Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Lord Split Ya!

The Year of the Sammich.
No More Resolutions, Only Menus...

Happy New Year

Monday, December 29, 2014

Get In My Belly: This Lil Piggy Had Roast Beef

Hey There!
Welcome to "Get in my Belly".
I'm the King of Takeout & Delivery.  My Doctor's so concerned, she's told me my blood is Type BBQ.
::ba-dum-dum, cymbal crash::
Yet Sometimes I am a Man Possessed!!!
As when my brudda Doctor Hooey told me how everyone at home is down with a bug.
The first thing I thought of since he was cooking lunch was...
Chicken Soup!  And while at the Butcher, I picked up a 5 lb chicken

I also spied a post-Holiday "gift".  Beef at $4.99 a pound and I was eyeballing a beautiful 4lb top round roast for under $25.  So while oven was on to roast chicken quarters and while the stock pot needed about 3 hours to make with Chicken Stock, I could make Roast Beef.
I came out with a nigh-perfect roast this time around.  I seasoned the roast, fired a 300deg oven, placed on a rack then foil covered.  I let that ride for 75 minutes.  I checked it & the internal temp was over 90deg.  I crank the oven to 325deg, uncover the roast and check every ten minutes until I achieved an internal temp of 120deg in the deeepest center.  I let rest on a wooden carving board.  There is some magic involved with resting roasted meats & birds on wood & I cannot question it.
I let the roast rest for 10 minutes before checking the internal temp again.  Over ten minutes the juices redistribute everywhere and it "carries over", meaning resting the roast will keep cooking until it equalizes at room temperature, at it's most succulent to boot.
All awhile it was to make Chicken Soup in the hopes of getting it to Peter's family.  I got a under gallon of chix stock with the carcass, mirepoix & three hours.  I cooked off a pound of Ditalini separately and shocked in cold water.  I roasted the skinless chicken quarters until internal temp of 170deg, rested on wood & let cool to later dice.  Brunoise mirepoix, raw added to boiling stock until tender, I then added the pasta & cooked chicken to the end.  Oh yeah, finish with a little slurry.  Slurry is equal parts Cold Water & Cornstarch to thicken soups & gravies.  I used only 2oz of cornstarch therefore we need how much water?  Make sure you get the corners too & your slurry should look & pour like Heavy Cream.  Add slurry to the simmering soup and you'll never forget I told you Granny's Secret Recipe ;)
Homemade Chicken Soup Made with Love!

I then cut into my Roast.  I was beheld to marvel.  I felt a poem coming over me...

So this Little Piggy will be eating roast beef!  Soup & Sammiches!
Anybody want some before it's gone?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Station Ident

Hello and Welcome to CHANNEL OCHO!
My Contribution to Helping Write the Internet.
Image above: The "SuperOm" aka The Supermantra, a stylized Om within the iconic Superman diamond & a variation on the classic color combo.  
I drew it...then I put it on a Cafe Press tee-shirt but iDigress...

What do I do here? I blog.  Along with the help of my friends who occasionally chime in.
Why?  I'm into writing, sharing stories & experiences and also want to turn you on to something cool or delicious whether it be Music, Fiction, Hockey, Spirituality or a Well-Made Dinner.
Channel OCHO is the Magazine on the Coffeetable of my Life.  The Coffeetable was where my friends & I would gather, share stories, good meals & company.  Time & Geography have split a lot of the corps up, yet we hold it together with the glue of our love & interest in all things cool & fun.

Come check out the Archive of Articles:
And much much more!
Joie De Vivre!  And write it down.  You'll never know who you could inspire next!
Namaste & Good Luck.

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
@revsully on Twitter

Friday, December 26, 2014

I finally have Nothing To Say.

Happy Holidays!  Cheers!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


"Small Moon"
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Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

A Nest Full of Robin Easter Eggs!

Check this Out!  I got the link from CBR and wanted to Share it.  Thanks Brian & John!!  

So Can you ID each Robin?  I think I can...but iDigress...
Click the article above to embiggen.
Some of the best stories are ones never told...the "imaginary ones", right?


Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!



"Background Screens"
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tao of Sully

The Tao of Sully
On Couchsurfing:

Hi there!
Before we start, for any new readers, welcome.
The Tao of Sully is a collection of my walking a spiritual road in Life.  And how it fits as well.
Whether uphill in the rain, winding in the night or a straight shot you can put the pedal to the mettle...my road, one step at a time.  Namaste.

Couchsurfing usually means something else.  Here I'll mean it as "Time Spent with my Shrink".
I just spent 20 months "Couchsurfing".
It's over.  And although one can't say they are "cured"...gosh I feel Better.

This is the Final Installment of a recent series of mine, dovetailing my Spiritual Lessons with my Therapy.
I'm pretty open about it.  The only shame is doing Nothing About It when you might have a problem.
in chronological order leading up to now...for your context or information:
July 4, 2013: My 1st Installment titled, "Independence Day".  Deep & well-intended.
October 19, 2013: On Brahmacharya, the Spiritual Value of Abstinence.
June 21, 2014: One Year Couchsurfing, and the insights & breakthroughs found
then unintentionally August 14, 2014: On Suicide, about the tragic loss of Robin Williams, personal hero & fellow foole.


My Shrink & I came to conclusion a few months ago.
I was getting a lot better.
It's something they call "resilience" and I regained mine.
Through Talking, through an anti-depressant and through my sense of Spirituality...all three finally dove-tailed into a healthier Me.  Sheeesh.  Wow.
We were developing and talking about an "Endgame" anyhoo, my therapist & me..."What are we benefiting through meeting", "are there any more avenues we'd like to explore"...then came Reality.  My Shrink got reassigned somewhere geographically challenging.  Therefore, she could no longer have me as a patient.
Bummer!  And we just got used to each other!  ^_~
but really...we had already come to a great conclusion: I'm gonna try this on my own for a bit.
And if I need to, I can always come back in from the Cold.
I'll continue to take my Med.  And Meditate.  Yet...taking a break from the safety net of Talk Therapy with my Psychologist.
I'm not scared.  It does feel a little daunting.  And a little wistful.  Yet...I feel Ready.  I do!
I'll miss the sessions.  I gained so much insight.  Doc knew what questions to ask, exactly when in my narrative as to let me mull it over...and it happened more than a few times.

Then came our last session.
I took the opportunity to say a few things.
I advised a sense of Spirituality in therapy if someone isn't pulling it all together.  And it's hard because we're not talking religion or allegiance.  But that we have three aspects: The Mind, the Body & The Spirit.
And although we're taking care of 2 of the 3 here in a session (meds + talk = result), the spirit is rarely addressed.
Attachments to outcomes are rarely addressed.
These are lessons I learned from being a spiritual guy.
Yet, she always had me on my toes.  Identifying latent anxiety even in that last meeting.  I chuckle over that one.  Anger...getting really steamed...is a form of anxiety.  I was telling her about my melancholy, having nothing to do with our impending division and she IDed it off that bat: anger is anxiety.

