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The Comics Gnome Walks the Tao of Sully

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The Tao of Sully

in less than 140 Characters... 

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View from the Birdhouse

Urban Beauty: Chain Link Fence & Sun-Battered Lawn versus Purple Blossom & Morning Dew on Leaves.
Cloudy AM, 19 July 2012, Spring Hill, Somerville, MA USA. 

iRawk...Therefore iPod: Postscript

Just a quick observation:
I use my 8GB iPod Touch for music all the time.
Yet I have No Music Synced to the Device!
No Party Playlists, no list of Chopra Audiobooks, no secret stash of Beatles & Stones or Miles & 'Trane or Bach & Ludwig Van for a D.I.D. but iDigress...  

When & If I got a free & open Wi-Fi, I choose to listen to Radio Paradise, the best IntrePoop radio station.  
Yet for the past 2 months since I moved in, my new Roommate has turned me onto the Only Official Chart in the Whole Planet Earth:
The BBC Radio 1 and the Sunday Countdown Show, the Official Chart with Reggie Yates.  
I grew up on Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" in the late 70s all the way up until the early 90s, usually with the boombox on my lap, with a cassette loaded ready to tape my favorite songs as soon as they come on.  
I find the BBC Radio 1 to be refreshing in comparison to the US pop stations.  I love good pop music (and there is plenty of bad pop music out there too with everything else in between).
Engaging young Deejays, still spinning cool tunes.  I'm gonna have to eventually branch out into the other BBC Radios...
So from 11AM until 2PM in the Eastern US Time Zone, I'm, usually found with the television On, muted with Closed Captioning tuned into my Sunday AM Politico news roundtables and listening to the World's Biggest Radio Station.  
Pretty Darn Cool, man...
I play BBC Radio 1 straight through my Safari Browser.  


The Dark Knight Rises...Part 1 of 2
(part 2, perhaps after the DVD release once All Things Spoilery are Moot but iDigress)
I was a little pre-judgy on the running time of Christopher Nolan's magnificent 2012 "The Dark Knight Rises" (TDKR).
Heck, I was a little pre-judgy over the whole thing, going into the cinema from the selection of the Big Bad to a general fear of it Stinking.  
I prepared earlier in the day by watching the LOST Finale, which always gets me wickid emotional & the waterways open at every resolved relationship.  
TDKR has a running time of 2hrs and 45 minutes.  One of my major gripes with The Modern American Cinema Experience is Lack of Intermission during Long Movies, starting with the James Cameron opus "Titanic" and continuing straight into the foreseeable future.  This is not the Movie's Fault.  
And the movie never suffers from its running time.  It was very well-paced for a dense story, with an oceanic tidal ebb & swell between Action & Drama.  

May You Not be Spoiled on Anything in this Movie.  
Pack a Lunch, Take a Disco Nap (I did), pay the $10 and check it out for a good time.  
I will talk about a few things now...
This movie might deserve Best Picture!  Because the cast, old & new defines Ensemble.  The music, the sets, the costumes, the camera-work...all blend together in something Astronomers defined as "Syzygy", a cosmic, planetary alignment & conjunction.  
This movie, regardless of it's subject, property or protagonist is Acme.  An afterthought is that it is a Batman movie.  A funnybook superhero.  A ridiculous idea compared to Serious Fiction.  
This is pure fantasy!  And good for it!  Yet it succeeds on all levels since it continues to build this world, this Gotham that gets constantly re-created from creator-to-creator.  
It not only builds on the world it created, it uses the properties to tell stories.  Good stories.  With great, familiar characters that do a simple job with complex & shifting themes: Tell Good Stories.  It's sublimely simple on a foundation-level.  
Bad Guy Beats up Good Guy...Good Guy Overcomes & Tries to Save the Day Against All Odds (and with a little help from his friends, new & old)
What a great ending!  
It's something the Comicbook Lacks: Closure.  
I feel TDKR succeeds where some people (not me) feel that "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" failed; passage of time changing heroes, especially in X3 with Cyclops.  
In TDKR, We The Fan get Great Closure with Hope & Payoff.  

Now as a long-time fan of the Batman Stories, I found myself in Easter Egg Heaven!  
TDKR has a reliance on certain themes in the long-form comic, most enjoyably was one of my favorite the 1999 year-long Bat-Family Mega-Story "No Man's Land", when Gotham was quite literally cut off from the rest of America & the Gangs take over.  Great use of the obvious "Knightfall" with the choice of the Big Bad, aka Bane.  I had no clue how there were going to use Bane & may I say I did not cringe one bit out of Fanboy Embarrassment...Nolan lifts directly & successfully from the Comics Themselves.  Really good job of that, I tip my Cowl to Mr. Nolan & Co.  
And the biggest grins I got were scenes cut straight out of what started all this Batman Movie Foolishness...1986 Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.  

