Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Smoking PUCK Moment...

I thought the pre-season game was on TV tonight. Nope.
I presumed...like last time I opened my mouth at Matt's...I was wrong and under-informed...October 9 & 10 versus Phoenix is not an Home-at-Home...they're in Prague, Czech Rep.

Yikes...I need an intervention. Good Chinese Food Please...but iDigress..

(iShot this!)


A Weekend of catching up with old friends.
I hadn't seen OCHO's very own Matt in two years. I got to see his Missus, the amazing Jill, his house (good job!) and his darling 2 year old daughter Molly. I got to do my favorite thing hanging with friends...commandeer their kitchen!
A well-met, interesting dinner table for Matt's birthday.

Then the next day...the Patriots game at my Local Pub with Bryan...my best friend from childhood & Southie.
We hadn't seen the other in 12 Years!

What a good weekend.

And congrats to OCHO's very own Kiwi who hatched her firstborn baby boy, Joshua Lucas!
Huzzah huzzah huzzah!!!

Old friends, making new friends, catching up.

crea shakti,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Comics Gnome poots why he doesn't poot this anymore..

This is not a screed,
This is just the pudding's proof in the tasting.

All I have to say about this lacklustre title is that I stopped buying this rag between issues # 17 & 20. That's where this incarnation of the SuperFriends peters off.
Do the Math, Mouthbreathers...that's a While.

I mean look at ROBIN's "R" logo...it's all wrong...it's supposed to look "Classic" when depicting Robin I Dick Grayson or Robin II Jason Todd...those are the rules!!! (I sound like such a douchebag fanboy...Superboy-Prime...the "Stylized "R" that I've always despised looks great on Robin V Damian Wayne but iDigress...)

Robin's only one of my favorite DC Comics characters ever. Why get it right? JLA is only a flagship title, right?
I mean...I'm not impressed with DC Comics these days.

I have very few DC funnybooks to have poot'd forth this way by the Comics Gnome and I'm beginning to think that's a good thing.

I'm through buying shitty comic books. And it started unfortunately with GREEN LANTERN...

about three issues ago, I stopped after 6 years of loyalty just on this Volume let alone everything before "Rebirth"
GL & Geoff Johns Jumped the Shark.

The Banner of DC's BRIGHTEST DAY soured me I hafta say. I got this great tee-shirt collection of the Crayola Lantern Corps but no wish to read the stories.

I stopped buying Brightest Day after issue #2.

And THE FLASH after issue #3

A mixture of burn-out, not being interested and limited funnybook funds. I'm even a few issues behind on the never-misses-a-month ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN...sheesh!
Nonetheless, there are Major Things happening at DC Comics. As Bowie Spake, "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!"
The WildStorm superhero characters will live on in the accumulation of DC Properties called the "Multiverse" as Earth-50
...but the CA-based indie comics press begun by Jim Lee in the Halcyon Daze of the early 90's is shutting down. The Earth-50 Properties such as WildCATS, Gen13, DV8, StormWatch and The Authority are taking a well-deserved break. I always wanted to get into the nitty gritty of my "hurt feelings" over the "WildStorm Universe" and What Went Wrong. The Best & Worst Thing to Happen to WildStorm was DC/Warner Bros. WildStorm was more than just their heroes catalog but the acclaimed EX MACHINA and also Alan Moore's LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. Longtime OCHO readers will know I have a soft spot for the Counter-Revolution that Warren Ellis & Mark Millar Began with Superhero Stories with StormWatch then the Authority at the turn of the Century...sure I caught up on it in 2003 but hey. ^_~
Come read the best bon mots by the creators themselves including my own dear IntrePoop Uncle, the filthy Warren Ellis Himself.

After almost a decade of DC Continuity, I feel its best for the Icons to speak for themselves through simpler and more accessible stories. There's plenty of that. I watch teevee's SMALLVILLE and the Final Season is afoot. There is a bevy of DC Animated movies based on the really good story arcs of the past decade such as GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT (Rebirth meets Dragonball Z...for real its really good), BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS (super kewl Anime spin in 5-6 shorts by different art teams...woah!), SUPERMAN/BATMAN PUBLIC ENEMIES & APOCALYPSE (both based on the Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness arcs), BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD (Robin II Jason Todd's return as an anti-hero!), JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS (animated Crisis with Earth-3, the reverse Earth?) and many more available & forthcoming.
Don't get me wrong. I love my funnybooks but I got plenty of Capes & Cowls to keep me warm all Winter Long. I can read my longboxes.

