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In a recent Online debate about "what is consent?" regarding sending Naked Pictures of One's Self to Others in the new era of Social Media, Dr. Langley chimes in with astute clinical clarity.  What is the Social Norm regarding this?  
A great emphasis is the "who"?  I mean, are people my age doing that?  I do admit to sticking cameras down my pants in my early 20s as a goof.  But I was pranking, wasting someone's precious film & developing with a blurry pic of my pale Irish boy bits but iDigress...
Did I invent the Dick Pic?  Gawd, No!  Those have been around since Daguerre!  
Yet would I do that now, 20 Years Later...as a goof?  No thanks.  
Below in Italics is an excerpt from Dr. Langley's article.  
The DSM-5 establishes criteria for exhibitionistic disorder (formerly called sexual exhibitionism), a clinical syndrome in which the person feels the need to display his or her genitals to others in other to achieve sexual satisfaction, part of the larger group of paraphilic disorders regarding habitual sexual behavior that others find disturbing and that causes distress.
Sexting has become a common thing. I know many individuals who have had trouble getting adolescents to understand what's wrong with sending sexually explicit photos of themselves, the potential repercussions, and the fact that the photos can last forever. Time after time, those sharing the photos have been dismayed when other people also share those same photos or when others judge them for doing that. People can send these at any age, of course. In trying to understand this behavior, we may have more questions than answers.
  • What's the protocol for sharing nude photos? What norms have developed?
  • When's the right time to send such photos? 
  • Is there ever a right time?
  • Is it right to tell others?
  • Is it right to show others?
  • Is it ever right to share other people's sexts?
  • Who sends these photos?
  • Why send these photos?
  • Why send these photos to people who don't want them?
  • How can you know people want them?
  • How explicitly must you ask before sending explicit photos?
  • How do you respond when you received unwanted photos?
  • How explicitly must you indicate if you do or do not welcome explicit photos?
  • Is silence consent?
  • Is unwanted sexting a form of sexual aggression?
  • Is sexting ever a good idea?
  • Do you really need to opt out instead of "don't send nude pics" being the default?
  • What are the legal issues involved?
  • What can or should anybody do about it?
  • What needs to happen to the people involved?
  • Does safe sext exist?
Do you have answers?


"Thesis Defense"

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Hello and Welcome to CHANNEL OCHO!
My Contribution to Helping Write the Internet.
Image above: The "SuperOm" aka The Supermantra, a stylized Om within the iconic Superman diamond & a variation on the classic color combo.  
I drew it...then I put it on a Cafe Press tee-shirt but iDigress...

What do I do here? I blog.  Along with the help of my friends who occasionally chime in.
Why?  I'm into writing, sharing stories & experiences and also want to turn you on to something cool or delicious whether it be Music, Fiction, Hockey, Spirituality or a Well-Made Dinner.
Channel OCHO is the Magazine on the Coffeetable of my Life.  The Coffeetable was where my friends & I would gather, share stories, good meals & company.  Time & Geography have split a lot of the corps up, yet we hold it together with the glue of our love & interest in all things cool & fun.

Come check out the Archive of Articles:
And much much more!
Joie De Vivre!  And write it down.  You'll never know who you could inspire next!
Namaste & Good Luck.

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
@revsully on Twitter

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The Tao of Sully

The Tao of Sully:
On Suicide
An Elegy, not an Effigy

Robin Williams was one of my Heroes.

I don't have many, in truth.  Sure there's Batman, Spidey & the Rest but they're fiction.  
In Real Life, there's my grandfather, Joseph Patrick O'Sullivan; immigrant, self-made man, husband, father & still missed by all, it seems.  He passed of natural causes in 2000.
There's "Uncle Eddie", technically my childhood best friend Bryan's uncle.  Uncle Eddie was a BFD firefighter from an old Southie Irish family of firefighters.  I always loved his hands, rough, scarred with burns from saving lives.
The first time I saw Robin was as "Mork from Ork" on "Happy Days" in February 1978 when I was 5 Years Old.  I wouldn't see him again until I was 7, when "Mork & Mindy" premiered in 1980.  Yet as soon as I saw Robin, I knew I was looking at Myself.  
Another Me.  What I've come to learn as a Jungian Archetype.

I'm not going to make Robin's story up for him.  There could have been a few hundred of things going on in his life, making his Now a crushing, unbearable Experience.  What led him to this ultimate choice, we might never know.
Yet I Understand...I understand Depression.  I understand these Black Thoughts.
And I understand that "Calling".  In the Blackest of Moods, in the Darkest of Days.  Not a "voice" but a "calling", a "whispering", a "beaconing".  A way out of it.
No more.  No more Worry.  No more Suffering.
So I can understand being in the Worst of Internal Places with my mind focused on Freeing Myself of Worry.
I look at myself, a humble man.  I rent, I work, I earn, I live day-for-day.  And I see Robin as blessed with the opulence of his earnings.  Homes, cars, wealth, wives, children.
I recently came across one of those Spiritual Tweets I love to disseminate because sometimes 140 characters are just enough to make complete sense,
And I once again see only Myself in the wake of Robin's terrible choice.  Yet for the most part, I am very content.  With what I have, what I do, who I am, who I've become, who I could be...And still suffer from these shadows in the darkness.  Yet for the first time in my life, I'm for the most part running the shadows, not have the shadows running me, if you can dig?  