Also brought up something that happened at work just that day, where the Chef pulled our special without warning.  My partner was SO steamed yet I fired back, "do NOT make his story UP for him!!...I'm getting back to work!"
And hour later we found out we had one customer complaint and he forgot to put the sign back up after he checked the special as "fine".  Haha.  My shrink was the most demonstrative I've ever seen, she's always laughed at my good jokes but this was congratulatory!  She was so pleased & elated with hearing that one.

When we wrapped it up, I gave her a firm handshake (thinking hug was too gauche for therapy) and I gave her a Batman keyfob.
She accepted it warmly.  I told her, I'm not gonna call you my superhero...but thanks for throwing me a line.
So thank you so very much, Doctor.  As we say, I did all the work but you definitely Lit The Way.
Like streetlamps on this Road, this Way...this Tao of Me.
Namaste.  And Good Luck.

Kriya Shakti,
Rev. Sully
Hub o'the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA


"Where Do Birds Go"
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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Tao of Sully

The Tao of Sully
On Singlehood & Why

God Bless the IntrePoop!  
Recently, I've been blessed with an old friend who found me through Twitter!  It's great to touch a soul and be rewarded like this.  So thanks Dani for reaching out.  She called me out on my "Bee-Ess" when I zinged on Twitter, recently.  I made a humdinger of a joke, rooted in real life when a pamphleteer in Kendall Square wanted to share the New Testament with me.
Dani is in Bold.  And we shared a nice cup of coffee on a Saturday Morning, having a nice chat.
That's what friends are for, eh?  
And why on God's earth are you having issues finding a date for a Friday night?  Sounds like someone needs a swift kick in his ass to get out of his comfort zone...Just sayin......

ahhh...that's a great question. It does distill down to a certain level of shyness, pickiness and when it comes down to it...I feel good old fashioned Luck...or even Karma!  I believe in Both!  ^_^
Karma is an interesting thing, much used & abused in our culture yet I'm an amateur theologian. So say if you'd have to identify my body for a religious burial, I'd hope you'll say, "He was a Hindu or a Buddhist" ^_~  So Karma is an interesting subject.  There is also A-karma and Vi-karma along with Karma, so there are levels of Karma within itself, usually unbeknownst to the the normal Westerner.  Maybe I shouldn't have dumped her like that back in High School is what I'm saying; and the Goddess is still pissed about that even after all the chances She's given me since... ^_~ 

Also, the Least Acceptable Reason is: I work 6 Days a Week and I'm an early bird.  I wake up usually between 4-5AM on any given weekday, also Sundays.  I just slept-in a glorious 12hrs on my one day off!  Ahhhh!!!  ^_^  So I go to bed early as well to get a decent 8 hours of Sleep to function in my aerobic trade: being an awesome linecook.  I rock my Service.  
Service to Me is simultaneously a Verb & a Noun but iDigress... 
Yet that's the Worst Excuse for saying 'hey, I never get to meet anybody!'.  
I'm a Union 26 chef at MIT where I work Mon-Fri, earning the best wages, the best benefits & the best schedule with job security, sick time & vacation time.  On Sunday's, I'm a kickass brunch cook at "Best of" Somerville's hipster-tastic: Highland Kitchen!
I've been doing this for 2 years and chef promoted me to Lead.  ^_~
Shhesh, all this and I can cook the "Bag of Chips".  I think I'm what's called a "Catch". 
Too bad I live in Boston...living in Boston doesn't help regardless of what you'd think, being a World-Class City.  We have this reputation of snobby women!  I didn't make that up.  

I've blogged about it...I took 4 years off of dating wherein I learned to Meditate.  
It was a very important time for me called "Brahmacharya", a sacrifice on a spiritual level.  
So, I came back to dating about 2 years ago.  I had 2 successful dates that first year, where we went out for a month each, both courtesy of OKStupid.  And this calendar year I've had 2 unsuccessful dates via Match Dot Com.  IRL, In Real Life, I got laughed at for asking out my favorite waitress at my old Local Pub =( 
Hey, I'm proud of myself for trying!  

So lack of Love makes me a wee wistful sometimes, when it catches up with me.  No feeling sorry for me though, please...I guess I made this bed and I'll lie in it alone until I catch someone's eye, which is what it comes down to I think.  Like last week, I'm Saturday Brunching at the Five Horses Tavern, reading my fresh stack of funnybooks while an uninteresting college football game plays on the HD.  The gal sitting next to me was doing a crossword.  I charmingly butted-in and ultimately helped her get that last corner before she left.  
I totally shoulda, coulda & woulda...
but I don't believe in Shoulda Woulda Coulda.  ^_^

Thanks for asking & sharing this cup of AM coffee in the early afternoon ^_^
much love to all in Ohio!  I love football, btw yet I save it all for Patriots Gameday

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Tao of Sully Postcard from the Gap

I enter the Gap.
The Space In-between Thoughts.  
My eyes are closed.  My senses restrained with Will.  
I repeat my Mantras, my Right Thoughts & Intentions, my Magic Words.
Repeating the Passages help build piers, towering over the torrent of Thought that rise like the tide on the beach, wave after inevitable wave.  
Once the Gap is achieved, thoughts occasionally zip through, some hover and beg attention.  All will be dismissed.  Because all will be there when I get back.  I am not Here Now.  
I am in the Gap.  

I don't have visions.  Besides random stray thoughts.  
It's a supramundane experience.  There are no hallucinations.  No spirit animal to guide.  
It's about Observing... and Distancing One's Self from the Personal Self to adjoin the Bird's Eye View of One's own Life's Stage.  
It's about slowing down.  Which is the hardest thing to do.  
When the body achieves a stillness, the Mind is still racing.  
From the Gap, it's nice & quiet.  A respite.  
I Never Really Leave the Gap.  I kinda rejoin myself there.  

From here in the Gap, I can make better Choices.  Instead of being a ball of pre-conditioned reflexes.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Smoking PUCK!

11 October 2014

Welcome to another season of NHL Hockey!
I ain't got much to say...oddly enough.
I got poor people's cable teevee.  So we don't get NESN, the only way to watch Red Sox & Boston Bruins Hockey.
Back in the Day, the games used to be on Free TV.  WSBK TV38.  Damn, those were the days.
I'd totally stay up late and watch the Bruins play the Washington Crapitals.
I'm gonna end up binge-watching season 4 of THE WALKING DEAD...or listen to the game on the radio.
I could go to the Pub but I don't like spending money I don't have.  Or run into the waitress that laughed at me when I asked her out.  Hey I am sensitive but iDigress...
There used to be Justin.TV but they got shut down, they would stream pirated games.
So why is being a Sports Fan in Boston such a pain in the ass?  This is existed before the Era of the Championship as well.  The Celtics are exclusive to Comcast Sports Cable network.
I dunno...it comes down to the days of cable exclusivity?  Is it really necessary Now?