Still expect to See the Best the Gnome has to Poot though.
There will always be new & interesting funnybooks to poot....
you just wait & see.

with funnybooks crea shakti....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Autumn in New England.
My favorite time of the year.
The dog & I have done fall before...it's nice to walk the Alewife Bike Path in Cambridge during the afternoon.
The dog's a little hyper...on the leash he's a bit like Water Skiing if you've ever done the sport.

(iShot this on my iPod nano, 5th Gen)

Monday, September 20, 2010


This is The Channel OCHO Blog.

This is called a "STATION I.D."*

That is all.

I am Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)

This is the Shape of Space/Time.

In Journalism this is called the Who, What, When, Why & Where's...followed by an "how".

crea shakti,

*I gladly ripped off Warren Ellis again...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

13. Gadgets at the Restaurant
The awesome Nicole Grace & I were out to break'est at one of the best, classic & fave haunts in the area. Somerville Ball Square's Kelly's Diner. Once mentioned in this list and currently active being Cash Only in 2010 but iDigress...
My call from the GM regarding my Sous Chef gig rumbled in my pocket TWICE while we were enjoying a usual gadget-free Saturday AM Break'est of Champions! I ignored both calls. Quite literally...I'm busy. For real. That took guts. Nonetheless, we were enjoying company; conversations, pauses & people-watching in-between. I noticed all the gadgets in their "pauses" on their tables, booths & countertop...

14. Aversion to Family Dinner
With my Ma, with my extended family of good friends...let's break bread. Let's face it....face time is better than Facebook, eh? heh. I'm sew funny...

15. Bringing My Co-Workers Home With Me in My Head
Like cigarettes were a choice away, I now commit myself daily to stop fighting with co-workers "off the clock". I could be meditating or thinking of something else. My mind is a loud place...must change the filter on this Light or at least Windex the lens...squeegee my 3rd frakkin' eye....

101 Things That Should Not Exist!
The Tao of Sully

...On Getting Ahead

I'm gonna go to the Pub and talk to a Girl in penance for posting showering bodybuilders on my Blog but wait for Arnold interviewing at the 2 minute mark.

most people lack guts...going through The Pain Barrier. Divides Being a Champion from Not Being a Champion

I'm fascinated not by bodybuilders...but with the 28-Year Old Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Personal Logic & Wisdom.
Ahhnold's career changed three times; from bodybuilder to actor to Governor but his single-mindedness is the Key to Affluence. Affluence is my personal target, respecting Progress Being a Process.
Arnold's Personal "Bodybuilder's Gita"...Going Through the Pain Barrier. His then-profession is just a metaphor. His outlook was applied over & over again to his accumulation of wealth & fame.
A mixture of confidence, skill and "dash"...

No One Else is Gonna Do It For You.

I got the Call Yesterday.

I did not get the Sous Chef's job. I lost out to a 20-Year internal candidate...versus my 2 years.
I proudly came in 2nd Place.
I was then informed of three upcoming opportunities at this one Unit in the coming months...alone. Not to mention the rest of the Region where Good Chefs are needed. it was my first turn at bat...I'm 0-for-1....next at bat comes soon.
Nothing to shake off. No disappointment. A huge sense of relief and good feeling knowing that my Interview and the Cut of my Jib Spoke for Itself.
I'm getting one of those gigs...
Actually all the difficult personalities at my current unit have given me something I've never possessed...Equanimity.

crea shaakti,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
September 18, 2010

It’s Like Being a Kid in the Daze Before X-Mas…
aka: Eight Years of OCHO makes this our #4000th Post

Guess What?
The Channel OCHO Blog is Eight Years Old. Well…almost.
Officially at the beginning of October so we’ll throw a party then but the little counter on my Blogger Dashboard is informing me that This Smoking PUCK is the 4,000th OCHO post so what a great time to bring it up.
I treat OCHO like the magazine I always wanted to read in a way besides being our Virtual Coffeetable where we still talk about “All Things Coole”…I grew up as a child a voracious reader and had years-long ‘scripts to Scientific American, The Hockey News and Rolling Stone. These are my influences…

