Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Pizza Rolls...On & On...

Still 99.4% Spoiler-Free with Two Months to go!
We got our tix already with a Doctor Hooey slam.  December 20, 9:30PM.  Reserved Seats.

So I've also taken a break from Twitter.  I'm in Writer-Only Mode until The Force Awakens.
Yet I still Tweet!  =)

I was thinking about Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
Sure it could have been better.
So why not a Special Edition after all this time and with upcoming new movies!

I love the Lost Scenes of A New Hope.  Toshii Station.  Biggs Darklighter on Yavin IV.  The Jabba Scene Special Edition not so much.  Boba Fett addressing the "Fourth Wall" drained the scene of its energy but iDigress...

Episode III: RotS deserves a Special Edition!  As fans, can we start a write-in campaign?
I read the Novelization.  Storywise, the book is stronger than the Movie.
The Matthew Stover tome is based on the last screenplay before Lucas did final reshoots.  Reshoots including a more crying Anakin on Mustafar.  RTFM if you don't believe me.
So let's rattle a cage or two and get some special editions of Episode III and the others too.  Let's include all the Lost Scenes!  The Story only gets Richer not more Convoluted.

Here are a few Missed Plot Points I found in my reading of this highly enjoyable Star Wars story.
If only the Movie was more like it's Novel...
but that was a Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hey yo,

Smoking Puck for 2015/16 is now dropped.

The start of the season is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  Yet I'm reminded of "why" I love reading about ice hockey.  Growing up in Southie, we had a newspaper shop at Dot & where the Broadways split East & West.  There I'd find "The Hockey News", a weekly rag, worth the price.
Hockey writers are a clever bunch.  They're one step away from being a goalie mentality-wise.  A thinking man in a reflex-quick play.
No wonder I went on to Blog about Hockey the way I do.

Things I look forward to this season: roadtrip to Chicago & catch the Hawks at Home.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Pizza Rolls...

So it's almost Awake, eh?

Two months to go and the Force is out in force.

The other day I caught my first "spoiler" with 2 months remaining until release date.
Nothing major.  In fact really cool & obvious.  A LEGO playset with character for THE FORCE AWAKENS.
I didn't know the character's name.  Now I do.  I also saw his astromech yet I do not know this droid's designation, and will go into Movie Night the same.

I was aware of three characters names before this.  One being the Next Generation cute & spherical Droid.  The other two:
1. is the Sith with the funny lightsabre
2. the role Gwendoline Christie is playing.  I kinda think she's wickid awesome so I did peek.  Wish I hadn't but iDigress! =)

And that's all I know about THE FORCE AWAKENS two months away.

4 character names.  No plot points.  No hints.  No story blurbs.
I'm saving that for the Opening Crawl.
I get an InfoDump.
We all do.
Spoilers are so...Illogical.

I'm going in Eyes Wide Shut to open at the Fox Theme.
I want to go Back...it was a long time ago and it is far, far away, innit?