Saturday, August 31, 2013

in the beginning...there was Cool.
it was 1969.
and being a child of the 70s, the product of Rock & Roll and Free Love, I am drawn to this movie as the moth to the flame.
I grew up looking at this picture a lot, in one of my aunt's oversized book of then-recent cinema called "Rebels".  
I didn't start watching the movie, thankfully until much later in life yet I've always loved the stars & stripes...
I've always wanted that very leather jacket
Rev Sully: circa early 2012. After the World didn't end, I shaved my head and returned from the mountain top...
The closest I ever got to this Peter Fonda "Easy Rider" jacket was a Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco flight jacket I wore for years!  I still got it yet it is retired for a good reason.  I'm thinking I can do something with it or save it in the future but iDigress...
And I so love living in this Future.  
Because This is My Next "Everyday" Leather Jacket for the upcoming Fall.  
I had just bought the Captain America leather from the same web site yet when I found this a few days ago, I invoked my spiritual right to Poverty (for a week!).
It was on sale!  $80 off!  Under $200.  Great quality.  Handsome, smart looking thing.
And it too smells like the interior of a new car.
I told my gay flatmate that I'm like the reverse-universe Carrie Bradshaw and I get all giddy & broke over my version of the Manolo Blanuk ;)
Next: Pants...
I'm flipping my wardrobe at 40.
I'm doing it.  I'm spoiling myself.
Because I need it and I'm worth it!
Namaste & Good Luck.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

WHOLLY OMFG!!!! (yay!)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Here's a Quick Smoking PUCK!

I hate SportsCenter. 
It's not that I just don't watch it. 
I kinda dislike it.  ESPN as a TV channel is what Bill Hicks calls "Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye"
SportsCenter to me defines what Zappa refers to as "the phony thing on Sports" but iDigress...

Yet I am an insane Hockey Fan.  
The Bruins are my team.  
It is late August and all there is to report is there is a countdown to Training Camp.  
Therefore there is nothing to talk about Hockey-wise.  
All the Free Agents of Note have been Signed.  
September is coming like a heavy breathing porn star.  Fear not...Hockey season is so afoot it's time to break in the new skates if you dig with this shovel, brudda ;)  

I'd rather wax on Summer movies than the waning daze of the season.
I'm going to see KICK-ASS 2 tomorrow with Posty.
So I'm getting my "violence quota" in without the Great Game of Hockey.
Yet it's Funny.
If you wanna talk about something...
I hate Violence.  But I love Hockey.
Yet as Movies Go...I disliked Stallone's Ode to Action Movies in his Meta-Masterpeice THE EXPENDABLES because its violence did not justify Story.  Capital "S" Story as in McKee.
Yet KICK-ASS (2010 film) did!
One of the conceits of "Noir", which is simultaneously a Genre & a Mood, is its ability to make a non-human element, a background element into a "character".  Most moody Noir pieces are known for their lighting...yet the backdrop, the City or the Environment becomes a palpable character all awhile making no choices as real human characters do...
"Violence as a Character"...not just some Earth-Prime NYC with their 1st Generation of Costumed Superheroes but Violence & Consequences.  The theme is "consequences of violence" in Kick-Ass as a story, whether in print or in Cinema.  The parallel stories are both really fun & revolting at the same time.
I guess that makes Kick-Ass...Art.

Is Sport Art?  I dunno.
Does it qualify as Art?  Perhaps Not.
Yet are Truth & Beauty portrayed in a Hockey Game?
You're Gawddamn Right.

Looking forward to Hockey Season.  Go Bruins!  =)

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA


Corniest Joke Ever.
Thank You.
I'll be here all the week.
Please, Tip your bartenders well...I get funnier after a few ;)



Monday, August 05, 2013

The Comics Gnome POOTS!

The Annual Boston ComicCon has come & gone.  
Yet this year, I made my first trek Into Geekness!  
Yes!  I had never gone to a Comicbook Convention before.  
Every City has one of their own.  Creators, Collectors, Craftsmen, Cosplayers & Consumers!  
It's like a circuit flea market yet a celebration of the Joie De Vivre of being a Geek.

New York City is a month away.
Baltimore's two months.
San Diego was the Big One called "NerdProm", July 18-21 but iDigress...
Boston's though...Ours was rescheduled due to a little something called
Marathon Monday 2013!!!
You may have heard about that...