We have a few weeks left until the PUCK drops on the 2010-11 NHL Season. Pre-Season Starts for Real next week. For the Beantown Bees, Wednesday versus Les Habs de Montreal. I’ll usually go to one preseason game be it in Worcester or the Boston Gahhden…they’re fun, inexpensive and a reason to practice getting Bruins Loud. Meathead & I once taunted goalie Trevor Kidd into giving us dirty looks…how? It was a preseason game and we can project our voices. Kidd heard us clear as day in the sparsely seated Boston Garden a few years back. It’s funny how we could discern that we were getting “dirty looks” from someone in a full face mask. Nonetheless we could tell…that was Kidd’s intent. We felt it. We we elated a

Marc Savard is showing signs of Post-Concussion Syndrome and is missing the beginning of training camp. The more time off for him the better. The mind is a terrible thing to scramble…or is this a mixed metaphor? We have Rookies looking good. The Bruins have potential to be a driven, youthful team. Coach Claude Julien excels in coaching younger players and developing good habits….or that was his reputation upon getting hired a few years back.

I really need to get my @$$ to a few more games this season. I need a 10-Game Pack in the Balcony and a few Mates. I already envision the jerseys. We have all our own numbers (I call dibs on #40 ^_^) but in the name field it simply sez, “GALLERY GAWD”. I’m gonna wait a few years to get Kiwi’s Hatchling a jersey but I will get him one, in his sporting number with his name on the plate, I will.

Thanks for reading & writing us Four Thousand Times, guys. I’m up for 4,000 More…then even more!
Keep It Going!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
New Nano No-No??? Edition

This kind of iPod nano is no longer available to purchase at the Apple Online Store.
The newest release at the start of the month (and the school year) brought forth the new 6th Generation iPod nano…

So I have yet to play with this device.
All I have to say is that I’m full of crap…and I’m full of Light & Spirit too but in this instance I’m being Full-Of-Crap Judgmental.

The new 6th Gen Nano loses its 1st greatest feature…
Arios Gundam, my little Orange Mecha, my 5th Gen Nano fits in my hand perfect-sized for an imaginary microphone AND a fretboard for my SkyBass & Air Guitar! I am such a geek…
The external speaker is the 2nd best feature lost for the newest, smaller Nano. The external speaker works for me & with me. I cast a small umbrella of Abbey Road to shelter me from my workday’s “rain”. The speaker is just the “flipped” application of the internal microphone for the built-in video camera…another loss for the aptly named “Nano”.
The 3rd Feature for me selfishly is the Click Wheel that makes me some kind of Luddite for clinging to, right?
The 4th feature lost is Video Playback. For This Individual, I prefer to Power-Down my gadget before recharging. I accomplish this at bedtime, most of the time by watching the stellar mini-cinema experience of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. Losing video playback is a “step back”.
And did I mention it’s too small? An Irishman might not have the Right to Say such Things…

Just the Right Size for me…

one of the strangest, rockin’ videos you’ll ever experience, a 5-Starred single from 1993’s “nigh-perfect” album Rid of Me.
I missed out on Polly Jean Harvey in the 90s. I was listening to other things. I was listening to Grunge when Indie was where it really lived but iDigress…
I stumbled upon this petite Welsh Goddess of Rawk only after the advent of my Digital Music Collection expressed itself on me via my first two iPods. When you roll with a Nano though, proof of the pudding is in the taste wherein this is reflected in the content…I ride with two complete PJ Harvey albums and a few random singles.
Just to juxtapose to the Man-Size video, the song itself produced by Indie uber-producer Steve Albini (think “the sound of Nirvana’s In Utero”)
…Dress is a live cut with her trio, the band PJ Harvey from 2003 (so sez the YouTube link).

So Thumb’s Down for the Touch Screen tiny Nano…it’s definitely not Man-Sized enough for this Rawker…

PS...An Emotional Weather Report...Blizzard Hits Downtown Hell...Film @ 11PM!

At the opening of Julian Lennon's photo exhibit in NYC Last Night. Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono &...look there Hey Jude! ^_^
Source: Rolling Stone

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
1805 Songs
15 Videos inc. 1 Movie @1.83GB
46 Podcasts
166 Photos
3 Games
951 MB Free

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode

Thursday, September 16, 2010

39 weeks and 4 days... still waiting.

Could do with some of those funny books... Will have to call my bodega and see if I can get them to deliver :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BATMAN, INC #2 by Grant Morrison.

