Monday, September 26, 2011

BATWOMAN #1 in the DCnU.

The Comics Gnome pooted this in my latest stack as well. I thought I would only be rebooted with one DCnU funnybook.
I didn't fall for anything...no marketing ploy.
I simply received & read an incredible comic.

BATWOMAN #1 loses writer Greg Rucka although retains it's artistic keystone; J. H. Williams III.
As co-writer and artist. He draws & inks his own art that he's co-writing.
Now Greg Rucka is a really great funnybook crime drama producer, the reality is he's gone & off the story.
And the show biz maxim is...
the show must go on

once I thumbed through BATWOMAN #1 from the shelf at the FunnyBppk Bodega, I knew she was a keeper. I know this comic is by gender a girl, therefore "she". I totally checked out Batwoman and she'll very well-drawn. Kinda like Jessica Rabbit and everything that entails mixed into a Broken Solider archetype. I have no other descriptive words that bridge the concept of the modern DC Batmwoman.

I'm on tap for BATWOMAN from the Stoopid DCnU monthly until it runs out or J. H. Williams III stops drawing it...or get replaced by an Astonishing Battery! I'm in. Good stuff. I mean only Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly can surpass Willams III's art & panel layouts. The art is SICK! It is GREAT! It makes you believe in the power of serialized stories with sequential drawn panels of dialog & narrative.
BATWOMAN #1 is a compete package.

The Comics Gnome Wants You To Read More



Saturday, September 24, 2011

As usual, at the last minute I get the call.
"Whatcha doing tonight?"
It was Meathead. It was Friday Night. And my Big Plan was to get buzzed & go to bed early after yet another tough week and a bad day at the Office. If anyone was ready for the weekend, it was Yours Truly.
So we're off once again to the Gahhden...with his Missus & Stepson who I refer to as the Little Green Man. Being wise parents, Meathead & The Missus drop their infant & toddler off at his Mom's place. We then made fun of people who brought their infants & toddlers to the game, seeing one guy leave in the 1st period with a red-faced, leaky eye & nose 5 year old. Poor guy.
Once Again To Denise, Meathead's Mother...Thanks Ma!!! For the tickets and the best friend. ;P

Raising the Cup high "with" Tim Thomas before the game. Outside of the Pro Shop where I just bought a Tim Thomas Winter Classic 2010 jersey on sale for $75...it is XXL but I do not care.
And I also got my Stanley Cup Champions 2011 hat.

Wait for the "WOOOO!"...celebrating a Bruins goal with Meathead,
Apparently I got on the JumboTron again.
Little Green Man informed me, I was O'Blivious to it.
It was a really full house for a Pre-Season Game. Meathead & I actually like going to the pre-season games and we could really say this was the first time a practice game felt like a real season match. Scrappy skirmishes & scrums nonetheless no real fights as is the case with pre-season tilts, with up-&-comers trying to impress the coach exchanging blood, knuckles and black eys for benchspace but iDigress...
Tim Thomas was in goal and most of the "A" Squad was dressed.
The Bruins were able to overcome the NY Islanders and win 6-3.
Pretty fun game, really great seats. And as always, the best company.
In Addition...a Huge Crowd! A Sea of Black & Gold. It wasn't a sell-out or a completely packed house, there were plenty of empty seats in the 1st & 2nd Periods. Got Kevin Paul DuPont of the Boston Globe saying there were 16,555 in attendance last night. I wonder if that was ticket sales or did he perform a headcount? Reading KDP for years I know he can embellish but by the 3rd period I think that number came pretty close.

I got a good chuckle from my Section when after the National Anthem & before face-off, there is a moment when it almost gets quiet...this natural pause, a calm before the Storm so to speak...
I grabbed that opportunity and in my Best Bruins Loud Voice I yell out, "THANK YOU!!!"
I think the Bruins heard me loud & clear...pretty much everyone did.

The Smoking PUCK!
September 24, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


wait for it...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking...humming what I'm humming?

everyone repeat with me please...
(in a questioning vox & tone...as if you're verbally thinking it over)


I apparently like thinking stupid things and this latest one is...
If "aum" if God's frequency
Then Uhmmmm??? is Humanity's wavelength!

