Monday, February 27, 2012

Decision 2012!

Can't Decide?
Kang or 

Well I've always been a Big Fan of Voting for the 3rd Party.  


*yes I tried to make up another word.  "ette" denotes gender for strictly Women's Suffrage but What about Dalek Suffrage???   

Monday, February 20, 2012

101 Things That Should Not Exist!!!

89a.  Tapping Out American Parents with High-Priced Child Care.
Here's a hint for the Job Market.  Parents need affordable child care.  People need jobs.  It's a frakkin' No-Brainer.  In Southie, we had the Neighborhood House aka the Ollie and the Boys Club too.  Places with indoor basketball courts and rooms with books.  But Pre-K Child Care is an American Travesty...akin to Compulsory Heathcare in the Commonwealth, why no Compulsory Childcare along with that?

90a.  Red Colored Plastic Ketchup Bottles
What's the Point in this choice?  What the heck of being unaware of how little ketchup you have look good after you pick up an almost empty bottle?  I don't get it...I just don't get it.

91a.  Re-Releasing Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace in 3-D.
Enough already.  People...Stop Giving Lucas Your Money!
(*this is an impossibility due to the popularity of the Clone Wars cartoons, LEGO & all the rest...American children of 2012 are Padawans & Jedi all over again...heck perhaps in a way that Ep. I never created nonetheless...).  Making it 3-D won't make it a better movie!

92a.  Anything that doesn't involve Bacon.
This was suggested by my favorite bartender after I asked her.
(I think she also grumbled "Puke-Covered Tufts Girls" which is just as acceptable for #92a)

101 Things That Should Not Exist!!!
February 20, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...February 19, 2012

...No Red Trunks
(Updated: March 3, 2012 -eo's).

It is a bad idea.

Coming Soon for 2012 Superhero Fashion, Red Trunks are Out for Superman.
Why?  I have No Frakking Clue.
I've been RTFM'ing the Concept of "Why" all morning, scouring the IntrePoop, looking under the rug & behind the Sofa.  The only thing I found behind the sofa was a rind of a peach left by Roger Waters in Pink Floyd's "San Tropez"...
"Why" no Red Trunks?  I mean my gay roommate has the "balls" to sport a red Spedo on a Southie Beach.  That takes heroic courage!
Nonetheless, I cringe every time I'm beheld to the "New Superman Look".  Without the Yellow Belt on the Red Underwear it doesn't register in my eye that we're looking at Superman.  The Yellow Lateral belt line is some equator for the Iconic Color Scheme.  The belt also allows for the Yellows in the S-Shield and the somewhat classic All-Yellow with Black Borders S-Shield on the All-Red Cape.  The Back Logo.

But On With the Show, So To Speak...
Smallville Season 11, the Official Comics Continuation.
Issue #1 Cover Art.  
Teaser Art for #1...no Red Trunks in Smallville regardless of what we saw in the Finale, eh?
What about my sense of closure as a Fiction Fan?  Why can't TV's SMALLVILLE be a completed story?
Why do we have to tinker with it and have a Season 11?  It barely works for Buffy but iDigress...
Since DC Entertainment eliminated the Red Trunks, they are not evident in...
the Upcoming DC New 52 EARTH-2

remember this is how Superman Looks Now in 2012.  
SUPERMAN #9 upcoming.  

ending with Henry Cavill's 2013 portrayal of Kal-El in the live-action "Man of Steel"

I smell a Corporate Mandate!!!  

These are all recent to the last year or so...
No Red Trunks and the San-Serif "S" Shield.

What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow???
Red Trunks, Yellow Belt, All Classic.
Who'll Save Superman?

March 1, 2012 Update:
The new Earth-2 Superman is for me a bit more pleasing than the Other New Version & Variations.
It's a compromise of respecting the past & future.  No Red Trunks as We March Boldly Forward...
Yet the exaggerated Belt with the Yellow "Buckle" really drives home that this is Superman.
And I like the open collar as opposed to the High Collar of the New Kryptonian Armor.

Kriya Shakti,

iRawk...Therefore iPod, February 19, 2012

A Chemical Wedding with Sobriety!  A Family Affair!
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blew?  

