Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the End!
Happy NYE!
The sooner I go to bed, the sooner I wake up in a New Year but iDigress...

The Year wasn't a Total Wash.  I saved the Best for Last.
I really did.  In a year where nothing went my way...for 2 Glorious Days, Everything Did.

It was my 2nd Annual NYC "Weekend Getaway!"
Yours Truly, Rev Sully, along with the power of his best friends, combined to form a most awesome of days off in the holiday season.
Peter, OCHO's very own Doctor Hooey, his wife Eliza and their 4 year old daughter Lyra hosted me for another time in the Big Apple.
Eliza is from Manhattan, grew up there.  Her dad & mum live there, other family too.  They are real Manhattanites, which is a little different than the stereotypical Borough Neighborhood Archetype.
So I got to do this last year as well as documented here on OCHO.
Such a lovely thing to do...Walk Around Manhattan.
This Year, I landed the Day After Christmas.
I slummed in the Upper West Side again.
Our View?
This is the Dakota.  On the corner of W72 & CPW.  This is where John Lennon lived & died.
Strawberry Fields Forever...You'll see the Dakota behind my left shoulder.
I wandered around the City all afternoon.
 One Light Goes Out...They All Go Out!
Rockefeller Center in December.  This should be a Norman Rockwell.
 BALLS!  Holiday Balls.
 These Two are an Old Story.  When I worked at the Hard Rock Cafe (yes about 20 Years Ago!), we staffed an annual event at the legendary NYC venue, the Roseland Ballroom for Nordoff-Robbins, the music-centric international children's charity.
Between the original NYC Hard Rock on W55 and Roseland, just a few blocks away, we cooks in our chef pants & whites had to wheel plastic-wrapped covered speed racks & food-laden Cambros down Broadway.  I was intersecting with my own ghost of a Score of Years Past...
Check this out...the Globe at Columbus Circle/Trump International...from directly under.
this is New Zealand
This one is for Kiwi.
 I can't tell you the name of this tower yet it's at the foot of Central Park South & I hear it is all residential.  And it's gone up in the past few years.  I clearly remember seeing this last year a bit more skeletal & Erector Set-like.
Pete & I found this on the bar crawl back to the apartment.  It was upside down for why??  Who knows!  Yet dig that holiday-colored Empire State Building in the background!
This was just the first day!

My second day was just was perfect yet for different reasons.
I spent all day window shopping in NYC checking out the Holiday displays with the best company a man could ask for.  And ate at Gordon Ramsay's London Bar.  Boo-yah.
Also we went on an Adventure!  For dessert we trekked across the Upper East Side for the Sweet Shop, E73 & 1st Ave to taste what was billed as the best Ice Cream Ever!!!  Odd Fellows of Brooklyn.  OMFG, no lie this is the Next Level.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil ice Cream!!!  Sorry Ben, Sorry Jerry...I'm just too Odd for You.  ;)
 Yet I leave this Year in good taste!  I was looking at an everything bagel this morning at work, starving and could not muster the will to toast & eat it.  For it cannot come close to the savor-every-bite Everything Bagel from 72nd Street Bagels.  I brought home a 1/2 dozen for my roommate.
And a Sully Story would not be complete without a Road Soda!
On the Bus, Homeward Bound.

So Namaste & Good Luck!  Take a trip!  Get out and see something...
And share it too.
My whirlwind weekend was wizard only because of the company I keep.

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


"Christmas Lights"

PS I only kinda "get" it =)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

2013 has been a Bad Year and I'm glad to see it go.  Hey '13, don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya! ;P But iDigress...  Nothing too much to say that hasn't already been said.
Yet I'm treating myself to a whirlwind "weekend" in NYC so maybe I'll find something to write about while I'm there ;)
It hasn't totally been a Bad Year...The Bruins went to the Stanley Cup, the Red Sox won the World Series.
Then I think of things of External from the Marathon Bombing, to the Internal a Year of Personal Inertia.
All in All, 2014 rounds the bend bidden or not.
I'm looking forward, without Hope or Despair.  When I conquered a level of Personal Despair this Year, I found that my sense of Hope vanished too.  And not in a Negative Way.  Not quite positive yet very Neutral.  It's as the Mystics said would happen.  I still possess both in a way yet I neither Accept nor Reject them...Simply Respect Them.  They exist!  And they are part of the World but it is as if Hope was the Obverse of Despair and I just figured that out.  It was the sense of "Moksha", of Spiritual Freedom when I came to this conclusion.  Yet I think I befuddled a few friends with this sentiment so I wanted the soapbox in which to say "sorry if I alarmed you" =)
I've never felt better...I've never felt worse.  I've never been this healthy, and I've been a lot sadder, hungrier & desperate in this life which I am not in this Now...so I am grateful for my jobs, my skill set, my family, my friends & loved ones.  Thank you all.  And may your Holiday be filled with exactly those & that.
This XMas I'm hanging with my Parents, Mom & Hoppy.  We're doing it Low Key: Movie & Chinese Food.  Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?  Then I'll be in NYC by lunchtime tomorrow for a few days.
I do love simply walking around Manhattan this time of Year.

So have a Happy Holiday!  What are you cooking?  What's your favorite present, given & accepted?
Got a favorite Holiday song?
Are you wearing an Ugly XMas Sweater???  If you are, you might be having a good time =)

Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

December 7, 2013

Winter is Coming. 
Sigh.  My mind has one foot in the gutters of "Fleabottom" these days but iDigress...
But check this out:
This Year: the NHL has Multiple Outdoor Games! 
The 2014 Winter Classic to replace the missed opportunity last year: Toronto at Detroit in a place called "The Big House" which seats 110,000...
The infrequent yet utterly Canadian Heritage Classic featuring the Ottawa Senators versus the Vancouver Canucks.
Then the Baby New Year of the Bunch: The Stadium Series.  Well, since it's a series over 3 cities which should make it a Stadia Series yet I'm a Prick, right ;) 
In Los Angeles (yeah huh???), at Dodger Stadium in the Chavez Ravine...the Anaheim Ducks face the LA Kings.  
In Chicago, the Pittsburgh Penguins faceoff against the Blackhawks at Soldier Field.
Then in Yankee Stadium, the NYC Rangers play against the New Jersey Devils then the New York Islanders.  
It's an occasion for great alternate jerseys and outdoor hockey.  
Being a Winter Sport, as a kid we used to play hockey in the middle of Columbia Park, South Boston when we open a fire hydrant and waited a few days.  Nothing in the world was quite like that feeling.
I achieved it again when I used to work as a young man at the Cheers bar across from the Public Garden, in the the pre-9/11 American past when things were cooler, better and helmet-less...the Duck Pond would freeze over and before work, I'd lace 'em up and play with anyone out there skating.  
nothing like the feeling of hustling down a loose puck and having your skate-clad boot crack & plunge through the ice into a foot of cold swamp...
but what can you do?  Skate it off, my friend...skate it off.  

So bundle up, wear some layers...Winter is Coming.  
So go outside and play, why don'tcha, kid?

Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Smoking Puck

November 30, 2013

Hello and Welcome to the Smoking PUCK,
America's Number-One*, Ichi-Ban, Supremely Sensational, Often Entertaining, Sometimes Puzzling, Quite Fulfilling, Homegrown & Boston-Based Hockey Article! 
I find the only thing more satisfying than watching Hockey this time of year is watching it in June but iDigress...  
As November naturally rolls into December, and leaves fall exposing birds nests against the sky in the bare branches.  Winter is Coming but that is a different story =) 

For me, on this Saturday PM before the 7PM tilt versus the visiting Columbus Blue Jackets, I have little to say besides...
"no, you have to keep her!"
=) Hahahahha!  
I'm giving my Mom away in her third marriage tomorrow.  

I'm going to enjoy this Time.
These "60+" as We Black & Gold understand the constraints to be.
In fact, not only I should shut up & watch this game:
I'd love it if you did too! =) 

Rev Sully 

*This statistic is very made up

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

November 2, 2013

The Smoking PUCK Proudly Presents... 
Rev Sully's Very Occasional Boston-Based Baseball Column.

It was Friday.  At Work.  
And I "Hit The Wall"
I had bags under my eyes.  My walking speed came close to "Zombie Strut". 
And I still had Thursdays's Hangover burning behind my eyes.  

All Because of Wednesday Night.  
Just another average Wednesday PM in the waning October, hanging at the Pub with the Usual Suspects...
Watching Game 6 of the World Series starring the St. Louis Cardinals versus the hometown Boston Red Sox.
I was reluctant to go out at all that night.  Knowing quite well what the result will be.  
A Very, Very Late Night during the Work Week.  
For an Early Riser up @ 4AM, most Primetime events are a torturous scheduling speedbump, knowing it'll monkeywrench the clockwork of my rote routine best coined in a cliche:
"early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy & wise"
I dunno about the Wealthy part...I'm hoping that kicks in any second now but iDigress...
In addition, I hate crowds.  I grew up in Southie, therefore an annual victim of the St. Paddy's Day Parade.  A Vulgar excuse for such an event.  An excuse to suspend Law & Order and fall into a "Five Hours Hate" to ape George Orwell.  
After a barrage of texts from me Mates when I disclosed my waffling iffiness, I had a change of heart.  
Johnny-Up, Solider.  
Grow a Set.
Take one for the Team.  
I learned from the recent 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs & Finals starring the Boston Bruins about late nights at the Pub with the Sports Crew.  That like Danny Glover discovered in the first "Lethal Weapon" movie...that "I'm getting too old for this shit". =) 
As a lifelong Bostonian and former denizen of Fenway Park back in the 20th Century, I tried to create a local holiday called "Hat Kicking Day" and it usually happened about late August or mid-September, when you could find Boston Red Sox fans angrily kicking their caps down Lansdowne Street after another failed tilt at the Windmill.  
Then came The Future.  
The 21st Century.  
and the New England SportsScape became "Titletown or Something Like It"
The Culture of Success changed.  
It was a complete and palpable paradigm shift in the attitudes & hopes of Fans of All Big Sports once the Millenium kicked in.  

So being from Southie, I can't help but embrace & love the irony that the Spirit of the City is now a Black Spanish Immigrant in a supposedly racist town.  That Big Papi is the face of us all.  
And defines Boston Strong.  
And thank you Red Sox for defending our honor in the wake of the Marathon Bombing, in the only way we should in the classiest way possible.
Namaste & Good Luck!

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
I grew up in Andrew Square, South Boston, MA 0212-F&*%ing-7 in the Old Hahhbah Projects

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Tao of Sully

On Brahmacharya

I am lots of things...

and plenty of things I've never been...
Traditionally Successful

Yet yoking all this together is: I am a Man.
A Good Man
An Awful Man
Yet...a Man, all the same.
And This Man is of all things a Spiritual Man!
With an ever-evolving, holistic way of looking Life, Happiness & what can be qualified as the Spirit or Soul.

Sometimes in life, disciplines must be taken in order to get perspective, gain knowledge and to make room for Something New.
This Very Blog, the Tao of Sully is my genuine recapitulation of this spiritual experience.
For the Sake of Context know that on 31 March 1998, I became an ordained minister, over the nascent IntrePoop Online & hours before April Fools Day giving my act a simple esoteric sacredness yet iDigress...
I am an autodidactic learner so I voraciously read and learned about World Religious Cultures, differences and mostly their uniting factors.  Along the Way, I fell in love with an Hindu deity named Krishna and he's been driving my chariot ever since...I am his Co-Pilot!  =)
Yet for me...after learning this, I know soundly that this is only a Metaphor for something No One Can Really Explain or Own.
All that matters is Good Wisdom and making you better for other people.
That All Religions are their own cloistered Metaphor to be an adjunct to something Beyond Defining.

