therapy.
I pose things now Pre-Therapy and Post-
I've made intrinsic internal switches:
From Blame to Contribution.
From Intent to Impact.
From Sympathy to Empathy.
To Not Making Up Anybody's Stories For Them.
I've Unified My Hope & Worry into a Greater Power called "Having Vision".

I had Mood Disorder, Anxiety & Depression.
I did something about it.
I not only had a Tipping Point, I had an Unintended Support Group on Twitter in the forms of Wil Wheaton, Jenny Lawson and Jessica Mills, all internet geeks.
And all claim that Getting Checked Out for your sadness was the Thing To Do.
And that was good advice.
After that, my Spirituality finally Dovetailed with my Mind & Brain.
I felt taller.
I felt as though I grew up even though been an adult for decades.

What is Suicide?
Is it the Suggestion that I have the Right to Take My Own Life?
I always thought "Suicide" to be a Terminal Case of Depression.
Not a Choice of Free-Will yet a One-Stop Destination from a Mind that just Needs Some Attention.
I think of the Samurai, of Hagakure.  Seppuku, the "Honorable Suicide".  I just don't think that applies to Modern Western Depression or the Free-Will Argument.

I do think of the Drugs Overdose.
We will Never Know Intent.  And I think That's What Matters Most.
A Lethal Dose on Purpose, a Hot-Shot.  Murder.
An Honest Depressed Mind thinking there's One Way Out...Suicide.
Bad Shit.  Too Much Fun one Unlucky Night?
An overdose is what...Death By Misadventure?
We can never know.

What about Hospice folk, Suffering?
Do they have the Right to Take their own lives?
Well... is that Suicide?  Again, I dunno.

I really Believe that Suicide is a Terminal Case of Depression.
Anything after that can be regulated to their proper definition.

Can we start the Conversation here?

Thanks ^_^

Monday, February 15, 2016

Who wants a Pizza Roll? Doctor Hooey's Star Wars Story

"The Robots were cute."

That was the first comment I ever heard about this movie. I was six, and my Aunt Nanette had just seen it a few days before.

Then some time later, my dad brought home these crazy toys. A couple of the weirdest looking spaceships I ever saw. And this little trash can-shaped robot, And a guy in black with a cape. And this other brown figure that looked like a gorilla that could join the NBA. I was baffled by them, and amazed. They were my favorite toys immediately, and I fought with my brother over them. Snuck the little robot into my pocket, and brought him to school, even though I was not supposed to bring toys to school.

I honestly don't remember seeing Star Wars the first time. I remember the Dynamite Magazine cover story. I remember watching the Holiday Special when it aired. I definitely remember seeing Star Wars again in the re-release before Empire came out. I know I saw it eight times that time out. I squabbled with my friends over who got to be Luke or Han during recess. I was Luke Skywalker for Halloween. I even remember watching "Hardware Wars" at the public library.

But it doesn't matter that I don't remember the first viewing. Not really. Despite my unapologetic Beatles fandom, Star Wars was my "more popular than Jesus" entity. It was embedded in my childhood as deeply as religion, as school, as any other influence. It served as the imaginary currency with my friends. We riffed our own stories, reenacted scenes. Pored over the comics and put together the puzzles on the backs of trading cards.

But that's just in reaction to the content of the movie. Countless people have talked aout how groundbreaking Star Wars was, and what a cultural icon it is. And for me it is certainly all that. But I also see it as a way in to all these other aspects that had an influence my life.

Family legend has it that after seeing the movie, I marched right up to our piano as a six year old and started plunking out the main theme, having only had a couple lessons. I've been a semi-professional musician for 30 years.

I really wanted to know how it was made, so I watched countless making-of documentaries. This got me interested in making movies, movie technology and computers. I still work with computers. And I've made a bunch of short films.

My Dad used to be an advertising art director, and really loved the design of the ships and the toys. That gave me a way to connect with him, as I loved those things too.  This was particularly special for me, as I didn't feel like I was able to connect with my dad very well. And that connection also made me interested in design, which remains one of my great interests.

So not only was Star Wars special as a movie itself, as so many others have said so much better, it was special for me as it arrived at a time where I was still being formed, and snuck its way into so many parts of who I am. Like so many others, I'm part of the great Star Wars generation, who was there when it happened, had their world rocked by it. We've all carried it with us into our lives in one way or another. Be it through the proliferation of science fiction and fantasy into popular culture,  the total restructuring of the motion picture business that came in its wake, or the common everyday sayings that sprang from its script.

