Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Comics Gnome POOTS...

the Modern Mahabharata

It is an Ancient Epic...a Wickid Long Poem. A War Poem. This is the Hindu Iliad.
Everyone's in it. All Fight. Most Die.
The Survivors are Forever Changed, along with the Age itself...

18 Days by Grant Morrison



This new version of the Mahbharata is set in fantastic, mythic time, at the end of the Dwapara Yuga (Copper Age) and the beginning of the fallen, corrupt Kali Yuga, the Age of Iron.

Although historically, the epic is generally thought to refer to events occurring as recently as 9 BC and as long ago as 15 BC (depending on which account you favour), I’d like to place the action much further back into a more fantastical Indian past so that we can take full advantage of the possibilities for action and spectacle on a scale rarely scene. This is like a psychedelic The Lord of the Rings with Star Wars technology.

In this cosmic, symbolic version of events, Bharat is the primordial landmass – the single continent, also known as Pangaea, said to exist before continental drift created the shapes we’re now familiar with. As we’ll learn here, it wasn’t continental drift that split mighty Pangaea but the descendants of King Bharata.

Bharat is home to the mighty kingdoms of the Kauravas, who come to represent the world of blind, ignorant matter, and the Pandavas, who stand in for the world of spirit and understanding and personify the clash between the impulse to participate in the restless material sphere and the impulse to transcend it.

On the ninth day of the 18 Days War, the geology of Bharat is split apart by the ferocity of the conflict, the Flood occurs, and the dreaded Iron Age we currently live in begins.

This is not a strictly accurate historical portrayal of events but a poetic, fantastic interpretation of the original text.

Given the nature of the medium and the kaleidoscopic possibilities of the original narrative, my intention is not to tell the story in strict chronological order (beginning with Shantanu and progressing through the various stories towards the war) instead I’d like to approach the text not in a linear fashion but as a 3-dimensional structure to which we can continually add new modular episodes which will eventually build up into an incredible mosaic of the War and the events surrounding it. In this way the story will grow in power and interconnectivity as we build it up piece by piece, episode by episode.

As I see it, the whole of the Mahabharata, and indeed the whole of Hindu thought and ultimately of all contemplative thought, expands outwards like the Big Bang from one timeless Singularity – the moment when Krishna stops time to deliver the terrible wisdom of the Gita and reveal to Arjuna his – and our own - place in the cosmos. Here is the ‘crack’ in time, the crack between Ages and the crack in every human heart through which the light of A New Way To Think can come.

Poised between massive opposing forces, from the Singularity of Krishna’s message, we expand outwards into duality and the War that comes to represent all opposing dualities in the cosmos beyond the Singularity. This is a story with a timeless resonance.
Around this Singularity (the Gita), the narrative expands like the universe from the Big Bang, as a vivid demonstration of Krishna’s words, showing us in powerful actions and consequences the human truth of the Charioteer’s intellectual arguments.

From the undiluted Divine, via conceptual thought, we enter the material world, History and the Epic dimension. Further from the radiant core of the SIngularity, the mighty heroes and titanic warrior kings display more human and fewer semi-divine qualities. Their background stories reveal recognisable human dramas, ambitions and follies.

So…I’d like to BEGIN with Arjuna laying down his arms on the battlefield, prior to his experience with Krishna – which we see only glimpses of, allowing us to more fully explore it later in a series of increasingly meaningful future episodes. Here we see only the consequences of the message as the king/hero Arjuna returns from timelessness and launches his armies against the Kauravas.

This way we can get a glimpse of the cool stuff up front – crashing vimanas, atomic god weapons, incredible battles where millions die – we get to see the heroes and their adversaries at their most epic, with super-real battle scenes, ‘Saving Private Ryan’-style, that really show the shocking effects of this Epoch-ending struggle.

As the clash of titans gets underway, we can then cut away in our next episode to flash back to the ‘secret origins’ of characters we’ve met on the field of battle – suddenly we’re seeing the human beneath the veneer of glory. With each new character we meet and come to identify with, the War, which at first seemed no more than spectacle, becomes more and more charged with emotion and meaning as we watch them march towards destinies we know must come. By the time we reach the 18th Day and have witnessed all the stories of the players involved, our hearts should be broken and healed and broken again.

I think this type of ‘holographic’ structure allows us to plug new stories into the ongoing 18 DAYS War. We can cut away from a monumental Bhisma on the battlefield, for instance, to discover the story of the man behind the myth and watch as his karma leads him inexorably back to the main event.

We open with the War and then begin to answer the question – how did it come to this? And how will it end? With so much material at our disposal I can see a lot of fun to be had answering those questions while widening the scope of the 18 DAYS universe to meet new characters or see old favourites in a new light.

And the over-sized hardcover goes on and on...
and my hungry eyes eat every photon!!! Art, copy, characters.

I read the Bhagavad Gita every morning, usually for the past 6 or more months.
It is reformatting my SoulDrive.
I haven't gotten sick of the story yet either.

Imagine now the Conjunction with Grant and the Gita...
This is a thick read...its all Data as well. The print collection is a documenting of a great idea that didn't take off...
a Motion Comic called 18 Days. By one of the industry's Best & Brightest.
Sales alone in the Sub-Continent woulda been WOW!
The Trailer of this Idea in Motion. Check it out...the Gitas would be Day One of the 18 Days so I look forward to see how this all pans out.
And the Spine denotes a Number "1". The Book documents up until Episode 3! Is there another $25 hardcover on my horizon??? Did I just get set up? Damn serials...heh!

crea shakti,
November is leaving like an Autumn Tree...The Holiday Season is Upon Us.
For Myself, My Birthday was last Week and X-Mas is next month...so my family thought it be "cool" and "Wickid Pizzah" to give me a Double Whammy of Two Really Cool Kitchen Gadgets...
Nonetheless...they were not what I really wanted.

A Deep Fryer and...

and a Bread Machine.

Interlude: It was early November...weeks before my birthday but my Ma calls me on the Phone, full of glee & mirth. "Guess WHAT???" she can't keep in in!...She wouldn't ruin the Surprise but I was getting something for my kitchen from Emeril!!! Emeril Lagasse....great. Don't tell me she got me knives!!! I'd get laughed out of any respectable kitchen with Emeril knives but iDigress...

My countenance was impassive, not crestfallen nor disappointed...relieved I didn't get any knives.
And glad we can send them back!
I told Ma, I got a bread machine once...2nd hand at a Flea market for $20 and I never used it. I swore I'd use it for Pizza Dough at least but in reality I never touched the frakkin feltercarb. In addition, when one makes bread in a bread machine one needs to concede to an imperfect loaf every time, with the machine's paddle having to removed from the bottom of the loaf pan every bake not to mention and ungainly, oblong & awkwardly tall loaf. I thought I could make & proof dough in it and fire on a pizzastone, pullman loaf pan or other method alas I never did.
My 2nd hand flea market $20 bread machine ended up being a landing pad for airborne grease hogging counterspace.
Ma proudly said, "This did NOT cost $20"! heh!

And the Fryer...great but a total one-trick pony. Once the novelty of Corn Dogs, Egg Rolls and Fried Twinkies & Fried Snicker Bars wear off, it usually remains untouched for months at a tilt. I remember perhaps erroneously but El Post's Brother-In-Law bought a similar deep-fryer and this is how I know about its novelty. We lived it. And I also believed He abandoned the deep fryer upon exit of the South End Flat on Worcester Street...but I could be wrong about abandoning that device....I remember it was up for grabs and I declined to take it, choosing a Book Dr. Hooey gave him which got abandoned as well.

So no hurt feelings on either side. let's get what I'd want then I found this...and my Aunt found the same web site and this was It!
I parlayed 2 one-trick pony gadgets into this counter top appliance which I can produce a 100 different things....

4.5 Qt Kitchen Aid in Tangerine with three attachments; whisk, paddle & dough hook.
aka, The Orange Crush
Exactly what I would have asked for. Exactly what I'm getting...in Orange too.
Pizza dough, cakes, breads, compound butters, mashed potatoes, whipped cream just to begin with let alone the things I've yet to do!

crea shakti!

Get In My Belly!
iRawk…Therefore iPod!