Behold...Batman's Codpiece. It's worse than the Schumacher movie....which I still like...codpieces & all but iDigress...

Happy Windsday, Piglet.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Hadda hit the FunnyBook Bodega.
Poverty doesn't cut the excuse when getting new funnybooks can't compete against dinner...
...but when certain titles come calling, a fan must "pay" heed...

The Buffy Season 8 Riley Finn One-Shot that takes place between issue #35 and last week's new release #36 of which I cannot show the cover lest I spoil too much...

The Season Finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Begins! Written by Joss Whedon.

POWERS, Vol.3 #5 has been the most important single-issue I've read in a long-form series in a while. Packed! Tight! Wow!

the Comics Gnome POOTS!
An Awwww...Shucks Moment.

I'm gonna go make a Mango/Yogurt smoothie in honor of them now...
(iShot This with my 5th Gen iPod nano...nyah nyah! ;P)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 9/11


So I tend to read my 9/11 Posts, usually on 9/11 when I'm making my 9/11 Post.
Only Two Years Ago, which was 7 yrs post-9/11, I advocated burning the Koran. yeah...I did. Just earlier today I said how uncool that would have been in light of Today's NPR News Updates on the subject.
But in context I have to side with & defend my past Self even today. because the version I would have burned would have been the English print one by Penguin Press that the Muslim Guy on the Bus about a decade ago recoiled from.
A Symbolic Gesture. We Westerners really can't grok The Koran can Only Be Read in Arabic.
Same thing goes for the Torah but iDigress...
There should be no sin incurred burning the English translation of the Koran, right?
I actually thought about this today. after reading my archive post I pull that very same book off my bookshelf and wonder "should I burn this and record it on my iPod video camera?" with this explanation?
Still no. High School Poetry, sure. Nonetheless I might want to read The Koran again on the bus and see if I can't elicit the same reaction out of another Muslim...(this is provided by my Cosmic Jester archetype). Maybe I'll throw (a non-burning) The Koran English Translation at my good work friend Mohammed from Morocco...but Northern African Muslims are sneeze away from being European
and a far cry from a radical fundamentalist Egypt & Eastward...

I watched a movie today...an HBO documentary. I love docs. This just fit.
I heard Lawrence Wright on NPR last week about this, the HBO Doc based on his one-man show.
And today on the couch I found this on the menu of my already-paid for OnDemand menu.
My Trip To Al-Qaeda

know yourself, know your enemy (personal paraphrase)
-Sun Tzu, Art of War

8 Years ago tonight, I would have puked myself for being this drunk & stoned at this time. I didn't. Not that night.

Although in 2010 I marvel at how & why Osama Bin Laden has yet to elude American Justice? Once again I posit, "Qui Bono?

crea shaakti,
Happy 9/11

OCHO's very own MarCap, Mario is a Lt. Cmdr in the US Navy and is currently on a tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq working at the Embassy. I am so very proud of him. I elate in his IM via GoogleChat.

I'm posting this for my hero, Mario in absentia

I call Mario's previous post from 4 Years Ago framed in his current context of his current Duty at his Country's Behest.
Thank You, Mario. Come Home Safe & Soon.
Keep Your Head Down and Do Not Be Afraid To Pray. I love you. ^_~

Greetings From Baghdad!....Hell is 20 Degrees Cooler

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sully, I remember vividly first finding out about 9/11. It was from you. I was in California on a business trip. I had just woken up and signed onto aol. You sent me an IM and asked if I had seen the news. I hadn't...so I turned it on. I was chatting with you when the second plane hit.

I was in California to do a pre-installation check on a US Army boat. The boat was a "reserve" boat and located at the now closed Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The Army has a small reserve center there. During the normal week there are not more than 5 or 6 people around. Mainly serve as caretakers.

I got to my job site to see that in the hour and half - two hours since the planes had hit they had completely changed their level of readiness. John, the project foreman, and I were met by a fully decked out soldier. We were allowed into the buliding, but only escorted, and after a few phone calls. We met with the maintenance chief, but were not allowed on the boat. Having nothing to do, we went back to our hotels. I did what I guess everyone else was doing - watch CNN.

My hotel was in Fairfield, CA. Just a short drive to Travis AFB where some of the biggest military planes are kept. It was very eerie to hear the planes taking off as they were the only ones to be seen or heard.

