Saturday, April 30, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Learning To Fly Edition!

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

I am “That Guy”.
I am the blissful yet silly-looking individual in the superhero tee shirt, bopping down the sidewalk, plugged into a little Orange iPod and playing Air Guitar.
Sunglasses, Bag O’Life and a big shit-eating grin. That’s Me.
Yes…Playing Air Guitar. And using the back of my iPod’s hardcase as an imaginary fretboard.
But Dig This: The Method in My Madness…I’m actually using the iPod to gain Muscle Memory in my Right Hand as I Air Guitar lefty. And it’s helped. I was doing it for months before I bought a Lefty Guitar. The Real Thing is a Hell of a Lot more difficult nonetheless it’s advantageous knowing where to place your thumb & index finger, then your other three fingers in clusters that mimic actual chord shapes.
I hear there’s an App for this as well. If I used the iPhone or iPod Touch that is. ^_~

One of my Homework lessons from my Guitar Teacher was to make a playlist of songs I want to play. 10 or 20 songs…I’ve trimmed it down from 47 songs that populate a new On-The-Go Playlist to 22.
Some Dylan, Stones, Floyd, Zeppelin & Bowie.
A Little Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac, White Stripes & Bruce Springsteen.
Soundgarden via Johnny Fucking Cash.
Uno pocito de Pedro Infante, Joao Gilberto y Los Lobos.

I’m about to go out to the backyard on this nice Spring Saturday AM and practice “pickin’” as it’s known.
The first song I intend to play smoothly is an Irish tune or three.
But I’m more worried about picking right and striking chords well than playing Bad Covers.
A Little Grounded balance to the Air Guitar, eh?

Using my iPod to learn how to play Guitar.
Once again, my most successful personal learning tool.

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode
The Comics Gnome POOTS...
The Kriya Shakti of FunnyBooks, aka Lighting My Way Through A Blazing Hell

Contains Spoiler Image of BRIGHTEST DAY #24! Be Warned!

Having a daily mantra is a wonderful thing.
I believe in "what I believe" SOOOOO much I've found the Power to Focus my Space/Time into Two Magic Words.
Four "Sacred" Syllables.
Kriya Shakti. Finally spelled correctly on OCHO with the Wiki Link.
And if it's on Wikipedia then You Know It Exists...but iDigress. ^_~

The "Magic" of your mantra is this. Mantra becomes woven into the fabric of your life.
Perhaps to use a FunnyBook Metaphor, say you are the character in the pencilled panel...
The way the pencilled panel is inked is what brings substance into the thin image. To finish the metaphor, your Mantra becomes the Inking Pen or Brush.
Your Choice-Making Ability is the Pencil That Draws Your Life.
So having & using a Good Mantra* is like passing your pages off to Art Thibert or Klaus Janson.

So may I ask you a Personal Question, dear OCHO?
Do You Believe In Magic?

Guess Who's Coming back to the Dinner Table in the DC Universe?

Now we have to concede to FunnyBook Magic.
For now we have Two John Constantines
At the End of the Superhero Continuity FunnyBook BRIGHTEST DAY #24, the story concludes re-introducing a version of Constantine back into the Earth-Zero DC Universe, a much younger version than over at DC VERTIGO where HELLBLAZER is still the longest-running title of the macabre mature imprint (277 issues and counting!).
As a comics geek I can chapter/verse you that the last time Constantine stood among the Capes in the "Continuity" was WAY back in GREEN LANTERN (vol. 3) #81 from December 1996 for Hal Jordan's funeral.

During the mid-1990s, Editorial Distance was placed between the VERTIGO properties and the DC UNIVERSE ones leaving Constantine a minefield of continuity flaws for fanboys to gnaw on. Since VERTIGO was "over there" not on Earth-1 or Post-Crisis Earth or whatever, Constantine was "over there" as well, saving the world every six months upon the conclusion of another gruesome, arcane & mystical mystery.
VERTIGO's HELLBLAZER itself is an experiment in funnybook storytelling since the protagonist was allowed to age along publication...the Sting-Inspired John Constantine has aged 25 years since SWAMP THING #51, Aug. 1986.