Before I dig myself a hole I must state I have not listened to the complete new Feb. 7th release of...
Van Halen's A Different Kind of Truth.  

I'll come Full Circle on this in a minute.  

Since the release of the full album, I must admit I blinked.  I hesitated.  I bought a single instead, the only single I heard on the radio besides Tattoo
...and so I'm going on record about my Love Affair with a Stupid Song.  
Before I proceed, I'm passing the Link over to my friend Keith who once posted here as Hawt Dawg.
Keith could be a bigger Van Halen fan than me.  He's a Musician and a Clear & Fair Reviewer. 
And he can Rawk Out "Eruption" on the 'lectric Guitar.  
Please Enjoy!  Good read and the Responses are awesome too.  

Just a few weeks back, I hear the 2nd apparent single from the then-forthcoming new VH album, it's unfair to called them "discs" anymore so Album is succinct still.  
"Stay Frosty"
Initially, I thought the words to be a literal mouthful yet Diamond Dave delivers deftly.  
Lyrically...I LOVE IT!  It's a great little story about a Spiritual Quest.
It's got hook and real rock 'n' roll drive.
We do miss Michael Anthony's absent vocal harmonies in favor of produced Dave overdubbing choruses although Dave drives home this tale of Seeking with an old-fashioned Sing-a-Long "uh-huh-HUH!"  
I crack up at work with my "Serenity Now!" Personal Campaign and this has become a new Theme Song.  
It's Inspiring.  It's Got a Message.  It's one of many new mantra for me to wear at work as armor against the Dramatic Day..."Stay Frosty".  
It does sound like a few different old VH songs cobbled together and could be heard as a Spiritual Sequel to "Ice Cream Man" from their first album.  
Proof Being in the Pudding's Taste: I've Rawk'd Out to this Tune every AM on my walk to the bus stop for the past week, after an AM Meditation and before a 10-minute bus ride to Kendall Square with the Bhagavad Gita.  
A little Humor in Spirituality?  It goes a long way to cure a long face, children.  
A Good $1.29 spent at the iTunes Store and I will be picking the rest up.  Stay Frosty actually makes Tattoo a bit more listenable.  Tattoo has its own mouthful of hard-to-deliver lyrics with the almost indiscernible chorus of "Swap Meet Sally, Tramp Stamp Cat, Mouse-wife to Mombshell in the Time it took to get that New Tattoo...Tattoo Tattoo..." but a fun story about Ink being "How Autobiographic".  
Dave brings in That Old Vaudeville Element in as He's Always Has, being the Show's Barker and Emcee, presenting the Wonderful Ride we're about to share...like Heavy Metal's very own version of Louis Armstrong.  
Rawk On, Van Halen.  I hope this is a good 2012 for you all.  And God Bless.  ;P 

In Other Stories in Real Life...
I love Audiobooks.  
I make the time to read along with millions of other consumers...On The Go.  
I walk & take Public Transport.
Other People Drive or are Driven.  
These In-Between Times are great to fill with Energy & Information via the Audiobook.  
I lean towards "Non-Fiction".  I have no fiction audiobooks on my iPod, none.  
So this time I come across a purchase I wish I could return.  Doctor Hooey and his Missus, Action Grrrl have an Audible Dot Com Membership; when you can read as many audiobooks as they do, Audible is a great investment.  Like Netflix but with Words but iDigress...
Some People Trust the Oprah Book Club.
I choose from a source that inspires & informs me: National Public Radio.  
Last Year, one of the books & authors reviewed & profiled was...
For $17.95, just under 6 hours Unabridged, read by the Author and available at Audible and the iTunes Store.
I'll frame a critique with some conventional wisdom, "our disappointments are only as great as our expectations"
I guess my expectations for the book were big because my experience was not the best.
Truthfully, this book stressed me out listening to it.  
Maybe it reminded me of my own mother and her endless disappointment in her only son & her verbal Irish-Brand of Shame & Guilt as Motivator.
Being read by the author, it became an exasperating experience of what felt like listening to your own mother on the phone yak-yak-yak about other people.  
In a way I couldn't wait for the 6 hours of this book to be over.  
And the disappointment stems from lack of brutal juxtaposition of the Western & Chinese Styles of Parenting.  Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother came across to me like listening to yet another woman complain about her kids, being a guy who works among women who invariably end up commenting on & about all the relationships in their lives.  I was looking for the direct comparison of values yet perhaps that was toned down as not to seem too judgmental of Western Parenting, which Ms. Chua is completely surrounded by, all her friends & colleagues...
so it would be less critical to tell her story of raising American Children in the Chinese Method instead of identifying flaws in Western mores and make Chinese Suggestions to Patch the Holes, being a Woman of Both World with Children of the Great American Melting Pot.  
Also their opulence became such as drag to listen to.  It's not because I grew up in the Projects with a single, working mother.  These are the fruits of their labors and they had the means to provide their kids with unlimited opportunity.  Yet in a non-resentful way, it became tiresome to hear this timeline in the rearing of their two daughters in Ivy League Splendor.  
Perhaps this is the perfect audiobook for a college-educated woman, not a working-class Blue Collar bachelor?  I am fascinated by Eastern Wisdom and hungrily Learn as much as I can.  This story has its merits but ultimately gets bogged down by its own Family.  
In the End, I was looking for more Data, not Drama.   

