Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What am I allergic to?

Well...let me more than tell you...
Let Me SING IT! 
So in the spirit of novelty & parody songs under the Smogberry Trees of The Dr. Demento Show, I wanted to make a fun primer that I could perhaps use to inform My Future Girlfriend about my dreaded, life-long affliction of Asthma.
Seriously: I get pretty sick over three or four things.  Dust, Down Feathers and Cats (dander, claws, saliva...just looking at me!), ranked in no particular order. Please know they all suck for me to be exposed to.  The itching starts in the neck, then the nose, then the eyes are on are fire...sooner than later, you're suffocating from the inside-out.
(Way Down on Fourth is Seasonal Allergies that fire up the Ass-mar: pollen, hayfever, ragweed and most flowers but that's the most controllable of the major allergies but iDigress...)
Those Others...well...how many gals you know who love cats & their feather bed & down pillows?  And fresh flowers?  Der...sigh.  
Therefore! Here are some homemade Rev Sully OCHO PSAs, using the tweetable Vine App, filming 6 seconds of tomfoolery & mini-movies one can shoot.
I love the future!!!
So in order we got DUST! A parody of Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, 

 then "I Can't Do Down (Feathers Strangle Me From the Inside Out)" a la Springsteen

and finally in the mode of Hall & Oates is "I Can't Go For Cats (No Can Do)".

Hey, swing on a Vine and show it off!

Kriya Shakti,

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Comics Gnome Poots!

January 10, 2014

In: "...I Still Buy Funnybooks"

Thanks for reading and Welcome to Channel OCHO!
This is Rev Sully's long-running article on Comic Books; what I'm reading/buying and suggestion for what you should be reading...if you are so prone to good, serialized, illustrated fiction.
Here is the Recent Stack.  
What I am reading.
This is THE STAR WARS.  And it is awesome.
Behold: the original screenplay that George Lucas wrote in the early 1970s was different from the finished product we saw on the Silver Screen & Home.
A limited run in 9 issues (#1-8, #0), looking great, sounding great and worth your attention as a Star Wars fan.  Keeping all the essential trappings.  It is something that the Prequels lacked: FUN!!!  Young Jedi Annakin Starkiller, old man General Luke Skywalker, green alien Han Solo, an English-speaking Artoo-Deetoo and a certain Princess who might or might not need saving or romance...you know.
Any Star Wars fan will tell you how Lucas ripped off Akira Kurusawa's "The Hidden Fortress" and it shows here.
Personal Note: DARK HORSE COMICS produces this funnybook.  They've had the Star Wars license for 20+ years and done a great & respectful job, starting with DARK EMPIRE until the Present.  The Star Wars license goes back to MARVEL comics soon, seeing DISNEY has bought both MARVEL and LUCASARTS.  As we say here, "Do the Math, Mouthbreather..."
A great and fitting way to end Dark Horse's ride on the this Dewback, eh?
great stuff...check it out
This is a naughty one: SATELLITE SAM by Matt Fraction (w) and Howard Chaykin (a) on IMAGE.
It's sexy, it's black & white and in 1950s NYC filled with shenanigans on the set of a big-time Network Sci-Fi Show.  The star of TeeVee's Most Popular Sci-Fi Serial has turned up DEAD!, surrounded by suspicion & a cache of home-made dirty pictures of pretty ladies in lingerie and more...with the sultry co-star involved!  Mystery ensues as the Son of the Star fumbles his way in his proto-Morrissey Emo Way, "the Son & the Heir of a Shyness that is Criminally Vulgar"...until he's got to fill his father's shoes on the Show and becomes obsessed with the stash of photos.  1950's NYC is the Noir backdrop.  So nice under Chaykin's hand along with Women in Lingerie but iDigress...
TRILLUIM by Jeff Lemire (w/a) on DC/VERTIGO then JUPITER'S LEGACY by Mark Millar (w) & Frank Quitely (a) on IMAGE.
Trillium is a weird one.  A great 8-part sci-fi story, gimmicky as all hell.  In the vein of good DOCTOR WHO stories written & drawn by Lemire, a feat I always respect.
Then comes another deconstruction of the Superhero Mythos by Mark Millar along with Frank Quitely, this gets to the top of the stack on new release day every time.  The Sons & Daughters of the Old School asserting themselves with their New Deal, so to speak.
What I'm reading for BATMAN is simple.  The trade paperbacks from the New52 (on loan) called Court of Owls and City of Owls.
also from DC, BATMAN '66 and BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE.
The former uses the style & storytelling narrative of the 1966 Adam West/Burt Ward show.  It's fun, short and great to relive new adventures of an old show I grew up on.
The latter BATMAN B&W is an anthology, with 4 different creators each issue.  a $4.99/issue price point with no internal adverts yet this has all the iconic power of the character regardless of the current continuity.
Then comes from DC/VERTIGO, both THE WAKE, an undersea, time-spanning adventure with the dynamic battery of Scott Snyder (w) and Sean Murphy (a).
Also BROTHER LONO, a spin-off of 100 BULLETS by Brian Azzarello (w) & Eduardo Risso (a), set in the Mexican underworld of borderland drug trade, tattooed neo-warlords and a battle-hardened anti-hero seeking redemption.  Not for the squeamish!
Next...we got POWERS: BUREAU on ICON, the current volume of POWERS by Brian Michael Bendis (w) and Michael Avon Oeming (a), where police detectives suss out Super Crime & Homicide.  A Police Procedural with Superheroes & Villains, currently all Powers cases are Federal Crimes and our partners now have much higher stakes.
HAWKEYE on MARVEL by Matt Fraction (w) & David Aja (a), et al.  Celebrated title, one of the Best.  Concept is easy: when the Avengers' Hawkeye (aka Clint Barton), is off the clock and at home, what goes on in his life?  Well...lots!  It's fun!  Sassy, kinetic and well-done.  Worth the time & effort.
Again by Matt Fraction (w) and this time with Chip Zdarsky (a) on IMAGE is SEX CRIMINALS.  A Man, A Woman and One Freakish Power Set!  Both find the ability to stop time upon Orgasm! What happens when they meet!  When they date!  And the consequences of their power!  This title is actually hard to find.
And one of the best for last...
KICK-ASS 3 by Mark Millar (w) and John Romita, Jr (a) on ICON.  There are two movies out.  Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2.  The movie adaptations come somewhat close to the books yet shy away from the savagery of the Original.  KA3 is the end of the trilogy and goes for the jugular.  The movies are Okay but in a way gelded to make safer for the masses.  The books will have you going for the Holy Water, Eucharist & Confession.  'Nuff Said.

So that's my Stack!  I'm a huge funnybook fan.  As much as I've steered away from mainstream superhero fare of the Big Two, I still seem to have plenty attention left to Monthly Serials in Print & Pages.