I miss the Bruins on TV38.  I miss the Game Night of it all.  Not this endless carousel of SportsInfo.
It's lost on me and I won't pay for it.  And yet, I am "paying for it" in cutting myself off from the televised enjoyment.
I take a certain joy in watching the Patriots on any given Sunday.  I tune in then I drop out again, when the game's done.  The Weeknight Specials are past my bedtime anyhoo.  The Bruins on a weeknight though?  The usual home game, the puck drops at 7PM and the game is over by 9:30PM on the late side.
Hey I get up at 4AM.  It's not an excuse,  it's simply Life.
The Bruins are playing their 3rd game of the season tonight.  I'll find a way to be informed to the score.
But I'd rather be tuning into TV38, catching Turk's Key's to the Game & commercials for reruns & the Movie Loft.

Final Words of the Week in a ReTweet:

Saturday, October 04, 2014


4 October 2014

As hack-writer & liver-of-life, it is from my perspective to experience, that I possess a vigorous compulsion to recapitulate.
Yet recently, I did something I haven't done to this blog in a very long time.
I took a post down.  
Something Happened.  Perhaps an unintended consequence.
I hate doing things like that.  It spits in the face of Truth.  Capital ""T": the crux of Art.
Is my blog and writing "Art"?...no.  But "Art is Truth", from the creator's perspective & manipulation.
Is my blog "Journalism"?...no.  I'm not a Journalist.  Yet I subscribe to both the Journalistic 6 (aka the Five W's) and also the Scientific Method.
Is my blog "Fiction"...no.  I'm not an Author.  Yet I love Story!  Storytelling needs style, beats & people & events we can care about.
If you're gonna be something for all the World to see, better have a little Style.  I get that from my Grandpa.

On the Other Hand, writing from the heart & shooting from the hip...I have to be prepared that if I share something personal, for someone else reading who shared my experience, it could cut too close to the bone.
Who is reading this?  Well, anybody could.  That's the Joy of Blogging.  Used correctly, it's a very good tool for creating Story & sharing Experience.  My road is a Spiritual one and I often see things that I'd like to share, especially when there is some Insight involved.
Yet, regardless of my Intentions, there is the obverse of the Impact.
Any driver can say it was their Intention to get to work, not to have hit that pedestrian while checking their phone.  Perhaps we can coin this as the "Three I's: Intention, Impact, Insight" but iDigress.

So, in closing...
What am I?
I think I am a Storyteller.  And it's My Story to Tell.  And I'm Sticking to It.
Yes, and I'll accept all the Positive & Negative connotations that go along with such a definition.
Thanks for reading.
Stay Tuned!

Kriya Shakti,
Rev. Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

iRawk...Therefore iPod: Obituary

October 23, 2001 – September 9, 2014

What Matters Most?

For me?

Finding a girlfriend.  Getting my own place.  Shit...our own place.
Being able to keep up with my "goals" such as making it around the block, jogging without stopping from being winded.  Doing 100/100 Pushups & Sit-ups.  If I had a chin-up bar I'd hit that too.
Meditate every morning.

And feed people delicious, great food.  And leave them wanting to come back tomorrow, with wonder what's good waiting for them.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's Cooler Than making a Real Statement?

Do you have something on your mind?
Ever wish you could make your own bumper sticker?  Or coffee mug...or dare I say Tee-Shirt???
Well...it's 2014 and such thoughts are now as easy as pointing your smartphone at the right thing or opening a window and finding something to save.  
I love making my own tee-shirts.  I think if you're gonna spend up to $30 for a Hipster-rific or Athletic Brand tee, then I think you can make your shirt as interesting as You are.

Yet instead of making simple movie references, my ideas took hold of me in a way I'd only imagined:
I can make a Statement.
With a stirring combination of words & image.
So...tell me what you think?
Are you horrified?  Are you asking questions?  Is it Art?
What is it?  What does it mean?
Last year I gave lots of details about this very photo.  
If you need a clue...ahem.  ^_~
And finding the picture on my harddrive as I'm looking for tee-shirt inspiration, well let me tell you.
I didn't know I was going to do it.
My only regret is that I forgot to toggle the font from the sci-fi lettering I used on my previous Big Idea (see below).

So Love It, Hate It.
Just make your own
(and be tasteful!  Or perhaps we can see how Kiwi & Matt feel 11 Years Later on the Pizza Slut tee)
We never did Establish the Ideal Mate Theory, did we?  Oh...Me?  I never figured out the Ideal Mate Theory...until I met Krishna but iDigress!)

Kriya Shakti, 
Rev. Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Even More Pizza Rolls...

Fresh from the Ugnauts at CafePress!
(PS if you're gonna spend up to $30 on a tee-shirt, why not be as original as you can?)

Sunday, September 07, 2014

ReTweet, also file under: Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing left to Say About the Star Wars...

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Playing Old-Tyme Viddy Games with the Dog... 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

In a recent Online debate about "what is consent?" regarding sending Naked Pictures of One's Self to Others in the new era of Social Media, Dr. Langley chimes in with astute clinical clarity.  What is the Social Norm regarding this?  
A great emphasis is the "who"?  I mean, are people my age doing that?  I do admit to sticking cameras down my pants in my early 20s as a goof.  But I was pranking, wasting someone's precious film & developing with a blurry pic of my pale Irish boy bits but iDigress...
Did I invent the Dick Pic?  Gawd, No!  Those have been around since Daguerre!  
Yet would I do that now, 20 Years Later...as a goof?  No thanks.  
Below in Italics is an excerpt from Dr. Langley's article.  
The DSM-5 establishes criteria for exhibitionistic disorder (formerly called sexual exhibitionism), a clinical syndrome in which the person feels the need to display his or her genitals to others in other to achieve sexual satisfaction, part of the larger group of paraphilic disorders regarding habitual sexual behavior that others find disturbing and that causes distress.
Sexting has become a common thing. I know many individuals who have had trouble getting adolescents to understand what's wrong with sending sexually explicit photos of themselves, the potential repercussions, and the fact that the photos can last forever. Time after time, those sharing the photos have been dismayed when other people also share those same photos or when others judge them for doing that. People can send these at any age, of course. In trying to understand this behavior, we may have more questions than answers.
  • What's the protocol for sharing nude photos? What norms have developed?
  • When's the right time to send such photos? 
  • Is there ever a right time?
  • Is it right to tell others?
  • Is it right to show others?
  • Is it ever right to share other people's sexts?
  • Who sends these photos?
  • Why send these photos?
  • Why send these photos to people who don't want them?
  • How can you know people want them?
  • How explicitly must you ask before sending explicit photos?
  • How do you respond when you received unwanted photos?
  • How explicitly must you indicate if you do or do not welcome explicit photos?
  • Is silence consent?
  • Is unwanted sexting a form of sexual aggression?
  • Is sexting ever a good idea?
  • Do you really need to opt out instead of "don't send nude pics" being the default?
  • What are the legal issues involved?
  • What can or should anybody do about it?
  • What needs to happen to the people involved?
  • Does safe sext exist?
Do you have answers?


"Thesis Defense"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello and Welcome to CHANNEL OCHO!
My Contribution to Helping Write the Internet.
Image above: The "SuperOm" aka The Supermantra, a stylized Om within the iconic Superman diamond & a variation on the classic color combo.  
I drew it...then I put it on a Cafe Press tee-shirt but iDigress...

What do I do here? I blog.  Along with the help of my friends who occasionally chime in.
Why?  I'm into writing, sharing stories & experiences and also want to turn you on to something cool or delicious whether it be Music, Fiction, Hockey, Spirituality or a Well-Made Dinner.
Channel OCHO is the Magazine on the Coffeetable of my Life.  The Coffeetable was where my friends & I would gather, share stories, good meals & company.  Time & Geography have split a lot of the corps up, yet we hold it together with the glue of our love & interest in all things cool & fun.

Come check out the Archive of Articles:
And much much more!
Joie De Vivre!  And write it down.  You'll never know who you could inspire next!
Namaste & Good Luck.

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
@revsully on Twitter

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Tao of Sully

The Tao of Sully:
On Suicide
An Elegy, not an Effigy

Robin Williams was one of my Heroes.

I don't have many, in truth.  Sure there's Batman, Spidey & the Rest but they're fiction.  
In Real Life, there's my grandfather, Joseph Patrick O'Sullivan; immigrant, self-made man, husband, father & still missed by all, it seems.  He passed of natural causes in 2000.
There's "Uncle Eddie", technically my childhood best friend Bryan's uncle.  Uncle Eddie was a BFD firefighter from an old Southie Irish family of firefighters.  I always loved his hands, rough, scarred with burns from saving lives.
The first time I saw Robin was as "Mork from Ork" on "Happy Days" in February 1978 when I was 5 Years Old.  I wouldn't see him again until I was 7, when "Mork & Mindy" premiered in 1980.  Yet as soon as I saw Robin, I knew I was looking at Myself.  
Another Me.  What I've come to learn as a Jungian Archetype.

I'm not going to make Robin's story up for him.  There could have been a few hundred of things going on in his life, making his Now a crushing, unbearable Experience.  What led him to this ultimate choice, we might never know.
Yet I Understand...I understand Depression.  I understand these Black Thoughts.
And I understand that "Calling".  In the Blackest of Moods, in the Darkest of Days.  Not a "voice" but a "calling", a "whispering", a "beaconing".  A way out of it.
No more.  No more Worry.  No more Suffering.
So I can understand being in the Worst of Internal Places with my mind focused on Freeing Myself of Worry.
I look at myself, a humble man.  I rent, I work, I earn, I live day-for-day.  And I see Robin as blessed with the opulence of his earnings.  Homes, cars, wealth, wives, children.
I recently came across one of those Spiritual Tweets I love to disseminate because sometimes 140 characters are just enough to make complete sense,
And I once again see only Myself in the wake of Robin's terrible choice.  Yet for the most part, I am very content.  With what I have, what I do, who I am, who I've become, who I could be...And still suffer from these shadows in the darkness.  Yet for the first time in my life, I'm for the most part running the shadows, not have the shadows running me, if you can dig?  

Am I worried I could find myself, like Robin, in the darkest of moments?  Sure, I am.  If Depression is a real disease, then is Suicide a Terminal Case?  Is Depression Clinical? Yes.  Is Depression as real as Cancer? Is that thought more to opinion than empirics?  I'm not even comfortable answering that one.  Yet, perhaps I see this more as Robin losing his life-long fight against Depression rather than gruesomely murdering his own body.  And that's the most selfish thing about Suicide.  Is the thought of Whomever Finds You.  In whatever state you chose this.  I mean I've thought about doing what Robin Did and I'm horrified I ever thought of it.  The impact on a loved one in real life finding your body has to be unfairly sharing the trauma & pain that led you to do this in the first place.  

Unlike Robin, I found a different way out.  
In an interesting parallel, I found similar qualities between the Depressed Mind And the No-Mind State of Meditation.  Recently I read this Blog on Depression called "Blackness Ever Blackening: My Lifetime of Depression"
"I can explain it up to an extent now. With hindsight. Using narrative for an experience that is, I think, entirely without narrative. (To me, then, explaining wasn’t the point, any more than a train is the point once you’ve arrived at your destination.) It is reaching some place deep inside, a physically experienced cavernous place enclosed by the barrier, as it seems, of my skeleton and skin, and something in addition that forces out the air of the room a little way beyond my physical self. It is a place where I can’t be, and where I can’t not be.
I know that this place that I enter, the inner-space surrounding me – in which I can’t be, can’t breathe, can’t exist, but can’t not exist – also itself can’t be. A room for which there is no room. A place that makes no sense, that no sense can be made of, but which is all there is when I am in it. It is negative upon negative. Blackness ever blackening."
I was awestruck by this.  I shared this experience as a "Moody Child" and as a Moody Adult.  
And then illuminated to something New.  
These are Similar Qualities to the Meditative Mind.  A Room without Room.  A Room Without Walls.  Yet instead of a Black Room, I inhabit a White Room.  
In the Gap I attain in Meditation, a space in-between thoughts where the Thinker sits.  This Thinker is the Real Me.  Where I make real choices from.  I am not my thoughts, I am not the result of my thoughts either.  And when I slow down my thoughts to a standstill, I reunite with my real self beyond Life & Death, beyond pain & pleasure, beyond changing seasons, beyond the Material World and its Sense Objects, the reactions to them...oh and beyond all those other people in your life around!  
The Withdrawn Depressive Mood is so similar to the Meditative Mind.  

I have a Spiritual Solution to Depression.  I use it daily.  I use it in conjunction with talk therapy & an anti-depressant.  So perhaps with the Spiritual Path, my Tao I found a way to paint that Room Without Room from Black to White.  
And You Can Too!  It's not Hope.  It's not Worry.  It's something Entirely Within.  Just like the pain.  The bliss is there too.  You just have to walk towards it.  
Goodnight & Nanu-Nanu, my Sweet Mork.  
I will miss you.  I'm not judging you for what you did.  I'll just miss you.  

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Hub of the Multiverse

PS This song came up as I finished editing, it's only Right to Share.  Thanks for reading

Saturday, August 02, 2014

The Comics Gnome Presents...

A Helping of Funnybook Goodness!

Hello and Welcome to the "Comics Gnome Poots".
It's an article I've come up with over the years documenting not only my lifelong love of comicbooks but making sane suggestions to savvy seekers!
Meaning YOU!   Hopefully.
I am trying to get you to read a funnybook.  

Being from a well-connected northeast metropolis, I've never needed to own a car.  I've gotten about my total life not in the great American Love Affair with the automobile.  I have Subway Maps, Transfers, Crosstown Busses & odd numbered routes that connect neighborhoods like telephone wires.
All you need is a little time...and always bring something to read.