I have to do it.
This Zeitgeist Compels Me!
I am an American…Proud, Free. The Cost of Admission though is Fealty to the State! And That mean…
Let’s Go Shopping!
Before Cyber Monday comes Black Friday & In Blackest Weekend!!!
I mean c’mon…I just got paid.
I got Birthday Loot to Boot.
I promised myself I’d get out of the house this afternoon lest Smeegle Turns to Golum but iDigress…

To The IntrePoop! Already Black Friday is Coming into Play for Myself…
Birthday & Christmas kitchen gadgets consolidated into One Kick-@$$ Appliance...
My best birthday present HAS to be the $75 Converse Gift Card I got from Deedee so I’ve Cyber Monday to look forward to there for “kicks”…

Sheer Morbid Black Saturday Interest Moves My Hands to go to the iTunes Store!
I got $17.90 in iTunes cash unspent.
In the parlance of the Age, let’s “rev this baby up, eh?”
I’m not feeling it this AM. Sure the Beatles are now available to by but I got Mine.
Seriously…the only thing I bought this AM was a 1985 single by the Fat Boys called, “Yes, Yes Y’all!” for my newly reformed SUPERHERO RAWK! Playlist. If you’re Lucky, you’ll hear it…
So it’s off to Harvard Squayah!
It’s a brisk late November day; sunny, glorious…a day for my Shades & Greasy Kid Stuff.
I work on my feet…I need new shoes & socks for real. What a great gift. I got birthday loot for for a boot. Something’s afoot! Heh! I literally ride on $8 per pair Heavy Duty, wicking/drying, extra sooper padded heel & toe Mega Socks. Hey…my feet don’t stink at all. Is that TMI? Sorry…nonetheless I need 5 pairs of $8 socks. Do the Math, Mouthbreathers.
It’s time to empty the Bag O’Life! Load with Sundries! Huzzah! Good Hunting! Plug into Arios Gundam and Fly Away on a Sortie Mission for STUFF!!!

Holiday! Celebrate!
Whence Passes Black Friday, I now carry about 6 hours 18 minutes worth of Holiday Cheer in my Little Orange Mecha. If Santa needs a ride X-Mas Eve…let us know. Arios Gundam & Myslef will be happy to give you a lift!
Now I can bring to work an huge playlist of Popular Holiday Favorites by my kind of artists and not be kept captive to the Radio Stations. I’m a little fickle this time of year…better than getting the Blues, eh?

A Hand of Poker Anyone?
Video Playback…a great feature of Last Year’s iPod nano model…
I love buying Pop Singles as Videos from the iTunes Store. For $1.99, I also get the audio copy alongside the video…the track plays in shuffle & on Playlists.
This Immediately went onto the 24 Hour Party Mix…
Well…not the South Park kids…seriously!

My First Brush with the International Super Hit Phenomenon…
I musta seen this months & months ago and went GaGa over this recent South Park…although I knew the reference I had never consciously listened to a Lady GaGa tune.
Meanwhile!…at work not two weeks ago I heard this splendid single in all its Pop Glory. I usually tune out the AOR Soft Rock & Pop of the “agreed upon for peace’s sake” radio station…not was the case when the “Deejay” announces Lady GaGa’s almost two year old cut, “Poker Face”
Sure Mr. Dirty Mind here got all the References so that made it instantly appealing, and instantly “hooked”.
The rest of the Day and for days afterward until I bought this video from the iTunes Store…
I sang the Hook & Chorus like South Park’s Eric Cartman…Imaging That.

Now I “get” GaGa. This is a Nigh-Perfect Pop Single. Supported by a video that is forward-moving but containing all the trappings of the 80’s 1st Gen MTV Look & Feel that Captured my Childhood with the televised New Wave. I’m really hit or miss on her other material but this is a good start. My my my my Poker Face…my my Poker Face…nah nah nah…

Fuel up the body & soul! Break’est Calls and Dancing in the Kitchen while I cook. I’ll hit the Squayah in time for Lunch!
What’s Your Black Weekend like? Hope you got a Great Soundtrack to your day. Skoal!

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
2278 Songs
14 Videos inc. 1 Movie @1.83GB
11 Podcasts
128 Photos
3 Games
317 MB Free

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
November 25, 2010

Give Thanks You Turkeys!!!
aka: Having Fun Yet?

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!! I can’t get enough!
Whether its tomorrow’s 3rd in a row leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry & mayo sammich…
Or more great hockey from the Local Black & Gold.