Am I worried I could find myself, like Robin, in the darkest of moments?  Sure, I am.  If Depression is a real disease, then is Suicide a Terminal Case?  Is Depression Clinical? Yes.  Is Depression as real as Cancer? Is that thought more to opinion than empirics?  I'm not even comfortable answering that one.  Yet, perhaps I see this more as Robin losing his life-long fight against Depression rather than gruesomely murdering his own body.  And that's the most selfish thing about Suicide.  Is the thought of Whomever Finds You.  In whatever state you chose this.  I mean I've thought about doing what Robin Did and I'm horrified I ever thought of it.  The impact on a loved one in real life finding your body has to be unfairly sharing the trauma & pain that led you to do this in the first place.  

Unlike Robin, I found a different way out.  
In an interesting parallel, I found similar qualities between the Depressed Mind And the No-Mind State of Meditation.  Recently I read this Blog on Depression called "Blackness Ever Blackening: My Lifetime of Depression"
"I can explain it up to an extent now. With hindsight. Using narrative for an experience that is, I think, entirely without narrative. (To me, then, explaining wasn’t the point, any more than a train is the point once you’ve arrived at your destination.) It is reaching some place deep inside, a physically experienced cavernous place enclosed by the barrier, as it seems, of my skeleton and skin, and something in addition that forces out the air of the room a little way beyond my physical self. It is a place where I can’t be, and where I can’t not be.
I know that this place that I enter, the inner-space surrounding me – in which I can’t be, can’t breathe, can’t exist, but can’t not exist – also itself can’t be. A room for which there is no room. A place that makes no sense, that no sense can be made of, but which is all there is when I am in it. It is negative upon negative. Blackness ever blackening."
I was awestruck by this.  I shared this experience as a "Moody Child" and as a Moody Adult.  
And then illuminated to something New.  
These are Similar Qualities to the Meditative Mind.  A Room without Room.  A Room Without Walls.  Yet instead of a Black Room, I inhabit a White Room.  
In the Gap I attain in Meditation, a space in-between thoughts where the Thinker sits.  This Thinker is the Real Me.  Where I make real choices from.  I am not my thoughts, I am not the result of my thoughts either.  And when I slow down my thoughts to a standstill, I reunite with my real self beyond Life & Death, beyond pain & pleasure, beyond changing seasons, beyond the Material World and its Sense Objects, the reactions to them...oh and beyond all those other people in your life around!  
The Withdrawn Depressive Mood is so similar to the Meditative Mind.  

I have a Spiritual Solution to Depression.  I use it daily.  I use it in conjunction with talk therapy & an anti-depressant.  So perhaps with the Spiritual Path, my Tao I found a way to paint that Room Without Room from Black to White.  
And You Can Too!  It's not Hope.  It's not Worry.  It's something Entirely Within.  Just like the pain.  The bliss is there too.  You just have to walk towards it.  
Goodnight & Nanu-Nanu, my Sweet Mork.  
I will miss you.  I'm not judging you for what you did.  I'll just miss you.  

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Hub of the Multiverse

PS This song came up as I finished editing, it's only Right to Share.  Thanks for reading

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The Comics Gnome Presents...

A Helping of Funnybook Goodness!

Hello and Welcome to the "Comics Gnome Poots".
It's an article I've come up with over the years documenting not only my lifelong love of comicbooks but making sane suggestions to savvy seekers!
Meaning YOU!   Hopefully.
I am trying to get you to read a funnybook.  

Being from a well-connected northeast metropolis, I've never needed to own a car.  I've gotten about my total life not in the great American Love Affair with the automobile.  I have Subway Maps, Transfers, Crosstown Busses & odd numbered routes that connect neighborhoods like telephone wires.
All you need is a little time...and always bring something to read.

I am a line cook, by Trade.  Sometimes I describe myself as a chef, sometimes not.  But I live, breathe & eat a culture that may be foreign to you.  Think of your work culture for a moment...
What's it like?  Work in an office?  Papers, filing, meetings?
On your feet, as a nurse, a technician or cashier?
I'm a Line Cook.  My culture is of the Kitchen.  And of Service.  And of Loyalty.  And of Watching Out for the Other, whether they are New, Veteran, Close, Estranged, Useful, Useless, Family or Friend or Enemy.

Which brings me to the two selections that synchronically fell into my Bag of Life.
Some fantastic slice of life adventures; one in the Quentin Tarantino Shoot-'Em Up Values in the Pre-9/11 Days of 2001 and another a new release I've been eagerly expecting.
The stories are about People.  Who live, breathe & eat the culture of their own Kitchens.
writer Brian Wood (DMZ, NORTHLANDERS) tells a simple yarn of young love in NYC in the turn of the century.  Our heroine: a sassy 1st generation American gal named Olive Yassin, a 16-year old spoiled scooter gal.  Olive delivers takeout for her family's restaurant, The Couscous Express (voted best Hummus in NYC 3X year in a row!).  She hates her job, loathes her family and is a bit of a normal, useless American teenager.  Drama ensues.  Gunplay too.  All in B&W with art by Brett Weldele.  It's about doing the right thing.  What matters most in Service but iDigress...

Our other book is something I've been looking forward to.
SECONDS by Bryan Lee O'Malley 
A few years ago, I fell completely in love with O'Malley's previous SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE WORLD 6 volume series.
Katie, is a Chef.  And she's a bit of a jerk.  And when her selfishness catches up with her, she finds a way out....but not without consequences.  Something special happens!  Katie is given the ability to make a bad choice better with a "Do-Over".  The thing is, she abuses her power and ends up worse off than she was when she began!
Along the way in this magical story of Cause & Effect, she learns what's best is the unbidden chances of life, not the overthinking the past and redacting events.

Both are charming in their very different ways, yet share something.  A vibration.  A flavor!
Something in the cooking, I guess.
Check 'em out if you can.

Kriya shakti,
Rev Sully