I am a line cook, by Trade.  Sometimes I describe myself as a chef, sometimes not.  But I live, breathe & eat a culture that may be foreign to you.  Think of your work culture for a moment...
What's it like?  Work in an office?  Papers, filing, meetings?
On your feet, as a nurse, a technician or cashier?
I'm a Line Cook.  My culture is of the Kitchen.  And of Service.  And of Loyalty.  And of Watching Out for the Other, whether they are New, Veteran, Close, Estranged, Useful, Useless, Family or Friend or Enemy.

Which brings me to the two selections that synchronically fell into my Bag of Life.
Some fantastic slice of life adventures; one in the Quentin Tarantino Shoot-'Em Up Values in the Pre-9/11 Days of 2001 and another a new release I've been eagerly expecting.
The stories are about People.  Who live, breathe & eat the culture of their own Kitchens.
writer Brian Wood (DMZ, NORTHLANDERS) tells a simple yarn of young love in NYC in the turn of the century.  Our heroine: a sassy 1st generation American gal named Olive Yassin, a 16-year old spoiled scooter gal.  Olive delivers takeout for her family's restaurant, The Couscous Express (voted best Hummus in NYC 3X year in a row!).  She hates her job, loathes her family and is a bit of a normal, useless American teenager.  Drama ensues.  Gunplay too.  All in B&W with art by Brett Weldele.  It's about doing the right thing.  What matters most in Service but iDigress...

Our other book is something I've been looking forward to.
SECONDS by Bryan Lee O'Malley 
A few years ago, I fell completely in love with O'Malley's previous SCOTT PILGRIM VERSUS THE WORLD 6 volume series.
Katie, is a Chef.  And she's a bit of a jerk.  And when her selfishness catches up with her, she finds a way out....but not without consequences.  Something special happens!  Katie is given the ability to make a bad choice better with a "Do-Over".  The thing is, she abuses her power and ends up worse off than she was when she began!
Along the way in this magical story of Cause & Effect, she learns what's best is the unbidden chances of life, not the overthinking the past and redacting events.

Both are charming in their very different ways, yet share something.  A vibration.  A flavor!
Something in the cooking, I guess.
Check 'em out if you can.

Kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Comics Gnome Presents...

A Map of the DC Multiverse

to me, it's like a subway system map of an Imaginary World.  Strata of possibility!

by Grant Morrison & Rian Hughes.

Get In My Belly: Special Edition!

A Day in the Life of a Linecook
by Rev Sully

It is an average Friday in July, where I ply my trade.  My day starts pretty early and if I get up wickid early, I can get more done.  Hey, I like to sleep in too.  Sleeping in means 5:25AM.  
I got until 6AM to get out of the bathroom unless I'll start the Real Game of Thrones with my Flatmate.  I leave at 6:30AM sharp to make my 6:40AM bus.  All July.
This schedule switches to the 5:45AM bus during the School Year but iDigress...
It's the Summer and school is Out, where I work in one of Cambridge's hallowed halls of higher learning.  I do not work in a cafeteria of some dorm hall.  I'm more of what you'd classically call the Rounds Cook, master of basically every station & counted on to do so in a rotation if the schedule allows.  
Summer's for me are still full-time, covering other people's stations while they vacation.  
I hit the ground running.  I enter my building at 7AM prompt, I wash my hands & I get to work.  
This Month, I'm running the Pizza Station!  It's not an easy gig.  
And if you're ill-prepared, service will suffer...therefore life will suffer too.  
Things need to be done in almost-Astronaut fashion of rote executions.  
Time is the Key, use it Wisely.  
I got 3 hours until we open.  
That is plenty of time to the organized linecook.  

As soon as I get in, I start a series of "First Things" to First:  
Coffee, usually a 12 oz. mild Starbucks, black, no sugar, served Blackeye style.  
A bucket of Sanitizer and turn on my Pizza Oven.  It's a gas-operated "Masonry-Style" oven; stone bottom with a great concave top that circulates the heat with an adjustable open fire.  Great pizza oven, I love cleaning it after the day is done I love her so much but that's between a chef & his oven... oh and please think about if you turn on the pizza oven before service?  It doesn't work like that.  It needs to achieve an internal temperature of 350deg and more to cook a pizza in that.  First Things First...
Then I retrieve my pizza dough from the walk-in cooler.  I've "Sheet Panned" them up already and placed them on tall, mobile "speed racks".  We use a frozen 16" round for cheese & veggies: I've usually "panned up" 20 dough.  I've also "panned up" 48-60 7" rounds for calzones depending on how busy I think it's going to be.  
I'll "proof" these doughs now by putting them under my heat lamps.  By 8:30-9:00AM, these doughs will be puffy, proofed & ready to manipulate into production.  Do the Math, mouthbreather...it takes literally a few hours to get the thawed dough to a great state of usefulness.   From the freezer will take much, much longer.  I'll also take the time to wipe down my station with sanitizer & assess the sitch on leftovers.  
At this point, I now start to Plan My Menu.  I'm on the hook for 6 different pizza items, 4 of them change daily.  Since it's Summer, I asked Chef, "Hey you got a menu or do you want me to do my thing?"
He said, "Do your thing".  And that's what I do.  I'll also throw a few serving bowls of Marinara into the streamer.  People love extra sauce and they can help themselves, I'll always make sure you got plenty.  
It is now 7:30AM.
And I haven't even punched in yet.  I'm still in my tee-shirt & ballcap.  Why work off the clock?  
Time.  Time is a Key Ingredient.  This July, my schedule is 7:30AM-3:30PM.  
I now change into my chef's coat, clogs, floppy hat & neck bandana, apron and cut glove.  
I am now ready to work.  

Second Things Second: 
OK, now I can start my day!  I go to the freezer & grab some dough to prep for tomorrow; I grab the 7" rounds for calzones and also some 12" X 16" Squares for Sicilian Style.  I load up my cart with these and also about 40 lbs. of shredded mozzarella cheese and 5 big restaurant cans of pizza sauce.  I'll grab some towels, aprons (I'm a bit of a slob, a bad habit to work on professionally), a few cutting boards, some empty, clean pans of varying sizes & volumes, another speed rack loaded with empty, clean sheet pans and useful, need utensils such as serving spatulas, pizza cutters and ladles.  Seriously, miss something, you'll be looking for it later when you need it, that means leaving your station while cooking?  Uh uh!  
Properly laden, I return to my pizza station, now properly garbed.  
It's gotta be 7:45AM and I already feel like I'm Losing Time.  
Actually, it's all going to Plan.  I take the time to prep my paperwork; HACCP sheets & temperature logs.  I get my menu signage and holders, give them all a nice wipe down.  Doublecheck my shakers of powdered parm, oregano, granulated garlic & red pepper flakes; clean & loaded.  Assess leftovers and come up with some ideas...

