Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

March 30, 2013

Easter Saturday.
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.
Therefore today is Jesus' day in Hell.
I got into a good riff over it on the phone with Meathead.  Uncle Lou (Lucifier for the mouthbreathers in the Cheap Seats...) takes Jesse out to the strip bars & all the sights of Downtown Inferno.
Uncle Lou brings Christ to a Hockey Game.  Flyers Win.  But the punchline is that Christ is a Bruins Fan therefore really making today Jesus' Day in Hell.

The season is almost over.
There's only about 12-15 more games remaining this year.
Hockey even with a Lockout shortened season is still the best NHL & Professional Ice Hockey I've witnessed in my Years on this Planet.
What is the end game of the Pittsburgh Penguins?  Expecting Crosby to fade into the Locker Room with an "Upper Body Injury"?  The Pens have traded for Two Captains, Brendan Morrow from the Dallas Stars & Jarome Igilna from the Calgary Flames.  Since it's Christ's day in hell I'll go on record and stay that the Penguins chances of winning are as stacked as Dolly Pardon but iDigress...

Jarome Igilna almost ended up here in Boston.  We were in the top 3, so we hear.  Being Christ's day in hell....this is the emotional baggage being a Bruins fan brings me.  Two Bruins rookies know they were going to Calgary...then a change of mind for Igilna.  Iggy goes to Pittsburgh...why not to play with Sidney Crosby & Evgeni Malkin & the rest of that deep dressing room.
Why Not Boston?  My mind reels.  We were so close.  His number #12 was available like a sign from heaven.  But that make-believe jersey can get hung on Judas' tree.  I watched the whole night unfold over Twitter.
Then I went to bed.  As soon as the Bruins lost to the Canadiens in the shootout I fell asleep.
Missing the Great Pronouncement.  The other teams in contention were Los Angeles or Chicago.
We of Boston, we all but awaiting announcement he was coming here.
Then I awoke.  I checked my IntrePoop feeds and found out the Truth.
How the Heck!
So he's a Penguin instead of a Bruin.
That's the way it goes.  It came down to Igilna's personal choice.  It came down to playing on a team that is already included in Future Legend.  These Penguins are no Joke.  And it gets seriouser and seriouser....
The Playoffs are coming.  Spring sprung.  The Hour Loss of Daylight Savings Time happened.
Baseball is rearing its head.  Yet we Gallery Gawds stick until its done.  June is a great time to stop watching Home Games, innit?  The end of the Season is coming.  The trade deadline.  Someone "Next Best" added to an elite team that Just Might Not Need Him?
What do the Bruins need that they do not already have?
The answer to that is the Motivation in the Now of Play.
Boston has a great team.  It comes down to Any Given Night.
It comes down to the old phrase SIXTY-PLUS.  Meaning 60 minutes of play Plus any OverTime or Shotout.  Play it all with all your heart.
It's a simple, great & honest ethic that works in this working class city.

So fare thee well Jarome Iginla...we barely knew ya!
Yet I do remember trading for him in my nigh-infamous EA SPORTS NHL '99 for PlayStation year I brought the Cup to Tron-ville Virtual Somerville, MA...
He was meant to wear Black & Yellow...my vision was oddly correct.

