Sunday, August 28, 2011

and about 9:15PM....the Power came back on.
After an 8 hour blackout.

I was cooking when the blackout started. Pizza Sauce & Chix Stock, both now are garbage.
Grumble grumble grumble...

I've been waiting all day to eat a hamburger.
Grumble grumble...

The Power's come on just in time for bed.
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Radio Radio! Edition!

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

At 3AM, One Hour Before I Rise for The Workday…
I gotta get up to pee.
Yup. I do. Sometime 2AM. but I’ve gone to bed around 8:00PM so I’ve been having a good night’s sleep already.
I drink a lot of water before I go to bed and I’ve trusted in something referred to as the “Indian Alarm Clock” for years now. Sure it’s a joke but it ended up being a vessel of Wisdom for Energy & Information exist in the Punchline…ain’t I a pissah but iDigress…
(a lot of the time the amount of water I drink is proportional to the volume of beer I imbibe lest I get the “early afternoon grumpies”).

Nonetheless, shortly after I’m roused from Sleep due to Biology, the Voluntary Snooze happens
(just as it seems I’ve only closed my eyes again to slap a High-Five to whatever smidge of a dream I get…)
At 3:30AM, my first alarm goes off. I don’t hit “snooze”. The next alarm goes off at 4:00AM then it’s time to play “Up & @ ‘Em!” Again.
So usually the entire time of my slumber, in order to drown out any Living Room noises…
I got the iPod playing its FM Radio as it’s recharging through a wallwart, docked through a boombox.

I could be being programmed as I sleep!!
So I do what I am told…I listen to my Radio…

What’s cooler than this? Ice Cold! ^_^

So lately I’m restless after 3:30AM no longer getting that last Dream Smash before the Daily Dash…
Because I think I’m actually interested in the Programme.
For I listen to Boston’s NPR 90.9FM all night long…
And all night long from 12AM ‘til 5AM, the Airwaves are owned by the BBC World Report. Where I get the World through my Speakers.
So at 3:50AM…a tiny but meaningful 10-minute long programme airs Mon-Fri robbing me of my last precious minutes of Good Sleep.
Witness. A radio magazine article & a way-back machine. Usually from this date in history, the stories of News Worthy Events in the Era of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s tape vaults.
I’m alert and listening. I could be Meditating in this precious time…but no!
I’m listening to the BBC and a slice of history, of real lives lived and of stories told from their relative positions in the amber of Space/Time.
Such Aural Slices of 20th Century Newsreading as Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki & the early August 50th anniversary of the erecting of the Berlin Wall.

And as much as I love this show, I love sleep more.
I’ve begun shutting the radio off when I get back from by 2-3AM tinkle.
And I’ve been catching that Last Call for dreamtime as well. My sleep problem apparently solved but now I’m going to have to get the Podcast, huh? Oh well.

I got no time for stinkin’ Podcasts though.
I’m only through Hour 4 out of 23 in Keith Richards’ Life, the unabridged audiobook.
Pete was Right…Keith’s story is Worth It. The Time & Money Spent.

What a Story. And I’ve only scraped the surface of this Glacier.
A crash-course in the Blues, I’ve learned more about the Genesis of Rock & Roll by Almost Living it through Keith’s remembrances and also his tale of growing up an Only Child resonated with me in ways that no one but another Only Child can Grok.
So far, one of my best iTunes purchases of 2011.

Ahhh…Radio. There’s always room for you especially on my iPod or even your Droid or iPhone’s many Swiss Army-Type Apps.
Don’t Worry Radio…Someone Still Loves You. AYYYYY-YO! Alright!!!

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA USA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The other night...
Petey, OCHO very own Doctor Hooey & I were at the Pub.
With Compliment, We Wax Poetic of Good Things.
wax, 2nd def.
verb [ intrans. ]
(of the moon between new and full) have a progressively larger part of its visible surface illuminated, increasing its apparent size.
• poetic/literary become larger or stronger : his anger waxed.
• [with complement ] begin to speak or write about something in the specified manner : they waxed lyrical about the old days..

