Saturday, December 31, 2011

iRawk...December 31, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod
New Year's Edition

I've been giving it much thought and I have to say the best new release of 2011 for me is:
This album remains on the nano after almost 8 months.  
Mostly All Other 2011 new titles came & went.
Some singles remain from these 2011 releases although PJ Harvey's February 2011 release is one of three music albums to remain in total on a 16GB iPod nano.
"Let England Shake" grew on me over time and impresses on every listen.
At first I though it girlish, playful noises.  Oddly jingoistic being pro-English yet a bit of "what have we come to as Britons" melancholy mixed in to boot.  All songs are little stories...
Sometimes disjointed yet what eventually shined through after a few listenings was a tightly and slickly produced great rock 'n' roll album, an artifact whose production will get fewer & fewer as the years charge along, Time being the Juggernaut it is.
As an album, as a progression of rock sounds & songs.  Evocative & respectful of its source.  Overly British nonetheless that is British Rock for you.  Sad stories told in sonic Black & White shades.  The history of being poor.  Or of countless turf wars from knights of yore to football hoodlums.  It's of the same Cosmic Fabric that when cut fit the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks and the Clash just for starters.    
"On Battleship Hill" is my favorite in a collection of good rock songs.

"Cruel nature has won again..."
Why is it the Brits who get Rock Right more oft than naught?

Coming in at a close second are the pair of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD motion picture soundtracks, originally released in late 2010 and I caught up to the movie in mid 2011 so nyah!  Both kept in their entirety an a great addition to the Shuffle.  

Honorable Mention goes to Keith Richards' *LIFE* and Deepak Chopra's "The Soul of Leadership" for my fave audiobook of the year, all paid for from the iTunes Store.  Audible Audiobook accounts are cool too so sez Doctor Hooey but iDigress...
Also my sung-in-Sanskrit Bhagavad Gita which I purchased this year, I think was a nice pick-up.  

I didn't go "ga-ga" for new music in 2011, I guess.  Here's for 2012 to have more music and if you think I missed a few, please share your thoughts!

kriya shakti,

The Smoking PUCK! December 31, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
December 31, 2011

Hark This Herald!
aka: Ringing in the New Year with the Goal Siren!

Yee haw! To-Nite! Dallas ends the month & the year as the Bruins go to the Lone Star State to shoot Stars.

A 7-game win streak. 9-2 so far this final month of 2011, the Year of the Bear.
In 2011 the Gallery Gawds have witnessed some of the best Bruins Hockey ever recorded or cared over.
So to all reading this Have a Happy & Safe New Year's Eve. Full of friends, family, fireworks, staying up late, asti spumanti, Chinese Take-Out...and someone to kiss at Midnight.
Huzzah!! Happy New Year from and to Channel OCHO!

It's New Year's Eve.
I'm staying in.
As I'm oft to do.
I'd rather watch the Bruins at 8PM and maybe...just maybe stay tuned to see if the Times Square ball drops on Ryan Seacrest's head finally.
I'll probably get some Chinese take out. Or maybe I'll leave them alone tonight seeing they'll be wickid busy.

May the Bruins continue their championship ways.
May my friends all continue their happiness.
May my enemies believe that I don't believe in enemies.
May my family continue to bless me with holidays & special times.
May the Road Rise to Meet You.
And May you get to a Hockey Game this year. I might take in a Portland Pirates game just for the daytrip, weekend and great restaurants!!! What about you? It's Winter. How is hockey a part of your New England Winter?

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So how was your Holiday Season.
Matt...Bon Festivus?
Kiwi, slaughter the mutton to the World Tree of the Maori (ps saw the Haka at the WC, as always goosebumps! but iDigress...)
Doctor Hooey in NYC I can't wait to hear/see the experience of the New Year a block away from Central Park.

So who's got a Holiday Yarn to Spin.
See You in the Funnypages.

As always I plan to stay in NYE. It's a tradition and a good night to go to bed early. Interesting things happen in the Small Hours of a New Year....a Moral Alchemy; of change, of self-forgiveness, of purpose.

I look forward to making a chunk of the next two weeks a period of meditation.  To find the Gap Between Thoughts.  It's going camping.

Oh and living too.  I plan on just living life with Potentiality.  And Apply it!  With Love and Purpose.

Kriya Shakti,

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...December 19, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...The End of a Volume

This is it.  Finally.  The Grant Morrison Years come full circle with LEVIATHAN STRIKES!
Under the BATMAN INCORPORATED banner as well.  
If you've been clued into the recent goings-on at the DC Magazine Company we'll know that all titles got a New #1, set in an Enhanced Continuity post-Flashpoint event but iDigress...