In order to gain this Gnosis, I had to first make a sacrifice.  For the time & devotion needed to learn to Meditate and start down that Path...I needed to adopt a time of Brahmacharya.
I found myself in my mid-30s, once again Single after contributing to the demise of another failed relationship so needless to say...I wasn't in the mood for love.
So what I did at a Crossroads in Life was to take on a 2nd job and to also...
Choose Not To Date for an Unspecified Time.  To get the Head & the Heart as little more squared...
Yet it then became a little different when I broke my hand one night.
Then quite by circumstance, I found a "guru" in Deepak Chopra.  I started listening to his audiobooks and then started reading the Bhagavad Gita, especially the book I had "According to Gandhi".
I grew my hair out.
I decided to "Go To The Mountaintop" Within.
I stopped dating for Four Years.
I gave up Nookie...in the prime of my life.
Like Ted Williams fighting in WW2...What Could Have Been, eh?
I needed Time to go within.  To not be distracted.
To learn to Meditate...that was very hard to do & even harder to perpetuate! =)
I learned lots about Spirit and Love and Forgiveness and Service and Wonderful Things that Truly Bring out the Best in Me.
Outrageous!  Weird!  I mean...Who Does That???

I Did.
It was tough.  And in a way, kinda selfish.
But it defined "sacrifice"...the loss of something to gain another.
What I gained was something more than a collection of Myth & Metaphor...
I gained Myself.  A deep inner silence where I really sit, in-between my thoughts.
This had to do with a self-mastery, not a Devotion to a Tiki, Belief in a Brand of Wisdom or Fearing an Eschatological Consequence Stemming from Human Choice & Weakness.

Gaining the Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita & my gurus, I'm a Better Man.
Especially now that I can be the Better Man for that Gal...Incha'Allah!  HAHAHA!
Thanks for Reading.
Something like Brahmacharya isn't for everyone but it was for me.
It was a time to figure out "what made me tick" in a way and to gain deeper respect for the intimacy of a loving relationship.
In the Beginning of this voyage I felt like a truly Flawed Human Being
Now at this Stage, I'm just a Human Be-ing!
What's Next?

Namaste & Good Luck
Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Smoking PUCK

October 12, 2013,

The Puck has dropped on the 2013-14 Season!
May the Gallery Gawds Bless You and Reign Down Upon Thee Love...not Lightning.
Early in the season and I'm blessed to have the afternoon to myself and the game on the TV at the Pub.  An afternoon matinee.  I'm hunkered down in the Corner awaiting Faceoff.
Wish You Were Here!

Early in the season, I'm catching onto a few of the '13-'14 NHL Rule Changes: a few Big Ones.
4. Goalies: Reduced Pad Size & Shallower Goalnets, creating inches more room between the Net & the Backboards on either side of the Rink
3. Head Shots, not just for Movie Actors.  That's a bad joke about a bad subject that needs no jokes...concussions.  Deeper adherence to existing yet recent rule changes.
2. Helmets & Uniforms.  No more tucking in jerseys or exposing equipment...League says it's gotten way out of hand.  And strap yourself down for this one: players will be assessed an extra two-minutes penalty for removing their helmets before fisticuffs.  The rule is intended to protect the player's head if they hit the ice.  Is the rule change a deterrent for breaking a hand on a helmet or slicing it open on a visor?  You tell me...
1: Hybrid Icing.  It has come to this...now the official can whistle dead a cleared rink-length puck if there is no real evident chase for it.  Once again, to protect players from an unnecessary risk of injury...careening top speed into the corner, face first into the boards & corner most of the time.

So who makes your rules?  Bend 'em, break 'em, follow 'em?  Got a linesman & referee?  Who blows your whistle?
All you gotta do is Keep Your Head Up and your Elbows Down, Stick on the ice and Your Feet moving...you should do alright if your do your best.
Namaste & Good Luck

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA


Open Letter

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

My Saturday AM Cartoon Deepest Thoughts with the World.

from CSB's Robot 6 Blog, The Fifth Color I chimed in on the importance of Numbering of Magazines when filing your funnbooks in their Longboxes.

This is a great thought about filing!
I guess it becomes organic & creative.
I filed the DC Crisis from CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS to BLACKEST NIGHT in one dedicated longbox and it will probably spread to another box since it’s now full…and I can always use spare, random issues like DC PRESENTS #87 or TALES OF THE DC UNIVERSE #1 by Wolfman & Perez or JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #s 122-124…and so on the list always grows, huh?)
So everything CRISIS for me is in there, stopping short before the FLASHPOINT PARADOX rebooted me in the rearside but iDigress… ;)
I file regular DC in the DC longbox, by Title, alphabetically by Volume & Issue.
YET…anything ancillary to the CRISIS gets filed in order of Story in the CRISIS Longbox. INFINITE CRISIS, FIFTY-TWO (I skipped TRINITY), COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS (the whole stinker with all the Search for Ray Palmer tie-ins too…grrr), my organically-filed FINAL CRISIS with the entire Grant Morrison BATMAN run interspersed at their appropriate places in the this stretch notably RIP then BATMAN AND ROBIN and RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE with finishes my CRISIS longbox. Before the longbox is capped by Wonder Woman chiding Bruce for opening Magic Boxes I include what I touted as my Last Event Comic Ever…BLACKEST NIGHT, like 90% of the tie-ins, all in order.
Frig the BRIGHTEST DAY which I sensed was gonna not be very good. I lived & paid for COUNTDOWN.
Frig the FLASHPOINT. I stopped there. I left the DC Universe there. I still buy BATMAN by Snyder & Capullo and I think the torch is passed from Morrison to Synder with the closing of BATMAN INC, which was good but I think this New 52 Batman got it going on. To life a line from this fine website, I’m a Grumpy Old Fan now too =) I rarely get superhero funnybooks by DC anymore. I’ve been picking up some of the MARVEL NOW trades but if you look at the spines, it’s like an Algebra book…lots of “Fractions” if you dig with my shovel ;)
But it’s a curation. A sense of husbandry involved in maintaining a comics collection.
So if you’re in for the Event…file the story the way you read it. And the way you’d want it returned to you if you ever lent it out!!!
Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully
Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!


And Welcome to another Wonderful Season of NHL Hockey!
By the beginning of October, the PUCK will drop.
Until then, it's training season & Expectation.

