Saturday, January 22, 2011


In a word?...

I went to the FunnyBook Bodega armed with a Yuppie FoodStamp and a Mission.
Stack o' Funnies or BUST!
The Season Finale of Buffy Season 8 came out this past Wednesday.
And I had to watch.

I'd suggest staying away from any and all Season 8 Spoilers. Major Things Come to Pass.
I've also a.) been reading the reviews and b.) just re-read the entire run before issues #39 & 40 came out.
One thing we all can agree on is that Joss Whedon writes an hell of Season Epilogue. Closure, Things To Come...
And Buffy Kicking Ass and Saying Something Wickid Cool.

At the end of Season 8 #39...I "heard" this in my head...you will too.

Issue #40 is the Coda and wraps things up... "The Battle's Done & We Kinda Won"...

Season 9 comes out this Summer I hear. Joss Himself goes on record embracing & defending the directions of Season 8 and also promises a more grounded Season 9. Season 8 was a real but flawed attempt at something New and Big. A continuation of a beloved & ground-breaking television series in a long story comics form. A Season that took about 4 years to see come to its end. I'm really happy that I'm such a "good Buffy fan" that I picked up on everything Joss laid down from isuue #39's climatic ********* *** ********* down to expectations of Season 9 to be centered on Who Buffy Summers is at that age...that's where Joss felt he "lost" in this comic. He missed that mark the TV Show put across so well...Buffy as a High School Student, as a college freshman, and ultimately as single young working mom to Dawn...on top of Life Happening this remarkable life as The Chosen One...
Joss also loved how Dawn was handled this Season and I agree. Giant Dawn. Dawn turns into a frakkin' Giant. From the first time we see her Season 8, Dawnie's already in some kind of trouble be it Tuesday or Wednesday.
Penciller George Jeanty was the mainstay mostly over the 40 issues & the entire run of the comics. Jeanty could go from Photorealistic to Cartoon all too quickly sometimes but his range was deep. Jeanty's brilliant quality was hampered by what can only be defined as "bored with the subject" nonetheless Jeanty returned to form by the End.

The Complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 is now available as a Motion Comic via the iTunes Store. I'll tell you how it looks once I check it out, I got a Free Commercial from the iTunes Free Crap Record Bin (s'wat I call it).

In my final analysis of Season 8 I have to say in all Honesty...Looking forward to Season 9.
The Comics Format worked for me. I'm already a Fan Man. I bought every issue but one (which I'm hunting down the "Season 8 Tales of the Vampire One-Shot I either neglected or flew under my RADAR but iDigress...)
Joss wanted to take advantage of "No SFX Budget". And Season 8 did get into the Fantastic by pushing the limits of what our heroine & her Scoobies were used to. I've been processing "Buffy @ That Certain Age" in Season 8 and I've Come Up With This...
Season 8 is Buffy Summers in her mid-20s. Perhaps the metaphor is in her "Failure". Now this is not a Spoiler. There is no failure. I see Buffy as the expert manager in a group dynamic who's solution to the problem "Made the Dot.Com Go Bust".
By the end of Season 8, know without Spoiler that Buffy has Once Again Saved The World. Her method worked only with great sacrifice. As Buffy herself says in the narrative leading to the Credits, "Sometimes I'm not even sure which part WAS the betrayal. Everyone's got their version..."
Pure Quotable Whedon.
And as our long-suffering heroine & our empathetic journey with her, we fail & we rise as well.
Tomorrow Comes Unsought. Let's go to work.

Joss Whedon Kicks Arse

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
January 17, 2011

Relax, Sports Fans…@Least You Got The Bruins!
aka: Happy Loofa Day…Scrub That Pun!!!

First Off:
I’m a Patriots Fan. What happened yesterday was quite simple to anyone actually watching Pats Football the past decade. ^_~
I’m not mad and if you are then I wish you well with it.
But for the first time all season, the Pats Defense really did look like a bunch of rookies out there.
And for the first time in this near-decade of Pats football you have to look around the field & see none of the veteran talent that “krafted” this foundation of a great team.
Brushci. Ted Johnson. Vrabel. Richard Seymour. Even Willie McGinnest…All Long Gone.
Although the Philosophy Reigned Supreme from Coach Belichick down to his defensive line all season long (except versus Cleveland and did you see the similarities in gameplay?), in the end yesterday, it came down to the Veteran Gnosis of Playoff Football on the Field at Game Day.
Blaming Belichick for not having Wes Welker starting belies the General’s ability to discipline his team. On the Front Side of the Ball in the Blame Game…is it Belichick for benching Welker or Welker playing footsies with the Press Against Orders?

Seriously Boston…Are we really gonna treat Bill Belichick like Grady Little?

