Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS...The DCnU's Nu Look

Well...here it is.

The Justice League of America under the redirection of Jim Lee in this post-Flashpoint Universe.

I'm kinda not liking it but hey...they don't make funnybooks for ME now do they?

One question that's been the Buzz is "What Does SUPERMAN Need with an Armored Uniform?"
With the Economy now in Recession, all Superheroines must now wear pants.
Batman's look is kinda lame. I mean at least Grant Morrison gave him a codpiece which made it really functional as an @$$-kicking Suit.
And I'm not in love with the FLASH's new threads. If anyone needed shorts & sneakers, it's a runner.

Frank Miller had it Right in 2001.

All I can say is..."Lights!...Camera!....ACTION FIGURES!!!!"

That is all.

kriya shakti,
Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog! Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
Home of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins! Huzzah!
The Smoking PUCK!
June 26, 2011

Whitey Will Pay…
aka: That Masked Man Took All The Loot!

Jeez…They Captured Whitey Bulgja…
81 One Years Old and Living in Plain Sight.
It took a real outsider…a foreigner to rat him out.
Interlude: To James J. Bulger Himself from Rev Sully, one Old Hahbah Project Rat to Another.
I honestly thought you were Dead. Not “wishing it”, James…don’t get me wrong, sir…
I grew up two courts over from you in the Old Harbor Projects, not at the same time but definitely the same bricks, shitty windows and scalding steam heat radiators from the Sandy Hill Boiler.
On O’Callaghan Way…put it in a Google Map. I just spent five minutes with the Spooky Big Brother Cam looking at my old front door right there at Number #44.
You and your younger brother William, the future State Senate President & Dean of UMass…grew up two courts up from me, 1 court up from the Gavin Way Split.
I knew the family that lived in the former Bulger household that bordered the railroad tracks & its fenceline. Big family lived there too…they threw the best Hallowe’en parties. Heck, even I got invited.
Yeah, I’m Earzmo Eric. Remember Me? You wouldn’t, James. You wouldn’t…I was a goofy good kid, big ears & chestnut hair with a young, single mom in the 1970s probably dragging their groceries or laundry down Old Colony Ave, going home to Monsignor O’Callaghan Way, passing the Sub Shop or Stippo’s or anything near St. Monica’s. Maybe you noticed her. She was short & pretty (still is, hi ma!).
I hope you have a chance to write it all down, James. I want to know everything! Your Experience & Story would be the Best to Hear from You. Be the Author of your own Legend! Thanks, Eric

Whitey Will Pay, I heard this for a long time. A while back, an old mate Paul T. used to live on Telegraph St at Dorchester Heights. Pauly’s a Goalie and lent me his equipment for The Watershed Sports Experience of My Life but iDigress…
On Pauly’s Old Shitbox car, he used to have a Bumper Sticker that simply said “Whitey Will Pay”

Something like that…Paulie being a Hip-Hop Fan, meaning something more Afro-centric & Clever than Southie…
They Ripped the Bumpah Stickah offa his Cahh!!!
Can You Believe That? I sure can…I grew up there. He’s lucky he didn’t get his tires slashed…

Stop That Masked Man!!! He’s got all the Loot!!!
Tim Thomas is ‘Da Man.
Boston should unite and pass the torch of nicknames and call Tim Thomas “Whitey” now…
Being Beantown’s Best & Baddest Masked Man!!!
On account of Thomas’ season-long, Cup-Winning gear, in 2010-11, Tim chose to go with a White Helmet, white pads & gloves.

And in the NHL Yearly Awards, Tim Thomas netted his 2nd Vezina Trophy, earning the honor with a record setting year at Save Percentage with .938.

I mean Ain’t It Romantic???…Tim Kept his Eyes Closed when He Kissed the Cup…

A Stanley Cup, the Conn Smyth Trophy of being the Playoffs MVP and the Vezina Trophy for Best Goalie.
A Hat-Trick for a Goalie. Congrats, Yogi Bear.

Speaking of paying, it’s time for this Whitey to Pay and go get some groceries.
Have a great week and Happy Summer!
Looking forward to a Space/Time in the Near Future, July 4th at Matt’s when most of OCHO will be at the same real Coffeetable. Yay!