Wins, Losses, Shootouts, they happen.
But being consistently entertained…
Just this past week was the FIRST time this season I heard an actual chorus of “Booos!” from the Judgmental Gallery Gawds of Causeway Street. What f@#king game are they watching?
Just because your scratch ticket didn’t pan out for the Umpteenth Time.
The AM Dunkins, they used Sugah insteadda Splenda in yer Laage Regulah.
Traffic Sucked like the Yankees.
Didn’t weah enuff layahs an’ ya freezin’ ya balls/eggs off…
Weah gonna take it out on This Year’s Bee’s Win oar Lose? Or can we…
Give Thanks Instead!
Marc Savard has been cleared to play full-contact by his team of Head Specialists, post-concussion.
Tim Thomas currently owns an 11-1 record and is profiling the true power of Yoga in a person’s life…Tank Thomas is an avid practitioner of Yoga.

Milan Lucic is doing exactly what I hoped he would (knock on “would” eh? ^_~). In the Top 10 of Shooters in the NHL right now…almost averaging a Point per Game.
Nathan Horton & David Krecji. It’s pronounced “KRAY-Chee”. Depth in Forward for the First Time in a Long, Long While.
Patrice Bergeron and Mark Recchi, the Assistant Captains, leading this team on the Ice, in the Locker Room and over the Scoresheet. RTFM, brothers & sisters.
Tyler Seguin and Jordan Caron, the Rookies.
Zdeno Chara and the rest of the Boston Defense. Chara is logging almost 30 minutes a game some nights. When all the cylinders are firing this Defense is Mobile & Stingy.
The Fourth Line…who appear to found their scoring touch, their sherrif’s tough & their space/time chemistry.
And Give Thanks to a Good Coach. Claude Julien and his staff.

I could go on for the rest of the Day with Elan alas I must attend to my ablutions. To feast on Turkey and Enjoy…not Endure…But Enjoy with the same Elan my Family’s Company. I give thanks for them, my family.
May your Thanksgiving be full of family and stuffed with stuffing & pie! Huzzah!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Super There Will Be Blood from Tomfoolery Pictures on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Doctor Hooey...
It's like TECHMO SUPER BOWL for the original NES...


Saturday, November 20, 2010

"It's a Trap"

I know what I am asking Santa for this Christmas. :)
Happy Birthday Sully ***MWAH***

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hal Jordan played by People Magazine's Man of the Year...I coulda told you that. He's Green Lantern AND he's married in real life to Scarlett Johanson???

I've been trailer-free since Star Wars: Episode I.
If it's shot in 3-D I think I'll see it initially that way.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is beautiful...a real work...

This will be on my wall...for all the Pizza Rolls in 12 parsecs.
Why the Frak Didn't I Think of Doing This To Him!


Pizza Rolls...
Have You Seen the Episode I and II Reviews?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Going Shopping Edition!

Grumble Grumble.
I’m a picky person.
Heck when I was a kid I’d have a fit if the items of my dinner plate were touching. Logic saying, “it all goes to the same place” did not apply to me.
This same pickiness comes over me as I go online shopping for new music.
I look at the iTunes Store and find nothing.
I just got $25 worth of iTunes Cash. No new Chopra audiobooks to catch my fancy.
I crave new music.
So this afternoon, I’m going shopping. For Real. I’m going to Harvard Square and see what my eyes catch in the olde fashioned record store.
I need shoes, music & funnybooks. Will I get them all? Nope. But taking a spin around the CD Racks especially the New Releases is sure to inspire my purchasing power!
I’ve picked up a few things this year but with 2010 trotting off into the horizon…I got really few things to rave about this calendar year.

2010 perhaps wasn’t a Year of New Music for me.
I lost one beloved iPod early in the year. R.I.P. Motherboxxx.
I replaced it months later with this Awesome Orange Little Mecha that flies me into Orbits of Aural Pleasures & Vistas. WTG Arios Gundam.
Then suffered a complete loss of the ability to Sync for a few months until the Esteemed Doctor Hooey made a House Call. Hats off to good friends!
In the end, I lost months on the Disabled List.

