Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!

Happy Summer, Y'all!

There should be nothing worth talking hockey about in the summertime but iDigress...

Few things of note: LA Kings...Stanley Cup Champs
NHL Draft: The Bruins in the 1st Round make a Bold Statement Between the Pipes and Choose a Goalie!  More in a sec*...
and the schedule is released.  That's about it.  I read the schedule and it includes a Cruel February with 10-out-of-13 games on the road...7-in-a-row over 2 weeks!!!  Then also closing April & the season 3-out-of-4 games on the road.  Since I'm a Cub Reporter...I'd love to do a fluff piece for NHL Dot Com. "Who Chooses The Schedule".  Hey don't you want to know?  

*More About That In a Sec...
The Bruins picked 24th out of 30 in the NHL Draft this year and chose the second goalie in the first round.  Yet MALCOM SUBBAN is the little brother of a Hated Canadien. 
Oui..."Monseigneur Massengil" Himself, the Montreal Canadiens' star defenseman P.K. SUBBAN is the older brother of the Bruins new Goalie.  
Isn't That Special! 
Depth in Youthful Great Goaltending is something the Bruin will need to figure out one or two more Stanley Cups before this Great Era of Bruins Hockey Ends...
The Celtics, gawd bless 'em, ended their Lastest Big Ride almost to the Promised Land of the Finals.
The Bruins are anchored by their goaltending tandem, their defense then their offensive forwards.  
I'll leave it to my betters to bandy about the bends of these 2011-12 Bruins...
I liked what I saw, for better or worse this past year.  

Hey I tried to RTFM but I cannot find out what picks the NHL schedules!  
I will get to the bottom of this!!!  

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

Mature Readings for Immature Adults

(Please Click Any Image to Enlarge & Enjoy...Thank You, -The Mgnt)
This week the Comics Gnome POOT'd a stack of Funnybooks, mostly floppies but one honking VERTIGO trade paperback.
Whatever with my personal taste in Superheroes*, I only went to the Bodega for one sole title and it ain't them:
I was looking for "the End of the 1st Act" of the Best Original Modern Comics of Today
CASANOVA written by Matt Fraction with art by Brazilian twin brothers Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon.
My opinion of Casanova is incomplete and lacking.  It's original release was black & white with one color like green.  
Pay Attention here to the Asian Kid & the Be-speckled Bowlcut Guy.  
CASANOVA is available, conveniently reprinted in full color and referred to as the "LUXURIA" story arc, aka TPB #1, the first 7 three-color issues made into 4 full-color issues.
The same happened with the second 7 three-color issues into 4 full-color issues called "GULA"
The original three-color issues on the Image Comics banner for creator-owned properties...  
Casanova writer Matt Fraction's day job is he's a Major Scribe at MARVEL Comics, writing THOR, IRON MAN and a few events FEAR ITSELF, AVX...
MARVEL has ICON Comics, a Creator-Owned Imprint which it seems to have for its highest calibre talent with their flagship Creator-Owner Property...which re-released CASANOVA as LUXURIA & GULA in full-color.
Bringing us to CASANOVA: AVARITIA Vol 3.  On ICON Comics, first Casanova arc initially published in full-color and four issues.
It's also where I got on the Boat.  
A little behind the class.  Sure I got the LUXURIA & GULA trade paperbacks and devote re-reads to them.  I got iPod Playlists planned!  

