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the Smoking PUCK! October 29, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!!!
Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog!
Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
October 29, 2011

Perhaps One of the Worst Games Ever…
aka: Knowing a Challenge is Believing in its Power (play!)

I believe this:
Last Thursday’s Bruins game versus our rivals the Montreal Canadiens was one of the Worst Games Ever. 
I say this:
It was Worse Than a Shutout.  A 2-1 Loss, the only goal scored in the 1st Period was off the faceoff, in the Montreal defensive end was was put in their own net. Patrice Bergeron was credited with the Goal.  This faceoff was drawn during the Bruins Power Play. 
I Know This:
Before tonight’s home-and-home tilt against Les Habs again, The Beantowne Bees are 24th out of 30 teams on the Man Advantage, going 5-for-37 with only a 13.5% chance earning a PPG on any given night.  Even without trying apparently. 
And it’s a challenge. 
Which are good things in a way.  When they’re In The Way, they’re Overcome or Become a Personal Boundary. 
One of my Personal Points of View is my Love of Hockey is how it applies to everyday life.  About Life Being a series of Passing the Puck, Scoring the Puck, Line Changes & Queues for Restrooms & Beer during the Period breaks. 
Challenges though…we live them everyday in the work place.  When met with challenges, they can define our limitations or propel us into the Next Level.   

We expect ThunderSnow tonight for the Weather.
I expect ThunderSnow from the Bruins instead.  What that really mean, I dunno but it’s shocking, cold and you gotta dress for it. 
The ThunderSnow is actually proof of the Weather Device trying to root out OccupyBoston but iDigress…

Tonight, I’ll watch this game with rapt attention wearing my colors, howling that the moon and the teevee. 
Bruins/Canadiens is always a treat and I love how they boo Zdeno Chara everytime he touches the Puck.  It’s quite charming actually. 

The challenges the Bruins faceoff against will define them, good or bad.  Me too.
Maybe You.  ;P 
May We All Rise Up Against Our Challenges. 

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Foliage October 2011, Cambridge, MA USA

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...October 28, 2011

It was Bad Enough in Print.  
Now an 8-Hour Audiobook?
I'm aghast.  'Tis the Season, Hallowe'en, Samhain et al.  

This is the Bane of my DC CRISIS longbox!  This frakkin', pointless, silly, badly drawn & written, overwrought in-between event.
This Sucked the First Time!

For the actors, producers and listeners...you have my complete empathy.
My Lowest Point of Being a regular-buying DC Comics Fan

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When I look at my Class of '91 Ninja Academy Yearbook Picture, I sometime wonder "why" I didn't make it but iDigress...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Tao of Sully, October 25, 2011


The Unsent Email of Life.

I just started writing an email.  It does not matter to whom.  Or about what.
What matters is...after the idea became real, became manifest...
What matters is that I deleted it.
Instead of adding energy to an idea, I decided not to.

I'm doing that more.   This Ability.  I guess we Modern Folks call that Catharsis.  Nonetheless sometimes I find myself simply deleting and in most cases re-pooting whatever idea I had albeit with more grace, panache and verve.

Like the Zen Master Could Say to the Grasshopper...write me a Poem.  Good.  Now Burn It.  And Write It Again.

As I said the subject isn't the point.  The who is merely superfluous and the nouns are ganging up on the verbs again...but iDigress...

It was just a choice, thinking better to say less in a certain situation...although that can be applied widely.

The Tao of Sully

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod

Now with me, a brand-new iPod Touch 8GB.  An early birthday present from Doctor Hooey.
Awww Shucks.
He hit it big on a scratch ticket and called this "my slice".
This little gadget is wickid pissah.  I've yet to "scratch the surface" pardon the bad pun.  But I've never been one to want email in my pocket, and now I have provided wireless signal.
Catch That Bus?  Really Slick.
Infinity Blade?  Better than Dragon's Lair and I've played them both on the bus home.
And the 3-D Skymap of stars & planets that tracks the sky from your position...my favorite App.
The two-way cameras are awesome.  It's got FaceTime and  Pete loaded it with all the Apps he thought I'd love trying to wean me off the click wheel & it's eventual impending doom.

Welcome to the Future, iGuess.  ;P
I poot therefore I am.


Is this you're doing mighty Rev??? If it is well done ~ t's f*&%ing funny!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod, October 16, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod
Howdy Pilgrim Edition

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

The “smell” of Fresh Music! 
I deserved fresh sounds and I got what I needed!  iRawked the iTunes Store!
What I’ll still do is budget myself some spending money on music.
I give to myself in the form of the iTunes Gift Card. 

I was home on Friday Night, mulling over dinner & a movie.  OnDemand, I chose the 1997 John Woo American opus “Face/Off”.  I quickly shut it off during the credits.
I was just not into it anymore.  I saw something on the movie menu that looked a bit more tasty than a shoot ‘em up.  I watched this movie a few weeks ago & was blessed with delight.
Upon a second viewing, I then found how re-watchable this film is.  From it’s opening to the 8-Bit Orchestra at the End Credits. 

