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Just something I got off the IntrePoop via Twitter from one of my favorite daily reads, @wilw
Wil Wheaton, apparently one of the writers of the IntrePoop.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

5:31PM EST
January 29, 2012
the speck on the Moon's left is Jupiter and the bright object near the horizon is Venus.  

A Smoking PUCK! Moment in Time, January 29, 2012

Today at 4PM in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA...

the 2012 NHL ALL-STAR GAME!  
It'll be fun if I can actually catch it.  The ASG is being aired on the NBC Sports Network, formerly Versus, formerly the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).  
Maybe I'll go to the Pub in my All-Star Jersey!

Lo & Behold!
Yesterday in the ASG Skills Competition, Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara won the Hardest Shot competition.
And set the new record.  
I mean...wow.
Just Wow!  One Moment in Time, clocked & recorded.  
Imaging Being that Poor Goalie who faces that Slapshot on the Power Play any given game.  

This is what I call my Bruins Corner, aka the Wall of Voodoo!  
I had this going last year too and remember what happened then, huh?  
As Last Year it's directly opposite to my little Meditation Altar so there is always an Energy percolating between the opposite space/times in my bedroom.  

But Let's Also Get Some Energy for the New England Patriots!   
Super Bowl Next Week!!!  
In-between my my family photos, my self-portrait (2002) and my bookcase (off-panel to relative Left).  
All Season Long, (mostly) Every Game in my Game Jersey I got from Billy in 2004, his former game jersey.  This jersey is an artifact of love & championships.  #24 Ty Law.  Billy didn't know it then but Defense is my favorite side of the Ball & Interceptions are my favorite play.  

Phase II of the Cup Defense starts Tuesday PM when the Real Team (Daniel) Alfredsson face the True Team Chara!!!  Ottawa comes to town closing out the month that featured 5 of the 7 Canadian Teams.

A Few Moments in Time to come, a dropping PUCK and the Best of the NHL this year in a usually Wickid Awesome Game!  Hockey truly is unique having the Only Fun All-Star Game, fun for the Players & fun for the Fans.  Prove me wrong if you can?  ^_~

Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing Left to Say About The Star Wars...January, 29, 2012

In Quasi-Celebration & Anti-Anticipation...
the Powers That Be in Marin Co., CA (aka LucasFilms, Arts, Arse, et al)
have decreed that We Have Not Suffered Enough!
The Masterfeces Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is being re-released in Theatres Everywhere on February 10, 2010!
This time...in 3-D!!!  

::the sound of tumbleweeds rolling by::
Who Frakkin' Cares?  
Only if the thing was re-shot and directed by Irvin Kershner's corpse would I think I'd go...but iDigress...

So for Clarity's Sake.  For the Sake of Taste, Art, and Cinema.
I bring you the Uber-Funny Episode II Review by Red Letter Media.
A little while back, this scathing series of reviews forever changed my opinion on all things Star Wars Prequels to two words...
Pizza Rolls!
You Have Been Warned.  Come and check it out.  Remind yourself why you should just stay away and stop giving George Lucas anymore of your hard-earned money.  
Enjoy!  ^_^

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring

 Live edition. Not many artists could pull this off.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Huzzah!  To Brunch!  To Friends Olde & New!  
@magounssaloon (somerville, ma, usa on ye twitter)

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Smoking PUCK! January 22, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!
January 22, 2012

Sunday Sports-gasm! Redux
aka: Pats Another Bowl over Here, Man...

My old friend James would have called today the "Sunday Sports-Gasm".
Today I had a 12:30PM Capitals/Penguins NBC Game of the Week,
The 3PM Bruins/Flyers tilt and...
the 3PM Ravens/Patriots AFC Championship.
Followed by the NY Giants/SF 49ers NFC Champ which I'll read about in the morning.

If my life wasn't already dominated by the little screen seeing it's usually the new Doctor Who series on non-Sports days.  I'm on Season Five, coming up to the 2-part season finale if you're feeling nosy.
I'd suggest watching this show but since you're cooler than me, chances are you already have but iDigress...

