Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS...a Web of Good Funnybooks!

Symmetry is Not Funny.
Symmetry Just Is.

I've really stopped buying DC Comics.

Nonetheless...I've bought 7 consecutive new releases of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

I'm so pleased. Issue by issue, I judge ASM and the proof is in the pudding's taste.
This is a good way to judge buying funnybooks 'lest you end up with a title containing under 70 issues & with a stack of unread magazines taking up useful space...
After so many "wickid serious" Spider-Man Terra Firma things...we finally have a little real-life levity mixed in the story.
This is a compliment: this is a comic which kinda knows its in a comic without winking at the 4th Wall.
Does That Make Sense.

The Writer is Dan Slott.
Stefano Caselli is not doing fill-in pencilling. He's doing the other arcs that Ramos does NOT do. Caselli's pretty dern good. The Comics Gnome advises your reading. The last page of ASM #654 is just heart-felt and great use of "shadows & light" if you can believe it. (and to be FanBoy Anal-Retentive not ASM #654.1, the MARVEL ".Point One" New Reader Jumping-On Spot Campaign but iDigress...nonetheless I still need to get this issue which is different than it's "Pointless" predecessor).

Know This...

Humberto Ramos...perhaps my All-Time Personal Fave SPIDEY penciller.

It needed more than Ramos. It needed a good writer. And I love the feel-good nature to ASM. Jaunty, yet tension. Dan Slott spins a good web.

crea shakti,

Monday, February 21, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Hail to the Disc Edition!

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

Happy President’s Day!
A Day Off!

What I am doing today on this day off?
I am going go through all my old Compact Discs…
And Give Them Away.

Is this a wise choice?
Well…I dunno. I’ve been wrong before, I’ll be wrong again…I could be wrong now.

Bring them down to Salvation Army and that’s that.
(Why not bring them to the second hand store to sell?)
Sure…that’s a choice.
Is it the Right Choice? Is it the Crea Shakti of my Space/Time?
Maybe Not.

This idea started last week. When a cool workmate from a different kitchen loaned me a Heavy Metal compact disc. Black Sabbath: The Dio Years. Yes…Metal Still Rules. ^_~ here’s to denim jackets with band patches & pins!!! Huzzah!
Months Ago, I moved an old, dust sponge, heavy box of compact discs from under my bed to the closet…I couldn’t help but notice a road map of dates in black Sharpie “EO’S CDS 3/05 or 4/07”.
Since I went iPod & Digital…this is just a drag. I’m quite literally dragging this around with me.
So as a “Thank You”…I gave him a small stack of Rock & Roll CDs that I’m just tired of holding onto. They fit in my pocket now & lighter than a can of Miller Lite.
Jimi Hendrix Experience, Are You Experienced. Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here. The Beatles, White Album. Def Leppard, High ‘n Dry. Motley Crue, Decade of Decadence. KISS’ Dynasty, the Elder and Smashes, Thrashes & Hits, which was perhaps the 2nd CD I ever purchased so I hope it doesn’t skip like a little girl but iDigress…
Just to name a few. I saw the boombox he had in his kitchen and thought, “my bro here could use a stack of music to bump at 5AM when he’s here alone making catering…”
Then it got me thinking about the rest of the Big Box of Compact Discs.
And what to do with something you have no use for anymore.

I think I got my first CD Player in 1987 for my 15th birthday. Compacts Disc players at this time we just becoming the industry standard medium for music with Compact Cassettes & Vinyl Phonograph Albums being the Former Norm.
I’m kinda like Mott the Hoople’s “little brother”…the first CD I ever got was the Beatles “Abbey Road” as a gift with the player.
And “Hot Rocks” by the Rolling Stones was the first CD I ever bought shortly thereafter.
Those Two are still in the Box. Well…I gave Hot Rocks to the cook as well. After all these years the 2CD set has lost a disc. Meathead’s gonna be pissed off when he reads I gave away Hot Rocks and “his” Def Leppard CD. It’s got “his” initials in Sharpie on it…as when he nipped it from ME and brought it to college with HIM! ^_^ heh!

