Monday, December 24, 2012

One Pound Fish!

Last Week, I saw this at #38 on the BBC Radio1 Official Chart
then this week it climbed to #29!!!
The Chart...Based Upon Your Downloads!  The Only Chart of Pop Music in the World That Matters.  Totally.
So I YouTube'd this...and then watched it over again several times.
Following, all day Sunday Brunch, I'm singing this aloud to the other cooks who already think I'm Batty!  I do wear the Batman Bet Buckle but iDigress...
This is the Result of 21st Century Reality Show Fame Culture...
This humble London fishmonger's sing-song lure in the marketplace earns a spot on teevee's The X-Factor...
and incidental British Fame.
Apparently, there is nothing more British than Curry (as there is nothing more American than good pizza).  He is known as the "One Pound Fish Man" and he's originally from Pakistan.
Be Warned: This is one addictive single.
Nothing more than a Merchant's Call in the Bazzaar.  This is as ancient as it get, ladies & gents.  It Simply Has Hook...
I just listened to the most charming interview with the One Pound Fish Man on this week's Chart as the Deejay Reggie Yates announces #29.  The DJ himself admits to annoying his girlfriend all week by singing it aloud everywhere!!!
Soo-soo-SOOK! the watersellers of Arakeen, Arakkis would call in Frank Herbert's DUNE (advanced sci-fi references for the Illuminati)!
Are you singing along yet?

Happy Holidays, Dear OCHO!!!

Happy Holidays!!!
My Favorite X-Mas Song of All-Time!  Seriously.  This is my favorite version with the kids singing along.  (gracias, Yadira!)
"El Burrito Sabanero"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka the Smoking Puck in Lockout)

Here's a thought? Contraction! 
reduce the amount of teams in the NHL from 30 down to 20.
or what I've always felt is the Nominal Size: 23-24 teams.  Based upon the 1980s of course.
Less Players equals Greater Distribution of Wealth.
Perhaps the players Union can't function at a bloated size.  Simple Ideas sometimes get lost in the Complex negotiations of the Many.
perhaps now is the time to start thinking about Moving some teams to better suited markets and ultimately get rid of a few Cities.
Does California need 3 NHL teams.  Maybe.  Maybe they could lose 1 in a move to Canada.
Does Dallas.  Yes.
But 2 teams in Florida?...make up your mind and move one to Canada, for Gord's Sake.
Columbus, Phoenix.

Hey here's a compromise...wanna save a bloated 30 team league?  Move any failing team to Canada.
That's a Beginning.  The Dakotas?  Seattle?  There have got to be better places on an American Map randomly hit with a Pub Dart than some current recent NHL cities when it comes to Hockey IQ, an X-Factor in the Overall Enjoyment of the Sport but iDigress...
I can't think of a cooler thing if the Coyotes moved to Seattle and became the NHL Thunderbirds.
A Natural Rival to Vancouver too...
but still....30 Teams Big and I haven't even started metioning which teams gotta end up on the editing room floor!  6 or 7!!!  Sheeeesh!!!
I've been looking at the list of teams and thought of six teams (Anaheim, Phoenix, Columbus, Nashville, Miami and Carolina).
The NHL thinks losing a team in the precious Sun Belt is anathema so we had to leave them Tampa Bay and Dallas.
The NY Islanders are moving to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn in a few years but technically Brooklyn is on Long Island so I have no right to say anything besides a Bob Dylan quote...
"Good Luck!"

Who gonna fix this thing?
Who's gonna stop this from breaking down?
It's not gonna be me or you.  But what will the Owners & Players Union take away from this experience.  A Complete Breakdown in the the Flow of the Normal Life.
In the end, they are all tradesmen, plying their trade, living their lives, making their ways, right?
ahhhh...make me lose my mind.  ;)

'namaste & Good Luck!

In Memorium: iRawk....Therefore iPod

Years End List!

I'll keep it simple and hone it down to One Song.
With a Warning: This is a  RATED-R song.
It happens to be the Best Single of the Year in My Humble Opinion
I was first turned onto this song earlier this year in the Spring when it was making its months-long decent down the BBC Radio1 Official Chart.
It's Super Cool.
Super funky.
And when I finally beheld the video in all its Unedited Glory...I was really keen on it.
Why not...it seems like this Girl Really Likes This Boy.
It always boils down to Love Songs, right?  but iDigress...

great little story.  The basics in a Hip-Hop Pop song.
I pressent to you the brash & mighty miss Azelaia Banks and her smoking hit single you might have never heard of...
It's quite simply one of those Perfect Pop Songs...if it wasn't so Dirty!!!  
You are warned.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm over halfway through the show.  Again.  
I watched it once, earlier this year on NetFlix Instant.  For the first time as well.
I had avoided the show itself & any Spoilers & outcomes.  
And loved the whole frakkin thing.  

