Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
October 28, 2010

Raking the Leafs, Part 2.
aka: Northeast Ho!

Smell the Ice…

Freshly Zambonied Ice. As a Goalie, what we do to freshly surfaced ice is to run our skates bladewise across the Crease. The Blue Shaded Area.
It even says Goal Crease

Advantageous to Ice Hockey Goaltenders too are dull skate blades.
So before the beginning of the Period, I’m basically ruining the Fresh Ice. What I gain is traction to grip my blades…lateral movement. Sure, striding & skating are cool and all but We The Crazy Who Allow Grown Men to Shoot Frozen Discs of Vulcanized Rubber At Themselves…march to the beat of our own drummer, mos definit’ly.

A fresh sheet of home ice. Face off await. I’ve dined. I’ve napped.
Now I smoke a PUCK.
I’m getting ready. I hear Sk8rJames of THPS past cry out “Red Eye?!” but iDigress…

The next three games are against rivals in our Northeast Conference. Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs but more on them in a sec…
On Tap After To-Nite: @Ottawa then @Buffalo.
6 Division points. I hope Coach Claude Julien is nailing home the importance of 6 Division Points this early in the year for the Standings at the End of the Season. Bruins have the Hot Hand. As I feared the “Make Beliefs” have turned in season. The Maple Leafs have started strong. The Bruins are also blessed with having played less games…most teams have played 9-10 games so far. Since the Bruins opened in Europe on a field trip, the Beantown Bee have only played 6. Winning within the Division early on will fare well for the Hometown brown bears, now and later.

The Maple Leafs look good. A team befitting a hockey town such as Toronto.
I’m watching the game tonight.
I’m gonna howl at the Moon! (is this out of a Stephen King novel?)

Perhaps a supper of pita bread pizza using my “Pub” chili as the sauce with some sour crème. Just in time for the 2nd period would be key.
I’m ready for the face off…are you?

Crea shakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I awoke with a craving.

Sunday. 7AM. Coffee then...then what, Sully?
Whatcha gonna get for take-away or delivery today?
$40 at the Pub for a great sammich & Pats Game Supper?


I craved the Pub's chili.
But I had to do it Myself.

I use a personal measurement called "morsel-sized".
It's personal to you what you feel is a good sized forkful or a biteful should be...so "crea shakti" and Choose Rightly but iDigress...

I used three meats.
Ground Beef, seasoned then browned & drained.
Flank Steak, seasoned, seared then portioned into morsels to be braised in the chili for 4 hours to cook into the texture of pot roast.
and Linguica, browned & throughly drained.
These are the three meats which make my Pub's chili so special. The Chef never shared his recipe with me...I know it quite literally from the Inside-Out.

I'm usually a purist too. Legend has that "real" Texas chili contains No Beans. Nonetheless, I threw in 2 cans of Goya Red Kidney beans (Low Sodium aka light blue wrapper). I like Red Kidney beans apparently. I was executing this dish and at the Supermarket...I couldn't "taste" it without these red kidney beans.
I also bought 4 lbs of carrots for $3...so I diced & blanched a few carrots and added it to my chili. I love carrots. Great nutrition. I diced, let sit on boiled off kettle water in a bowl for 20 minutes aggressively salted with Kosher Salt. Then drained and shocked with cold water. Ice Bath works best for technique. The vegetable will now keep its shape more or less after blanched then shocked.
Morsel-sized spanish onions, sauteed in linguica grease & cracked black pepper. near the end of this I add some tomato paste, just a few spoons full and cook off that raw flavor.

The usual two large cans of Crushed Tomatoes. Now drain the Red Kidney Beans and add. Then add you prepared cooked meats...

The three meats:
    Linguica: sliced lengthwise then to morsels. Browned in skillet, drain from grease 1/2 during cooking & reserve 4 oz. grease for onions later.

    Ground Beef: seasoned with salt, minced raw garlic clove (1 or 2 large cloves), ample amount of toasted crushed coriander & cumin, onion powder & garlic powder from the spice rack. Some Tony Chachere's too if I got it. I line a deep baking dish with tin foil then make a huge rectangular burger I bake off in the over at 325deg for 15 minutes, drain then bake off again for another 5 minutes, drain again. I then take a spatula and chop morsel-sized pieces.

    Flank Steak: aggressively seasoned with kosher salt only, seared 4 minutes a side, rested, cut to morsel and added to chili to braise. Will turn into a fall-apart pot roast/short rib consistency. Too good for words...just try it. Flank Steak or any kind of braising meat containing lots of connective tissues. Slow cooking breaks those down ito "yummy". I basically braised this seared cut-to-morsel flank steak for 4 hours in my chili.