Aum being the the Holy of Holiest Syllables.
Uhmmm? Being the Universal Sound/Vibration of Questioning!.
A great human trait! Perhaps the MOST!

So get a good breath of air and feel the aum in it all...
and say


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday AM Musings...

I now reasoned after 30-odd years of seeking a solution to my problem...
that Lightsabres can only be powered by Unobtanium D Batteries. The Only Way to Power the lasersword...but iDigress...

"Natalie Portman said she agreed to do the movie because the idea of Kenneth Branagh directing a superhero film was "too weird" to pass up. She also remarked at San Diego Comic-Con that she was looking forward to being in a sci-fi/fantasy adventure film that didn't sacrifice story and characterization for special effects and action scenes. Portman also starred in another comic book film adaptation, V for Vendetta."
Source: On starring in the comicbook movie THOR
I think Natalie Portman says It All Here Without Pointing Fingers.
Someone with a real, vested opinion outside of the FanBoy Cloister.

Spielberg Finally Admits Walkie-Talkies Were a Mistake!.
Remember: Spielberg Wept. That's part of the G-Canon. Spielberg also cried when he hired Henry Thomas to play Elliot in E.T.
The Force is Strong here sensing a Cosmic Connection.

I really, really wonder what passes muster in George Lucas' Mind in his methodology in the selection of Post-Release Redactions.
This is my Prime Example. Liam Neeson. The Actor who played Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode I, was not available to shoot for Episode III due to a prior commitment, aka Batman Begins.
It's been years since Episode III's release and if Lucas is going to "fix" something, why not the scene in the novelization of Episode III when Yoda is speaking to the Blue Ghost Qui-Gon on the asteroid at the end of the movie.
A little suggestion to the auteur who loves Bookends with Poetry.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Pizza Rolls: The Only Thing Left To Say About The Star Wars

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Source: Warren Ellis Dot Com, Three Panels
Script: Eric M. Esquivel (www.Facebook.com/ericMesquivelFanPage)
Art: Scott Godlewski (http://scottgodlewski.com/)
Colors: Ryan Cody (http://super75comics.wordpress.com/)
Letters: Henry Barajas (http://henrybarajas.wordpress.com/)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


And Welcome to Channel OCHO

This is known as a "Station Ident".

I am Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
of South Boston, MA USA
Don Bosco class of '91
South Boston Heights Academy, mid 80s
Paul A. Dever Public School in Columbia Point...Yellow Bus #616, our driver with the shades & beard was Kevin but iDigress...
St. Mary's of Czcheztahova (sp) late 70s/early 80s.
Andrew Square.
In the 617 Area Code, Did You Know That's What 268 and 269 Mean? AN8 and AN9...Andrew Eight or Andrew Nine.
The South Boston Phone Numbers.

If You Are OCHO...
Then Who Are You?

I like funnybooks, ice hockey, cooking, spirituality/theology and my ever-growing love of a digital music collection expressed through an iPod.

Welcome to a Coffee Table of Well-Met although Disparate & Geographically Challenged Friends.
And my own Soap Box for the silly things above.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11...10 Years Gone

Hello Dear OCHO,

Mostly Every Year in the on-going 9 Years of OCHO, I've made some kind of 9/11 tribute.
To recapitulate & remember. To recount. To perhaps avoid embellishment and keep a consistent story of what happened that Fateful Day. What I'll do and go reread those previous posts of the usual utterances such as seeing the American Flag against the clear blue sky at 7AM coming out of my apartment on Prospect Hill and passing the chess piece monument.
I used to republish an email I got from a former family friend, Joey was living in the dorms of NYU at the cusp of Ground Zero.
Getting pancakes with Dr. Hooey at Bickford's then going to JRBarnes' place for a schmoke & a few brews...enjoying American Freedoms, eh?

The WWII War Memorial at the corner of my street, the Henry O. Hansen Iwo Jima Memorial has its Flag at Half-Mast. I see it from my window on this clear, beautiful September 11th morn. Much like that day 10 Years Ago when the proverbial poop hit the fan or the literal plane hit the buildings. I'll avoid my usual joke about the George W. Bush Iraq War Memorial being a Bronzed Oil Derrick or the statue of the MASSPORT Employee Shrugging their shoulders, holding a cup o' Dunkins in one hand & a scratch ticket in the other while letting terrorist through the metal detector to steal two planes under their noses from Logan International Airport...or did I just make those bad jokes again...

I'm avoiding the press today. There's something about this decade memorial services that bothers me. Constant for this past week in every news outlet...embracing the bad memories but also. What else are we to do today?
I dunno...maybe a National Holiday. Call it Freedom Day...that's just what the economy needs is another paid day off in September right?

It is September 11th in America. Osama Bin Laden is now dead. The Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan have forever made the price of Gasoline what it is today...I always snicker at the opening credits of HBO's The Sopranos when Tony drives past a gas Station & the price of Unleaded is .97 cents a gallon, which could have been shot sometime in 1998 before the January 1999 premiere
Today in the USA the average price of petrol/gallon is $3.665
A Year Ago it was $2.689.

"Now let's look at 1981, the year Ronald Reagan took office. Gasoline sold for $1.38 that year, the equivalent of $2.74 in today's currency. Adjusting for the change in disposable per capita income, prices would have to be $4.30 today to have an equivalent impact...
There are probably three reasons that gasoline prices appear so high to us today. First, many don't fully appreciate the long run effect that inflation has on prices. Second, many don't appreciate how much our incomes have increased relative to prices. Finally, we still remember 1998 very well, the year in which we encountered the lowest gasoline prices since 1949. Gasoline in 1998 sold for $1.03 per gallon, the equivalent of $1.21 in today's currency. Adjusting for growth in per capita income yields a price of $1.35 per gallon in today's terms. Today's price is more than double that and people resent the increase over the last several years, in part, because they think that 1998 prices were normal. But they were not."


So on this 9/11, Ten Years Gone I reflect and wear my time-worn 9/11 tee-shirt, proudly displaying the Black Dog of Nantucket
against the Star & Stripes of Old Glory. I think of the fear and horror of the victims & fallen heroes. In past OCHO 9/11's I've said "Never Forget, Never Forgive". So Ten Years Gone, how do I feel about that statement in itself...
Forgiveness is a natural outcome of Love. So I guess forgiveness is part of "Love Thy Neighbor" right? Blanket Christian-style forgiveness is a bit uppity even in the road my own Enlightenment. Nonetheless, I know it's an ingredient in an age-old recipe...forgiveness is as integral to Love as Yeast is to Beer. It's a part of the process. Do we as America forgive only after a Military, Cultural & Economic Victory? It's a very American paradigm for such a crusading "Christian" nation to have. Quite a paradox.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
The Comics Gnome POOTS...the Changing of the Seasons!

Next Week...
Here it Comes.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9, written by Joss Whedon with pencils by Georges Jaunty.

It's already started. It's "Sister" Spinoff title ******* & FAITH came out this past week and both tell the story of Season 9.
What's up with the asterisks on ******* & Faith? Giving it away would be criminal. Against the Geek Code. It'll Spoil the End of Season 8. Hey, I'm still not spoiled on TV's LOST...I'm gonna get to it someday and I'd like that the end wasn't ruined for me. In fact I've only seen the first three episodes of that other famous teevee show that legions of fans swarm to like moths to a flame.
Why Spoil the Fun? The Comics Gnome heard a Rumor that Neither OCHO's Very Own CrackedKiwi Nor El Post OR KAREN MAE! has yet to finish Buffy Season 8! I mean having your hands full of new parenthood is a fine excuse...the Comics Gnome Accepts This.
All FunnyBooks Are New Stories If You've Yet To Read Them is the Gnome's Maxim.

Season 8 ran for just under 4 years in 43 issues. Season 9 plans about 50 issues in Two Years. How? The Twin Titles of Buffy and the London-based team of...you guessed it ******* & Faith!
It's a very good way to get your new episode of a serial. Buffy as a comicbook shipped monthly and was consistent. Art on Buffy Season 9 will be handled by Georges Jaunty who was the mainstay on Season 8, giving the Buffy Seasons Comics a unified visual feel. Jaunty goes from Photo-Realistic to Cartoon on a Dime. Nonetheless, he's got a good eye for action & motion, sacrificing realism to suit the rough & tumble world of Demons, Soldiers, Vampires, Mages & Slayers.