Using my Magic words kept me away from BRIGHTEST DAY and I feel rewarded for "Choosing Rightly".
I avoided a stack of magazines I don't think I'd read again and that would congest my CRISIS Longbox. BRIGHTEST DAY was a character-oriented year long event was to resurrect and reform certain DCU Properties and to give them relevance & purpose in 2011 & Forward. Mission Accomplished! And they did a decent to mediocre job depending on who you talk to. I have friends that really liked it too. I think the DCU Earth-Zero would be a better place with John Constantine in its shadows & gutters.
But here's my fanboy rub, in my imagination, in my DC story, Constantine has always been on New Earth, Earth-Zero or whatever the Stage has Been. I mean who do you think could have taught ZATANNA to Mindwipe, eh?
Mine's a hell of a lot cooler. heh.

See You Space Cowboy.
as always...kriya shakti,

*I thought of its opposite too. A potential Bad Mantra. 1st one comes to mind is "I F&*king hate him/her".
"What you meditate on, you become", is Dharma.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anyone familiar with the high school production of "Star Wars: the Musical" from 1996?

Those Gawd-Awful, Racka-Frashin', Lasy-Asses and...

We Won?
Oh I guess that changes everything. ^_^

Next Up...the Philadelphia Flyers. Perhaps as the Red Sox in 2004 needed...NEEDED to get to the World Series by beating the New York Yankees. The Bruins will face the team that crushed their Post-Season dreams last season.

Any Usual Negativity after the Bruins lose a few of the next 7 possible games against the Flyers can always be found here at
Boston Globe Dot Com.

Way to Go Guys!!!

A Smoking PUCK! Update
April 28, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
April 23, 2011

Off To The Pub for the Afternoon Tilt…
aka: Will I Be Awake for My Own Game?

Ahhhh…Brunch with Hockey.
A 12Noon Game 5 featuring the 5/Tampa Bay Lightning versus the 4/Pittsburgh Penguins…
I could watch the 3PM 8/NYC (patooie!) Rangers versus the 1/Washington Capitals but I think I’ll nap instead.
“B”-‘cuz the 6/Montreal Canadiens play the 3/Boston Bruins at 7PM.
All Games #5.

The Bruins tied the series 2 games to 2. Yay.
As advertised the Best Hockey on the Planet right now.
A Wet Brunch though means an afternoon nap…I’d like to see the Caps try to eliminate the Blueshirts sure. But I’d rather root for the Penguins who are down their All-Stars take out the Tampa Bay Lightning. Both series are at 3 games to 1.

What else is there to say besides where the Frak is Mario and why doesn’t he get stinko with the Boys over a Playoff game? Just fooling. He can do whatever pleases him.
I’m down for enjoying the game tonight. Who’s up for it? Hopefully I’ll be “up for it” past my bedtime. ;P

Lace ‘em up.
Tie one on!

(ed note: 4/24/2011-eo's, I did stay awake through a thrilling but scoreless two periods whence I finally fell under the sway of sleep...the Bruins won in 2OT 2-1, playing close to 30 extra minutes!...now I know I woulda fell asleep later on!!)

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…
The Comics Gnome POOTS!...
One Taken, One Left Behind

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #59, new this week.
This was left behind. I picked it up off the shelf, fresh from the New Release Shelf. I put it back.
I also wonder why Indigo Lantern John Stewart is drawn like Meat Loaf from the 1999 film "Fight Club". Bob had Bitch Tits, remember?
It's been a year since I purchased any GREEN LANTERN. I read the review for this week's brand new GREEN LANTERN #65 and iBelieve #54 is where I "got off the boat". The review revealed what my gut feeling to all this was: what's the point of it all? Action Figures???
I'm not Anti-Green Lantern...I'm just of the opinion UberScribe Geoff Johns is "phoning this stuff in".
After more than a decade of great funnybooks there are bound to be a few misses, wouldn't you say?

