Monday, August 27, 2012

101 Things That Should Not Exist!

86a.  Cities Below Sea Level
I should have went to New Orleans sooner...but I hear the problem was in the design but iDigress...

87a.  Cities Above Sea Level
You get complete oxygen-deprived Broncos fan freaks like my flatmate, Mike.  Happy Birthday you freak, I love you and you're the Best.

88a.  Cities At Sea Level
We're About to Become "Cities Below Sea Level", right?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"to Hear the Sound of Thunder is No Sign of a Quick Ear...(the Good General) Wins his Battles by Making No Mistakes" -Sun Tzu, the Art of War


A Smoking PUCK NewsFlash!!

Boston Bruins chosen on ESPN as 5th Best Sports Jersey.
(1st place went to the Habs! ;P)
"The Bruins were described as "a traditionalist's dream."
"The Bruins' set has everything a hockey wardrobe should have: a strong, bold crest, sharp colors, tasteful stripes and a killer throwback option. First-rate," the website said."

Monday, August 20, 2012

Unrelated Yet on the Top of the "Drafts" folder on the OCHO Dashboard!
Originally from early 2011...but you know how I feel about Synchronicity dont'cha?

Rev Sully's 13,870th Dream

I was on a Reality Show but don't recall the cameras or crew so maybe I was at Culinary School. Perhaps a Top Chef-Style not exactly that show or a tough French Academy of Cuisine.
It must have been early in the going for there were many chefs but I felt as though they disliked me a lot!
It was if I had tuned into the show and I made a mistake in the previous round.
The Chef demonstrates the finished plate for inspection & replication. I ask to taste, Chef refused & allows rest of the field to taste.
And the other chef-testants or students were not very helpful to my requests and excluded me.
A stress dream...
I woke up, thanking the dog for pulling me out of that one.


Elaboration: I got separated from the staff and found myself passing huge, vaulted Cathedral type rooms. One was a music hall, another had nothing but bins of old record LPs. Full of people, hanging about, walking about. I think I was friends with one in the Stones entourage...perhaps Bobby Keys because when the Band came in the room, he put his arm around my shoulder so Keith waved & headnodded us in the room. I ended up sitting next to Mick, to my left at a banquet table which my group was not responsible for. 
As we were walking about the Party City, I noticed my catering tables and we were running out of roasts. Not being responsible for the shortage as I was not the Chef, but a mere cook, I followed the Stones & didn't feel bad (therefore it not turning into a work stress dream).

Weird harbinger though. I had a slip & fall accident at work. It is a hazard, one we try to avoid. On some level I'm glad it happened to me & not one of the little old lunchladies (gossips) or the usually Spanish ladies who are the cashiers (super gossips).
I twisted on the way down...I can feel that in my thigh. On the side.
I crashed head first into a rolling cart, right into the top of hit hitting my head hard.
I hit the floor.
Know what? I've taken enough Aikido that I kind of know how to fall properly. It's a big thing in that Karate. If that hard plastic cart hadn't been there, I may have fallen as a good Uke.

So what's the moral of this story? More like the moron of this story, huh?
Always wipe the countertop off into your hand, then the rubbish bin. ;)

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

View From the Birdhouse

15 August 2012, Lowell Street, Somerville, MA USA

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The Smoking PUCK August Edition!

I still got Nothing.

There's is nothing Hockey to write except that I got one game I'm planning on going to.
That's about it.

Maybe this is the year I'll buy some Goalie Equipment.
One of my nigh-infamous pike dreams.
Click to Enlarge!  

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Take Flight! Robots Landing!

The Humans Are Dead by the Flight of the Conchords
In Celebration of a Robot Apocalypse for every year we get closer to Robots Everywhere...
OCHO proudly presents "What If...xkcd" Episode 5 "Robot Apocalypse"!!!  This is one smart comic so bring your beanie, protractor & pocket protector, ok?  You've been warned...
Every robot in the world has their Claws & Treads crossed for you Curiosity!  Good luck landing on Mars!  
Prescribed by OCHO's Very Own "Doctor Hooey" aka Peter.  
If you're a Film Nut like we are, and a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick and 2001: A Space Odyssey check out this 43 min. long Documentary narrated by director James Cameron.  
What are you waiting for?  Go take your Medicine!  

The Comics Gnome POOTS...

Running Round Full Circle!
Recently I made a List.  I am a Geek so Therefore I Must List.  Listing is great.  It is cathartic.  It is informative.  And most of all it's Fun!  
Way Back in July 2012, I was enticed to make a List by a Comics Creator who had made his own list and Invited We the Reader to Chime in.
The Comics Creator is the mighty Ron Marz and the Subject was...
"Top 10 Best Runs in Comics".  Meaning...well it is a little loose but what span of time held your best & most attention of a certain Title, most oft by a certain writer or creator.  
And right in the Middle of My List I Chose this Dandy:
THE FLASH, Mark Waid, et al. 
I've also read the "Wally West" FLASH volume Twice Over #1-#247, Annuals & the such. SAVITAR had to have been my favorite enemy of the Wally West years...and Aunt Iris' wisdom of Wally's victory has helped me in real life, especially with bully types. "Give him what he wants..." and Wally put Savitar head first right into the Speed Force. The Waid Years were great, I loved the Messener-Loebs years of Soap Opera Melodrama indeed but Mark Waid really set the table for Wally becoming one of the DCU's greatest heroes of that time. 

So just yesterday at the FunnyBook Bodega (aka my local comicbook shops lumped into one mythical temple), I came across a bundle swaddled in a basket at the banks of Denial (when seeing it saying No It Isn't!)
Or a six-pack of comics plastic bagged in a longbox, sale priced.  $13 but I ended up getting it for $11.00 because I'm so gawd-awful chatty & cool. 
The Flash: Dead Heat.  6 magazines: 4 THE FLASH (#s 108, 109, 110 & 111), the Fastest Man Alive & 2 IMPULSE (#s10 & 11), the KID FLASH of the 90s.  The original run of funnybooks, indicia dated December 1995 until March 1996. 
Written by Mark Waid with art by Oscar Jimenez on FLASH and Humberto Ramos on IMPULSE.  Mark Waid started at #62 in May 1992 ended up writing THE FLASH up until late 2000 when Geoff Johns took the title over, creating his own indelible run but iDigress...
Out of the Mark Waid 8 Year Run on FLASH, the fore mentioned Pinnacle of the Run!  My Pick for Favorite Flash Story EVER!!!
The FLASH versus SAVITAR, the self-styled "God of Motion" and Velocity is his Religion.  
Savitar is pretty much my Number One Favorite Flash Enemy.  
I was stoked to see this, snagging it up.  Also chuckling to myself...
"I was just talking about this!!!"
I'll leave that one to you, True Believer...


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Coming This Fall!

Doctor Who!  Series 7.  A brand-new season of the Matt Smith Doctor and his awesome companions.
One of the Best Shows You Could Be Missing!
What are you waiting for?  A Time Machine???