Buffy S9 #3, Nov 2011.
Buffy & The Scoobies are now residing in San Francisco seeing Sunnydale got swallowed by the Hellmouth in the Season 7 "Series" Finale but iDigress...

And In Other Stacks...
The Comics Gnome POOT'd an amazing stack of FunnyBooks this weekend on me. Getting comics, especially when lapsed can be a bit like hunting puzzle pieces.
DC's fantastic XOMBI ends at #6 came out last week & was on the top of my stack.
Earlier I hunted down #s 3 and 5...although I'm Still Missing #2!!! I got it on order now so I'll finally get to read this eye-fetching, clever & macabre story of supernatural suspense! This 6-issue run I can predict will be collected into a nifty trade paperback worth your attention.

Interior art XOMBI #3
Irving Fraser pencils, inks & colors his work. This is a simple taste...the whole book looks this tight & John Rozum's dialog is snappy and his story creepy. Fun, fun, fun!

This Stack to my Pleasure I found two MARVEL magazines, both AVENGERS titles, both Exemplary Done-In-One Stories.

NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 (2011) by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Gabrielle Della'otto.
I cannot say enough good things about this Annual. Firstly, I love Annuals. More Bang for the Buck, catches up quick on "current" events and just a Fat Funnybook. This comic though is what I'd suggest to Kiwi for a MARVEL comic. I was asked and I did say "anything AVENGERS by Bendis". Well, the proof of the pudding's in the taste, kid. The First 6 splash pages are a history lesson of past Avenger Events that have shaped the MARVEL Status Quo of it's "Current Now".
Former Avenger Simon "Wonder Man' Williams thinks the Avengers are a Bad Idea.
Here are His Reasons...and his team of "Revengers" to do something about it...

SECRET AVENGERS #16 written by Warren Ellis, art by Jaime McKelvie & Matthew Wilson.
Warren Ellis is a MARVEL Bullpen Work-For-Hire Writer. And he writes perhaps the Best Superhero Team Comics whether it's a property you know or one he's invented, such as the AUTHORITY or the Seven Guns of BLACK SUMMER.
In a contract with MARVEL and obligated to produce, Ellis' goal with his 4-6 issues of SECRET AVENGERS is to tell Done-In-One stand alones that all read together as well. It's antics & hijinks with the Situation merely being the backdrop to the interaction of this 4-man squad of the elite but hush-hush Super-Soldier Steve Rogers Secret Avengers. This is the kind of comic you'd pass over to a friend. Accessible, fun & dynamic.

CASANOVA: AVARITIA I, written by Matt Fraction, art by Gabriel Ba on ICON Comics.
This is my first foray into the twisted Sci-Fi, Time-Travel Ultra-Glam Spy World of Casanova Quinn. This is in fact I believe my first ever book by MARVEL Super-Writer Matt Fraction as well. CASANOVA by Fraction is one of those funnybooks "I've Yet To Get" and has been on that list for a while...the coolest, best comicbook I wasn't reading. Warren Ellis raves about it on his website, other respected reviewers cannot shut up about CASANOVA. So what a great place to start than this weeks brand-new story and issue #1 of Avaritia. Trippy, man...wickid trippy. Great cartoony art. Ultra-Violence, Full-Frontal Nudity, Bad language....aka: My Cup o" Tea. Color me Interested & now Obligated to Fill In Those Puzzle Pieces and hunt down the rest.
It's so good it's gonna need several more reading to fully grok...I mean there is a narrative caption box containing nothing but a series of numbers in a Time Code I've Yet To Figger Out...it's slightly over my head and I Like It!

Over at the other side of the Capes & Cowls...