Oh yes...cannot forget ever!
One Large Bay Leaf. Remove after Two Hours.
A few cups of water...crank to a boil then drop to a simmer & cover for Four Hours.
Stir occasionally but never scrape the bottom...ESPECIALLY if you feel resistance or burntness through the spoon...you can always pour the chili into a new stock pot/vessel and continue cooking without the burnt flavor...
I remove the Bay Leaf after Two Hours. That's all it really needs. I've added too much Bay Leaf once in my life and really learned from it....yikes.

I toasted an ample amount of whole coriander seed and cumin seed and crushed to powder in my mortar & pistil.
I added too much and its harshness took over the chili
I saved it though...I balanced out that harshness later on with less than three good pinches of normal white Sugar over two tastings.
Knowing How to use Sugar-To-Taste is important.

The Chili was ready by Kickoff for the Patriots visiting the Chargers.
I finished off my bowl of chili with...
    a spoonful of sour cream

    a good pinch of shredded cheese

    a few good shakes of my favorite vinegar-based Louisiana hot sauce

    and finally some freshly minced cilantro.

The Louisiana hot sauce is important. Up until now, the Chili has no "heat". I make it One-Alarm flavor for the most universal enjoyment. The Louisiana hot sauce though possesses the Pop! of Vinegar that brightens up this dish but also the Ancho chile flavor that is sublimely present in my favorite brand. Some "heat" I save for the addition of this flavor compliment.
The sour cream lends smoothness and mouth feel with the melting cheese...
the three meats entertain and mystify with a "wow-ness".
All that and a good pinch of freshly minced cilantro...run your spoon through it a few times and enjoy.
Heaven awaits you on Earth in a Bowl.

And I got to share.

Get In My Belly!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

To riff on something I said earlier...
it's commonly unusual with me to counter reading the INVISIBLES by Grant Morrison with this.
Something from the Hitchhiker's Guide.

As I begin the end of the INVISIBLES

TPB #7...aka Volume 3, issue #s 12-1 (in a countdown).

I need some cosmic comic balance.

Common threads with both concepts. Madness...real sci-fi...wonder....
I divined a neural pathway that accepts both as Contrasting Unity.
Hitchhikers & Invisibles.
it's a fictional menu pairing.
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe has been kicking around in The Bag O'Life for a week now.
As I said...I can't read the INVISIBLES on the Subway anymore...it's too ribald for the person behind me.
Nonetheless, the 4th Law of Tankers must be upheld.

This looks like the wickid old, falling apart, pilfered from the Boston Public Library in 1996 paperback copy that I own and am currently reading.

A Dubble Whammy on my Way To Bed. I read the INVISIBLES before bed and my dreams get to be hawter than a stolen car...but iDigress,,,

crea shakti,
The Smoking PUCK!
October 23, 2010

Horton Heard a Hoo???
aka: Ranger Rage Ranks Low…

Fuck the Rangers.
There I said it.
Patooie, to boot. I should slake off the desire to Spit At Things so I’ve arranged a pecking order.
The New York City Rangers Hockey Club will be the Last Thing I Give Up Hating.
I’m not attached to hating the Ranger…it comes naturally. All Sports need Struggle and an Arch-Rival. Motive & Target.
For me, the “Arch-Rival” is the NYC (patooie!) Rangers…the Broadway Blueshirts of Manhattan Island. Fellow Original Six Member. In some popular circles, the Montreal Canadiens are the “end-all, be-all” of Opponents…and for great reasons.
Interlude: It was St. Valentine’s Day 1999 and we were in Montreal having a weekend…for kicks we checked out Les Habs at Home versus the Florida Panthers on a Saturday Night. And the crowd changed my heart…I was swept away in the glow & love of Hockey. I mean so what if they like to boo Cap’n Chara everytime he touches the puck on Rue de Levesque…they’re all paying attention to the game.
New York Fans on the Other Hand like to chant “Boston Sucks”
Not Bruins Suck. Red Sox Suck. Celtics Suck. Patriots Suck.
Boston Suck is the preferred arena chant of the NY Big 4.
It’s not about Personal Umbrage.
It’s about Standing Up for Yourself.
So again.
Fuck The Rangers.
We play the Blueshirts at 7PM To-Nite at The Boston Gaahden where only Rangers & Yankees Suck.
I’ll be with enchanting darlings dining at one of Cambridge’s finest establishments, catching up with margaritas! I intend not to rubberneck the sole TV above the Bar at the Border Café but iDigress…

Nathan Horton, just one of the Bruins newest Young Guns is on fire! 5 games with 7 points (4 goals, 3 assists). This is the go-to guy right now. I’ve been staying up late…for me up at 4AM then end of a hockey game is staying up past one’s bedtime. Nonetheless, the presence of Nathan Horton in Black & Gold giving it all makes those afternoons at work when space/time collapses into a singularity of pain & suffering…worth it. Hard-nosed, net-crashing plays. One-timing. Stingy defense. Great goaltending. The Bruins early on are firing on all cylinders. Even the 4th line looks intense & tight.