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. 
Being a Comix geek I am utterly unfamiliar with the Funnybook Original Source.  Guilty. 
This whole experience was a visual & quotable masterpiece…then there was the Music.
I had to buy the Soundtrack.  Reading the credits I saw that Scott Pilgrim’s original songs were written by Beck. 
I ended up having a good night in with a feel-good movie. 
And yearning to get those songs for my shuffle.  Populate my random with a little newer, younger sound to boot. 

One of the Albums I’ve been meaning to pick up was the Book of Mormon by the creators of South Park & Avenue Q. 

I laughed out loud in all the right places I guess. 
It’s got what I refer to as the Potty Mouth Musical.  It has that Sound to it’s Vocals & Execution that is Color-By-Numbers.  I saw a Juke Box Musical last year and the delivery had that same cookie cutter quality. 
The story was profane & funny.  The jokes were savage.  Imagine being on Broadway to hear ribald revelry.  I never kenned to Avenue Q anyhoo.  Sure “Book” is Farcical but it’s also got the Aural Fingerprint of a Disney cartoon from the 80s & 90s.  I know parts of Book of Mormon are direct send-ups of the Lion King, yeah, I get it. 
I’ll give it another spin, maybe I’m being too critical for a first listen.  But it riffs on a source I barely find tolerable to begin with…

And for my continuing hunt for piece of mind…
I found a new Deepak Chopra audiobook
This one built for At Work Sanity! 
Synchronicity wins again!  This is just what I needed! 
“The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness”. 

What can I say about shoes that are the right fit. 
I’m a few hours into the 6 hour unabridged audiobook but this was $18 bucks well spent. 
How to defuse the ticking timebomb that is myself. 
Well, that’s hyperbole then again I do get rather stressed out at work and lately it’s bad.  So these are the messages I need to hear.  His silly acronyms in context with the subject, mnemonic devices for remembering these lessons for the key moment to use them. 

All this and a few “new” Beatles tunes from the June 2011 release Anthology Highlights 

the deep cuts “Not Guilty”, “All Things Must Pass” and their own version of “Come and Get It” all for $1.29/ea. 

I blew through a $50 iTunes Card with a gleam in my eye and a smile in my ear! 

Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in. 

Arios in Flight Mode

Tao of Sully, October 16, 2011

I do not fear coming off as a kook.
I'm absolutely no Holy Roller.
Nonetheless, I'm possessed by the need to make sense of this wacky world through a better & different lens, ones that help bring the world into better focus for This Eric & His Life.
And part of that is being very versed in certain areas and for me it's how to lead a Better Life through Spirituality.  It's not about being religious.  Or even sharing belief.  It's in line with what's known as the "Personal God" Experience or striving for "God Consciousness"
It helps me understand:
Who am I?
Why am I here?  and...
How can I help?

So I've gleaned a lot of Sanskrit words by doing this.  Great succinct words.  I'll try to catch you up quick with links.
But I'm sharing here.  I get this great stuff and apply it to my life.
And although I'm far from perfect, I really believe in what I've come to believe.
A lot of that comes from reading the Bhagavad Gita every morning for the past year.
I'm also under the influence of my first listening to Parker & Stone's "The Book of Mormon"

So this is what I do.  I read.  And when I hit a passage that resonates with me, I write an old-fashioned Tweet into the back of my Gita on the few blank pages in Biro.  
I'm a Cook, a chef & it's a tough gig.  Full of Stress on the mind, body & spirit and there's nothing better for the mind/body/spirit than Meditation and Rest, Mental & Physical Silence.
The Gita is a about a Warrior, about to go to war & he loses his nerve...until he's given consolation & direction through Dharma, or Cosmic Truth.
So for me, the day at work is this war.  The story is meant to take place anywhere with anyone.
Being in good health, assessing at the workday and almost failing to report & deliver.
Then being given inspiration on the nature of things and the orders to "Just go perform your service and All Will Be Well".  It's blissfully short yet as hard to read as Shakespeare; it takes time, patience & understanding.  
The translation I read is by Mahatma Gandhi.  If that matters but iDigress...
Know that when I write these initially, it is first thing on a workday AM so all I've put in my body is about 20 oz of Cafe Bustelo and a brisk walk.  ;P

This Book will change your life, heh!  (while listening to "Book of Mormon")

@4:34, 6/3/2011
Service...Question!  ...and Dharma will shave the questions away like a razor to a beard.  New questions arise as stubble.

@4:38, 6/3/2011
"...finds it in himself in the fullness of time..."

@7:26-27, 6/8/2011
on the Nature of Other People and Their Behavior

@9:26, 6/9/2011
Krishna, please give me the opportunity to be a Dhananjaya for my mom & my loved ones.

@16:24, 6/16/2011
Shastra=Right Conduct.  The Gita is the rudder of my ship.  Kriya Shakti is the name of the vessel.  Choose Rightly, All Will Be Well.

@17:23, 6/17/2011
Aum-Tat-Sat!  (@17:23-27 full)

@2:41, 6/28/2011
Ekagrata!  In Japanese, "Nen".  Focus.  Single-Mindedness. Focus Determines Reality.