Some good titles got caught in the Undertow such as XOMBI,
Some stood out and rode the wave ashore like BATWOMAN...
Then this nugget gets pooted.  This is the promised missing piece to the puzzle.  
Where this One-Shot fits in the continuity is unclear and I do not care.  
Where it fits in the Grant Morrison Years writing BATMAN is squarely at The End.
Diametrically Opposed to The Beginning...
BATMAN #655, published late July 2006.  Five Years of Loose Ends.

Closure to one of my favorite stories of the last DC Era.  
BATMAN INC. ended abruptly mid-story and had no new #1 in the DCnU.  
Dick Grayson went from being Gotham's Dark Knight, back to being NIGHTWING with his own #1 which I didn't buy.  Eddy Barrows is on pencils too so I'm probably missing wickid good art.  
The Returned Bruce Wayne took his son Damian Wayne as his Robin and the Comics Gnome didn't poot the DCnU BATMAN AND ROBIN by Tomasi & Gleason.  
So when it was said & done post-FLASHPOINT, the BATMAN INC. idea was mostly shelved.
Nonetheless, Africa got to keep their Batman from the BATMAN INC days, BATWING. 
Batwing #1, September 2011

To me, BATMAN INC. was an audacious idea.  Tell the World that Bruce Wayne is Batman's financier...and ALWAYS HAD BEEN!
Better than out himself as the Batman, Bruce Wayne makes the Bat a Brand!
An Icon like the Nike Swoosh® or the Apple on my gadgets exclusively for Urban Heroes inspired by Batman.
It was real fun but it's done.
But now BATMAN INC gets One Last Chance to complete its story.

And this is worth going to the funnybook bodega for.
$6.99...80 pages...This Week!!

(Ed. Note 12/28!!! e'os):
Frak.  I thought it was coming to an end.  I need a few more reads to catch up to ending.  
I do like the idea of getting more but honestly grant, I was looking forward to more of the End of the Batman Volume from you for now. I really do feel its the same Batman and Joker and Jim Gordon since '89 hardcover Arkham Asylum, the one funnybook Doctor Hooey Groks! Continuity Grenade!!!)

Kriya Shakti,
Rev. Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Sunday, December 18, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod, December 18, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod
Touched by an Angel Edition.

OK.  Not really an Angel.  Sometimes he's a sheer demon.  
But I was deeply touched by a dog recently.  
Sometimes a dog jumps in your lap and nails the wedding tackle so hard you walk funny for minutes.  
Touched.  ;)  
But really.  
photo taken on my iPod Touch...one damn good camera.

This is Benny.  Benito Juarez.  One Damn Good Dog.  And he was Rescued.  
Benny is a mutt.  A mix of what we think is rat terrier and maybe a little Chihuahua.  
And he happens to be one of the best dogs I've ever helped care for.   
Someone Abandoned this Noodle of Love.  I don't get it.  Well someone must have had their reasons I guess.
It makes me think of my old cat, Millie.  I abandoned him!  I did.  Therefore I cannot be judgmental about whomever abandoned Benny in South Texas.  
My cat...I couldn't take him with me where I was going after a nasty split & I needed a new address and she agreed to take him.  That's it.  And that was all I heard of the pet.  Incidentally my asthma attacks and their Emergency Room trips ceased!  I still feel bad after all this time.  The cat would probably be near the end of his natural life about now if he lived long enough...and I think stupid silly things like "does he remember me?"...did he die with dignity & love?  Did I let him down even though he was the Key to my Asthma?  I have to trust that what I did was best I guess.   
From Another Time Long Long Ago...

Benny & I would walk.  And I'd listen to my iPod.  I "read" most  of Keith Richards' "Life" via audiobook.  I'd sing to the poor pooch too...and the Graveyard.  I'd sing to the Dead...I think I'm a big hit with the Dead thinking who takes time to sing to them?  The Dog & I took great walks around Malden's Fellsmere Pond, where nature converges...water, fish, ducks, geese, grass, trees, fountains...it's a nice slice of Urban Planning.  
And it's all over.  No more dog walking with Benny.  
I feel blessed having Just One More Minute with him.  I met Deedee & her Mum for coffee before they took off in their minivan, fully loaded with Deedee's possessions bound for the Lone Star State.  
Benny jumped out of the car and I let him lick my face one last time.  
Like the end of some 1940s movie.  

I do hope to see Benny again.  
But I'll always feel a little bad about Millie.  Asthma-less and all.  That's a tough one.  Benny was rescued.  And so was Millie in a way.  
I guess we who roll the dice with our pets by committing them to Rescue need to have faith that it'll work out.  
So to the people whose circumstances demanded leaving Benny behind I hope you can feel good that he's probably one of the best loved dogs in the Multiverse.  
You can quote me on that one.