I’m getting a little buzzed tonight and gonna howl at that Full Moon with a duo of delightful & pretty gals. My kinda evening. Blessed with great company & good times! Huzzah! I know the Bruins can take care of themselves tonight.
The season's only 5 games deep and the Bruins are rocking the socks off of cool cats like me. Perhaps I'll catch the Midnight replay without spoiling the score. I'll still roar if I don't know the Score.

Revised, Sunday AM
Dinner got cancelled. Boo. Chicks...::shrugs shoulders::
But I went to the Pub with 2 of my Roommates Bryan & Boris for a few bottles of brew. First time hanging out with either of them outside of the house. That was nice. I had ironed my shirt & put greasy-kid stuff in my locks. It was nice to go out and use it for the 1st Period at my local public house. 3 fights in the 1st period...the guys to my right at the Bar thought I was a fight-loving meathead, methinks. Well...
The next two periods were on the couch at home with Bryan, finishing the beer in the icebox. Things have a way of working out, huh? Don't stress, or get sad...or ever too happy or worked up. Unless you're on the ice wearing Black & Gold against Those Frakkin Blueshirts...we lost the match 3-2 but we kicked their asses on our home ice.
NYC Does Not Suck at All...Take that You Ranger Creeps!
PS Talking about Nathan Horton, he factored in both Bruins goals against NYR with 1 goal & 1 assist....On Fire!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dang that looks out of place now. I don't even know if Meghan has any carbon scoring.
I'd remove her carbon scoring anyday!

Everybody come & see my favorite French pastry chef, Meghan McGarry! This is TECHNIQUE! This IS how it is done...
I watched her cook for a few years and boy is she good!
Who doesn't like sweet stuff!

crea shakti,

'Nuff Said...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...

Lord, GRANT Me The Serenity to Deal with the Shape of Things

THE INVISIBLES, VOL. 2, #s 5-13, collected in Trade paperback No. 5.

Tripping through the Longboxes, I remember an ancient collection. The collection doesn't exist anymore but that's just the Shape of Space/Time.
In this ancient collection, I read Grant Morrison's THE INVISIBLES. I had the absolute pleasure in Vol.2 which was read in Individual Issues. Adverts. Brian Bolland covers. And the Mailbag answered by Grant Himself. Adverts in monthly magazines for This Eric are touchstones to different Spaces/Times...such as the 70s books with ads for Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum, Daisy Air "BB" Rifles and Grit just to name a few.
My INVISIBLES are the few comix trade paperbacks featured on my bookshelf...along with WATCHMEN, Miller's DK1, Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics and the lent-out Morrison NEW X-MEN E is for Extinction & Warren Ellis TRANSMETROPOLITAN Vol. 1.
All 7 trade paperbacks of THE INVISIBLES. If this was another Space/Time books like these would be Banned in Boston. Burned along with Myself for heresy! This Information & Energy could be Dangerous to those who wear Horse Blinders but iDigress...
Concepts of Time Travel, of Cruelty, of mind control, of super sexy spy stuff, of secret alphabet letters making magic words.

This is my first major re-read of THE INVISIBLES since I've basically gone all "Hindu" while reformatting my Souldrive.
I'm "getting" more of Morrison's built-in Hindu nodes this time around. After reading a story Umpeen Times, the little stuff makes more sense...this story is so dense it needs re-reads with plenty of time in between for your eyes & brain to heal.

This is no lie. The Invisibles are Advanced Science Fiction. This is not for everybody. Heck, it just might not be for anybody but a really exclusive few. It is ribald. It is dirty. It is nasty. It is deadly...it can corrupt. nonetheless it is my Umpeenth time reading Grant Morrison's masterpiece of adult sci-fi.

When I read this on the train or bus, I make sure no one is behind me!

crea shakti,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is Two Minutes Plus of Your Life We're Talking About Here.

Nonetheless...as a Man of Faith needs to proclaim the Godspell...
Know that this is the Proper Time to let a Pint o' Guinness Stout to Settle.
A miniature model of the Big Bang is beheld to the pint settling in the sunlight...one of my favorite sense objects on this plane of existence. In the Beginning, there is no up or down...just the myrmidons of cream colored goodness coalescing after the proper 2+ minutes into The Perfect Pint.


