Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Smoking PUCK Valediction...


I shaved my beard down to the Quick with the 'lectric Clippers this AM before work.
In Beantowne Faire, the NHL Playoffs are over.
Darn it...

It was yet another Game 7, in yet another overtime, in yet another bruins Playoff Game.
It can only break one way of the other.
Oh well...
What happened?
We didn't score enough goals.  That's all.
Same thing in 2010 2nd Season when we lost David Krecji,
in the 2012 post-season we were without Nathan Horton.
A Crucial X-Factor in how the Puck is brought into the Offensive Zone & How Much OOOMPH! goes into the chances on goal.
Horton was "it".  If anyone asks me "why".

So another Bruins season comes to pass.  Ending in the Playoffs, of course.

I will be pulling for the Ottawa Senators and the New Jersey Devils, the former being the sole Canadian team and representing the Northeast Division, the latter Martin Broduer's swan song anyone?
In the West,  the L.A. Kings.  because @wilw on Twitter loves them.  And they got a damn good team over there now under new management...I guess it's working.

Nothing's Broken in Boston.  Just making the Playoffs is the ticket in.
It just didn't happen.  Last year was the year to win Game 7 Overtimes
This Year?...

So don't take it so hard.  Hope you had fun this season.
I hope ticket price go down.  I'm a funny guy so I hope this made you laugh.

kriya shakti,

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

The Next Episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Meanwhile in Season 9!
Buffy's been leading quite a double life.  
Her mind's been literally in two places.  
WTF's been going on!?!  And what is up with Spike's ____________
Now we're being shown the Plan.  
Issue #9, Cover art by Phil Noto.
There are Two Covers, this is the one's I'm trying to buy.  
This is funny too seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar's current TV series but iDigress...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tao of Sully

On Decency in Comics,

“Some really good people are working on Before Watchmen and it saddens me to see that. I won’t be supporting it in any way. I just can’t. And in all honesty — I can’t help but feel a little bit less for every creator who works on these books. Have you no decency?”
-Image Comics' Erik Larsen on the BEFORE WATCHMEN prequels DC Entertainment has forthcoming.

To Erik J. Larsen,

Firstly, thanks for not sending the Savage Dragon over to bite my head off.  I like breathing as Dr. Dre said.  
But really, I've been thinking about your comment about BEFORE WATCHMEN & their creators.
and meditating on it.  

I'm simply going to choose not to buy it.  
Even with Azzarello writing the Comedian can't get my money & attention.
Nonetheless as I said I've been mulling it over and I come back to something else Alan Moore created:
John Constantine.
And I'll stick with Azzarello being one of the only Americans to write Constantine.
I guess my train of logic is that since Moore created Constantine, no body else should be writing him either?  
I don't know if this is an unfair comparison or not; I'm just going with two properties that Moore birthed while at DC.  
I've read John Constantine: Hellblazer twice over issues #1-200 with all the specials.  I've kind of fallen off that story but that's the thing about funnybooks...we can always go back!  
Some of the best Constantine I've read is written by Brian Azzarello with art by Richard Corben in his initial arc called HARD TIME and the following arcs mostly done by the incredible Marcello Frusin.  John Constantine's journey across the USA, raising hell every footstep.  
This is Acme Stuff.  Twisted.  Twacked is a succinct word I've used to describe the Azzarello Hellblazer run.
Then there is BEFORE WATCHMEN and Azzarello's COMEDIAN.  
And my "Moore Made This" Train of Thought.  
And I'm not picking it up.  Not gonna do it.  And that for me is Dignity.  
And Decency.  
I'm sure it'll be a story of interest and to those seeking that fare, entertainment.  

I think We the Loyal Reader are imposing a sort-of NATO No-Fly Zone over WATCHMEN and DC being the Evil Empire they are are Flying in our No-Fly Zone.  

I also think oddball thoughts about "what if in 50-60 years from now, some teenager with pencils, inks & white paper makes an original & awesome SIN CITY story?"
I'm just a reader and have empathy for the creators and their interests and their principles, especially when it comes to Rights and their derivatives.  

We're all afraid that WATCHMEN's being very special is slowly being cheapened.  And exploited.  
The Powers That Be cannot cheapen WATCHMEN to me.  
I'm still getting my Gibbons panel inked on my right forearm.  
2nd Panel.  