CASANOVA is such guilty, awful fun.  
And this final issue to the End of the 1st Act Cannot Let Down.  
It Just Won't.
It's Chaotic yet Splendid.  Dangerous & Mean...but full of Love.  
this is the Inside Cover.  I like the Font.  I also like the Message.  
By the time issue #4 of AVARITIA opens up, everything is on Fire.
The City.  The Ship.  Our Hopes.  The Future.  Yet...
There is Time to Save the Day.  
In Casanova Quinn's usually hyper-violent, superspy, ubersexy, far-out, space/time way.  
And self-awareness of its own cartooniness with the exposition by SuperCameo Charles Dickens!  
Moves the story along quick, in a fun way and leaves the rest of the Advertisement-Free Worth-Every-Cent $4.99 to the conjoining threads of the final pages.  
And Its Impossible Resolution!
How Dare They!  And I thought they were ripping off TV's LOST to begin with!  
But really...one of the Best Funnybooks You Are Missing.  Not for the Coffeetable, not for the kids, not for the folks.
It's Strictly FOR YOU!
As is this one...if you like the HBO shows of violence, nudity, swashbuckling, beheading, et al.
NORTHLANDERS by Brian Wood & Davide Gianfelice, DC/VERTIGO (#1-50, 2007-'12)
Vol. 1 Sven the Returned.
It's Not Complicated.
the Year is 980.  
Sven has Returned.  
Too Bad his Uncle Gorn has Usurped Sven's Birtrighted Properties, Money & Title!!!
Did I mention this was about Vikings?
This is as if Quentin Tarantino did a Viking Movie.  Yet in a long form comics story, spanning 7 Trade paperbacks.  
Just Downright Awesome!  
Dig the Onomatopoeia!!!  I'm only on the first book.  Yay...more please.  

Superspys?  Vikings?  What is this the Golden Age?  Well with funnybooks like these, it could be.  

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

*The Buy Pile: MARVEL: Wolverine & The X-Men by Jason Aaron, Spider-MEN by Brian Michael Bendis starring Peter Parker meeting the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, DC COMICS: Action Comics, Batman Incorporated, Red Hood & the Outlaws, Earth-2, Worlds' Finest staring Power Girl & the Huntress with pencils by legend George Perez, VERTIGO: Spaceman an Azzarello/Rizzo mini, DARK HORSE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #10, ______ & Faith (BTVS S9) #10, IMAGE: Powers Vol. 3, America's Got Powers mini.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

iRawk...Therefore iPod FINALE!!!

Hey There!
And Welcome to "iRawk...Therefore iPod!"
A Collection of Love Letters to the best sidekick money can buy: an Apple iPod.

Over the past few years, I've experienced a few different iPods and watched my music collection transform from Compact Disc to the Digital File.
Now in 2012, I think we kind of look at something like the iPod Classic and a kid could say, "what...it only plays music???"
Media players have transformed daily American Life.
Our phones are now our Camera and our Jukeboxes and our Email and our Browser or App to Facebook or Twitter.

Still I must say that if I could, I'd totally give my Dad an iPod Classic filled with my music, teach him how to "Dial It In Like an Old Phone" and he'd be happy for Years!  YEARS.
Click to Enlarge!
The Click Wheel still is an excellent toggle & interface.
Sure even I got an iPod Touch with WiFi so I live an amphibious lifestyle.
hey, my 2 year old iPod nano with the click wheel can get FM Radio but it can't get Radio Paradise.
My iPod Touch is remarkable.  It is my camera.  My pocket browser.
And it does things a Click Wheel machine just can't do.

So I'm gonna say Good Night, Amen & Thank You to "iRawk Therefore iPod" and thanks for staying tuned to one man's journey into the Digital Music Era.  I've seen the playable music medium evolve from 78RPM, to 8-Track and to 16GB, ad infinitum.

In my musings with OCHO's Very Own Doctor Hooey, Peter...
we may have come to the conclusion that the iPod may be a White Elephant now in 2012 yet I can't speak for him.  I just know he's been corralling me into Touch Screens, Clouds & Even Going Beyond the Apple Core.

Thanks to Doc Hooey for the Digital Enabling.
And Thanks to Solaris the Tyrant Sun, my first 30GB iPod Classic in Feb 2006
then to MotherBoxxx it's 120GB iPod Classic replacement
then in July 2010 I got an 16GB Orange iPod nano named after my favorite anime giant robo "Arios Gundam, GN-007"
And an Unnamed 8GB iPod Touch I got last year in the newest generation of iPhones/iPod Touch, great Wi-Fi, Safari browser, Apps, Camera, FaceTime Video Chat.
I still got the last two iPods.  Shit, I use my little orange nano everyday still.
My dependence on an MP3 Music Player made me comply and resulted in a really frakkin' awesome & diverse music collection...

We Live in the Future.  And the iPod is getting to be a thing of the past...
as I love to muse...What's Next?  ;P

See You, Space Cowboy!


Please Click to Enlarge & Enjoy! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing Left to Say About The Star Wars...