I just watched the Bruins grind out two games in a row.
Yesterday in the annual Saturday Matinee, an heart-wrenching loss to my hated rivals the NYC (Patoooie!) Rangers on Home Ice.  Brad Marchand, just back from a 5-Game Suspension looked a few steps behind.  And it might have cost us the game in a few places of space/time along the half-board in the 2nd or 3rrd period.  I saw a few missteps but Marchy will get that back soon enough.  We Win Some, We Lose Some.
It was just one of those losses, 2+ secs left in OT, killing a penalty and Bang...Game Over.
Ask Tony Soprano (shhhhh!  I didn't say that!).

And this Afternoon, watching two thrilling games.  Seeing the Flyers' Scott Hartnell score a natural hat-trick and seeing the Bruins Milan Lucic tally a "Gordie Howe Hat Trick".
The Bruins grind out a shootout victory from the 5-5 tie, 3 fights and a whole lot of action going on.

Two of the Best Games this Season.  One a Loss...One a Win.
That's Just Hockey For Ya.
James used to be a big Flyers fan.  I hope he still is.  ;)

So Pass that Bowl over here, man...I mean Pats that Super Bowl!!!
Huzzah to the NE Patriots.  a 5th Trip to the Super Bowl in 10 Years on Tom Brady Quarterbacking.
What drama, what a thrilling game.  What a great Sunday Sports-gasm I'm having.  Sorry...that only sounds a little TMI.
Thank you to the Patriots for shaking the NE Sports Area out of it's self-hating malaise and showed the way to the promised land, year after year, try after try.  It trickled down to all three in the rest of the Big Four of my Beantowne Faire.
To the Krafts, to Bill Belichick, to Tom Brady and all the Patriots from the Cheerleaders to the tired souls marching their asses up to the open skyscraper of the 300 Section of Gillette...
Thank You.
Because all we're concentrated on is winning one more game and our next opponent...
You know the rest of this story right?  

Kriya Shakti,
Rev. Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

Pizza Rolls: the Only Thing Left to Say About the Star Wars...

From Doctor Hooey to Me...

Now from Me to You, Dear OCHO.
Specifically any one else who I've come across this lifetime with a true love for Star Wars.  

I bring you the Ultimate FanFilm...truly magnificent.
Worth the time.  A masterpiece in the art of cinema Editing!  Try it to believe me.  
it'll make you believe in the Force once again.  
Some of my favorite scenes involve:
Wet-Vacs made to look as an R2 Unit.
The "Luke Mulls it Over with the Two Sunsets" famous musical suite scene done a la "Money For Nothing"
A Millennium Falcon scene straight out of "Yellow Submarine".
And Lots, Lots, Lots More...

Use the Force.  Search Your Feelings.  You Know It To Be True...
Hit Play and Get Enrapt.  

I mean it.  Who wants to contribute some sweded scenes for another Episode?

Kriya Shakti,  

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Comics Gnome POOTS! January 19, 2012

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...a new Icon that has "a-peel".  
(updated 1/20/2012)

Lo and Behold!
the next DC Comics Logo.  The Maker's Mark.  
The Brand.  

MARVEL has it's name, literally.  It's been stylized many times for many ages of magazine.

Yet DC has been tinkering around now going on Twice in a Decade.  
The History of the DC Comics Logo ending with the "Bullet" introduced in 1977 and the "Spin" introduced in 2004/5.  
Coming this March 2012 for our Superman & Batman Funnybooks & Graphic Novels...
These are the prototype looks, property-specific.  

Yet these more boring multi-colored variables await as well...

Design Wise...
Pretty Keen.  Tight.  Its use of space has brevity.  Concise.  
The Whole "Peel Back the Surface" Motif.  
Totally Works.  
A few words by a Professional Designer on the change as well.  Cool stuff.  I like how he mentions how the logo loses its star/s...
"Although from beginning to end the logo is markedly different, you can see a continuity from step to step. If DC Comics/Entertainment wanted to change the conversation with their new branding, they are certainly doing that, but we’ll have to wait and see whether it is for the better or worse. Gone are the campy swirl and star elements. Also gone, though, is the dynamism and playfulness. What is left is an almost uptight corporate symbol that, without the title underneath, is unclear as to what it represents."

