Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This one came to me from the mind of Doctor Hooey, my pal Peter.
He subjected it to me.
Now I to you.
Share the Love.
This is bizarre and funny.
And right up my alley as a comicbook fan.
This is at once awful and awesome.  Get over it and watch...

The Smoking PUCK!

April 30, 2013

Now starts the Second Season.
2 months of the Best Hockey you can ever see.
The Playoffs.
All "Original Six" teams are in.
4 out of 5 Northeast Division teams are in.
The best of the best.
Some of the Obvious.
A few of the Surprised
and one or two of the Grateful.

I think talking about who will win is useless.  Seriously.  It only matters that you got in the Playoffs.
Anyone can win.
With the Drive.
The Endurance.
This is going to be an odd Post-Season in being Lockout-Shortened.
But a Good One!  :)

One of my favorite jokes is that the NYC Rangers can usually never put together a team that can make it all the way to the Finals.  Well now is their chance, eh?
Montreal is back in.  So is Toronto.  Both Canadian and earned it.  The Playoffs are better in spirit overall with both these cities represented.
The Detroit Red Wings have earned their 22nd consecutive post-season appearance.
Chicago had 7 losses.  Seven in 48 games!!! WOW!
Vancouver is in too and their supposed goalie drama did nothing to hamper a great small season.
And my hometown Beantown Bees have done it again.
Another really thrilling season, rewarded by a post-season.  The past 4 years have really shown the ups & downs of the post-season experience.  From almost making it, to winning the Cup in 2011 to a first round exit the following year, Bruins Playoff hockey is nothing but interesting & worthwhile.
As close to a roller coaster I get (I get sick on them yuk!)

The PUCK Drops Tonight on the Second Season.  Huzzah and Bring It!
All Bets are off and it's all about who got It All for 60 Minutes Plus any given night.
Sudden Death full 20-minute Overtime periods 5-on-5.
Playoff Beards (I started mine)
and sleepless nights with paying attention to the slot machines of the scoreboards on the NHL dot com dasher (if I'm not already watching it).
To the Teams that Didn't Make It...I'll be drinking this beer & watching the 1st period of that East Coast game with you.  Slainte!

Kriya Shakti,

Friday, April 26, 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013

101 Things That Should Not Exist!

83a.  Ineffectual Union Shop Stewards
I got a friend...let's call him Ernie.  He pays Union Dues like everyone else yet gets shafted.  Why won't the Union stand up for him?  All these shenanigans happen on "Somebody's Watch", right?  Life isn't Orwell's "Animal Farm" or some other fable...this is Reality & his work life where Ernie spends 1/3 of his day, just like the other dues-paying co-workers who seem to have a fairer shake. Anybody know a lawyer for some Pro Bono work?  Could be money lying on the floor ;) but iDigress...

84a.  Bombs at the Marathon (and the Such...)
Sure...this shouldn't exist.  It does.  It shouldn't.  It just shouldn't.  It doesn't solve any problems.  Really...did 9/11 Help or Harm the causes of those responsible?  Do drone strikes at weddings (seemingly the only places suspicious suspects congregate) make US Foreign Policy look Fair & Right?  Bigger Questions for Better Minds... ;)

85a. Unmitigated Newsreporting
We didn't have Twitter or Facebook on 9/11.  So by Marathon Monday 2013 and the Boston Bombing...person-to-person in a community level I think the whole Social Network thing works!  Yet when it comes to Network & Cable News, with their different brands & levels of skew...it's a good thing I choose not to tune in.  A Metaphor: in astronomy or photography the lens must be kept open for photons (particles of light) to accumulate on the "plate" or "film" (or whatever is used nowadays) in order to get a clearer picture.  Rushed photos are always blurry.