ACTION COMICS #1 written by Grant Morrison, art by Rags Morlaes.
I bit. My contribution to the DCnU. It's a Grant Morrison SUPERMAN story so hey...chances are it's going to be great. And I've giving it that chance. This will be my only DCnU Magazine while Grant Writes it. There's nothing much to say about ACTION #1 besides it's well-structured and solid. It's Built with Handles for us to Jump On. We Meet Everybody Too. It's set Five Years Ago in the DCnU's Past when Clark first gets to Metropolis so we're seeing Lois, Jimmy & Luthor for the first time all over again.
Get ready for the 21st Century Superman standing up for the "Little Guy".

And the last DC Classic Funnybook I'll Purchase Fresh is...

BATMAN INCORPORATED #8 written by Grant Morrison, art by Scott Clark & Dave Beatty
Clever, Concise, Done-In-One to boot.
More TRON than TRON set in the confines of Internet 3.0, a WayneTech creation has billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne & Guests trapped in a Digital World while avatars of Batman & Oracle save the Circuit Streets of Virtual Gotham. Smart, quick, worth re-reads. And the art...this lush, tight, clean art...the in-joke of the Red Skies, the firewalls with graffiti, the Scott Pilgrim of it all with Power Ups in this Video Game Life & 1UPs. The sheer imagination it takes to pull this off. it reads like a great disaster story, a Towering Inferno in CyberSpace.
Grant has a 12-part finale to his Leviathan Story line but all signs point to that BATMAN INC #8 is the last of this series, getting lost in the shuffle with the DCnU New 52 of all issue #1s.
Grant promises "tears, lots of tears" in his BATMAN INC. 12-parter that is forth-coming and I think will be the opposite bookend to the Grant Morrison BATMAN story started back in BATMAN #655, September 2006, BATMAN & SON, Pt. 1, "Building a Better Batmobile", a mega-storyline started over 5 Years Ago. Things Come Full Circle...

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Monday, September 05, 2011


(for the under referenced -e'os)

Pizza Rolls...the Only Thing Left to Say About the Star Wars
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Leave No Stone Unturned Edition!
aka: A Labor of Love of the Lips

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

Over Labor Day Weekend, my Labor was Simple.
Mind the Dog. Apartment Sit and Take Good Care of the Pooch.
Easy' Nuff. Walk the Mutt around the Block a few time, pick up his poop and give him lots of love.
He rewards me by trying to kiss me...on my Lips!

He's got great aim. It's sweet but kinda gross...pretty much summing up a Dog in one's life nonetheless it's as if he's waiting for me to speak or have an open mouth...so I keep extra tight lipped when a allow to kiss my face a few times. As I summed up the Canine Experience...Sweet & Gross.
Maybe he's an Ex from a past Life and remembers Me.
Maybe I got a thing for making up histories...

Speaking of History...
I am running out of Life.

Yeah, sorry to break the news to you this way but I've got about 6 hours of Life left.
In the Keith Richard' biography of course! Whatcha think I'm talking about?

What a great experience. The Time Machine of It All. I feel as though I'm there, one of Keith's mates, hanging out without a spike for my vein. Safe from the distance of Space/Time yet in the thick of things on an emotive level.

I'm enchanted by a siren's song.
I'm snared in this stoned spider's Well-Spun Web.

So to supplement my weekend with the foot propped up on ice more than a few times a day, along with the reality that I could not drink ANY of the 32 cans of Miller Lite in the fridge due to the fact since Thursday PM, I've been on Vicotin.
Well...I like to have a good time & all but I don't want to end up like Heath Ledger you know. I am a Joker but that's too much! ;P
I turn to Virtual Debauchery.
A Visually Documented Modern Roman Bacchus with Bacchae included for the Rites...
My Lord. My Sweet Lord did I have a Lost Weekend.
I spent it with the Rolling Stones on the STP '72 Tour.
I fell down the YooToob Rabbit Hole as Doctor Hooey Spake.

I started Down the Rabbit Hole with a random Keith Interview in 1973.

I said to Dr. Hooey, "How the Hell did He get Anita with those teeth!!!"

Another half hour of random interviews, I stumble Through the Links & find a one-hour long Australian documentary on the Southeast Asian leg of their '72 tour.

Completely early 70s BBC TV quality but a lot like Spinal Tap if you pick up what I'm putting down.