I really hope DC keeps the property-specific ones.  They're pretty inventive and celebrate the properties they represent.  DC shifted its Corporate HQ from NYC to Los Angeles last year, growing from "Comic" to "Entertainment".

The Bullet Logo is perhaps my favorite.  I'm gonna need a tee-shirt for that one.  

kriya shakti,

The Smoking PUCK!, January, 19, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!
January 19, 2012

All-Star Captains Pick Teams Again!
aka: But Would They Go Down With the Sinking Ship?

Just a quick PUCK in the Early AM before I head off to the Stress & Genius Factory yet know that the NHL All-Star Game, Sunday, January 29th in the Capital of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.
As last year, the Teams will be Selected in a more fun manner, having the Two Team Captains pick their teams from the overall roster.  In the past, the traditional East/West split was the norm, with the Occasional "North America Vs. the World" or the "NHL versus the Soviet Union".
The Team Captains?  The Host City gets one with the Ottawa Senators cap'n Daniel Alfredsson honoring his Home Team, wearing white.
The Other Side?  The Stanley Cup Champion Captain Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara, sporting the Dark Colours.
Will the other two Bruins All-Stars, Tim Thomas & Tyler Seguin be on the same team???
Who knows!  It's the Captain's Alternating Picks!
Nonetheless, All-Star Games in the NHL embrace what the other Big Four don't really have.
Fun.  Fun Fun Fun.
The NFL Pro Bowl?  Yawn...
The MLB All-Star Game which decides Home Field Advantage for the winning league?  That notion should be Unconstitutional along with Astroturf, the Designated Hitter, SOPA, PIPA and the NDAA but iDigress...
The NBA ASG?  Who cares?  I think the players don't even care about that one...
But the NHL?  This ASG is a real treat for real fans.

Big Week for the Beantown Bees.  As always, I'm entertained and always something to talk about with the Black & Gold.
I gotta get cooking here and get going.  But you all have a great day.
Look up your local Congressman & Senator and give crap about Free Speech!
Down with SOPA & PIPA!

But what do you think OCHO about a Captain who Abandoned the ship such as Francisco Schettino, the Italian Cruise Boat Cap'n?  I'm firmly against the Death Penalty but sheeeesh...this guy should walk the Plank.
On the Death Penalty, I'm pretty much at this point 99% against...the 1% would be for Pfc. Bradley Manning who leaked national information to WikiLeaks.  I mean under Civilian Law I'm sure I'd find Life in Prison to be acceptable but for Military Law?  I'm thinking this guy deserves a Firing Squad.
What does this have to do with Hockey?  I dunno...just riffing on a Captain abandoning his ship & its consequences.

Kriya Shakti,
Rev. Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
click image to enlarge

What is the NDAA?  

What is SOPA and PIPA?

Kriya Shakti,

PS Thank you Doctor Hooey for Turning Me Onto the NDAA
and Wil Wheaton (@wilw on Twitter) for shining the light on SOPA/PIPA.
Keep the IntrePoop Free!!!  

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

iRawk...Therefore iPod, January 15, 2012

iRawk...Therefore iPod!

During the semester break at the Stress & Genius Factory the primary radio station changes for One Blissful Month.  The dial is turned to the Classic Rock Station this January.  
And the other day my ear caught a hook over the usual cacophony of the the commercial kitchen; hood vents, other people, running ovens...
Then a radio smuggled somewhere in all that White Noise...and not too loud as to upset the customers but iDigress...
A Hook.  A Hook is a Riff.  A Riff is a Lick.  A Lick is a...well.  
A Hook is an element to a song that gives it memorability.  

Of all things I understand I've never heard this familiar song before.  
And I Exclaim.
Last night I had to buy it from the iTunes Store.  

Tattoo by Van Halen, from the forthcoming February 2012 "A Different Kind of Truth", starring David Lee Roth on Lead Vocals.  