Anne Hathaway steals the Show as Catwoman would an invaluable necklance.  Rowr.  She did an awesome job.  
Tom Hardy as Bane...no greater subject gave me more anxiety as a fan going into this.  And I found Hardy's over-the-topness to possess an Adam West-like quality and it works within the Physics of this Film!  
By the End of the Movie, I think the running time had more to do with Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon getting his deserved screentime.  
Christian Bale...he's a good Batman.  Now better than Val Kilmer in my personal List of Batmen.  Only 2nd fiddle to Kevin Conroy if you need to know...
Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matthew Modine and Marion Cotillard...'Nuff Said.  

As a fan of Batman, this movie does it all.  It really does.  Bravo!  
Whatever's next for the Batman in live-action cinema now has Christopher Nolan & Co. to blame for the Standard That Must be Transcended...
Good Luck with That, Future Auteur!  HUZZAH!!!  ;)  

Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

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Welcome to Channel OCHO!

This is a Station Ident. 

This is Channel OCHO.  
Mainly from the New England Area with Updates from New Zealand & possibly points in-between and far away...

WHO: Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
WHAT: the Channel OCHO Blog
WHERE: Space/Time
WHEN: Now. maybe the past if the big EMP doesn't wipe it out...
WHY: Because we love.  Simply "love".  OCHO is about Joie de Vivre.  That's All.  
HOW: because we all really do write the IntrePoop.  

I like cooking, hockey, fiction, theology & spirituality...
and I love having a Good Time All The Time....that's my Philosophy. 

Eric O'Sullivan
Somerville, MA USA

The Smoking PUCK! July Edition!

Even I don't even care about hockey in July.
(This is a Lie.)
I heard a great trade rumor...
The Cup got another photo opportunity with another very lucky fan & happy Champ...
There was a Rookie Draft & a Free Agent Rodeo (I used to make a bigger fuss about that but I thought I'd spare you the pain)...
The Winter Classic will feature two teams with awesome throwback jerseys...
The All-Star Game will be somewhere Not Boston Again!
And the PUCK drops in three months.  

The Best Thing I Can Say is it's Time to go to the Pub.  
Happy Saturday!  And Happy Summer!

Friday, July 20, 2012

from Frank Miller's 1986 "The Dark Knight Returns".  

'nuff said...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

View From The Birdhouse

Summer Flowers, cloudy afternoon, 12 July 2012
Near Spring Hill, Somerville, MA USA


"Visual Field"
Click to Enbiggen Slightly but Follow the Link Below to have real fun with it.

For an more in-depth look into the mind of the Maker...
Come to the "xkcd" Blag.
Especially Matt...for this one, yes.

Meathead loves Baseball and Smart Science and he thought this "What If...xkcd" was CRAZY!  

These Stone Just Keep Rolling...

Happy 50th Anniversary to the Rolling Stones
who played their first gig at the Marquee Club on Oxford Street, London 12 July 1962.

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"United Shapes"

Click to Enlarge NONETHELESS!!!...
Click link Below to see the Whole Map! 

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Are you going to see "the Dark Knight Rises"?



All Geeks Must List...

All Geeks Must List!  
it is in the By-Laws!  Read the Wholly Scrolls!!!

So I spent a chunk of time today thinking & typing and thought it deserved more air time so here it goes.
One of my favorite comics writers Ron Marz has a great column on Comic Book Resource Dot Com. Link to Article here: 

Ron asked a cool question to we the fan after answering it Himself...
"What are your Top-10 Runs in Comicbooks?"
Therefore the Comics Gnome POOTS...

Dear Ron,

Great question. Thanks for asking. Top 10 Runs...wow. 
Let me start off by saying, in the mid-90s I kind of Got Off The Boat. I stopped buying & reading. Then in 2001, I began my Second Life with Funnybooks. Wednesdays became important because I got hooked back onto to comics with one superhero from each of the Big Two:
I'll start off with those two titles but in no particular order...

Hey Ron...know this guy*? GL was one of my favorites from childhood and I didn't have an opinion on Kyle Rayner but lemme tell you, Ron...Kyle became my FAVORITE GL. And because of this comic. Episode 5, starting in Medios Rez and it was a great place to come back. Nero, the JLA and that awesome Daryl Banks art. I read GREEN LANTERN until Vol. 4, #53 when the Brightest Day banner started. Sorry...but GL got a little obnoxious & un-fun. 
*Geek Fact!: Ron Marz brought Kyle Rayner into the DCU ;P EO'S

NEW X-MEN #114, Grant Morrison, et al. 
I actually started at #117 and bought the "E is for Extinction" trade with the 2001 "Widescreen" Annual, including the nigh-famous "F&^% The Fanboy" Morrison Manifesto. 
I did not know who Grant Morrison was. All I did was ask the guy at the comics shop, which X-Title was the Flagship. What a ride. All the way until #151. I know Chuck Austen & Chris Claremont really tried hard with the whole Xorn thing. 