By that night, I was trying to figure out how I was going to get home since they had grounded all planes - except the Military. I went to mapquest. It was figure to be about 47 driving hours. I figured with traffic, pee stops and sleep it would take me about 5 days. I wasn't ready to drive it...they would have flights "tomorrow or the day after".

I was on the phone constantly with the travel office for the next few days trying to get anywhere but CA. Damn...why didn't I drive!!! Better than sitting there with nothing to do.

Flights were finally starting to open up at the end of the week. I finally managed to get a flight into Providence, RI on Saturday. I finally got to RI about 2AM Sunday morning.
Happy 9/11

I usually over These Past Eight Years of OCHO, I have made a 9/11 Tribute Post including an email from an old family friend who lived in NYC on that day...and shared with me in eloquence & wonder his experience.
But due to Intra-Family Drama I feel sheepish so in the spirit of "Aham Bramasmi"...I Am Beyond Melodrama...

I'll talk about me instead.

It was like any other Tuesday AM. I woke up. Probably had some clever banter with the girlfriend I was living with at the time, chasing the cat around the apartment over break'est & coffee. If we even did that sort of thing on a September Tuesday AM...I might be romanticizing this for the Editor to get it published at deadline but iDigress...

First thing I'd see walking out of my apartment on the tip of a Somerville's Prospect Hill was the Monument where George Washington Flew the First American Flag. It has 13 Stripes, one for each Colony and where the Union Jack preceded the Star Field. It was the Flag of the United Colonies flown Jan. 1, 1776, the day General Washington formed the Continental Army. (behind the monument is a long lawn where it dawned on me to Bat Leftie during Wiffle Ball...the trunk of the car was a perfect mini-bar...)

It was such a beautiful morning seeing that Flag against the Blue Sky...all sunlight in the nascent day. Boston's Public Garden in Downtown is only 220 Miles Away from NYC's Central Park...we share the same weather usually. Is it any wonder why we're such Sports Rivals?

I walk down the Hill, wait at the Bus Stop (is that where I got the coffee? Memory is interesting...we apply this attention and sometimes later we are possessed with a Virtual Smell or Taste that reminds us of our experience). I get to work...aha! That's where I got the coffee. I was at Harvard Law School and on the way a was either a 'Bucks or the Cuban Deli which made sammiches...probably turned me onto the requested Dark Roast, the Cafe Bustelo, which wets my lips as I speak to you right Now on this 9/11 Morn.
Before I begin my American Day. Paying the Cable Bill, making a shopping list

About 8:56AM, Meathead calls my desk phone. (Memories are funny...can I see the Spinach-Green & Black LCD display around the nebulous black square plastic with red lights & buttons of Darth Vader's chestpiece that was my desk phone?)
Meathead tells me to get to a TV.
I arrive at the Student Center just in time to see this unfold. A smoldering tower...then the bizzaro thing of another commercial jetliner entering the live teevee frame only to...

Flight 175 out of Boston. As American Airlines Flight 11 also out of Boston did to the first tower almost 20 minutes earlier.

The rest of the day was fast-paced. memorable. I helped an old couple at one of our law schools events contact their adult children in NYC just by staying near a phone. I listened to Howard Stern that morning in his finest day of broadcasting...say what you will about his schtick, he was able to have a real man on the street ability to report on developing facts.

If we say any prayers today as Americans, let's light a simple candle instead of a Koran. American's pride ourselves on Rigthness and burning a Koran ain't right. I could go on an Ironic Tangent about the word Right in this context but I've said my piece. I'm going food shopping, and to pay my cable, and to buy beer and to grill food and enjoy My American Life.

Gold Bless Us All.

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
originally of South Boston, MA 02127

Sunday, September 05, 2010

This is how you make Hollandaise. You need plenty of this. And Egg yolks. A little salt and a fresh lemon for its juice.
and a Bain-marie...
that and a strong wrist & a whisk.

This is from the latest website I've been turned onto my following the Links & The Force.
Chef Jacob calls it his very own Free Culinary School Dot Com.
His podcasts are amazing. I know most of it but hearing technique-oriented advice from a professional geared to the interested....it's splendid.
I'm listening to all of them...it can only make me a better cook. Thanks Chef Jacob. I'll be Tuned In.