Going through CD spines in a new friend’s collection for the first time would be almost “Information By Osmosis” as you use 3 of the 5 Senses to judge, select & review.
Doing this same thing now…but the collection is no longer in a shelf on the wall but in a box in the closet. And the “stranger” or “new, old friend” is myself at an Earlier Space/Time.
An army of uncased, loose CDs and mixes from Sully Tunes to Video Game playing discs…all unplayable & scratched beyond enjoyability.
The Kids call these “Playlists” now.

Sure…I’ll keep an handful. Some things I can’t part with such as Abbey Road and Big Black.
Nonetheless, I will betcha $20 bucks though Meathead still got my copy of the Top Gun Soundtrack. Hahaha.

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
February 20, 2011

Bruins Make Changes in Trades, Injured List!
aka: Feb-BRRR-rary

Holy $#!t!
Did YOU order all this cold! A Windy Day in Beantowne Faire.
I weather-proofed the windows way back in NovemBRRR!
So tell me youze smaht guyze…why does my Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense Smoke trail right to left? This Olde House. So a breezy afternoon makes a chilled down room.
Time to get dressed in a hoodie & a hockey shirt, eh?

Let’s Get Down To It!
The NHL Trade Deadline is February 28th…
And the Bruins have been Buzy Bees.
A few Trades...But First Know This:
Marc Savard has suffered a season-ending concussion, creating an huge hole on the bench & in our hearts. Actions had to have been taken.
God Bless You, Savvy and Keep You Well & Healthy. Please take All The Time You Need to Heal.
–The Gallery Gawds.

With the Savard injury the Bruins stepped up making three deals for four players...
On Feb 15th, Chris Kelly from Ottawa for a draft pick.
Kelly is Bruins Tough and eager to join a Playoff Bound Squad. With Rookie Tyler Seguin awaiting attributes of “not-so sanguine” play from the WordCrafters on Morrissey Blvd & Marc Savard knocked off the roster for the rest'a...
Kelly steps in at the right place & right time to make a difference.

Then on Feb 18th, from the Toronto Maple Leafs comes mobile All-Star defenseman Tomas Kaberle (for Joe Colborne and 2 draft picks). Kaberle, a career-long Leaf & 13 year veteran and is a three-time All Star (’02, ’07 & ’08).

#12, Tomas Kaberle. Instant Impact.

And from the Atlanta Thrashers, Rich Peverley and Boris Valabik for Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart. Are these One-for-One Deals, swapping forwards & defensemen? Word on Peverely is that he’s tenacious in the shooting department. The Real Blake Wheeler never really showed up to work this year...I barely ever exclaimed "WHEELER DEALER!!!" like I usta...

Anymore trades in the Works? Eight Daze Remain OCHO!
News Breaks like the Wind out here on the IntrePoop…
What have these trades accomplished? Put a new spin on a great season.
The Bruins are in a season-long tug-of-war with Les Habs de Montreal for First Place in the Northeast Division, which the Bruins possess by 4 standings points, holding the current 3-Seed out of 8 in the Eastern Conference Playoff Tree.
Any night with the Local ’10-’11 Black & Gold is an experience…let’s just hope the pieces of the puzzle have come together. The Bruins now have three great defensemen (Chara, Seidenberg and now Kaberle).
The Best Goalie in the NHL. Tim Thomas. .938 Saves %, 2.02 GAA and 7 shutouts. In my Lingo…aka: The White Hat. Dig?
And a team that’s had some pieces swapped out like a Race Car.
Ready for the Home Stretch?
Only 23 games remain at the 3/4 point of the Season.

Next Stop: Second Season. Are you with it?

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…
While I know this exhibition game will likely be a bit of a farce ~ it's PRO ICE HOCKEY in NEW ZEALAND!!! BOOYA

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the Couch...