The Smoking PUCK! December 18, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
December 18, 2011

Strange Syzygies…Our Super Stars Are Realigning in New Constellations 
aka Keeping Those Winning Ways

Ahem…I'm about to make a pronouncement.
Or on the Other Hand, Overstate the Obvious
The Big Bad Bruins Are Back. 
Fighting, Shooting, Scoring, Hitting, Thrilling. 
After the Long Hangover of October, an Undefeated-in-Regulation November and now carrying a 4 game win streak into mid-December, it is fair to say There’s a Bear in Here. 
Please Bear with me. 
I’m very pleased to be a Bruins Fan right now.  Let’s hope this energy is sustainable and carried through to June again.   Listening to the Bruins systematically take apart the Philly Flyers during yesterday’s matinee was like a chef's demonstration on butchering chicken..."Here's How's it's Done"
31 Games in this 82 game season and the losses are still in the single digits. 
I smile inwardly and outwardly when I think of the Bad Press in October.  heh.   

There’s a glut of news in the New NHL of the 21st Century.
One: Realignment.  More in a Sec.
Two: Concussions.  Sheeesh, where to start. 
Three: Dead NHLers in 2011.  This NPR’s Only A Game Episode I caught last week says it all.  “Following his death, Boogaard’s brain was donated to researchers at Boston University studying brain injuries. He became the fourth former NHL player found to exhibit traces of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).”
More here at the New York Times
2011 is a Ying & Yang of Years, the Bruins find Ultimate Success as an Elite Team compared to such tragedy.
As Vonnegut Spake, “So It Goes…”

Realignment: Okay.  We’re here.  The NHL Board of Guv’nahs have an Idea.
I’m not saying it’s Bad.
Nonetheless I’m not saying it’s Good either. 
Realigning the 30 NHL teams into 4 Conferences; two with 8 teams the other 2 with 7 teams.
In Addition, turning the existing Playoff Structure into some Abstract Tessaract, an Idea I can only Hope to Visualize without direct experience. 
With the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, having those Jets in the Southeast Division makes need for having them play their natural neighbors and soon-to-be rivals. 
It would be much like the Old Style Hockey I grew up with in the 70s & 80s with the Campbell & Prince of Wales Conferences having a similar inner 4 Division Split of the Adams, Patrick, Norris & Smythe Divisions. 
Currently, the League has 2 Conferences with 3 Division per side, 6 total with 5 teams each. 
All these numbers give me headaches…
It would be nice if the NHL, an organization that loves it’s Classic Connections would adopt an Historically Laden Names to the Conferences as Before... 
Just imagine if the NHL sell the naming rights of the Division to Corporate Entities!!!
The Dunkin Donuts NE, the Wal-Mart Pacific, the Budweiser Mid-West and the Viagra Atlantic!  Oh don’t get me started!!!

It’s a beautiful day.  New Beginnings for Old Friends start today.
Good Luck, Yadira Enid.
May The Road Rise To Meet You and Safely Too as you drive back to Texas today with your Mom & Dog. 
I was teasing when I kept saying "I'll miss the dog".  I will miss you too, Deedee.  Thank you for your friendship & company these past few months.  It was nice to be your companion again if only for a moment or two.  Thank you for sharing your dog with me and also allowing me to help you as much as I could.   

Time to get ready for the Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow fight at 4PM this Sunday Afternoon.  Watching it with a Rabid Broncos fan as well. 
I’ll have to show him Bruins Loud I guess. 
Poor Neighbors…we might have to be realigned…ha! 

Kriya Shakti,
Rev Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I spotted at MIT telling one of the Grad Students once again, "You Have My Favorite Tee Shirt of the Day"

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS!, December 12, 2011

POOTing forth for Free Comic Book Day 2012
Dark Horse Comics Offering.  

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / The Guild Flip-Book
(W) Andrew Chambliss, Felicia Day (A) Georges Jeanty, Jonathan Case, Dexter Vines 
(C) Georges Jeanty, Adam Rex
Buffy has never so badly needed a vacation as she does now — with the world overrun with “zompires” and other fallout from Season 8. Luckily, Spike has got the perfect solution: a “spacecation”! Then, having lost their regular real-life meeting place, the Guildies are having a little trouble finding a new location which they can all agree upon. It all comes down to a little in-game battle to decide the new meeting place… and the circle follows the decree of the winner: the beach?!"
Oh my goodness.  
I will be there.  I will not miss this one.  
PS Buff, love the shirt...
Also do not ask what a "zompire" is either and who coined it (Xander).  

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Smoking PUCK! December 3, 2011

Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins.
To-Nite.  7PM.  

I'm looking forward to this game like my Short Ribs over polenta here.  
I'm serious.

a 12-0-1 November.  Defending Champions playing like Defending Champions.

Kriya Shakti,

View from the Birdhouse, December 3, 2011

Fall Foliage December 3, 2011
Malden, MA USA corner of Highland & Pleasant 

Fall has about 2 weeks left on the calendar when Winter begins in Earnest a few days before Christmas.  
Most trees are bare.  Birds nests are visible in the branches.  Nonetheless a late turning tree & its foliage.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Happy Turkey Day, Dear OCHO.

