Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Tao of Sully

On Brahmacharya

I am lots of things...

and plenty of things I've never been...
Traditionally Successful

Yet yoking all this together is: I am a Man.
A Good Man
An Awful Man
Yet...a Man, all the same.
And This Man is of all things a Spiritual Man!
With an ever-evolving, holistic way of looking Life, Happiness & what can be qualified as the Spirit or Soul.

Sometimes in life, disciplines must be taken in order to get perspective, gain knowledge and to make room for Something New.
This Very Blog, the Tao of Sully is my genuine recapitulation of this spiritual experience.
For the Sake of Context know that on 31 March 1998, I became an ordained minister, over the nascent IntrePoop Online & hours before April Fools Day giving my act a simple esoteric sacredness yet iDigress...
I am an autodidactic learner so I voraciously read and learned about World Religious Cultures, differences and mostly their uniting factors.  Along the Way, I fell in love with an Hindu deity named Krishna and he's been driving my chariot ever since...I am his Co-Pilot!  =)
Yet for me...after learning this, I know soundly that this is only a Metaphor for something No One Can Really Explain or Own.
All that matters is Good Wisdom and making you better for other people.
That All Religions are their own cloistered Metaphor to be an adjunct to something Beyond Defining.

In order to gain this Gnosis, I had to first make a sacrifice.  For the time & devotion needed to learn to Meditate and start down that Path...I needed to adopt a time of Brahmacharya.
I found myself in my mid-30s, once again Single after contributing to the demise of another failed relationship so needless to say...I wasn't in the mood for love.
So what I did at a Crossroads in Life was to take on a 2nd job and to also...
Choose Not To Date for an Unspecified Time.  To get the Head & the Heart as little more squared...
Yet it then became a little different when I broke my hand one night.
Then quite by circumstance, I found a "guru" in Deepak Chopra.  I started listening to his audiobooks and then started reading the Bhagavad Gita, especially the book I had "According to Gandhi".
I grew my hair out.
I decided to "Go To The Mountaintop" Within.
I stopped dating for Four Years.
I gave up Nookie...in the prime of my life.
Like Ted Williams fighting in WW2...What Could Have Been, eh?
I needed Time to go within.  To not be distracted.
To learn to Meditate...that was very hard to do & even harder to perpetuate! =)
I learned lots about Spirit and Love and Forgiveness and Service and Wonderful Things that Truly Bring out the Best in Me.
Outrageous!  Weird!  I mean...Who Does That???

I Did.
It was tough.  And in a way, kinda selfish.
But it defined "sacrifice"...the loss of something to gain another.
What I gained was something more than a collection of Myth & Metaphor...
I gained Myself.  A deep inner silence where I really sit, in-between my thoughts.
This had to do with a self-mastery, not a Devotion to a Tiki, Belief in a Brand of Wisdom or Fearing an Eschatological Consequence Stemming from Human Choice & Weakness.

Gaining the Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita & my gurus, I'm a Better Man.
Especially now that I can be the Better Man for that Gal...Incha'Allah!  HAHAHA!
Thanks for Reading.
Something like Brahmacharya isn't for everyone but it was for me.
It was a time to figure out "what made me tick" in a way and to gain deeper respect for the intimacy of a loving relationship.
In the Beginning of this voyage I felt like a truly Flawed Human Being
Now at this Stage, I'm just a Human Be-ing!
What's Next?

Namaste & Good Luck
Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Smoking PUCK

October 12, 2013,

The Puck has dropped on the 2013-14 Season!
May the Gallery Gawds Bless You and Reign Down Upon Thee Love...not Lightning.
Early in the season and I'm blessed to have the afternoon to myself and the game on the TV at the Pub.  An afternoon matinee.  I'm hunkered down in the Corner awaiting Faceoff.
Wish You Were Here!

Early in the season, I'm catching onto a few of the '13-'14 NHL Rule Changes: a few Big Ones.
4. Goalies: Reduced Pad Size & Shallower Goalnets, creating inches more room between the Net & the Backboards on either side of the Rink
3. Head Shots, not just for Movie Actors.  That's a bad joke about a bad subject that needs no jokes...concussions.  Deeper adherence to existing yet recent rule changes.
2. Helmets & Uniforms.  No more tucking in jerseys or exposing equipment...League says it's gotten way out of hand.  And strap yourself down for this one: players will be assessed an extra two-minutes penalty for removing their helmets before fisticuffs.  The rule is intended to protect the player's head if they hit the ice.  Is the rule change a deterrent for breaking a hand on a helmet or slicing it open on a visor?  You tell me...
1: Hybrid Icing.  It has come to this...now the official can whistle dead a cleared rink-length puck if there is no real evident chase for it.  Once again, to protect players from an unnecessary risk of injury...careening top speed into the corner, face first into the boards & corner most of the time.

So who makes your rules?  Bend 'em, break 'em, follow 'em?  Got a linesman & referee?  Who blows your whistle?
All you gotta do is Keep Your Head Up and your Elbows Down, Stick on the ice and Your Feet moving...you should do alright if your do your best.
Namaste & Good Luck

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA


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