So far, it's all pretty Rote.  Mechanical.  I betcha you're wondering, "Sully, where's the good stuff!"  
I'm about to get to it.  Yet, I need to stress the importance of the Rote Stuff.  It's technique.  It's Paradigm.  And it's the foundation of the Day & Service.  You simply cannot have one without the other.  
By 8:00AM, I've come up with my menu of the day; 4 Pizzas, 2 Calzones.  Daily: Always Cheese & 'Roni.  Then one meat special and the other a veggie.  One meat calzone and the other veggie.  
This is the point when I start Thinking Creative.  I'll actually get creative in another hour because I got more Technique to get out of the way.  
The rounds are still proofing so I take this time to "pan up" tomorrow's Sicilian doughs.  There are 11 sheet pans to a case and I piss through these so I'll sometimes pan up 2 cases, daily.  The squares are "panned up", "speed racked" and placed in the back of the higher-temperature kitchen to proof.  They're right from the freezer, as I mentioned above.  I'll come back for these about 1:30PM, when they'll be perfectly proofed and ready to par-bake.  
When I'm done with the squares, it's time to start par-baking the rounds.  We do this as a time-saver without scrimping on quality.  We, as cooks can balance production without compromising quality & freshness.  
I'll use a Dough Docker, a hand-held roller with high pins.  It's used to rolls the bubbles out and prevent over-rising.  I'll par-bake my rounds off.  While they're par-baking, I'm handling my calzone dough...hey if you can't manipulate it now, how are you gonna stuff it and then think someone's gonna be able to pick it up and eat it?  You gotta think this way.  Once the rounds are "squared", I move on to some "real" cooking!  

Third Things Third: 
I'm on the hook for four fresh & delicious menu item.  And this is great because they're of my own creation, with the faith of my Chef and using leftovers.  Pizza is a great destination for yesterday's meatloaf to be today's Taco Pizza.  I can take Tuesday's roast pork into Friday's BBQ Pork Calzone.  When it comes to veggie pizza & 'zone, I always start with whatever's in my produce cooler.  Usually tasty roasted veggies, seasoned with simple kosher salt, oregano & minced garlic, roasted in canola oil.  Simple mushrooms...yet this is the time to taste and know how to use salt.  Not over cooking it either.  I'll pan up some squash & zucchini with a little onion & pepper, toss in my "sabor" and let 'er rip.  Great, delicious food.  Simple.  What I like to eat.  Lots of marinated tomatoes paired with feta or ovaline.  And I'll see what's in the meat fridge too.  Cold cuts go a long way on pizza.  Ham & Pineapple with basil & oregano is one of my personal favorites.  Different cheeses...another fave if the 3 or 4-Cheese Pizza & 'Zone.  Last time, I did Swiss, Mozz, Muenster & Havarti Dill.  Yesterday's leftover seasoned lasagna ricotta mixed with some freshly steamed broccoli and seasoned with kosher salt was a big hit and made an Impressively Plump Calzone.  
So, I really have free reign in the menu, daily.  That's a good feeling.  And to nail it everyday too.  
So between 8:30AM-9:30AM, I'm prepping toppings & stuffings.  Cooking, cooling and producing, safely & sanitary.  

In the 'Zone:
Realistically, if I'm not started rolling those calzones by 9:20AM, I start to worry.  It just takes a little time, organization, slowing down and being consistent.  In Aikido, the Japanese Budo of my Soul, I learned the concept of "Mai-Ai", aka Proper Distancing.  It applies in Baked Goods as well.  What happens if two calzones are leaning against each other while baking?
Yuk, happens my friend, Yuk.
You need to space them apart.  So when I was handling the 'Zone dough, I split them, needs-wise over 5 sheet pans.  48 Calzones give me a 30 Meat/18 Veggie Split.  I would never cook more than 12 Calzones to a sheet pan, FYI.  
To make life easier, you tend to do them all at once, rather than one at a time.  High production style.  I'll cheese them all, a handful of shredded mozz.  Start with my veggies, clean gloved handful on each.  Then change gloves as not to get stuff all over outside of dough and begin to roll them.  Pull both sides up, fold one side over, pull opposite side over completely then seam-side down in pan.  Now I've got 48-60 Identical, Consistent Calzones.  In the beginning, mine were kinda ugly but developing knowledge & faith in my dough, technique & ingredients, by the end of July I was making the handsomest & prettiest calzones you'd want to stuff in your mouth.  

By 10AM, I'm feeling the Heat.  With my Calzones all prepped, panned up, ready to fire & safely in my walk-in cooler, I now turn up the gas and expend a lot of energy on my pizzas.  It's the messiest part of my morning too.  I've cracked about 5 cans of sauce.  I don't even have to jazz it up any, it's simple ragu.  The secret on a pizza is the right amount of sauce.  So I then methodically ladle sauce on my rounds & squares.  I  then take a clean, gloved hand and smear the sauce all over the surface of the pizza.  I change gloves then start cheesing the pizza with shredded mozz.  Now, it's time for toppings.  You can't rush it and make it look like a hack job so slowing down yet keeping pace is so important.  I knock a few 'Roni, Veggie & Meat Special first to open.  When 10:30AM hits, it's 30 minutes until we Open.  
I fire my first round of Calzones; 325deg for 22 minutes, sometimes longer.  I spin the sheet pans halfway through, a baking technique I learned from my friend Meghan McGarry, a French pastry chef I worked with.  Making pizza & calzones, you have to have rudimentary baking skills or you really shouldn't be doing the job.  
I'm still furiously topping my pizzas while the 'Zones are baking off.  15 minute before service, I arrange my signage & serving station and fire off that first round of Pizza.  
By 11AM, I am open for business.  There is plenty for the first round.  And being summer, we're not immediately besieged by guests...that comes in about an Hour.

Lunchtime: Don't f&*king bother me...I'm Union employee and I'm on my 30 minutes lunch break.  Unheard of in any other kitchen I've worked in.  Hey, I'll take it.  These days it's either Them or ObamaCare.  
Hey...I ate calzones all month long.  I tell guests, "Trust the cook that eats his own cooking"

By 12:30PM, the pace is quite furious.  The queue of guests stream from some event horizon down the hall.  
It doesn't let up until almost 2PM sometimes.  Running Out is not an option.  The Summer brings International Youth Groups.  Literally a group of over 140 Brazilian teens and they were here for 3 weeks.  
Lemme tell ya...Kids Everywhere Love Pizza.  Can you imagine how busy I was?  'Nuff Said.

At 1:30PM, I start par-baking tomorrow's Sicilians and go to the freezer to "pan-up" tomorrow's pizza & calzone rounds.  By tomorrow morning, they'll be thawed after a night in the cooler, ready for me to proof and start this cycle all over again.  