I'm off to the Folk's Place in Quincy, MA USA.  I got a big book for the Red Line Voyage to & fro.  A few recyclable shopping bags & Gladware for the leftovers.
And I'm also bringing the Appetizers.

So what's your table like?  What was the Special Thing that You did this Thanksgiving for your Table.
I'd like to give thanks as well.
For health and the people of our lives.
And great moments to bring these people together.

I'm off to make the appetizers.  Stuffed mushrooms and Pigs in a Blanket.

Stuffed mushrooms I'm simply making a sausage stuffing with Sweet Eye-talian and Jimmy Dean Sage, mixed with domestic powdered parm and fresh parsley, fresh cracked coarse black pepper.
The Pigs in a Blanket is a remarkable simple thing to execute for guests.  I take Pillsbury Crescent rolls and use it like puff pastry or pate-a-chou, wrap a sausage and bake it until it's done.  Slice on a bias & serve with an array of mustards.
Finger foods for first!

God Bless You All.  Aum.  Krishna loves you the best, he told me so.  ;P

kriya shakti,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS!

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...a little Red Hood and his merry Outlaws.  

One of Three DCnU Titles I Follow Monthly.  
The Other Two were Shoe-Ins.  Incumbents!  
This one definitely was a Black Sheep.  
Had a Wickid Outside Chance.  But I gotta tell you, it's Soapy enough I wanna tune in tomorrow.  Dig?
So far so good.  Three issues in and it could always go south but I'd guess I'd know since I'd be buying it.  ^_~  
This one has the Best Last Page.  Our Rawk Trio of Misfits end up on an astral journey but the fee is their Most Cherished Memory!  They'll get them back...if they get back!  Muhahahaha!  And we of course get a peek at all three memories of these three titanic thrillseekers.  
Why they do what they do is beyond me and beyond themselves for all I know but they're caught up in This Superhero World and So Am I...

kriya shakti...

the Smoking PUCK! November 20, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!
November 20, 2011

Back to Business/OCHO-in-a-Row!
Another Trip Around The Sun…

It’s funny but this phrase came up yesterday twice.
And it elated me. 
It was my Birthday. 
Therefore making it my Equinox. 
Another Trip Around the Sun. 
Said to me over the course of the evening buy two different friends.  Either I’ve never heard this one or haven’t in a long time.  Nonetheless, hearing it elated myself to no end.   
Hearing it again made it synchronous. 

Looking at the bar’s teevee on the way out of dinner, Bruins 3, Isles 0. 2nd Period made me smile.  It’s my birthday dinner.  Deedee’s on her way out of town and we hadn’t been back to the Border Cafe since she got landed earlier this year. 
I will miss the dog.  This could be a Country Song.  A real country song like you hear at the Border CafĂ©!  Yee haw.  ;P
Good time.  Lone Star Beer though, no Margarita.  I’d brunched at Noon with friends old & new for a few wet hours over great bloody marys* but iDigress… 
*(@magounssaloon for the Bloody Sunday, the Mary served with Jamesons instead of Vodka, delicious!)
Low-Key Birthday is my Speed.  I informed Doctor Hooey of guaranteed attendance of my Surprise Wake & Funeral following my Next Surprise Birthday Party.  I had a full day of friends and food.  And made a little time to nap in between company & the deluge of phonecalls.  It was a very nice birthday.
And it all was wrapped with a 6-0 Bruins victory on Long Island.
Dig This: I almost thought about going to last night’s road game in New York.  James & Laura live there and they’re always inviting me down.
There was ONLY one thing holding me back this time…
I was fighting a chest cold. Ever since the cold snap a few weeks back, I’ve been “brewin’” up a cloudy storm in my lungs.  I suffered a Petit Mal asthma attack during work two weeks ago.  Yeah and I’ve been healthy enough without an inhaler with I didn’t have an inhaler when I needed it the most.  So…
My Next Big Idea is a Belt Buckle with a holder for the Puffer with the words: “Asthma Sucks!”  The stooped things always discharge in your pocket & collect pocket lint.  Think about that one!  Getting a mouthful of pocket link. 
Then last week I lose my voice.  
I blame the radiators we turned on and their collection of Year-Long Dust Bunnies, one of my many archenemies.  
This week was taxing yet ended on its feet.  That's how we judge the winner of a Hockey Fight, for Pete's Sake if you were ever wonder "How Does One Win A Hockey Fight?"
Be the One Standing.  

Eight-in-a-Row for the defending Champions, now playing as Champions. 
What’s next?  What do you think?
Wins, Losses…Saves, Passes, Goals…Line Changes and Lines for Restrooms & Beer. 
To the Good Times that come with it all
And another trip around the Sun... 