We Share Context. We Pull from a meta-metaphor to elaborate. The Contextual Continuity of a Mutual Fiction Source.
I've kept Pete tuned in for years what the frak my Tee-Shirts mean.

We are at the Pub, having Sammiches, waxing poetic of things Emotional.
And of things Choice.
I mentioned the Power Ring thing again.
I then proffered a Phrase I crafted to define my meanings...I called it
Choice Matrix
Peter picked up on this right away.

Your Own Choice Matrix is a series of choices you will make in any given situation, under any given circumstance.
One's Emotional State is the Filter for the Light that Shines on Any Problem...

Hey...got a problem?
Shine a Light on It.

Your Emotional State is the Filter of That Light.
The Emotional Spectrum with the stupid tee shirts I wear all the time...

You Are Under Strict Orders NOT TO GET LOST in the metaphor. Just use it lightly, no pun.
But to describe this fictional concept that I naturally gravitate towards,
the colors relate to Emotions.
The Use of the Emotion (the specific color of the power ring as fictional metaphor)
the color of the Lantern, the filtered light shone on the Problem or more neutrally the Object.

The Color Legend:
White: Life
Red: Rage
Orange: Greed
Yellow: Fear
Green: Willpower
Blue: Hope
Indigo: Compassion
Violet: Love
Black: Death

When You Shine Your Light on an Object, the Color of that Light Decides Your Choices.
Say if I shone RED on a problem...it gives me the choice of SMASH! FIGHT! or even DEPRESSION!
If I shine INDIGO on a situation that has my attention...it gives me a lot more than a few solutions. it gives me multitudes.
If I were to shine ORANGE on an Object...would i steal it or would I earn it?

So this is what I think about if I have to graph a definition of "Choice Matrix".

Pub Talk between Best Friends. A few transitory sentences in another great exchange of information & energy! Huzzah! But sometimes I think my Whack-a-Doo Thoughts hold water...
I've given Pete his own Indigo Ring.
He's Earned It.

The Tao of Sully
...On Coloring Outside the Lines

August 27, 2011
The Comics Gnome POOTS!...Something He Told Kiwi To Get

In the not-too-distant past, OCHO's Very Own Cracked Kiwi asked me a question:
"For someone who has been out of the DC/Marvel universe for over two years I need a good re-start point. I've tried to keep up with the comic gnome but that little sucker gets around!!! Any advice for a jump on point?"
And I was honored...I mean honored to forward the query onto the Gnome Himself.

The Gnome gave his honest opinion on the State of and What To Get from each of the Big Two Houses.
In each House, the Gnome suggested titles he's yet to POOT forth on me.
Nonetheless, after feeling a little left out, lo & behold it appeared the other day for my waiting eyes & hands.

BATWOMAN: ELEGY by Greg Rucka & J.H. Williams III.
"Anything BATWOMAN by Greg Rucka & J.H. Williams III was insane in terms of good crime drama storytelling meets inventive & dashing art!" came from the Comics Gnome although I had to translate it from the Hyper-Gibberish that He Usually Spouts but iDigress...
I know Kiwi was tuned into FIFTY-TWO way back in the halcyon daze of 2006, Just Five Years Ago. I remember her not finishing, or maybe she did. This BATWOMAN was introduced in that run of FIFTY-TWO and then written by Greg Rucka, one of comics best crime & action writers.
This book is as amazing as Amazing describes. Insane, breathtaking layouts. Panels echo Pop Art, then panel progressions cast in hues of Stain Glass Mosaics. Sometimes the obvious is always in front of us but revelation comes with storytelling.
Greg Rucka creates a world of suspense & action.
J.H. Williams III creates a new look.

and it's all accessible...a Bat-Character. See Why Kate Kane Chose the Bat as her fetish for Crime-Fighting.
Rucka writes great strong, flawed women as his protagonist.
Someday I'll break down and get the collected QUEEN & COUNTRY

The Comics Gnome usta POOT this...we've never finished it.