So it is a very sweet thing that the property was handed over to someone with a similar perspective. That could treat it with the care, wonder and imagination that fueled so many playtimes and wild ideas. It really feels like it belongs to us now.

My daughter is six. She saw Star Wars at the same age I did. And it's part of her playtime now too, and she rocks the BB-8 t-shirt she picked out herself.

The Star Wars generation knows that Rey is a special kind of character. A kind of character that has no equal in our movie culture. My daughter doesn't need to know that. She just thinks Rey is awesome. So may the reverberations continue, and hopefully they will have a long-lasting, positive effect on our culture. So far so good.

And I got to take my dad to see the new movie too. I plunked down and bought his ticket. He thought it was a re-tread of the first one, but he liked the new characters. And he liked the look of it, of course.

It's a property that's 30 years older, that's showing its age, its wear and tear, and its even more lived-in than it was when it first came around. And so are we, the Star Wars generation.

And I'm handing the lightsaber to my young padawan, now old enough to wield it. May its light be a beacon of imagination and possibility for years to come, like it was for me.


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Get In My Belly

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The Pizza Rolls...into a Star Wars Psych Conversation!

I started a Conversation of Twitter that Snowballed into a Psychology Today article.
Come check it out.
It speaks for itself.  Cheers!

CrackerKiwi - A Star Wars story

I listened to Lattes with Leia's podcast recently and, like the Honourable Rev Sully, was intrigued as these two ladies expressed how their obsessions with the Star Wars universe started. So often in today's society our 'stories' are not conventional and often they are diminished by others influence or ideas of what it should be like. Like these two ladies I had experience with the Star Wars world virtually from birth. I do have a recollection of seeing one of the films when I was very little but sadly my memory of that experience is poor. I have a vague memory of the cinema, we sat on the right side of the aisle quite close to the front even though the cinema was very quiet that day. My dad was certainly there and maybe my mum and one of my brothers. I always loved ESB the most so in my memory of this event I believe this was what we saw, and it may have been my first in some other format, but given the dates I expect the first one I saw was ROTJ on the big screen. I watched the trilogy in its original untampered states many times as a child and a youth and I admit I did wake on Saturday mornings with eager anticipation of the Ewoks cartoons when they screened. That came out at a prime time for me and I did think Wicket was 'cute'. I also have vivid memories of playing with the Hoth base and the Tauntauns which had small 'hatches' in their belly back then which you could open and store a multitude of treasures.

The Hoth base had a small platform in which you could launch one of your figures and I LOVED playing with this for hours when my brother was not around. I had a couple of the read-a-long storybooks too with the accompanying 45 LP which summarised the film. With these I would relive the movies in detail in my imagination. To this day I am always most interested in the sound effects of movies. I think these 45's contributed to this as I listened to the sound of the Tauntauns moaning, the sand people's cry, R2s beeps and chirps or the sound of the Lightsabres clashing. To this day these sounds still make my skin tingle any time I hear them.

When Lucas re-released the original trilogy with his modifications I didn't really have an opinion wether I liked it or not. I was very indifferent. I remember having several conversations about the changes made and if they were really necessary. Like most fans at the time we trusted that these changes were necessary to the story's narrative and that 'all would be revealed' when the new trilogy came out. Sadly those changes still don't make much sense to me but iDigress.

The true rekindling of my enthusiasm and perhaps when my fandom truly became an obsession was when Hon Rev Sully and Preacher Matt awakened the nostalgia within myself through many late night conversations and these two fine gentlemen assisted me in taking it to a whole new level. I was recommended a copy of the original script which was quickly followed by the Annotated Screenplays by Laurent Bouzereau. My appetite for this incredible world was not only rekindled but I was desperately hungry for more. I searched out any of Lucas' old Star Wars works and read everything I could about the expanded universe. For a while there was this amazing summary of the relationships of the characters of the expanded universe on the Force.net which I used to regularly study. Sadly, recent searches for this same document have left me empty handed.

Around this same time Teras Kasi came out on the Playstation.
The first and only Streetfighter style game with Star Wars characters that I am aware of. Leia had been provided a double ended staff and she was a little bit bad ass. She was immediately my favourite character and the notion that she was equally or even more powerful in the force than Luke was a concept that I was inherently obsessed with. When I saw Reys staff I was reminded of this and it made me grin that this had been, wether intentional or not, a nod to young female fans like myself who also obsessed over Leia's potential and true character. I never really got into the novelisations other than the core ones and only read a few of the comic books. Only the Infinities Series under Dark Horse really piqued my interest and it still a go to for me when I don't know what to read next.
Here again Leia was portrayed as a powerful and confident warrior, with potential that far exceeded anything Lucas alluded to in the 80s. Someone a girl could really look up to.