Thanks Erik.  Thanks for 20 Years of great IMAGE Comics titles.  I think DC & Marvel are jealous of you guys in a way.  All the Big 2 have are the same stories & properties in reality they are constrained by.  Yet Image has brought the world POWERS, AGE OF BRONZE, CASANOVA, FELL, CHEW, WALKING DEAD, LUTHER STRODE and this is all the more recent stuff!!  Image is an Engine of Infinite Possibilities in New Fiction & New Stories.  
I'll always like the Capes & Cowls stuff at the "Big Two" but they're One Trick Ponies, are they not?  
I feel there is no need for these BEFORE WATCHMEN stories to be told.  That story was already told as We the Reader are the most important character in any story.  We were given glimpses and the rest is our imaginations.  
Who Knows?  
Maybe we'll luck out and this DC property "Earth-Moore" will be first in the Anti-Matter Wall of a CRISIS!  ;)  

To close, I'll quote Frank Zappa from 1977, "Remember: I was signed with Warner Brothers for EIGHT FUCKING YEARS!"...simply something to meditate on in context to DC Entertainment in 2012.

Who is Watching...Indeed.  
Thanks again.  

Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

Pizza Rolls!
A mash-up of Iron Man and R2-D2.  
Perhaps the Iron Man of Earth-1138 but iDigress...
Right-Clicked & Grabbed from the Twitter avatar of Jon Favreau 
Apparently the director behind IRON MAN & IRON MAN 2 loves to post RT (re-tweets) of FanMen who send him pics of their kids dressed as the Iron Avenger. Actually pretty cool stuff, kids who love Iron Man for why?  'Cuz their dads made them watch the movie.  
IMHO: IRON MAN is perhaps the "Best" of the Modern MARVEL movies all dovetailing into next month's "THE AVENGERS".  I made Posty & Dr. Hooey watch THOR on a movie night and even I gotta say, it wasn't all that as fabulous as I remembered initially.  CAPTAIN AMERICA was okay, my Ma rented it from RedBox for X-Mas Day dinner movie upon my suggestion.  I remember that being decent as well, if Spielberg's "1941" had a bastard son who got exposed to Comic Rays & became a Superhero.  
And it's gotta be said...Doctor Hooey & I viewed "The Hunger Games" at the Show and I watched all the trailers, upon my Doctor's Advice.  I usually abstain from previews.  I witnessed the full AVENGERS trailer and from me to you...
It Doesn't Look Too Frakkin Good.  I'll suspend further judgment until I see the film yet my reaction to what I saw on the screen was...Just Another CGI-Frak Fest.  
Unless Andrew Garfield & Hugh Jackman show up in the Climactic Finale Battle...I'm gonna say this is gonna disappoint worse than AVENGERS 2 when we can finally have a few more African-Americans on the squad.  

kriya shakti,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thank you, Warren Ellis.  
Lord, I love the frakkin IntrePoop...

kriya shakti,

View from the Birhouse

April 15, 2012
Davis Sq. Somerville, MA USA
Bike Path Community Garden
walking the dog...

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

The Wonderful Little World of SCOTT PILGRIM

in the early 21st century...
a group of young Twenty-Somethings in Toronto, ONT CANADA...
a life packed with friends, shenanigans and Rock Music!
of Dating, of Heartbreak or Love Found...
And Love Fought For...VIDEO GAME STYLE!  

Welcome to the Precious Little Life of
SCOTT PILGRIM & Friends!!!  

Let's meet the Gang!  The Rock trio Sex Bob-Omb.
We got the lead singer Steven "The Talent" Stills, drummer Kim Pine who Scott knows (dated in!) from high school and friend "Young" Neil, who's apartment the band practice in...
upon finding out Scott is dating Knives Chau, a 17-year old Chinese-Canadian high school student.  
Six Volumes in Black in White.
North American Manga!  
meet Ramona Flowers.  
Scott Pilgrim's Dream Girl.  Maybe a year older than Scott and from the USA!
She's just rolled into town and Scott got hit by the Thunderbolt!  
Too Bad he's gotta balance his slacker life in a band, dump his teenage kinda-girlfriend and...
defeat Ramona's "League of 7 Evil Ex-Boyfriends!!!" in Video Game-Style Combat to the Death!!!  
Overall the Comics Gnome has POOTed all 6 volumes and has shared them with Posty and Doctor Hooey.  
Mood, tone, emotion, fun.  In such simple black & white using manga conventions.  Great use of the page & the panel.  Of the gradation of blacks & whites, fading ups & downs to bring the fantastic element of this unique video game universe to life.  
It's subtle.  Fun.  Engaging.  It reminds me of my rockstar lifestyle at 23 & my friends.  Chicks, dudes, girlfriends...what the Buddhists call the "Sangha", the Village, the Group or peers, equals & friends that sometimes blossom into family.  Our Corps.  
It's about friends, new & old.  It's about making mistakes, making music, forgiveness, moving forward...
and lots of FIGHTING FOR LOVE!  
I'm still an Hopeful Romantic, not a Hopeless one.  