Crea shaakti,
The Tao of Sully

...On Daily Meditations

I keep a notebook. It's the external memory for my harddrive. Action Lists, a micromanager once prescribed me suited my divergent attention span.
So Everyday at 5:10AM, sitting down at the bench waiting for the first Outbound Red Line of the AM. I write my list of things to do and/or get. organization. But before I make the list and after I write the day & date...I Doodle. Not really but I use a series of 4 icons and draw them on the top of the page...
And at the Bottom of my daily page I write in phonetic Sanskrit the few mantra/sutras I've learned.

My Icons at the Top of the page are 4.
The Winkie with the "nyah nyah" tongue. ;P I use this as a tag on mostly everything. It's now to me a Sigil. It's Pure Power...magic is in a way of owning & tagging things in the material world, eh? I've imbued this variant of a smiley face with my own spin. My Grandpa Joe O'Sullivan always drew a "Stinky Face" on all my gift cards. It's a daily reminder to give myself permission to have my sense of humor.
Chi. The japanese kanji for the word "ki" or in Chinese as "qi". This was my 1st tattoo. I'm beginning to see Ki as Jiva, with the vital breath of pranayama. All is the Tao...
Ying/Yang. I draw a ying & yang. I think it to be the training wheels of my spirituality. It's basic. It's cartoony. It waxes & wanes...perhaps I subconsciously have the Black part "up"? Does that mean anything? A bad mood?
Thunderbolt accented with TCB...DIY. Take Care of Business...Do It Yourself. great for work. Action.

The Bottom of the page has three "$" dollar signs then the word Dhananjaya framed by another three $$$. This is for affluence...a daily single-mindedness to earn money to lavish on my loved ones, other than myself! ;P
Then I scribble a few Sanskrit phrases known as "sutras" or popularly disseminated as "mantras".
Crea Shaakti...may I spontaneously generate Right Action.
Shiva Shaakti...may I be the dance of the Cosmos, a splinter of God looking for Unity.
Tat Tvam Asi...Beyond the modern-finky "namaste" is this admission of unity with all others & objects. "I am That".
Sat Chit Ananda..."Total Bliss Consciousness"
Moksha Ganesha...I still see the kid sidekick version of the 4-armed, Elephant headed God of breaking down obstacles helping me comically attain Freedom, or moksha.
Aham Bramasmi..."I am the Centre of the Cosmos"
I then finish it with GITA 2:14 "ENDURE THEM!...one for my co-workers. again...;P

It all takes up about 7 total lines in a pocket-sized spiral notebook. I usually get the orange cover. So there's a big field in the centre of the page for all the things I should know by now. it's just my daily meditation...my Daily List. I need anything else done...I write it down too.
But I make sure I focus my energies in these directions with these Icons & Sutras at 5:10AM every weekday morning, after a 20+ minute walk to the Red Line station when I've started percolating this energy. I hit the ground running every workday.
How we spend our energy is up to us.

crea shakkti kids...

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Comics Gnome POOTS!
A Tale of Two Batmen…

Get This. Is could be a Spoiler but hopefully its tidings of good thing the Gnome to Poot forth on Wednesdays Nigh!
So if you don’t want to know what comes next…look away.

So…we need to establish context.
In 2008’s FINAL CRISIS by Grant Morrison, we saw the apparent demise of Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight Detective.

What came next was pretty keen…

The first Robin...the grown-up Dick Grayson takes the mantle of his fallen father, crime-fighting partner & mentor.
Batman II's Robin is the Toughest Ten-Year Old Fighter on the Planet…Damian Wayne, previously unknown love child of Bruce Wayne & Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Bat-Nemesis Ras Al Ghul, head of the League of Assassins!
Here’s your History lesson on Bruce & Talia…

In order to continue you must accept this: In FINAL CRISIS...Bruce Wayne really wasn’t Dead.
Darkseid, the New God used his Omega Sanction in FINAL CRISIS #6 to send Bruce on a Vonnegut-esque Unstuck-In-Time Travel Trip. Slowly unraveled by Grant Morrison Himself over the past 2 years.

from last month’s BATMAN #702 which was called R.I.P. The Missing Chapter. Really nailing the "little things" glossed over in such a wide-scope such as a CRISIS Event from a few years back. We've seen little clues such as Batman II placing his mentor's corpse into one of Ras Al Ghul's Lazarus Pits...only to find the body was that of a mindless genetically perfect clone which Darkseid left to psyche out the DCU, especially Superman. This same dead clone's skull was used as the Emotional Tether for the Black Lanterns in the BLACKEST NIGHT Event where Black Lantern Batman was a sleight-of-hand trick

After clawing his way through the Time Stream, Bruce Wayne is Back. And the World is a Big Enough Place for Two Batmen.

