Friday, October 17, 2014

A Tao of Sully Postcard from the Gap

I enter the Gap.
The Space In-between Thoughts.  
My eyes are closed.  My senses restrained with Will.  
I repeat my Mantras, my Right Thoughts & Intentions, my Magic Words.
Repeating the Passages help build piers, towering over the torrent of Thought that rise like the tide on the beach, wave after inevitable wave.  
Once the Gap is achieved, thoughts occasionally zip through, some hover and beg attention.  All will be dismissed.  Because all will be there when I get back.  I am not Here Now.  
I am in the Gap.  

I don't have visions.  Besides random stray thoughts.  
It's a supramundane experience.  There are no hallucinations.  No spirit animal to guide.  
It's about Observing... and Distancing One's Self from the Personal Self to adjoin the Bird's Eye View of One's own Life's Stage.  
It's about slowing down.  Which is the hardest thing to do.  
When the body achieves a stillness, the Mind is still racing.  
From the Gap, it's nice & quiet.  A respite.  
I Never Really Leave the Gap.  I kinda rejoin myself there.  

From here in the Gap, I can make better Choices.  Instead of being a ball of pre-conditioned reflexes.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Smoking PUCK!

11 October 2014

Welcome to another season of NHL Hockey!
I ain't got much to say...oddly enough.
I got poor people's cable teevee.  So we don't get NESN, the only way to watch Red Sox & Boston Bruins Hockey.
Back in the Day, the games used to be on Free TV.  WSBK TV38.  Damn, those were the days.
I'd totally stay up late and watch the Bruins play the Washington Crapitals.
I'm gonna end up binge-watching season 4 of THE WALKING DEAD...or listen to the game on the radio.
I could go to the Pub but I don't like spending money I don't have.  Or run into the waitress that laughed at me when I asked her out.  Hey I am sensitive but iDigress...
There used to be Justin.TV but they got shut down, they would stream pirated games.
So why is being a Sports Fan in Boston such a pain in the ass?  This is existed before the Era of the Championship as well.  The Celtics are exclusive to Comcast Sports Cable network.
I dunno...it comes down to the days of cable exclusivity?  Is it really necessary Now?

I miss the Bruins on TV38.  I miss the Game Night of it all.  Not this endless carousel of SportsInfo.
It's lost on me and I won't pay for it.  And yet, I am "paying for it" in cutting myself off from the televised enjoyment.
I take a certain joy in watching the Patriots on any given Sunday.  I tune in then I drop out again, when the game's done.  The Weeknight Specials are past my bedtime anyhoo.  The Bruins on a weeknight though?  The usual home game, the puck drops at 7PM and the game is over by 9:30PM on the late side.
Hey I get up at 4AM.  It's not an excuse,  it's simply Life.
The Bruins are playing their 3rd game of the season tonight.  I'll find a way to be informed to the score.
But I'd rather be tuning into TV38, catching Turk's Key's to the Game & commercials for reruns & the Movie Loft.

Final Words of the Week in a ReTweet:

Saturday, October 04, 2014


4 October 2014

As hack-writer & liver-of-life, it is from my perspective to experience, that I possess a vigorous compulsion to recapitulate.
Yet recently, I did something I haven't done to this blog in a very long time.
I took a post down.  
Something Happened.  Perhaps an unintended consequence.
I hate doing things like that.  It spits in the face of Truth.  Capital ""T": the crux of Art.
Is my blog and writing "Art"?...no.  But "Art is Truth", from the creator's perspective & manipulation.
Is my blog "Journalism"?...no.  I'm not a Journalist.  Yet I subscribe to both the Journalistic 6 (aka the Five W's) and also the Scientific Method.
Is my blog "Fiction"...no.  I'm not an Author.  Yet I love Story!  Storytelling needs style, beats & people & events we can care about.
If you're gonna be something for all the World to see, better have a little Style.  I get that from my Grandpa.

On the Other Hand, writing from the heart & shooting from the hip...I have to be prepared that if I share something personal, for someone else reading who shared my experience, it could cut too close to the bone.
Who is reading this?  Well, anybody could.  That's the Joy of Blogging.  Used correctly, it's a very good tool for creating Story & sharing Experience.  My road is a Spiritual one and I often see things that I'd like to share, especially when there is some Insight involved.
Yet, regardless of my Intentions, there is the obverse of the Impact.
Any driver can say it was their Intention to get to work, not to have hit that pedestrian while checking their phone.  Perhaps we can coin this as the "Three I's: Intention, Impact, Insight" but iDigress.

So, in closing...
What am I?
I think I am a Storyteller.  And it's My Story to Tell.  And I'm Sticking to It.
Yes, and I'll accept all the Positive & Negative connotations that go along with such a definition.
Thanks for reading.
Stay Tuned!

Kriya Shakti,
Rev. Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

iRawk...Therefore iPod: Obituary

October 23, 2001 – September 9, 2014

What Matters Most?

For me?

Finding a girlfriend.  Getting my own place.  Shit...our own place.
Being able to keep up with my "goals" such as making it around the block, jogging without stopping from being winded.  Doing 100/100 Pushups & Sit-ups.  If I had a chin-up bar I'd hit that too.
Meditate every morning.

And feed people delicious, great food.  And leave them wanting to come back tomorrow, with wonder what's good waiting for them.