@pg. 58, 7/6/2011
"One Cannot Do Evil To Others And Expect Good For Oneself", M. Gandhi.
Regarding his own interpretation of @4:11 and how it applies to daily life.

@8:27, 8/18/2011
Knowing which path to choose!  Not falling into delusion.  If we're in "God Consciousness" (aka yoga) then we can be above the daily drama.

@17:8, 8/26/2011
I am a Chef.  "Sattvic Food!"  Feed the World.  Rajavidya.  Feed the Soul...Swadeshi!

@18:23, 8/30/2011
Work in Sattva.  Don't Be Fickle at the Job.  Wu Wei=Suchness.  Work possesses this "suchness".

@2:53, 9/7/2011
Ignore Distractions!!!  Oneness with Krishna is our armor against Petty Drama*.
*I keep coming back to this one when faced with petty workplace drama and it helps.

@5:25, 9/12/2011
Service without Discriminating...further one-ness.

@6:7, 9/14/2011
On Being Secure in one's self, in good & bad.
(also I see it contains a line from my own Passage for my meditations @2:14!  I recognized it transliterated; sitnosa suhka-duhka, changing seasons, happy, sad...)

@6:22-23, 9/15/2011
On Being Secure in one's self again.  Don't get shaken by the Day or the Drama!

@9:2, 9/21/2011
As Krishna is the Maestro, tapping his wand to get our attention...He says, "Listen...here's how it goes"

@10:11, 10/3/2011
Dear Lord, Please Light My Way, Thank You.

@13:7, 10/5/2011
Freedom!  From the Burden of Ego!

@18:7, 10/14/2011
Hold the Line!  Don't Quit!  Transcend That Guna!

Tao of Sully
October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Smoking PUCK! October 15, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!!!

Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog! 
Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
October 15, 2011

Olde Tyme Hockey in the Windy City
aka: Our Power Supply needs Jumper Cables!

8:30PM!  The Bruins visit the new home of former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein.  Perhaps we could call this New Chicago “Theopolis” Now but the Buck Stops Here, Roger? 
Did I mention Hat Kicking Day Enough?
Perhaps the Bruins are gaining the momentum that the Red Sox are losing?
It’s very hard to explain to the Land Lubbah the energy Bostonians feel.   It could be the End of Time as the Mayan Calendar runs out and God is rewarding our long-suffering.
Although I think a Satre-like Hell would include Boston Sports Radio but iDigress…

Lord Stanley of Preston Himself. 
Tonight the Beantowne Bee’s face-off against the 2010 Cup Champs the Chicago Blackhawks.  The difference’s are vast starting in net; the ‘Hawks were not able to keep their goalie & let loose more than 3 key players.  The Bruins are mostly intact with a strong foundation in the Back Ice, Goalie through Defense. 
Once the forwards get their $#!t together, we’ll start with the Bon Mots & Having a Good Old Time right? 

It’s the start of the season.  No use crying foul over supposed crappy play.  I walk the Road Less Traveled and say “good…get it out of their system now”.  
Zero-for WHAT? On the Power Play.  I think we’re 0-for 16 in 4 games* with the Man Advantage.  We suffered from this last year too but nobody has a problem with last season now, do they.  ;P
(* Sorry!  B's were 1-for-17 going into last night's game & are now 1-for-20, going 0-for-3 vs CHI -eo's)

It’s a Saturday Night Special!  I got a Saturday Night Fever!  I still can’t drink any frakkin’ beer!!!  So fever is misleading since I’m taking antibiotics still…
I love Original Six games.  I hope it’s good & Chicago-loud. 
I hope for all your people in Chi-Town they are at this game to-nite!  A Clash of Titans!
It’s sure to be a good match.
It’s Hockey Season, indeed.  The air is officially Crisp & Cool heading downhill to a snowball in good time.  It’s time to warm the house with scents of pot roast & fresh apple pie (and to give your apple pies a mature boost, try a little fresh thyme). 
Earth is Turning, Leaves are Falling, Stars are Changing in the Sky to other familiar patterns.  My old friend Orion greets me every morning as he does when I’m all bundled up.

So while the Sox are stitching the holes in their fabric, partake of the spirit of the 2011-12 Boston Bruins.  It’s a great sport and I promise being a bruins fan is a Roller Coaster Ride. 

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS...October 13, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS! about Cool Comix Chix...

Ah...The Femme Fatale.  The Bad Girl.  
When it comes to where this began.  My love of sexy, smart and well-drawn heroines or villains...I guess I'd have to narrow it down to Power Girl and Elektra being a kid of the late 1970s, spending his pocket money on comics from a corner store spindle.  
Flash Forward Literally 30 Years and what am I still doing?  Spending my pocket money on comics from the bounty of Local Comics Shops in the Greater Boston Area.  

This week, two new releases are the only reason to go to the funnybook bodega tomorrow.  
To go and "pick up" a few hot chicks. 