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

PS...Just to letcha know, I raided my longboxes and pulled a 20-Magazine Clip of FIFTY-TWO, the first twenty.
2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!!!
Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog!
Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
August 27, 2011

Dream On!
aka: The Calm Before The Storm…Dar’s a-Hurricane’s a-Brewing!

Earthquakes! Hurricanes! Taxes!!!
Is the End of the World Nigh (Again!)?
Heh…Dream On! I expect the Globe to keep spinning, the stars to keep shining and the Sun to keep rising but iDigress…
As I did Way Back When I Was Odysseus, I Musta Pissed Poseidon off Somehow!
Batten Down the Hatches, Mateys!

But Check This Out: a Hurricane’s a Bruin!
Then let’s talk about Joe Corvo for a moment. Carolina Hurricane defenseman traded to the Bruins this post-Cup offseason. New Face on Causeway Street…let’s give him a cheer & a chance, Gallery Gawds.
Sorry, Joe…look to the rafters and understand with complete sympathy that you cannot sport numbers 7 or 77 in this Titletowne due to the Kick-@$$ed-ness of our players.
Other suggestions would be #70…or if the Lords of the Boards Bless I think
#07 would look killer in Black & Gold, and up in the Gallery if he’s a good as his press presses.
Paul Coffey, another 77 dished to the Hub ended up stitching #74 to his sweater.

We of Beantowne Faire hunker down in expectation of the coming storm,
As if it were a classic duel between Man & Nature. According to some rules of pistol dueling, are we ready to accept this Fire?
From the Carolinas to Manch-Vegas “the City of Lights”…
We Are On Black Alert! To Arms! To Arms! Two Legs Ain’t Bad!
To Stores is more like it. I must foray into the midst of the supermarket on this day of pre-hurricane consumer jitters raked by the fires of Media.
But hey…as Robert Bayden-Powell suggested with the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared"
I never made it past Cub Scouts but Dig that I grew Up in the Projects….Chew on that a bit.
I learned how to Tie a Tie with the Boy Scout Handbook.
I feel like I’m repeating myself or is it the Déjà vu again…
The Original Title by Baden-Powell was Scouting For Boys, which just doesn’t work in the Post-Cynicism of the Early 21st Century, nonetheless sheds light on a line in the lyrics of Pink Floyd’s Welcome To The Machine.
And I Thought They Were Saying Syd was a Sod! ;P

Still in Late August and we can only talk about the Bruins is where the Stanley Cup travels. In Other News, I was recently in Portland, ME on a God-Blessed afternoon of relaxation & good company. My first thoughts were, I’d Move Here. I’ve Never Thought That…or hadn’t Since I’ve Seen San Francisco over a Dozen Years Past.
Portland has an AHL Hockey Team, the Portland Pirates.
And I looked it up…the same price for 10 games in the Nosebleeds of the Gahhden is the same for a Season Ticket at the Cumberland Civic Center on Free Street.
$420. Is that somekind of Cosmic Hint???
Portland was so wicked nice…the fresh food and the Seas Breeze.
Delusions of Miniature Again, Sully?
Another Pipe Dream…heh.
Gotta Have a Dream to Live It.

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 24, 2011

Coming tomorrow!
I can't frakkin' believe it.
The one & only...truly original & often duplicated

It was a mainstay of my teenage years. The real TMNT, not the result of its licensing, the Sat AM cartoon and the movies of the 80s but iDigress...

But the original Eastman & Laird's TMNT.

TMNT #1, May 1984 (Laird tightened his style over the initial run to what you see above in the eye-fetching self-homage.

I refer to TMNT as American Manga.

TMNT #20 & 21, 1989.

Will it get the $3.99 I can be giving to DC or MARVEL...


kriya shakti,

Monday, August 22, 2011

"It begins."
Source: From Warren Ellis Dot Com.

I grok his Spock...Do YOU???

mingia, chief...

kriya shakti,
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Anniversary Edition!