XOMBI #1 by John Rozum with art by Fraser Irving.
I found it. After looking in Four Different Funnybook Bodegas.
Impulsively, I hopped off the Bus, the #85 that ate my iPod Classic "motherboxxx!" but iDigress!!! at a newer & little Funnybook Bodega in my old neighborhood Union Square, Somerville.
The Hub. I'm blessed to have so many funnybook bodegas around. I'm still searching for March 2011's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #655 & BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #4 (OF 6) in the recent release shelves & backbins, respectively.
I've been on a XOMBI #1 hunt since its March 2011 release. XOMBI originally was a 90's DC MILESTONE comic that ran for 21 issues, touted as Milestone's "Vertigo" title.
Is this a Continuity Superhero Funnybook? I don't know and I don't care. It's a Vol. 2, Issue #1 that does its job effectively.
Catches you up quick, gets you interested and not bogged down by previous events, only expository language. No wasted panels.
Speaking of...I haven't even spoken yet of the reason I was hunting this down.
Fraser Irving. The Artist. Does his own pencils, inking & coloring. Frequent battery partner with Grant Morrison for DC Comics with SEVEN SOLDIERS: KLARION THE WITCH BOY and 2010's BATMAN & ROBIN and Issue #2 of BATMAN: Return of Bruce Wayne.

KLARION THE WITCH BOY, art by Fraser Irving.
There's something of a cross between Edward Gorey & Bill Plympton in Irving's artwork.
It's simply stellar and worth the $2.99 and the Hunt. The story is witty & funny. The dialog sparkles and the action is dark, moody & macabre. Another Fine Chemical Wedding of Writer & Artist in Funnybooks.

kriya shakti,
Happy Easter!

It's Easter Saturday...Jesus' Day in Hell.

My Auntie Jo-Jo every Easter when I was a kid would get me Peeps, the yellow, bird-shaped marshmallow candies.
I'd eat them head first.
one of my best friends, OCHO's very own JRBarnes loves Peeps. He claims he hates sugar...years past I'd offer to share whatever candy I was eating and he'd always say, "C'mon Eric, you know I don't eat sugar & candy".
Nonetheless, the man loves Peeps. And not just Peeps...but Year-Old Stale Peeps.

So when I saw this, I thought it was the coolest thing and created by my friend, the amazing pastry chef Meghan McGarry.
She loves all things Pink. What a girly girl and thank you God for all for girls...^_~
Meg's a trained pastry chef from NYC's French Culinary Institute and I watched her for a few years when we worked together at a trendy Cambridge bistro.

So I had to share this with JRBarnes whose little girl is another Pink Obsessed Girly-Girl...
and to my Auntie Jo-Jo too.
may I introduce you to Glamour Peeps!
(yes the glitter is edible...the product is called Disco Dust)

Simply Ab-Fab, Dahhling. Huzzah!

kriya shakti,

Friday, April 22, 2011

3. The Gay Lisp in Broadcast Newreading and Other Aural Agitators over American Airwaves.
I just think...well. You Gotta hear it to Believe It.
I got a gay aunt. She don't lisp...she just looks like my handsome brother but iDigress...
Nonetheless...it totally irks me. To hear the Gay Lisp in Newsreading.
I listen to a lot of WBUR 90.9FM Boston...National Public Radio.
But I say this...Newsreading should be Neutral. For All of Us.
I listen to a lot of BBC World Report on this NPR station...I hear a multitude of different newsreader accents from Irish to Indian to African but all in a standard spoken diction of the English language.

Doctor Hooey pish-poshed me as he does, my Devil's Advocate looking for the holes in my arguments*. Hooey sez, "their mouths could be too close to the microphone". Sure. I hear that all the time too but I'm talking the Gay Lisp.
I mean it's one thing to hear a distended "S" out of your waiter...

