Monday, June 29, 2015

Tao of Sully

On Service, as Noun & Verb

It doesn't matter where this is.
It doesn't matter who wrote it.
It doesn't matter whether it is funny or not.
What Matters Most is that it is Hanging On the Wall in Line of Sight.  You can make up your own mind, you can feel its Impact however your POV steers but iDigress...
I invite you to click the image and examine the list on this restaurant's chalkboard so I don't have to transliterate.
I'm a Professional Line Cook.
I work 6 Days a Week.  I live in Dharma because I do what I love & I love what I do.
And for Whom.
The four of Us walked into this trendy, Industry-Friendly bar yet the rest of my party didn't want to wait 45 minutes for a table.
I was fine with this notion.
I had to spit on the sidewalk as soon as I walk a block away, because I wanted to do it on their Doorstep.  That would have been the "Old Me", if I recall.
This Mission Statement of the House Values shocked me to my very core.
To the still-swimming zygotes in my balls, I was thoroughly Insulted.
This was the Opposite of Hospitality...this was Hostility.
A Screed.  A Set of Proscriptions.
Me being a Well-Intended Big-Mouth with an Irish Whisper wanted to run.
I felt like a long tailed cat in the room full of rocking chairs.
And it wasn't panic or anxiety.
It was Anger.  Umbrage.  Like Jesus in the Temple.

I get that it is jokey.
Yet...I also "get" what is appropriate for Line of Sight and Not.
Yes, there are Unpleasant Guests.  They make up a bit of the population.
They Happen.
And apparently They Happen to "Us" All, One Day or the Other.
Sorry to Say but They'll Happen Again.
And we need to deal with these Unpleasant Guests in a Way that Brings Out the Best in "Us".
People are Needy, I say this neither Positively nor Negatively.
This is Truth.  This is Dharma.
They come to our establishments to fulfill Need.
Hunger, Thirst, Company, Entertainment...
With that Said, the Staff is Not Sport.
Yet the Message can be said a lot better than this.
I feel that this in a way makes "Us", the "Industry", look bad.
So to the Author of this Chalkboard, I simply say, "Enjoy the Joke"
Because in my humble opinion, this joke is on all of "Us". =)

Thanks for reading,

Pizza Rolls...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Get in my Belly!

Sometimes at work, I get inspired.
I'm on the hook for a variety of cold, composed salads.
Here's an FYI as as Cook: It's harder to pull off delicious Cold entrees than it is a Hot one.

So here are a few composed salads I've made this Winter.
And because I invented Fish Taco Thursdays at the Steam Cafe...namaste!
All my recipes as well.  I'm either blessed with a Chef who trusts my skill set to produce & sell delicious food...or is He the one Blessed? ;) but iDigress...
Hashtaged to #FoodPorn on Twitter.

A Pale Blue Thought...

I have a Man Crush on Carl Sagan.
Sexiest Mind Ever!!!  But iDigress...
Come, Enjoy the Sexiness in These Thoughts and Get Smarter! Huzzah!



Friday, June 19, 2015

The Comics Gnome Poots!

A Little Cosplay Action!
I'm "revving" up for Boston ComicCon 2015.
I'm going as Movie Captain America.  Sheesh I haven't even seen "Age of Ultron" yet!  Bad Geek!! ;P
Saturday, August 1, 2015...and this time, I'm assembling a league of my own.
More Later...


Friday, June 05, 2015

this is a picture of a Black Hole.  OMFG...
Just look at it.  We can discern the Event Horizon.  And the Matter Jet "facing" us.
This is a long-time exposure pic too.  Going back over a decade.