Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Comics Gnome Poots!

So this above should say it all.

I'd like to get all "deep end of the pool" yet as what's keenly phrased in GRR Martin's Ice & Fire..."Words are wind" but iDigress...

Hey if you got nothing good to say, then say nuthin'!
I mean why would you want to waste your time reading me screed on something you would never read in the first place.  It's so...derivative. 

I dig on the idea of "weapons-grade rumor".  That was a high point.
Yet "Who" is this story being told & sold to and "Why"?  It's very 80's Action Teevee show-like if I had to nail a vibe.
And Who are the Teen Titans?  It's usually a collection of teenage sidekicks, bonding in their free time.  And it's usually fun.
This contains neither.  None of the Heroes are Sidekicks....just elusively & tangentially associated.
I dig that it tries with a Hip Vibe and a gay character,  That's big for DC.  MARVEL's been doing that for a generation or two so DC is so behind the times.  So what?
Hey...make "Bunker" someone that we want to root for is all we ask as Hero Fans.

In the Month of DC Movie Poster Tributes, I did "bite".  Oh well...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Letters to Shakti

I remember you
I never forgot you
When we were one
And nothing came between us
Not even ourselves

Then we made a space to love
To live, to be together not as one yet as Two
We made the space & we also had to create time in which to enjoy.

Mitigation, Waiting, Entropy
Half life occurred
Chemical Bonds & Emotional Alchemy fail over the march of Time. Only to make new, stronger elements for the new nebulae to create stronger tools to make our Space & Time truly Ours

Of course I remember you
I never forgot you.
We invented this place to make Creation.
We are Two. Looking to regain Unity
And filling our space with our time once again

Monday, March 23, 2015


Friday, March 13, 2015

Pulse check... yup, I'm still here. So are you! Yay!

I just found out last night that my son's best friend in preschool is Bobby Orr's grandson. How cool is that!?

In other news, I'm doing the P90X3 "Beach Body" workout program and weight watchers in an effort to get myself into a shape that isn't a circle. So far, so good!

Also, I learned to make cheese. Based on my last Colby, it's damned good cheese, if I do say so myself.

Ready for spring. Don't be a stranger.


Sunday, March 08, 2015

a get in my belly fortune cookie