Apparently, I have an ageist attitude too. The Diane Rehm Show is an excellent source of information. Nonetheless Herself sounds like a craggily old lady when she speaks...and that's the vehicle of talk radio! Is this awful or what? In 1998, Diane Rehm was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia and came back! She is 75 years old and selfishly I hope I'm still doing what I love at that age too...
And another thing...WBUR has this newsreader in the early AM. I should not even mention names but I will say that this newsreader stumbles through pert-near every broadcast with a thick-lipped & gleeking delivery. In fact the only lines s/he read's correctly is their name!, "I'm **** *******". If this person's delivery is contingent upon physical or cultural boundaries...does that make me bad for thinking WTF every time I hear them???

* It's hard to condense entire meaningful conversations into potentially one funny & charming glib statement.
Hopefully, the sentence encapsulates his wisdom tempering my reckless wit. ;P

101 Things That Should Not Exist!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fire is materialised time.
— Hegel (via rossignol)

Random Quote from Warren Ellis Dot Com.

if he didn't write it...he disseminated it.

ps...I Believe This To Be True! So Interesting. Fire as Time. Wow...
Chew On That, Puppies but iDigress...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I started writing an "iRawk" about my 1st Guitar lesson.
But I said "Frak It".

There's nothing to say but!...."Practice!"

kriya shakti,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Strange Syzygies at Six AM...
the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War was last week.
Today is the celebration of the "Shot Heard 'Round The World"...Patriots Day. A Day Off for Massachusetts.

and tonight Game 3 of the Bruins/Canadiens series in Montreal to-nite.
And the Bruins are down 2 games to 0. Yikes!
Who wanted this? Nobody I tell you (outside of Province Quebec that is...)

Go ahead...you press it. I won't. Not even tempted. "Resist the Urge".

Professional athletes are really a different type of person. They possess discipline, drive and a sense of competition.
These are intrinsic qualities I seem to lack I guess. Certainly We All possess these traits nonetheless The Athlete makes Best Use of their Creator Endowed Unalienable Rights.
Peter, OCHO's very own Dr. Hooey ran the 2004 Boston Marathon, which is run on Patriots Day. He finished a smidge over 4:20 for those Tuned In, funnily enough. To Paraphrase his greatest observation of Athletics: Peter compared it to slamming the Earth against your body, repeatedly. That and the urge to pee will recirculate back into your body...
I'm not very athletic at all. Sure I intend athletics to gain what the Japanese refer to as "Genki", good vital health. Although I never seem to access my Drive to Discipline. As someone who advises Meditation, I'm awful at disciplining a Space/Time for it...well I am shaping that so it's good to know its always possible. Meditation quite literally is all about Will Power but iDigress...I should shut up and just do it.
But other athletic things...sheesh. I'm not Sporty I guess. And I love playing Hockey too but then again....no drive*.
*IronyAlert: I don't have a car to get to the rink 3 times a week! ;P

I guess what I'm getting at...
I guess what I'm trying to say is...
I'm Not a Professional Athlete. Not Even Close.
I'm one of many in a Body of Fandom that Possess These Qualities.
So who the Frak Are We to Panic or Admonish?

The Smoking PUCK!
April 18, 2011
Playoff Extra

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Morning Kiwi!
I'm off to Posty's to watch SMALLVILLE THE FINAL SEASON on the digital recorder eejit box.
And make omelets. Happy Sunday Break'est!

I am learning Guitar all over again from the beginning...
Ask Meathead about my baseball swing. He's the ONLY person I think gets this so far.
I switched from Righty to Lefty in Wiffle Ball & Batting Cages and I'm having a lot more fun now that I can hit the ball.
I plan on using this for golf as well once I can get out there I think I'll take a swing with lefty clubs...here's a hint: that's already my hockey shot and has been from having a tadpole tail but iDigress...
So for the past two days, I've been watching this on YouTube: Peter Vogl's awesome and FREE Beginner's Guitar!
And all the other Peter Vogl vids I can get my "hands" on.
Included in my purchase of this guitar, I was offered & accepted 1 Months Worth of Lessons. So every Monday, starting this week and the rest of the month...I'll be getting a formal lesson. Posture, fingering, hand, sitting...there are a lot of different things. I don't wanna slouch either! If Slouching was an Olympic Event I'd win Gold Everytime...USA! USA! USA!!!
Nonetheless, this YouTube Video from Peter Vogl taught me "The 4 Fret Spread" & Proper Thumb Placement. Never knew that. Scales, barre chords, open chords...I just want to season my hand on my guitar.