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

I’m a little late for Birthday Greetings.
Ask Mario. ;P

Nonetheless…my nano is One Year Old.
For My Little Orange Mecha, I decided on an August b-day seeing I observe the planet Mars in the Sky every pre-dawn walk to work…I too was born under Mars but iDigress…

I have neither new music to report nor audiobooks.
My next iTunes Store purchase (so I promised OCHO’s Doctor Hooey)…
Life, an audiobook autobiography, the unabridged reading of Rolling Stone’s guitarist Keith Richards’ 2010 life story.

It clocks in just over 23-Hours for only $20.95! Partial dramatic reading by Johnny Depp!!!
Everytime Pete raves about, he gets the Glow. It shines forth from him, his love of the subject, genre and songs. I too share this love therefore will be picking this up.

Life by Keith Ricahrds also available in A Printy Form, using Ink, Paper and Cardboard.

That’s Life with an iPod right?
Happy Birthday, Arios Gundam! I’m glad I got that spare clear case from RadioShack for $4 after the truly wee nano came out…

I’d lose it ‘tween me toes!!!
And One Simply Cannot Play Air Guitar On It!!!

Cheers to Mario! Happy Birthday, Buddy.
Hope to See You Soon.

And Skoal!!! Happy Anniversary to my iPod that I’m still happy has a Click Wheel and a Big Spot in my heart….and I still play Air Guitar on it.
Take that New Nano!!! ;P

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...the Zen Moment of the Day
Brought to you by xkcd

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember: Firemen are real heroes! HUZZAH! This is Awesome!
Source: Boston Globe. Thanks! ;P

A Smoking PUCK! Moment of Zen...
August 17, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

93a. The Glee Project.

Really? No, really? Is this in anyway way necessary? I saw all of 12 seconds of this show whilst I jumped up, distracted by my 'brick', fumbling and searching for the remote that had been hidden from the small one. My eyes and ears will never be the same, and I should add worse for the momentary experience.

Oh... and FYI OCHO ~ in response to #17. Thanks to my friend BIO-OIL I was able to avoid this infliction during my pregnancy. To any self-respecting woman out there perusing the OCHO, do yourself a favor and lather up twice a day ~ it makes all the difference.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!!!
Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog!
Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
August 14, 2011

Nuthin’ Much Brewin’ in Titletowne…
aka: Still Sinking In!

Can you possibly believe the Bruins Stanley Cup Victory is STILL SINKING IN WITH ME???
Take Today for Example.
I grew up in South Boston, MA 0212-frakkin’-7.
And today I had a lovely picnic with Deedee & the Dog on an overcast & drizzly afternoon. But that didn’t stop our Day Out and our picnic was not a washout.
Actually, I made the Best Sammiches EVER but iDigress…
My plan for the past few weeks has been to walk the Sugahbowl of Castle Island, aka the Irish Riveria. We were blessed that the weather held out.
While walking past the statue of Admiral Farragut…

who’s been there since I’ve been pounding this sidewalk had a Bruins Jersey placed on him! HUZZAH!
That’s the Southie I Grew Up In. I’ve Never Seen Such a Display in anyother Boston neighborhood.

It is August! There is nothing but Tumbleweeds blowing across the Ice.
I know Cam Neely had his day with the Stanley Cup.
I know Milan Lucic’s day with the Cup in his hometown of Vancouver was met with derision & rioting. Yes….Hyperbole. Source: …Bitter Vancouver Fans Thwart Public Display of Stanley Cup…

I know the season opens in Europe again with the Ducks, Kings & Sabres so that’s kinda cool.
The Season doesn’t start until October.
Yeah I just looked at NHL Dot Com again…nothing but fluff pieces.
It is Summer. Whatcha want? 2 Minutes with the Cup for Supporting the Team All Your Life? Hmmm…