It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm gonna go plug-in and spin some tunes while I enjoy my day off.  
Here's to you having something to listen to, where ever you are whether it's a good song that inspires you or a book you take a chance on & don't quite like.  
Take a chance on it and entertain yourself!  

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

Friday, February 17, 2012

"Good Cop, Dadaist Cop" 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Tao of Sully, February 16, 2012

Another Stripe for the Sleeve...

Today I got another stripe on my sleeve.  As Ironic and Synchractic my Life is...
I take it.

Today was a Day of Days.
Yet...Centered.  I didn't flinch.

then I got a quick contact burn.  That'll leave a mark.
We cooks refer to them as "stripes on your sleeve" as in a Corps or a Military (at least I think we do).
They are Burns.
They are Scars.
I got a few.
Most have faded.  faded.  They're still there.
I could tell you once who caused them & when if they were a result of another person.
Sheeesh...I had three I said, "Juana...Juana...Juana" pointed at three different points on both forearms but iDigress.
Yet they've faded and I'd struggle to show you now.

I got burned at the end of the day too.  Way After I Made My Mind Up.

It could have been a bad day.  Yet...I feel if this was only three years earlier I would have reacted badly.
Had a Meltdown.
Lost It.
Gone Nutty.

Nonetheless Now...
Not So Much.
Maybe Not.
Chose Other.

I grazed my forearm off the inside of an oven where the door meets the frame
That's it.  No crying.
Heck I actually ran it under cold water for a minute.
About three inches long & 1 inch thick at its center, tapering to an oval on either side, four inches down from my wrist.
I missed my tattoo by radial degrees!!!  Arms Rotate!

I made My Mind Up.  I mentioned that earlier.
It was the word.
I held it earlier in my meditation this AM.
The close inner whisper louder than thunder in the ear.
It came full circle.

Hmmmm...what happened earlier?  Reality & the Objects of the Senses.  Matt once framed it for me "are you You...or are You a series of photons reflected back at me into my brain through my eye & interpreted?"
Ask a Ph.D...
he said this years ago to me, I'm sure I've brought it up before.  it's one of those kinda phrases I define as having "Profundity!"

The bad experience at work was just another of many in a series of bad experiences.
What lies ahead?  If all things are equal, says Occam's Razor lies only more future bad experiences.

So I felt I grew a bit today emotionally.  I felt free, light and a little blissful in the face of drama & bullshit.
I guess that's what it's all about.
And I got a chevron for the cuff of my Jacket an the end of it all.
Well I believe...heh.

Kriya Shakti,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Get in My Belly, February 12, 2012

I love baking cookies.  
Baking though is Intrinsically Different than Cooking.  
So if you depart from the recipe when baking, one has to calculate it precisely.

Such as this Sunday when I really wanted more cookies.  
I will no longer purchase Cookies in the Supermarket.
I can make 'em SO much better than that.  