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

::kazoo music a la Dr. Demento::

1. Neck Tattoos
What is that under your ear??? And you can't stare because people with neck tattoos DO NOT WANT TO BE GAWKED AT.
Sure, I already got my two next Inkings planned out...but I just do not get getting Ink on That Location. Why? It's "beyond" me in a way and I thought I was White Trash.

101 Things That Should NOT Exist!

but wait...there's more.
What did you think I was going to do? Stop?

100a. Any More News About Lindsay Lohan
Sure I wrote a PUCK about her once... but I mean she hasn't acted in anything...in years except for Robert Rodriguez' "Machette" but that was ONE ROLE IN 2010!! Why is this person famous? What is Humanity's Motivation for Observing this Slow-Moving Freight Train Wreck?

101a. Glue Traps
How would you give Mercy to a Mouse? Dear OCHO, prithee me asks thee? What would you do if or when you find a mouse on a glue trap? I had to choose this AM. The poor wee beastie was struggling, struggling! Jeez. It looked right at me. I mean I Do Believe in the Atman in Everything, Especially Living Things. So I manned up, got a deep vessel of water and placed the Glue Trap upside down in the water & walked away to get a cup of coffee. Glue Traps are like Cluster Bombs. Man...that bummed me out all day long. Sure it was a mouse, a pest. Nonetheless I felt a Karma happen today.

101 MORE Things That Should Not Exist!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ahem...The Smoking PUCK! Asks You To...

I guess this the Rolling Stone for Jocks.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Who’s Your Daddy? Edition!

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

My GMail Messenger got me thinking about it...the nerve of them.
It said "Call Dad".
Some of that means Prayer.
Some of that means Effort & Reconciliation.
What the frak does GMail know about me & my Dad???

It is because...
I got Two Dads.
This is True.

This is Not a Sitcom.
They were not a gay couple either.

I’m talking about my dad, Tommy A.
And my grandfather. Joe O’Sullivan.

And let me tell you.
I think Both of my Fathers would Love my iPod!

One: Rock & Roll. Tommy had the best frakkin’ collection on vinyl.
Two: Spoken Word. Joe suffered upon me years of Abbot & Costello and Hal Roach, the Irish Comedian.

I wish I could pass long an iPod Classic to Tommy, my dad. Filled with my collection. I think he’d like that.
And in remembrance, I recall all the time Pa would make me listen to these Irish tapes of comedians. And my grandma too would listen to the Irish Hour on WROL on the weekends.
My iPod is a constant reminder of not just me, but who made me up. What contributed to this “myself”, my tastes and all.

Every time Pink Floyd’s “Meddle” comes on I think of my dad, Tommy.

Or anything Floyd earlier than the Final Cut.
I possess his actual birth certificate. He left it behind in 1977 or a little earlier…my Ma gave it to me as some kind of artifact & relic.
Our Short Space/Time together as Man/Wife/Child/Family was Remarkable...Indelible.
He was some kind of legendary Dorchester Bad-Ass. And I was Telemachus to his Odysseus.
My Ma saw Him on the Red Line not too long along…and he still scared the shit outta her.
Like Ike & Tina I tell you…I ain’t making it up. I’m glad I can’t remember my early childhood!
You think I’m kidding?

No…I’m rawkin’.
Life is Life. Name’s are Names. I am Who I am.
I Like Me. I hope my fathers can say that about me…and about themselves as well.
Eric…Sully. Friend. Douchbag.
Whatever You Want…that’s all I can be.
See you Space Cowboy! ;P

This is the Shape of my father's Day. thanks!

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode
On Father's Day...

I have a lot to say.
Yet Nothing.

I am not a Father.
All my Friends are. my Male friends...grown up ones & a few from the past as well!

I think my own Father "fired" me. Half a Life Ago...so'kay, I got a killer nickname out of the deal.
Glib O'Clock.

I changed my last name. I switched from my father's Name to my Maternal Grandfather's Name at 19 Years Old.
When I Became an Adult. It was an American Mazeltov then & now...but iDigress...
Tommy was Pissed. My Dad. I think it angered him.
So we're estranged. I think it's mutual. I'm neither mad At Tommy nor Did I Do it out of spite.
I did it for Joe. Joseph Patrick O'Sullivan, the man who raised me, clothed me, fed me & put me through school.
Joe O'Sullivan raised me. He was my grandfather and I took his name. I did.
he had a heart attack one year and I got to do it while he was alive. And I shared that with him.
So as always to my dead father, I carry on!
to my estranged father, how you doing & I hope you're happy. I know you love me & I love you too. Had nothing to do with you.