101 More Things That Should Not Exist

View from the Birdhouse

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Smoking PUCK

April 15, 2013

With about 5-6 games remaining for just about every NHL team, the end of the regular season is fast approaching.  The few remaining playoff spots are quickly filling up.  It is still possible that my dream can come true: that the Buffalo Sabres will win 4 out of their last 5 games & knock the NYC Rangers out of the 2013 Playoffs.
It is my guiltiest of pleasures.  Schadenfruede.
(as an ordained minister of the IntrePoop...I also have a highly developed sense of Mudita, joy in the success of others and in the words of my gurus, especially for people that do not like you or consider you their enemy...but iDigress...)
I wish this not only to see the over-talented, well-coached & goalie-gifted NYR squad fail but to see all 5 Northeast Divsion teams make the Eastern Conference Playoffs.
It is the Last Year of the Northeast Division, which long ago might have been once called the Adams Division.  The so-weak-it-can-barely-defend-itself Southeast Division sole representative is their 1st place Washington Capitals, with the Winnipeg Jets of the Southeast currently 9th and the Buffalo Sabres 10th.  It takes a combination of the Sabres winning and other teams losing but I'd love to see All Five Northeast Teams in the Playoffs.
Always Have Since the last Realignment when I figured out this was possible.
So for the Buffalo Sabres, with 5 games remaining & their destiny in their gameplay, winning back-to-back road games Saturday & Sunday this past weekend...their next is against the Bruins on Wednesday night so, may the best team win.
Yet for the other 4 clubs the Sabres meet...have a little "Espo" Spirit on me...
I mean Joe Esposito & the Karate Kid Montage!!!
(Add-on: Saturday, April 20, 2013, 8:03AM EDT:
And Buffalo loses to the NYC Rangers 8-4 last night, eliminating the Sabres from this year's Second Season.  Oh well.  Let's go, Winnipeg? Sure...why not! :) 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Comics Gnome POOTS!

A Foray into MARVEL Motion Comics
on Netflix I've watched a few MARVEL Motion Comics.
A few weeks back, it was IRON MAN: EXTREMIS written by Warren Ellis, art by Adi Granov and the basis of the plot in the upcoming 2013 summer movie IRON MAN 3 with Robert Downey, Jr., Gwenyth Paltrow, et al.
But Motion Comics...
To the Eye.  The "Feel" of them.
Here's a taste of what I just spent all Saturday Morning Geek Out Over.
On NetFlix Streaming for your viewing enjoyment (Geek Note: originally published in 2004 taking the reins of X-Flagship Title from departing Grant Morrison's audacious NEW X-MEN)
Drawn by the Fabulous John Cassaday for these first 25 issues.
An issue-by-issue Motion Comic...
Written by Joss Whedon!  
Astonishing storytelling!  So these superheroes are thrown into events & adventures, the camaraderie of the team drives the awesomeness of this run.  The entire Joss Whedon/John Cassaday run is set to Motion Comic and it is something to see.  I fell down a morning-long rabbit hole, ending up binge watching a comics arc I gave up on "back then"!  
It's true!  I did.  I got the first few issues.  Shrugged my shoulders and put it down.  I was bitter over the Grant Morrison Years coming to its natural yet controversial end.  
I didn't give it a fair chance.  Or maybe I needed time in order to get interested...
Regardless, I got hooked and watched all the "New Episodes" which was about three hours.  
The visual tactility is different and hard to put into words.  Moving flat objects.  An earnest attempt at a Motion Comic....not a cartoon/animated feature adaptation but a panel-by-panel moving version with voice actors & sound effects.  
Did it work?  Hell yeah.  Great job.  Whedon actually creates a natural sequel to Morrison's NEW X-MEN in his own way in the "Torn" Arc.  Great use of characters.  Those characters saying acme things in their unique voices under That Whedon Pen. 
It takes a little getting used to but it's more of an Audiobook for the Eyes.  It takes the wonderful Cassaday art and morphs it under computer-aid...weird.  The Motion Effects can be displeasing to some therefore making it distracting to follow.  
I say, follow the story and the art's motion becomes forgivable.  The story is where it's at, spun by a master in the genre.  
Joss Whedon Wrote the X-Men...and it was Frakkin Great!  
Check it out yourself.  There's 4 Hours of Whedon Goodness You Might Be Missing!

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Comics Gnome POOTS!