I wanted to give them a deeper flavor than the last time I made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.
So I soaked the raisins in Jameson's Irish Whiskey.  
And let me tell you.  It's not as simple as it sounds.  
Okay...I was an Altar Boy for Five Minutes as a Kid.  I can hear the Shots lining up from here.  It's not about Booze in a Cake to Get People Drunk.  It's also not like the European bottle-shaped chocolate filled with liqueur.  
What I did was to fill a pan up with 8-9oz. of Jameson's...
Bring it to a boil...
then very fucking Carefully in the middle of my kitchen...
Set it On Fire.
For about 2 minutes.  
It's kinda scary.  You feel the heat, you smell the whiskey, there's a tactile rumble through the handle.  
Imagine if you drop it???  Fire everywhere there was spilling liquid but iDigress...

I learned a good baker's hint.  Soak your raisins in Hot Water for a Minute when baking Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  Drain water off, reserve a few ounces for the dough and that's that.  
A Sublime Way to Ensure Quality Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  
Yet I thought this...
What if I soaked the raisins in Whisky.  
My first thought was a Smoked Whisky...and I still might do it but it would be expensive...

What you want is the flavor of the Whiskey and for me it was Irish Whiskey this initial venture.  
And you DO NOT want a Boozy-ness to it.  That's not the flavor or intent of the cookie.  
It's meant to be a delicious treat for an adult palate.  
So you need to literally cook or burn the alcohol out of the liquid.  I chose to ignite the Whiskey in a sound vessel and have a lid to snuff the flame when need be; I only snuffed it twice.  
I also had to hold the quart sauce pan I was using at waist-level as not to set off any Fire Alarms.  
The goal is to reduce the alcohol down to a level that the raisins don't taste boozy yet one has to burn off enough of the liquid.  I yielded 5oz from a 9oz start.  And I tasted it too.  For boozy-ness.  If it tastes boozy then set it alight again safely for another minute.  
I guess boiling it does the same thing...but without the Pyrotechnics.  

I reserved a bit of the liquid leftover.  It tasted like Pruney Whisky-Lite.  But Not Boozy!  
I added this in the mixing stage of the cookie dough, a little at a time, not to loosen the dough but to add the flavor.

And it worked.  
My goodness.  

Not for Kids.  
Hell, OCHO...

I bring you some Rated-R Cookies.  

Bon Appetite, 

Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Comics Gnome POOTS!, February 4, 2012

Back in late 2007, I picked up the first of a six-issue mini called...
A result of perusing the shelves at the FunnyBook Bodega for the Awesome...
A modernization of Homer's The Odyssey with the Odysseus/Ulysses lead character known simply as "the Captain".  We never know his name, it's not mentioned and in the end not necessary.  Like the Protagonist in Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist or Clint Eastwood's famous Gunslinger With No Name.  
The story is framed in a technique I've dubbed "Almost Tomorrow", used in the Second, Weird season of the late 80s sci-fi syndicated "War of the Worlds", set in the Not-Too-Distant Future with a scary accurate sense of "What If..." but iDigress...

Finally ended in December 2011 #6 out of 6!  
Somewhere along the way between issue # 3 April 2008 and #4 April 2009.
Then again between issues #4 and #5 October 2011 we suffered a Two & a Half Years Long hiatus.
My first question is "What Happened?"  There's a Story there.  
I was about to write this particular tale off in that Land of Nod reserved for Incomplete Comics...
DC Comics has a great place called Limbo which is a part of the Multiverse, somewhere out beyond its Fringe, in the Void.  
Sometimes it happens and a title you love ends abruptly.  In the Big Two, in smaller prints that go belly up.  I don't want to name names.  You can RTFM this and see for yourself if interested.  
Even mentioning "the Red Star" I feel bad...I know they really tried.