Passing episode 67 of 120 means to reflect a bit.  Since I know what's coming & all.  
What a great show.  
Doctor Hooey & I have a great new game.  We play LOST Roulette.
It's his show.  He got me hooked.  And I'm glad to have taken my doctor's prescription for fiction.  

Great location shots.  Great music.  Great tension.  And it's cheesy & stupid in all the right places to boot.  It's smart but not too smart.  And it's well done.  

I get LOST on the Couch quite often.  It's the Default Background thing to do over dinner.  
I'm a sucker for a great show and this one fits the bill.  

'namaste and good luck.  ;)  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i do believe in life out there but I do not believe in Aliens
i do believe in God but I do not believe in Aliens
But look at all this...I mean.  Someone else has GOT to be out there!
Have they visited???...as I said I believe in God
click to enbiggen...

Whatchu think, Dear OCHO?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Exile on Causeway Street Thought of the Lockedout Day...

"Nobody is ever forced into a lockout. Lockouts require planning in advance. A lockout is a strategy you choose. A lockout always has a specific purpose, which is what makes lockouts unlike strikes. There is no such thing as a "wildcat" lockout."
-NPR's Charlie Pierce
SOURCE: (PS, Hockey Fan...Frakkin READ IT!!!)

BTW: The rest of December got cancelled.  ::rolls eyes::

If you think that's funny...
and think you're a Real Hockey Fan.
Check out SportsnetCanada's NHL Lockout Clock Page.   
Worth the scroll.

'namaste & good luck!


"Sky Color"

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka: the Smoking Puck in Lockout)

All Down the Line.
All Down the Line this is Awful.
I heard the old Creation fable of Turtles All the Way Down.
I guess this is All The Way Down for NHL Hockey Fans.  What supports the CBA?  It's CBAs All the Way Down, Silly!!

We all suffer on this one, kids.  All Down the Line there is not one person in love with the great sport of Hockey that doesn't have anything on the front of their team jersey 'cuz of this one.
Things of Note from this Week in the Lockout.
It's All the Player's Fault (Again).
The Owners and Players sat down and directly talked to each other.  They were very close on a deal!
Then Something Happened.  What it was, I dunno & can barely understand the minutia of this brinksmanship.  Interests are at Stake on the Player's Point of View.  Once Again as a Union Worker, I too would want as much protection from being taken advantage of...which the Union insures.
All Down the Line...what is financial fairness to a player with a window of opportunity?
"On Average, an NHL Player plays 5-6 Seasons in the League" SOURCE

Hey, guess what?  I found a great resource for trying to understand just "What is Holding Up the Hockey Season"?  I've ask for and found...
A Complete Idiot's Guide to the NHL CBA Negotations!!!
Huzzah and Thank You.  Mind the caveat that this list is from September 2012 and should only be used as a primer for understanding how this has snowballed into an avalanche.
All Down the Line...are empty seats in the stands.
All Down the Line...is unprotected with no defensemen patrolling.
All Down the Line...is a weary fan-base with No Choice.

'namaste & Good Luck!  ;)
I'm Gonna Have to be Serious Here about Something Not Very Serious

I've had it up to Here with Superhero Funnybooks.
It's Not Because I'm 40 Frakkin' Years Old.
It's Because Superhero Comics are No Longer Entertaining.
There are a few exceptions of course, I'm meaning the Superhero Comics Genre in a Holistic Way is a bit like Rock 'n' Roll...will we judge the Body of Rock 'n' Roll on the Pop Charts of 2012 but iDigress...