In my final analysis of this I firmly believe Diamond Dave to be ripping off Lady GaGa in a slight way that cannot be proven, only thought about...in the craftiness of the Hook mind you.  
Tattoo is not a great song.  Not a good song.  It's pretty standard fare.  
Yet its hook, its choral hook had me singing it for days afterward, as when I was exposed to Gaga.  
A Meme in a Pop Single.  It's called Hook.  And it gets in you.  
Tattoo, Tattoo...I was singing it for days, just frothing off of my subconscious unto my lips.  

For Our Information, Van Halen will be playing the TD Garden in Boston on March 11, 2012.

In Other Auditory Aims...
I finished the Trifecta with my negotiation audiobooks.
I started with Getting to Yes by Fisher, Ury, et al.
Then Followed up with Difficult Conversations: What Matters Most by Stone, Heen, et al.
now I finish the group series with 
It's sound tactics for dealing with unreasonable people.  
I work with & for demanding people.  I can't ruin my earning potential with my temperament, therefore this individual needs some better tactics for dealing with Life's Stresses Head On & Positively.  
I'm tightly wound...it's part of me.  I stress at work.  Shit, sometime I fall into "panic" and it ain't fun.  
Nonetheless along with the Spirituality I embrace, I also love things such as Dispute Resolution.  It's a fascinating subject completely compatible with my Spirituality.  They often tell the same message two different ways, it's amazing.  
This audiobook does build on themes established in "Getting To Yes" so know it's best read as part of a building series.  Oddly enough the central theme of Getting Past No seems to be Detachment, something advised in the Bhagavad Gita but iDigress...
So far so good yet production-wise, musical cues are distracting and also cements the reader in 1991 when these values are a lot more universal than then.  A little "old", "dated" yet still of great value.  

kriya shakti,

The Comics Gnome, January 15, 2012

The Comics Gnome POOTS...Worlds of WHOA! 

As Bill said to Ted, "Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K, my friend".  

As sporadically reported here on OCHO, one of my favorite living Sci-Fi writers is wrapping up his six-year run on BATMAN.  
And he's getting to finish the story he intended to tell.  

BATMAN, INCORPORATED #1, written by Grant Morrison & art by the wonderfully talented Chris Burnham.  Coming in Spring 2012 in the DCnU "Second Wave"

The story I gleaned has since panned out.  
A One-Shot to close the book on Volume One.
a Season Two of BATMAN, INC.  This time set in the DCnU.  
What does that mean?  Nothing too much really, Batman is just a little younger and got a different suit.  Robin is still Damien Wayne, his test tube son, child of Talia, underworld crime goddess.  

12 issues to finish one Bat-Sized Story, 7 Years in the Making by the time this is done. 
Grant Promised Tears.  Tears Upon Tears, I think I'm paraphrasing.  

I keep promising myself I wasn't about to fall for this New 52 Hooey with the DC Comics.  
Nonetheless, in the six cancellations I heard about none were the three titles I'm currently enjoying:
ACTION COMICS by Grant Morrison, et al.
BATWOMAN by J.H. Williams III, et al. and...
RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS by Lobdell & Rouqefort.  

We're gonna have to add on perhaps three new titles.
EARTH-2, an alternate universe world featuring the JSA and...
WORLDS' FINEST, the team up magazine of the HUNTRESS and POWER GIRL who are stranded on this New 52 Earth; their home of origin, Earth-2!  The Huntress goes back to what's always works best, being the daughter of Batman & Catwoman, although a Parallel Earth.  
I love Multiverse tales.  When I was a kid one of my favorite monthlies was...
INFINITY, INC. The Earth-Two legacy team of young heroes inspired by their parents & mentors.  

There's more out there than theses retreads yet I'm compelled!  I'm interested.
I was in for BATMAN, INC but EARTH-2 and a spinoff?  Count me in.  

Kriya Shakti,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First post from the iPod at work.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Smoking PUCK EXTRA!!!

Brad Marchand Suspended 5 Games for Dirty Hit!  

Sunday, January 08, 2012

iRawk...Therefore iPod, January 8, 2012

iRawk...Therefore iPod
Emotional Rescue Edition!

I will be your Knight in Shining Armour Coming to your Emotional Rescue!  Bobby Keys on Saxo-mo-Phone that is RIGHT!!!  

Welcome to iRawk...Therefore iPod, my love letters to the Gadget known as the iPod.

I've dubbed this "Emotional Spectrum" Series.  

So how about that Knight in Shining Armour?
Life is a little more complicated than just sheer Black

and White
What Am I Doing Here?  
Simple: One Spiritual Comics Geek with a Message and Many Multi-Coloured Tee-Shirts with bandanas!
The Emotional Spectrum is a great fictional device that in my opinion really nails the whole "Comics As Metaphor in Life" Idea.  It's from the Green Lantern series of the DC Comics; it relies on a fetish & some raw emotions...the rest is a Light Show to entertain the masses.  
Take simple light.  Photons!
They keep you warm, they light the way and we're pretty much made of them on some level.  
Now imagine...you have a problem, we can solve this problem by Shining Light on It.
If we follow the Emotional Spectrum as metaphor, the Colour of the Light we shine on a situation defines the results or solutions.  The filter for that light tends to illuminate certain consistent outcomes

Say if I shine Red Light for Rage on a problem, my solutions tend to be set of predictable patterns such as SMASH!, pout, cry, bleed, humiliate, SLAM! or lash out.
If I shine Orange Light for Greed, outcomes usually involve hurt feelings, isolation due to hurting feelings and using bad means for selfish ends.  Sure you'll get your way...yet in the Orange Light, many things you should not pick up look very attractive & come at high stakes.  
If I shine Yellow Light for Fear, predictable outcome patterns usually involve Hiding Truth, cowardice, shrinking from duty, and allowing circumstances to control me & not the other way around.  
If I use Green for Willpower, I can pretty much be strong, solve problems and do anything with enough willpower & focus.  Green exists at the Center of the Spectrum and is perhaps the Best Light to Shine on Anything being intrinsically balanced.  
If I use Blue for Hope, then my possibilities include sharing hope, peaceful resolution and foundation building...a sense of "what's next?"  
And for me and Doctor Hooey what we feel is probably the best light to shine on any experience is...
Indigo for Compassion.  When we shine Indigo, we can help others, foster respect, build bridges by relating yet getting things done by Simply Doing. Compassion demands Empathy Without the Weakness of Pity...it is replaced by a Shepard's mentality of corralling, leading and also disciplining.   
Ladies & Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the real & legendary "Sully", my Grandfather's Shillelagh.  
Every Indigo Lantern has one.
There is also Violet for Love in the mythos the Emotional Spectrum originated; only Gals are Star Sapphires so I got the Tee-Shirt, plastic swag ring & purple bandana and I mailed them off to Deedee sometime last year.  Yet when we shine Violet on a problem, we get outcomes like hugs & kisses to make things all better.

I fondly refer to these sometimes as my Saturday AM Cartoon watching clothes.
I also like wearing the Lantern tee & Bandana around this latest crop of friends' infants because the wee ones love looking at vibrant primary colors and the smiling, blinking goof wearing them.  

Thanks for letting me flex my Geek with a little help from a friend, my iPod Touch, an amazing gadget.  
Quite truly a browser-in-your-pocket.  Netflix Streaming is the balls.  Email, Safari are nice.  GuitarTookit is quite possibly the keenest blade in this Swiss Army Knife yet I love having a simple camera. 
I've yearned for a Digital Camera for years yet didn't bite and pick one up.  I've bought 2 digital cameras as presents for loved ones over the past few years but failed to get one for myself.  
As your iPads, iPhones or comparable feltercarb, with the iPod Touch a photo is an email away from sharing with the world and I'm probably wasting a step by emailing & saving it manually (nah...I feel an editorial pause if necessary but iDigress...)

Oh....one for the Shizzengiggles...
Rawkin' a Bonus Track.  
I love the Stars & Stripes, the Red White & Blue.  I am very patriotic.  
Seriously...did you know that Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider" was my Guru of Coolness???  

So does this mean if we shine Red White & Blue on a Problem we get Bi-Partisan at home politics while making the World say "WTF?" as the solution??  ;) 

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Comics Gnome Poots a Smokin' PUCK!

One from the Re-TARDIS, the Time Machine of Daze Dawg-Gone Bye...  

Somewhen in 2001...the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, ONT, CANADA
and since I don't currently have the Green Lantern tee-shirt.  

the Tao of Sully, Saturday, January 7, 2012

the Tao of Sully
on Meditation some more...(aka: recent things)

I was trying to explain it to Peter...badly.  So I'm letting that conversation which inspired this poot serve as a mere draft.  

It was a conclusion I came to during meditation.
My mind is a really, ridiculously loud place.  
The hardest thing during meditation is to Quiet the Mind.
And to quiet my mind seems like the Hardest Thing to do in this World.   
With anyone quieting the mind is a very hard thing to do.  It's basically a challenge crossing the threshold for anyone entering that particular door.  This realization isn't new at all...Arjuna even says to Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita 6:33, 34, "For the mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong, O Kṛṣṇa, and to subdue it, I think, is more difficult than controlling the wind."
So saying something like that about "feeling crazy" is Completely Normal.  
It's as if my Mind will not shut up.  

When it comes to meditation we have to find an acceptable level of Multiple Personality Disorder.
I'm being very serious here.  
Right Now: all of us, at all times are the aggregate of Mind, Body and Spirit.  
So I want you to dig this: Spirit & Body aren't the Problem here.  
When I sit down to my 30-minute morning meditation to start my day, I get ready.  I light a candle.  I sit upright and I close my eyes.  And try to find the Center, the Gap In-Between Thoughts.  The space where I can sit and watch the world go by, undistracted.  
Yet it's hard to get there at first.  
And even harder sometimes since I haven't been in constant practice.  
So I come to my Multiple Personalities for 30 Minutes.  
I have a Spirit which has called the Time Out and would like to Sync with the Great iTunes Above.
I have a Body which thankfully is very receptive to my wishes although it gets cranky here & there.  It's much better than we began this voyage close to two years ago, when I'd always fall asleep during meditations.  I no longer nod off during meditation.  Sure the Body wants to crack its back, slouch, crack a knuckle, roll the wrists, sigh, gets tingly if left too long in one place.  It wants to move around.  It wants break'est.  Another cup of coffee.  Yet the Body really hangs in there and accepts the situation with the Spirit and just sits there for 30 minutes...
Then I have a Mind.  Which flashes in a constant torrent of This and That!  And over here!  and Over there!  and look at shiny!  and remember when!  and remember If!  
My gurus suggest a mantra or passage to basically "cockblock" the mind from getting its way.  
And the mantra works for a few minutes...then a thought creeps in and all of a sudden its back to the Grand Mental Cinema again.   
It's a lot like shampoo.  Rinse, Wash, Repeat.  
It's a constant back and forth for 30 minutes.  

It's gotten to the point I can feel my Spirit, my Atman just say to my Body, "thank you for co-operating...I'll get you beer tonight and some of that IntrePoop you like".  No actually it never says it like that but that's the gist.  Spirit really digs that body is into this 30 minutes of Cruise Control.  
And Mind keeps going on and on and on and on like a hyper-active child!  
I hear my Spirit saying things to my Mind like, "are you done yet?...I guess not".  The Spirit, like a parent smiles with infinite patience for their child.
Furthermore, the Spirit possesses the instinct of when to arrest the behavior with a "FREEZE!" or in this case repeating the mantra/passage to stop the torrent of thought.  
It's as if my Spirit is treating my Mind as if it's a Child.  
And I dunno if I should feel insulted or not.
As I said.  Controlled Split-Personality Disorder.  

The Mystics & Gurus all agree.
Daily Practice...and this constant mind chatter will abate.  
It's a good thing I believe in Hope.  
The Blue Lantern of Hope!  It burns brightly here!  