Dangerous Ladies!  I warned you.  
Great stories.  Complicated lives.  Action & Adventure.  
When it comes to Batwoman, the way J.H. Williams III executes this magazine is Sexy.  I can't rightfully say that the Batwoman herself or her alter-ego Kathy Kane are sexy?  It's got little to do with Sex Appeal and more to do with Artistic Stylings, using panels & their shapes as the 2nd biggest character in the comic.  Layouts that speak to you.  very daring art style.  Clean lines.  Bold colors.  Very in-your-face.  It's the comic I'm currently re-reading.  I got the collected DETECTIVE COMICS story ELEGY in trade paperback and broke down and got the Zero Issue that came out months ago because I was so switched onto the style.  
When it comes to Buffy...she's Buffy.  Hot chick in her mid-20s.  Petite.  Sounds like my type but iDigress.  
Is Buffy Sexy?  The Answer is Hazy.  I can't say she's not hot, or at least the photorealistic rendering of Sarah Michelle Gellar's likeness rights are as equally pretty as the actress.  I think she's too busy kicking ass to be hot.  (There are titles that appeal to the T&A sure.  I loved them as a kid.  The sheer sight of a nipple...don't get me started.  But really)  
Buffy, Sexy?  Hmmm...maybe no?  It doesn't make it bad but the dynamic lives of these female characters as they balance their lives and their fictional problems.  
I guess I read BATWOMAN for the art over the story.  This story arc is just starting so why pass judgement, we'll see where it lands.  
With BUFFY SEASON 9...it's just one of my shows.  It's my Vampire Show.  'Nuff Said.  
As Buffy Herself said to the "Big Bad" of Season 8 cleverly named Twilight, making fun of the Teen Drama Franchise with the villain's name in usual pop-culture context, "my Vampire was cooler".  
They both have issues, they both have gifts.  They got family drama, dating problems and the role of kicking the ass off of evil.  
They are great monthlies and I'm tuned in.  

And although this panel is from CASANOVA LUXURIA, this sums up my feelings for...
I bought the latest floppy bran-spankin' new last week of the mega-awesome series.
Lemme frame CASANOVA for you succinctly.  
Casanova Quinn was kidnapped from his Universe.  
He was stolen by a Big Bad for obviously Very Very Evil Reasons...to replace the Casanova Quinn killed in Another Universe!  The trick is: in this Other Universe, Casanova was a Hero.  A real Super Spy working with the Angels.
Our Casanova though...he's a bit of a shameless renegade in opposition to the forces of good.  
Hilarity Ensues.  Lots of Sex, Violence, Nudity, and Mayhem.  Casanova is a must-read for any one with taste for high-octane yet artfully quilled ultra-violence.
In addition I simply love Cass' twin sister.  Zephyr in this Other Universe...is the shameless renegade working with the Big Bad.  This time his beloved sister is just like him.  
Too much like him.  
As opposed to BUFFY SUMMERS or KATHY KANE, I will say Zephyr Quinn makes me wanna be 2-D.  Ha!  Read More About CASANOVA here and hopefully you'll be hooked too very soon.  

So are the Muses of my Purse strings.  Huzzah!   

Monday, October 10, 2011

How Did Your Hand Get Infected?

It started off small.  On a Wednesday PM.  
Originally I thought it was an ingrown hair pimple on my knuckle but it started getting warm, turgid & shiny by bedtime.  
It ended up the next morning feeling as though I'd broken my hand...again.  
My Hand Pistol went from a Race Starting Gun to a Colt Python .357 Magnum!  The index finger was swollen like a sausage & red like a sunburn, halfway down my hand.  
I reported to work.  I showed them my hand.  I then went to the hospital.  

I'm a cook and one day I'll grow up to be a real Chef!  
Nonetheless, a professional kitchen is a workplace fraught with Chemical, Physical and Biological hazards from Fire, to Knives, to Bacteria to name a few.  Minor cuts & burns are commonplace & part of the gig.  
Put them all together irresponsibly, it can be a recipe for disaster although we are ever vigilant against happenstance such as these.
But then again sometimes these thing just happen...

I have a theory.  I suffered a weird but accidental burn in the area under where the infection started and has ended up making it's "Qadaffi's Last Stand".  
If you've ever taken a hot rack from the oven to move to a different level, then you'll use oven gloves.  This is the action I performed.  
Although the right-handed glove I used was wet from water on the inside.  I was wearing a vinyl glove as well so I didn't notice the wetness until it was too late...
From a screeching HOT oven, water turns to steam at 212deg very quickly with the contact of a 425deg metal rack.  It was as if the wet oven glove became an extension of that very darn hot oven rack in the form of steam & hot moisture.
It's called Thermal Conductivity.  Therefore what I have is a small steam burn that I really thought was a "bug bite" when it happened.  
(also that it's a Cook's Fact that steam burns are the worst.  They cook you from the inside out, steam turns the entire sphere of its impact its temperature and with the permeability of skin, et al...iDigress...)

So what I got was a blister that arose like 2-3 days later, in the shape of the side rail of the oven rack.  It lost its roof too quickly and I'm usually very very good with blisters...I'll do the gross thing with a sterilized needle and drain from the base so you don't lose the roof!  I'm one of those douches who advise this!  Irony?   