I love my new guitar. And it is a New Guitar. Brand Spanking New. It's the closest thing I've ever bought to a New Car.
New smell, new feel, new handling, flawless finish, shiny.
Remember: when your fingers start to hurt, play for another hour! cheers!
It's been a while and I can see I have a lot to catch up on...
Are you playing guitar again??? Glad to see it if you are :)
AT-AT for America To Build Full-Scale Imperial Walker!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
April 16, 2011

/Defeat is NOT an Option!
aka: Sometimes They Show Up, Sometimes They Don’t (But We Always Show Up!)

Poor Charlie Sheen…his Violent Torpedo of Truth is a Depth Charge & a dud, continuing his steady sink to Davey Jones Locker.
Remember, thankfully: The Bruins Are Not Charlie Sheen.
Because sometimes the Bruins show up…and sometimes they don’t. And we don’t know really “why” either. It just happens.
Sometimes “not showing up” is for minutes at end, periods at length and games a-span.
I’ve gone to so many games. Seen a google more on television.
And I can tell you…so can Matt, Mario & Meathead and anyone else who could be a Gallery Gawd, “Sometimes They Show Up, Sometimes They Don’t”.

The Bruins “not showing up” to Game 1 of the First Round in the Eastern Playoffs doesn’t surprise me either. I’m kinda relieved. At least we’re getting it out of the way now. Losing a 2-0 shutout in Game 1 on Home Ice hurts featuring 31 Bruins shots on net. Les Habiants de Montreal have got their "merde" together. I listened to this game on the radio. I love the local Bruins radio play. Dave Goucher & Bob Beers...informative, engaging, exciting! Les Habs have a deep playoff-ready team. They're built for this. The Bruins are as well but the question is, "will they show up?"

Tonight, Game 2. Defeat is not an Option. I’m steeped in local sport cultures & newspaper writers…they love to panic. I was watching the Coyotes/Red Wings game at the Pub much earlier this afternoon to nosh the drowsies away with a Bloody Mary and a Bible-Sized Rueben sammich. I got to see about two periods of play on NBC; the Wings went up 4-1 in the 2nd period. The ‘Yotes brought it back 4-3 although the Wings took the game going up 2 games to 0.
Tonight is one of those Rally Nites. Extra Emotional. I mean who wants to go into Montreal down 2-0? No one really. Defeat is not an option. If only Charlie Sheen could hear my “Kriya Shakti”.
I know the Bruins at least will give their organized all…not a neurotic, toxic rant.
The Sharks and the LA Kings play at 10PM EDT. The Second Season is Here.

Just an FYI, Tim Thomas is sure to win the Best Goalie Award this year. Astounding! Bravo! I dub thee, Yogi Bear!. Hey Booboo!

My Violent Torpedo of Truth to the Bruins is this:
Transcend your nature…this ability to Not Show Up To Work. And All will be Well.

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Washburn D10S Left Handed Acoustic Guitar
The D10S Acoustic Guitar is superbly crafted with a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides for exceptional tone. A mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard make fretwork a breeze, while chrome Grover-style machines keep you perfectly tuned. The D10S also comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

for $299 including one month of lesson.