That's all this Father's Day.
My thoughts.
I think of Father's Day every year.
Don't You?....

The Tao of Sully
June 19, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
June 18, 2011

aka: I Hate Parades…


I bailed on the Rolling Rally Parade.
I was psyched for it…and was gonna take the Dog too. I had a frakkin bandana for the poor pooch.
I wanted to see It. I wanted to view actual, real, true photons, 8 minutes-old & fresh from the Sun bounce off Lord Stanley’s Cup to my waiting retinas.
It’s just one of those historical things you know. Seeing It….
Like Saying, “Yeah…that was John alright….Herod was holding his severed head up for us to all see & Salome was STILL dancing”…but iDigress.

interlude: my hangover the day after the Cup felt like a steel plate, hot-bolted to my forehead like in the ancient cartoons of yore.
When the bus shook and bumped!, I rode the Marc Savard Simulator.
This Joke is for Kevin Paul DuPont. And you thought your musings were mean, didn’t you KDP?

One night Dog-Sitting, without Versus Network I radio-listened to the Game while watching EXCALIBUR, The 1981 King Arthur Movie.
And here’s the Rub: only one Grail Knight…Knight of the Round Table was worthy enough to “find” and touch the Holy Grail.
His name was Percival. Parzival. His story is ancient and Celtic. It makes the transition from the old days to Christianity.
Percy was the only knight who got the Grail. Well, Galahad too but that came up later (pssst! and WASN'T in the Movie! ;P eo's)
The Holy Grail Cycle is just an old story...good but old. It varies & splinters, gets a new coat of pain every few generations but it never "refreshes” as the Web's Browser does…hockey's Grail Quest "refreshes the screen" so to speak.
It’s an ever-creating new story year-to-year...and maybe…just maybe YOUR TEAM will win!
In the Stanley Cup, we have a field of teams worthy to hold the Grail.
To Prove Their Worth, All they have to do is get there through hard-work & dedication.
My Team Got It.

Nonetheless I bailed on the Parade.

I fucking hate parades.

I told my Ma I was going to the “Rolling Rally” and she responded in disbelief…”you??? You Hate Parades".
Deedee’s from Texas. She asked where were the Marching Bands? Good question?
I grew up in South Boston, MA. Home of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.
Oh my Krishna…how I fucking hate the St. Paddy’s Day Parade I marched in It thrice times, no lie from 8 to 18. A Politician, Little league and the Knights of Columbus in that order.
I hate parades. I hate crowds.

Interlude 2: waiting for the bus…this Saturday AM.
A Painted Car with the Spok’d Bee on the windows and a fabricated Stanley Cup tacked to its roof. That’s the Sprit!
I missed my first bus. Coming over the hill, it was peeling away. I was wearing sneakers too…
I found a bench further up the road. Smoked today’s PUCK too. Right there on the bench, with a Marble Composition Book and a blue pen; my favorite combo. While I waited for the next Bus on a Saturday Schedule. Balloons & Banners are everywhere on this literally American Main Street and I do mean literal for this bus stop bench is Main St., Medford.
My own Neighborhood Quiet Puck Parade Worthy of a Gallery Gawd. Oi!....
I even pet a dog…a Jack Russell terrier puppy came right up to me and I of course offered my dorsal hand. Angel, the puppy then got scratched behind the ear & a butt-pat.