But with my Tea Shades up, my headphones on…iRawk as iWalk.
The 24 Hour Party Mix is back up & running to its nominal 107%.
My days at work are filled with music soothing my savage beast & agitated mind with Jazz & Beatles.
My nights at home are filled with my Personal Rawk Yoga, getting my rock on.
Strolling down the tree-lined streets of Cambridge & Somerville, looking at the foliage on picture perfect days such as this Saturday…
Music Only I can get a day & a half out of the 16GB flashdrive with a screen & speaker…which does waste a chunk of battery life. On dogwalking days, I’m sure to bring a Wall Wart just in case.
I Hate Not having my Tunes with me.

So on that I’ll finish this AM’s coffee and the morning itself by going to the “Squayah”. Get my shopping on and tune out that pesky world…

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
2157 Songs
12 Videos inc. 1 Movie @1.83GB
11 Podcasts
166 Photos
3 Games
794 MB Free

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode


Now the Comics Gnome wanted to share this with you before he marches off to the FunnyBook Bodega for the (sigh) Monthly Stack.
I will not be getting GREEN LANTERN EMERALD WARRIORS anytime soon. Nonetheless...what a great Splash Page.
All you need to know about Green Lantern 2814.2 GUY GARDNER...one of my favorite DCU characters. Says the things you want to say...kicks the @$$ you want to kick.

'Nuff Said.

Your Saturday AM Cartoon...
The Smoking PUCK!
November 13, 2010

Rawk The Vote!…But Sticks in Centre Ice???
aka: The Triumphant Return of “For Pete’s Sake”

November! My Favorite Month! Knee Deep in Falling Leaves and a Brand-New Hockey Season.
So Far…So Great! In professional sports outside of NFL Football, we must concede to the Dharma that “We Win Some, We Lose Some”. Have the Bruins lost few Headscratchers…sure. Have the Beantowne Bee’s thrilled & excited you so far this nascent season…if you’ve been watching then your “vote” should resoundingly be “Yea!”
13 games into the 2010-11 Campaign versus the Windmill and the Bruins have an edge in the most interesting of places on the Standings Sheet.
Goals For, Goals Against. And it leads to it’s sum…or for the Standings the “Difference”, DIFF.
Currently the Bruins are 4th out of 30 Teams in Team Goal Differential. In 13 games, the Bruins have a +14 and completely own the Northeast Division in Goal Differential with 41 Goals For and 27 Goals Against. Even With Math Giving Me Headaches…I Can Totally Dig This.

Before I get too far ahead…
I’d like to name check my “bro”, Pete Fernandez, OCHO’s very own Doctor Hooey. It is for him I write “For Pete’s Sake”, the Smoking PUCK’s primer for the Newer Fan.
In Print or Pixel…nothing would make me stand still and attend to Sheer Data. As much as I possess little mathematical aptitude, I do love pouring over the…
NHL Daily Standings.
A grid of Team Names…followed by numbers & letters. And if you can cipher out this Sheer Data. Then you can feel the Shape of Hockey’s Space/Time.
The Little Letters at the top of the Column actually mean something important! ^_^

X - Clinched Playoff spot
Y - Clinched Division
Z - Clinched Conference
P - Clinched Presidents' Trophy
GP - Games Played
W - Wins
L - Losses
OT - OT/Shootout losses (worth one point)
PTS - Points
GF - Goals For
GA - Goals Against
AWAY - Away record
L10 - Record in last ten games
STREAK - Consecutive wins or regulation losses (excludes OT/SO losses as those result in a point earned). An empty Streak column indicates team's last game was an OT/SO loss.

Don’t Worry, Dr. Hooey…there will be No Examination this year. Perhaps I can finally take you to that game we’ve been musing about for over a Decade, eh?

All Star Game Coming Soon…Teams To be Decided by Captains Drawing Sticks from Center Ice!
I am not making this up.
Remember when you were a kid…and making up sides so we can play. Whether it was Guns or Hockey or Baseball, we’d throw our toy guns, hockey sticks or baseball gloves into a pile and Two Captains would make the teams. The Last Picked Would Pout (yes in hockey it was me…didn’t play much baseball).
In the New Ice Order of 21st Century Modern Hockey, constant tinkering seems to be the Norm. In the Spirit of Change & Keeping New Interest the NHL now present to our “Fun Factor”…the 2011 ASG Fantasy Draft.
Fans will pick six players (three forwards, two defensemen and one goalie) for the 2011 All-Star Game in balloting that begins Nov. 15 and runs through Jan. 3, regardless of conference they play in. The remaining 36 All-Stars will be named by NHL Hockey Operations. The players from that group of 42 will vote for team captains.
And that's when the fun starts, as the captains then select from the full pool of players. Each team will be required to choose three goalies, six defensemen and 12 forwards in any order they choose.
* After the 42 NHL All-Stars have been selected, two captains will be chosen per team by the players.