I’ve also yet to pick up any Stanley Cup Championship gear. That’s something to fix this week. I think a trip to the Pro Shop is in order.
Hey Mario! Happy Belated Birthday! Come with me and I’ll get your pick of hat for your last year of your Upper Thirties. ^_~
Well…Nothing Much Brewin’ in Town. It’s the Weirdest Off-Season Ever…
Not Being Pissed! Not Feeling Let Down. I usually don’t try to subscribe to these feelings. I’m grateful we have a Playoff Contender almost Yearly and that’s where the real battle starts. Just getting into the Playoffs is the Real Key.
This Year Not only Did the Bruins Possess the Right Combo of Age, Talent, and Depth but It Was Employed in the Intended Fashion. Teammates Were Teammates, Coaches Coached, Goalie Made Saves. It all clicked together. It was a Dynamo fed by the meshing of the Black & Gold Cogs.

As Farragut Spake, “Damn Those Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!”
With the Good Admiral sporting Winning Threads, I take that as sound advice From Winners, For Winners.

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA
94a. Double-Wide Strollers

On Land, on Air, on Sea, on Metro Bus or Subway...
Because Your Bundles of Joy are THAT Special, @$$hole...
The tandem strollers are just as effective and don't require you blocking Fire Lanes & Egress Routes or anything useful...@$$hole!
Double-Wide Strollers Were Designed For One Purpose Only: The Forming of the Next Generation of Entitled @$$HOLE!

95a. Whatever's In the Zeitgeist Enabling Drivers to Blow Red Lights
Speaking of Entitled @$$holes...
the First 3 Seconds after an Intersection's Crosswalk turns Red is perhaps the Most Dangerous Time of a Pedestrian's Life...Food for Thought. I grokked this unspoken from Meathead, who was once an aggressive driver...he idles for a good three count at the change & endures the aggravated beeps as well because there's NOW always some chucklehead ignoring the Just-Turned Red Light and blew through the intersection...sometimes two, three at a time depending where & when.
This is Not Funny. This is Life in Boston.

96a. World War III
But you're saying to yourself & my screenname, "Sully, World War III Doesn't Exist or Never Will Happen or Hasn't Happened Yet".
And I Submit to Thee, Dear OCHO...
It's Simply My Humble Opinion that America has been engaged in World War III Since the 1998 US Embassy Bombings in Africa and the USS Cole Attack in 2000.
It's Like Looking Down at your nice Suit or Dress and seeing that you got War All Over It. How Did That Happen? When? Sure there was a gravy glob on my lapel but this???
Look at "It"...What Else Will You Think History Call "It"?

97a. My Deadly Ability to Forecast Politics
Sure, Sometimes I'm Wrong.
As I've Made a Maxim in this Life, "I've Been Wrong Before, I'll Be Wrong Again...I Could Be Wrong Right Now"
So Michelle Bachmann won the Straw Vote in Iowa. I told Peter, OCHO's very Own Doctor Hooey that I really believed that the GOP could be a terrible threat if Mitt Romney possessed the humility enough to run as Bachman's VP running mate.
That would be a SuperTicket.
I countered this a few weeks later once I heard of her decision to step down as Secretary of State, that an Obama/Clinton 2012 Candidacy would quite possibly be an UberTicket but iDigress...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Comics Gnome Poots!
Goodbye, Hello!

2 Weeks Left until the End & The Beginning!
The DCnU Starts Sept 1!
And then King Merryman of Limbo gets a few more serfs for his fiefdom but iDigress*
This Following Sentence should be Absurd. Good.
It’s based upon Grant Morrison's DC Comics so at a minimum It's In Context.

in 1990, Grant Morrison helped invent the VERTIGO imprint by writing absurdist Superhero Stories.
In a Way, Aren’t All Superhero Stories Absurd? -EO'S
This is the cover of Grant’s DOOM PATROL #29 from a story called “The Painting That Ate Paris”!
“1990's "Doom Patrol" #29 features one of the strangest battles in DC comics history as the Doom Patrol team -- Cliff Steele, Rebis, and Crazy Jane -- face off against the Brotherhood of Dada inside the "Painting that Ate Paris." It's a battle of form and expression and idea within the aesthetic confines of a work of art, and when Superman and the Justice League International arrive, all they find of the French landscape is a desolate wasteland and a painting on an easel.