Earlier in the Calendar!...after getting my taxes back & permission from my Flatmmate to be behind on the Rent for a Month, I decided to treat myself to a rare gift.  
Check this Out: in late 2012 I was slumming it with @DoctorHooey, OCHO's Very Own Peter! in the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife & young daughter for a weekend.  
I love typing, thinking and speaking this sentence: but Walking down W72 on a bright sunny Winter day, I saw some cat wearing this same leather jacket.  
My jaw dropped, my head snapped back.  "Pete!  Looky THAT!!"
I had to have one.  
So after an RTFM, I got my very own Captain America leather jacket.  
It is so sweet I might say it's Boss.  And it smells like a new car.
It's modeled after the Joss Whedon 2012 movie on the front yet the back looks like a Silver Age Kirby!  
On a Thursday, Riffing & Kaboshing with @DoctorHooey, OCHO's Very Own Peter!...
I got inspired.  
My Mom called me earlier that morning, "Hey...that comicboook convention is this weekend!  Are you going?  You should...it'll be Wickid Pissah!"
The BostonComic Con 2013 was on my Mind...some nebulous peripheral interest.  Although I must admit, I gave the thought neither time, gravity nor traction.  Until...
...The natural brainstorming I share with my Best Friend "From What Should Have Been My College & Grad School Years"...we came up with something.  
I saw It.  I saw This!  
And by Saturday AM, I was ready for my First "Mission"
Friday afterwork, I bought this Blue Cleric's shirt.  With the Traditional collar from a Catholic Supplies Store in Downtown Crossing.  It was meant to be; a short-sleeved Blue shirt in my size.  
I thought this was the Finishing Touch.  The Point of Interest.
In reality, the Chaplain Look totally flew under the collective RADAR of Everyone there!
People probably thought I was a geeky Catholic Priest if they noticed at all! =)
Yet I had one group of college girls ask me for a picture.  They saw me on the T and were hoping to run into me.  That was a Good Moment in this Space/Time if any.  
So I took a few pictures.  I wish I took more or different ones but the people I saw were amazing.  
I fell hopelessly in GeekLove with Everyone.  
I was walking around with perma-grin.  
Honrable Mentionables I didn't capture "on Film".  And all of these mentions are pretty much homemade costumes too.  Lots of people in tee shirts but Cosplaying is pretty darn fun to be part of.  
  • The five high school seniors behind me in the two-hour line to get in; each the primary cast of AMC's "The Walking Dead", Rick, Lori, T-Dog, Glenn & Maggie.  They all came to see Laurie Holden, the actress who plays "Andrea" on the show.  And there were plenty of "Zombies" too.  Particularly two Zombies wearing neck chains being led by an African-American lady with a Samurai Sword...so cool.
  • I saw 3 different Khaleesis from HBO's "Game of Thrones", a show I worship.  I bent a knee, bowed my head and said breathlessly, "Khaleesi??" and they all nodded & smiled.  One had three paper mache dragons on her forearms & shoulder.  Great personal Geek moments.  
  • Also pointing at people & honestly saying, "you look GREAT!" were my favorite parts of the afternoon.
  • A few Jean Grey as Phoenix, two very good movie Wolverines. A bevy of gals dressed up as movie Loki (and come to think about it Loki in the movies is very androgynous). One really killer Nightcrawler.  Several couples came as movie Hawkeye & Black Widow.  Some Sue Storms.  A cute Kitty Pryde in her Shadowcat garb, including a Lockheed perched on shoulder.   
  • A girl dressed up as The Comedian from WATCHMEN along with her Ozymandius.  I asked her if she was "The Comedienne"? and she laughed YES!  So nice.
  • Lots of Classic Star Trek!  Simple Gold, Blue & Red tunics with gals with go-go boots & hairdoos. 
  • Bunches of Doctors Who.  Either they were David Tennant, Matt Smith or Harry Potter ;)  Every "Doctor" I made eye contact with, I'd say cheerily & brightly a greeting, "Doctor." with a head nod & usually got "Captain." in response (to everyone too, the Chaplain angle was not initially noticed but on pointing it out...sigh)
  • And the best things...I have now seen everything: A Man in a simple white gown, braided buns on a wig...Guy Princess Leia!!! 
  • Lots of Jokers, lots of Harley Quinns too!  
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg.  And not including the Tee Shirt People.  I'm going on some homemade effort on the part of some fellow geeks.  
  • And I'll say this: wearing a Captain Hammer tee shirt does not make you Captain Hammer: That One Was for You, Posty.  ;)  
In addition, I met a few creators.  One in particular, I made a bee-line for because it was my only expectation to meet this guy, shake his hand and thanks him for all the cool stories he's writing & producing.  Steve Niles, you keep writing them, I'll keep buying them.  Namaste & Good Luck.

I even auditioned for a Nerd Reality Show!  Really!  I think I sold them on myself when I said "I usually don't play well with others"  ;)  

So let me get to my slideshow, eh?  
here are a few pics I took at my backyard ComicCon.  I loved it.  It got tiring after a few hours so I left after 2.  I saw all I needed to see.  I had a great experience and in'Challah, I'll do it again next year with an Away Team (hey guys...whatcha think for a Group Costume???  Call me Scotty or Chekov!...I oddly see Posty as Kirk and Peter as Spock...maybe I could be Bones!)
 the first time in my life I've experienced a fully-articulate R2-D2.  That was cool.
Batgirl.  A few of them.  From Yvonne Craig of the 60's Teevee show to the modern.  They are cool and awesome!  
 an 8 foot-tall Bumblebee Autobot.  Spoke in "Radio" too.  great prop.  Someone had to be driving the powersuit Ridley-style if you grok...
 This is Doctor Octopus.  Great costume.  later I saw his small son in his stroller, napping...dressed as Spider-Man.  
 A few Droogies!  I asked them to say "Bollocks" instead of "Cheese"!  It worked.  
Deadpool versus Deadpool-in-a-corset.  Now Deadpool has to be the Most Popular Comic Character Unknown to Most Mainstream people.  Why I took this pic is beguiling to Others...c'mon! It's Deadpool vs. Deadpool, for Grife Sake!  
My favorite current New52 DC Character.  The Red Hood.  Former "Robin" Jason Todd, murdered by the Joker, resurrected and really pissed off at the Batman for not avenging him.  
'Nuff Said.  
Perhaps my favorite Cosplay of Boston ComicCon 2013:
the Mash-Up of the Avengers as Stormtroopers.  
Joie de vivre, baby!  
 and who could pass up sharing that I saw a great life-sized prop of Jabba The Hutt.  

So all in all, I had a great time going stag to the NerdProm.  
I dressed up in a Tux yet I didn't meet that GeekGal who loves to do something completely normal as dress up as their favorite character for a day and enjoy the Geekness!  

Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA