Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the End!
Happy NYE!
The sooner I go to bed, the sooner I wake up in a New Year but iDigress...

The Year wasn't a Total Wash.  I saved the Best for Last.
I really did.  In a year where nothing went my way...for 2 Glorious Days, Everything Did.

It was my 2nd Annual NYC "Weekend Getaway!"
Yours Truly, Rev Sully, along with the power of his best friends, combined to form a most awesome of days off in the holiday season.
Peter, OCHO's very own Doctor Hooey, his wife Eliza and their 4 year old daughter Lyra hosted me for another time in the Big Apple.
Eliza is from Manhattan, grew up there.  Her dad & mum live there, other family too.  They are real Manhattanites, which is a little different than the stereotypical Borough Neighborhood Archetype.
So I got to do this last year as well as documented here on OCHO.
Such a lovely thing to do...Walk Around Manhattan.
This Year, I landed the Day After Christmas.
I slummed in the Upper West Side again.
Our View?
This is the Dakota.  On the corner of W72 & CPW.  This is where John Lennon lived & died.
Strawberry Fields Forever...You'll see the Dakota behind my left shoulder.
I wandered around the City all afternoon.
 One Light Goes Out...They All Go Out!
Rockefeller Center in December.  This should be a Norman Rockwell.
 BALLS!  Holiday Balls.
 These Two are an Old Story.  When I worked at the Hard Rock Cafe (yes about 20 Years Ago!), we staffed an annual event at the legendary NYC venue, the Roseland Ballroom for Nordoff-Robbins, the music-centric international children's charity.
Between the original NYC Hard Rock on W55 and Roseland, just a few blocks away, we cooks in our chef pants & whites had to wheel plastic-wrapped covered speed racks & food-laden Cambros down Broadway.  I was intersecting with my own ghost of a Score of Years Past...
Check this out...the Globe at Columbus Circle/Trump International...from directly under.
this is New Zealand
This one is for Kiwi.
 I can't tell you the name of this tower yet it's at the foot of Central Park South & I hear it is all residential.  And it's gone up in the past few years.  I clearly remember seeing this last year a bit more skeletal & Erector Set-like.
Pete & I found this on the bar crawl back to the apartment.  It was upside down for why??  Who knows!  Yet dig that holiday-colored Empire State Building in the background!
This was just the first day!

My second day was just was perfect yet for different reasons.
I spent all day window shopping in NYC checking out the Holiday displays with the best company a man could ask for.  And ate at Gordon Ramsay's London Bar.  Boo-yah.
Also we went on an Adventure!  For dessert we trekked across the Upper East Side for the Sweet Shop, E73 & 1st Ave to taste what was billed as the best Ice Cream Ever!!!  Odd Fellows of Brooklyn.  OMFG, no lie this is the Next Level.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil ice Cream!!!  Sorry Ben, Sorry Jerry...I'm just too Odd for You.  ;)
 Yet I leave this Year in good taste!  I was looking at an everything bagel this morning at work, starving and could not muster the will to toast & eat it.  For it cannot come close to the savor-every-bite Everything Bagel from 72nd Street Bagels.  I brought home a 1/2 dozen for my roommate.
And a Sully Story would not be complete without a Road Soda!
On the Bus, Homeward Bound.

So Namaste & Good Luck!  Take a trip!  Get out and see something...
And share it too.
My whirlwind weekend was wizard only because of the company I keep.

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


"Christmas Lights"

PS I only kinda "get" it =)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

2013 has been a Bad Year and I'm glad to see it go.  Hey '13, don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya! ;P But iDigress...  Nothing too much to say that hasn't already been said.
Yet I'm treating myself to a whirlwind "weekend" in NYC so maybe I'll find something to write about while I'm there ;)
It hasn't totally been a Bad Year...The Bruins went to the Stanley Cup, the Red Sox won the World Series.
Then I think of things of External from the Marathon Bombing, to the Internal a Year of Personal Inertia.
All in All, 2014 rounds the bend bidden or not.
I'm looking forward, without Hope or Despair.  When I conquered a level of Personal Despair this Year, I found that my sense of Hope vanished too.  And not in a Negative Way.  Not quite positive yet very Neutral.  It's as the Mystics said would happen.  I still possess both in a way yet I neither Accept nor Reject them...Simply Respect Them.  They exist!  And they are part of the World but it is as if Hope was the Obverse of Despair and I just figured that out.  It was the sense of "Moksha", of Spiritual Freedom when I came to this conclusion.  Yet I think I befuddled a few friends with this sentiment so I wanted the soapbox in which to say "sorry if I alarmed you" =)
I've never felt better...I've never felt worse.  I've never been this healthy, and I've been a lot sadder, hungrier & desperate in this life which I am not in this Now...so I am grateful for my jobs, my skill set, my family, my friends & loved ones.  Thank you all.  And may your Holiday be filled with exactly those & that.
This XMas I'm hanging with my Parents, Mom & Hoppy.  We're doing it Low Key: Movie & Chinese Food.  Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?  Then I'll be in NYC by lunchtime tomorrow for a few days.
I do love simply walking around Manhattan this time of Year.

So have a Happy Holiday!  What are you cooking?  What's your favorite present, given & accepted?
Got a favorite Holiday song?
Are you wearing an Ugly XMas Sweater???  If you are, you might be having a good time =)

Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

December 7, 2013

Winter is Coming. 
Sigh.  My mind has one foot in the gutters of "Fleabottom" these days but iDigress...
But check this out:
This Year: the NHL has Multiple Outdoor Games! 
The 2014 Winter Classic to replace the missed opportunity last year: Toronto at Detroit in a place called "The Big House" which seats 110,000...
The infrequent yet utterly Canadian Heritage Classic featuring the Ottawa Senators versus the Vancouver Canucks.
Then the Baby New Year of the Bunch: The Stadium Series.  Well, since it's a series over 3 cities which should make it a Stadia Series yet I'm a Prick, right ;) 
In Los Angeles (yeah huh???), at Dodger Stadium in the Chavez Ravine...the Anaheim Ducks face the LA Kings.  
In Chicago, the Pittsburgh Penguins faceoff against the Blackhawks at Soldier Field.
Then in Yankee Stadium, the NYC Rangers play against the New Jersey Devils then the New York Islanders.  
It's an occasion for great alternate jerseys and outdoor hockey.  
Being a Winter Sport, as a kid we used to play hockey in the middle of Columbia Park, South Boston when we open a fire hydrant and waited a few days.  Nothing in the world was quite like that feeling.
I achieved it again when I used to work as a young man at the Cheers bar across from the Public Garden, in the the pre-9/11 American past when things were cooler, better and helmet-less...the Duck Pond would freeze over and before work, I'd lace 'em up and play with anyone out there skating.  
nothing like the feeling of hustling down a loose puck and having your skate-clad boot crack & plunge through the ice into a foot of cold swamp...
but what can you do?  Skate it off, my friend...skate it off.  

So bundle up, wear some layers...Winter is Coming.  
So go outside and play, why don'tcha, kid?

Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse