Monday, December 24, 2012

One Pound Fish!

Last Week, I saw this at #38 on the BBC Radio1 Official Chart
then this week it climbed to #29!!!
The Chart...Based Upon Your Downloads!  The Only Chart of Pop Music in the World That Matters.  Totally.
So I YouTube'd this...and then watched it over again several times.
Following, all day Sunday Brunch, I'm singing this aloud to the other cooks who already think I'm Batty!  I do wear the Batman Bet Buckle but iDigress...
This is the Result of 21st Century Reality Show Fame Culture...
This humble London fishmonger's sing-song lure in the marketplace earns a spot on teevee's The X-Factor...
and incidental British Fame.
Apparently, there is nothing more British than Curry (as there is nothing more American than good pizza).  He is known as the "One Pound Fish Man" and he's originally from Pakistan.
Be Warned: This is one addictive single.
Nothing more than a Merchant's Call in the Bazzaar.  This is as ancient as it get, ladies & gents.  It Simply Has Hook...
I just listened to the most charming interview with the One Pound Fish Man on this week's Chart as the Deejay Reggie Yates announces #29.  The DJ himself admits to annoying his girlfriend all week by singing it aloud everywhere!!!
Soo-soo-SOOK! the watersellers of Arakeen, Arakkis would call in Frank Herbert's DUNE (advanced sci-fi references for the Illuminati)!
Are you singing along yet?

Happy Holidays, Dear OCHO!!!

Happy Holidays!!!
My Favorite X-Mas Song of All-Time!  Seriously.  This is my favorite version with the kids singing along.  (gracias, Yadira!)
"El Burrito Sabanero"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka the Smoking Puck in Lockout)

Here's a thought? Contraction! 
reduce the amount of teams in the NHL from 30 down to 20.
or what I've always felt is the Nominal Size: 23-24 teams.  Based upon the 1980s of course.
Less Players equals Greater Distribution of Wealth.
Perhaps the players Union can't function at a bloated size.  Simple Ideas sometimes get lost in the Complex negotiations of the Many.
perhaps now is the time to start thinking about Moving some teams to better suited markets and ultimately get rid of a few Cities.
Does California need 3 NHL teams.  Maybe.  Maybe they could lose 1 in a move to Canada.
Does Dallas.  Yes.
But 2 teams in Florida?...make up your mind and move one to Canada, for Gord's Sake.
Columbus, Phoenix.

Hey here's a compromise...wanna save a bloated 30 team league?  Move any failing team to Canada.
That's a Beginning.  The Dakotas?  Seattle?  There have got to be better places on an American Map randomly hit with a Pub Dart than some current recent NHL cities when it comes to Hockey IQ, an X-Factor in the Overall Enjoyment of the Sport but iDigress...
I can't think of a cooler thing if the Coyotes moved to Seattle and became the NHL Thunderbirds.
A Natural Rival to Vancouver too...
but still....30 Teams Big and I haven't even started metioning which teams gotta end up on the editing room floor!  6 or 7!!!  Sheeeesh!!!
I've been looking at the list of teams and thought of six teams (Anaheim, Phoenix, Columbus, Nashville, Miami and Carolina).
The NHL thinks losing a team in the precious Sun Belt is anathema so we had to leave them Tampa Bay and Dallas.
The NY Islanders are moving to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn in a few years but technically Brooklyn is on Long Island so I have no right to say anything besides a Bob Dylan quote...
"Good Luck!"

Who gonna fix this thing?
Who's gonna stop this from breaking down?
It's not gonna be me or you.  But what will the Owners & Players Union take away from this experience.  A Complete Breakdown in the the Flow of the Normal Life.
In the end, they are all tradesmen, plying their trade, living their lives, making their ways, right?
ahhhh...make me lose my mind.  ;)

'namaste & Good Luck!

In Memorium: iRawk....Therefore iPod

Years End List!

I'll keep it simple and hone it down to One Song.
With a Warning: This is a  RATED-R song.
It happens to be the Best Single of the Year in My Humble Opinion
I was first turned onto this song earlier this year in the Spring when it was making its months-long decent down the BBC Radio1 Official Chart.
It's Super Cool.
Super funky.
And when I finally beheld the video in all its Unedited Glory...I was really keen on it.
Why not...it seems like this Girl Really Likes This Boy.
It always boils down to Love Songs, right?  but iDigress...

great little story.  The basics in a Hip-Hop Pop song.
I pressent to you the brash & mighty miss Azelaia Banks and her smoking hit single you might have never heard of...
It's quite simply one of those Perfect Pop Songs...if it wasn't so Dirty!!!  
You are warned.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm over halfway through the show.  Again.  
I watched it once, earlier this year on NetFlix Instant.  For the first time as well.
I had avoided the show itself & any Spoilers & outcomes.  
And loved the whole frakkin thing.  

Passing episode 67 of 120 means to reflect a bit.  Since I know what's coming & all.  
What a great show.  
Doctor Hooey & I have a great new game.  We play LOST Roulette.
It's his show.  He got me hooked.  And I'm glad to have taken my doctor's prescription for fiction.  

Great location shots.  Great music.  Great tension.  And it's cheesy & stupid in all the right places to boot.  It's smart but not too smart.  And it's well done.  

I get LOST on the Couch quite often.  It's the Default Background thing to do over dinner.  
I'm a sucker for a great show and this one fits the bill.  

'namaste and good luck.  ;)  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i do believe in life out there but I do not believe in Aliens
i do believe in God but I do not believe in Aliens
But look at all this...I mean.  Someone else has GOT to be out there!
Have they visited???...as I said I believe in God
click to enbiggen...

Whatchu think, Dear OCHO?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Exile on Causeway Street Thought of the Lockedout Day...

"Nobody is ever forced into a lockout. Lockouts require planning in advance. A lockout is a strategy you choose. A lockout always has a specific purpose, which is what makes lockouts unlike strikes. There is no such thing as a "wildcat" lockout."
-NPR's Charlie Pierce
SOURCE: (PS, Hockey Fan...Frakkin READ IT!!!)

BTW: The rest of December got cancelled.  ::rolls eyes::

If you think that's funny...
and think you're a Real Hockey Fan.
Check out SportsnetCanada's NHL Lockout Clock Page.   
Worth the scroll.

'namaste & good luck!


"Sky Color"

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka: the Smoking Puck in Lockout)

All Down the Line.
All Down the Line this is Awful.
I heard the old Creation fable of Turtles All the Way Down.
I guess this is All The Way Down for NHL Hockey Fans.  What supports the CBA?  It's CBAs All the Way Down, Silly!!

We all suffer on this one, kids.  All Down the Line there is not one person in love with the great sport of Hockey that doesn't have anything on the front of their team jersey 'cuz of this one.
Things of Note from this Week in the Lockout.
It's All the Player's Fault (Again).
The Owners and Players sat down and directly talked to each other.  They were very close on a deal!
Then Something Happened.  What it was, I dunno & can barely understand the minutia of this brinksmanship.  Interests are at Stake on the Player's Point of View.  Once Again as a Union Worker, I too would want as much protection from being taken advantage of...which the Union insures.
All Down the Line...what is financial fairness to a player with a window of opportunity?
"On Average, an NHL Player plays 5-6 Seasons in the League" SOURCE

Hey, guess what?  I found a great resource for trying to understand just "What is Holding Up the Hockey Season"?  I've ask for and found...
A Complete Idiot's Guide to the NHL CBA Negotations!!!
Huzzah and Thank You.  Mind the caveat that this list is from September 2012 and should only be used as a primer for understanding how this has snowballed into an avalanche.
All Down the Line...are empty seats in the stands.
All Down the Line...is unprotected with no defensemen patrolling.
All Down the Line...is a weary fan-base with No Choice.

'namaste & Good Luck!  ;)
I'm Gonna Have to be Serious Here about Something Not Very Serious

I've had it up to Here with Superhero Funnybooks.
It's Not Because I'm 40 Frakkin' Years Old.
It's Because Superhero Comics are No Longer Entertaining.
There are a few exceptions of course, I'm meaning the Superhero Comics Genre in a Holistic Way is a bit like Rock 'n' Roll...will we judge the Body of Rock 'n' Roll on the Pop Charts of 2012 but iDigress...

Today I will be in Harvard Square.
And today...I simply must Return to the Funnybook Bodega.
For I have not been there in MONTHS!
Even BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9 is really boring me right now.
This is the first time I've taken a "break" from a Weekly/Monthly Stack NOT DUE TO POVERTY!
MarvelNOW! and DC New 52.  I've had it.
And the most salient reason I can think of is the new standard of the $3.99/issue price point.
For mediocre storytelling starring the Emperor's New Clothes & Continuities?
I got a few open titles that I'm closing the book on.  No more RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS for me...my sole Bat-title got dull with the artist change.
No more ACTION COMICS. New Superman stories are lame & Grant Morrison is checking out at issue #17 in February.  Grant's BATMAN INCORPORATED opus closes at issue #12 in the Summer of '13.
That was pretty much it for the DC Comics I was buying.
I'm not going to touch MarvelNOW!  There are some interesting things going down at the House of Ideas but I'm not into it either.  All their Avengers lost their Comicbook Accessibilty in favor of a hard-edged realism in the Costume choices.  Plus that $3.99 price point.  Yuk!

While I am at the Funnybook Bodgea and while I'm ripping on my Beloved Superhero Genre, I'm also gonna spend $30 the hard way on a great collection that caught my eye a few months past.
304 glorious pages of B-Listers Running Amok with Scissors in their Hands through the MARVEL Universe.  
Written by one of my personal favorites WARREN ELLIS and drawn deftly & daffy by the immortal Stuart Immonen.  This is simply some of the Best Stuff Ever.  
Only if your like something not serious such as Superhero Funnybooks.  
I was inspired to pick this up from a Blog Warren made for his FAQ
"How was NEXTWAVE conceived?"
Seriously Fun Creation Story of a very seriously Un-Serious Subject.

And while I'm mentioning Unkle Warren Ellis, I just finished his first prose novel
Crooked Little Vein
Warren won't be doing funnybooks for the foreseeable future.  He's instead focusing on novels for the crime fiction shelf, such as the upcoming Jan 2013 GUN MACHINE.
Crooked Little Vein is a slim novel & a quick read clocking in at 277 pages in my snub paperback version.  It's full of Nastiness.  Gross Things.  IntrePoop Cultures and the Spores They Bring.
It's a 21st Century Philip Marlowe stumbling into his own version of "The Big Sleep", dame & guns included.  His name's Mike McGill...and he's a shit magnet.  Weird shit.  All kinds of shit.  bad, nasty stuff.  He's a Private Eye.  They still exist in this day and age.  The Man with the Right Skill Set to Get the Information You Want.
What a ride.  Heavy on Dialog, light on narrative vox but it moves swiftly & entertainingly.
Great 1-2 Punch of Hero & Gal Friday on the Hunt of the Weird & Perverse in the USA, a cross-country jaunt in search of a long lost American artifact that might heal the country but neuter the country's culture back into the social stone ages of the pre-1950s.
And it may not be for everyone either.  I would not suggest it to my mother or anyone I work with
But to you, Dear OCHO...I give a resounding "YES" to this ribald ride of reckless romance.  Check it out on Audible or a Kindle iPad Gadget near you.
I still like a good old fashioned book.
Seriously.  ;)

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka The Smoking PUCK in Lockout)

Happy December!
And Welcome to the grass-roots, homegrown, Black & Gold flavoured Hockey Column of the Channel OCHO Blog.
Please Hit "Play" and let those Dice Tumble.

With all the talk of Powerball Lotteries & Casino Gambling in the Bay State where the Puck is in Exile...it feels like lots of dice tumbling in a big game of Cosmic Chance.
Who will make it with the Big Payday???  Will it be the card shark?  The One-Arm Bandit?  The Never-Losing House?
Or will it be the Little Guy.  The Joe or Jane who walks onto the gaming floor and reaps those benefits through skill & luck...but iDigress.

Another form of Rolling the Dice is when we "Hit The Proverbial Wall" in our Disagreements.
Those Dice are in the form of seeking a 3rd party to listen to and analyse the positions, problems & interests at hand.
And the result when the Dice land?  Are their suggestions for resolving the dispute.
Sixes & Sevens or Snake-Eyes?  Hmmmm...
I for one read a lot about Mediation, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques when I was working at Harvard Law School 2000-'04.  Important Lessons that carry on to this day.  I employ these techniques daily in all relationships, in all circumstances, & especially in all disputes.

I am overjoyed the NHL and the NHLPA have sought out ADR from a group of Federal Mediators.  Did the two-day session yield a result?  No.
But should the two parties give up on ADR...
There is a will.  There is a way.  We all want to be playing & enjoying professional hockey.
There are no Devils in these Details though...
only tumbling dice.

'namaste & good luck! 'P

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Get in My Belly

Not much to say except BEHOLD!...and making this 3-2-1 Pie Crust is as easy as 1-2-3!
Seriously.  More Tortes Coming This Holiday Season!

May I introduce you to my first from-scratch Savory Torte.
Ratio By Weight (parenthesis specific for this torte), 3 parts Flour (KA AP, sifted) , 2 parts Fat (unsalted butter, small cubes and very very cold) and 1 part Liquid (chic stock).  A few pinches of kosher salt for flavor.
Caramelized Onion & Muenster Cheese.
In hindsight, I'd finish this torte topped with a bitter green (arugula or frisee) in a nice balsamic reduction.
The crust came out nigh-perfect; buttery & flaky!
I've heard the saying "easy as pie" and now I believe it!

View from the Birdhouse

Exile on Causeway Street (aka: the Smoking PUCK in Lockout)

Yesterday, indeed it was Black Friday.
The NHL has cancelled games through December 14, 2012.
the All-Star Game has been cancelled.

I kinda cannot get excited about the prospect of enjoying a shortened season right now.
Sure, I'd watch the televised games.  Root for the Bruins in the Playoffs, which would be sooner than we think.  I'd even really enjoy a Sullied Stanley Cup too, I will not lie.
Yet I cannot fathom purchasing tickets to a Bruins game at the TD Garden.
I cannot generate interest enough to buy a new hat or replace my Tim Thomas jersey.
Maybe Tim Thomas knew something all along???  Right Now, Tank's the only Right One in the Whole General Mish Mash but iDigress...
I cannot even think without rising bile the amount of money I'm gonna spend at that one game I'll get a last-minute call ticket to...
These are Fan's Money Issues.  True Interests that transcend the thrill of Modern Athletics.
This is Patronage.  The Keystone in all this is We The Fans.
I sure would like to have a Revolution...
Can we secede from Major Sports?  We could...I guess if I really do love hockey as much as I say I do, I could never attend to the NHL again, start skating and play whenever I can.  Or my other dream is developing into a strong skater, learn the Rules and referee games.
That to me is thrilling.
And it's loving hockey.

What are you going to do This Lost Year?  I'm gonna buy some skates!
Namaste & Good Luck!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Getting Ready for Next Year...finally something to do after the Mayan Calendar runs out.
Let's Fix It with a Timelord!  Maybe I'll celebrate my birthday by spending late November in London...
In Honor of Next Year's Biggest Celebration in Sci-Fi
As it was done in MAD MAGAZINE...ahem:
Sing to the Tune of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

It was 50 Years Ago Today
Doctor Who, he found a world to save
and he wants us all to get along
and you know he's gonna Right the Wrongs
So Lemme introduce to you...
The One & Only Galifreian!

Thank you.  I'm so not embarrassed.  It's a Gift.

A Chef's Life...

Hey.  I'm a Cook by Trade.  Professional.  Do It For A Good Living.
I read Craigslist to see what's going on out there in the Backs of the Houses of the Boston Area.
I came across a magnificent job description!  I am not interested yet...
I love the sheer literal delineation in the expectation.
Too often, people new to the industry do not get the training they need in their OJT Jobs (On the Job Training) in any field, for any career.
Apply this to where you get a majority of your daily nutrition if you work on a campus or university.  Apply this paradigm to your restaurant or even your Supermarket.
This is the Real Deal.
I love this set of values & I think it should go down as the Secret IntrePoop Constitution of The Kitchen Trade!
Enjoy.  (My BOLDs for Personal Emphasis -eo's)

Other responsibilities are:
* Reads, understands, and complies with State Regulations established for Food Service departments.
* Prepares food according to the menu 
* Ensures all meals are prepared following recipes and guidelines 
* Tastes, smells, and observes food to ensure conformance with recipes and appearance standards. 
*Measures satisfaction levels among customers by conversations with clients on meal satisfaction.
* Places food servings on plates using standard measuring ladles, scoops, spoons, etc. in order to assure residents are getting sufficient portions. Makes sure plates are attractively presented by using appropriate placement and garnishes as necessary.
* Is not wasteful of food during the food preparation time. Saves all usable leftovers to be used with another meal.
* Properly cleans all equipment and work areas, including walls and floors, in order to provide a sanitary kitchen environment.
* Assures all open food in refrigerators and freezers are covered and dated and that outdated food is discarded promptly.
* Assures all freezers are maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below and refrigerators are maintained at 34-40 degrees Fahrenheit daily and the temperatures are documented.
* Presents a clean and neat appearance, wearing aprons, hair nets, and other protective clothing as necessary.

Job Requirements:
High school diploma or general education degree (GED); 
Culinary School and/or 3 years of experience. 
Ability to lift 50 pounds occasionally and 30 pounds regularly
Must be a non-smoker

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is this a 3 Act Story?
Get your groove on.
Been listening to this jam all day long.  about 5-6 times.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012



"Up Goer-Five"
Click Link to Enlarge!!!
A huge, fun, charming and anatomically correct "xkcd" version of the Saturn-V rocket for the Apollo Missions to the Moon.
They do not make 'em like that anymore, do they...

Friday, November 02, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka The Smoking PUCK in Lockout Mode)

November 2, 2012

Day of the Dead.  Can you dig it?
Maybe this is The Day NHL Hockey Died.
Hear This: The Winter Classic is Cancelled.  

As Amy Spake, "what kind of fuckery is this?...to make me miss the Slick Rick gig?"

Seriously.  This is It.
No Winter Classic.  Next no All-Star Game.  Next...the NYC (patooie!) Rangers will win a fucking Cup with a weak, short schedule.  That'll be fuck all, ain't it, huh?
It was s'posed to be Toronto at Detroit.  Slick, eh?  Imagine the re-sold jerseys of a game that never existed...
Well in all honesty it'll probably be rescheduled for next year, "No Harm-sies Done-sies, right?"
But iDigress...

The Winter Classic is Cancelled.
This is Sad News.
bad Tidings.
I was getting really used to the New Years' Day Game being Professional Hockey instead of unpaid collegiate football.

I went to a Winter Classic.  Yes, in 2010.  At Fenway.  Meathead brought me.  We partied way too hard.
You can read about it here.
I was awful.  Sheeeesh.!
No Winter Classic for the Motor City.  I don't even want to make jokes about the Leafs winning or not winning.  They got Phil Kessel & Dion Phaneuf.  One Night or the Next, They Will Earn Your Respect.  The Toronto Maple Leafs are my Division Rivals and I'm supposed to see them 6 times a year.  it used to be Eight.  Spanish for eight is OCHO, Dear Ocho...

Hockey will Never Die.  Rock 'n' Roll will die before Hockey does but this ain't good.
This is bad.
In the Future, the Winter Classic perhaps shouldn't even be called a "Classic", betting on an Imagined Nostalgia that never existed in the first place for it's name.
I'm too old to have my innocence die but this comes damn close!
I shake my fist at the Sky!!!

The Saddest Point in my Life as a Hockey Fan:
Seeing the original Boston Garden half demolished from the old elevated I-93,
seeing Marty McSorley club Donald Brashear.
and today...seeing the Winter Classic die.  Hockey didn't die.  I think the Winter Classic did.
When it comes back in the next full season, I won't receive it as regally as the previous tilts.  I watched Pittsburg at Buffalo.  That was awesome.
We can always hope Canada doesn't let us down & still holds a 2013 Heritage Classic, perhaps in Northern Nunavut where we can have ice in April.



"Cell Number"



Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Comics Gnome Poots Quality Not Quantity...
96 pages, hardcover, priced at $22.99 yet with taxes at checkout cost just under $25
This centuries-spanning original graphic novel from legendary writer/artist WALTER SIMONSON shows how one of the silver coins Judas was paid to betray Jesus has had an impact on the DC Universe, with chapters starring THE GOLDEN GLADIATOR (73 A.D.), THE VIKING PRINCE (1000 A.D.), CAPTAIN FEAR (1720) and BAT LASH (1881). In the centerpiece of the book BATMAN faces TWO-FACE in an epic, present-day battle before the story blasts into the future for a final chapter set in the year 2087 starring MANHUNTER 2070!

I spied this on the shelf at the bookstore, the one with my bus stop just outside.
NOT my comicbook store.  Not the Funnybook Bodega!
For me the best way to kill the 15 minutes waiting for the bus is to spend it thumbing through the comics section at the Kendall Sq. MIT COOP Bookstore.
And over the past two weeks I've bought two of the most intriguing (the other will come up when read ;P )
This particular tale I noticed a few weeks back and picked it up a few times.
I originally thought it was a collection of obscure Walt Simonson DC work in a mini from the 80s or 90s.
I was very wrong.
This was released September 2012.  Fresh off the press & imagination factory.
New Stories!
What a great story, with changes in art and also fresh, bold new direction from a Master in the Art.  Walter Simonson.  He wrote, penciled & inked this.
I can get lost in this amazing book.  I pour over the artwork, the layout, the style, the choices in coloring effects.  The stories are all accessible and great classic comics, spanning eras, Ages and stroytelling techniques.  The Batman story in itself is interpolated with newspaper clippings behind the black & white newspaper-style panel layouts.  Visually as evocative & appealing as Moore & Gibbons' WATCHMEN then beyond.  I love the manga flavor of MANHUNTER 2070 and the sepia tones of BAT LASH.  The GOLDEN GLADIATOR, VIKING PRINCE and CAPTAIN FEAR were a 1-2-3 combo of the history of adventure comics then to the Western Gunslinger...
leading to a really solid Batman vs Two-Face story, well presented.
And I've yet to mention the Judas Coin itself.  The literary device of Following a Shared Object through History.  One shekel from the 30 pieces of Silver given to Judas Iscariot.  It passes hands many times over 2,000 Years and ownership means calamity & doom!
This one is getting lent out to the Usual Suspects and re-read a few times.
Not your average comicbook but also not your average format.  An handsome hardcover with just slightly bigger than comics-size pages, therefore the panels are bigger.  And a great complete story.  It's for all kinds of fans, new & old and it was done by one of the Bests in the Business.

Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing Left to Say About the Star Wars...

Have you heard the news?
Lucas Sells to Disney.
Disney Promised Episode 7 for 2015.


It's Amazing.

I have thought that taking George Lucas out of Star Wars might be the best thing for it.
And I just got my wish.

My Secret Hope is for this.
Disney re-makes the Original Trilogy as a PIXAR movie, keeping the original dialog & Ben Burtt sound effects.
Even the Prequels...re-make them the right way, especially Episode 3 and as PIXAR movies!
And make Episodes 7, 8 and 9 as PIXAR movies too.

This way we can separate the characters from their actors & give them an immortality only Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman & Spider-Man know.
A unity in style and commemoration in their action figures & toys.

Will I be excited for the next movies?
Frak, No!
But Disney will be free to pave a Future of a Long Time Ago.  Of stories.
And another generation of kids to grow up like this one and still to this day make the "click...WHOOOSH" sound of an igniting lightsabre from the waist...but iDigress...

I got no jokes.  No ill things to say about George with the exceptions of What a Wise Business Deal and Thank You.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Joss Whedon Kicks Arse!!!

Election 2012!  

Get In My Belly

Hmmm...Bacon IN Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, also with Chocolate Chips.  
How about a moment...when I thought what else can I do with this?
I had some leftover chocolate ganache.  
You have to keep them in the fridge but they won't last long once I bust them out.
Chocolate-Dipped Bacon-Infused Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (w/ choc chips). 

Get In My Belly

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Exile on Causeway Street (aka The Smoking PUCK)

Say "Goodbye, November".
Usually my favorite month of the Calendar Year.
My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Autumn...
and Boston Bruins Hockey.
Well we don't have to worry about the Beantown Bees in November.
Since the Player's Union and the Owners have not come to a Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NHL has announced the cancellation of the schedule until November 30, 2012.
So no chance of the Thanksgiving Friday matinee this year.  This is the Game in which I've seen Local Hardcore Black & Gold fans get escorted out for swearing & taunting.  Lots of kids at the yearly matinee.  That's when I knew we lived in a New World Order but shhhhhhh!...
No chance of My Ma & Me getting last-minute cheap seats and smuggling in a Bottle, giggling & spiking our Cokes as we did on my 20th.
No chance of Meathead, Mario & Me going to Porters on Portland Street, before & after the game solely because "This Is What We Do" but iDigress...
Maybe Tim Thomas Knew Something We Didn't?  Think he's rubbing his hands together, chuckling 'cuz of his TV monitors from his Underground Montana Bunker at We The Boston Sports Fan for throwing our Hate & Ire at anything that displeases???

Over a Quarter of the Season is Now an Unrealized Potential.  Something we'll never get back & experience.  Gone.
As a Union Employee though, I have deep empathy for the Players wanting not to get screwed over in their next contract.  And I've always respected my bosses to understand they're simply trying to run the ship in the Black at the Brassiest of Tacks Level.
It is What it Is.  Isn't It?

So I feel a Friday Night Trip to Providence, RI to see the AHL Bruins play is in order!
Or Worcester.
Or Manchester, NH
Or Portland, ME.
Or Springfield, MA (gawd, why the frak would I ever want to go to Springfield ever again...well I could catch a Pro Hockey Game is why)
Other New England teams in the AHL (American Hockey League) include Bridgeport, CT and Hartford, CT.
That's Seven AHL Teams in New England alone.  Try getting those games on "Local New England Sports Cable Television".
I think I recall the usual One Providence Game.  In the 2004-05 Lockout-Lost Season, the New England Sports Network (NESN) dropped the ball instead of a puck.  I never want to buy W.B. Mason or Dunkin Donuts but watching AHL Hockey would have been better than more Charlie Moore...
In the Myriad of Television broadcasting rights, doesn't NESN just need to purchase re-broadcasting rights from the providers...and pay for that with adverts?  Is there something I'm not understanding?
Sheeet...maybe there's an App for my Roku Box or iPod and I can cut out this 20th Century Middleman.  Hmmmmm...
NESN, please Wake the Frak Up and show some New England Pro Hockey?

And for the Lovelorn of our great Sport, please check out this 1977 video with sports writer, the great George Plimton and his tryout of Pro Hockey.
Don't miss this one!

Source: NHL Dot Com (full article here)

By his own admission, writer George Plimpton wasn't much of a skater when he attended Boston Bruins training camp in 1977. But that may have been the least of his worries.
The amateur goaltender and father of "participatory journalism" also was almost 50 years old when he attended Bruins camp on assignment for Sports Illustrated. By then, the legendary writer had made a career of being out of his athletic element. Thanks to "Open Net," his classic book documenting the experience, his mark on the sport endures 35 years later.
Plimpton's first foray into pro sports was chronicled in "Out of My League," which details his attempt in 1958 to pitch against a team of National League all-stars that included Willie Mays. But Plimpton is best known for "Paper Lion," in which he documents his experience playing quarterback for the 1963 Detroit Lions
By the time Plimpton attended Bruins training camp in Fitchburg, Mass., he had written about his experiences boxing against Archie Moore, suiting up for the Boston Celtics, and travelling with the PGA Tour. But blending into a Bruins team that had recently dealt star players Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito would require a new set of skills. Fortunately for him, Plimpton had no trouble getting along.
"He was just an unbelievable person. He and I became very close friends," Hall of Fame goaltender Gerry Cheevers said. "Maybe a year later, my wife and I went to New York to be present while he played in the New York Philharmonic. He played the triangle. It was about an hour [long] and I think he hit the triangle twice."

Friday, October 26, 2012

View From the Birdhouse, Retweet

Saturday Morning Cartoon Watching for Grown-Up Man-Children...

Seriously.  It is good to have friends.  And it good to share your home with someone you love, respect & care about whether it be a spouse or in my case a Flatmate.
The Kind You Just Click With.
Michael and I have somewhat opposite schedules which benefits us both.  I work mornings and Mike works overnight at his Hospital, with usually the Friday PM overnight getting home about 8AM Saturday Morning.
Lately we've been wickid bad.
Lately...we've begun watching cartoons on Saturday AMs over McDonalds.
He brings it home, we alternate who pays week to week.  He's an Egg & Cheese Biscuit fan and I'm a devotee to the Sausage Egg & Cheese McRiddle Sammich (what is it???).  Extra Homefries.
And we watch a few cartoons.
I'm starting my One Day Off a Week.
He's on his way to bed until 2PM or later.  But somewhere in the middle is a great spot for getting some TV watching in with a buddy.

My response to a "What Should We Watch?" was answered with something I checked out on my iPod Touch at lunchtime via NetFlix Instant.
I thought it really cool and worth a second viewing of the pilot for me...little did I know I'd be hooked line & sinker for the rest like a kid, anxiously awaiting Saturday Morning for his Serials over Cereal but iDigress...
a 2010/11 show that only got 26 episodes & not picked up for a 2nd season.  
I grew up in the 80s & was a kid knee-deep in the action figures, toys, comicbook and cartoon of G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO.  
Yet this update takes a few of the Joes, and mixes it up in terms of being a 21st Century American story, taking the characters & property into the Future.  
A small team of Scarlett, Duke, Roadblock, Tunnel Rat & Snake Eyes trying to prove to the world that the overtly benign COBRA, international providers of technology, security and retail & food chain stores is a nefarious & covert dastardly evil empire bent on world domination!!!
Oh all awhile being publicly set up by COBRA as Domestic Terrorists on the Run from their own U.S. ARMY!!!   
Sound familiar?  
G.I. JOE RENEGADES is not only a great updating of the team but a mash-up in concept with the A-TEAM!  
5 Joes, 1 Van, One Mission: To Clear Their Names by Proving to the World that COBRA is out to enslave us all...
Great show for the fans.  Sorry to hear it won't be continued.  
We got 5 episodes left.  
and we figure 2 more Saturday Mornings over McDonald's Break'est with these 21st Century Joes & Cobras.  All the updates are spot on.  
Worth the time for a fan of the original.  
Easter Eggs I picked up on were a lot of voice actors including guest stars Michael Emerson & Daniel Dae Kim of TV's LOST and also the voices of the original Duke & Scarlett playing the voices of Duke's parents.  
Also the angle of how to make COBRA work Today.  
Available on NetFlix Instant and 22 minutes each.  
Feel like a kid again!   

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Exile On Causeway Street: aka the Smoking Puck in Lockout

Another Week bites the Dust.
The NHL Cancels another week of the schedule.
I'm very perplexed by this lack of hockey in my life.
I thought this was figured out.  Why would this happen twice in a lifetime let alone twice in 8 Years?
Oh well...
as a fan of a sport, a game...it's interesting being Mad at it.
It's like being Mad at the Weather.
It's like being Mad at Grandpa for dying.
It's like being Mad at Christmas!
IT IS NOT OUR FAULT! (unless you have the Cassadine weather machine, murdered my grandfather or knocked up the Virgin Mary but iDigress...)

I have an idea!  Why don't the Providence Bruins play a few upcoming home games on Causeway Street?  I am Eternally Hopefully.  I will be until the hangman puts the hood & noose over my head again...

Hey, I'll make a deal with them all.  If they give up on this Year, I Promise I Won't.
'Namaste...and Good Luck!


The Universal Label
Note: if you read the comic on its own webpage, every strip has a box of copy if you hover the mouse over the image.  This does not apply when the image is linked...say to OCHO.
Cheers!  :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

View from the Birdhouse

Fall Foliage 
October 18, 2012. Somerville, MA USA, Highland & Lowell.
October 18, 2012. Cambridge, MA USA, MIT Campus, Main & Vassar.
Originally I gave the Avengers movie by Joss Whedon a "Meh".

I'd like to adjust this notion since I've seen the movie 3X since...

I'm watching it now as I'm writing this.  I still have the same overall intrinsic problems with it.
Yet I embrace it's Whendon-esque Whedoness.
The dialog between the characters is "where it's at" in this piece.
Since I've seen it the first time, I did see it again in the movie theater.  It was a nice time.  I got to enjoy all the jokes that time around.  And we stuck it out to the Ending, a couple was leaving & I told them, "There's one more scene, the best scene in the movie"
They stayed.
We were all delighted but iDigress...

So my flatmate Mike rented "The Avengers" on Amazon Prime.  We got 48 hours to watch it as many times as we want in glorious HD.  We watched it last night.
And I'm watching it again right now.  Alone.  Quoting.
Almost 12 minutes in and we're shown the Title Card.

I guess it is a compliment that what I thought to be a burdensome running time in my initial viewing gets "shorter & shorter" every time I watch it...

I've seen a 420 reference.  and a 42 reference too.  A Terminator reference.  the Star Wars "passing capital ship" reference.  The "Warning-Contents Under Pressure" Stencil in Spray Paint on the floor as Banner Transforms into the "Other Guy".  Captain America not being afraid to kill at 1hr 21m throwing an invader overboard.  The Stan "The Man" Lee Cameo!  Both Credits Stinger Scenes (you must stay until the end of the film!!)

One "insider" part is Hawkeye's "badguy-ness".  When the Avengers began as a funnybook, Clint Barton is a reluctant villain.  In this movie, he's the brainwashed-by-evil superspy.  Great transition keeping the flavor of the character intact.

Still a CGI Frak Fest! but well done all the same. :)  Frakkin' Modern Movies.

With Joss Whedon writing & directing AVENGERS 2 all I can wonder is one thing...
Who Dies???
then Shwarma after...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

View from the Birdhouse

Central Street, Spring Hill, Somerville, MA USA 
October 4, 2012. Fall Daisies.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Smoking Puck

October 13, 2012
The NHL Season should have started this week.

Sigh.  Yes, Sigh...the Anti-Om. 
There is no end in sight to the Lockout.  In conversation the other night over dinner, I was asked reasons "why" the Lockout.  I drew a blank yet I remembered one of the player's points Not To Blink.  The Escrow Payments.  I knew the players had become to detest & resent the gouging they receive for the Escrow...alas I cannot tell you why.  I thought it might had something to do with the Retirement Pensions but I was wrong on that one.  So to cure Lack of Information, we can counter with RTFM.
Source for a list of Five Salient Issues Enabling the 2012 NHL Stoppage:
The Escrow Payment What is it? To ensure the correct revenue split between teams and players, a percentage of player salaries is placed in escrow during the season. (In 2010-11, the withheld share was 12.5 per cent.) When exact NHL revenues are determined at the end of the season, the escrow account is divided among players and owners to ensure that the targeted split has been met.
That opens the larger issue of franchise stability and profitability, which the NHL and team owners consider to be their business, not the players. 
What's the problem? Players are concerned that a small number of troubled franchises - most notably the Phoenix Coyotes, operated by the league as it searches for a new owner - drag down overall revenues and suck up much of the escrow money. Effectively, their pockets are being picked to prop up lame-duck teams.
When will the NHL Season start?  I'll be one of the first to know thanks to the IntrePoop & Its Minions that fill my pockets & attention span but iDigress...
It Was 20 Years Ago...The Eric Lindros Trade.  One of the most notorious dramas in the NHL's History.  Screw this Lockout crap...this is like Facebook drama compared to what went on two decades ago.  Touted as the "Next One", power forward Eric Lindros was the 1st Round, 1st overall draft pick selected by the Quebec Nordiques.  He refused to put the jersey on.  The World stopped revolving for a Picosecond.  It really did.  People in Pretoria gasped!  The Hockey World waited with bated breath on the fate of where Lindros would Land: the Isle of Manhattan or the City of Brotherly Love.  Lindros was unprofessionally promised to Both Cities!!!  He ended up wearing his nigh-famous #88 in Philly, bringing them to the Stanley Cup Finals one unsuccessful year against the Detroit Red Wings.  Post-Concussion symptoms cut his career short as well.  Eric Lindros was supposed to have been one of the most important players in My Window of Space/Time watching the great sport of Hockey.  I'd say ask a Flyers Fan for that one.  Over the years, my need to bash Lindros has abated probably as a result of my spirituality and meditations.  So what to say about all the hullaballoo now, 20 Years Later after "L'Enfant Terrible"...and the result.  Well...the Quebec Nordiques were wickid good for a few seasons with Hextall!   

Hockey should be back soon enough.  I'm thinking November but who wants a shortened season?
Well...someone who doesn't want a Cancelled Season, that's who.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Comics Gnome TIME MACHINE!

One of the things I love about Blogging is This:
finding an old funnybook and sharing the experience with friends, new & old.  
A comic published in the 1970s is one of the quickest nostalgia vehicles for me personally. 
Not for the stories but the Little Details like the adverts which are the real anchors to Space/Times in my pert-near 40 years on the Planet.  

The Comics Gnome found something while we were eyeing the aisle at the Funnybook Bodega.  It was a Saturday and there were children in the comicbook store!  Again!!  Holy Shit!!!  But iDigress...
On the New Release shelf was a bevy of backissues for a few bucks so I heeded the beckoning.  
One of my gripes about modern Superhero comics is that they're just not as fun as they were in Ages Past.  And I put my Money where my mouth is.  For a Whopping Two Dollars...
it's a Winter 1976 collection of late Golden/early Silver Age reprints.  Cover priced for Fifty Cents.
Three Tales of the Super Heroes fighting...well Super-Gorillas!  
a SUPERMAN tale from 1956, art by Wayne Boring.  A Classic look and feel to the Man of Steel.  
a FLASH from 1967, story by John Broome & art by legend Carmine Infantino.
and finally BATMAN & ROBIN from Batman #75, 1953.  
Each hero fights their own Gorilla.  Yup.  Not bad either.  Not entirely great but definitely had a but more fun.  And they were a bit preachy too with "The Moral of the Story" at the end of the Adventure.  

But what I liked the most were the advertisements!  Better than the dated stories (which were all tasteful & a little ridiculous) were the ads that were in all those publications at particular times.  
It was 1976.  It was a different America then.  
We didn't need to wear seatbelts.  Or have helmets when riding our bikes or rollerskating.  
There were only Four Big TV Channels. Hello, PBS? Mouthbreathers...sigh...anyhoo.  And we in Boston had a good 4-5 Little UHF stations.  
Speaking of Old Teevee, Tell me seeing an ad doesn't make you feel 5 Years Old Again?
(if you wanna be jealous, I had the Death Star playset in the second ad? haha -The Mngt)
Then How About This One...And Would It Fly in 2012 USA?  Hell No!  
Daisy Air Rifle, anyone?  
Then over here to the Proto IntrePoop...the Quintessential Ad Page!
On this Page, Charles Atlas and his Dynamic Tension Theory of Bodybuilding.  Skateboarders around the country could get new decks, trucks, wheels & bearings to build their own boards in '76.  Comics for Sale.  Special Investigator Kit for $3.95 (plus 35 cents postage) Not Available to NY State Residents!  GASP!!  
Then to the Back Cover, glossy paper stock, prime real estate for any ad in any magazine...held by Spalding Basketballs
Who out there knows who Rick Barry & Doctor J are???  
and in closing we get the opposite of the Back Page Ad, the Inside Cover Ad.
Same Glossy paper stock.  The first thing you see with our Western Eyes moving Left-to-Right is another ad with a story told in sequential panels of drawn art with narrative copy and dialog.  Comics!  
Here's a tale of normal police officers capturing the nefarious JOKER.
what's the Plug? Hostess Fruit Pies!  
Here's an Index of them (God Bless the IntrePoop!).  Currently there are 234 of them. WOW! 

I hate commercials. 
But nothing brings me back to slices of life quicker than The Ad or a Jingle I may have seen & heard hundreds of times, over & over & over & over again like a Hot Moment's Pop Song...yet that Hot Moment being Many Moons Ago.  
I wonder will I still get Bloody Drool when I hear "Call Me Maybe" when I'm 64?  
This Funnybook ended up being an artifact, a series of cave drawings.  A Psycho-emotional Archaeological dig finding in the Pyramid of Myself.  King Nut, aw'right?  ;)

Kriya Shakti,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Smoking PUCK!

Oh Shit...Spaceballs!

Get ready for a shorter season, ladies & gentlemen...I said it here first. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Retweet, Get In My Belly

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Are You Reading?

In my Bag O'Life, I'll usually be carrying a few tomes to pass the times.
I get a lot of reading done.  
My Golden Zones are Two: The AM & the Afternoon, to & fro, from here to there, on the MBTA, Boston's Subway & Bus System.  I'm funny that I can't even listen to music with lyrics while I read, I get so distracted.  So it's an aural feast of jazz & classical as I get a little reading done in the Afternoon.  
In the Mornings, it's the same old bag.  The Bhagavad Gita and its continued transformative effect on my life (See: Tao of Sully here at OCHO for More Details, -the Bullpen).  I still listen to the Gita sung in it's original Sanskrit.  15 Minutes of Spiritual Focus goes a Long Way in a Workday.  
In the Afternoons though, the Books Vary.  It could be a few Funnybooks, either a fresh stack of monthlies pooted forth by my old friend The Comics Gnome.  Or it could be a story or as we FanVolk call "Arcs" from the Longboxes, several bagged comics or their Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel counterpart.  
Although usually I got my nose in one of my Books more oft than a funnybook during the PM Commute.  I have a great bookshelf I keep armed with great go-to stuff.  Something I can Grab & Enjoy on the Way Home.  Got the Epics.  The Bard.  The Bible.  The Skeptic's Bible.  The Best Books on Cooking.  A Spectrum of World Religions to Catch Up On...I got Clusters of Classic Sci-Fi.  I have only One Star Wars Book but iDigress...
But all bibliophiles great & small, we all love the Brand New Book.  
And I've for Me, 2012 has pretty much been the Year of the New Book.  
I hear there are things called libraries & I can borrow books for free anytime I want!  
I've purchased 4 new books so far this year.  That's better than the One last year and the Zero in the previous few years.  Mostly books On Cooking*, I think I read about what I love.
And the past two...well this will come as no surprise.
Non-Fiction About Comic Books!  POW!  WHAM!  KA-POWWW!!!
How ya like them Apples?  
First Up was Batman & Psychology: A Dark & Stormy Knight by Dr. Travis Langley.  
I mentioned this a little while back and finished it the other day.  
Really interesting book.  It takes Batman & most of the people in his World and holds them up to the light of Real Psychology.  I learned a boatload of different Disorders and their Derivatives and how they applied to the Dark Knight Detective and his Rogue's Gallery of "Madmen".  Heck, I've been applying them to my workmates!! :)  In the End, I felt instead of explaining this fictional character's neuroses & psychoses, A Dark & Stormy Knight presented the World of modern Western psychiatry into an accessible land that uses the familiar Bat-Universe as a Map.  A great short history lesson on modern Psychiatry.  The essential differences between Freud, Jung & Eriksson.  How non-aging characters & archetypes cannot really be defined by the DSM-IV.  Is Batman Crazy?  You got to read it to find out...
I love how Dr. Langley plumbs Batman to his nigh-fathomless depth to his roots & history.  Also every other important character get a quick "Couch Trip" with my personal favorites Selina Kyle (Catwoman) & Jason Todd (Robin II--->antihero Red Hood).  Deftly switches sources from Comics to Cinema.  I can only hope in further editions, perhaps an extra chapter further examining the Batman through his Elseworlds & Multiverse variants, the different expressions of the same rich character.  Thanks, Travis.  A Good read and it's getting lent to the right people...deserves a re-read and a place on the bookshelf.  Huzzah, Good Sir!  

Upon finishing A Dark & Stormy Knight, I was Book-less.  
That sinking feeling when you got nothing to read on the way home except some awful rag such as the Boston Metro (yuk!).  So I bellied up to the bar or in this case hit the bookstore near the Bus Stop again.  And this "National Bestseller" caught my eye.  I noticed it a few weeks earlier when the Batman movie was released, the Batman books were all clumped together.  
With this cover, I see why it was on This Moment's Center Aisle Featured Crap Display.  
Supergods by Grant Morrison, softcover edition.
I almost picked up Supergods in its hardcover when it came out last year but something held me back.  I think it was the size & weight...so I decided to wait.  And Lo & Behold, it got smaller & cheaper.  ;P  
So far I'm a few chapters in and loving it.  Grant Morrison is one of my favorite living sci-fi writers and his superhero funnybooks are in their own class.  Morrison uses the choicest of action figures in the toyboxes of both MARVEL & DC to create unique, savvy, sophisticated & mind-bending adventure tales.  
He's really good at his job!  
I'm still on his History of the Comics World segment that falls under the first 3rd mentioned in the NYT review.  And it's fascinating.  It's not all about characters & make-believe but Creators and Publishing Magazines!  About the Pop Art Explosion and the grapple for the Marketshare.  And about countless repetitions of the same themes, basically Superman & his opposite the Batman.  
And I love Grant's Storytelling "voice".  It's 110% Grant and it does take a nimble mind to follow him. He is very kinetic and intends to give you a lot of information at once because we're moving on, very quickly to the next Idea any moment and yes...you will be getting quizzed later.  

So I'm keeping company on a Saturday Morning.  On the Couch, with a cup of coffee, my little dog snoozing in the crook of my arm as I turn pages on a good book.  Non-Fiction About Fiction.  
What about you?  What are you reading for pleasure?
Let me know...maybe we can start a book club.  

*S'funny...I don't dig Cookbooks.  Although Betty Crocker & the American Test Kitchen are invaluable resources for method, prep & execution of anything.  Webpages have replaced my Need of any cookbook.  All props to Epicurious Dot Com as well which has saved me a trillion times.  Yes, a Trillion!  

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Smoking Puck

September 17, 2012

Hello and Welcome to the Smoking Puck!
My Grass-Roots Blog on Hockey with a local Spin being a Bruins fan.
I have a joke.  On the 8th Day, God Was Bored.  So God Created Canadians.
Hockey to me is the Ying & Yang of Sports.  of Sheer Grace and Utter Brutality.
A Sport indigenous to snowy places.  I grew up in the hockey-mad 70s & 80s in South Boston.  Everyone played hockey (except for me!).
But I remember it being the only sport I really cared about as a kid and growing up.

I was the kind of fan to wait on Causeway Street overnight for Tickets, in the "Great Darkness of the Pre-IntrePoop Daze". we call the late 20th Century.
And we'd play Wiffle Ball under the Old El in the wee hours of the morning.  I had a little money I'd brought with me so I'd only get about 4 pairs yet it was the experience of hanging with a best mate.  And the camaraderie with the other fans you'd see year after year.  
For me it was never about the fighting or the violence but who doesn't like a hockey fight?  It was about the horn sounding after a goal, followed by the crowds roar.  It was about running into past Bruins like Terry O'Reilly & Derek Sanderson and them being cool enough to sign the crest of your jersey.

Then came the New Building and the Old Garden was Gone.
Then came the IntrePoop and queuing overnight for tickets was now irrelevant.
Then came those Horrible Yellow Stripes down the sleeves of those 2nd rate uniforms  we were stuck with for most of the 90s!!!
Things Got Worse...
Then Things Got Better. A lot better.
And Welcome to the Future, to 2012.
As of Today, the Hockey Season is in trouble since the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Players Union and the Owners expired on Sunday.  Yikes.
People been asking me for the past few weeks.
Whatcha think of another Lost Season?
And it's tough to figure.  The Bruins just signed 4 of their star Forwards (as opposed to Defensemen); Chris Kelly, Brad Marchand, Tyler Seguin & Milan Lucic.  What does that even mean?  Sheeesh.
My advice to the Powers That Be is this: Find a Way.
Crisis does make one think of creative answers & solutions to problems.  Perhaps a great solution will appear soon.  Or as I like to say in a daily intention "Kriya Shakti", the ability to spontaneously generate Right Action.  The past 8 years of NHL Hockey has been great.
Some of the best hockey I've ever seen.
The rule changes & shootout works.
There is nothing broke and guess what, No One Is Going To Go Broke Either...
So Lace 'Em Up & Play!


Friday, September 14, 2012

I've never done any sky diving ... but maybe by the time I die, I can feasibly have my ashes dumped onto Mars ... just like this ... in a robot.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joss Whedon Kicks Arse...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hello Dear OCHO,

It is once again September 11th.  
You can check out previous years on the Tag.  
But this year's blog, I got inspired by Twitter, something that didn't even exist until 2006.  Both 9/11 & Twitter are 21 Century Experiences.  
The first I'm proud to say I follow the brilliant & kind George Takei, actor from the Star Trek series & films.  
This pic below comes from his 9/11 Tweet and I just think it really sums up what I am feeling This Year.  
Sidenote: On NFL Kickoff Sunday, Mike & I went to the Pub and sat next to two guys in Pats shirts...who of course gave Mike shit for his Broncos jersey.  
And after giving back we became chatty & friendly.  Nick & Keith turned out to be National Guardsmen back from their last Afghanistan tour only 6 months ago. 
Upon finding this out, we bought a round & all toasted their service...and my line was "thank you for coming home"
Thanks.  And Just remember where you were that day, what you were doing, how did you find out, how did you feel...and what do you think of it now
and for a Time Capsule, I got this from the Tweets.
From Comics Book Resources, a page I read everyday any way but this one slipped by me back then since well I didn't read CBR back then so Thanks to Alan Kistler for re-Tweeting this.  .
Written by DC Universe & Bat-scribe Gail Simone, the lady behind Batgirl's cowl & author of many fine stories.  Writes teams well & almost as good as Joss Whedon.
Thu, September 13th, 2001 at 12:00am PDT

Comic Books, Gail Simone, Guest Contributor

In The Midst Of The Horror...

Something wonderful happened.

I found out that I'm not as cynical and pessimistic as I had thought. Here's why:

The passengers who chose to attack their hijackers, likely saving thousands of lives.

The policemen who haven't slept in two days.

The firefighters who pleaded from their hospital beds to be allowed to go back to the scene to help.

The endless line of people in New York volunteering to do something. Anything.

The people around the world donating money and blood, even from countries in desperate need.

The health care personnel who walked to the scene unasked, to help.

The emergency service workers who rushed back to the scene despite the danger of buildings around them in danger of collapse.

The non-Muslims who refused to give in to bigotry and racism.

The websites that started donation drives that are collecting millions, a dollar at a time.

The Red Cross, never more deserving, never more tested.

The journalists who occasionally worked through tears to keep us informed.

The grief counselors who took the savagely difficult task of being with the loved ones of the victims when it was most needed.

The massive support of the governments of the world. If there was a sign of hope for the future, this is it.

Those common people in virtually every country in the world, who left flowers and prayed and lit candles and sent letters to the US in memory of people they'd never known.

The huge group of people cheering for not only the policemen, firefighters and EMTs at the scene, but for the Con Ed workers and those who handled the debris.

The politicians who suddenly rose above our expectations to do the right thing tirelessly and selflessly.

Those people who opened their homes to the stranded.

The National Guard, who know that they'll be called when things are at their worst.

The men and women in the towers and the Pentagon who aided those around them who had fallen, to get them to safety, at great personal risk.

The NATO leaders, who said we do not stand alone.

Voices in every language saying, "I'll give blood. I'll give money. I'll give support. I'll give food. I'll give a place to stay. I'll give my time. I'll give. I'll give. I'll give."

There can never be a full accounting, from quiet heroism that will never make the news, to those who sacrificed their lives after forty years of public service. I find myself with a new understanding of what it means to be an American, and what standards that means I should live up to. I find myself proud, not ashamed, to be a citizen of the world.

The list of victims is long. The list of those who want to help in any way they can has more than a billion names on it.

The people who committed this atrocity thought that they were striking at the heart of America.

They missed.