I just...I just...don't know what to say after this.  
compliments of GeekNation, as I like to say about them "Fresh Geek Daily"

Besides "Enjoy Pizza Rolls"!!!
Don't Understand Star Wars & Pizza Rolls?  
Then you should watch this and all will be explained to you.  
The Mysteries & Secrets of The Force...
Shit, I watch this more than I do Episode I and will from now on.  
What's more stupid: this guy's Schick or Jar-Jar Binks?  (peee-you sah!)

Postscript: Speaking about being let down by our Sci-Fi Stories.
I saw Ridley Scott's "Prometheus".
Although there were great sci-fi scenes...that's all the movie was.
A bunch of scenes stapled together with a prequel-ish rebootiness in it's bouquet & finish.
This has to be the 7th Movie in the Property's umbrella.  After the movies are the Dark Horse Comics, the Role Playgames Sourcebooks and the novels.
Apparently, the joy was kept alive in the Print version, the non-movie universe that splintered...the spirit of what the fan was trying to capture when it comes to the "Aliens" movies.
Then comes a movie like 1993's "Alien3" and 1997 "Alien Resurrection" aka 4 (which visually wasn't all that bad just weird weird weird but iDigress...Joss Whedon Himself got a few words for it here)
In 1991, a Dark Horse comics mash-up called "Aliens Versus Predator" took two unrelated properties and metaphorically put these two scorpions in a box then shook it up.  This idea yielded tons of funnybooks and two movies (the first being surprisingly good horror movie yet the 2nd not so...)
So we come Full Circle to Ridley Scott who along with H.R. Giger scared the stones off all of us in 1979 with "Alien".
Only to be equaled by a slam-bam action move sequel "Aliens" in 1986.
Ridley Scott's "Alien" created a World.
James Cameron's "Aliens" elaborated and Built that World into a Universe.
Only then to have it all go to pot in the Cinema...the only medium that matters!!
The 1992 Action Figures commercial from Kenner.
Hey! Didn't All the Space Marines DIE in "Aliens"???  How the heck...wait, It's Only a Story.  Breathe.
Like Star Wars I gotta say...the fan-driven print media really ended up being better than the live-action.

Let's not think it's all bad?
We still got Batman: Dead End, now don't we?
Kriya Shakti! ;P

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!

Not Much to Say,

Congrats to the L.A. Kings.

See You, Space Cowboy...

The Comics Gnome POOTS...

Worth the $30.00...
392 pages re-released a few weeks back, collection the DC/VERTIGO series from 2000-01.

I read this once before in serial form back in some Halcyon Daze a few years after its initial release.
When me & a squad of mates ruled our immediate world...

So when I found out DEADENDERS was being collected, I jumped on it.  
Really enjoying this story again with almost a decade in between readings.  
Just as quirky & cool as I remember.  
Like Scott Pilgrim, it'll remind you of your Best Mates.  Your Old Crew.  As my Ma used to call us, "Your Posse". 
Urban kids hanging out, fighting, loving, drinking, surviving.   
Also there is some supernatural shenanigans going on to boot but when you get rid of the suspense & action, we're left with a warm tale of a gang of tried & true friends, sticking by in good & bad. 
Younger people; in their late teens to early 20s.  We see them age a little bit.
Superman & Batman used to be in their mid-30s now it's safe to say they're in their late 20's.  
With the DEADENDERS kids, we see the passage of time with their aging (albeit near the end of the book).  Everything happens within weeks, then to months and further years later, not stuck in a perpetual Now of Never-Ending Clash of Good & Evil.  
Also left with an ending rivaling TV's LOST wondering if it was part of the quelle that LOST lifted for their magnificent finale.  Bubble Realities?  Are We Our Dreams?  
Pretty Awesome Stuff.  And not even the superhero stuff.  Just kids being kids.  
Maybe you'll see yourself in them somewhere. 
Deadenders predates Scott Pilgrim by 7-8 Years but both share the Group Dynamic.  
Of Boys & Girls of a Certain Age & Coolness All Coming Together, Only Naturally.  
It makes me fond of my Space/Times of my Who/Where/Whens.  
I was always blessed with a cadre of great friends.  Not only do these comics entertain me with a good story but I'm taken back to my days of the community of your band of Mates.  
Our Social Experience of Ourselves at That Certain Age Too.  May it bring you back with a tale of suspense & romance.  Drawn & inked in the old VERTIGO style.