Crea Shakti,

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Things we see in life. If my little video camera on my iPod had a zoom, I'da captured it.
nonetheless context must be met...
it was a dog-walking day, after leaving the dog I walked to the Alewife Red Line which was steps away.
I look up to see something natural but with awe.

this is a link to the common happenstance of red-tailed hawks in the vicinity of this part of Cambridge.
A Flikr of a nest with three hawk chicks

I look up to see a fully grown hawk in the air, full wing span, majestic & floating on air.
Behind the hawk was a flock of several very small sparrows.
And as the hawk glided, the sparrows would too...in formation!
When the hawk broke left, the Sparrows followed suit. Hawk broke right, so did the Sparrow.
Until they drifted over to the next block and out of my line of sight.

What a thing to see on an October afternoon in New England.

crea shakti,
ATTENTION! Dropping The Smoking PUCK!

Presents REV IT UP!

High Noon.
I don't care to do the mouthbreathin' math it takes to cypher out what time the puck drops in Prague, Czech Republic.
Or the keystrokes it takes to toggle my pocket feltercarb to access its Clock with World Map. I always know what time it is in Auckland, NZ. (okeeday meesa dialed it up on my iPod and its 12noon Boston, 7PM Prague and 6AM for my Young Kiwis)

For Eastern Daylight Time in its waning "daze" we'll get a Lush Brunch perhaps at the Pub wearing o'the Black & Gold.
Frak the unpaid collegiate televised athletics...the Paid Professional Home Team starts their Season. Good thing the Pub got plenty of screens to spare the Wickid Locals. Last thing I wanna do is call some college transient a Jumbo (the Tufts mascot).

Tony Masserotti of the Boston Globe got the Bon Mots to start this season. You'd Do Well to Read Them. This Globe copy comes close to being as good as This Smoking PUCK. Sure their Beat Writers are okay...nonetheless iRawk. ^_~ heh. But really...

This year...for what will I wish? I really, really want Milan Lucic to have his Break-Out Year. This individual personifies Bruins Tough. He's still 6'-4", 220 lbs and loves to defend the honor of his team & city. Cheech is gritty and needed on the ice in his 4th season. I hope and wish for 82 Games out of him this '10-'11 Campaign...injuries limited Cheech to 50 games last season.
And BTW, it's pronounced "loo-CHEECH".

GO!!! GO!!! BLACK & GOLD!!!
Let's get Revved Up with the Dropkick Murphy's Ode to the Causeway Gladiators.
"Time to round up the Gang & Take the Red to the Orange Line!"

(iNeed this on a tee-shirt but iDigress...)

crea shakti,
Rev Sully

Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Boston, MA USA
future home of the Stanley Cup...

Monday, October 04, 2010

It's too cold to do this anymore.
Going about as in the video...
Going barefoot in the park playing with the dog LAST WEEK was the Right thing to do.
When it was September...

now it's too cold to shower without wearing mittens.
but after a long day of being on my feet...I swear this is something that was a private guilt but I would take off m shoes & socks and play barefoot in the grass with the dog all Spring & Summer long. I think this day (in the warm, humid drizzle which shortly became heavy downpours) was the perfect day to document such the happenstance.

why do you think I laugh so?

crea shakti,

I threw that in there...heh
It was 4:20PM on an October afternoon, on my back porch...
getting chilly at this hour but expecting a full-blown Indian Summer but iDigress...
I forgot my sweatshirt...not anymore.

I asked the Sky. (not "asked this guy" meaning me).

Hey God....what if Jesus & Krishna got into a Fight?
Who'd Win? A completely Southie grade-school question to ask nonetheless...

God answered "my Prayer"...right there on the back porch with no astounding burning bush unless you counted the one in the bat of my Dugout....
AND...being God and only God can answer God's prayers, dipshit and you know what God said?
God said...

"What do you care....you couldn't beat either of 'em 'cuz yer a pussy"

why do I meditate? aum....

Tao of Sully
pizza rolls!...

I have Officially changed my Lightsabre colour

It is My Secret.

Every Craned Eyebrow will be an un-hint.

Crea Shakti,

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Congratulations, Ocho, for eight fine years of love, laughter, sharing & caring, riffing on sports and comics under the guise of various alter-egos, recipe tips, diatribes on the strategic use of boobs on album covers, and of course more tangents than a trigonometry book. Bravo, awesome, good job, and may you fill up the internet with your rifftastic chicanery! Many happy returns, shifts, backspaces and exclamation points!!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Feliz OCHO Anos!

On Friday, October 4, 2002, the Channel OCHO Blog began.