Today I will be in Harvard Square.
And today...I simply must Return to the Funnybook Bodega.
For I have not been there in MONTHS!
Even BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9 is really boring me right now.
This is the first time I've taken a "break" from a Weekly/Monthly Stack NOT DUE TO POVERTY!
MarvelNOW! and DC New 52.  I've had it.
And the most salient reason I can think of is the new standard of the $3.99/issue price point.
For mediocre storytelling starring the Emperor's New Clothes & Continuities?
I got a few open titles that I'm closing the book on.  No more RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS for me...my sole Bat-title got dull with the artist change.
No more ACTION COMICS. New Superman stories are lame & Grant Morrison is checking out at issue #17 in February.  Grant's BATMAN INCORPORATED opus closes at issue #12 in the Summer of '13.
That was pretty much it for the DC Comics I was buying.
I'm not going to touch MarvelNOW!  There are some interesting things going down at the House of Ideas but I'm not into it either.  All their Avengers lost their Comicbook Accessibilty in favor of a hard-edged realism in the Costume choices.  Plus that $3.99 price point.  Yuk!

While I am at the Funnybook Bodgea and while I'm ripping on my Beloved Superhero Genre, I'm also gonna spend $30 the hard way on a great collection that caught my eye a few months past.
304 glorious pages of B-Listers Running Amok with Scissors in their Hands through the MARVEL Universe.  
Written by one of my personal favorites WARREN ELLIS and drawn deftly & daffy by the immortal Stuart Immonen.  This is simply some of the Best Stuff Ever.  
Only if your like something not serious such as Superhero Funnybooks.  
I was inspired to pick this up from a Blog Warren made for his FAQ
"How was NEXTWAVE conceived?"
Seriously Fun Creation Story of a very seriously Un-Serious Subject.

And while I'm mentioning Unkle Warren Ellis, I just finished his first prose novel
Crooked Little Vein
Warren won't be doing funnybooks for the foreseeable future.  He's instead focusing on novels for the crime fiction shelf, such as the upcoming Jan 2013 GUN MACHINE.
Crooked Little Vein is a slim novel & a quick read clocking in at 277 pages in my snub paperback version.  It's full of Nastiness.  Gross Things.  IntrePoop Cultures and the Spores They Bring.
It's a 21st Century Philip Marlowe stumbling into his own version of "The Big Sleep", dame & guns included.  His name's Mike McGill...and he's a shit magnet.  Weird shit.  All kinds of shit.  bad, nasty stuff.  He's a Private Eye.  They still exist in this day and age.  The Man with the Right Skill Set to Get the Information You Want.
What a ride.  Heavy on Dialog, light on narrative vox but it moves swiftly & entertainingly.
Great 1-2 Punch of Hero & Gal Friday on the Hunt of the Weird & Perverse in the USA, a cross-country jaunt in search of a long lost American artifact that might heal the country but neuter the country's culture back into the social stone ages of the pre-1950s.
And it may not be for everyone either.  I would not suggest it to my mother or anyone I work with
But to you, Dear OCHO...I give a resounding "YES" to this ribald ride of reckless romance.  Check it out on Audible or a Kindle iPad Gadget near you.
I still like a good old fashioned book.
Seriously.  ;)

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka The Smoking PUCK in Lockout)

Happy December!
And Welcome to the grass-roots, homegrown, Black & Gold flavoured Hockey Column of the Channel OCHO Blog.
Please Hit "Play" and let those Dice Tumble.

With all the talk of Powerball Lotteries & Casino Gambling in the Bay State where the Puck is in Exile...it feels like lots of dice tumbling in a big game of Cosmic Chance.
Who will make it with the Big Payday???  Will it be the card shark?  The One-Arm Bandit?  The Never-Losing House?
Or will it be the Little Guy.  The Joe or Jane who walks onto the gaming floor and reaps those benefits through skill & luck...but iDigress.

Another form of Rolling the Dice is when we "Hit The Proverbial Wall" in our Disagreements.
Those Dice are in the form of seeking a 3rd party to listen to and analyse the positions, problems & interests at hand.
And the result when the Dice land?  Are their suggestions for resolving the dispute.
Sixes & Sevens or Snake-Eyes?  Hmmmm...
I for one read a lot about Mediation, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques when I was working at Harvard Law School 2000-'04.  Important Lessons that carry on to this day.  I employ these techniques daily in all relationships, in all circumstances, & especially in all disputes.

I am overjoyed the NHL and the NHLPA have sought out ADR from a group of Federal Mediators.  Did the two-day session yield a result?  No.
But should the two parties give up on ADR...
There is a will.  There is a way.  We all want to be playing & enjoying professional hockey.
There are no Devils in these Details though...
only tumbling dice.

'namaste & good luck! 'P