Wednesday Night though….Game 7 Night.
What an Adventure! I was en route to Tim D’s place to watch the Game. I had the Route planned from the T Dot Com. 3 Bus Changes; that's what we locals without Cahhs call "gettin' around this necka the woods". I think Tim lives in a part of Somerville that touches Canada…Summa'Ville is mysteriously big & the 17th most-densely populated areas in the USA. I live in a different corner in this Quadrangle of Squares, Flats & Condos...
Guess What? I got Lost. Me. Yeah. Told Pete all about it too. It was on the 3rd Bus of the Bus Legs. I shoulda been on the other side of the street…that simple. Damn.
Once I situated myself in Powderhouse Square, I gave up on having company for the Cup Final. Nonetheless, I was hungry as all heck.
I finally get a bus that’ll get me home, in a short enough time. On the way home, hungry I spy the Pub. Packed more than a shield under arrow fire. I mean DAMN. Across the street is my favorite Chinese Food Take-Out…so I heed the call.
And sitting there waiting for his own order is the Chef of the Pub Himself. I’ve talk to him to years now. I sit next to him and we chat it up. I hear two Bruins goals over my iPod as I’m waiting for my own order.
In a culinary way, it’s awesome talking to him. I eat his food, frequent his restaurant. I made the blithe suggestion that when challenged he makes the best desserts. His current menu lacks a great dessert. And he describes his upcoming pig roast….I glean the "poundage per hour ratio" for hot smoking a whole pig. Great Intel!!!
I then get home to a 3-0 Bruins lead into the 3rd period.
I eat the Chinese Food.
I drink the Beer.
I see the Empty Net Goal at Minus-3 Minutes and run to my altar to get my photo of me in the Green Lantern Tee Shirt next to the Stanley Cup and I hold it to the HDTV…
The Game Ends.
The Bruins are Stanley Cup Champions.
I am beyond elation. Not disbelief, not close but even now it’s still settling in.
We Finally Did It.

When the Sox won in 2004, it was a clean 4-0 sweep of the Cardinals making that experience a little more immediate. We the Gallery Gawds know in our heart of black (& gold) hearts, the Bruins could blow a 3 goal lead wicked easily.
We just didn’t want to say it aloud!
But We Didn’t. For me the end of the game was TENSION…

Alas, the season is over.
Hockey’s Done for the Year.
Sorry, chief…we’re Closed.
The Inevitable Baseball Season.
The Knights of the Black & Gold Table won't again meet until Season Next...

But this time Our Bruins as the Last Team Standing.
107 Bruins Games this Season.
1 Championship.


Kriya Shakti,
Rev. Sully

I Am A Hockey Fan…
And the Bruins Are My Team.
(6/19/2011, ed eo's)
The Comics Gnomes POOTS Forth!...
A Green Lantern Ring for a Fellow Geek

I missed the Bus today. I'll get to that later in the Smoking PUCK.
But "Why" I missed the Bus?
I was geeking out with my roommate Ben. He's off to see the Green Lantern movie today and he made a Geek's Request.
"Do I Have a GREEN LANTERN Ring he Could Borrow?"

Of course I do...
So I got the Spare Green Ring of Willpower off of my Altar, removing the LEGO Qui-Gon sitting in it.
And I also touch my ring to his...Matt made me my ring. My real GL ring. And I recite "the Oath"...

By the time I hustled over the hill...the Bus was pulling away. Shit. And I'm wearing sneakers too...I couldn't even run for it...it was "that gone". It's one thing to run for a bus in foam clogs but iDigress...
I grabbed a bench further up the Road and scribbled the bones of today's PUCK in a marble composition book. Saturday Schedule means you're waiting.

That's why when you're on the Go as most Westerners in the 21st Century, it's good to pay heed to the Good Old 4th Rule of Tankers...You Are Responsible at All Times for Your OWN Entertainment.
This past week with the upcoming release of the Motion Picture, I took the advice from a Text I got from the Comics Gnome.
It's as if he was reading my mind.
The Gnome said, "Raid Your Longboxes!!!

So I did.
And this past week I was blessed with the stories of the origin of my favorite superhero.
And I shared them with Ben this AM.
Explaining its reading order like a Frakkin' Geek...therefore making late for the Bus (file under: Karma).

I'm talking about Emerald Dawn.
I read & bought Emerald Dawns I & II in High School. This was before the Era of Jim Lee. I still consider that the Silver Age for some reason while we're corralled to refer to it as the Bronze Age.
Every Generation should have its own origin story. Green Lantern in the late 1980s was given his chance after Miller's Batman: Year One (1987), Byrne's Superman: Man of Steel (1986) & Perez' Wonder Woman (1987).
A new GREEN LANTERN volume with an Issue #1 followed Emerald Dawn II...although after 4 Years in realtime, Hal Jordan got infected by Parallax and did a lot of Bad Things.
The mid-1990s was a bad place for the Classic Superheroes...