kriya shakti,

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I've spent this AM actually trying to research something.
A personal experience I tend to recount every few years on Gun Violence.  I can't for the life of me (or those poor people) find a scrap of news about it.
I just spent the better part of the morning reading article headlines from The Boston Globe from October 1987.  Can't find anything.
And memory is a funny thing too.  I'm trying to Chapter/Verse the experience journalistically.
Who: Me and three dead people
What: a shooting
Where: The corner of Crescent Ave & Spring Garden St.
When: an afternoon in October 1987
Why: over money
How: with a gun
I was in the 3rd floor of a classic Dorchester triple-decker, my Auntie Jo-Jo's flat where she had a great sitcom life with 2 other roommates, both gals and not minding her 15 Year Old nephew hanging around for help with his homework.  Heard firecrackers & commotion.  Ran to the window and from the Bird's Eye Perspective I witnessed a double homicide.  The shooter shortly thereafter shot himself, out of view.  Seeing someone murdered is a horrible yet indelible experience.  And although I see the scene, plain as day in the virtual photons of my memory...I can't tell you what date it fell on.  I remember the Columbus Day football game for my high school and going happening after.  And oddly enough remembering being at my grandfather Joe O'Sullivan's office and him asking me if I'm alright.  I just keep wondering little things like "what day of the week did this happen"?  If it's so important, why can't I recall the date?  It's not as thought I'm blocking it out...
So seeing strangers shot in Hot Blooded Rage from a vantage is completely different than having your husband's blood & such all over you, with him dying in your arms.
Yesterday I saw the Yoko Ono tweet about Gun Violence.  And the remarkable photo she included.
I want to first tell you emotionally that Ms. Ono's photo stirred in me with a little sidebar.
At the end of December 2012, Pete & Eliza let me crash on their couch while they were vacationing in NYC for the Holidays as documented here in a previous Blog about trying to convert their 3 year old into a Superman fan!  Eliza is from Manhattan and they stay at her uncle's flat (while he's away to boot).
This is the View from Eliza's uncle's NYC Flat:
Please take note of the Skyline of the Upper East Side and Central Park in the background and more importantly the building next door.
This is The Dakota.
This is where John Lennon Died.
This is a picture I took only a few hours after waking up early & first, watching the sunrise as the family slept...and I meditated as the sky turned from night to rosy dawn.  It was a thing of beauty.
then Yoko Ono made a simple tweet with a simple image that stirred up my Tummy & apparently the World a bit too.
It's a bit cropped on top but I get it all the same...
The photo itself seems to taken from the 1981 Yoko Ono album cover "Season of Glass" so my first impression of this emotional image is about 1/3 of the original image.  
which in total is a bit more clever yet I found out about the album cover after seeing the tweet, so you know ;) 
I'm GChatting with Pete as I'm seeing this for the first time.  I ask him gingerly, knowing he just ate his in-flight meal and is living life in the Tune of 14C, "Did you see the Yoko Ono pic?"
He answers "yeah"
I follow-up, "yeah but did you recognize the view, man?  I did!"
We had a wow moment.  This artifact of that day, kept by the widow.
What a simple & elegant image.  How beautiful, how Horrible!
It is Truth.  And It is Pure.
And This is Art made by a Master Artist.
A Wonderfully Bittersweet comment on Gun Violence in the Wake of current news in both shootings & government embarrassing resistance to 21st century Gun Control.

And personally for me what gave this a touch of Freak Factor...
behind me in my room as I'm looking at the Ono photo & chatting with Pete, I look behind me to see...
It was spooky yet cool!  I was "feeling" Lennon looking at his own glasses, a bizzaro time trippy memorial plotted along three points, simply Tralfamadorian Artwork but iDigress...

I took this picture that time with Pete & Eliza as I was walking alone though Central Park on my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I'd never been to Strawberry Fields but as a Beatles Fan, I felt a compulsion to go...a quasi-pilgrimage alike to Mecca if that's not profane to say.
Imagine there were no guns...well humans would still find a way yet cowards would have less of a chance in the Wholesale Murder Department...but that's just my opinion.

Thanks & Kriya Shakti,

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

A Whole Mess of Zombie Funnybooks
You've had to have heard of THE WALKING DEAD either as a comic fan or as a television fan.  
The story of Sheriff Rick Grimes & his family in the aftermath of the Impossible.  