Now if we can hope to get 30-Minutes of Chatter-Free Meditation in before I go I start talking to myself...

the Comics Gnome Poots...

a big ham.

MINE!  I am the Orange Lantern!  Now find a word that Rhymes with my Power!!  Muhahaaha!!!  
(it was movie night at Pete's and his 2-year old Lyra loves the color orange so I thought I'd play along.  Lyra said, "Sully, you're funny."  I got a hug.  ;)  )  

Perhaps Part One in a series of yours truly looking Tres Geek instead of Chic.  
Next Time: Compassion...Indigo!  Maybe Black!  Muahahahaha!  That's too evil!  

Friday, January 06, 2012

The Smoking PUCK! January 6, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!
January 6, 2012

The Great White North Comes To Visit
aka New Year, Old Hopes

4 games in a row against Canadian teams. Yes 4 of the Canadian 7 teams play the Boston Bruins, all in a row, all on Causeway St..  

We've already begun so don't get too excited.  
Well...okay. GET EXCITED!!! I love playing Canadian Teams. I love hearing both national Anthems.  
I love Canadian Fans.  I LOVE Canadian Girls.
No seriously the words "Erica Durance" and "Cobie Smulders" are Mantras to call down a Shakti!
Praise Gawd(dess)!
Sorry where was I...

At the end of the month Ottawa comes to town making 5 of the 7 Canadian Teams to come through Beantown Faire.  Edmonton came through the Gahhden earlier this season.  And Toronto we'll see a few more times being division rivals.  
Yet Calgary Flames last night (9-0 Bruins win), Saturday Afternoon matinee in a Stanley Cup Finals Rematch versus the Vancouver Canucks.
The Winnipeg Jets earn their wings & frequent flyer miles by inhabiting the Southeast Division, Atlanta's old stomping grounds, coming to town Tuesday and Thursday Les Habitants de Montreal.

It's as if the Great White North is on its 2012 Winter Tour.  Which is great because I'm not going to Canada this year so they can come here all they want.
And bring Canadian Gals!  
37 Games in the Season and the Bruins are the team to beat.  Averaging 3.65 Goals Per Game.  Letting up 1.85 Goals Per Game, leading the League in both categories.  The only team letting up less than 2 goals per game on average.  Only the NYC (patooie) Rangers have one point over the B's in the East and in the League.  Vancouver is the best in the West, tied with the Bruins with 53 points.
It's a great time to be a Hockey Fan.  It's a New Year with the Same Old Goal...
Win It All!

No Sophomore Slump for Tyler Seguin.  The Second-Year Center benched in a so-called controversy has only missed that one game for missing an AM meeting, 36 games played, 16 goals, 20 assists for 36 points.  Mouthbreathers...that is One Point Per Game.  And in Hockey-ese that translating into AWESOME!  He's a big part of the the future but as I'm fond of noticing...the Future Is Now!

This Year's Bruins got it all.  2 great goalies.  Defense deeper than an Olympic Diving Pool.  Offense in where everyone pitches in & never gives up.  It's a Hockey Nut's Dream Come True.
To the fans of sub-par teams, Carolina, Anaheim, NYI, & Columbus in the Other End of the Success Spectrum,  we lived up & down for decades in Boston.  But to Raleigh and Orange Co...don't give up!  You've had the Cup before so know it really does go around.  There has to be Last Place in any standing, I know having a team you love not play great really takes the shine off the whole experience.

Give a Tweet!
Hey I'm into Twitter now and I've started following few but random people one of them being Star Trek: Next Generation crew member & the InterPoop Krishna Himself, Wil Wheaton.  @wilw on Twitter really makes me chuckle but what I love that it appears Mr. Wheaton is a Huge LA Kings fan.  His musings over the mishaps of the Kings are pretty astute.  I love it...actual proof of LA Hockey Fans!  Huzzah!!!!