Happy Eighth Birthday, OCHO!!
Today's a good a day as any.


For Staying Tuned. Come Back Soon.

-Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
Reverend, Universal Life Church of Modesto, CA, USA since March 31, 1998, 11:50PM, ten minutes before April Fool's Day.

crea shakti,
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Is it Live…Or is It Memorex Edition!

Is it Live…

Or is it a recording. This advert resonates with My Generation whatever its designation tends to be on the Pop Culture Slide Rule of Cool. With Whom Mixed tapes were One Thing…
But Bootlegs of Live Shows…
That was a sub-genre unto itself just counting the Deadheads & PhishPhans but iDigress…
There was once a store on Newbury Street that specialized in reselling Used albums & cassettes. They had a whole wall of Bootleg Recordings for mostly all popular tastes.
From Zeppelin, Led to Amos, Tori…they’d have had it.
The Chili Peppers 1989, Metallica 1990, Van Halen 1978 were a few of my favorites. All on Compact Cassette.

Nonetheless, Arios Gundam, my Little Orange Mecha is smaller than the Cassette itself.

This past month I’ve returned to one of my favorite features about being an iPod user.
iShop at the iTunes Stores

I’ve purchased a few singles but I’ve also bought three great albums I’ve been meaning to pick up, All New Releases for 2010. 2 out of 3 of my picks last month were Live Recordings of Two Bands I can never get enough of…
I’m Still Exploring the Three New Releases but so far, I’m in love with all of them.

The White Stripes, Under Great White Northern Lights
I already have two other Live Bootlegs of the White Stripes. One from John Peel’s BBC Radio One show in 2001 when the Stripes were breaking out and another from the 4/20/2003 Boston show…Dr. Hooey, El Post & Myself went to the White Stripes concert in November of ’03 on this very tour! Kiwi went this tour as well all the way over in New Zealand and was impressed by Jack White’s paleness.
This “bootleg” documents the Summer 2007 “Icky Thump” Tour across Canada, the Birthplace of Hockey & Canadian Girls. As all White Stripes shows, it’s a Force of Nature with Calms & Gales. All Together…Good.

Nirvana, Live at Reading
Being released in November 2009 counts as 2010 to me seeing it was the criterion that kept me out of the school year, effectively making me a year older than my classmates. This “bootleg” from the 1992 Reading, England, UK Festival has never ceased its circulation…although it is now sanctioned and considered Nirvana’s Best Live Bootleg before Cobain started “losing it”.
This is quickly replacing From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah as my favorite live album seeing that guitarist Pat Smear joined the band on tours shortly after this 1992 Reading Show making it one of the last great performances of Nirvana as a pure Rock Trio.

Then something quite Opposite to a Live Bootleg is the Virtual Comicbook band called the Gorillaz.

Gorillaz, Plastic Beach (iTunes LP)
What the Frak is an iTunes LP? For a few bucks more, I got the iTunes LP version of Plastic Beach. For the band Gorillaz it’s an opportunity to make a robust, interactive “album sleeve” with a copious amount of distractions to get lost within this Gorillaz Universe. Included was the video for the single “Stylo” featuring Mos Def & Bobby Womack. Other name checks include members of the Clash and Snoop Dogg to name a few. This album something to play in the background of any good party after 10PM along with the good jazz.

Is it Live?…or is it Living In my iPod, smaller than a Bootleg.

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
1833 Songs
17 Videos inc. 1 Movie @1.83GB
46 Podcasts
166 Photos
3 Games
706 MB Free

crea shakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode
The Smoking PUCK! Headline...
like a corduroy pillow

Rev Sully of Southie Brings Real Irish Hockey!!!

Mike Hoffman, of Scituate, MA is playing in Ireland because he's also able to work on a master's degree in sports management at the University of Ulster, and four of his teammates on the Belfast Giants are also going to school as part of an arrangement between the team and school.
He's posing at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where the Titanic was built.

Source: Boston Globe

The Belfast Giants are part of the UK's ten-team Elite Ice Hockey League.

The Beantown Bees are stopping over in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK on their way to Prague, Czech Republic to open the NHL Season Oct 9 & 10.

Cool huh? It would be cooler if I could watch it somewhere. This should be fun. Imagine that...a "friendly" match. a Fun Game.
Maybe the Pub should have it...I should call. 7PM is 4PM here methinks if my Mouthbreathin' Math is Right...I listen to the BBC every night and I am up at 8AM GMT but iDigress...
The Pub prides itself on Setanta, the Irish Sports Network on its Satellite...on a College Football Day to boot...

Slainte! & Crea Shakti...