I jokingly referred to Deadenders as THE INVISIBLES-Lite and after a re-read years later, 
I stand by that.  
Mischievous, criminal hi-jinks & romance ensue!  

Thursday, June 07, 2012

But it is 2012 so what really is a Forty Dollar Tee-Shirt, anyway.  

What Would Turk's Keys to the Game Be?
1.  Finish Your Checks
2.  Score More Goals
3.  And for Pete's sake, Really Give It To 'Em!  

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!

On Tim Thomas...
(click link to reveal fortune cookie for future former Bruins netminder)

Now to real Hockey News:
Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
The Not-Ready For Primetime National Coverage NHL Finals could conclude tonight.
If the New Jersey Devils can force a game 5...
...then the Question is Moot and I win the Car.
(click here for the classic late 80s SNL skit starring Rev Jesse Jackson)
If the Kings manage to actually lose tonight...then the remaining Three Games will be aired on "Regular (formerly known as) Broadcast Television" aka NBC, Channel 7 on the top dial but iDigress...

Yet Tonight's Game 4 in Los Angeles will be shown on the NBC Sports Network...
formerly Versus, previously the Outdoor Life Network (OLN, home of the televised Tour de France).  This little network carved a niche years ago nabbing the NHL.  OLN then uses its building clout to change its name & brand to VERSUS, finally ending up making shareholders happy when picked up by NBCUniversal.

So I'll be reading the game from my browser again.
On NBC tonight though are Betty White 8PM, Up All Night with Christina Applegate, Will Arnett & Maya Rudolph at 8:30PM.  Oh, then the back-to-back Law & Order: SVU, the "ultra-creepy rapey ewwww" show that actually scares me off of Network TV ironically enough.
This is Tonight's NBC Broadcast Schedule.  Followed by 11PM local news then Jay Leno & the Tonight Show.

Puck drops for what could be the final time tonight starting about 8:18PM EDT.

You know I could go to the Pub...
You Must See This to Believe This
Provided by Doctor Hooey, OCHO's Very Own Peter.
click to enlarge but check the Entire Hall of Justice out in the Link Above. 

The Funniest Thing I've Read All Day Long.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Click to Enlarge to See the Marvel of a Marble
For no other reason than it is beautiful, here is a picture astronaut AndrĂ© Kuipers took of Buenos Aires as the International Space Station sailed into the night over the Atlantic Ocean.
Kuipers took that picture on May 11, 2012. Looking to the west you can see the city lights, as well as the thin green line of the atmospheric aerosol layer. I suspect that’s Venus right over the horizon, too. The silhouette is of the Russian Progress 47 capsule which docked with the ISS in April, and will remain there for several more months.
Image credit: NASA/ESA  Source:
I'm quite struck by the the definition of the atmosphere.
That's all that separates us from the Vacuum of the Cosmos.

Monday, June 04, 2012

POWERS, Vol. 3 #10
Brand Ass-Spanking New

That Is All.  Please Return to your Bendis-Free lives without gods, Monsters, Powers and the Cops Who Investigate Their Crime Scenes...
One Heavy-Duty Magazine.  
Word of the Day:
"(al´g&-rith-&m) (n.) A formula or set of steps for solving a particular problem. To be an algorithm, a set of rules must be unambiguous and have a clear stopping point. Algorithms can be expressed in any language, from natural languages like English or French to programming languages like FORTRAN
We use algorithms every day. For example, a recipe for baking a cake is an algorithm. Most programs, with the exception of some artificial intelligenceapplications, consist of algorithms. Inventing elegant algorithms -- algorithms that are simple and require the fewest steps possible -- is one of the principal challenges in programming."

I completely love the Visual Aid in this definition. 

PTSOTL: Dear PTSOTL: OK Cupid doesn't work

PTSOTL: Dear PTSOTL: OK Cupid doesn't work

I Agree!

Read the Great Article!  Stay for my Brilliant Comments!

An Official Smoking PUCK Statement!

Dear Tim Thomas,

Don't Tread On Me.

Best regards,
Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Friday, June 01, 2012