The Superhuman Trilogy by Warren Ellis, Avatar Press
This run of three unrelated, original Superhero is a statement on What We Like, Why We Like It...and How Would this Fit Into the Real World. In BLACK SUMMER, we have a Political "What If..." and its intense ramifications. In NO HERO we have the Superhero Team as Brand Name and Global Threat, also what if a psychopath were given a Power Set. And then in SUPERGOD we're given a brilliant Alternate Reality where Superhumans were the result of an International Arms Race and the archetypes reflect not just nationality but local religious modes as well (or lack thereof with the Steve Austin 6 Mil $$ Man reference in "Jerry Craven", the USA Superhuman) 

JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER, written by Brian Azzarello, art by Richard Corben & Marcello Frusin. 
I've read Hellblazer #1-200, all the Annuals & Specials Twice Over. This has to have been the most fun I've ever had with the most Evil of Comic Books. Firstly, Hard Time drawn by Corben is a Crime Classic worthy of major praise. It's bad, evil and hard to read yet you cannot look away. Then I was introduced to Marcello Frusin who primarily did the art for the rest of the Azzarello run. Magnificent lettering by Clem Robins! This book got it all. But the end of the run...sheesh! Don't leave this one on the coffee table. 

THE FLASH, Mark Waid, et al. 
I've also read the "Wally West" Flash volume Twice Over #1-#247, Annuals & the such. 
Savitar had to have been my favorite enemy of the Wally West years...and Aunt Iris' wisdom of Wally's victory has helped me in real life, especially with bully types. "Give him what he wants..." and Wally put Savitar head first right into the Speed Force. The Waid Years were great, I loved the Messener-Loebs years of Soap Opera Melodrama indeed but Mark Waid really set the table for Wally becoming one of the DCU's greatest heroes of that time. 

THE SHADOW by Andy Hefler & Kyle Baker
from #8 in 1988 until its cancellation. I started reading this one in Summer Camp, 1988. My cabinmate & buddy "Muggs from Montclair" brought a footlocker full of funnybooks! And then I read the Seven Deadly Finns over and over and over and over again. Bought my own copy when I got back and then followed until it was over. Weird stuff. A bit mature for my 15 years back then? Nah! It was a brutal read with some of the best art I'd seen (and since!) 

SCOTT PILGRIM by Bryan Lee O'Malley
A Perfect Comic. I love the manga format and this story is a great time machine to who I was in my early 20s. It's worth the space on my real bookshelf. 

CASANOVA by Matt Fraction and the Bros. Ba & Moon.
I can't even describe this comic. It's too good for my words. It's own words and panels will suffice.
And the best part is...
it's On-Going.
Honestly fun fun fun with hyper-violent, ubersexy, superspy, cross-dimensional hijinks of our main man...Casanova Quinn. 

THE INVISIBLES by Grant Morrison, et al.
I read these as the first Trade then we found out how cheap it was to raid back boxes & old comics on sale days! I read the majority of this in floppies. Grant Himself joyfully enough answered his own mailbox until it was done away with by Vol. 3. This too has a place on my real bookshelf, all 7 of them. 

And to end this I'm going with POWERS by Bendis & Oeming. 
On-Going. Awesome. It's a great treat as a fan of superhero stories. And the letters page too. The Letters page is a fun treat I think. 

I'm gonna have to sneak one more in here and I'm gonna ring this bell too but...
DK2 by Frank Miller.
I think it's better than the first DK. More color. More future. more hope! I love everything about it and it was just in time for my 2001 return to buying funnybooks. The final panel of Batman in DK2 is absurd & enduring in my imagination! 

Thanks, Ron!

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
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"He who knows best knows how little he knows" -Thomas Jefferson

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this is a Hubble Pic. Fresh from the Foto-Mat. 
Thanks @badastronomer, Phil Plait 
Talk about Fireworks!!!
Science Geeks: Come With Me, Hold Hands and Let's All Read...
BTW: I really think last night's evacuation of the Esplanade PALES in comparison to the evacuation of the same field for that free Green Day show, played at the Hatch Shell.  

Mario, I bet John was dragged off in cuffs, refusing to leave out of sheer principle.  ;)

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Comics Will Ruin Your Brains...

'Nuff Said, True Believer...

Happy Birthday, America!!!

Sure it's a recycled pic but it's recent...and Patriotic! 

Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July, dear OCHO. 

Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA


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