* On Friday, January 28, 2011, a fantasy draft event will be held in Raleigh with all 54 NHL players (42 All-Stars and 12 rookies) during which the captains will draft the remaining members of their respective teams.

* First selection in the draft will be determined by coin flip and selections will continue on an alternating basis.
Source: NHL Dot Com above

We’ve seen Different Team Combinations before. North America Versus the World was kinda fun. Rendez-Vous ’87 pitted the Best of the NHL against the Soviet Union’s legendary U.S.S.R All-Star Team…who equalled the NHL’ers & contributed many Hall of Fame players once the Iron Curtain fell but iDigress…
Different Team Combos also make for great & interesting Sweater Designs. I love Hockey Jerseys.
Nonetheless, this year’s ASG promises 2 Captains, one-by-one picking sides.
Just like when we were kids…sounds fun actually.

The Comics Gnome Hits the Ice???
More All-Star Game news…in conjunction with MARVEL Comics, the NHL are going all “Happy Meal” by developing NHL Guardians!…Superheroes based up Hometown Teams.
Nothing looks more superhero than a Hockey Jersey with a Big Logo in the Center with Iconic color Combinations.
"This is really a fresh, new, original approach to superheroes, based on the local NHL team. When you think about it, the names of these teams, they sound like super characters. They're inspiring." -- Stan Lee

My vote is for the "Gallery Gawd". Sporting a "Spok'd G" in Black & Gold. Kinda Thor-like....Judgmental as a Gawd Should be..pugilistic to boot. Whatcha think? Maybe back to the Drawing Bored with that one, eh? Heh!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Attention...Pay Heed...

This is art...

"Mutual" by xkcd
10. Stinky Refrigerators
I mean...Holy Sheep $#1T!!! The fridge hasn't smelled this bad since the last one died!!! Who ended up cleaning it...ME!!!!

11. Too Many Football Games
This one's for Billy...we were ay my Local Pub watching the Pat's game last Sunday. The Pub had every other 1PM football game on each of their copious screens. Bill loved it but I could not pay attention to my own Pats getting pantsed in Cleveland. Too Much Info!!!

12. Ranch Dressing
The real reason I am addicted to BBQ Chicken Wings...

Dig The Cover...(to the Kindle version)
of the GUIDE MARK II!!!

As I said earlier...

with Douglas Adams' HITCHHIKERS' TRILOGY

They are so familiar...and similar. Both crafted from minds across the Pond.

Click to Enlarge!!!
From Vol. 3 final issue. (numbered #1 descending from #12)
Glitterdammerung!...clever, eh?
This is where I got the idea about the phrase,
"Philogyny Recapitulates History".
For Real. I Did. I looked up "philogeny" and got on my Mac's dictionary "Philogyny".
Big Difference. I Chuckled...Therefore iShared.
RTFM. All My Life, Good Comix Have Made Me Look Up Words!!!

Both works cover the End of Time for our characters...
with 2012 approaching I gain interest in how it could go down and where I should "Aum" but iDigress...

know this...it is time for supper
it is time for bed
then it is time to rise
open your eyes but only if the book is opened somewhere else...sorry that's how it works...

crea shakti,
(updated with killer comics panels from Invisibles, Vol. 3 #1, Morrison & Quitely)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Enjoy Your Autumn!!!

Be it overcast & cool perfect for football at the Pub
or Clear & Sunny playing with the Dog...

Happy November.
Thank you Doctor Hooey for my "Cap'n Kirk Shirt"
Best Shirt Ever!!!

Captain James T. Kirk in the black shirt he wore all movie (2009) long...except the end but iDigress...

crea shakti,

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Always on my 24 Hour Party Mix...Always in my Pocket.

November Has Come.
My favorite month.

Please...Enjoy This November.

iRawk...Therefore Pod!