Interlude in Context: I got into Hot Water with one of my Literary Heroes.  
Warren Ellis pointed his Evil Tweet at Me after I made a Ill-Received Joke.  Mike Avon Oeming, the artist of POWERS is collaborating with Unkle Warren, the IntrePoop Jesus You Should Read Every Day (found in OCHO's very own Links!).
POWERS hasn't shipped in a Year.  This week the POWERS Loving Public was informed by the writer Brian Michael Bendis that fresh POWERS start next week and the whole "Who, What, Why" Explaining the Lapse.  Thanks for the Explanation.  After I made my Jan 9 Tweet to Oeming & Ellis with the razz of "I hope you're sick of hearing it ;P", Oeming tweeted back to me saying "Working Hard on POWERS and other Owner Created things with @BrianMBendis" and I can see Unkle Warren shaking his head at me with those evil, beady cold eyes, breath sinking of cigarettes, red bull & whisky, spittle getting in my virtual eye, "I'm presuming this was supposed to be funny" and another saying "good because I'd hate to think you were treating my friends as your personal employees".  I was like "owch!"  of all the ways to have Warren respond to one of my tweets it's gotta be with Negative Attention Seeking Behavior.  
So when it came to POWERS for the Last Year, Almost the Same Diff.  Beloved Magazine then like Kaiser Soyze in the Usual Suspects, "Poof! He's Gone..."
Newsarama here has their Top 10 Unfinished Projects.  Got any of your own?  

Speaking of Warren Ellis, check out the Soundtrack of my Sunday AM
SpektrModule #4.  Where Warren talks about "20 Minutes Into The Future", which is "Almost Tomorrow" in the SciFi parlance.  My Sunday Synchronicity So Far...the day's still young.
And lots of Electronic Music.  The Sounds of Cool.

Whatever the reason, the delay with Infinite Horizon is Ironic.
Because it takes Odysseus years to get home. 
And it takes our Captain years to get home.  
And his faithful wife, Penelope kept hope and waited the years.
And as Penelope waited years so did I & anyone else tuned in.
IMAGE Comics after all these years finally produced the last few issues for sale.  
I was kinda flabbergasted.  And appreciative.  Most Very Appreciative.  

Bringing me to bed last night.  Tough time finding sleep and I pulled a longbox out to file the past few months of new releases, including Infinite Horizon #s 5 & 6 which are New Releases since October 2011, and have yet to be filed in the longbox.  
I re-read the whole thing.  
Soon to be collected into its eventual shape of a Trade Paperback or even go down noticed later on as a "Graphic Novel".  April 11, 2012 is the release date of the TPB.  Perhaps an English teacher would use it as a tool to convey the Odyssey to a 21st Century Classroom?  
As a Comix Fan I can notice things over its literal years of production, most noticeably Phil Noto' drawing style.  The images have notes of Pop Art & Lichtenstein Pixelations.  Light & Colors are very important as well.  Lighter, almost dreamlike pastel tones are used for the Captain overseas in the Middle East and starker bold colors are used for Penelope at home in the Catskills, upstate New York.  In the Odyssey, Odysseus' kingdom was the rocky island of Ithaca.  Get it?
Mr. Noto is doing such current things such as a few upcoming BUFFY SEASON 9 covers and also the stand-alone spin-off ______ & FAITH #5, featuring Harmony.  Fun stuff, captures the essence of the character without being too photo-realistic.  He's doing lots of DC & MARVEL covers too lately.  Got a great style and sense of drawing people.
Issue #1 cover.  

Overall, a satisfying read.  This was my first time reading the story complete in one sitting so the complete story makes better sense, with the narrative voice caption of the Captain himself, the passage of time most noticeably through his son Terrence, the Telemachus character. 

As a huge fan of the Odyssey, I really appreciate the adaptation.  I know the original like a great song, air guitar solo & all.  So I was looking for the lateral characters, which were mostly overt and then there were characters who were missed probably because they just didn't fit. 
I was looking for the Nausicaa character who might have been the young, pretty blonde in the Cyclops' cave.  
An omission which was a macabre favorite of mine was the morbid fate of the housewomen who were favoring the the suitors of Penelope.  It was the most Hardcore Scene of the Final Bloody Battle: its Aftermath & the ruthlessness of our hero, showing perhaps a not-too-heroic side by our modern sensibilities.  
The Comic does Nail this side of our Captain, literally stringing up suitors on the Interstate.
Brilliant yet Harrowing.  

The Odyssey is simply an ageless story.
The Infinite Horizon simply proves this point.  
Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto finally see their collaboration complete and like their hero the Captain, it took us all years to get him safe in our homes.  
Thanks for finishing the story.  It matters to me as a buyer of these serialized magazines that the publisher finish the promise & deliver the story.  Or end it.  It's called Satisfaction.  