Total Retail Price: $127 and change including Tax.  Listed at $60 per Compendium.
Worth Every Penny!
These Phone Books of Letting the Dead Do The Walking, to rip off the Yellow Pages ads of Yore.  Collects issues #1-96.  Basically the 16 volumes of Trade Paperbacks originally priced for about $15/each so as I like to say, "Do The Math, Mouthbreathers!" but iDigress...
If you'd Like, Issue #1 of THE WALKING DEAD to read for free on the IntrePoop!
Also I've started the AMC "The Walking Dead" television series.
Which is just as good as the comic yet diverges from the comic in major places.  I read the comicbook once a few years back, basically everything covered in Compendium One (Issues #1-48, TPBs Vol.1-8).  I always knew I'd get back into it someday.  Then the TV show happened...which became a runaway hit on the small screen.
I'm having a geek-tastic experience with the revelations & latitude of the show versus its original black & white print serial in tandem!
Just watch out...you'll be dreaming of zombies too.  For someone who tried & put down "Breaking Bad" due to it being a bit too violent, I'm hooked on a television show that could be even more violent!  Personal Irony???
The print version though is an excellent thing...why do you think it got adapted into a teevee program?  The Creator-Owned title on Image Comics still being published, coming out every month like clockwork, spinning this yarn and perpetuating the mystery of how the world went to Zombie Apocalypse Batshit Crazy.  It's a great ride and once again points out the obvious.
Comics are some of the best sources for cinematic stories.
For your binge watching pleasure, Seasons 1 & 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead are available to view on NetFlix Streaming and worth the time...just not around Supper, or the Kids, or anyone that gets grossed out easily.  I'm impressed Episode-by-Episode in the level of adaptation.  The comic has One Writer, Richard Kirkland.  The show has a corp of writers (with Kirkland involved as writer & producer).  The Exposition in Atlanta's Center for Disease Control (CDC) at the end of Season 1 was crucial in the storytelling of a televised serial...scenes never in the original comicbook which takes its sweet, molasses time unravelling the mystery of the Zombies & Why.  Characters have different fates in the show & some characters, like fan-favorite Norman Reedus' "Daryl", are not even in the comics (as of where I am in Compendium 2! Muhahaha!).  T-Dog is Not Tyreese.  And Otis...well.  Let's just begin & stop there, shall we.
Yet for the Comics fan, great stories told.  Impeccable world-building.  Clean, consistent good art.  Punctual & regular, ships every month.  If good drama is about putting your characters through awful & desperate circumstances & seeing the result, then Walking Dead is for you.
Before I know it, I'll be current and buying it monthly.
But Don't Worry!  I won't spoil anything for the TV Fans!  Season 3's Finale premiere's in just a few weeks!  I wonder if those TV fans are ready for what's coming next!!!

The Smoking PUCK

March 16, 2013

Next Year, the Lines in the Sand are Getting Redrawn!
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes, as the Bowie Spake.
Beware the Ides of March, the Soothsayer Spake.
I Hate College Basketball, Let's Watch Pro Hockey instead, the Sully Spake.

Here's the release from NHL dot com. 
2 Conferences East and West.
4 Divisions.  New Playoff Structure but still 8 teams on each side qualify (that's 16 total teams for the mouthbreathers but iDigress...)
Permanent names for the Division will come later.
I'm hoping for either of Two Things:
One: Corporate Sponsorship! Seriously, why not?  Nothing a Sports fan likes more than bitching and I'm sure the American Express Central, the Geiko Insurance Pacific, the Coca-Cola Atlantic and the Dunkin Donuts NE/Florida Divisions will give Sports Radio Call-in folks plenty to bitch about as they wash down their Doritos with a Laaage Regulah from Dunkins.
or Two: Classic Names representing the Heritage in NHL Hockey.  Before the 1990s & the paradigm of Modern National Exposure, the NHL had a nice, homey and historical mnemonic oral history right in the daily standings. The Prince of Wales (East) versus the Clarence Campbell (West) Conferences; the Lester Patrick (Atlantic) played the Charles Francis Adams (Northeast) and the Conn Symthe (Pacific) and the James E. Norris (Central).
We need modern myth & heroes & mystique.  We need something to look up on Wikipedia and occasional "wow" at the Depths we Plumb when tripping through hyperlinks & falling down rabbit holes of Information.
We need Cool Division Names.  Earlier version have the picture's "C" Division, containing the Boston Bruins, as the "Central".  Yuk.  And ill-fitting.
I have the Solution.  I have an Idea at least for the Eastern Conference that Fits.  The West...well maybe @Wil on Twitter can come up with those two, a fan of that side of Hockey, a holder of that History.
I'd be forever honored & grateful if the NHL names the two Eastern Conference Divisions the Eddie Shore (Northeast & Florida) and the Garnet Ace Bailey (Atlantic) Divisions.
Eddie Shore..."Old Time Hockey"...as coined in the movie "Slap Shot"
Hall of Fame Boston Bruin...Defines the Archetypical Spirit of the Player Throughout the Ages & Eras!
And also a clever pun by Yours Truly that every city in the "C" rests on a shore of some sort: MTL the St. Lawrence river, OTT the Ottawa river, DET Lake Michigan, TOR & BUF Lake Ontario, and BOS, FLA & TB Atlantic Ocean/Gulf of Mexico.
Garnett "Ace" Bailey is not to be confused with Irvine "Ace" Bailey, the latter was injured horrifically by Eddie Shore ironically enough.  Yet Garnet "Ace" Bailey is a name I think we should all remember and Never Forget.  Drafted by the Bruins in 1966, played 10 NHL seasons over 4 teams, only scored 101 goals & 171 assists.  Not quite Hall of Fame material.  So why Ace Bailey? Ace was killed aboard United 175 when it crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  Ace was 53 years old and never stopped his NHL career.  After playing, Ace was a scout for the 5 times winning Edmonton Oilers and at the time of his death, a scout for the LA Kings.  The "D" Division, the formerly known as Atlantic was hardest hit by 9/11; New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC.  All three areas compete in this one Division of Hockey and I think naming it after Ace Bailey is a great idea (if I do say so myself).
For the record, my choices for the Western Conferences "A" and "B" Divisions are the Gordie Howe (Central) and the Wayne Gretzky (Pacific).  Both Living Legends!  Yet the Detroit Red Wings are moving to the Eastern Conference in all this gerrymandering...and will be in the "C" Division rivalling the Bruins!!!  Four Original Six Teams in One Division!