And I think there might be some Hockey Stuff if I can find it…

I am a Boston Sports Fan & Lemme Tell You...
It’s Tough Being a Nice Guy in Our Culture.
Sometime I think We The Gallery Gawds* define “Chucklehead” then on other occasions such as Game Night...I Myself Define “Chucklehead”.
*This includes Red Sox Nation and Pats Country…Local Celts fans are downright creepy with those spotless white sneakers & shamrocks but iDigress…Just Imagine if Soccer Really Caught On Culturally Here?
If Ee’d Plebnista, AKA “We The Toughie Locals” supported the Revolution such as the British Hooligan or the Italian Ultra? Take That Red Bulls!!! ^_~
In Fact, Rev. Sully for now on & forever forth will refer to the Greater Boston Sports Culture as…Ee’d Plebnista!

So on a Day Oaf…I awoke sleeping in at 6:30AM. Wow! That was nice & meditated before break’est. On Martin Luther King Day, a 1PM Matinee versus the Hartford Whalers…I mean the Carolina Hurricanes of Raleigh, NC. I’m going to celebrate Civil Rights with Uncivil Lefts, Hooks & Jabs. There has been an awful lot of fisticuffs in hockey lately. It’s Nigh-Gratuitous…take it from me…I define Gratuitous Sometimes. I know when I’m laying it on thick, if you know what I mean. Fighting in Hockey in the 2010-11 Season though…it’s back. And People Like It. It’s got that NASCAR car crash quality to it. Two Years in a Row, fighting at the Winter Classic. But in a hard fought game…contextual fisticuffs.
Do I expect contextual fisticuufs this Afternoon? You Betcha. I’m less thrilled with the frequency of the Major Penalty…perhaps NPR is Right and Being a Nation in War Time Predisposes the Acceptance of Violent Entertainment.

As I said….it’s Wicked Tough being a Nice Guy and a Boston Sports Fan.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Saturday, January 15, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Best of 2010 Edition!

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

Here we are…
On a Saturday Night, listening to the Little Orange Mecha before I figure out what to do with the rest of my night.
“Young Hearts Be Free Tonight. Time is on Your Side,” Rod Stewart croons to New Wave elopers with breakdancing in the background. I listen to this single for the Umpteenth Time without skipping ahead. I bought this 80s video off the iTunes Store awhile back.

Speaking of the things I pick up from the iTunes Store….I’m thinking about the Best of the past Year: 2010.
I love Best Of Lists…from the critics we frequent we can glean nuggets of Almost-Missed Goodness. From my eijit blog, I hope you can tolerate a few more suggestions…just in case you didn’t read any of the books I told you to read. This might be easier. ^_~

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy a lot of New Music this year.
In 2010 I lost an iPod and had my iTunes go Wonky.
I went from 120GB of iPod Classic in “Motherboxxx” to 16GB in my trusty little Nano. For months a wall wart saved me from total boredom when I was unable to synch to my external harddrive.

I did get around to buying a few new things in 2010 and enough to MUSTER a Top 5.
So I’d love to share with you iRawk’s Top 5 List of 2010 for New Music if I may.
Perhaps you can drop a few tunes yourself...maybe I’ll be tempted to pick something new & unexperienced up “sight unseen” and be delighted. Such as this single that OCHO’s very Own Peter YouTube’d me during a Gmail Chat…
#5. Tightrope by Janelle Monae

The Official Video has unfortunately been taken down By Request but the song itself defines a hotness that was incubated in the Time of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This girl’s got “It”. Hair like Grace Jones, voice of the 9th Jackson sibling.

# 4. TRON: Legacy by Daft Punk.
I was going to only do singles but I couldn’t split hairs here. This album was just interesting and listenable. And having the soundtrack enabled me to like the overall mediocre movie better. The story of the movie was a bit “by-the-numbers”…methinks the Soundtrack is better than the movie.

# 3. Under Great Northern Lights by the White Stripes
Recorded in 2007, new release 2010. great concert. I got four live recordings on my iPod of the White Stripes, good to hear the Icky Thump Tour material live and raucous as expected.

# 2. Live at Reading by Nirvana
This 2010 new release is my favorite live album. My only copy of their frakkin’ killer and my next favorite Nirvana tune…The Money Will Roll Right In.
(I mean look how frakkin’ YOUNG Dave Grohl looks! Novosellic’s a recluse and Kurt’s dead)

# 1. Rhinestone Eyes by the Gorillaz, from Plastic Beach
This is my fave off the new album…it sounds the most “gorillaz-y”

This is Not the Only New Music I Bought This Year! ^_~

New Music. Get some of your own now! And pay for it too. What’s “New” on your Gadget? Last time I checked, Matt was addicted to Pandora via Droid. Still…a Great Gadget. The temptation to go to a SmartPhone is great but I don’t yet need it. Once I become a Chef though, I’ll have it attached to my Futility Belt.
Just today I bought the German versions of I Wanna Hold Your Hand and She Loves You by the Beatles from the Past Masters Vol. 1 & 2 albums for $1.29 each! I haven’t heard these since I was a kid! My mom had this on vinyl and I grew up listening to it.