And then something Got In.  A bacteria.  From ANYWHERE!  Could have been work, home, a handshake or a restroom.  I constantly am washing my hands at work and we are required wear gloves too.  The Human Body is a remarkably sealed vessel.  We're full of fluids that keep us going, that need to be kept in & in working order.  The Hindu's refers to the Male Body as the City of Nine Gates, the eyes (2), the nostrils (2), the ears (2), the mouth (1), the genial opening (1) and the anus (1).  Like with ribs, I believe women have one more ;) 

This "wound" developed directly above the burn scab, on top of my knuckle, imagine if you can an ersatz Green Lantern ring of grossness.  As I said, it started off small...mistaken for an ingrown hair pimple.  The infection retreated to whence it began to & now is Siege Warfare.  

This book was endlessly read as a small child, I had several of the late 70s volume by Spencer Johnson.  And the story of Pasteur used the metaphor of Toy Soldiers to represent bacteria and antibodies and that's an imagery that's stuck with me.  

Cuts & Burns are an Occupational Hazard.  I guess I'll believe in the words of my gurus when they suggest, "Within Every Mistake is the Seed of Progress".  I call this an Emergency Stop.  Something in my personal Geist is telling me to slow down.  I'm too high strung.  I'm too erratic and I need to drop it down a few gears.  The Nurse in the ER checked my blood pressure at the start & the end. She looked at me wryly, "stressed, huh"?  I was about to answer "how'd you know?" but I grinned and said "Yup."
It's a Conspiracy of the Cosmos to get me to rest, relax, meditate, reassess, plot, strategize, de-stress and the opportunity to change my own personal sobriety policy especially with not being able to drink for 10 days minimum during the antibiotics.  

So far, so good.  Let's see tomorrow when I return to work.  
Happy Columbus Day!  

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Kyocera S2300.  A BlackBerry Knock-off I lovingly refer to as the Ghetto Version.
perfect for this White Trash Achilles...my first SmartPhone.
And it cost $50.  (I use Virgin Mobile No Contract service)  

this picture is slightly smaller than my actual phone nonetheless trust that the QWERTY...is mighty tiny.
So I apologize in advance for any misspellings via Twitter.  I usually use an SMS to Tweet and this keypad style is new to me.  

Hey Kiwi!  I get 1500 SMS Texts included in my new monthly deal!  Does texting to NZ cost extra or am I overthinking and it's already included.   Meaning I can say Hi anytime I want?  heh!  
I really only got the QWERTY not to be a Nothinghead with the Feelies but to make Guerilla Wiseass Tweets!  I did notice that I musta looked like a real Nothinghead while tweeting at the party last night.  
Is this Karma for everytime I think, "Look at that douche with their nose in their phone..."?

Best Part?
It's basically the SmartPhone version of my inexpensive yet wickid reliable Kyocera Jax phone I got about 2 years ago for $9.99!  The Seven-Button interface is the same, the menus are the same, the alarm clock that I depend on every AM is the same.  The 5, 15, 30, 60 min. timers I count on from everyday cooking tasks to leaving to catch the Bus is the same.  It uses the same power cord!  Now I got a spare.  
(wear your Pink, Save the Ta-Tas!).  No moving parts on the Candybar Phones which is what I need and I know my last phone put up with the abuse I give my poor gadgets.  

If you recall, a phone like this was real hot poop 4-5 years ago.
Now the Power of the SmartPhone is in the Hands of the Po' People!  $30 a month Virgin Mobile, No Contract Package just released: 1500 mins talk, 1500 SMS texts and 30MB of Web Access.  I felt "Now" was the time to upgrade Phone & Service.  
I call dub this "CrackBerry CRUNCH!" for us South Park fans...

Apparently now I got Mobile Web which I hopefully never to be reading my email on.  
Just checking Bus Schedules & writing wickid Tweets.
Bus Schedules are a thing of the past.  I refer to the paper versions as "Erroneous Suggestions of Arrival/Departure Times".  But the GPS-based Countdown Clocks...that's the Future and that's the Now.  

But Dear OCHO!  If you're on Twitter, let me know.  I'd love to hear from you more.  ;)

kriya shakti,

iRawk...Therefore iPod, October 9, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod
Autumn Nights Edition

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

It was a nigh-perfect October Evening.  The Sun had set.  The kids were all leaving with their mothers and/or off to bed. 
And it was just we the adults again. 
We were BBQing at Doctor Hooey’s with a Round Table filled with who had ended up staying ‘about 10 of us, enjoying the Night, the Food and the Company.  And the evening weather after a warm, sunny day was comfortable to the tee-shirt’d after the Sun rounded over the horizon.  What a beautiful night…clear moonlight sky, stars abundant.  As Dave Bowman said, “Oh my God, it’s Full of Stars!”
I ask Dr. Hooey to Produce his iPhone…his point-at-the-sky starchart is my favorite App.  Makes me feel like Star Trek.  And popping through the trees, as bright as the Star of Bethlehem was the planet Jupiter.  Confirmed by Hooey’s Great Gadget. 
I’ve been reading Sky & Telescope every few weeks to keep track of the visible planets I tend to see before dawn.  Also planets are just as visible to the nekkid eye after sundown, at their peak photosensitivity predicated upon our parallax but iDigress…
I had a hunch Jupiter was out there although what I saw in the sky had me transfixed as a frog on a Lilly pad to celestial circumstances.  

