Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hello out there in the Interpoopland!!

My name is Bryan and me and the Rev go waaaayyyy back!!

To give you a little perspective of how far back we go one of my fondest memories of childhood is when we saw the Empire Strikes Back in a closed theatre for a private showing on the weekend of release. Whole red carpet treatment courtesy of his aunt!! Big red curtain rolling back to the wonderful title "Star Wars episode V The Empire Strikes Back" and into the wonderful star lit galaxy of my dreams.

The Rev was the first person to introduce me to the EU and the myth called Thrawn.

I am here to help the Rev break down, dissect, admire and sometimes show disappoint in our childhood dreams.

May the force be with you!!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Pizza is Rolling Over Everything!!

Happy Wookiee LifeDay!!

Here's a Suggestion...GO AND SEE THE FORCE AWAKENS!

My parents got me a new LEGO Milennium Falcon for Christmas.
I felt like I was 8 years old.  Combined with the Movie being so good....it's been a Christmas In The Stars just like that Long, Long Ago!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Station Ident...Star Wars-Style!!!

Press Play!

And Merry Christmas, Channel OCHO!!!

PS "Sorry for the Mess!"
I'm trying to Push the Oversized Image down a bit.  Ooops!  ^_~

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Pizza Rolls On and On...


I've celebrated by looking at the Movie Poster and the Toys.

I'm gonna see it again, sure.
My mom calls me yesterday AM, "so whatcha think???""
She was excited...yet I wasn't.
How can I explain to her after all that's said and done, it was just a movie.
I supported that notion by saying, "Well...it was a Star Wars movie alright!"
The John Williams Music.
The Ben Burtt Sound Effects.
It was familiar and new all at the same time.

I am going to read the Novelization immediately.
The Story is where I had the greatest problem.  It wasn't with Acting or the characters outright...it was a nagging "why".  JJ Abrams crams a LOT of Story into this.
Does it suffer?  No.
Was it Fun?  Yes!
Who is this Movie about?  Seriously?  A mysterious young & gifted gal named Rey.  That's who I think THIS Star Wars movie was about.  She was our "Vehicle".  Like We the Viewer, thrown right into this Mix and by the Will of the Force...comes to have a role to play in a Space Opera!  We're all Special.  We're all Potential.  And we are all Rey as well.

Oh and I must have read that Doll wrong for I thought [REDACTED] was Darth Vader when it was the Kylo Ren doll.  I was trying like Hell not to look but iDigress...
My hypothesis was wrong.  My thought that the skull of Vader was cloned was Incorrect.

I will say being Spoiler-Free...was so worth it.
It was All New to Me.
I was cheering and sometime the only one clapping.  I'm gonna enjoy my re-watch whenever I can get to it.
Thanks to Tim Douglas who brought this whole night together.  We met up Peter "Doctor Hooey" Fernandez, Aaron "Posty" DeGraff and Bruce Spero as well.  I love seeing this group of guys!!
We got snookered at the SlumBrew Beer Garden and had a great time watching THE FORCE AWAKENS together.
No one dressed up.
And I left my Lightsabres at home.
I did ask Pete if he was up for it though ^_~

And The Force Will Be With You...Always.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Pizza Rolls...

Twas The Night Before Star Wars...

Twas the Night Before Star Wars
And all through the Flat
The Twitter is Off and That is That

Free of the Spoilers
S'what I Aimed to Be
A little more than 24 hours
Will set my Embargo Free.

Well.  We've come this far.
I've remained Spoiler-Free, pretty-damn much.

I know this much:
a droid named BB8.
an X-Wing pilot named Poe
a gal named Rei
Gwendolyn Christie's Captain Phasma

I might have gotten spoiled on one Story Point.
In line at BestBuy on Black Friday, with my Star Wars Battlefront-Flavored PlayStation4.  The line for the registers were filled with STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS toys!!
It truly was the "VALLEY OF SPOILER DEATH!!!"
I avoided as much as I could yet even a submarine leaks somewhere...
Yoda Dolls.
LEGO.  In fact, it was there & then I bought a Stormtrooper LEGO watch for 6 yo Ms. Lyra, Doctor Hooey's lil girl who's just learning to tell Time!! I hear she wears it a lot but iDigress...
The Large Doll Action Figures were Everywhere.
I saw an X-Wing Pilot with a Silver Helmet
I saw Stormtroopers of all kinds: Classic Tatooine desert rig, plain Clone Trooper, Classic Trilogy, Force Awakens and Captain Spectra.  Lyra almost got the Captain Phasma doll.
And a mysterious Black Garbed person in what looked to be a Golden Stormtrooper-style helmet,  This same character is also the "Face" of the Logo and then His Name...
Did I just see that???
Awww shit no. So I looked away quickly yet you can't unring that bell either ...

I'll find out tomorrow.
I will say at this point I am 88% Spoiler- Free
and I gave my All staying that way in 2015's over-saturated Social Media Scene and the Individual Entitlement of Spoilers in the Geek Culture.
I have heard none of the John Williams' score, which I look forward to.
I haven't heard any dialog except for that Millennium Falcon clip we all saw, "Chewie, we're home"
I haven't heard any Plot Points except for the One I figured out with very little clues.
I still haven't looked at the Movie Posters,  Which I will later...
Before Black Friday I was confident about being 97% Spoiler-Free so please take that into consideration when giving out the Oscar for Best Star Wars Fan.

Namaste and The Force Will Be With You....Always.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Tao of Sully

Insofar and 'Nuff Said...