Rev Sully
Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS!, November 13, 2011

The Comics Gnome POOTS...a New & Strange Talent!  

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2 (of 6)
Image Comics.

This is perhaps the most fun I've had in a long time with being completely Grossed-Out.
And I mean that.  I don't even want to read it on the bus anymore...
I gotta keep it in its little brown bag until I get home.  
It's cartoony yet graphic as all hell showing new ways a body can be dismembered by unarmed hands of strength!  
Geeky little Luther Strode sends away for the Hercules Method from the back of a funnybook.  
The Result is Strange as Luther gains the bodily strength but he seems to be coming across the whole "power & responsibility" posit that Spider-Man coined.  
And of course any good story got its depth and badguy so this will be on the top of the stack in its next 4 releases.
Good Stuff.  a reason to go to the FunnyBook Bodega.

Another good find using the Force was this
SPACEMAN #1 (of 9)
written by Brian Azzarello & Art by Eduardo Risso.
From the creative team of Vertigo's "100 Bullets".
There's not much to say beyond it was only $1.  One Dollar.  
And the rest of it I hope is as awesome as the first issue.  
Sets the stage in a Near-Future with a genetically modified almost-human tailored for the rigors of space flight/life.  His name is Orson.  Anyone with a pedigree in SciFi gets this reference.  
We open with in a flashback to what could be a failed Mars Mission then orson awaking once again from this recurring nightmare & memory...to a two-page Splash Page of what looks like looking north up Tremont Street, Boston, MA USA but flooded, yet still inhabited with bridges, walkways and gondolas.  Nonetheless, post-cataclysm.  The City is not mentioned by name in Issue #1 although the image was very familiar to this reader.  
Looking forward to the next 8 issues.  

Also in the stack this week were...
both really great titles.  A good Stack this week.  
Thank you, Comics Gnome!  
Keep on Pootin'!   

kriya shakti,
Rev Sully
the Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA

iRawk...Therefore iPod, November 13, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod
A Man of Two iPods Edition

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.
The Variable Fighter, transforms into a plane for sorties, strafing & bombing, et al. 

The 4th generation iPod Touch, released early October 2011 in 8GB, 32GB & 64 GB. 
I got a billion names bouncing around my room but I really want to name him…

The Knight, the close-combat robot & the traditionally painted blue-white with red & yellow trim of the Main Protagonist of the particular Gundam Series. 

For a month now, I’ve been using both iPods in my daily life they are kind of like the fictional Giant Robot squadron of my favorite anime, fighting the forces of ennui & quiet moments with my personal backdrop.  Now Featuring Email, Amateur Photography and YouTube!
Not to mention Infinity Blade but I just did.  
I’m also using the iPod Touch to watch GUNDAM 00 during lunch breaks & at home before bed.  I can tune into Netflix whenever I want as well.
S’Funny thing is, I got No Music On It.  Sure I can dial up Pandora or Radio Paradise when I got an open wireless.  But No Music.   That'll come later...
So I rely on the orange iPod nano for that!  
All service-long at work, and after Black Friday comes time for the Holiday Music.
Peter, OCHO's very own Doctor Hooey gave me this "fresh off the Apple Tree in China & Cupertino" iPod Touch loaded with his very own "Sully's Gonna Dig These Apps".  The Good Doctor saved about 2GB Free for music if I so liked to sych..
or any video purchase/rental from the iTunes Store as well.   
Also he's been meaning me to watch TeeVee's LOST and I kept Absolute Spoiler-Free so I can enjoy & anticipate a show suggested by one of my best friends.  And he's got it on iTunes.  For when I don't have a Wireless Signal.  
It's my first flirtation with the fingerful fretboard of the iTouch/iPhone interface.  
What a neat device.  

On top of it all, I got a 3rd gadget of future feltercarb floating in my front pocket.
My QWERTY SmartPhone is refer to as “CrackBerry Crunch!”
3 Gadgets!  Gadzooks!!! 
I could give it an appropriate GUNDAM 00 name like…

The sniper.  The first team's leader  (second season is very good too...) 
This is the gadget I make sniping Tweets from, on the road. 
But a Kyocera is not an Apple!  

Whew.  3 gadgets!  
I could roll there all into One gadget if I went iPhone.  
One Day...One Day.

But iDigress…
In other news, what have I bought from the iTunes Store recently.  Since I’m not synching the iPod Touch to my iTunes for a while, I got no new Apps to extol.
Just the same old, same old foolishness with a flashdrive with a click wheel for music only. 
I picked up for $10.  

The Bhagavad Gita sung by Meena Mahadeva.  It’s really basic nonetheless all in Sanskrit and earnest.  I listen to it at night while I sleep, sure that my Heart hears this as I dream. 
I'm such as geek!  I listen to the chapter as I read it in English on the bus in the morning, I use the Sanskrit Big Idea Words as anchors to keep in pace with the singing.  