Will Scott & Ramona make it???
Can Scott defeat the 7 Evil Exes???
Did Scott forget his housekeys again & get locked out???  
Such a charming awesome story, lovingly handcrafted by Bryan Lee O'Malley from 2004-2010.
Adapted for the Big Screen and Real Life yet the manga is special.  
It makes Toronto a weird Videogame Noir background with the starkness of B&W.  A colored version is forthcoming but I think that's Post-Movie Hooey.  
Scott Pilgrim hits all levels from story to art.  An example in storytelling, independent & self-produced.  
I think it's time for a re-read...
Well as soon as I get them back!  

PS Thanks ONI Press for the images hotlinked.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!

What Comes Out in the "Wash"
aka: The Second Season is ON!!!

Howdy!  And Welcome to Channel OCHO...
Home of the "Grass-Roots" Column the Smoking PUCK!

And it is the time of the year for the beginning of what we Hockey Fans call the "Second Season"
The NHL Playoffs last several weeks.
Player lose weight from their torsos from exertion yet gain some of that weight back in Beards the deeper a team gets into the Playoffs.
16 teams made it.  2 get to fight it out for Lord Stanley's Tupperware.

It's about the fluidity of a team and its method.
Take this series; first round Washington vs. Boston.
The Capitals are down both of their starting goalies.  A team's worst nightmare.  Their hopes lie in the rookie call-up.
The Bruins are missing their backup goaltender and a few defensemen.  Also the crucial X-Factor of the mighty Nathan Horton who is once again sidelined with concussion.  Horton is one of those "knack" players...he gets into the right space/time when on the ice and is rewarded often in Goals & Assists.  He is sorely missed.  David Krejci got nailed in the head by a loose glass in a post-overtime celebration in the Game 1 victory!  He did not skate yesterday in practice.  Whoops.  Sheeeesh.  Those are the things that happen.  He might be out with a sore neck.  What a pain in the...but iDigress...

Game 2 of the Capitals at Bruins starts sometime after 3PM on NBC, where I can curse the Eijit Box for its shitty national coverage & missed face-offs.  I'll keep count.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Monday, April 09, 2012

Tao of Sully

my New Meditation corner
Where I use my mantra to daily try to positively influence my life & choicemaking potential.
Where I literally try to converse with Krishna, an avatar of the God of All Creation.  For me the most accessible of the god-archetypes.  A real one-on-one relationship with the Divine is you chose to see that. 
It's when I open my eyes after 15-20 minutes of being shut and the first things I see in this placid mood, this blissful vibe are these trinkets & artifacts.
Each one hand picked & meaningful,  

Now Improved (after my apartment move! ^_^)

kriya shakti,

iRawk...Therefore iPod!

I still think he's Fab.
"When We Was Fab" by George Harrison from Cloud Nine, 1987
Popped up in my beddy-bye time full shuffle right now.

Still My Fave Beatle.  Love the Picture Disc....so 1988.  
I was 13 then.  
Happy Passover!    

The Comics Gnome POOTS...

A Crayola Corps of Lights in my Easter Basket

I don't mind.  
My Ma loves holidays.  

So she made me an Easter Basket.  Yeah...complete with grass, dark chocolate mini eggs, a Green Lantern fridge magnet
and two issue of DC's New 52 that I never bothered to pick up.
And as my Ma...I mean the Easter Bunny...I mean the Comics Gnome knows!
I love the Green Lantern story.  Love it so much I'm taking a break but iDigress...

I was impressed.  And nodded, "yeah yeah, Ma nice thanks".  
2 Random FunnyBooks on Easter Sunday.  



I'm not going to get into it really but I appreciated both magazines.
I had not read either in these series and I should have by now as a fan of the property.  
Furthermore, I liked both for different reasons.  And I'm of the Old School that thinks any random issue could be a jump-on spot for a new reader.  
The Red Lanterns issue was interesting.  Knee-deep in backstory yet as easy to catch as a moving streetcar.  I'm cityfolk so you take this vehicle as you can, ok?  I'm seeing the Earth's first Red Lantern.  And there is other things going on that are all explained in the narrative!  It stands alone in an arc!  Good job, Peter Milligan & Co.!
With Green Lantern New Guardians, I have a chance to justify my Tee-Shirt collection.  A Lantern Unit of 7 Members; each of a different color and they have to find a way to work together...or else.  What "Else" turns out to be, we'll find out someday but until then...
What I liked was the use of my favorite Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.  He's still out there, ring-slinging with that visor and sense of Spidey-Humor.  

An interesting gift.  My entire basket.  Gifts quite often are something you didn't ask for yet appreciate.  

Get In My Belly

Easter Island Eggs

On Easter Sunday, I was like millions of other people all over America & the World going to have Easter Dinner.  
Nowadays, instead of being the selfish little punk I've always tended to be...
Now I'm only kinda selfish semi-prick* (*yeah...let's hear the dick jokes now, ya buncha softies but iDigress...)

Instead of showing up empty-handed (which is something I'm wickid good at...)
I'll bring some goodies, homemade.  

I brought three dishes.  Just something for the table.
I had a bowl of leftover plain basmati rice I added some chix broth and cooked off Jimmy Dean sausage.  A variation of something my Dad's mother, my Nana used to have on her table for Holidays & Sunday Dinners.  It was called Rice Stuffing and it was just a rice & ground beef side dish.
I also brought along some homemade hummus, delicious homemade hummus I made with roasted Poblano peppers with fresh homemeade corn tortilla chips.

And one of my crowd-pleasing favorites: Deviled Eggs.  
Dearest Fair OCHO, May I Ask You A Serious Question?
Have you ever tried to bring Deviled Eggs to a friend's place for a party?  
Well...I have.  And it sucks eggs!  
They shift, they get messy, they get oxidized.  Sigh...
Just using a Deviled Eggs Platter is a boon yet still, the smear of egg yolk on the protective lid or plastic wrap?
I can't live like this!!!  

So I decided a long time ago as a professional cook a simple mantra that states a Universal Dharma Truth:
I am Smarter Than the Food.  

What I did to bring the most delicious deviled eggs to my family, like a quasi-Easter Bunny bringing tomorrow's farts not today's chocolate rabbits.  
I asked a chef once, "Chef what can I do to make my deviled eggs memorable" 
And Chef said, Add Tuna Fish & Diced Pineapple (optionally top with fresh cilantro & chives when filled).
So I dub these the Easter Island Eggs with tuna & pineapple being quite Polynesian menu items.  

To transport the Easter Island Eggs I did something that came to me in an A-Ha* Moment (*insert "Take On Me" here).

I prep the hard-boiled eggs, shell them & cut them in half.  
I then simply stack & stow the egg whites in a Tupperware, lined with paper towels.
And in a Ziplok quart bag, I hold my prepared egg yolk mixture.
What you do is this: when I get to my destination & serve my eggs, I take a minute to plate the egg whites, I then use scissors to cut off a small corner off the Ziplok bag...and like a pastry bag I use the Ziplok to pipe the yolk mixture into the eggs.  
Easy Peasy.   

My mom loves deviled eggs and I blame her for finishing the plate! (Awesome!!!).  

Deviled Eggs are as easy as boiling water.  My Easter Island Eggs might not be for everybody but they are Very Special for the People that Love a Little Devil in Them.  

Slainte & Huzzah!!!  


"Lakes and Oceans"
click the link below to Enlarge.  This image will only get "so-so" big.  
The Ocean's a big place...you might need to see it's true grandeur at...  

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Smoking PUCK, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bryan!
aka The End is only the Beginning

Firstly, to my First Best Friend in Life:
Bryan, Happy Birthday.  Tomorrow on Easter Sunday, his family & himself can celebrate the cracking of his Egg.
I guess we can't catch a game this season.  Sorry.
Perhaps Next Season.
Unless we chance upon a Playoff Game!!!  

We find out later tonight with whom the Bruins face in the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Washington or Ottawa.
Either one will be a "capitol" series, wouldn't you say?  ;P

The Local Black & Gold '11-'12 finish the regular season in Second Place in the Eastern Conference with 102 Standings.
Not too shabby for a team who's February looks like a blooper reel.
The Top 10 Teams in the League finished with over 100 Standings Points.

The Second Season begins next Wednesday, Thursday here in Beantowne Faire.

So to the 14 teams that did not qualify for the Playoffs...
For those about to Golf, I salute you.

kriya shakti,

Wednesday, April 04, 2012