Hooey & I meet early to go shopping and start prepping.  I’m a gleeful co-conspirator. 
I’m also on the Disabled List due to an infection in my Right Hand. 
I cannot cook anything for anyone with a bacterial infection starting from a blister on the first metacarpal of my right index finger.  Cellulitus from a Blister that lost it’s roof. 
Hey…be careful with your cuts & blisters, kids.  A Little OCHO Public Service Announcement.  
I went to the Hospital Thursday AM with a hand I thought I broke again & an index finger the size & look of a Hillshire Farms Polska Kielbasa.  Something was wrong and I was smart enough to get it treated right away.  The nurse immediately stuck an IV Drip of antibiotics in my arm & bade me swallow a horsepill of another.  For 10 Days, I have to take 2 different antibiotics and a huge Motrin.  It’s getting better.  
Nonetheless I cannot drink any beer!
The Hand still hurts but it’s nothing like this was Thursday & Friday Mornings.  I couldn’t hold a knife.  And I had an infectious boil!  I couldn’t work and I can’t cook for the BBQ as per the plan! 
So the BBQ took on a different thing for me due to my “injury”.  But Hooey needed my help and he was my hands.  I asked him to do this & do that in his kitchen and within 2 hours, we had a bounty of delicious, homemade food.  We made burger sliders, white trash pizza and sweet potato fries that overcooked into perfect sweet potato crisps. 
I showed Pete my method of my Weekly Ragu pizza/pasta sauce.  The bare bones of it.  3/4 of the White Trash Pizzas were eaten…I felt good about that dish (but I ate three!! ;P). 
And the plate we’re proudest about, the grilled marinated chicken. 
Hooey’s going to Istanbul, TURKEY for business again and wanted to make something inspired by his trip. 
Hooey mentions Yogurt as the base of the marinade.
Yogurt is bigger than Jupiter in Turkey! 
Then, the biggest lightbulb goes  “On!” over my head…a dish I learned from a good chef, nipped from another good chef while they were camping. 
Here Goes A Little Walkthrough on the marinade
You will want to try this recipe! 
Baking the Chicken is a little better than grilling so the marinade doesn’t fall off & burn on the coals. 

We started off with 4+ lbs of boneless chix breast cut into equal 4-5 oz cutlets, we pounded them out a little too before we butchered. 
We started with the…
Liquid Base: 
2 pints of Fage brand Plain Greek Yogurt
> 6oz. Canola Oil for viscosity
A few squeezes of lemon juice to taste and to loosen up the marinade to get to the pourablity of mayonnaise over the gel-like custard of yogurt. 
We reasoned that a little honey would go a long way in this base but we had none to add for sweetness to balance the saltiness and the pucker of lemon juice.  We chose dark Karo syrup over the umami-loaded molasses.  It could have taken away from the marinade but we added a little more Salt & Lemon juice to correct.  If no honey, don’t worry about it. 
A little S&P too.  To taste. 
Fresh herbs:
We had were the fronds of the fresh fennel in the fridge, fresh parsley and fresh dill.
About three good handfuls of each.  (if you had mint only one handful but that could be a wonderful addition although easily overpowering…we did not use mint in our marinade)
This will give the marinade vibrant green & fresh flavors. 
We also used finely sliced scallion as well.
Paprika, lots to taste but don’t use a heavy hand and if you add too much paprika, add more yogurt (or sour crème if you run out of yogurt).
S&P, kosher salt & fresh ground coarse black pepper.
(also some yellow curry powder plays very well in this)
and the Ultimate Ingredient for this…
Crumbled Feta Cheese. 
I hate feta cheese.  I love this chicken dish…Dig?  The feta bakes/cooks unto the chicken. Grilling you lose lots of it (reserve extra marinade to baste after flipping to keep that precious cheese!)  
This is one of the tastiest chicken marinades that I’ve ever happened upon.
And it was all improved using what we had in Pete & Eliza’s fridge. 
Marinade Time: < 1 Hour and Reserve leftover for basting when grilling/use a rubber spatula and scrape off onto all chix when baking.  The cheese browns and just makes a new dimension onto the good old bird. 

The Entire Time in the preparation & enjoying of this great Columbus Day BBQ, playing music, being DeeJay, permission of Doctor Hooey…
Was my Little Orange Mecha, my defunct 5th Gen iPod nano.
All awhile spinning the 24 Hour Party Mix. 
We actually got about 1/3 of the way through it. 
The question naturally arose, “what are we listening to?  Pandora?” due to the vast randomness, awesomeness & goodness of every hand-picked song. 
I raised my hand, Posty & Hooey pointed theirs at me.  And I think I blushed.  I have to admit mostly everyone there one way or the other contributed the bulk of my digital collection and its eclectic randomness. 
Once the Identity was confirmed as myself as the music’s source, I became the answer and sounding board of the playlist.  But by 10PM, we’re all out on the porch, drinking beer, goofing on an X-Mas trees and listening to tunes, singling along, talking about great songs.  We were enrapt under the stars with the best music conversations. 
They were all music people too, mostly.  Musicians and Aficionados All. 

Even on the Injured List it’s good to know I can still contribute to a BBQ where I can’t drink beer or handle food.  It was a really nice night with old friends & new.  Delightful! 

Hopefully in the near-future, we can get an “iRawk” Hawt Scoop from Dr. Hooey who on the day of Steve Jobs passing sent flowers in the form of money from the buying the newest of iPod nano. 
Let’s Hear It, Hooey.  When you’ve fostered your opinion, please share with the class. 

I hope your parties are better than mine!!!  Bring Good Food & Music and Let the Good Times Roll! 

Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in. 

Arios in Flight Mode

Saturday, October 08, 2011

please click to enlarge

From 1978, the Mighty MARVEL TEAM-UP featuring SPIDER-MAN.
Issue #74, presents Spidey in his monthly random team-up with other rising stars of the NYC Night!  

A Sick Hand prevents me from lending one cooking at today's BBQ at Doctor Hooey's Place but Trust ME...
With this Gang, it's gonna be a lot like Studio 8-H at 30 Rock.
Me...I intend to be Spider-Man rather than a fly on the wall.
With my infected boo-boo, I can't handle food or drink alcohol.
I'll feel more like an Executive Chef ordering my Sous around...Peter promises two good hands!  I'll think of something.
But for me?  No Beer.  Wait For It...
I'm taking three different pills at intervals all day long.  Can't Drink at Columbus' Day BBQ.  Oh well.  
Nonetheless, Good Times Rolls like Stones.  

I just spent the past two sick days off watching lots of great television and this really nailed my soul, to speak.
HBO's 2011 2-part documentary, directed by Martin Scorsese
I love documentaries.  I love the Beatles.  George is and has always been my favorite Beatle.  
This was a great use of under 4 hours.  And they talk to everybody....EVERYBODY!  
What a great show.  Intimate look into the life of perhaps the closest thing I can come to as my own Jedi Master when it comes to being a Spiritual Person.  I follow my own Road I know but to see George really realize Dharma and attempt to live it Rightly makes me feel as though I've been ripping off his playbook, without the success mind you.  Perhaps we share an angelic archtype.  
Under my Meditation this AM I made a really neat Beatles Metaphor for the Experience.  
It's a metaphor so the more you stretch, the more it loses its power.  
Feature This: The Body has a Voice, the Mind has a Voice and the Spirit too has a voice.  Now take the Heart, literally, figuratively, metaphorically as well as "The Drummer".  
I came up with The Elegant Beatles Equation of Meditation:
John & Paul are the Mind & Body.  Which one is which doesn't matter on the writing credits.  They both have their voice.  George though...George is the Spirit.  While Ringo obviously is the Heart, in all its connotations.
Sometimes there is that legendary three-part harmony.  Sometimes one is taking the lead while the other two harmonize & weave.  
Then there are the George Harrison songs that defined the Later Beatles from the Early Beatles.  
So imagine if you will...Meditation Being as one of those George Songs such as Here Comes the Sun or Something, the Body & Mind having voices in harmony will let the Spirit take center stage and find that Gap where the Silence of Meditation arises...all awhile the Heart keeps pumping it's backbeat, blood & Light.  
A Worthwhile Movie experience as a life-long Beatles Fan.  

Thursday, October 06, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so don't be afraid to wear a little Pink, OCHO.
I spied this on one of the MIT "kids".
I usually always say to one of them, "You're Wearing My Favorite Tee-Shirt of the Day" and this was my fave.


The Comics POOTS...The End of the DC Crisis


I'm not giving a $#!t over the topic of Superhero FunnyBook Continuity anymore.
And I swear...it is liberating.

All I have to say for now on in the subject of fictional continuity is "Han Shot First"

kriya shakti,

"Eternal Flame"


The Smoking PUCK, October 6, 2011





The PUCK Drops To-Nite. Good Luck, Guys.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The New Phone Blues...

I love my phone.
I love my service too.
Nonetheless, it's getting old. Wear & Tear.
The surface is getting indiscernible with the amount of scuffs after almost 2 years of usage.
My simple "crappy cheap" phone that I love. No bells & whistles so to speak but all phone.
And it is my alarm clock. And timer too. I religiously use the 1 hr, 30 min 15 min & 5 min timers on my phone.

Also I have the need to Tweet. Just to feed into a private account. To Micro-Manage Myself to recapitulate the timeline of my day to my Chef. I'm doing so now with a marble Comp Book but Twitter would be a hell of a lot more efficient.
So I need a phone plan with unlimited SMS, and a QWERTY to pull it off.

And the Bus Schedule will always be there. My newest IntrePoop Freind is Next Bus Dot Com. I can't get this through my current phone.
So an upgrade is deemed necessary. Matt's Droids. Peter's iPhones...SmartPhones are a big choice AND to be Frugal & Wise!

Wish me Good Hunting...
2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!!!
Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog!
Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column
The Smoking PUCK!
October 2, 2011

The PUCK Proudly Presents…

Our 2011-12 NHL Season starts this week.
The Bruins on Thursday Night, per usual The Night for Home Ice Hockey in Beantown Faire.
Versus...I dunno. Somebody. Versus though...
The game not on my cable package due to being on Versus. Drat.

Oh well...there is the Pub and I got this spiffy new Wintah Classic jersey...

I read one good, solid Sunday AM Boston Globe by my Jedi Master, Kevin Paul Dupont. A really good look innto the minds & motives of repeating a Stanley Cup. Starting off his interviews is one great subject: Brendan Shanahan.
By the end of the article, KDP gives us a slice of what's Best in his writing after all these years...a noir-like quality such as the gumshoe on the case. The beat writer in his constant hunt of clever & winning. "The puck drops Thursday night, sometime after 7, once the franchise’s sixth Stanley Cup banner has been hoisted to the rafters. The Lightning will be in town Saturday night, followed by a matinee visit Monday by the Avalanche. The beat begins, following a season that bears worth repeating."

To further butcher today’s KDP column...he started off with Shanny. Who first identified that league parity after “the Long Offseason”, the ’04-’05 Lockout Non-Season that Changed NHL Hockey into its current awesomeness.
Shanahan believes what makes repeating these days the hardest of all is the pervasive parity in the league, a factor that has intensified greatly since 2005, when the NHL dramatically lowered the age of free agency and implemented a mandatory salary cap. During the big winger’s salad days in Detroit, when he and the Red Wings won the Cup three times (1997, ’98 and ’02), Shanahan heard myriad theories on what made it so difficult to repeat. All of them held some merit, he said, except one…
“Complacency, you can forget that,’’ said Shanahan, now 42 years old and the NHL’s chief disciplinarian. “Anyone who thinks complacency is part of [what makes it difficult to repeat] has never won the Cup. Winning the Cup the first time turns you into this lion that’s lived its whole life as a vegetarian. Suddenly, he finally gets a steak and thinks, ‘What was I doing only eating veggies all those years?’ From that day on, all he wants is steak.’’


So the Prognosis is that a Cup Defense post Lockout is tragically improbable due to the field being too equal. The odds are someone else will get it but that were the odds of getting it anyway? Forget it, I’m no gambling man to begin with.

Can You Come Up With the Onomatopoeia for the Drop of the PUCK?
I mean the dropped puck sounds like a dropping plate that won’t break then picoseconds only separate that from the sounds of clashing stickblades…but iDigress…
Maybe I should as a Linesman or a Referee? That would be a great interview…

I’m off! To break’est at an old haunt the Borges Family Restaurant of Union Squayah, Summaville. Drawback: No Bloody Mary. Plus: Huge Plate of eggs & homefries with Chorizo. On a personal note, betting a good break’est from a good place gets me in the Mood to give that level of service or better. Sometimes I think about my level of service at work and I wince. At my peculiarities and opinions of for whom & with whom I labour & ply my trade. I figure this time though; the Problem is Me. Sure enough. I’m Burnt-Out. But we’re all responsible for our own Burn-Out and how to fix it…it’s truly a personal matter that only the person solves or resolves. As the Bruins I’m under scrutiny & expectations. Let’s give cheer & hopes to the both of us!
Hey my new Spanish nickname at work? It’s kinda cute…
¡Go-Go Gringo!
Maybe for my next Imaginary Band.
So ¡¡¡Go Go, Gringos!!!
We’ll have to keep saying this until Scott Gomez gets traded here, eh?

Listen for that PUCK Dropping Sound…it starts Thursday. ‘Nuff Said.

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Saturday, October 01, 2011

As I thumbed through my morning Sports Page...I learned the News. And as I read the News, this very song came on an all shuffle.

"The job certainly aged me," said Francona, who felt he was unable to reach his players as effectively as necessary during the stretch run. "I came here and I thought I was kind of weathered. When I look back, I was like a teenager. (Boston) is a wonderful place, but it's a difficult place to be the manager and it does wear on you -- and when it wears on you to the point that it affects you, time to move on."
The 9th Inning Magic Has Now Left the Building...that's the biggest thing I associate with the Tito Years.
Well besides the Two World Series.
It's Officially Over, Kids. Next to go are 'Tek, Papi and probably eventually Pedroia and Ellsbury who've yet to reach that Free Agency "World Is our Plate" that comes with being a player such as they are...
Or is it Over? Should I join the rabble's chorus of Sour Grapes Whine?
It's Just Baseball and this is just life as a Red Sox Fan...I mean seriously...you're not already used to this? It's not about "curses", Bambino's or Bloody Socks...only one team gets to win it all each year and with the Wild Card there are more chances to get to that.
Nonetheless as Arthur Miller said, “An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted"
If you're really a Red Sox fan then you're perfectly aware that "this" could happen any season. For the Past Eight Years under the Terry Francona bench has been a wonderful, wonderful ride with "the yearly disappointment" a mere possibility, not a wickid way of life.

Welcome to Hat Kicking Day 2011!
Before 2004, I tried to nail the exact day of the Sox Annual Prolapse on the calendar at August 15.

I almost bought one this year...sheeesh.

I'm not into Hat Kicking. Actually sure...I am. or I used to be and still could.
I Just Call it Like I See It but iDigress...