But I'd like to talk about "Culture" for a moment.
Specifically, Team Culture.
I'm not going to make anything up yet simply shoot from the Point that's Under my Hat ;)

For Those Not In The Know: Bruins forward Tyler Seguin was traded to the Dallas Stars.
I followed Tyler Seguin on Twitter.
And most of the time it was during the Lockout.  Seguin took great pics of Switzerland and reported great interactions with other NHLers, most importantly fellow Bruin Patrice Bergeron.
Then until he outright ceased his Twitter activity sometime in the mid season...following a litany of Tweets & Retweets that seemed right out of HBO's "Entourage".  I could tell he was having a good time.  Since the 2011 Cup Championship, he's got a tattoo sleeve & a reputation as a partier.
I learned a term about ladies.
"Local Rockets"
Mull it over yourself.
In defense, I too once was an early 20-Something unleashed upon this great city with a pack of Legendary Friends!  It was quite a Ride!  Huzzah!!!
But...I didn't have Twitter back then either.
We had Table Rules.  Things "said" at the Coffeetable stay at the Coffetable.
So weeks before the playoffs, all the Bruins players I seemed to follow hushed up a bit or so.
Or am I making that up?

As a Culture, the Bruins thrive on Youth, Discipline and the Ability to Overcome.
And the trading of Tyler Seguin was a Warning Shot to the rest of the Boston Locker room.
It was a sign.
For Dougie Hamilton.
Torey Krug.
Jordan Caron.
Maybe even Malcolm Subban, all down the line.
The locker room & roster is filled with youthful talent, interspersed with the developed then-youth, now Veteran All-Stars from the past 7 Years...
Tuuka Rask
Patrice Bergeron
Milan Lucic
and perhaps Johnny Boychuk as well.
Culture of the Team.

I made a joke.  Seguin wasn't banged up enough with little to show for at the end of the Cup Finals.
Don'tcha think this all Funny?
So in the end, I ultimately respect the talent swap...
Yet I will oddly enough miss Tyler Seguin, in Boston, on the ice and on Twitter.  He sent great pics when he cared too.
Nonetheless, he painted himself into a corner in Beantown Faire.  And was basically judged by his bosses as bad for the team.

I think he'll grow up to be a fine player.  He's still young yet.
Hey, Jaromir Jagr winning the Cup as a rookie with the Penguins turned him into a lothario too!
And as I said...I was a young man, walking tall down these city streets with a pack of friends, looking for the next great time.
Good Luck, Tyler Seguin.
Watch out for those Texas Girls!  Something else I can say with verity but iDigress...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is basically a Cut 'n' Paste from Last Year.
A column by a comics writer living in NYC, then & probably now: Gail Simone.
Gail's got DC Chops.  I should be reading more of her stuff such as BIRDS OF PREY and the current BATGIRL but iDigress...
Please Read.
Never Forget.
Namaste & Good Luck

Thu, September 13th, 2001 at 12:00am PDT

Comic Books, Gail Simone, Guest Contributor

In The Midst Of The Horror...

Something wonderful happened.

I found out that I'm not as cynical and pessimistic as I had thought. Here's why:

The passengers who chose to attack their hijackers, likely saving thousands of lives.

The policemen who haven't slept in two days.

The firefighters who pleaded from their hospital beds to be allowed to go back to the scene to help.

The endless line of people in New York volunteering to do something. Anything.

The people around the world donating money and blood, even from countries in desperate need.

The health care personnel who walked to the scene unasked, to help.

The emergency service workers who rushed back to the scene despite the danger of buildings around them in danger of collapse.

The non-Muslims who refused to give in to bigotry and racism.

The websites that started donation drives that are collecting millions, a dollar at a time.

The Red Cross, never more deserving, never more tested.

The journalists who occasionally worked through tears to keep us informed.

The grief counselors who took the savagely difficult task of being with the loved ones of the victims when it was most needed.

The massive support of the governments of the world. If there was a sign of hope for the future, this is it.

Those common people in virtually every country in the world, who left flowers and prayed and lit candles and sent letters to the US in memory of people they'd never known.

The huge group of people cheering for not only the policemen, firefighters and EMTs at the scene, but for the Con Ed workers and those who handled the debris.

The politicians who suddenly rose above our expectations to do the right thing tirelessly and selflessly.

Those people who opened their homes to the stranded.

The National Guard, who know that they'll be called when things are at their worst.

The men and women in the towers and the Pentagon who aided those around them who had fallen, to get them to safety, at great personal risk.

The NATO leaders, who said we do not stand alone.

Voices in every language saying, "I'll give blood. I'll give money. I'll give support. I'll give food. I'll give a place to stay. I'll give my time. I'll give. I'll give. I'll give."

There can never be a full accounting, from quiet heroism that will never make the news, to those who sacrificed their lives after forty years of public service. I find myself with a new understanding of what it means to be an American, and what standards that means I should live up to. I find myself proud, not ashamed, to be a citizen of the world.

The list of victims is long. The list of those who want to help in any way they can has more than a billion names on it.

The people who committed this atrocity thought that they were striking at the heart of America.

They missed.



Saturday, August 31, 2013

in the beginning...there was Cool.
it was 1969.
and being a child of the 70s, the product of Rock & Roll and Free Love, I am drawn to this movie as the moth to the flame.
I grew up looking at this picture a lot, in one of my aunt's oversized book of then-recent cinema called "Rebels".  
I didn't start watching the movie, thankfully until much later in life yet I've always loved the stars & stripes...
I've always wanted that very leather jacket
Rev Sully: circa early 2012. After the World didn't end, I shaved my head and returned from the mountain top...
The closest I ever got to this Peter Fonda "Easy Rider" jacket was a Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco flight jacket I wore for years!  I still got it yet it is retired for a good reason.  I'm thinking I can do something with it or save it in the future but iDigress...
And I so love living in this Future.  
Because This is My Next "Everyday" Leather Jacket for the upcoming Fall.  
I had just bought the Captain America leather from the same web site yet when I found this a few days ago, I invoked my spiritual right to Poverty (for a week!).
It was on sale!  $80 off!  Under $200.  Great quality.  Handsome, smart looking thing.
And it too smells like the interior of a new car.
I told my gay flatmate that I'm like the reverse-universe Carrie Bradshaw and I get all giddy & broke over my version of the Manolo Blanuk ;)
Next: Pants...
I'm flipping my wardrobe at 40.
I'm doing it.  I'm spoiling myself.
Because I need it and I'm worth it!
Namaste & Good Luck.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

WHOLLY OMFG!!!! (yay!)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Here's a Quick Smoking PUCK!