Superman approaches the painting with caution and concern, using his super-senses to take a closer look into the infinitely regressive painting. "Good grief," he says, "…Something's coming…A horse?...Gigantic…" Then, with fear in his eyes and an expression of disbelief, he says, "it's coming."
"We're all that stands between this thing and the world!" Superman shouts, bracing himself for what's rushing out of the painting. "It's coming!" He repeats again, never flinching.
He ducks at the last minute. And what came out of the painting? What physical manifestation did the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse take?
A child's hobby horse. Inert. Absurd.”


Let Us Pick It Up in the Now…or the Nu…

BATMAN AND ROBIN #26, Final Issue.
I admit putting down this Grant Morrison brainchild & creation after #18, when Grant passed the Dynamic Duo over to the ever-capable hands of Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason, the battery duo of the former & well-done GREEN LANTERN CORPS.
Nonetheless, this is the Final Issue of a Great Title & the End of an Awesome Idea.
This is the Last Ride of the Batman & Robin team of Dick Grayson & Damien Wayne.
Dick goes back to being Nightwing next month in the DCnU with his very own #1 (the previous NIGHTWING volume ran 152 issues into 2009).
In this Final Issue, writer David Hine condenses magazines of finale into a Single-Issue that evokes Paris-Eating Paintings and the Absurdity of Life in Capes & Cowls.
(This one was pert-near bloody awesome & thematically "In Context" with the afore mentioned Grant...Dada Indeed!...eo's 8/14/11)
Ryan K. Lindsay's great review to boot! Check it out!

New Things…such as the QR Code. Such a fascinating thing…QR Codes.
Now if only I went SmahhtPhone, huh? For the SmahhtGuy.
Heck my poor, awesome, lovely, useful, and reliable 10+Years Old iMac G4 cannot plug into an iPhone.
But starting in September, Batman & Robin become a Father/Son team. Bruce & Damien.
I got the sneaky feeling this will only last so long…I think Grant’s gonna kill Damien off in the DCnU conclusion to the on-hiatus BATMAN INCORPERATED when it eventually comes together.
We have a saying here on OCHO and it’s called ,”Do The Math, Mouthbreather!
In the upcoming DCnU, IF Batman has only been around for 5 Years, THEN explain 4 Robins.

from left to right; Damien Wayne current Robin, Tim Drake Red Robin & founder of the Teen Titans?, Jason Todd Red Hood and Dick Grayson Nightwing.
ROBINS are INTERNS...and Other DCnU FAQs.
good thing this is a make-believe world. Sheesh. This is completely crapping on my fondness of the Dynamic Duo, especially the original team where we got to see Dick grow up.
Oh well...it seems like a Kludgy Solution for such a Iconic Property.

So Will the Comics Gnome be POOT’n forth DCnU’s BATMAN & ROBIN #1 & Beyond on a Monthly basis Come September?
Probably Not.
But will the Gnome Get Absurd with Me over the #26, the Swan Song of the Passing Age and Dick Grayson’s last day as BATMAN (outside of BATMAN & DETECTIVE COMICS’s Last Day with Dick as Batman ^_~)
The Magic OCHO-Ball says, “Very Doubtful”…#26's apparently very good.
It came out Wednesday…let’s see if the FunnyBook Bodegas of Boston got the Gnome’s Pootings**. Eh? Good Hunting! HUZZAH!
(In a wistful Fanboy Vein, too bad DC could get just one more B&R…issue #27? Get it???).

Find Out the Stack, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel.
Chili Today, Hawt Tamale!

Kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

*King Merryman and the Limbo Players can be found in Grant Morrison’s 1989’s ANIMAL MAN (trade paperback Vol. 3 Deus Ex Machina) and 2008’s FINAL CRISIS: SUPERMAN BEYOND 3-D.
**Found the last B&R #26 on the shelf at the Harvard Square FunnyBook Bodega! Kewl! Just as good as the reviews depicted and totally contextual to my Absurdity Comment in Relation to Morrison's DC Body. Grant did start Batman & Robin Vol. 1 and create Damien Wayne (in a modern sense).

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Kriya Shakti!
aka: Food For Thought

Choose Rightly!
Between you & me, I don't always "Kriya Shakti".
Like when I spend $20 per night on takeout or delivery.
It's best not to think about This American Diet...the quality of that expensive food; its questionable nutritional value, also its fat, cholesterol & sodium totals...man.
I'm a Down-Right Fucking Sinner.
...But I know when I follow the advice I Espouse Daily.
Kriya Shakti. One of the first meditations I write down almost every morning.
Embedding this Information & Energy into my MeatSuit & Space/Time.

Such as with my last $50 until payday. Whew.
Talk about Debt Ceilings.
SuperCongress now feels like me with their credit rating! Ha!
Did you hear the Statue of Liberty's Bust Size Dramatically Reduced From AAA to AA+???. This problem is more than a handful, I know. ;P

With my remaining funds in These Lean Summer Months, I decided to Kriya Shakti & spend $35 on groceries to feed me for the Week.
Know This OCHO: As of August 6, 2011 in Summaville, Massachusetts,
the price of:
A Loafa Bread: $1.99
A Duzzen Eggs: $1.79
& a Stick o' buttah: $0.72
for a grand total o': $4.40

I once again stood in front of the magazine rack at my local HyperMarche (that means Supermarket in French).
I was $3.00 under budget with my frugally brimming basket of foodstuff (I hate running out of coffee, floss & tortillas in the same broke-@$ week...).
I had a choice to make.
I could purchase any of these new releases...any new comics.
Just One. a $2.99 new FunnyBook. Just because I've been good. And I deserve one. But if I took that same attitude with cigarettes I'd still be sneaking squayahs on the sly but iDigress...

So for the same $3.00 I got a Day-Old Bakery Item, a 9" X 9" fudge brownie originally priced at $6.50. I love dessert!

Nonetheless I perused one issue in particular & pondered it on the way home.
I felt good about NOT Picking it up.
Issue #67 of DC's GREEN LANTERN

I read it and it was pretty good, enjoyable and accessible.
And it is the Final Issue of this volume of GREEN LANTERN.

GREEN LANTERN #1 in the DCnU starts in September along with the 51 Other New #1s in This Great New Direction.

I thought, #67 is the natural end of the volume I have most of. The Comics Gnome stopped pooting forth GREEN LANTERN after #52 for my own good health. I missed from suffering financially by a compulsory mini-event such as this War of the Green Lanterns. I found GREEN LANTERN to be pedestrian stuff for something so Cosmic, more action figures figures into this action is my DC Dharma...
and I was relieved by this thought.

I Don't Collect Comics...
I Accumulate FunnyBooks.

I enjoy good stories. And longboxes are better than keeping them all over your floor.
Although GREEN LANTERN #67 was a good story and the ending was (of course) another beginning to what comes next.

DCnU GREEN LANTERN #1, (variant cover) September 2011
The Other Cover Spoils the Secret! It's actually pretty good & fun although I'm not buying it, happy to read the serial capsules from afar & free...

I am a huge GL fan nonetheless I am content with my purchases.
I am glad I got my brownie over corporate fealty to a property-centered funnybook.
Not a bad story yet I am Not Compelled to bookend my unclosed volume in the FanBoy Geeky Obsessive Compulsive Vein...the Gnome can always POOT it later on when he's able, right? I was tuned in for pert-near Six Years, right?