I watched two of their full length feature releases...all on YouTube, mind you.
To Finish Saturday Night of Sports Medicine, (meaning the Brett Favre Cocktail of Ice Bags & Vics).
I watched the 1970 film Gimme Shelter, the full-length feature I've seen before but not in my adult life recently and certainly not after seeing Altamont through Keith's Hindsight.

Not necessarily Just A Free Stones Show in early December 1969...this Outdoor Event was being Documented as the West Coast version of Woodstock which happened only 5 months previous!
The Outcome was Legendary. Check it out yourself. Trip through the links and I hope you don't mind German Subtitles.
BTW: I Win the Pizza Rolls...while reading the credits, I noticed that one of the cameramen was a certain budding filmmaker.
George Lucas!
Here's one movie he can;t tinker with, eh?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Do Not Want!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Then on Sunday Night Labor Day Weekend...it became completely Lost when I tuned into this...
I let my curiosity get the best of me. Exile on Main St. is one of my favorite albums. In my audiobook, Keith just finished talking about the double album's genesis in Life. And this is the North American Tour that supported the album in 1972. This is about the Pirate Ship that was the Plane or Hotel that the party floated through between gigs.
Coc%$ucker Blues. (Just in Case someone's actually reading!...Don't Want to Pull an Holden Caufielfd now do I but iDigress...)
The World-Wide Bootleg is on YooTube in its glorious, unadulterated (unless you count the adultery) UNCUT rawness.
Holy Shit! This is the real deal. As I'd paraphrase Keith, "Strictly Merc...Fluffy..."
To Watch the Rolling Stones in their Absolute Prime is like reading a Warren Ellis Superhero Team FunnyBook.
This is Ribald. You are Warned and you'll need to RFTM this one as well. I knew of the song and was never familiar with it...then Keith mentioned the movie in the biography then Peter mentions it as well the following week.
I felt I hadda get versed. I got the verse alright...the chorus and the entourage as well. Sheeeesh.
Rock 'n' Roll...but I Like It. You have Been Warned.

I think I'll head back to my iPod and finish this great audiobook, a great Summer read for this year's "Beach Book". Thank you Doctor Hooey for the Rock 'n' Roll Prescription!
I'll go plug in now before the computer I am sitting decides to Stone me for subjecting it to a Lost Weekend of Virtual Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll. Or is it's Cylon winking the Red Eye at me? heh!

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA USA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode

Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Labor Day PUCK by Rev Sully

The Summer is Over.
The Season Starts Next Month.
Time to Get Over It and Go Forward.
Somebody Remind Me I Said This When I Get into the Black Moods but iDigress...

A Photo Tells a 1,000 Words.
What a way to end the Summer!
The 12 Labours of Herakles were Nothing Compared to the Career of Tim Thomas!

pinched from Boston Dot Com, the Globe!
"Goalie Tim Thomas, a 1992 Davison High School graduate and goalie of the NHL hockey-champion Boston Bruins, carried the Stanley Cup onto the field at the high school's stadium Wednesday, Aug. 24, in Davison, Mich."

I recall being in the Balcony yelling, "TIMMY!!!"...ahhhh...

The 2010-2011 Smoking PUCK Ends.
The 2011-2012 PUCK Drops Shortly...
It's 6:30 in the bloody morning and I'm just up.
What a wonderful time to Meditate!
I'm actually ridiculously awful at Meditation, choosing Suds over Aums when I get home from work in the Afternoon. I feel one has to choose One or the Other. That One Should Not Imbibe Alcohol Then Meditate.
Grass is a Completely Different Story but iDigress...

And it's a Beautiful early September Sunday Morning. Calm, I'd Like to keep it that way.
The Gurus of my Audiobooks both Suggest 30 minutes in the AM and 30 in the PM to start on the course of a more balanced existence. 30 minutes in the AM is tough for me. That would mean 3:30AM. As we say here on OCHO, "Do The Math, Mouthbreathers!".
As I've said above, 30 minutes in the PM well...that's Me, being Selfish.
Sure I could do this or that but I'm not about "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda".