Padme was a let down for me as the Lattes ladies discussed even though I could see her potential as an amazing character. It was a shame that her story was never given the due justice it deserved. The Clone Wars, both incarnations, were interesting but they didn't really evoke my enthusiasm.

When Han said: "Chewie, we're home" I believe he was speaking to my generation of Star Wars geek and it rings true with me. My obsession has been rekindled anew with Rebels and TFA and I am excited in introducing it to my beautiful sons. My eldest saw TFA on opening day with me and my husband and I look forward to to taking both of my boys to all of the upcoming films as well. Our house is happily littered with a wide array of Star Wars toys and memorabilia and I plan to collect much more. We don't force it on my kids but luckily they, like myself, have been positively influenced by this wonderful fantasy world. Not only is it an escape for them when they have too much energy to burn but it allows them to explore and discuss topics that they might otherwise not be exposed to growing up in a non-religious household. We talk of God and the Force as if they are almost interchangeable. While some may find this blasphemous I believe it is a fantastic tool for raising moral and innately good humans who are able to make good decisions and convey a level of confidence and self control often lacking in many youths of the current generation. Again, iDigress.

I believe Disney and J.J. Abrams have done the fans due respect and I hope that this continues as the trilogy pans out. I also hope that they pay tribute to Lucas by completing the films at episode 9 as per the 'original plan'. There is plenty left in that universe to explore and many other stories to tell however I do feel the Skywalker story must reach its natural conclusion. After all it was "A long time ago...". Having a strong female lead like Rey is awesome for a new generation of young women and I hope that it provides further conversation about the equality of women in our society. It has saddened me that Rey has not been a more focal point of the recent Star Wars marketing regime and still it remains very challenging for a girl like me to find a cool Star Wars t-shirt that I really love. I am confident that the 'one' will present itself soon however.

I could go on about WHY I love this universe but for now I think the preceding will satiate those of you whom have bothered to read this far. That's my story. I look forward to what the next instalment will add to it. 

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Tao of Sully...

Random Thoughts, Daddy Issues or "Feminist Formatting".

When we reunited, I musta been 8-9 years old.
I can't rightly peg it when.
Yet It was a Summer Day in Andrew Square, South Boston, MA, 02127.
And  Me and Tomas were running a Lemonade Stand in front of his house, as kids often do.
And this man, cleanly dressed walks up to us.
I ask the bald, mustached man if he'd like to buy some Lemonade.
Tomas pokes me from aside...
"Eric, that's your Dad."

My Father was asked to leave when I was about 4.
I asked Ma once, holding her hand, walking towards Headstart, where he was.
And she was honest and said he wasn't coming back.
She had to be 21 years old.
Living in the Projects, had to pregnantly drop out of her Senior Year of HS and after her "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" as the Song goes,
working 5 then eventually 6 Days a week for 2 decades.  She's my Hero.  The G1 Feminist.  While Dworkin, McKinnon & Steinhem enjoyed their Youth and Caste, my Mother struggled.  
We then moved, down the street.  From one of those triple-tied red brick ziggurats with those tin-plated balconies and the incinerator between the two apartments.
It really was the 1970's.  In Southie.  Those incinerators burned trash & there were only White Folk in the Projects then.
Nobody in the Projects liked that a Single Mother Dot Rat and her Weird Kid with the "Irish Pull" got a Rowhouse.
As my Ma sez, "they liked you, you were one of 'em....me 'No'".

In Hindsight...I failed.  I didn't sell a Glass of Lemonade!!!
I ran downstairs to my mother.
And I remember this Moment too.
Not in a Panic yet Glee!
He was Here!
Dig what came out of my 8 year old lexicon and the context.
I always will.
I called him, "Dada".
I think that was the most profound memory.

She never said anything bad about him while I was growing-up.
Which is fucking odd in hindsight because she is the Most Vocal Person I've Ever Met.
She waited until our Opinions synced.  Which they invariably did.

I haven't seen My Father since we buried his mum, my Nana.
Over a Dozen Years Ago.

I dunno if it's Luggage Anymore.
More of the Armor We Wear Daily.