By 3:00PM, we shut it down.  I've cleaned my station, wrapped up and dated all my toppings, cheese & sauces, I've stowed them safely in the walk-in cooler.  I clean my pizza oven.  I got a long-handled chisel for the heavy duty but an oven brush tends to get a lot.  My secret weapon, I soak a rag in white or rice wine vinegar, wrap the pizza oven brush head with it and swab & scrub with a vinegar rag.  Never use soap on a Pizza Stone.  The vinegar amazingly gets that surface really clean and brings up lots of carbonized crud that would make someone sick if ingested.  My Big Catholic Guilt arises when I do this; I feel like the Roman sentry, who upon hearing Christ's plea for water on the Cross, soaked vinegar instead.  It was to slate the thirst of the condemned for water could only sustain life.    

By 3:30PM, I'm done and off to my bus home, conveniently at 3:40PM.  
So next month, another vacation, another station to run in the rounds.  
Thank you, Pizza Station.  
What a great experience.  We made a lot of happy guests together.  
And thank you for reading.  
A Slice of Life through a Slice of Pizza.  
Bon Appetite! 

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA
the Hub of the Multiverse

(PS. Added On Wednesday, July 30
After all this talk about pizza, on a random day off...
I felt it was unfair to the reader not to point out that Fresh Dough will proof in only One Hour.
And I lead by example.  Happy Cooking! ^_^)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Smoking PUCK: Obligatory Pin Hole Burns....

AKA July
July 10, 2014

There is nothing Hockey to talk, once again.  In July.
I mean, things have happened?
But did a Puck drop...

What else?
I got a New Tattoo!  I'm very proud of that.
I love it.  I'm in love with my new tattoo.  I'm so vain.

Hockey?  Uh, nope.  Rather think BBQ.

So, when Pre-Season arrives, I'll tune in.  Did you have a good time watching hockey last year?
I promise more to come this Year.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

Saturday, June 21, 2014


"Rocket Packs"

Tao of Sully

Tao of Sully
Revisiting "On Depression (July 2013)"

Almost One Year Ago, I wrote perhaps my most candid Blog to date.  

It was about Depression: my lifelong struggle with it and how I've come to cope with it.
A year later and I need to report that I feel emotionally the healthiest I've ever been in this life, so far.
I see my shrink once a month and I still take my Med everyday.  I tell her everything and if I can help it, will not skip a dosage.  I made up a maxim for the experience of the Modern American Couch Trip, "You Can Lie to Yourself, but You Really Shouldn't Lie to Your Shrink".
I've had two major breakthroughs:
1.  I grew up with Asthma as a child & younger adult.  I've been treating other people and stressful stimuli as an allergen.  To use a metaphor, Dust, Cats & Down Feathers get me really sick with Asthma.  I've been treating Stress the same way.  All this time.  Because it's the only way I knew how to cope with the "emotional allergy".  That I've been treating my stress, anxiety & depression like my Asthma, as an emergent, life-threatening event.  
2.  I am an Intense Person.  And that people interpret that as Hostility.  That was humbling.

I came to a tipping point about 18 months ago in the Stress & Anxiety department.  Since then...I've been better, overall.  I meet my challenges, daily.  I'm about 98% less "flappable" today than where I was when I started.  Oh, I still have my moments, sure!  That's being human.  But I feel...Taller.
I feel Taller.  It's a funny way to phrase the feeling but it's kinda hard to describe.  I'm still the same person.  I'm still capable of all the old anxiety & stress.  I'm still ready to lash out anything I feel needs a smiting.  Yet...being on top of my reactions (98% of the time ^_~) makes me feel "taller".
That means like holding myself higher, in terms of posture & potential.

And I still have times of Black Moods.  Yet, as Elton John kindly spoke, "I Guess That's Why They Call Them the Blues".
It's even harder to phrase this sentiment into something that does not sound Negative.
What happened to me with the 1-2 punch of great Talk Therapy and being on the right Medication...
I've lost that dwelling, ruminating, stomach-churning, day-ruining sense of Worry.
That's Huge!  Because that was Me.  My life, my suffering. Daily.  Worry, worry, worry...over-thinking everything.  Usually bad stuff, too.  Like an old LP vinyl record, skipping and you can't get up to pick up the needle (or even rest a nickel on the head)
YET...the flipside of this album called "Worry"...was Hope.
I don't Hope for things anymore.  And that is not Negative.
Listen: Hope & Worry are just two sides of the same Album.
Both are rooted in using Imagination to wish or predict some Imagined Result.  I've lost my attachment to the Imagined Result (as is pretty much suggested in the Bhagavad Gita).  It was unintended.  And to be clear, I still got plenty of Worry and I still have plenty of Hope, I simply don't engage it.  They really do both pop up all the time yet, I let go of that and embrace the Now.  This Now.  This Moment, free of anxiety because the only result is the Immediate Choice at Hand.  Moment to Moment.  Now to Now.  No more dwelling on Then.  No more painting the unknown Coming in either positive or negative hues.
This is what the Mystics simply call "Bliss"
A Neutral state.  The Middle Path of Buddha, one could say.

My Emotional State is now really inline with my Spiritual Freedom.  My behavior, especially where it mattered most At Work, is the best it's ever been, especially in the frame of those pesky emotional allergens I called my Co-Workers & Bosses.
And I've never felt so Good, not joyous but "Blissful".

I don't think there is a cure for this besides Death (and I believe in reincarnation so to me, suicide is a one-way ticket BACK to this friggin' place).  But there is a way out of the cycle of Birth & Rebirth.
And for the first time in all my lives, I think I could be nearing my state of Moksha & Nirvana.
Thank you.

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

PS I once again wish to give a nod to both geek/author Jenny Lawson (@TheBloggess) and actor/geek Wil Wheaton (@wilw) for their frank & candid stories about their own struggles.  You guys really hit home with me.  What you talk about, resonated with me.  And gave me the courage to get checked out.  I'm forever grateful to my therapist for lighting the way yet I am to you two for helping find the door.  Peace.

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TeeVee Guide!

YELLOW SUBMARINE REDUX, extra footage such as the fabled Lost Poppy Field Scene, the French Rubber Plantation and the "Oh No, Yoko" Alternate Ending, put back in the movie, at their correct places. 

TeeVee Guide!

JAWS by Quentin Tarantino, Rated ARRGH. 
Bruce, a misunderstood loner goes out for a midnight snack. Tragedy ensues. 

Much Ado About Nothing Long, Long Ago

Hey, Harrison Ford broke his 71-Year Old ankle as Han Solo was hopping out of the Millenium Falcon, during the filming of the next Star Wars movie.

That is All.  

The Smoking PUCK

Hey, big congratulation to the LA Kings for not only winning the Stanley Cup but beating the NY Rangers while doing it.
Cheers and see you Next Season!

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The Tao of Sully

One for me, for later...

