Saturday, March 31, 2012

View from the Birdhouse

Happy Spring
Taken last week, March 22 after the first bloom. 
Originally posted on Twitter.
Cambridge, MA USA
MIT Campus

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Comics Gnome POOTS...

New POWERS from ICON Comics by Brian Michael Bendis & Mike Avon Oeming.

After a Year-Long Hiatus, issues #8 & 9 have been POOT'd on the Great Coffeetable of OCHO.

And with two-page Splashes like this, POWERS is a welcome return.
Looking for a god-Killer?
Ask another god.
Where would you find a god?  
A god-speakeasy, of course!  

An Open Note from the Man with the Sack of Monthly Serials, to Bendis & Oeming,
As much as I'd love to anticipate forthcoming editions, volumes, issues & stories about this really awesome Superhero World where Cops are on the Case to Solve Super-Crime...
we the Reader and you the Producers of these Fictions & Publications have a Symbiotic Relationship:
We need Each Other.  
We Literally Exchange Papers, Our Greenbacks for your Serials & Stories, whether in pixel or print.  
If youze guyze really need to take another extended hiatus, perhaps know that this reader could like some closure and conclusion with the good old cliffhanger...
Maybe Consider Ending the Volume if you need to have a Break.  
Good to have to back but Please Don't lead me around by the Cape like this Again.  
I too wish POWERS shared with the world.  
Yet as a "True Believer", I believe I've spent almost $200 hundred bucks already in Trade & Serial on this story of POWERS.  Sure, about 10 years of patronage now and that is only about $20 a year so I feel as though my position suffers from Depreciation.  ^_~ 
I just don't want to feel let down again after so many Modern Let-Downs with some serials ending up in Limbo.
I love POWERS, great to have you Back.  Hope I didn't P.O. youze guyze.  I think you two are are the top of your game and I just want to see how this all pans out in the End.  
Thanks, guys.  I'll go back to my funnybook now.  
-The Comics Gnome

Monday, March 26, 2012

Smoking PUCK Moment in Space/Time

I <3 Hockey.
that means something alright?


it lives.  look it up.  for the most part it's the Boston Bruins though.

A West Coast Road Trip going 2-1 against a few good teams; the San Jose Sharks, the L.A. Kings and the Anaheim Ducks.  They're just like the Bruins.  packed with talent and libel to explode any given night.

The season is winding down.  Have the Faith, yet Have Equal Forgiveness to That Faith.
The Bruins are Bound for the Playoffs.
A Cup Repeat?  Hasn't been done since the Long Offseason.
But It Hasn't Been Done Yet Either!

Kriya Shakti,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

iRawk...Therefore iPod, March 18, 2012

Spinning Wheels, Rolling Stones, Just Some Stuff...

Am I allergic to new music?  I've yet to pick up any new music this year.  
No new artists.  No new material from Older Artists (Besides the 2 VH Singles...I've yet to get the entire new Van Halen album because iTunes won't allow me to Complete My Purchase, I already spent $4 on it and it wants to charge me the full $14...I say No Way, Jose but iDigress...)

Sorry...the iTunes edition did not come with an Enhanced Cover Art.
Yet I grew up with this album, the Rolling Stones 1971 "Sticky Fingers"
My dad had this version of the vinyl LP
It's been a while since I sat back (or walked around) and listened to Sticky Fingers in its entirety.  
Still one of the Bests.  
I also had a problem Completing My Album for I had purchased 2 tracks off this LP "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" and "You Gotta Move".
Something Went Bonk but I bought it anyway at Full Price.

Also another old friend back in the fold, 1981's George Carlin "A Place for My Stuff"
"Hey have you noticed that you never seem to get laid much on Thankgiving?...
I thinks it's because all the coats are on the bed.
That's my job, thinking up goofy shit."
Big part of my growing up, hearing it new at 10 Years Old along with Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin & Richard Pryor.
This is a Time Machine back to childhood and this album is just as funny now.  
Have a Nice Day!  
I'm Laughing My Ass Off!  I hope I can wear pants tomorrow!  Hahaahahaha.  

New Music I think is forthcoming with the amount I'm listening to
The Best Radio Station Right Now.  It's on the IntrePoop.  Doctor Hooey prescribed it and I eventually took it.  I had an aversion to Pandora which wasn't my cup of tea.
But Radio Paradise is really slick.  Great Deejay and awesome themes to the runs of song if you chance to figure them out.  I listen to this through my iPod Touch when I get a Wireless signal and (as Dr. Hooey predicted) when I'm sick of my iPod's playlists.  
Another Source of New Music I bathe my brain in Future Sounds of Electronica hand-selected by one of my favorite futurists & Sci Fi writers Warren Ellis with his PodCast...
Great New Music.  Then the occasional short blast of information from the Man Himself, going on about whatever catches his mad fancy at the time of recording.  
My Cup of Tea.  Milk, Sugar and some cookies too.  