I hate SportsCenter. 
It's not that I just don't watch it. 
I kinda dislike it.  ESPN as a TV channel is what Bill Hicks calls "Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye"
SportsCenter to me defines what Zappa refers to as "the phony thing on Sports" but iDigress...

Yet I am an insane Hockey Fan.  
The Bruins are my team.  
It is late August and all there is to report is there is a countdown to Training Camp.  
Therefore there is nothing to talk about Hockey-wise.  
All the Free Agents of Note have been Signed.  
September is coming like a heavy breathing porn star.  Fear not...Hockey season is so afoot it's time to break in the new skates if you dig with this shovel, brudda ;)  

I'd rather wax on Summer movies than the waning daze of the season.
I'm going to see KICK-ASS 2 tomorrow with Posty.
So I'm getting my "violence quota" in without the Great Game of Hockey.
Yet it's Funny.
If you wanna talk about something...
I hate Violence.  But I love Hockey.
Yet as Movies Go...I disliked Stallone's Ode to Action Movies in his Meta-Masterpeice THE EXPENDABLES because its violence did not justify Story.  Capital "S" Story as in McKee.
Yet KICK-ASS (2010 film) did!
One of the conceits of "Noir", which is simultaneously a Genre & a Mood, is its ability to make a non-human element, a background element into a "character".  Most moody Noir pieces are known for their lighting...yet the backdrop, the City or the Environment becomes a palpable character all awhile making no choices as real human characters do...
"Violence as a Character"...not just some Earth-Prime NYC with their 1st Generation of Costumed Superheroes but Violence & Consequences.  The theme is "consequences of violence" in Kick-Ass as a story, whether in print or in Cinema.  The parallel stories are both really fun & revolting at the same time.
I guess that makes Kick-Ass...Art.

Is Sport Art?  I dunno.
Does it qualify as Art?  Perhaps Not.
Yet are Truth & Beauty portrayed in a Hockey Game?
You're Gawddamn Right.

Looking forward to Hockey Season.  Go Bruins!  =)

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA


Corniest Joke Ever.
Thank You.
I'll be here all the week.
Please, Tip your bartenders well...I get funnier after a few ;)



Monday, August 05, 2013

The Comics Gnome POOTS!

The Annual Boston ComicCon has come & gone.  
Yet this year, I made my first trek Into Geekness!  
Yes!  I had never gone to a Comicbook Convention before.  
Every City has one of their own.  Creators, Collectors, Craftsmen, Cosplayers & Consumers!  
It's like a circuit flea market yet a celebration of the Joie De Vivre of being a Geek.

New York City is a month away.
Baltimore's two months.
San Diego was the Big One called "NerdProm", July 18-21 but iDigress...
Boston's though...Ours was rescheduled due to a little something called
Marathon Monday 2013!!!
You may have heard about that...

Earlier in the Calendar!...after getting my taxes back & permission from my Flatmmate to be behind on the Rent for a Month, I decided to treat myself to a rare gift.  
Check this Out: in late 2012 I was slumming it with @DoctorHooey, OCHO's Very Own Peter! in the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife & young daughter for a weekend.  
I love typing, thinking and speaking this sentence: but Walking down W72 on a bright sunny Winter day, I saw some cat wearing this same leather jacket.  
My jaw dropped, my head snapped back.  "Pete!  Looky THAT!!"
I had to have one.  
So after an RTFM, I got my very own Captain America leather jacket.  
It is so sweet I might say it's Boss.  And it smells like a new car.
It's modeled after the Joss Whedon 2012 movie on the front yet the back looks like a Silver Age Kirby!  
On a Thursday, Riffing & Kaboshing with @DoctorHooey, OCHO's Very Own Peter!...
I got inspired.  
My Mom called me earlier that morning, "Hey...that comicboook convention is this weekend!  Are you going?  You should...it'll be Wickid Pissah!"
The BostonComic Con 2013 was on my Mind...some nebulous peripheral interest.  Although I must admit, I gave the thought neither time, gravity nor traction.  Until...
...The natural brainstorming I share with my Best Friend "From What Should Have Been My College & Grad School Years"...we came up with something.  
I saw It.  I saw This!  
And by Saturday AM, I was ready for my First "Mission"
Friday afterwork, I bought this Blue Cleric's shirt.  With the Traditional collar from a Catholic Supplies Store in Downtown Crossing.  It was meant to be; a short-sleeved Blue shirt in my size.  
I thought this was the Finishing Touch.  The Point of Interest.
In reality, the Chaplain Look totally flew under the collective RADAR of Everyone there!
People probably thought I was a geeky Catholic Priest if they noticed at all! =)
Yet I had one group of college girls ask me for a picture.  They saw me on the T and were hoping to run into me.  That was a Good Moment in this Space/Time if any.  
So I took a few pictures.  I wish I took more or different ones but the people I saw were amazing.  
I fell hopelessly in GeekLove with Everyone.  
I was walking around with perma-grin.  
Honrable Mentionables I didn't capture "on Film".  And all of these mentions are pretty much homemade costumes too.  Lots of people in tee shirts but Cosplaying is pretty darn fun to be part of.  
  • The five high school seniors behind me in the two-hour line to get in; each the primary cast of AMC's "The Walking Dead", Rick, Lori, T-Dog, Glenn & Maggie.  They all came to see Laurie Holden, the actress who plays "Andrea" on the show.  And there were plenty of "Zombies" too.  Particularly two Zombies wearing neck chains being led by an African-American lady with a Samurai Sword...so cool.
  • I saw 3 different Khaleesis from HBO's "Game of Thrones", a show I worship.  I bent a knee, bowed my head and said breathlessly, "Khaleesi??" and they all nodded & smiled.  One had three paper mache dragons on her forearms & shoulder.  Great personal Geek moments.  
  • Also pointing at people & honestly saying, "you look GREAT!" were my favorite parts of the afternoon.
  • A few Jean Grey as Phoenix, two very good movie Wolverines. A bevy of gals dressed up as movie Loki (and come to think about it Loki in the movies is very androgynous). One really killer Nightcrawler.  Several couples came as movie Hawkeye & Black Widow.  Some Sue Storms.  A cute Kitty Pryde in her Shadowcat garb, including a Lockheed perched on shoulder.   
  • A girl dressed up as The Comedian from WATCHMEN along with her Ozymandius.  I asked her if she was "The Comedienne"? and she laughed YES!  So nice.
  • Lots of Classic Star Trek!  Simple Gold, Blue & Red tunics with gals with go-go boots & hairdoos. 
  • Bunches of Doctors Who.  Either they were David Tennant, Matt Smith or Harry Potter ;)  Every "Doctor" I made eye contact with, I'd say cheerily & brightly a greeting, "Doctor." with a head nod & usually got "Captain." in response (to everyone too, the Chaplain angle was not initially noticed but on pointing it out...sigh)
  • And the best things...I have now seen everything: A Man in a simple white gown, braided buns on a wig...Guy Princess Leia!!! 
  • Lots of Jokers, lots of Harley Quinns too!  
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg.  And not including the Tee Shirt People.  I'm going on some homemade effort on the part of some fellow geeks.  
  • And I'll say this: wearing a Captain Hammer tee shirt does not make you Captain Hammer: That One Was for You, Posty.  ;)  
In addition, I met a few creators.  One in particular, I made a bee-line for because it was my only expectation to meet this guy, shake his hand and thanks him for all the cool stories he's writing & producing.  Steve Niles, you keep writing them, I'll keep buying them.  Namaste & Good Luck.