So this placid Sunday AM I "rev" up with a little latin black coffee and sit down to be absolutely still for 30 frakkin' minutes.
It's been a while but I interface easily with the Self.
Nonetheless as usual, the Thoughts clamor for attention like Needy Children...
(Where Do These Thoughts "Go" When I'm Not Thinking About Them")
or rather stuff on a rug...take it to the porch and shake it off.
A good passage does that. Memorize a passage from a spiritual text that resonates with you.
Passage Meditation.

I hate defining myself and always have. I guess I'm what you'd call a Mystic
I had that Mystical Moment. A Clarity, a Moment of Zen as we Westerners Love to Joke...

I'm using my passage, as to raise the shields of my spaceship USS Consciousness against the now-accumulating thoughts, entering my Sector at Warp Speed...Set Phasers for Calm!
It Happens. You Have Stillness & Inner Quiet...Then a Thought Arrises.
And out of Natural Mitosis, this one fertile thought turns Legion becoming Everything That Has Been On Your Mind in the Waking Day.
The reciting of your passage hits the reset button of your inner dialog.
As the orchestra conductor taps his wand to ready the band.

My Passage is from The Bhagavad Gita 2:14.
I've learned it in butchered transliterated Sanskrit from this source.
It's where Shri Krishna tells the distracted hero of his duty but explaining the Nature of Life distilled into a Single Succinct Sentence.
All You Sense & Experience...is Changing Seasons, is Pain & Pleasure, it Comes & Goes, is Temporary & Disappearing...therefore, Endure Them.

So when the Gallery of my Inner Quietude Gets Noisy, this is the Gavel to Silence the Courtroom.

Then an original thought comes to me, ironically enough that we're trying to quiet thoughts...and as cream comes to the top of milk, do these great thoughts arise. It's an Instinctual Processing, a Passive Thinking versus the over-active processing with the turgid "normal" mind.
All Words Spoken are Information & Energy. I'm Down With That. Words Have Importance. The Ability to Define Sense Objects, to Command Them with Names & Terms is what it truly means to Wield God's Free Will...
So If words are Information & Energy...Then when I'm repeating this passage, I am becoming one with Krishna & everybody else in Space/Time who has Spoken Those Exact Same Words. I see it as only Space/Time mitigating the people and places from the unity of the Energy & Information of the Phrase.
If the Information & Energy of Krishna's Wisdom is the Waveform, then We Uttering It is the collapsing of the particle from its wave form if what I'm interpreting my layman's QED rightly.
Since the Information & Energy come "from Krishna" through the Gita, that makes me in sync with that.
I guess you can apply this to any Wisdom.
Become the Christ, the Rasul, or the Buddha by Believing in their Information & Energy...and singing along. Just Tune Into the Wavelength, right? ;P
For a Moment...a Split Second I Kinda Felt Like Krishna...a one-ness, a Unity. Sublime...

That was the moment of Zen. Realizing this connection to the spoken word of the "Lord" on a Sunday AM, Meditating.

A Tao of Sully Moment of Zen...
September 4, 2011

Friday, September 02, 2011

The Tao of Sully Presents!
My Big Toe...a Labor Day Special, aka More OCHO Nen-Sense

This Happened Yesterday. On a Thursday. Before Labor Day Week-End.
Calling Out Sick on the Friday of labor Day Weekend usually gets your Holiday Pay for Monday Taken Away.

Thursday, 4PM
If I was thinking I was having a Bad Day at Work.
It ended on being prescribed & given 2 Vicotin on an Empty Stomach.

Thursday, 6AM

Touchdown! 5:35AM. I walk thought the doors and enter my Cafe. I am the Break'est Cook at an MIT Cafe. It's a Hot Corner, not really a dining hall but a high-volume eatery more in line with a small food court yet the span of the wall is all one team. Stategically located in a high-traffic area, very visible and everything in line-of-sight. We're only open for service until 3PM, Mon-Fri so logically this is Dream Gig for a Cook & Chef.
Well every workplace has their own inner obstacles & torments. And as Jean-Paul Satre said "Hell is Other People",
Rev Sully sez, "Hell is Other Co-Workers".