I'm totally mugged by the Flu.
As advertised it came on suddenly and left me on the couch, feverish, sweating chills, achey body & head with respiratory congestion as well.
Know how you can tell you're really ill?
when you don't wanna eat, drink beer or get romantic (either with your partner or the PC)...sure that's TMI but so is phlegm.

Yesterday, I went to work. I was already congested, feeling "It" coming on for the past two days as if a giant gorilla was sitting on my chest and bouncing! I spent a restless night, sweating and woke up cranky. I hadda put the garbage out since no one else did it so at 4:30AM I'm quite literally worked into a lather before I even start my layered, February cold-arse 25 minute walk to Davis Sq. So when I got work, it was as if my Flu chose to kick into high gear. And a chef with a Flu needs to stay at home to the chagrin of his Kitchen & Guests. Hey...it will survive, they will get by. You know that place would run fine without me.
I had to go home. My Chef wasn't thrilled but with such news, Chef's never are!
It didn't help that my workplace bully "Chucklehead Rummy" tried to start yet another Nothing Fight with me. I was sick...my ego wants to be sheepish about leaving work, especially since my bully's thinking he ran me out of the Kitchen.
And I called in sick today. When I got up at 3:30AM, I checked my temperature and was still running a fever. So I called out sick. I've spent the majority of the past two days in bed, sipping soup de jour and watching movies in my room. The "Star Wars Begins" Fan Documentaries I finished and I started MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 Season 1.

So in addition to feeling like absolute crap, I have the pleasure of thinking about work non-stop while I'm home with the Flu. My over-active mind keeps coming back to this stupid point, over and over again.

What did I do? I caught the Sun shining through the window and I meditated for about an half hour. Why not?
I got absolutely nothing else to do.
I use a Mantra or rather more simply stated I turn a Passage from a Spiritual Work into a mantra.*
I do what one of my Guru's tell me to do...I do what Shri Eknath Easwaran suggests.
Keep Repeating your mantra. Focus your intent & thoughts.
Easwaran uses the metaphor of an Elephant...its trunk will mindlessly sway and grab things. If the Mahout (the handler) tells the Elephant to hold a stick, the elephant will...and its trunk won't sway mindlessly grabbing things & such. The Mind is the Elephant and the Spirit is the Mahout.
The mantra becomes a way to stop the Endless Torrent of Thought. The thing about meditation isn't about active thinking....quite the opposite. It's about Passive Thinking.
Dharma, The Truth leaks through at these strange moments.
I asked the Sunlight I could feel through my closed eyelids as my vibrations from my previous "Om" subsides...
How Can I Put Down My Anger, Oh Lord?
The next thought was clear as day, immediate, truthful & concise...
You can put him down as soon as you stop playing with him.
That is Wisdom. Where the frak did THAT come from??? Surely not from me? Or did it...

Nothing's worse than being home with the Flu thinking about the miseries of the Office or Workplace...
But you know. I think I found something that helps.

'crea shakti,

The Tao of Sully...

* I use the Bhagavad Gita 2:14 transliterated Sanskrit.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
February 14, 2011

Hat’s Off To Valentine’s Day!
aka: At the Gahhden with Meathead…Again



Now Imagine This with the Number Eight in the Spok’d Bee.

I was at the Gahhden Saturday Night. With Meathead.

No one bled. Not us at least…
Saturday night was an off night, in between hockey games; Bruins versus Red Wings in a home-at-home series. The Wings ended up Sweeping, taking both games.
Meathead had tickets though…for the Lacrosse Game!!!
The Boston Breakers versus the Colorado Mammoth.
DYK: Lacrosse is the national sport of Canada?
Yeah really…

Nonetheless, we attended the Major Lacrosse League’s match.
With obnoxious metal, near-metal, nu-metal and hard rock music playing along the entire course of gameplay.
And they fought too, 2 fights. Not the same! AT ALL!!!
It was kinda unnecessary. I later remarked to my High School best friend that I got into a fistfight with my childhood best friend while wearing rollerskates…
I’ve never gotten into an ice hockey fight (yet!). Nonetheless, my childhood experience is still a great frame of reference. I recall the push/pull, squaring of the skates on the surface not to give traction…but the entire time all given to topple.
But fisticuffs in MLL Lacrosse. Boo. Not Hockey. Bad move.