I even auditioned for a Nerd Reality Show!  Really!  I think I sold them on myself when I said "I usually don't play well with others"  ;)  

So let me get to my slideshow, eh?  
here are a few pics I took at my backyard ComicCon.  I loved it.  It got tiring after a few hours so I left after 2.  I saw all I needed to see.  I had a great experience and in'Challah, I'll do it again next year with an Away Team (hey guys...whatcha think for a Group Costume???  Call me Scotty or Chekov!...I oddly see Posty as Kirk and Peter as Spock...maybe I could be Bones!)
 the first time in my life I've experienced a fully-articulate R2-D2.  That was cool.
Batgirl.  A few of them.  From Yvonne Craig of the 60's Teevee show to the modern.  They are cool and awesome!  
 an 8 foot-tall Bumblebee Autobot.  Spoke in "Radio" too.  great prop.  Someone had to be driving the powersuit Ridley-style if you grok...
 This is Doctor Octopus.  Great costume.  later I saw his small son in his stroller, napping...dressed as Spider-Man.  
 A few Droogies!  I asked them to say "Bollocks" instead of "Cheese"!  It worked.  
Deadpool versus Deadpool-in-a-corset.  Now Deadpool has to be the Most Popular Comic Character Unknown to Most Mainstream people.  Why I took this pic is beguiling to Others...c'mon! It's Deadpool vs. Deadpool, for Grife Sake!  
My favorite current New52 DC Character.  The Red Hood.  Former "Robin" Jason Todd, murdered by the Joker, resurrected and really pissed off at the Batman for not avenging him.  
'Nuff Said.  
Perhaps my favorite Cosplay of Boston ComicCon 2013:
the Mash-Up of the Avengers as Stormtroopers.  
Joie de vivre, baby!  
 and who could pass up sharing that I saw a great life-sized prop of Jabba The Hutt.  

So all in all, I had a great time going stag to the NerdProm.  
I dressed up in a Tux yet I didn't meet that GeekGal who loves to do something completely normal as dress up as their favorite character for a day and enjoy the Geekness!  

Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Smoking PUCK Postcard in Summer!

July 31, 2013

Hey there!  And Welcome to the Smoking PUCK!
My Boston-based Ongoing Ode to the Greatest Sport on the Planet.
My joke is this...On the 8th Day, God Created Canadians Because God Wanted Hockey.

There is nothing to talk about in July about Hockey really.
There are lame names for the Divisions...big whoop.
There are Free Agents still out there.
There is talk of Expansion!!!
Who cares!

What I'd like to say is I hope you're having a good summer.
And I hope all the NHL Players are as well.
Healing up, getting in shape, resting with their loved ones, for some settling into new places, for others, living life & hopefully getting ready for another season, in'Challah ;)

So have a good summer.  The Smoking PUCK will see you in late August.
Yet being in the Stanley Cup Finals, being a Bruins fan once again I am amazed how "short" this Summer already feels, like back in 2011 when we won.  I betcha the players would say the same thing.

So Namaste & Good Luck.
And hope to see you at the Gahhden come autumn.

Kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Station Ident

Hello and Welcome to CHANNEL OCHO!
my contribution to helping write the Internet.
Image above: The "SuperOm", a stylized Om within the iconic Superman diamond with a variation on the classic color combo.  I drew it...then I put it on a Cafe Press tee-shirt but iDigress...

What do I do here? I blog.  Along with the help of my friends who occasionally chime in.
Why?  I'm into writing, sharing stories & experiences and also want to turn you on to something cool or delicious whether it be Music, Fiction, Hockey, Spirituality or a well-made dinner.
This is the magazine on the coffeetable of my Life.  The Coffeetable was where my friends & I would gather, share stories, good meals & company.  Time & Geography have split a lot of that corp up yet we hold it together with the glue of our love & interest in all things cool & fun.

Come check out the Archive of Articles:

And much much more!
Enjoy and go write your own blog if you got something to say.  Let me know if you do.

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
@revsully on Twitter

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Smoking PUCK!