The Comics Gnome POOTS!
August 6, 2011

PS In my $35 total budget, with $10 strictly for protein, I picked up a $1.99/lb Pork Loin at 4.8 lbs; about $9.55, later on in the PM at McKinnon's, the Davis Sq. Butcher. I can make this into pulled pork taquitos AND a five to six fillets to bread & fry. The other $25 was an adventure in frugality but "that is a story for another day" as was said in Ahhnold's Conan the Barbarian.
Homemade foods are much better than these delivery & takeout foods.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Different Channels, Different Sounds

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

It’s Inevitable.
When your headphones flake out.
My Interior Matt suggests using a soldering iron & some electrical tape but I think he’s speaking in Swahili again…

And I’ve been without funds enough to replace the headphone (or even go to the same RadioShack & get a soldering iron, some solder and some electrical tape but iDigress…)
I RTFM’d this.
I’m serious about the soldering iron now I think.

Nonetheless, we try with what we got. So for the past two weeks I’ve been playing the “Jiggle the Jack” Game with the headphones, trying to get a Normal Sound.

In the meantime…my iPod has been making Pet Sounds.
Weird Noises.
Half Songs.
Sometimes a garble of digitized gobbledygook.
Most of the times though, the flaky headphones sport Pure Karaoke version without lead vocals.
It’s better than listening to nothing using flaky headphones although deeply hearing different parts of the production quality. Hearing overlays & orchestrations on Studio Albums, is most interesting & introspective as a fan of it all.

If you’ve never heard the Rubber Duckie in the Beatles Helter Skelter…you will now.
Cooler things are isolated vocal harmonies. As if you hear them in the studio waiting for their cue, not actually singing the song. Singing along with the song. Dig?

Other tracks were downright spooky and sounded as if you were listening to them under three feet of water.

I’ve experienced this all my handheld media life.
The tape walkman going bi-polar. Hell…the whole thing ended up functional but held together by duct tape & hope!
The CD walkman and looping the cord a few funky whirls to achieve momentary Stereo Reproduction.
but over the digital music player, the fidelity just sounds different, track to track as well. Source to Source over an iPod.

New Headphones I’ll get yes…and a soldering iron too just to be a little more DIY with a simple, quick fix. Ask a Ph.D what he’d do to his headphones…

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode
God Bless The Nerd Prom

Check out the SOURCE for more, great pics.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I love being a real Hockey Fan.
And a True Gallery Gawd.

I mean in this life I've uttered such phrases such as...
...and THAT'S how you get on the JUMBOTRON!.

kriya shakti,

The Smoking PUCK!
August 2, 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

Your Word of the Day brought by the Tao of Sully

I possess a buff lexicon.

I do. And as SUPERMAN cannot cut loose, neither can I.

Nonetheless, a nice positive word came up in my rants and I stopped...
And iDigress...

Usage: I doubt they'll have the
temerity to print these accusations
Thesaurus: audacity, nerve, effrontery, impudence, impertinence, cheek, gall, presumption; daring; informal face, front, neck, chutzpah.

The line that divides boldness from foolishness or stupidity is often a fine one. Someone who rushes hastily into a situation without thinking about the consequences might be accused of rashness, while temerity implies exposing oneself needlessly to danger while failing to estimate one's chances of success (: she had the temerity to criticize her teacher in front of the class). Audacity describes a different kind of boldness, one that disregards moral standards or social conventions ( | he had the audacity to ask her if she would mind paying for the trip). Someone who behaves with foolhardiness is reckless or downright foolish ( | climbing the mountain after dark was foolhardiness and everyone knew it), while impetuosity describes an eager impulsiveness or behavior that is sudden, rash, and sometimes violent ( | his impetuosity had landed him in trouble before). Gall and effrontery are always derogatory terms. Effrontery is a more formal word for the flagrant disregard of the rules of propriety and courtesy ( | she had the effrontery to call the president by his first name), while gall is more colloquial and suggests outright insolence ( | he was the only one who had the gall to tell the boss off).

I hope to distill all of these reactions into the one word of today. Thanks.

kriya shakti,

The Tao of Sully
in August...

This was included in the definition of the word on my Mac's desktop app. "The Right Word". never saw that before on this app. Cool...