Yes...it is a Lefty. Her name is Keef Richards.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

on my daily spiritual readings

At 5:18AM, Monday through Friday on any given work weekday I step onto the first Red Line subway train arriving at Davis Square.
By 5:30AM, I've exited at Kendall Square and walk towards the Stress & Genius Factory.
During these 12 minutes of Mass Bay Rapid Transit, I can be found reading the Bhagavad Gita.
Sometimes in the area of Space/Time equalling Ten Western Minutes on the Atomic Clock, I find nuggets of gold in the river of the Gita. And I write Crib Notes in the blank pages at the end of the book sometimes.
I tag it with my sigil ";P", the Chapter/Verse and date.
I started around my birthday last year. I'd already been reading the Gita everyday months before hand and as any newbie we just dive into our Things.
So bear with me. I'm in Thrall in the Word of the Lord. And it's not for Christ's Sake either.
Krishna is apparently my Driver.
Each line taken alone sound as the Chinese Food Fortune Cookie so take it as that if you can with my commentary track running under it.
Thanks & Kriya Shakti. this Book is my Rudder...may you find something for your ship as important.

18:53, 11/13/2010
makes me feel as though I JUST began this journey....I am SO FAR AWAY from this ideal yet...

2:31, 11/18/2010
Personal translation paraphrase:
"There is no Higher Good for a CHEF than a righteous SERVICE"

3:14, 11/22/2010
"From Food Springs All Life..."
No better words for a Cook.

6:6, 11/25/2010
'Nuff Said! ;P

12:10, 12/8/2010
Love All, Serve All ;P

12:10-20, 12/9/2010
I awoke with a heart filled with old pain again. This passage soothed that old pain in a new way with a re-read & reflection.

2:65, 1/13/2011
Our Focus Determines Our Reality.

4:17, 1/21/2011
On Karma. American White People...finally the truth about Karma Revealed partially.
On Karma, its differences and flavors. Karma, Akarma, Vikarma, et al. Some RTFM I hope you endure...

8:7, 1/31/2011
'Nuff Said!...Fight On! Or for myself, "Cook On!"...or for Yourself "Work On!" Just Do It! (and I don't even wear Nike anymore...)

16:2, 2/14/2011
"Aversion to Slander..." I must work diligently on this one still.

3:21, 3/2/2011
Lead By Example.

3:30, 3/1/2011
UP!!! Man up, shut ip, step up...get up & fight! or cook! or work!

3:34, 3/2/2011
"the lord" asks us not to be fickle! Nature Just Is. Matra has Wu-Wei. Nonetheless a person can Transcend These Gunas...

3:36-40, 3/2/2011
Hidden Behind Anger is Wisdom.

5:20, 3/8/2011
Is this why I STILL stress out? Am I insecure & deluded? Or do I possess Free Will...

7:17, 3/11/2011
So "the lord" loves me best? But "Tat Tvam Asi"...therefore "the lord" loves YOU best!

11:32, 3/15/2011
While reading this I recognized it. J. Robert Oppenheimer at Los Alamos, NV, 1945.

14:21 & 22, 3/18/2011
The SECRET! HUZZAH! UP!!! (pan, man, own, cowboy, wake...)

18:48, 3/31/2011
If you go to work, and you have that work to do...just do it.

2:49, 4/4/2011
"Take Refuge in an Attitude of Detachment..."
Attachment brings suffering.

3:24, 4/8/2011
"the lord" always shows up at work, to work. Why not follow this example?

The Tao of Sully
The Comics Gnome POOTS Out...
Olde-Fashioned Comics Tawk

I was yesterday in Davis Square, brunching the AM away with good company.
After the table went their separate ways post-check, I found myself passing the FunnyBook Bodega with armed with a Yuppie Food Stamp and Intent to Purchase a few Serials!
When upon the doorstep I see an old friend. Richard, from back in the Hard Rock Daze. I bump into Rich over & over again over the years; as if we're comets in a mutual gravity well. He too is a chef and a rabid comics fan. I knew one day I'd bump into himself at the Davis Square Funnybook Bodega since he fabricates the stores signs.