And from an NPR Weekend magazine show, 2 singles from Tony Bennett's last release of standards
This kind of music is fated to be muzak for the Hipster Brunch Bistros although I picked up two singles that "made the grade" and were featured in the NPR interview about the album.
The Lady is a Tramp with Lady Gaga and
Body & Soul with Amy Winehouse.  
First the  Gaga,  who I love but avoided the sophomore slump of "Born This Way".  The exposure to the singles from Born This Way leaves me unimpressed so I'll say this one track with the great Tony Bennett is better than her last over-produced, over-thought & over-wrought opus.  

I should listen to the whole album but if I hear the title track or Edge of Glory again, I'm libel to implode into a Quantum Singularity.  
The Winehouse track...Bennett got wistful & sad.  He felt that Winehouse "had the gift".  That he was waiting for a singer like her since the advent of the rock band in the early 60s when it became about the Band and not the Singer in Pop Music.    

So until I'll make the jump to Lightspeed, 4G & Infinity with the iPhone in a year or two, I'll be a man of Two iPods.  And a frakkin' phone. 
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in. 

Arios in Flight Mode

Saturday, November 12, 2011

View From the Birdhouse, November 12, 2011

The Fall Foliage season is leaving, all pun intended.
All on the ground are the multitude of yellow & brown leaves.  Lots of trees are now bare as well.  I've always marveled at seeing the bird's nests in the bare branches, once concealed by leafs in the seasons preceding the Autumnal Equinox.  
My favorites though are the Oranges & Reds of the fall leaves in the sunlight.  
I gawk & rubber neck at nature and now I can share this.
I hope you like them.  
All Photos taken on my 4th Gen iPod Touch
Please Click Image to Enlarge.  

Malden, MA USA, Highland Avenue in front of Mystic Charter School.  
Nov. 12,  2011

Cambridge, MA USA.  MIT Campus.
Nov. 11, 2011

Malden, MA USA off of Highland Avenue
Nov.  12, 2011

Somerville, MA USA, Henry O. Hansen WWII Memorial, corner of Partridge & Medford
Nov. 12, 2011

The Smoking PUCK! November 12, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!!!

Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog! 
Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
November 12, 2011

Rattling Your Sabres!
aka: Four-In-A-Row is More Like It

Ahhh…it’s November.  My favorite month.  As the View from this Birdhouse observes, autumn is at its peak & foliage is nature’s tribute to the sun’s rainbow but iDigress…
This crisp, clean, cool air in hooded sweatshirts will be replaced by driving snow with wet, ugly weather shortly.  Icy sidewalks are my nemesis now, no longer cats.  S’funny how God keeps giving us our rivals & enemies. 
Speaking of Rivals, Northeast Division rivals the Buffalo Sabres are in town tonight.  I love the Sabres.  From their classic uniforms to Mike Foligno’s salad bowl helmet to Clink Malarchuk, Dale Hawerchuk & Dave Andreychuk all on the team at the same time, leading the NHL in Chuks in the early 90’s.  Craig Ramsey, Grant Fuhr, Pierre Turgeon, Alexander Mogilny, Pat LaFontaine, Brad May, Dominik Hasek; the Dramatis Personae watching the Bruins faceoff against tough Sabres night after night, year after year.  Lindy Ruff’s been their coach for 14 Seasons (2 division championships, 1 Presidents Cup & 1 Stanley Cup Finals appearance & missed the playoffs only 3 times in Ruff’s tenure). 
Buffalo is one hockey hotbed.  Their natural rivals are about 2 hours away over the Lake Ontario, the Toronto Maple Leafs, nonetheless I grew up watching lots and lots of the Blue & Yellow of Sabres growing up Adams Division then Northeast Division combatants.  The initial Winter Classic of the 2007-08 season owns the attendance record at 71,217 filling football’s Ralph Wilson Stadium. 
Buffalo’s been a part of my hockey diet for a while whether it be Buffalo Wings with Meathead before the game at Hooters* or any given televised tilt versus the Buffalo Sabres. Wah wah wah…
(*Hooters no longer exists at its North Station location therefore Meathead & I are unable to perform one of our favorite pre-game rituals anymore, titties & beer of course…it was its own space/time when beer & hockey reigned supreme.  Huzzah!) 

Can the Bruins make it five in a row tonight?  I’m sure gonna find out.  The toughest part is waiting for Mario to call back.  I don’t want to ruin a good night’s game with an afternoon of beer & pooping out too early.  I’m trying to get him out of the house, put on a Bruins shirt and at least go try to talk to some chicks at a bar over the game tonight.  I mean why not!   
It is something we’ve never done!  Maybe I should put out a Craigslist Ad, two awesome handsome charming single men looking for two awesome single ladies to watch game with at awesome bar tonight.  Sheeesh…That’s something I do not think Mario would go for.   
I’ll Tweet that instead and see if we generate any interest.  ;P 

It’s time to go and Carpe Diem before the PUCK drops tonight. 
I hope you get to the enjoy the game tonight with a friend…or with a friend & invite a female friend and they bring a friend for my friend?  Ha! 