We…I mean the Boston Breakers won 10-5. It was interesting and easy to root for…but the music really blew. I kept joking, “they found my old lost iPod!!!”. Hey, I like my bad taste in music but would I subject 8,000 to it…
Maybe I would.

We found Miller Lite and Men’s Room very close to our loge seats nonetheless we pined for our in-view Sec. 303 seats up in the Gallery…Matt’ll tell you.

While at the Pro Shop waiting for Meathead…I found it. My hat.
I didn’t even go in there wanting to get a hat. Just to kill some time while Meathead got there. He was 20 minutes away and it was February Cold at Twilight.
And it was on my way out…empty-handed and making for the door when I spied the Hat.
Unlike the one in the picture above, it sports the Number 8. For Cam Neely.
Same make & model hat…just different player homage.
Seeing my Green Lantern tee shirts I think I’d probably get the whole set!

Happy Valentines Day!
I love hockey!
Now go and snuggle with your loved one and stop reading. It’s V-Day…Go make some chocolate fondue or something…gawd.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Sunday, February 13, 2011

(edited 2/14/11)
Sometimes…we remember the good things.

Only a handful of Years Ago...when the IntrePoop was Young & the Star Wars Prequels were then a reality quickly taking form, the much-ballyhooed Star Wars Special Edition was parsed out over the Waning Daze of the 20th Century.
Much ado about extraneous malarkey & revisionist history of a fictional universe.
But also Star Wars Dot Com came around with a deep, magnificent quelle of continuity & trivia.
Soon after that was Atom Films Dot Com and the sanctioned Star Wars Fan Films, some in this humble opinion surpass the Prequels.
The IntrePoop has delighted Star Wars fans and also given us Pizza Rolls...

I’ve been blessed with friends who all seem to have attended the same Parochial School of the Force. My Big Idea to OCHO’s very own Peter way back when was this:
After seeing the Special Edition, I would love to Special Order my own Edition from LucasFilms.
Why not? Why couldn’t I have my own personal Sully Edit?

As a child, I read all the movie novels adaptations.
I even had this Fisher Price Movie Viewer with the original Star Wars on cartridge

Aim it at a light source and use a hand crank to watch the Motion Pictures. I’d replay the Death Star Trench scene over & over again, watching a Red Squadron X-Wing explode…reassemble…and explode all over again!!
As you could imagine, it also made a handy Phaser! ^_~

Since the novels were based on rougher & earlier drafts, they contained different & advanced information not seen in the movies.
Such as in the George Lucas authored “Star Wars”...opening the book we meet Luke Skywalker witnessing a Space Battle in Orbit via his monoculars, then getting the attention of Biggs & Co. at Toshi Station in Anchorhead and called upon for acting the Excited Kid as the Battle is quickly over when the Tantive IV is overcome by the Imperial Star Destroyer. The footage exists in something called the Lost Cut, a series of B & W rough shots & all the Biggs Darklighter scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor. Sure I've seen them all before in different "Makings Of..." and DVD Bonus discs, et al.
Nonetheless for this Eric…this is always how the movie’s opened in my imagination. These scenes also sometimes made the MARVEL Comic Book Adaptations as well. Novels, radioplays, comicbooks and even my record album of the story with movie sounds made every character important...
And Every Ben Burtt designed Sound Effect to me an aural tattoo but iDigress…
I used to sigh in the same pitch & descent as Ben Kenobi powering down the Tractor Beam. Yeah...for real. I'm sharing here.
Han Shooting First? ‘Nuff Said.
The number of Rebel Starfighters at the Battle of Yavin…it was more emotional when there were fewer starfighters & a blatant overwhelming odds situation. A Yeoman says to Tarkin, "there are 30 snub-nosed fighters approaching..." in a paraphrase but RTFM...
In another "deleted scene", Red Leader mentions to Red Five that as a boy he knew Luke's father from being a great pilot, obviously in the Clone War.