It's always good to see Rich and it was a great chance to talk funnybooks with himself & the store manager, Mike. We're all about the same age and our tastes are very varied, nonetheless we all like the Superheroes of the Big Two. Talking about which titles we're picking up and putting down.
Rich asked to see my stack. I only had three. Although it did represent the zenith of my taste.
Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis. Unfortunately Mike was sold out of the 4 other magazines I wanted, which in a way is good: I can find them elsewhere therefore speading the O'Sullivan Wealth & that means they're good & popular being "Sold-Out".
The past three issues of the scribe Dan Slott's bi-weekly AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and DC/VERTIGO's XOMBI #1 with art by the talented Frazier Irving, who inks & colors his own pencils...Great Stuff, get anything with his name on it!!!

BATMAN INC. #3, March 2011 (better late than never!)

BATMAN, INC. #4, April 2011.

and finally in my Short Stack...


Apparently Rich is thinking about giving up on GREEN LANTERN as well but was tuned into & enjoying DC's BRIGHTEST DAY, both which fell off my RADAR about the same time ONE YEAR AGO!
We discussed the finer & lesser points of FINAL CRISIS. About which DC DIRECT DVDs are tops! And that list gets longer with every recommendation!
The three of us actually we're exchanging titles & tastes for a good 20 minutes.
The Quintessential FunnyBook Bodega Moment. So What if I didn't get everything I was looking for, I got everything I wanted including more great conversation with an old friend. What more could you want going into you Local Comics Book Store, eh?

kriya shakti,

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
April 9, 2011

3rd Overall Makes The Playoffs Nigh!
aka: A Spiritual Torpedo of Hockey…

-Charlie Sheen.

There…I’ve done what the rest of the IntrePoop does besides those Other Things the Rest Does on the IntrePoop…
Nonetheless ask Meathead…We’ve Always Liked Charlie Sheen. But iDigress…

But Wild Thing is Right. Winning Works. It’s as if Charlie put his own, succinct spin paraphrasing his own work. In Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, Michael Douglas’ Gordon Gekko elucidated the 80’s Mantra of ”Greed is Good”.
Charlie improved this for the 21st Century. Embracing Winning, we can either include of exclude greed in a Positive Way. Remember Charlie portrayed Gekko’s student in Wall Street.

Meanwhile On Causeway Street…
I’m happy I don’t pay attention to the Red Sox until Hockey Season is Over.
Instead of watching yesterday’s home opener, I watched the 2005 Fever Pitch about local Red Stockings of Beantown Faire.
Yet at 1PM this afternoon, the Bruins have their Home Closer. And finish the Regular Season tomorrow ironically at Exit 16W.
Chew On That and Figure Out the Hypermagic in My Sigil Word! Huzzah! "winning!"

The 3rd Seed is the Bruins Place in the Playoffs.
Know This: in 4th place are the battle-damaged Pittsburgh Penguins entering the 2nd Season like a blaster-pocked Millennium Falcon into a Rebel hangar bay, still smoking from the dogfight. The Pens end with more season points than the Boston Bruins!!! Not bad for a Steel City team down 4+ Starting Players.

Only the 8-Spot in the East remains open to either the Hurricanes or the NYC (Patooie!) Rangers. For whom do you think I’m rooting?

Two Games left over the Weekend. Twin Matinees. When will I get drunk with Mario over a Bruins Game so I can feel good enough to start my Fast In Earnest!!! "winning!"
All this & more, next time on…

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Sunday, April 03, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod!
Off The Beaten Pod Edition

This was a present from Peter, OCHO's very own Doctor Hooey. For my Birthday. He got the DVD made-to-order at the Warner Bros website, which in itself as an idea is "WOW!" but iDigress...
This is a really great 2-hour long music movie. All bands, filmed in 1980, released in 1982.
I was 10-12 years old, waist-deep in the New Wave. I first saw it on cable's USA Network's Night Flight staying over friends houses on the weekends, wickid late into the AM on Friday Nights.
The movie clocks in at 122 minutes and is called
Urgh! A Music War.