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

The Smoking PUCK!, February 4, 2012

Plans within Plans within Plans
Checking in with Meathead for Super Bowl Sunday.  Too late for good plans yet never too late to say good morning.  Voice Mail.  
Mario, flying in from DC Sunday Night will be lucky to catch the 2nd half in his own living room after his weekend of National Guard service (swadeshi!...sorry, wrong article ;P).  
Posty...let's see what El Post got "brewing".  More Voice Mail.  He lives in some Singularity of Bad Phone Reception so I SMS instead.  We got a plan to brew a beer soon enough...perhaps a Taddy Porter we'll call the "Teddy" Porter using Black & Gold Grains but iDigress...

I got a nice invite from the family in Quincy.  
An offer to watch the Super Bowl with my Ma & Aunties.  Awww...that's sweet of them.  

But I'm off to Mike's Place.  His Condo.  Which will also be my new residence as of April 1.  
Making some stuffed mushrooms & oatmeal raisin cookies too.  Fill the table with a bounty of finger foods, I say.  Mike's planning wings & tacos.  

On Super Bowl Weekend, today, the Bruins host the Penguins in an afternoon matinee.
Meathead texted they were at the game and his stepson, the Little Green Man got to ride on the Zamboni during one of the Intermissions.  Wickid Pissah!!!  
Then on Sunday the Last Football Game of the Season is a Patriots Game.
Oh and the 1PM Bruins @ Capitals tilt before the Big Game.  

BTW: The Bruins played the 15th place Carolina Hurricanes the other night and got shutout 3-0.  But Feature This: the Bruins had 47 Shots On Goal that game.  I know I usually claim, "Losing Sucks but Getting Shutout Means You Suck" nonetheless I cannot claim that here.  The Old Hartford Whalers always seem to bring it against the Black & Gold.  47 Shots on Goal...Do the Math, Mouthbreathers!  
Then share your answers with me because I suck at Math.  

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Friday, February 03, 2012

The Tao of Sully, February 3, 2012

Time to Meditate.  5:25AM.  20 minutes.  Before Work.

It's Starting to Help.  Sure the Mind still is a chatterbox yet...it's getting Better.
I feel better and more centered, especially at the Job where Stress gets to me & I make choices in behavior, pre-conditioned responses in a usual, predictable pattern of Stimulus/Response.
Some people are unflappable.  Some people are like Flags.  I'm a bit of both and okay with it.

My Mantra this week...or perhaps until permanently internalized are great succinct Sanskrit words that I repeat during the day to remind me; Slow Down, Calm Down, Gear Down, Frown Down, Smile Up.

My Magic Words are...
Swadeshi: the principle of putting others first with service, especially to those distant to you (emotionally)
Ekagrata: Single-Mindedness, one-pointedness.  Focus!
and a giant word I got from the Bhagavad Gita 3:20.
Lokasamgraham: The Job We Are Here on this Earth to Do, the Job We Are Intended to Do.
I also repeat the passage from the Gita 2:14 still also repeat one of the Sanskrit names of the Lord...
When I wake up at night and can't fall back asleep?  I repeat, "Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama..."
When I get stressed at work now?  I breathe in and silently repeat "Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama..."
Whatever your faith or creed, place the most familiar name of the Lord in here and see what it does to your day.  Jesus, Buddha, Mr. Belevedere.  You know...just call and he'll be there.
It's funny.  It works.

I am a Chef.  I live to Serve.  It's quite simple.  The rest is just noise & distraction.  Stressors.
I've always been tightly wound.  I've always suffered for it in a way.  I let my Stress get to me.  Being a Chef is a stressful job outside of anyone's job being a stressful job.  ^_~

I'd like to say "no more" to stress yet the Metaphor of the Battlefield in the Gita is a Daily War.  Preparing, arming and centering.
Stress comes from my Needs not Being Addressed.  So...I evaluate my needs.  I pass them through a different filter now.

So every AM I now can be found, before the Sun rises, meditating like a little Buddha, trying to stay still in Body & Mind so my Spirit can reconnect to it All and I can find more Bliss in this Suffering World.

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse
Wrong Superhero