Nonetheless, Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern and this is his story. Of how this arrogant, flawed human man got the Most Powerful Weapon in the Multiverse because of his Ability to Face Fear. The essential metaphor of the GREEN LANTERN is having the strength & willpower to conquer fear and overcome the obstacle. It fetishizes the metaphor into the Ring, the Lantern or the Logo...take your pick. Green ironically enough is in the Middle of the Color Spectrum, making Willpower the most Balanced of Emotions and perhaps the Greatest Tool in Human Life.




This is what Grant Morrison informed me as a Holographic Index Structure...or this is how I'm defining it.
We know the Story from 1989-1991 Emerald Dawns I & II and this later chapter from 2008 fits in certain established plot points. Dovetailed so to speak.

So I prescribed the reading order to Ben as this:

after a seasoned "pro" like me passing a stack off to the Rook (or as we Lanterns call "a White Circle"), I explained how & why this 2008 tale fits in between a 1989-90 miniseries and its 1991 sequel.

So with his Ring charged and with No Fear, may Ben enjoy the movie.
I'm gonna go see X-Men: First Class instead. ;P
I'll get to Green Lantern when it comes to me...just as the Ring Ought To.

kriya shakti,

(edited 6/19/11, 10:3AM)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congrats to the Puck and all the B's fans out there. First title since '72. Way to go. I felt the ground shake last night at 11:30 as the Black and Gold lurched skyward. Enjoy the buzz!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Won!
The Bruins Did It!
The 2011 Stanley Cup Champions.


More later...

Smoking PUCK!
June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am in awe of Tim Thomas!

Win or lose Game 7 he has to be the Conn Smythe Trophy winner.

Monday, June 13, 2011

as the announcer said "Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals"...
I Giggled.

Faceoff is Next.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Being a Bruins Fans has been so far the closest thing I get to a roller coaster.
I hate rollercoasters. I couldn't handle Space Mountain...jeeeeesh.
I had bruises on the insides of my biceps muscles for clutching onto the harness too tight.
I'd make the $#!ttiest Superhero if I could fly iSwear but IDigress...

I was watching a huge chunk of NHL Network programming today.
On an Off Day. No game on Sunday...that's tomorrow.
But I caught 2 hours of Bruins stuff. Okay it was only an hour then it went into a replay of the 2009 Wings/Pens Game 6....
I feel recharged as a Fan of the Team.
Home Ice Awaits.
Charlie Sheen is right...

2 More Wins.

I've yet to look at the Boston Sunday Globe...I love the Sunday Globe's Hockey column and here we are.
We Are Here.
And I don't wanna read them.
Not Now...

I want to enjoy these moments until gametime. There could be 2 Hockey Games left in the season.
And guess what!
They're Bruins Games!!!
I'm really enthused. Can't really overthink it? Enjoy it.
The good saves, the criss-cross passes, the way they stick up for eachother, the elation upon the goal scoring...
Hockey is Quite the Intense Sport.
All I Wanna Do is Watch 2 More Games.

A Smoking PUCK! Cup EXTRA!
June 12, 2011

Coming this September...

BATMAN & ROBIN #1, Peter Tomasi & Pat Gleason battery-up again for the DC title I might be looking forward to the most.
Bruce Wayne & Son, Damian. Batman & Robin.
In the DCnU, the idea of multiple Batmen comes full circle leaving only the one Batman-Prime, once again the ever-active hero.

One thing I wanted to see happen was that the second Robin, Jason Todd whose been written into an anti-hero become under Batman's Cape again and known as Black Robin...nonetheless his former Identity of RED HOOD will do just fine in his own (seemingly Bat-sanctioned) ops team of Other Lovable Misfits.

That is Green Arrow's former partner ARSENAL in a Trucker's Hat.
and the New Teen Titans cheesecake who also has some real rage issues STARFIRE.
Put 'em all together and may Scott Lobdell write them into a niche of good adventure & serial.

I might be down for...

NIGHTWING #1. Eddy Barrows on pencils. Nightwing's actually a Pacifist...his crux of Budo is Aikido. He can only be a Warrior Monk.

And yes...
this is the cover to Grant Morrison's
Superman is a great story if done Just Right. Geoff Johns writes better SUPERMAN than GREEN LANTERN but Morrison is just the Best at DC...

Come to the Bodega...or give these September titles a spin on your mobile devices!!!
Any of these I'd say would be worth the $2.99 for a magazine whether it in Pixel or Print.

Kriya Shakti,

{PS! This is the cover to TEEN TITANS #1

Red Robin, Superboy, the being known as Wonder Girl*, and the worst Kid Flash I have ever seen...