I'm off to the Pub to watch the Washington Capitals come to Beantown Faire to come and get some Big Bad Bruins.  I hope they've loaded for Bear.  Hopefully it won't full of St. Patrick's Day foolishness!  That's tomorrow!  So the Rev. Sully leaves you with fond hockey wishes this game day...the Bruins rookie sensation defenseman Dougie Hamilton #27 & his St. Pat's Warmup Jersey.
Tell me this ain't the rage in Southie Couture...
Happy Saint Pats!  This one's for Kiwi & James!


One of my Favorite Radio Stations growing up.  I keep trying to recreate a Lost-To-Time mixed tape I made as a kid as "Sully Tunes No. 0".   I'd endlessly listen to the progression of rock & roll songs I'd taped off the air from this station.  I'd sit there with the boombox on my lap waiting like a hunter in camoflage for that right song.
It was Friday after work.  I was walking to the Cash Machine to deposit my Weekly Wages When a Window flagged my attention.  This old bumper sticker turned a black SUV into Doc. Brown's Delorean Time Machine, if only for an Imaginary NanoSecond or Two.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

March 9, 2013

Hey...worse things have happened this year already.
Such as the Lock Out.
So this can't be all that bad...can it?
Because realignment is on the way to be next season's fashion.
This is the Shape of the Future.
The Player's Association gave their consent to the NHL Owners to go ahead and reshuffle the deck, so to speak.
ESPN confirms this.  A tentative plan calls for an uneven split of 16 teams in the Eastern Conference (2 divisions of 8 teams) and 14 in the Western (2 divisions of 7 teams).
There is an option for the NHL & NHLPA to re-evaluate the coming 4 Division System after two season but it looks like Wild Cards will be things to explain to fans, new & old alike.

But Here's The Rub, Bunkies.
This Short Season has shown me one thing.
Caring about the individual division, the Northeast, the Atlanic and Southeast. All have 5 teams each. It doesn't matter
...well it matters slightly.  Currently, the Top Three Playoff spots go to the 1st place teams, the remaining 5 spots in the 8 Seeds are awarded by best overall points.  Heck, the 4th place team could have more points than the 3rd seeded team.  Like 2012, 3rd place team was Florida Panthers with 94 points and the 4th place Pittsburgh Penguins had 108 standings points.  It's an unfairness reserved for enlightened cultures including Taxes, Union Dues & Prostate Exams but iDigress...

I'm already scratching my head over Wild Cards in Hockey.  Sounds like hyped-up terminology for what we already have with a few alterations.  Does realignment make sense?  I guess so, especially for Winnipeg to play aganst other teams in their part of North America (the Jets still hold Atlanta's old position in the Southeast Division).  More teams play against rivals in their own time zones which make sense to all involved.

Just pick some classy names why don't you.
The Boston Bruins do Not play in any "Central" Division you silly wankers.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Station Ident

March 6, 2013

I am the Right Reverend Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Baby Boy Anzalone for my first 3 days forsooth but iDigress...)
This is my Blog.  The Coffeetable of my IntrePoop Corner of the WWW.  The Coffeetable is where me & my friends usually found ourselves around, sharing stories, drinks & laughs.
Time & Space has mittigated only the "Then"...the Feeling & Spirit Live On.
Come & check out the Archive & the Featured Articles:
The Smoking PUCK: My Boston-centric view of The Greatest Sport Ever, Professional Ice Hockey
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The Tao of Sully: Illuminations on living a Nigh-Spiritual Life when I'm not too busy being a Sinner
Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing Left to Say About the Star Wars movies.
The Comics Gnome POOTS! I am trying to get you to read a comicbook, dammit ;)
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