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

"The General Problem"

Meditating on this I'm reminded of work...and My Needs being Other People Needs?  This kinda sums it up along with its foolishness.

kriya shakti,

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Smoking PUCK!, November 6, 2011

In the News...

the Bruins won in Toronto 7-0 last night.
Tim Thomas shut-out.
Tyler Seguin Hat-Trick.

Now can we get back to whipping them in the press???

View From The Birdhouse, Nov. 6, 2011, Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage 2011, Friday November 4, Cambridge, MA USA

Saturday, November 05, 2011

View From the Birdhouse, November 5, 2011

Seen While Walking the Dog, Saturday, 8AM, 33 degrees.
The Imaginary Cover Art to My Imaginary Band's First Album.     

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I hadda go back.  I bought more.  
I ended up watching this movie again waiting for & eating my Sammich Delivery the other night.  
I had already bought the Music Soundtrack but also there was the Original Score by the Composer.  
after a third watching of it, only the DVD comes next.  
Or am I past the DVD now...but iDigress...(I might be post-DVD so don't let that get around!)  

A great mixture of orchestra, studio music and the 8-bit game sounds with actual movie dialog in their respective places make this one listen-able album.  Lots of quick 1 & 2 minute long instrumentals...mood musics with occasional clips of the actors speaking their lines.  
Soundtracks are fun.  Ask Doctor Hooey who got me turned onto Cinemagic.
Great movie moments in small audio cues.  Emotive pieces to beckon the soul & perception to excitement, remorse and love.  Such things are the art of Cinema!!!

kriya shakti,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

the Smoking PUCK! October 29, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins!!!
Welcome to the Channel OCHO Blog!
Home of the “grassroots” Boston-Brewed Hockey column…
The Smoking PUCK!
October 29, 2011

Perhaps One of the Worst Games Ever…
aka: Knowing a Challenge is Believing in its Power (play!)

I believe this:
Last Thursday’s Bruins game versus our rivals the Montreal Canadiens was one of the Worst Games Ever. 
I say this:
It was Worse Than a Shutout.  A 2-1 Loss, the only goal scored in the 1st Period was off the faceoff, in the Montreal defensive end was was put in their own net. Patrice Bergeron was credited with the Goal.  This faceoff was drawn during the Bruins Power Play. 
I Know This:
Before tonight’s home-and-home tilt against Les Habs again, The Beantowne Bees are 24th out of 30 teams on the Man Advantage, going 5-for-37 with only a 13.5% chance earning a PPG on any given night.  Even without trying apparently. 
And it’s a challenge. 
Which are good things in a way.  When they’re In The Way, they’re Overcome or Become a Personal Boundary. 
One of my Personal Points of View is my Love of Hockey is how it applies to everyday life.  About Life Being a series of Passing the Puck, Scoring the Puck, Line Changes & Queues for Restrooms & Beer during the Period breaks. 
Challenges though…we live them everyday in the work place.  When met with challenges, they can define our limitations or propel us into the Next Level.   

We expect ThunderSnow tonight for the Weather.
I expect ThunderSnow from the Bruins instead.  What that really mean, I dunno but it’s shocking, cold and you gotta dress for it. 
The ThunderSnow is actually proof of the Weather Device trying to root out OccupyBoston but iDigress…

Tonight, I’ll watch this game with rapt attention wearing my colors, howling that the moon and the teevee. 
Bruins/Canadiens is always a treat and I love how they boo Zdeno Chara everytime he touches the Puck.  It’s quite charming actually. 

The challenges the Bruins faceoff against will define them, good or bad.  Me too.
Maybe You.  ;P 
May We All Rise Up Against Our Challenges. 

kriya shakti,
Rev. Sully
The Hub of the Multiverse

Eric O’Sullivan
Boston, MA USA

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Foliage October 2011, Cambridge, MA USA

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...October 28, 2011

It was Bad Enough in Print.  
Now an 8-Hour Audiobook?
I'm aghast.  'Tis the Season, Hallowe'en, Samhain et al.  

This is the Bane of my DC CRISIS longbox!  This frakkin', pointless, silly, badly drawn & written, overwrought in-between event.
This Sucked the First Time!

For the actors, producers and listeners...you have my complete empathy.
My Lowest Point of Being a regular-buying DC Comics Fan

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When I look at my Class of '91 Ninja Academy Yearbook Picture, I sometime wonder "why" I didn't make it but iDigress...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Tao of Sully, October 25, 2011


The Unsent Email of Life.