*This is a Monkees reference but iDigress....
Rev Sully's 13,870th Dream

I was on a Reality Show but don't recall the cameras or crew so maybe I was at Culinary School. Perhaps a Top Chef-Style not exactly that show or a tough French Academy of Cuisine.
It must have been early in the going for there were many chefs but I felt as though they disliked me a lot!
It was if I had tuned into the show and I made a mistake in the previous round.
The Chef demonstrates the finished plate for inspection & replication. I ask to taste, Chef refused & allows rest of the field to taste.
And the other chef-testants or students were not very helpful to my requests and excluded me.
A stress dream...
I woke up, thanking the dog for pulling me out of that one.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today is June 11.
Usually it could be hot, today was cool & rainy.

It's Not Over Yet.
Game 6 on Gahhden Ice in Beantown Faire on Monday, June 13th.
I got to watch Game 5 last night on full-blessed HDTV. These Finals have been hard-fought and tense.

The Stanley Cup for me is a personal thing. I'm wearing o'the Black & Gold Everyday nonetheless, this is how I always dress in Bruins Season. I see people everywhere in Black & Gold and I'm fine with it.
More of it please.
I'm keeping my joy to myself in a way. As a fan, it doesn't get any better than this.
Sure, the Bruins are one loss away from it.
But We're Also Two More Wins Away From It All!

To watch your team still playing hockey...good entertaining tough sound Hockey is a wonderful thing. Game 5's loss wasn't because of the team not showing up. In Hockey, there is a winner & a loser.
Sometimes I say hairy things such as getting shut out means "you suck". And The Bruins lost 1-0 last night, Again
...Not Quite Game One's Version of a 1-0 loss from a 3rd period goal.
1-0 games as the Bruins lost in the 3rd Period are a weird, quasi-boring experience. I say quasi-boring for it exhibits all the quality of boredom but is a different feeling.
It's called Tension.
Last Night's Game could not be defined as boring.
"Skoal Moah Goalz" is all I can advise at this point. We really kicked their butts in Games 3 & 4 when we did that, right? It seemed to work.
2 More Games? Yes Please.
As Led Zeppelin said, "Bring It On Home"...

The Smoking PUCK! Update
June 11, 2011
I've been talking comics all day...
the DC stuff

Good Morning, Tim!
Saturday AM Topic Indeed!

I’m still shaking my head over it but the whole DCNu thing Spiritually is A Julie Schwartz move. Change. Go for the Future. Get people buying magazines,

It’s new and I can’t say I’m neither for nor against it.
All I can do is sound judgmental on redesigns that “irk” me.
I'd could go all Superboy-Prime over the DCNu...but iWon't.
so perhaps I can look forward to a few things as well.

Firstly, the Martian Manhunter as Weatherman of Stormwatch. Why not!? I’m Down. Most certainly if they bring back Winter, Fahrenheit, Hellstrike & Fuji!

An All-New Sgt. Rock. About time.

Grant on Action Comics #1. I will buy anything DC he writes. If anyone can make this DCNu thing work, it is Grant Morrison.

And Batwing. Some one new for the Bat-Family. Give him a reformed Jason Todd called "Black Robin" but iDigress... ;P Red Hood & The Outlaws though...some of this sounds pretty interesting.

Perhaps the new Nightwing #1 as well. I always liked Dick Grayson hero stories. Deep down, he’s a pacifist.

I’m not even reading FLASHPOINT…just the web sites. I’m not going to buy something just because Geoff Johns writes it anymore. I hope a new #1 does GREEN LANTERN justice. This is a title that can use a breath of fresh air. And the cover is really provocative especially following the movie. I could go on and on about how Geoff Johns is really not writing good GL stories anymore but I'm not even buying them so what do I know (besides McElhatton giving FLASHPOINT #2 One & Half out of Five Stars!!! http://www.comicbookresources.com/?p...review&id=3560).

I’m just a little sad about BATMAN though. It doesn’t negate the past 5+ years of Grant’s story but I just got used to the codpiece.

I’m interested in your future words regarding JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK if you pick it up & review it. Again...which Milligan shows up? I'm interested in RED LANTERNS too.

Kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

PS For the Record, the new GREEN ARROW look is so ripping off TV's SMALLVILLE...awesome! ;P

"He who knows best knows how little he knows" -Thomas Jefferson
Last edited by rev sully; Today at 08:21 AM. Reason: better!

Later On...

rev sully
June 11, 2011 at 3:55 pm

well, it’s forward-moving whether we like it or not.
If we’re talking about magazine publishing, then this move is audacious in an ever-changing 21st market with a plethora of media to read what was once just print publication.

if we’re talking our storytelling & serials, then let’s all thank DC and Ourselves for having such a strong niche market that thrives, changes and challenges. Look at the poor doomed ABC Afternoon Soap Operas; those continuities, those relationships, those years of stories & caring about them. Let’s be thankful instead.

and finally if we’re talking Super Heroes…Warren Ellis has already said everything that has needed to be said about Super Heroes over at AVATAR. It’s called the Superhuman Trilogy of BLACK SUMMER, NO HERO & SUPERGOD. In a way I’m being “glib”, but nonetheless let’s ask ourselves in 2011 and Forward…”what is Superman’s metaphor?”. Or “Wonder Woman”? What human frailty & quality is being told in the indestructible blue suit & S-Shield icon or the Golden Lasso, Bulletproof Bangles & Boots?
DC doing a restart seems overbearing in a way nonetheless I’m lately saying the most enjoyable DC Superheroes are in the Animated releases (and live action is finally catching up to animation. I mean did you see THOR? Good stuff…)

We need our characters to have lives and breathing room to tell stories with their own characters. Green Lantern sorely needs back its Cowgirl or Radu, The Flash needs his Chester R. Runk or the McGees to generate stories off of and between. Wonder Woman sorely needs a best friend like Etta. What girl you know doesn’t cry on her best friend’s shoulder?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog! Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
June 8, 2011

The Weather Betrays the Conditions.
The Cup Finals are On.
In Town, In Fact,

This is a great night for hockey.
A Great Night to Wear Black & Gold.

Tonight’s Game 4 unavailable on my television’s cable package.
NBC is a Grown-Up Network.
NHL is a Grown-Up Sport.
Let The People Watch…

I’m letting the wrongness set in on this.
Unable to watch the Championship. I mean Ch. 56 couldn’t pick it up for local adverts?
I got the cheap cable…it’s the only reason I don’t have the VERSUS Network.

I use Ivory Soap.

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Monday, June 06, 2011

A lot of fair-weather hockey fans out there right now... and that's no pun - WTF is with hockey in June. Cannot compute...

Make way for B's fans!

May the puck smoke for the B's this week

Sunday, June 05, 2011

2. Income Tax, et al
Let's change the whole thing.
On a Federal, State and Local Level.
Why Not? Make it easier in this less than 100 year old way for doing taxes in the USA.
They take it, what can't they figure it out. I honestly have no frakkin control over it.

This stupid thought came to me in a Delusion of Grandeur.

As Mayor, I would make Boston a Gun-Free City.
I'd City-Sanction the Fenway Gun-Awareness Sign overlooking the Mass Pike.
Like back in the Old West...No Guns Within The City Limits.
I'm such a naive lamb skipping its way to the butcher's block, aren't I fellas?
Then as we did with Cigarette Smoking in Restaurants & Public Places, on a Municipal Level Commonwealth-wide in Majority can we get Guns Put Down in Massachusetts but iDigress...

101 Things That SHould Not Exist!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog! Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
June 4, 2011

Thrashers Fly the Coop, Winnipeg gets back their Jets
aka: Game 2 Right Around the Corner

By the time I’m done with tonight’s PUCK, I figger it’ll be time for Face-Off.
What a great time to be Tawkin’ a lil Hawkey.
Let me be the first to hopefully tell you about something kinda cool.
The Atlanta Thrashers Hockey Club was purchased by a Canadian interest and is moving.
To Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA. “Love that Muddy Water…” Oh Winnipeg you’re Their Home.
There is no official word on what the name of the moved team will be but I’m voting for the Jets.
News Source:

The Winnipeg Jets moved to Arizona in 1995 to be renamed the Phoenix Coyotes.
Here’s to second chances.
Now let’s call them…”the Canadian Seven!”…now there are 7 out of 30 NHL teams from Canada. This is the 2nd time Atlanta lost an NHL franchise. Before Cable TV in the Way-Dark…The old Atlanta Flames moved Wickid North to Calgary, Alberta CANADA.
The GodSpell! The Good News! Hallelujah!
The NHL needs its Canadian Hockey Clubs. Who needs hockey in Hot’Lanta? Exactly!
But Who needs Hockey in Winnipeg? Huzzah! Dharma in the World!
Will Winnipeg call their new team the Jets? I can only hope…