July 6, 2013

Fare thee well, boys.  Ahhh...so sad to see any of you go but 'tis the nature of the beast we call "Free Agency" and Playing the Game...
See Ya, Andrew Ferrence.  To his hometown Edmonton, to play for the Oilers.  Free Agent.
Goodbye, Nathan Horton.  Who can blame you?  You gave your all for the Black & Gold and ended up Black & Blue.  Seeking a quieter life than Boston can offer, the injury-prone star signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets a 7-year deal as a UFA.
Dasvidaniya, Anton Khudobin.  Did I even spell your name correctly?  You were here for 5 minutes.  I'm sure the next pine rider appreciates you leaving.  Signed as free agent with the Carolina Hurricanes.
Sbohem, Jaromir Jagr...late season rental paid off huge.  Yet he doesn't want to come back to Boston.  He's an Unsigned Unrestricted Free Agent and will ply his trade elsewhere for as long as he can.  Kinda like a Kwai-Cheng Caine wanderer.  Skating from town to town, helping where he can with his "Kung Fu" but iDigress...
Furthermore, Peace Out, Rich Peverley.  Stalwart forward packaged in with the...
Shocking But Acceptable...finally Adieu, Sweet Prince.  Tyler Seguin.  Traded to the Dallas Stars amid allegations of not being bruised up enough with not enough points by the end of the Finals...and being a rich, handsome, young 20-something with a Twitter breadcrumb trail that reads like a script from an episode of "Entourage".  Maybe a trade will mellow him out into the Fine Hockey Player he was supposed to be.
On the In Side, the Bruins get RW Loui Eriksson from Dallas, the meat of the Seguin/Pevs deal.
Oh...and the Bruins netted a big splash forward.  Jarome Iginla.  Who chose the Penguins over the Bruins at the trade deadline this past 2013 season.  Interesting...and a committment to winning as well.
I ain't worried.
I spent the day housecleaning.  Like the Bruins.  Purging, Taking Care of Business, Culling Dustbunnies.  Cleaning the bookshelves.  Pulling out the closet.
So like the Bruins, I made room for new things with a little straightening out.  Getting ready for the next season, eh?
I'm once again taken by the similarities between hockey & real life.

Kriya Shakti,

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Get in My Belly! The 4th Would Not Be Complete without Fireworks, Beer and...


To celebrate the 4th of July, I wish to share my BBQ Sauce recipe & technique with you.
My Uncle Vinny Olivera loves it and so does the rest of my friends & family.
I broke this down into pictures and hints.
This BBQ sauce is fresh, delicious & easy to make if you have a few modern tools around.
I got a stick blender.  That's about it.
First: a white or Spanish onion, I use roasted garlic clove but you could use fresh minced.  I add a dash of thyme & rosemary to the pot with a little of the roasted garlic oil & a pinch of kosher salt.  I reserved a bit of the onion to caramelize.  If you pay attention, it's 2 applications of the similar technique...I promise knowledge but iDigress...
In this pic I also got a few of the BBQ sauce's essential ingredients: Ketchup, Molasses & Apple Cider Vinegar.
Onions, garlic, thyme, rosemary.  Covered small pot with very little oil.  On VERY Low hear such as Simmer or 1.  Keep covered & Steaming.  This is called Sweating.
Above in the uncovered pan on a VERY Low heat for a long time is the reserved onion, little oil, low heat and letting the moisture evaporate, not condensate.  The difference turns the sugars in the onion to Caramelize therefore giving it the distinct brown color & deep, sweet flavour.
Once the sweated onions have given the gift of their inner waters to the pot about 20 minutes later, add the ketchup & molasses.  Turn up the heat to a boil then drop back to a simmer...we're almost finished.
Now sweeten the pot with a few simple friends in moderation:
a few drops of Tabasco
a few decent shakes of Worcestershire
and a scant 2-3 capsfull of Apple Cider Vinegar.
The secret to this all is Tasting!  Keep a clean spoon handy and keep tasting your sauce!  Only you know just exactly how you LOVE your BBQ Sauce.  This is the part when you fine tune it.  Too sweet, use a little salt.  Too salty, use a little white sugar.  Too bland, try another capful of Apple Cider Vinegar until it gets that proper "pop".  Another shake of Worcestershire.
If it's too spicy though, the only remedy I really know of is to make a new, smaller batch of non-spicy sauce, then add the too-spicy sauce a little at a time until you get that Scoville Number you desire.
We are now ready to remove from the heat, bring to the sink and blend with our stick blender.
Into a smooth puree, the colour will lighten from deep red to an orange.
Now....I'm ready.
BBQ Sauce!
Happy 4th of July!  Independence & Freedom from MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup and a twist-top bottle of Uncle Someone's.  Try Rev Sully's BBQ Sauce and one day it just might be your own brand that you'll "wow" your loved ones with.
Make it yourself!  Huzzah!

Get in My Belly
July 4, 2013

Tao of Sully

Tao of Sully
On Depression

July 4, 2013
Independence Day.

I do wish to be Free.
Hindus call it Moksha.  A Spiritual liberation.  Moksha promised freedom from re-birth.  A way out of reincarnation.

Yet sometime I think I'm the reincarnation of Edgar Allen Poe.  And All I want to do is dash my head against the wall until it all stops.  But that didn't quite work out for him as an escape clause...I think he ended up as Me  ;)  And if I chose the same or any demise then you'd go right back into the Shuffle.  Another Life to Make or Take.  To get it right.

