Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Smoking Puck

November 30, 2013

Hello and Welcome to the Smoking PUCK,
America's Number-One*, Ichi-Ban, Supremely Sensational, Often Entertaining, Sometimes Puzzling, Quite Fulfilling, Homegrown & Boston-Based Hockey Article! 
I find the only thing more satisfying than watching Hockey this time of year is watching it in June but iDigress...  
As November naturally rolls into December, and leaves fall exposing birds nests against the sky in the bare branches.  Winter is Coming but that is a different story =) 

For me, on this Saturday PM before the 7PM tilt versus the visiting Columbus Blue Jackets, I have little to say besides...
"no, you have to keep her!"
=) Hahahahha!  
I'm giving my Mom away in her third marriage tomorrow.  

I'm going to enjoy this Time.
These "60+" as We Black & Gold understand the constraints to be.
In fact, not only I should shut up & watch this game:
I'd love it if you did too! =) 

Rev Sully 

*This statistic is very made up

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

November 2, 2013

The Smoking PUCK Proudly Presents... 
Rev Sully's Very Occasional Boston-Based Baseball Column.

It was Friday.  At Work.  
And I "Hit The Wall"
I had bags under my eyes.  My walking speed came close to "Zombie Strut". 
And I still had Thursdays's Hangover burning behind my eyes.  

All Because of Wednesday Night.  
Just another average Wednesday PM in the waning October, hanging at the Pub with the Usual Suspects...
Watching Game 6 of the World Series starring the St. Louis Cardinals versus the hometown Boston Red Sox.
I was reluctant to go out at all that night.  Knowing quite well what the result will be.  
A Very, Very Late Night during the Work Week.  
For an Early Riser up @ 4AM, most Primetime events are a torturous scheduling speedbump, knowing it'll monkeywrench the clockwork of my rote routine best coined in a cliche:
"early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy & wise"
I dunno about the Wealthy part...I'm hoping that kicks in any second now but iDigress...
In addition, I hate crowds.  I grew up in Southie, therefore an annual victim of the St. Paddy's Day Parade.  A Vulgar excuse for such an event.  An excuse to suspend Law & Order and fall into a "Five Hours Hate" to ape George Orwell.  
After a barrage of texts from me Mates when I disclosed my waffling iffiness, I had a change of heart.  
Johnny-Up, Solider.  
Grow a Set.
Take one for the Team.  
I learned from the recent 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs & Finals starring the Boston Bruins about late nights at the Pub with the Sports Crew.  That like Danny Glover discovered in the first "Lethal Weapon" movie...that "I'm getting too old for this shit". =) 
As a lifelong Bostonian and former denizen of Fenway Park back in the 20th Century, I tried to create a local holiday called "Hat Kicking Day" and it usually happened about late August or mid-September, when you could find Boston Red Sox fans angrily kicking their caps down Lansdowne Street after another failed tilt at the Windmill.  
Then came The Future.  
The 21st Century.  
and the New England SportsScape became "Titletown or Something Like It"
The Culture of Success changed.  
It was a complete and palpable paradigm shift in the attitudes & hopes of Fans of All Big Sports once the Millenium kicked in.  

So being from Southie, I can't help but embrace & love the irony that the Spirit of the City is now a Black Spanish Immigrant in a supposedly racist town.  That Big Papi is the face of us all.  
And defines Boston Strong.  
And thank you Red Sox for defending our honor in the wake of the Marathon Bombing, in the only way we should in the classiest way possible.
Namaste & Good Luck!

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
I grew up in Andrew Square, South Boston, MA 0212-F&*%ing-7 in the Old Hahhbah Projects