Star Wars, #5 “Lo! The Moons of Yavin”, written by Roy Thomas based upon George Lucas' story, pencils by Howard Chaykin. November 1977, MARVEL Comics.

Now Stop and Attend To THIS!!!
Episode Zero Anybody?
(revised 2/17/13 after movie was taken down by YouTube and the link to the Awesome Fan Edit is here at Vimeo for all you Jedi & Sith out there...)

I now come to something wonderful that comes from Our Shared Church of the original Trilogy.
Given to me by OCHO’s very own Peter this is a celebration of Star Wars Goodness!
The Anti-Pizza Roll.
Jambe Davdar’s fan edit of How Star Wars Should Be…
And let me tell you…
This is Perhaps Almost Exactly What I Envisioned for My Own Personal Star Wars Edit.
Davdar's fan film/edit is a work of love and it’s a great excuse to watch the original Trilogy all over again with excerpts from all the cast & crew...
not to mention the dynamic sequencing of deleted scenes to give a robust, cohesive meta-story of Star Wars & its Crafting.
This one is toted as Being For the Fans, By The Fans...and damn is he right.
May The Force Be With You Always, Jambe Davdar!

I’ll be watching this all day long today. This is just great stuff.
Star Wars Begins.
Building Empire.
And finally Returning to Jedi.

crea shakti.

Pizza Rolls...The Only Thing left To Say About The Star Wars...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Yo chief! I've already lost track of time since the New Year and barely know what day of the week it is forget about date or month... Hope everyone in OCHOland is happy and healthy though!

My nephew heard this announcement a while back and 'pooted' on it on his Facebook page. I was a bit stunned initially but, having read the announcement feel fairly OK with it all. I'm am very glad I was able to see the team live and in person.

The White Stripes Call it Quits.

PS. I have a sore boob... :(

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Sunday started innocently enough...sleeping into 5:30AM, meditating before break'est.
Then listening to a "bump" at the end of All Things Considered, an NPR Radio show.
Ike & Tina Turner covering the Beatles "Come Together"

I found my balls over in the kitchen, After reattaching them I hustled down this single and found it to be an Ike & Tina staple.
I decided on spending $9.99 for 19 tracks of pure Tina Turner in her Golden Age. Truly the Acid Queen.

Sweet Baby Jeebus....

I've listened to this album three times today as any good new album should be consumed.

crea shakti,

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

On Cookies....

I Grok Cookies.

I'm not talking about your Browser History, no. Not at all.

I'm talking about...
CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH....but not too crunchy, that yields to the tooth. I made an Homemade Toll-House Cookie that was Cracker Crisp yet Yielding and very chewy still.

This came as an accident. It was out of necessity! I made a judgment call. I could have switched the sheet pan but I didn't.
I made one round of toll-house cookies then dropped fresh cookie dough on a still-warm silicone pad on a very hot & cooling sheet pan.
It over caramelized the cookie...overflat and a Cracker-Like in crisp & appearance.
They're awesome.

Not over-cooked but...ironically "Well-Done:

I have no clue why I'm riffing on this. I'm thinking about Being Happy.
I am very happy right now. Eating Cookies.

I follow the recipe.
This is Gnosis....I just know a few things.
and use room temperature eggs & butter. Know you're baking later in the day...put the uncracked eggs & sticks of butter in one bowl and put it aside as you're making break'est...

and your baked good should be better then average.

crea shakti,