So here we are in the 21st Century.  Things for an Human have never been so good.
And we're still not happy enough.  
Daily, since I was a child I've thought of killing myself.  To make it stop.  This world, the suffering, the shame, the guilt, the dread, the worry.  My stress & anxiety turn me into a different person, an awful person.  I needed to do something about this.  Not only for me but for the people around me at work who get the worst of my bad side.  I had seen so much bad behaviour & violence in my childhood and have always had problems communicating discomforts with words.  It was time to do something about it.
So earlier this year, in a state of complete anxiety & panic, I got help from my Doctor.  She referred me to a Psychologist who therein turned me to a Psychopharmacologist.  So getting my blood pressure & cholesterol in a gameplan, and having someone to talk to about the root of my reactions and also now as a 40-year old man for the first time in his life, having to take an anti-depressant.
Celexa: For Major Depression.  Major?  Sheeesh.  I think they're right.
Some of it is figuring out "what depression is"?  Is it not getting your way?  No.
Is it Rage Turned Inward?  Could Be.
Is it the precious salty waters of the brain in discord, therefore making life a little harder than most. Uh-huh, sure.
I know I am loved.  I got family & great friends.  So that's not that problem.  I know I have the respect of people.  There's so much Positive to appreciate!  Then why the mope?  Depression is more than Not Getting Your Way...but iDigress ;)

This is my conclusion: Depression is an aggregate.  It's the Focus of the Now.  It is a Moment that Slows Personal Space/Time down to agony & self-torture.  The World May or May Not Be Torturing Us...that's not the Point.  The Point is in our reaction to this World and Why we let it get to Us the Way it does...
Why?  Why do I worry so much?  Why?  
Depression is an aggregate.  It's like a tall Jenga and it's just as stable too.
Lots of little things, little things support other little things.  Some lattice of little things become the weight-bearing foundation for other little things, and so on & so on...
It's a lot of "little things" which to me (or your own) are not little things yet they're memories & moments, at crucial times in our lives as we're developing.  I saw abuse all my childhood, nothing but yelling, fighting & hitting.  I know some Moron With a Gun can walk up to anyone this day & age and kill you...saw that when I was 15.  And to tell you the God's Honest Truth, I've always been an oversensitive & weird kid.  I'm an Odd Duck, what can I say?  But for the most part I like Me.  Then there are times I don't like myself very much and I think that's got a lot to do with Depression.  So I've been dealing with this all my life: this stress, this anxiety, this worry...
I've spent years now reading the Bhagavad Gita.  Does that make me special?  No.  I only found something that lightens my burden in life.  But Spirituality wasn't enough.  Although I gave myself the Choice to not get into Bad Situations, I still had the reaction to stressors that transcended personal permission.  Such as, I can say to myself, "Sully, I do not give you permission to stress out at work so darn much" and it wouldn't work.
I needed help.  I literally surrendered myself to my Doctors for my Stress & Anxiety.

After being on Celexa 4 months now and I have to admit, it's made a difference.
And I am grateful beyond words that I feel I have a "partial control" over this.  In one way I've conquered my anxiety & stress to a degree.  Yet my anger & reaction to everyday things remain the same.  I still get very sad sometimes.  And I still think of killing myself everyday yet I laugh that off...I do believe in reincarnation!  And I do believe this Life I'm figuring It out.  It looks scarier to read & say aloud than it's actual intent.  I respect this moment and let it go, fly away like a Black Balloon.  I still have Black Moods when all I can think of is myself & how miserable this now is, of mistakes I've made, of things I've said, of relationships I'm having bad impacts on, of loneliness, of purposelessness...and I bid them pass.  It's easier.  Moments are clumps instead of stretches if that makes sense.
Yet being on an anti-depressant ain't like smoking a joint, it's a rather humiliating experience between side-effects & stigma.  The first few months were kinda a give & take of Great and Awful.  Great being that within weeks, I was reacting less & less in a stressful manner.  That I stopped freaking out, that I stopped getting anxiety over little things all within my wheelhouse at work.  The Awful: Side Effects, a 20-minute wave of nausea about 4 hours after I take it.  It's the medicine itself resting on the stomach lining & a receptor is causing that nausea until the lining has absorbed the last of the Citalopram.  Runny bottom, along with the coffee I normally drink in the morning, the new combo of Celexa & Espresso made for a clockwork run to the restroom every morning (and I'm grateful it was usually before we opened).  Profuse Sweating: I work in a hot kitchen and my forehead turned my nose into a faucet.  Unexpected great side effect are vivid dreaming.  Wow.  I remember a lot of them.  They're good and they're very vivid.
I'm happy to report that most of the negative side effects have worn off 4 months in.  I still get upset stomach for about 5 minutes then mutter, "it must be 8:30..."
It has been a little bit like a roller coaster at times though.  The anti-depressant isn't like a magic cloak of invulnerability.  Maybe it allows more time to choose a different reaction.  Some of my reactions to stressful challenges has been downright awful, childish & moody!  Mostly in realms of what can be perceived as personal effrontery.  Sheesh, one of my beloved co-workers I interpreted made me look bad in front of the pretty waitress...and I kinda got my Irish up.  Exhibited awful behaviour so I don't think I have to worry about the pretty gal anymore ;) sheeesh...I thought this crap was supposed to make me less moody?  That came down to feeling really moody at the wrong moments on the Roller Coaster.  More Jenga Blocks...no more!
But overall, I feel that ride off too.  Maybe this is The Great Equalization Moment" I've been hearing about & waiting for?

Life does boil down to "Shit Happens".  I guess it's OK to be Depressed about Yourself.  What's not OK is letting it ruin your life and the lives of those around us, especially our bosses, workmates & clients.  We have to Live in this World.  It's not the world's fault that We Are How We Are...it's only our fault if We Don't Do Something About It.  That if I'm Superman, then Depression is Lex Luthor...sometimes I get beat up and covered with Kryptonite but there's always a way out & have hope!  Quite a Never-Ending Battle!
Thank you  =)
Independence Day!!!  Can this be my Day too?

Kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

PS I'd like to personally thank Wil Wheaton @wilw on Twitter and Jenny Lawson @theBloggess for their candid sharing of their own rollercoasters with Depression.  Thanks, guys...reading you gave me the bravery to get checked & do something.  I am very grateful, please keep sharing & may your dark moments turn to light :) #namaste&goodluck

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Retweet Game...of Thrones NEEE!

I recently riffed on Twitter over 2 days hopefully some funny nuggets.
I had some help.  I thought of an idea....a mash-up.
Of Monty Python & The Holy Grail and Game of Thrones.
So enjoy if you're a fan of both. And maybe use the #hashtag and make your own joke.