Game 2 Countdown
It’s impossible for me to stress right now. I’m sick. As some of you know I planned a TACO ZERO night for the Boys with Game 2…and I woke up with an awful chest cold & sore throat. As of this hour before the game I’d like to say thanks for your understanding. I’m still coughing up ectoplasm and stinking like Vicks VaporRub in my pyjamas.
I really want to be wearing the Original Six sweater I got at the Hockey Hall of Fame on this brisk June evening but I don’t want it to stink of mentholated expectorant jelly. In celebration as well for a bottle of homebrew, the Imperial Stout EXPLODED in the closet. My shirts were okay thanks be the All-Tailor, on the bar under the sheft where the bottle turned into an HighSchool Volcano experiment. It must have been SO hawt and Muggy in the closet, the Stout had nowhere to go but “out”. I defined it as finding one of my Shogun Warriors pulled a Kurt Cobain from the blast pattern.

Shogun Warrior’s MAZINGA 1979…it was 2 feet tall and I was 6-to-7 years old and only head & shoulders taller than my favorite toy.

This one’s For Pete’s Sake! Dragun!!!
Source Photo:

Well…I’m off to couch on the cough. No beer. Sigh. No bros. No Taco Zero.
Perhaps the Bruins could cheer me up with a no-holds barred win, eh?

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…
The Comics Gnome POOTS! the Quantum Leap from Wristwatch Winding to An Atmos-Clock

Since I am a GREEN LANTERN fan...
should I at least try it?

Welcome to the Novus Ordo Seclorum: the DCNu.

GREEN LANTERN #1, coming September 2011 written by Geoff Johns.
This is actually a provocative cover. pretty "brave & bold" for the issue #1 following with the movie release

Also the Green Lantern Family of Titles.
Altogether 4 Different Lantern Corps Titles shining Light in different corners of the DCNu Cosmos.
The one that seems to have the most potentiality sight unseen is Peter Milligan's RED LANTERNS. The idea alone is worth checking out. The Red Lanterns aren't bad guys...but they use Rage to bring their sense of Justice.

Something I'll keep an eye on it but I'm not "burning" for it.

There was a recent episode of CN's BATMAN: The BRAVE & THE BOLD that used Firestorm in a similar fashion nonetheless kept the original look with its modern twist. Pre-judging Fury of Firestorm #1 against B:B&TB's rendition, I was more impressed with the cartoon's take on Firestorm.
The DCNu version looks more like Earth-3 Ronald McDonald but iDigress..."EAT THE SAD MEAL! EAT THE SAD MEAL!!!"...jeez, where did that come from?

Image Source:

CN's Batman: The Brave & The Bold has the "right idea'. great representation of all the beloved old characters without the baggage of Continuity or dread of change...just the joy of re-discovery.

B:B&TB "A Bat Divided". This and other DCAU (DC Animated Universe, shared or unshared stories) do a great job with the uniforms of the heroes & villains. It's not just about Action Figures...or I'd have every single REVERSE-FLASH on a tall wall shelf, appearing to be chasing after the other...

There will be a SUPERMAN title written by Grant Morrison. I am "on the Hook" for this...why not? Grant's great.
Although I have no word if my favorite BATMAN funnybooks will be continued to be penned by Grant Himself. Will there be Closure to 5+ years of Morrison's BATMAN story?... In the wake of these Events I call "Winding Julie's Wristwatch" (a meandering 2005 OCHO MindFart dealing with the Ontological Dialectics of Temporal Mechanics in the FunnyBook Properties, especially the DC Multi/Universe which has experienced more Change than a Slot Machine from 2004's Identity Crisis to 2005-'06's Infinite Crisis to 2008's Final Crisis and to 2009-'10's Blackest Night -eo's ;P).

The best superhero stories ironically enough are not in funnyboks anymore.
And Wristwatches got replaced by your Mobile Device (which you can now get fresh funnybooks weekly from the DCNu starting August 31, 2011).

as always in funnybooks, kriya shakti...