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA
1.  This Shandor has nothing to do with us.  If you'll remember I hastily changed our Blog's URL from this to our current URL.  I added the word "the" in front of Channel OCHO.  Why?  This was back in 2003 and a gal I was dating was reading OCHO without me knowing, caused some personal drama based upon a post therefore I changed the URL as a knee-jerk reaction.  Should I have just "stayed the course"...sure but I'm not into Shoulda Woulda Coulda.

2.  I love the Cooking Competition shows but the best show on cooking?  Has to be...
America's Test Kitchen on PBS.
This has to go down as one of the Best Shows Ever.  It's Complete and is 30 Minutes of Great Technique & Problem Solving.
Past favorites of mine are the Blueberry Muffins and the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey & Stuffing episodes.
I'll have to check the vids on the link of Australian Cuisine.  Real Cowboy Stuff, eh?
Sully, a question then a comment. 1. What is "Shandor"? 2. If you are looking for a good cooking show (not to knock Top Chef but we get 90% of the English speaking cooking shows in this country so I have the opportunity to compare on an International level) but you NEED to check out Masterchef Australia. They are currently wrapping up a "Junior" season which is equally impressive but the regular seasons blow most other stuff I've seen in cooking shows out of the water. If nothing else check out the recipe pages - YUM! SALUT

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hello! You've Tuned Into Channel OCHO!

Howdy!  Happy New Year. And...
Welcome to Channel OCHO!
This is a Station Ident, (in the words of the IntrePoop Jesus).

Who am I: Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone), originally of South Boston, MA 02127.  I am known as "Sully" now by a few generations of people.  I'll always introduce myself by my given name thinking that introducing one's self as your nickname is pretentious.
What are We Doing Here: Along with the the usual denizens of this Blog, I usually post away on such subjects as music, spirituality, cooking, comicbooks, getting over Star Wars, Hockey in particular from the Boston-centric POV, occasional scuba diving and anything else deemed "cool".  I also sometimes have atrocious spelling or the such.  I'm always weeding simple errors out of my posts...I was never meant to be an Editor.
When Did This Start: in late 2002, this became the Virtual Coffeetable for me and my friends.  Over the years, not only did it keep my disparate friends & I "together", we've honed it into our own coffeetable magazine, chock full of the new cool things that we've always shared with the others.  Life, geography, kids and everything in-between Nothing & Everything.
For Gawd's Sakes...Why???  Because Blogging is Fun!  It's one part challenge, creating readable copy week after week and another part some weird diary because you have to dig deep & get personal in order to make readable copy week after week.  I can look back on the past few years with all the Wows & Yikes pretty clearly with this Blog.  Also get tuned into seriously cool stuff all courtesy of the coolest people in the World.

2012 is here.  We live in The Future.
This is Channel OCHO.  Making sure the Future Stays Cool.

Kriya Shakti,

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

currently watching:
I'm in the middle of the new season & current.  I'm so pleased to watch this great competition.  It inspires me to cook!  

and on NetFlix Instant

this is a pic from Season 2.  May you too someday find this awesome show.  I grew up with Tom Baker on PBS so I was made to love this show.  What makes me really love this show is that the 2005-Current DOCTOR WHO is one lovable show.  I'm only on Season 3.  So please...no spoilers.  

I'm also committed to ABC's LOST
I'm into the Season One Pilot.  I am guilty of exclaiming "WHOA!!!" on the bus the other day when a crash survivor got sucked into the still-running jet engine.  And got the first four episodes on my iPod Touch ready to entertain me just an ennui away.  
I know nothing about this show.  Apparently my doors will be blown off.  

What are you watching, Dear OCHO?  Anything to float this boat?  

Kriya shakti, 

Sunday, January 01, 2012


I have a vague recollection of day when a good friend of mine brought to me knowledge of the beginning of the END. I admit it was exciting and fear-inspiring all at once learning that a culture thousands of years ago had predicted the end... or had they? Was it a case of poor forethought or extreme intuition? Well friends, we approach a time when we will learn the answer. Are the Mayan a culture to be feared and revered or a bunch of kook's in grass skirts? Happy New Year - and in the words Marvin E Quasniki ~ "Be safe and please, binge drink responsibly". SALUT.