Bruce Wayne as the International Dark Knight, going World-Wide with a codpiece apparently.
Dick & Damian are Gotham’s protectors, the Dynamic Duo. The Sad part is though Grant Morrison did leave us with a cryptic panel way back in BATMAN #666...with the Origin of the possible future Batman III Damian Wayne.

Grant Morrison’s been spinning a time-spanning tale over the past 5 years for BATMAN, recrafting the Icon for the 21st Century & Beyond. Spectacular stuff.
What a Ride. It Ain’t Stopping Soon.

Crea shaakti,
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Labor Day Countdown Edition!

For now…I will not mention the New Nano. I just feel very blessed and lucky to have purchased my Apple iPod nano a few months ago with its previous body shell. I appreciate & am thankful for my “Little Orange Mecha”.

But it is Labor Day Weekend. The time of year when all my favorite Rock & Roll Radio stations would have Massive Enumerated Countdowns usually corresponding to the numbers of their Frequency Modulation. The Top 104 songs of Rock was always a great background to a weekend of BBQs & car rides & family & getting ready to go back to school.
So my overall shuffle in my older iPods Classic had Bigger Brains; 30GB & 120GB versus Nano’s 16GB aluminum cranium. Deeper selection to pull from carrying ALL one’s musics but iDigress…

After about 2 months of usage & one complete library meltdown, I now have my Little Orange Mecha running at its nominal state. Playlists will come later but now I have videos, music, audiobooks and podcasts, lots of great podcasts to listen to when I’m walking. More on the Podcasts later

my “Little Orange Mecha” named after my favorite Anime Giant Robo.

The WSUL Top 10 Labor Day Countdown!
Why not. What is most listened to of the Most Listened To Music in my Digital Collection?
Going Nano meant going from 11,000 songs to 2200 or so. I could must 2GB more but I’m keeping the new Star trek movie as how I power the battery down. I love the music & quotes…
It’s interesting too. I still got 1GB to fill as well. Listening to a shuffle of 1800 songs right now is helping me repopulate the 24 Hour Party Mix. I always found the ability to track one’s music tastes through iTunes to be its most pleasant property.
Now…I have No Playlists, No Starred Songs and only a week with this current Tabula Rasa. A Blank Slate. The Chinese P’u.
I just started Starring tunes again this week because it Counts Again.
  • ”She’s Not There” by The Zombies…great British Invasion pop single. 1964 electric piano & vocal harmony goodness & always reminds me of a Scorsese movie.

  • “Secrets” by Van Halen from Diver Down. When not covering the Kinks, the group had the ability to create a smooth pop song, again with the hooks of David’s singing & Eddie’s guitar along with the vocal harmonies of the band.

  • “Masoko Tanga” by The Police from Outlandos D’Amour. It’s my favorite Police song to sing & dance along to.

  • “Young Turks” by Rod Stewart. I bought this single as a video and I get to shuffle it as a song as well. Rod Stewart had a huge heyday from the Faces in the late 60s/early 70 and his peak of the solo career from the mid 70s though the 80s. beyond That…ask my Ma. I loved this video as a kid…probably because of the breakdancing and storytelling.

  • “Women In Love…” by Van Halen from Van Halen II. Doesn’t surprise me; read above. The Song Title Itself contain an ellipses and you know I love to type that!

  • “Move It On Over” by Hank Williams from 20 Greatest Hits. I love Country Music. Not that Nu-Country Modern Sound but the Songs of Old Country. Go see Willie Nelson next time he’s in your town…you will not regret it.

  • “I Gotta Get Drunk” by Willie Nelson from The Essential Willie Nelson (iTunes). Speak of the Angel Himself. Lo & Behold…words of wisdom. He said them to me in person, dammit. I listen. ^_~

  • “Never Can Say Goodbye” by the Jackson 5 from Sully Tunes No. 0. This song is great. It gets better everytime I hear it too…

  • “For No One” by The Beatles from Revolver. Ahh…the first-ish song I learned to play on the guitar. Maybe I should try harder next time, in my best John Lennon Clever.