I just started writing an email.  It does not matter to whom.  Or about what.
What matters is...after the idea became real, became manifest...
What matters is that I deleted it.
Instead of adding energy to an idea, I decided not to.

I'm doing that more.   This Ability.  I guess we Modern Folks call that Catharsis.  Nonetheless sometimes I find myself simply deleting and in most cases re-pooting whatever idea I had albeit with more grace, panache and verve.

Like the Zen Master Could Say to the Grasshopper...write me a Poem.  Good.  Now Burn It.  And Write It Again.

As I said the subject isn't the point.  The who is merely superfluous and the nouns are ganging up on the verbs again...but iDigress...

It was just a choice, thinking better to say less in a certain situation...although that can be applied widely.

The Tao of Sully

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod

Now with me, a brand-new iPod Touch 8GB.  An early birthday present from Doctor Hooey.
Awww Shucks.
He hit it big on a scratch ticket and called this "my slice".
This little gadget is wickid pissah.  I've yet to "scratch the surface" pardon the bad pun.  But I've never been one to want email in my pocket, and now I have provided wireless signal.
Catch That Bus?  Really Slick.
Infinity Blade?  Better than Dragon's Lair and I've played them both on the bus home.
And the 3-D Skymap of stars & planets that tracks the sky from your position...my favorite App.
The two-way cameras are awesome.  It's got FaceTime and  Pete loaded it with all the Apps he thought I'd love trying to wean me off the click wheel & it's eventual impending doom.

Welcome to the Future, iGuess.  ;P
I poot therefore I am.


Is this you're doing mighty Rev??? If it is well done ~ t's f*&%ing funny!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

iRawk...Therefore iPod, October 16, 2011

iRawk…Therefore iPod
Howdy Pilgrim Edition

The 5th Generation iPod nano, circa 2009-early ’10.
Nickname: Arios Gundam, named after my Favorite Anime Giant Robo.

The “smell” of Fresh Music! 
I deserved fresh sounds and I got what I needed!  iRawked the iTunes Store!
What I’ll still do is budget myself some spending money on music.
I give to myself in the form of the iTunes Gift Card. 

I was home on Friday Night, mulling over dinner & a movie.  OnDemand, I chose the 1997 John Woo American opus “Face/Off”.  I quickly shut it off during the credits.
I was just not into it anymore.  I saw something on the movie menu that looked a bit more tasty than a shoot ‘em up.  I watched this movie a few weeks ago & was blessed with delight.
Upon a second viewing, I then found how re-watchable this film is.  From it’s opening to the 8-Bit Orchestra at the End Credits. 

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. 
Being a Comix geek I am utterly unfamiliar with the Funnybook Original Source.  Guilty. 
This whole experience was a visual & quotable masterpiece…then there was the Music.
I had to buy the Soundtrack.  Reading the credits I saw that Scott Pilgrim’s original songs were written by Beck. 
I ended up having a good night in with a feel-good movie. 
And yearning to get those songs for my shuffle.  Populate my random with a little newer, younger sound to boot. 

One of the Albums I’ve been meaning to pick up was the Book of Mormon by the creators of South Park & Avenue Q. 

I laughed out loud in all the right places I guess. 
It’s got what I refer to as the Potty Mouth Musical.  It has that Sound to it’s Vocals & Execution that is Color-By-Numbers.  I saw a Juke Box Musical last year and the delivery had that same cookie cutter quality. 
The story was profane & funny.  The jokes were savage.  Imagine being on Broadway to hear ribald revelry.  I never kenned to Avenue Q anyhoo.  Sure “Book” is Farcical but it’s also got the Aural Fingerprint of a Disney cartoon from the 80s & 90s.  I know parts of Book of Mormon are direct send-ups of the Lion King, yeah, I get it. 
I’ll give it another spin, maybe I’m being too critical for a first listen.  But it riffs on a source I barely find tolerable to begin with…

And for my continuing hunt for piece of mind…
I found a new Deepak Chopra audiobook
This one built for At Work Sanity! 
Synchronicity wins again!  This is just what I needed! 
“The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness”. 

What can I say about shoes that are the right fit. 
I’m a few hours into the 6 hour unabridged audiobook but this was $18 bucks well spent. 
How to defuse the ticking timebomb that is myself. 
Well, that’s hyperbole then again I do get rather stressed out at work and lately it’s bad.  So these are the messages I need to hear.  His silly acronyms in context with the subject, mnemonic devices for remembering these lessons for the key moment to use them. 

All this and a few “new” Beatles tunes from the June 2011 release Anthology Highlights 

the deep cuts “Not Guilty”, “All Things Must Pass” and their own version of “Come and Get It” all for $1.29/ea. 

I blew through a $50 iTunes Card with a gleam in my eye and a smile in my ear! 

Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in. 

Arios in Flight Mode