I Love FM Radio….just today going to the store I felt like my iPod nano was like an old Walkman. I listen to the FM Radio all the time now courtesy of my iPod. I got it patched through my new karaoke boombox Ma got me for X-Mas. I’ll power-down the Gadget, plug it in to recharge and listen to the Bruins game on 98.5FM then Boston’s NPR stations 89.7 ‘GBH and 90.9 ‘BUR all night long. I used to do this with my old Boombox. I donated my old boombox to my workplace. May whomever eventually frakkin steals my old boombox accept it freely…and one of the channels is flaky btw ya desperate bastid... ^_~

I also bought the follow-up to the very famous “Getting To Yes”…another audiobook called…

"Difficult Conversations: How To Discuss What Matters Most" that was the required reading in the Advanced Negotiation workshop I used to work with at Harvard Law School. This is great information for anyone capable of leading groups of people in a diverse workplace. Being a leader requires you to lead difficult conversations, to be part of them and know how to get to conclusions & realizations without taking sides or marginalizing people and with a resolution in mind. My Path of Audiobooks has led me back to a source of information & energy right under my nose years ago. Well the heart has to be ripe to accept wisdom…

Well, what’s wisdom right now. Stay in and watch football…or go out and watch football.
To Be Continued…

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode
A Geek's Nocturnal Emission

A Map to the STAR WARS Galaxy!

Click On Image to Enlarge!


The Episode III Review is Now Up. I've watched it. It suffers from being too long and "Skit Coma" nonetheless it's very precise and I agree with it completely. As George Lucas said it himself, "kinda like poetry" but iDigress...
Dig the comparison of Episode III's Opening Shot (which I used to like!) to the Long Shot in GoodFellas of Henry & Karen entering the Coapcabanna... this was explained to me as a bad dog facing the rolled up newspaper with screaming hot pizza rolls being shoved into my nostrils and mouth.
Then there is the juxtaposition of characters: Anakin Skywalker to Charles Foster Kane in "Citizen Kane"...the prequels are crap wrapped around a rip-off.
Watch It Yourself and if you start eating the Pizza Rolls...Don't Say I Didn't Warn Ya!

I also have to apologize to my best friend from childhood, Bryan.

with the shitty Timothy Zahn Trilogy that beghat the whole shitty enterprise of the Expanded Universe and its Burgeoning Continuity...in the early 1990s I turned Bryan onto this. He informed me that he's bought & read every STAR WARS book since.
The Whole Thing.
Gawd I feel so bad...please forgive me, old friend. I didn't mean to do this to you. ^_~
(Actually, I'm thrilled Bryan & millions of other Star Wars fans dig the heck out of the Expanded Universe...it was love for characters that drove the continuation of their stories...I'm just being sassy for the Neilsen Ratings)

Pizza Rolls...The Only Thing left To Say About The Star Wars...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My son Ben was born on saturday, and everyone is healthy and happy.
5. Phoenix Jones...Seattle's Very Own Real-Life Superhero???

As my Generation coined...WTF?
Courtesy of OCHO's Very Own "El Post"

6. The Snow Line at Work Not Being Updated in Time
Again...WTF? I call at 4AM...then again at 4:40AM before I begin my daily 20 minute walk to the Subway Station...today in a Nor'Easter Blizzard of driving snow nonetheless A Robert Frost Beautiful New England Morning.
Apparently the Snow Line got updated at 6AM...when I start my workday!!! Thanks a bunch, Geniuses.
It was only forecasted to drop an inch an hour for 18 hours that's pretty much coming to pass...

101 Things That Should Not Exist!
I had to repost this again. I've watched it twice and I'm gonna watch it again.
I can't stop thinking about the idea of the "Mirror Neurons", no pun.

All my life...people stop me on the street and ask me for directions. I'm usually On Foot. They could be On Foot as well but sometimes it's a Stopping Car. I'm always earnest whether I can answer them or not. But it's uncanny & consistent.
It makes me think of Human Consciousness over Probability of Happenstance that So Many Frakkin' People stop and ask me for directions.
Uncanny again but also I tend to look up while I'm at work..."feeling" someone's attention and what happens...
I meet someone Eye Contact, dead on as if I knew they were looking at me.

On Empathy...

I once had to differentiate between Pity and Empathy.
And my own crux of juxtaposition was that Empathy Was Just Like Pity But Without Judgement.

Pity involves Judgement.
"Poor This" or "Poor That".

The Reference to the Object of the Senses; via the Eyes, Ears, Nose, Skin & Tastebud.
Classify This: Object Referral...

Whilst Empathy does not contain Judgment. Reference to The Self; the Soul, Spark, the Cosmic Witness, the splinter of God Dwelling in All Things. Classify This: Self Referral (see: Object referral above).

Referring to The Self...activates the Mirror Neurons that Jeremy Rifkin mentions in this delightful, accurate and well-worth-the-time YouTube video. Consciousness will save the Planet.
This is deep stuff...For OCHO Eyes Only. You Can Handle the Truth. And what a great delivery system! Thank OCHO's very own Peter for the vid.

crea shakti,

The Tao of Sully

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Sounds like a great dinner sully!

Jill and I are waiting for labor... Due date jan 2. Unfortunately, the whole family is also fighting off a stomach bug, so the late baby may be a blessing.

Hope to see you soon... Or at least as soon as makes sense.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Eastern Daylight Time...Minus-5 GMT...

it is now 1:11AM on 1/1/11