  • “St. Thomas” by Sonny Rollins from Saxophone Colossus. 1956…pure Jazz. Tommy Flanagan on piano, Doug Watkins on Bass and Max Roach on drums. Wow. Dig that crazy sound, meng…

The last Weekend in Summer, right. I hope you enjoyed your season. Its Winter in New Zealand so I guess All Things are Relative, eh?
Happy Labor Day! Spend it with good times, good folk and gawddammit, have good music.

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
1739 Songs
22 Videos inc. 1 Movie @1.83GB
52 Podcasts
166 Photos
3 Games
1.2 GB Free

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode
The Smoking PUCK!
September 4, 2010

School Daze…Brave The Maze
aka: Labour’s Day

Ah. The Academic School Year. It is the Crux of Busy in my Career. My Unit supports a very famous University…Brain Food one could say. I am a real life Will Hunting now…scary similarities but iDigress…
Nonetheless, as any other Job Place…it is a battlefield.

If you put any emotion into work, be it love. Make it worthwhile. All you need is love. Listen to the Beatles, dammit.
What profit is antagonizing or be antagonized? Qui Bono?
Doctor Hooey & I sit on Mushroom Caps, Smoking Pipes like Lewis’ Caterpillar, espousing ideas on Workplace harmony.
Me in a Kitchen with chefs, him as software engineer with his staff. People are people.
Brave The Maze…

I was listening to NPR this Saturday AM and the telling of College Football starting. Again…the Anti-Aum’s SIGH percolates in my Chi center, my Butterfly Cage. That means its only gonna get busier at work. And also meaning that NHL Hockey is less than 30 Days Away. Take the good with the bad, right? Doing One’s Duty is Neither Good Nor Bad. I think the anticipation of getting onto the battlefield is what it is…free from anxiety & yoked to something Bigger. This Labor Day…hmmm…I dedicate this year to “stop bringing my co-workers home with me in my head and practice all my defenses”. I always have some inner adversary that is really me but dressed up either as an old friend, ex-gal or a workplace bully and it’s a ceaseless torrent of dialectics. With Meditation, it is possible to Shut This Gallery Gawd up. For real.

Lately I’ve been catching up with old friends, several from all epochs of This Eric’s Life. It’s a great feeling…oddly justifies my Anti-Facebook thingy…connecting naturally like Space/Time’s eddies in the current. In the words of the out-of-print Sci-Fi writer Kilgore Trout, Time has Ripeness. Kinda like having the Puck on the tape and you just know the exact picosecond to pass or shoot to light the lamp. SynchronIntent…that’s my portmanteau.

Nothing Hockey to mention really with one month to go until the Puck Drops in a Month. Pre-Season? Rookie Camps? They got guys over at the Globe & Herald who get paid to crank copy on crap like that. News Worthy? I’m gonna spend an extra $5 a month to watch out-of-town games by subscribing to the NHL Network from October through next June. I simply need “NHL On The Fly” in the Morning…I am an American Man. I gave up (thankfully) on ESPN & SportsCenter a decade ago nonetheless I need some sort of Sports Talk and All Hockey makes it All Better. 30 Minutes gets you ready for your next shift on the Ice of Life, the Great Battlefield be it in a hot kitchen or a stuffy office.
Celebrate Labor Day and get yourself ready for another year to do your best at work…as the NHL Players are about to do for us as well. Huzzah!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…


Thursday, September 02, 2010

How To Blog When the Power Goes Out...

Sure it's a few days old but I think it's funny. Cheers!

I'm so glad I got my iPod Nano when I did.

the gadget just Jumped The Shark. Can't do that on the new Nano. Nyah!!! ;P

crea shaakti,

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

16. The Anti-Buddha.
If "Sigh"is the anti-Aum, then I am the Anti-Buddha. I feel that sometimes.
I do everything wrong. I am very angry. I'm having a reverse-Siddhartha Experience.

But I'm not angry. Not really. My guru once told me something about Free Will.
you can actually chose a reaction other than the binary Good/Bad. It's like quitting cigarettes. Resist the Urge. Choose Other. It's Freeing. Maybe I'm not the Anti-Buddha...this Cosmic Shit is so complicated. I actually told my chef on his busiest day, "you can let the day f&ck you...or you can f&ck the day". What a binary thing to say??? Nonetheless I thought it to be contextual & appropriate. With Duty, it's either doing your Duty or not.

crea shaakti,