In Other Readings,
I fell in love with a Fiction Again.
It's my Lot in Life.
With the movie's release earlier this month, Disney's "John Carter" caught my attention.  And I'm beginning to hate violent movie and have always had the "mad-on" for CGI-reliant movies.
So in my love of constantly being entertained I pick up the first of the John Carter "A Princess of Mars: Barsoom Book 1" books, unabridged.  7+ hours of pure archaic joy.  

The property itself is 101 Years Old and is the great-granddaddy of the Science Fiction Action Hero.  
Yet the narrative voice was what nailed me to the ever-unfolding adventure ride.  The unabridged reading of a sci-fi adventure that predates movies.  It was just the one voice actor reading Edgar Rice Burroughs book, no sound effects, no cast of actors reading different parts.  Just one guy inflecting his voice for different characters.  
This amazing tale of the Earth-lost warrior, the man out his circumstances and kicking ass along the way.  Civil War veteran Captain John Carter finds himself mysteriously spirited away from an Arizona mine to the planet Mars where the relative lesser gravity gives the Earthman Superman-like ability of strength, speed and leaping great distances.  
I haven't seen the movie and look forward to it in my own time, whether on the big screen or my iPod Touch via Netflix.  But what a great story.  
Really enjoyed it and worth the $15 bucks.  

kriya shakti,

Tao of Sully, March 18, 2012

Happy Saint Advil's Day!  Huzzah & Flourish All Aboot, Please!
Or stay completely still if the world is still spinning from last night's St. Pat's Revel.

I've taken a pack of X-Strg Alka-Selzer to wash down 2 Exederin.

On weekend AMs, I either meditate for 30 minutes or not.
The weekday, the focusing of intentions when I start my day is the Crux of a Normal Day, wherein lots of Good & Bad Things Happen at Work all day long.

Yet I've been thinking About Atheists.  And an Atheist can Meditate and not lead a Spiritual Life.
Meditation requires a Quieting of the Mind's Inner Chatter.
And This Quieting's taken This Eric 2 Years of Failing to Start To Get It Right.

In the Living Room this morning, I ran into Ben, my roommate, fellow nerd and comicbook tee-shirt wearing soul-conspirator.
Benny was wearing the Green Lantern this AM.
He said He's Guy Gardener.
I said He more like Mogo but iDigress...

We got an old-fashioned office-style water bubbler in the Living Room including the Hot Water Tap for Teas & Soups and Such.
I use it to "charge up" my coffee mug.  Let hot water temper the mug then I'll use it for hot coffee.
As I'm filling the porcelain demi-god, I'm muttering the Green Lantern Oath.
"In Brightest Day
In Blackest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might
Beware My Power Green Lantern's Light"

Then it strikes me...an Atheist could totally use this successfully to meditate.
Passage Meditation is the style of Kung-Fu I use and it works.
Submit yourself to this Idea: Are You You or Are You Your Thoughts?
In the Space between your thoughts...what Deepak Chopra calls the "Gap".

This is where We truly Sit, watching and choosing.  The next thought comes & goes.
Yet the next thought and be shuffled aside...
and we can sit in that spot of Non-Thought for a span of time.
then naturally another thought arises...
And it's time to Repeat the Passage to Regain that Seat of Inner Silence.
I think that the Atheist could find this Zone of Non-Thought with the usage of Passage Meditation, to separate Thinker from Thought.
Chopra suggests Meditation to "extend this Gap" where we can better decision-makers.  

In this Span of Non-Thought, that's the ripe time for Me to Reformat my Harddrive.
Over the Course of 20-30 Minutes, I use three different passages; the Bhagavad Gita 2:14 in order to Rein in Stray Thoughts as the Cowboy does a Veering Steer.
The Intentions of the Day (Swadeshi, Ekagrata, Forgiveness, Lokasamgraham & Rajavidya)
And the name of the "Lord" in simple Sanskrit "Rama" with a cleansing "Aummmm!!!" here & there for the Prana.  I also use "Rama" now instead of muttering in stress & frustration at work I've replaced it with "Rama" and now I'm able to Center Myself PDQ.  When I awake at night and can't get back to sleep or stay awake with a turgid imaginative memory about the workplace...
I repeat "Rama...Rama...Rama..."
and I eventually return to peaceful sleep.