Now is the Time to reflect on Grant Morrison's ACTION COMICS.
What a way to start...
what a way to Go.
It's a new spin on an old story.  The Legend of Superman, the Zeus of American Mythology.
Over the course of almost 2 years, spanning 19 issues (for the folks in the cheap seats that' issues #1 though #18, including the Zero Issue).
We've had the clock turned back to see into the genesis of the All-American Hero, the Ultimate Immigrant Experience and the Power of Inspiration, Humility, Service and Altruism.
When released in serial, the buzz was "WTF is Grant DOING???" and "this makes little sense" and the yadda yadda yadda.  It was far from well-received.
Now complete, now an artifact, we can stand back and behold the whole structure of a story.  One that makes complete sense.  One that's worth the time to read & re-read.  And one that really does a great job of redefining Superman, his life and also his friends.
Some of the best scenes are the building triumvirate of Young Friends in the Big City, hanging in a kitchen or diner.  Early 20-somethings Clark, Lois & Jimmy are all newspaper people, peers and all getting to know each other all over again.  Almost ripped from a modern sitcom about life in the Big City.
Lois & Clark are no longer an item...far from Wedding Bells but we'll get to see them fall in love all over again over the next 20 years or so.
I've seen too many Superman origin stories over the past few years (Geoff Johns' then-remarkable SECRET ORIGIN with Gary Frank, Millar's BIRTHRIGHT, several others) therefore I was skeptical that One More Would Do Any Good.  Yet Morrison Loves the Superman.  For me, this is another part of the life-long love letter Morrison's been writing to Superman in his DC Career.  Morrison is a great author for the Strange Visitor from Another Planet & his Fight for Truth, Justice & The American Way.  From JLA to DC ONE MILLION to FINAL CRISIS: SUPERMAN BEYOND 3-D to the nigh-perfect ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, ACTION COMICS (Vol. 2) shares the wonder, the vision & the spirit that Grant's known for.
By the end of his run on ACTION, this IS what we were expecting.
A huge, sprawling, often confusing yet remarkable, Super-Story about Superman's 21st Century origin.  Respecting its rich history and paving a new road for the Future.
ACTION COMICS by Grant Morrison is far from disappointing.  We only needed to wait for its completion to see its Shape.
Grant has about 2 more DC comics to finish up (BATMAN INC & MULTIVERISTY) then he's through with Monthlies for a While.
I'm going to miss you being a reason to go to the Funnybook Bodega, Grant!  Thank you!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

April 3, 2013

Talking about someone Meant to Wear Black & Yellow, as I ended that last PUCK...
Black & Gold is pretty much as close as you're getting!

2X Stanley Cup-winning Pittsburgh Pengiun JAROMIR JAGR is now a Boston Bruin.
Compared to losing Jarome Iginla who went to the Iron City...

I feel that one of the X-Factors in the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Championship was Mark Recchi.
Member of one of those Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Winning squads, former teammate of Jaromir Jagr.
"Rex" brought something to the locker room, undefinable in words.  Only evident on the ice, in his play & the way it inspired those around him, night after night for 2 & a quarter seasons (Recchi a late-season trade for much needed depth & veteran leadership but iDigress...).  He was in his early 40's.  Jagr is 41 Years Old.  And been around the league a lot.  And the World.  Jagr's been in Russia playing for the KHL and decided "The NHL Comeback".
And like any superstar...he got to control his destiny.  Iginla declined to come to Beantown Faire...
Jagr opted to come.

I'm psyched.  He's still a great player.  And he loves playing hockey.  I do believe this is the best Jagr that Time can produce.  He was a better player, younger...sure!  No argument there yet he's mellowed into a Fine Hockey Player.  He's got Great Hands/Great Vision.  He's got a Killer Shot.  He's in Awesome Shape.
Is Jaromir Jagr the kind of leader Mark Recchi was?  We'll find out.  But the Bruins Young Guns sorely need the Old Man of the Ice to play the Full Sixty-Plus.  And bring out the best in them.
The Trade Deadline is today.  Patrice Bergeron will be out with a concussion suffered last night vs. Ottawa.  And we've already made one deal with the Chicago Blackhawks on Deadline Day!!!

What's Next?  Who is Next in Black & Gold?
What In-The-Hunt Team can get the most prized Apple of this Season!!!
S'why I love the Great Sport of Hockey!
Sing Along!

Kriya Shakti,
Boston, MA USA

PS Veteran Defenseman Wade Redden, 1st Round 2nd overall 1995 Draft, formerly of the Ottawa Senators & via the St. Louis Blues comes to Boston!  #TradeDay!!!