I work with very special people, very diverse cultures and with mixed genders & ages; it truly is an All-American Melting Pot.
It's Neither as it's said Male-Dominated nor White-Dominated and Agism doesn't exist on the service level yet it is a Labour-Intensive Job. Lots of Different & Sometime Clashing Opinions and Workstyles in an ever-churning caldron of motion, emotion, preparation, execution, cleaning & serving. It has unique demands of the Skill Set and the Body/Mind/Sprit.
The Body in particular...

Thursday, 6:02AM
Gawddammit...this is gonna suck.
Okay. Feature the Scene. On a three-shelf rack, in the center rack about 3 feet off the floor is a free-standing rack for the drying & storing of our PE Cutting Boards.
Something like this

to store something like this

While pulling mine from the hook handle in a safe, hygenic & proper fashion, another cutting board, still wet & improperly stowed, shoved into a rack slot only made for accommodate a Single Board...
this second board slid out along with my board for it was adhered by its wetness and since it was not being properly held by it's hook handle...or held at all!
This second board fell according to the Laws of Gravity and corner-first landed on the uppermost joint of the Big Toe of my Right Foot, square on top of the Philanges Proximales.
I yelped like a scalded puppy. I understood right away that "this is gonna suck". I make my living on my feet.
And the worst part is...you can't do much for a broken toe!

Thursday, 6:10AM
After informing the managers of my injury...I get back to work. Again, what can you do for a broken toe. Service must be met. It had yet to start to really hurt and I ultimately met the demands of my job and manned-Up. I Soldiered On. I got my job done. I stayed until 12Noon and then got to the Hospital for some Candid Pics of my hurt Tootsie.

Thursday, 3:30PM
In all the excitement, I neglected to eat either break'est or lunch. I was hungry, and waiting for the word from the doctor in the ER. Earlier I was given a few Vicotins for pain. They're now crowding the periphery of my senses.
The Doctor Comes. No Broken Bones. A really nasty bash he refers to as a "Crush Injury". Yes I am Injured, no I am not Broken.

Friday, 9AM
And for This Labor Day, I came to some conclusions about work, after being Injured at Work.
Flip Your Problem! What am I doing wrong? Why is Service Stressing Me Out!?!?
And It Came To Me Since It Was Already There...One Guest At A Time. Nen. Let The Queue Happen. Nen. One Guest At A Time. Nen. Allow the Chefs & Managers to Experience & Realize the need for Manned Help at Certain Peak Times...I usually work Solo & when Help Arrives, it's too late and the guests end up seeing old time vaudeville. Nen. Stress is When Needs Are Not Being Met...Identify Your Need, Make a Request. Nen.
NO!!! I'm kidding...I found that link on a search for the definition to share nonetheless, this ironically applies! ^_~
Nen is a Japanese word that has a few definitions, as a homophone over a few different kanji or spellings.
Nen in my context is the Japanese word for "Single-Mindedness". A focus that defines Reality. I learned this from the book The Spirit of Aikido by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, son of the Founder O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba also the First Doshu or Grand Sensei of Organized Aikido.

I count this as one of the books that changed my life and I still read quite frequently.
This same concept is brought up by Mohatmas Gandhi in his Bhagavad Gita which I read every morning. Gandhi refers to this quality as Ekagrata.
Single-Mindedness...the Sense Object & Target for Your Chi & Intention.
The Object of Service. Because at this point I truly believe in the Gita 9:26 with my interpretation on 5/12/2011 as, "Service to others IS Service to the Lord. Swadeshi! This is "Rajavidya", the 1st Duty".

And also about work to really step it up and transcend what I feel about my co-workers. I can't blame them for getting me down.
This time I can because the incompetence of a dishwasher got me injured. I'm not mad about it but I can only help myself, not that individual...but iDigress...

My Thursday oddly balanced. my 3-Day Weekend Became a Four. I got a Doctor's Note & Get To Keep my Holiday Pay, To Boot!, nyuk nyuk.
My Big Toe is kinda a metaphor for my life...Almost Broke. Ha ha!

Although on this Labor Day, I rededicate myself to Flip Satre's Problem and act in this Maxim, "Heaven May be in Other People as Well..."

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

The Tao of Sully
September 2, 2011