The Atheist doesn't have to subscribe to the Spirit nonetheless of the Quality in Distracting the Mind long enough to get back to the Business at hand whether it be Work, Home or Sleep.
Meditation Could Help You but Only if you have the Willpower to construct it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

And on a similar bent, nsiops wanted to know, "Are there any plans on creating some more Marvel 'What if' issues?"
MARVEL E-I-C Axel Alonso: "I dunno, Rollo. Our Distinguished Competition seems to have cornered the "What If?" market."

"'Nuff Said", the Comics Gnome Aping Stan Lee.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

the Smoking PUCK! March 15, 2012

The Ides!  The Ides!!!
I love history.  And the Bard.

The Irish suffer better than the Greek.  S'why Austerity Works in the Emerald Isle.
Remember that you fookin' tookers on this Saint Paddy's Day, yiz eijits.

I take the night off.  Stay in.  I think it's Amateur Night.

Austerities in Boston.  In the worst winter ever in my life.
Almost No Snow.
I like ambling around in the fluffy stuff.  What can I say?

Bruins are mysteriously hovering in 2nd overall in the standings yet have really respected the streak these past several weeks; the Bad Streak.  Like Crash Davis said in Bull Durham, "you gotta respect the streak".

Interesting Times in Black & Gold.  Seen them worse, seen them better, all this season.
Not Worried.

I judge a Bad Year one in which the Bruins Do Not Make the Playoffs.
2011: Stanley Cup
2010: Too Many Men vs. the Flyers in the Playoffs
2009-1990: Nightly "Meh" with Intermittent Brilliance with mostly all those years in the Playoffs.
Before the 1990s was a different era in Hockey.  Yet the Bruins started off the Modern Age of Hockey with Wayne Gretzky's Final Stanley Cup ring.  Or ended that passed age.  They tend to overlap especially when you make it up "on the fly".  And made the Playoffs a lot after 1990.
I'm gonna Call It at Expansion in 1991/92.  Shortly thereafter, the Bruins get new uniforms and a new Stadium.  All over NHL Hockey things were changing and evolving that all led to the Long Offseason, the Lockout 2003 Un-Season.  The 1990s were an interesting place for a hockey fan to see it all unfold.
It got bad but we all watched.

Our current NHL?  I love it.  I hope you do too.  I hope Matt's wife, Jill has watched a few games this season.  Since the lockout, Hockey got a great swerve back. Players have never been so good over 30 teams.
Do the Math, Mouthbreather!
30 Teams.

And to finish this week's weak rant off with a thought:
I'm sheepish to admit that I feel a little assed out.
The New Zealand shepherds who shun Daylight Savings Time because it Upsets the Sheep.
I for one empathize with you.
My body cannot be NOT told it's not 3AM when I get up for the work week, this week but iDigress...

To-Nite: Bruins at Miami.
What happens between Now and the Playoffs is up to the Hometown Black & Gold.
12 Games Until the End of the Season.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing Left to say about The Star Wars...

Episode II...

Today, I threw away something #geeky,
something Star Wars,
something formerly cool...

Sorry...after Tweeting for 5 months I've a penchant for using the "hashtag" as emphasis...

I'm moving.  Next week.  This past weekend was a time to recollect & purge.
A mission.  To Clean out the Closet
I have a huge walk-in closet.
My roommates do not know how big it is.  I actually shared it today with the remaining Flatmate getting the "Big Room".  
Know This: One of my Micro-Brew Exploded.  In June of Aught 'Leven, in a swelter SOOOO tough, my Glass Bottle Quart of Imperial Stout committed an Hari-Kiri in the Heat.
Leaving Glass Shards and Beer Stains Everywhere.  
I've been finding glass shards for months!

Now it's time to move.  
And the opportunity to clean my closet and fulfill the promise...
Leave the Room Better than I Found It.  

I needed to make the Closet Glass-Free & give it a paint job.  Which I did.  
But I needed to do the necessary purge of moving.  
And in it I found an artifact of dubious importance now in a state of "meh".

It was my VHS copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special.  


Shall I repost the famous "xkcd" strip?

The VHS hard plastic case was crusted with dried beer and candied in brown bottle glass...
Had I given a Shit I could have reclaimed it.  Transplanted the VHS Cassette to a new case.
Cleaned the glass and stout off the case with rubbing alcohol & Q-Tips...
but No.

It Was Time.  Time To Grow Up.  
I'm Bringing my Episode I Lightsabres.  They're Coming.  
Yet it was time to Ditch the Kitsch and Strive to be Alive.  

All I did was torture my friends whom I showed this!  
Why bother?  Why???  

There is no Why.  Only Listening to the Inner Voice that says, "ewww...ditch that shit" when you're cleaning out your closet when your moving.  
The Lightsabres will have their own time.
Hopefully they'll be gifted to children who watch "Clone Wars" but iDigress...

kriya shakti & May The Force Be With You,
Rev Sully

The Smoking PUCK, March 5, 2012

I Can't Get No Satisfaction (out of NY)
aka: No Need to Panic (redux)

I hate being the Voice of Prognostication.
I love Being the Voice of Procrastination.

I'm actually remarkably deft at both.

I can't even tell you the litany of things "I Have Called".
It's incredulous.  It's up there with my Sooooper-Power of "Strangers Asking Me for Directions".
No One Really Believes That I Have These Mundane Soooooper-Powers.
Unless You Know Me and Have Seen Them In Action.

Yet I'll Tell You...
No Need to Panic.
The Bruins will make the Playoffs.
After That, It's Completely Up To Them.  Like Last Year.
As far as I know...Nobody Has a Problem with Last Year Unless You're From Vancouver and NOT Milan Lucic...but iDigress...

As Previously reported, February was not a Great Month to be a Causeway Street Brown Bear, ultimately getting shut out 5 times in the second month of the new year.  Sheesh.
And to Begin the Mighty Month of March?
Getting Beaten in back-to-back Matinees versus the New York teams.  Dammit.
At Home on Saturday, against the NY Islanders where we lost a close one and the backup goalie Tuuka Rask with a knee injury.
Away in NYC on Sunday for the NBC Game of the Week at 12:30PM, the Rangers (patooie!) beat the Local '11-'12.  With a Win at New Jersey on the 1st, the Hometown Teams are 1-2 in March all those games decided by One Lone Goal.  Next: Away in Toronto for the struggling Leafs tomorrow night.
Only 18 Games left, and 14 games this month.
Do the Math, Mouthbreathers, that means only 4 games in April..then.
The Second Season.
Are the Bruins ready?  Hell yeah.

At the trade deadline, the Bruins re-acquired veteran forward Brian Rolston.  I've always felt the loss for Mark Recchi since his post-Cup retirement in the past off-season.  From 1999-2004, Rolston wore the Spok'd Bee well and then upon Free Agency, went on to Greener Pastures in his native Minnesota signing with the Wild.  After a few stops along the way, he's back from the Cold and in the Black & Gold.

With only 18 Games Left in the Season, No Need To Worry or to even Tell anyone to worry, Unless you're getting paid that is.  I watch/listen to all the games and sure...we're having a hard time finding the back of the net but it's still been a very entertaining season.  Much better than years past.
Bruins Dharma is that we could blow it any frakkin' day, yes.
But have hope.  Getting into the Playoffs is the ticket to the Promised Land
All You Have to do is get the Crew to get the Ship There Themselves.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing Left To Say About The Star Wars...

As a child, auxiliary publications got countless re-reads.
The Empire Strikes Back was perhaps my go-to magazine 1980-83 and it was chock full of McQuarrie art
Such as this favorite:

Doing my RTFM for this pic I found a treasure...
One of my All-Time Favorite Designs of Sci-Fi Spacecraft:
The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Starfighter from the late 70s NBC teevee show.
This was the original Viper design not used for Battestar Galactica!

Thank You Ralph McQuarrie for helping fuel this Imagination.  Your visions defined "cool" with the things that came out of your mind, through your hands and onto some paper.


Friday, March 02, 2012


It's been a while Ocho, but Ben is 1, and I'm crawling back out from under my rock. I'm off to the Somerville Artisan's Asylum tonight for a BYOB discussion on building cheap, large scale, hydraulic powered robots from salvaged parts. Needless to say, "Mwahahaha."

Some of it might even be relevant to the giant animatronic monster suit I'm building with my fellowship grant from the Awesome Foundation, but... well.. probably not.

decision 2012

Third party is the way. The only good candidate I know of (IMHO) is former two-term gov. of New Mexico Gary Johnson (L)... that's right, L. He's seeking the Libertarian nomination, after his GOP bid failed when he wasn't permitted to debate (it would cause chaos, and not be helpful to voters, according to a party official). Do check him out.