So instead of spinning the usual shuffle while cleaning & folding laundry...
I took a Way-Back Machine to the Birth of New Cool, circa 1980.
so to speak.

This is Oingo Boingo. This lead singer you may have heard about. 4X Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman, the usual musical compliment to director Tim Burton?

So sometimes a concert DVD is a lot like spinning an old album on the turntable in this Age of the iPod...
Urgh! A Music War still a great music experience. About the bands whose energy, style & culture fueled the MTV Video Age. Come and check it out.

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully

Just the Short list cut from the Track List...then there is the legion of bands I cut from the list, all a "one-der" to behold, new Wave at the crest of it's Curl! The surfers are finding their place in the Tube...
Opening credits
The Police – "Driven to Tears"
Wall of Voodoo – "Back in Flesh"
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – "Enola Gay"
Oingo Boingo – "Ain’t This the Life"
Echo & the Bunnymen – "The Puppet"
Jools Holland – "Foolish I Know"
XTC – "Respectable Street"
Klaus Nomi – "Total Eclipse"
The Go-Go's – "We Got the Beat"
Dead Kennedys – "Bleed for Me"
Gary Numan – "Down in the Park"
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – "Bad Reputation"
The Cramps – "Tear It Up"
Devo – "Uncontrollable Urge"
999 – "Homicide"
UB40 – "Madame Medusa"
The Police – "Roxanne"
The Police – "So Lonely"
Sleeping In...

For me, sleeping in on a Sunday Morn is 6AM...well that is predicated on if I was a "Good Boy" the Night Before but iDigress...
I'll be done with my chores, cleaning & laundry by 9AM.
Right in time for Sopranos on A&E. Or This Week on ABC.
or Meet The Press on NBC @10:30AM realistically ^_^
Spring Cleaning Has Begun. The Dust Bunnies Will be Culled!
Carpe Diem Dammit!!!

kriya shakti,


Would you believe This Is What I Believe...but iDigress...

(bumped up because this is a funny funnystrip!...created by a local "Summa-Villain" to boot!!!)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Smoking PUCK! Update...

A Day of Cheer!

The Bruins victors 3-2 against the Atlanta Thrashers this Afternoon...a Bruins Short-Handed Goal and a Penalty Shot!?!
Boston win the Northeast Division Title Dramatically in the matinee!

Congrats to Seventh Player Brad Marchand!
I'm finding the more I seek Enlightenment, the more I sound like a complete Eejit...especially in Conflicts.
Matra is Fabricated out of Love....Chew On That a While, Matey...

I think I reined in my fast though...starting Monday until Easter just for start. Well...Sunday could included Brunch! And what are you...a Bloody Mary* person or a Mimosa Person? But iDigress...
(*I like Bloody Marys)
I was an April Fool alright, thinking I could pull that off "just like that". With being attached to things and all.
When I did this last, I did the same thing. I did it during the holy month of Ramadan and the focus was on cigarette smoking. I found it successful. Although I planned it better with about a week's worth of "revving up".
Nonetheless I have an "unGoal"...Not even a motivation.
I'm figuring the Body is revolting against Spirit...and in a sense of Ahimsa, Spirit offers "Non-Compliance".
Another person would call this "an excuse". ^_~ Meathead might. Just by Sheer Definition.
I haven't seen Mario since he's gotten home from Iraq last month past. I'd like to get drunk with him if the Saturday Night allowed.
It's the Weekend, dammit.

The unGoal though would just be "better". Sometimes we need to "fast".
This is about discipline. Willpower. There is a Tao here to walk for several weeks to clear the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection.
The Most Important Relationship You Have Is The One With Yourself.

kriya shakti,

Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm totally going Opening Night. in 3-D.
I've seen every trailer.
I've already got the Happy Meal toy (through the Black Market McDonald's!).
It's Simply Time

well...I think it's time to break the news to you all but I'm shutting OCHO down for good.
it's been a good 8 years but I think now is the time to achieve one of my life's dreams and to go to a monastery.
Continue if you'd like but it's time for me to stop.