Krishna’s Flute

Krishna’s flute is the symbol of freedom or pranava. He has preached prema, love, through his flute. He has created this world out of the sound of Omkara that emanates from his flute.
Once the gopis asked Murali, Krishna’s flute: “O Murali, tell us the truth. What merits does our Lord see in you that he holds you so lovingly and tenderly day and night that you might drink deep the nectar of his lovely lips and installs you as the most beloved queen among us all? Where lies the charm, the beauty, the grace and attractiveness in you? Will you not reveal that secret to us, the constant beggars of Krishna’s love? Though black and born of a wild bamboo family, you have bewitched our lord. When he plays upon you, the peacock madly dances to your tunes, and other birds stand dumb on the summit of the hills. Even the most dreadful cobra is humbled and becomes spellbound. We the gopis lose our normal consciousness and hurriedly wear our nose rings in the ears and earrings in the nose to meet him. The cows give up their grazing and the calves their sucking and stand like statues with ears erect and rapt attention. Ah! How alluring is the melody of your music! It seems you are not a flute, but a magic wand. Your music is like spiritual bliss materialized. It attracts and holds the jivas and their roaming vrittis in supreme and solemn peace of Brahman. Lulled by your melodies, they are lost in the supreme self devoid of all personality. It is as if anahata nada, the inner unceasing sound of yogis, is externalized. So tell us your secret.”
Murali replied: “My dear friends, I know neither magic nor any arts of attraction. I do not possess any merits also. Dead ignorant of them all, I am simply a forest reed, all hollow within and bereft of any beauty. Krishna, my lord, lover and bearer, calls this attitude of mine the greatest virtue and is extremely pleased with it. He over and over whispers into my ear-hole this excellent teaching: ‘Empty yourself and I will fill you.’ I have realized its truth, and I obey it to the very letter. This is magic, if magic you will call it. This is my strength. It is he who sings through me and enchants you all. My dear friends, if you too empty yourselves of all the arrogant airs of your beauty, excellence, family pride and possessions, he will fill every nerve and atom of your body with his love and life. Does the pervading air not fill a jar when it is emptied of other stuff? He will not leave you even for a moment, and will sing through you the sweet melodies of harmony and peace to the whole world.
As I understand, every creature here is his flute, the instrument of expressing his divine voice. You too are his Murali. He sings sweet melodies through your tongue, beauties through your eyes and fragrance through your nose. Every heart is madhuban, the seat of all his lilas, the rendezvous of all the gopis, the centre of all the vrittis. There the only Purusha is Krishna. All others have to make a passive surrender to him.”
This body is the flute of Krishna in the microcosm. If you can destroy your egoism and have total self-surrender, unreserved atma-nivedan to the Lord, he will play on the body flute and bring out melodious tunes. You will become merged in his will. He will work unhampered through your instruments – body, mind and senses. You can rest very peacefully then without care, worry or anxiety. You can watch the play of the universe as a sakshi, witness. Then your sadhana will go forward by leaps and bounds because the divine will and grace will work through you. In fact, you need not do any sadhana at all, only practise self-surrender from the very core of your heart, with all your being. Learn the lesson from the flute and follow its ways. If you have offered yourself at the feet of Krishna, you have already reached the goal, you have already attained the realm of peace, the kingdom of immortality. You have found the joy that never fades, a life that never dies. You have reached the other shore of fearlessness, which is beyond darkness, despair, doubt, grief, sorrow, pain and delusion.
Purify your mind. Destroy your negative tendencies and egoism. Hear once more the flute of the flute-bearer of Vrindavan, his immortal song of Bhagavad Gita and allow him to play in this body flute of yours.
All the sounds are his voice. Let his will be done. Be completely resigned to him, so that he may shine through your eyes, speak through your tongue and smell through your nostrils. Merge your little self into the Supreme Self. Give up all ideas of agency. Do not say, “I am the doer and enjoyer.” Say once more along with me, “O Lord, I am your flute, blow me as you will; a puppet in your hands, simply to act as you will.” Call him fervently with single-minded devotion. Sing this song of welcome and he will surely appear before you:
He Krishna aajaa bansi bajaa jaa.
He Krishna aajaa geeta sunaajaa.
He Krishna aajaa maakhan khaajaa.
He Krishna ajaa lilaa dikhaajaa.
O Krishna, come and play your flute.
O Krishna, come and sing your song.
O Krishna, come and taste the butter.
O Krishna, come and play before us.


"Morse Code"
(click link to embiggen)

Not the Last Smoking PUCK!

May 17, 2014

And for my Playoff Beard...the time has come to trim.
Alas, the Bruins exit the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs in the 2nd round, in a Game 7 Home-Ice loss versus the rival Montreal Canadiens.
The Conference Finals start today.  With Les Habitants Montreal facing-off against my least-favorite ice hockey squad in the World: The Blueshirts of Manhattan...the New York Rangers.
Out West, the Chicago Blackhawks meet the L.A. Kings for what feels like the 4th straight year.
My sentiments for the Eastern Conference Finals can be summed up in a Tweet I made the other day...
I've never been married.  My father is not a billionaire.  In fact, I adore both bergs...I'm in love with both cities.  Montreal and NYC are my kind of places.
Yet, I don't mind the Habs as much as I do the Rangers.  I got that jones of the Masshole laying their SportsHate on our NY cousins.  My appreciation for the Habs come from witnessing first-hand their fans!  And nothing so brings bile to my mouth such as to see a Yankees cap-wearing Blueshirt fans, walking around in throngs in Beantown Faire, on a Saturday Afternoon matinee gameday.
How to quantify a SportsHate?  
How do I describe it?  Where to begin?
I used to spit on the ground at sight of a Yankees cap, years ago.  Back in the whole "Yankees Suck!" swoon that befell our Red Sox Nation in the waning daze of the 20th Century.  Like an Orwellian "2-Minutes Hate" lasting entire baseball seasons, spilling out onto football (see NY Jets) and cultured an unreasonable Mob Mentality.  I've been to so many nights at Fenway & the Garden, in the older days & cheaper seats, that "Balcony" or "Bleacher" Brain we all get.

For me, a few things happened.  The Path to Enlightenment, which calls for me to call such things like "SportsHate" pure folly, laugh at it and walk away.  And 9/11.  Wherein lax security in Beantown Faire led to the Twin Towers falling.  The 21st Century also ushered in a new paradigm of success to all the local Sports Teams.  Crying hate doesn't seem as fun once you've tasted Real Victory a few times.
This pic above actually happened.  On Game Day, of Game 7 versus the Habs.  I was walking through the MIT Campus on a gloriously sunny afternoon.  Where I could not help but notice this guy.  I walked right up to him.  I could just tell he was French-Canadian.  So in my useful knowledge of Languages, I say, "Mon Ami! Un Photo avec Moi, s'il vous plait?".  He smiled and we took this.  I gave him a fist pound and said "Merci!"
You know...Being a Good Fan is part of Good Sportsmanship.  In case you missed it...

So stay tuned.  And drop the SportsHate like a faceoff puck.
You can still "Booo!!!" the CooperAlls off of P.K. Subban all you want!  The focus should be your Love of the Game, not the relishing of bad feelings.
"SHOOT!  SKATE!!  HIT 'EM!!!  C'MON!!!"

love, love, love,

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA