Monday, August 30, 2010

Okay, that's better. It shows up, with formatted text and stuff.

Now I feel more comfortable recommending the device... Driod X is the bomb. It's making the iphone owners I know jealous, and while I haven't given it a nickname myself, one of my co-workers keeps referring to it as the "Moses Tablet". It's a super platform, and it does... well, pretty much everything I can think of except play flash, which is due in a month or so. 70% of the apps are free, including everything from an excellent guitar tuner to a portable Pandora player and niceties like a comic book reader and epicurious recipe index. A strong contender for that utility belt, IMHO.

Testing again

How does this look?

Batman Returns.
Grant Morrison's "brave & bold" take on the Returning Bruce Wayne as "Batman-Prime" teams up with different DCU Heroes.
One instance above.
Batman & Catwoman. Remember kids, Catwoman knows he's Bruce and they've kinda...done it. It! Shhhhsh! It's the secret in their identity but iDigress.
BATMAN, INC. by Grant Morrison coming to the DCU and our world this Winter.
Apparently that particular Droid app is a steaming piece of doodoo. I won't bother your eyes with that again, sorry.

What that gibberish should have said is: Nice villian funny Sully, and thanks for the call. I'll give you a ring tonight on my way home, and hope to catch up.

I also made several comments about how much I'm liking the Droid X, but I'll retract that until I can actually post from the phone itself.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
August 29, 2010

Not My Worst Nightmare But…
aka: I’ll Call The Phrase Now, “Rake The Leafs!”

I’ve had bad dreams. Haven’t we all?
I mean it’s been years since I had this dream. I never want to have it again. I’ve had perhaps three, escalating versions with the ultimate dream being the worst and most awful. Was it one of my strange, salient, preternatural abilities? I always said my aversion to gambling was due to dying shamefully & horribly in one of my immediate past lives, as if I was snuffed over a gambling debt and brought shame & sorrow to my family. I would give you the graphic details of the the horror my own subconscious subjected me to…but this is a PG-13 blog & we’d need a therapist waiting in the wings for chats over bosco but iDigress…

Do you remember your worst nightmare, OCHO? I remember mine and now I frame it to my context…in a stressful situation I can now compare the experiences, I can say “this is most definitely not my worst nightmare” and go on to do one’s Duty.

So being a Bruins Fan is like having a roiling psyche at bedtime; sweet dreams, nightmares, nocturnal emissions, the whole kit & kaboodle I tell ya.
Nonetheless, rouse the hibernating bear and hope its dreams have been on Victory. For a Nightmare could be “brewing” on our own division.
The Toronto Maple Leafs are in a condition to overtake the Local 2010-’11 Black & Gold on paper alone! Such a Gallery Gawd thing to say! The Bruins are Good on paper…on the ice though their brilliance is intermittent. In the playoffs last season, Bostonians wonder why we were eliminated 4-in-a-row to the Flyers when that very, pre-Olympic January the Beantown Bees lost Ten In A Row. If the Bruins cannot find that Ralph Macchio Fight Song in their beating hearts then we might not even make the 8-Spot if all 5 teams in the Division are Acme.

A Player’s Worst Nightmare…
I hate hearing news such as this.
Paul Kariya, 15-year NHL All-Star needs to take the entire season off to recover from Post-Concussion Syndrome. It makes me think selfish things such as “how many more big checks does our own Marc Savard have left in his body?” Especially after signing a long-term deal with Boston this offseason?
Think of the Future. I selfishly think of Meathead’s stepson, the Little Green Man who just went to Boston Bruins Summer Camp for kids, 7-14 yrs old.
For Security Reasons, I cannot identify Meathead’s child in this group but know this...blink and you could miss him! ^_^ Little Green Man told me all about how he met “Kray-CHEE” and how bad his English was!

This must have been a young hockey player’s dream, eh?

The biggest fears for parents & kids who play hockey are threefold;
“- the quality of coaching, the fear of injury and the cost of participation to name three -- the main reason for the dropouts, according to (USA Hockey’s Bob Mancini), is that the players stop having fun and become casualties of a hockey culture that has become too rigid at even the introductory levels.”

Whatever it takes to protect the Head…its where our dreams are shown to us from wherever they come from. Listen to your dreams as well…the important ones you will remember. Good ones, Bad ones, and especially dreams of holding aloft the Stanley Cup.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Saturday, August 28, 2010

PS For Shitzengiggles, on Friday I telephoned Matt, knowing he'd be occupied just to say, it's Sully, save my number, more later. Heh! I was only Mostly Drunk. not Quite There yet. I doubt I would have driven a car but iDigress...

I don't care if it whacks the page...its good!
I spent $19 at the FunnyBook Bodega today over 5 magazines, three which were BATMAN titles written by Grant Morrison and the other two were indie Warren Ellis on Avatar Press I've been meaning to get.

My next thing to do is to get a Batman belt buckle. And make a real Futility Belt, with a flashlight, a really want a UV Flashlight too (invaluable for really getting areas sanitized), little french knife, tasting spoon, iPhone case (I'd get one for the ability to take my inventory with it, et al...it must be a fabulous all-in-one gadget), a Leatherman tool.
And Batman to be is the patron saint of problem solving...what an archetype to call upon at work. Who better to model professional intent than in the spirit of Batman.
I just have to find the right one...

Like Batman II Dick Grayson's buckle here. I coulda sworn I saw a geek from CBS TV's "The Big Bang Theory" with one of these Bad Larrys. My RTFMs have come to naught but this one would be perfect.

crea shaakti,

Monday, August 23, 2010

I see where you're coming from with the facebook thing Sully. My only regret in you not participating is selfish, in that it makes it significantly less convenient for me to keep in touch with you. Yes, I can always check in at Ocho, but... why do I have to? Every other blogger I know can easily be accessed through my consolidated communication portal (facebook). I could email, but I don't generally use that for anything other than work, commercial mailings, and amusing spam from my dad. It's only slightly more relevant to my day-to-day social interaction than "snail mail".

I can keep in touch with everyone (but for you and two friends from grad school I haven't seen in years) without using it, so it doesn't occur to me to go to diverse points of contact as often as it would have several years back. It's become redundant. I use facebook for everything I used to do with email, calendar, youTube, evite, etc. and now it's even integrated with my phone. My contact list was automatically imported (again, from facebook) when I got my Droid X, and you're one of the only people I care to be in touch with who required me to charge and power up my old phone so I could look up and manually copy your info over. Turns out I couldn't even find it in there after all that. What the hell is your phone number again?

If I see something I want my friends or family to know about, I can snap a quick photo or video and it can be uploaded to facebook to share with the people I've specified with scarcely more than a gesture. I sincerely apologize that I'm unlikely to then think, "Oh, and I bet Sully would like to see that too... when I get home, I should use the USB jack to hook my phone up to my computer, download that image to disk, upload it to a file server, open a browser, and post it on Ocho." Still, it can be a tempting tool to overuse, and while deep down I suspect you imagine far more bugaboos about facebook than reality would bear out, I respect your reluctance to put yourself in the position of becoming obsessive.

I miss you man, and I'm really sorry I didn't see your post about the Willie show until just now. That would have been fun. We should hang out soon. You should come see my house and meet my kid... there's a rail station in town now, so it wouldn't be hard.
Regarding your iPod and playlists:
I refuse to leave my music to the whims of Apple's protectionist coding practices, so I backed all my stuff up. I advise you to do the same, lest you allow iTunes to sync to the void, as it were.

If you want to do it, and need any help, I'm here for ya!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Tao of Sully

presents His Tao of Steve...

Stephen J. Cicerano.
April 21, 1968-July 21, 2009

My friend Steve I found out is dead.

I was walking to a Davis Sq. Restaurant to meet Nicole Grace & her Well-Met table for a birthday celebration. I needed to walk past Johhny D's, the Square's long-lived quirky folk/blues music bar & restaurant. And an old friend of Meathead, Billy & Mario & myself is the bar manager there I bump into him on the street. John was on the phone, doing the manager's duty of appeasing the owner. I hung around until his phonecall was over and we caught up.
How's Meathead? Fine! Wife & baby.
How's Billy? Fine! just got back from China...again. Forgot to send me a postcard...again.
How's Mario? Fine! He says, "Baghdad...Hell is 20 Degrees Cooler". He's a Lt. Cmdr in the US Navy working at the Embassy. The look on John's face was priceless.
Steve used to be the Chef at Johhny D's for a number of years...sweated out a lot of busy services & had many drinks across from John over the years.
This was before Steve became Temple Bar's sous chef & ended up becoming one of my greatest mentors. I worked with Steve for two years of brunches & being the pantry chef...he taught me sauces & techniques. The value of equanimity. The respect of a chef knowing a little more than enough Spanish.
And he was a good friend...in my best Obi-Wan vox.

So I ask "How's Steve?"
And John's face drops. You Haven't Heard?
No...I hadn't.
Steve was found alone in his bedroom, after a few days too. John didn't say much but Steve basically drank himself to death...we don't have much details. I couldn't find an obituary. If this is in error please let me know so I can correct it. I knew all he ate were take-out sandwiches and he went to the gym almost everyday...perhaps it was a cardiac arrest. We don't know.
Steve was 41 Years Old. He was single, unmarried with no children. He left Temple Bar to open Kingston Station at Downtown in 2007 but as we say in this biz, "it didn't work out". He came back to Temple Bar for a little bit to help out on brunch, he loved working at Temple Bar...probably as I did I barely ever paid for my Guinness with the right bartenders.
Steve was a proud man, tough too. A little bit like a Charlestown John Wayne. And with all respect & honesty, Steve also was a pretty serious alcoholic. I'd always know where his bottle of white wine was in the walk-in cooler. But he got rip roaring after dinner service at the bar & the Party also made its way to the bars of Harvard Square. Its a Lifestyle. I lived that lifestyle in my early Twenties..it's wickid fun. Alas I had a serious girlfriend at the time I worked at Temple Bar so I needed a schedule contrary to This Restaurant Lifestyle...I carved a niche for myself. I had a the reverse-chef schedule...I was the pantry chef & the lead brunch cook. I was the first person there in the morning, checking the deliveries, prepping sauces, meats, and produce for dinner service and stayed as long as needed. The Chef & Sous Chef roll in about 12Noon and I've already got the Fires Lit and the Tyres Kicked. I worked very closely with my sous chefs...I prided myself on being the sous chef's "sous chef". Taking on duties from the Sous so to further my repertoire.
And Sous Chefs all need the help.

Nonetheless hearing about how he passed...it gives me pause. It wasn't shocking. I sensed a sadness in Steve after Kingston Station not working out. His living situation changed and he quite literally fell "Off The RADAR". I've been to Temple Bar as a guest more than a few times in the past 13 months...no one knew.
No one. People would have been talking about that.
I just saw my buddy the Fairy today, one of the Temple Bar people I count as friends & still hang out with after leaving there 2 years ago (if anyone else is reading this, send me an email! ^_^)...the Fairy didn't know either. We all loved Steve. He was a card. A Wise Guy. A Townie...wickid local. A great heart and a real pro in the kitchen. Steve taught me real things about being a Chef. Right now in my professional life, I am currently looking to make this leap to be a Sous Chef...then I ironically found out about Steve. I've thought about his cook's wisdom everyday in the kitchen I work at now.

Steve will continue to be my mentor always. There is a very human message here. Demands meditation. Thank you, Steve.

crea shaakti,

This one's for Steve's Meatballs...he called them "De Lovelys". He made them just for we the Staff for our Family Meal.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
August 21, 2010

Bending All the Rules! No New Real News!
aka: BBQs, Bringing Brews…

One case of Holy Water Brain Grenades. Check. Don’t show up to a friend-of-a-friend’s BBQ empty handed. Especially when you can drink as much Miller Lite as I can.
For me it’s BYOB-Plus.
I do love it when other people cook…and fear it as well. Sometimes Mediocre is what’s for dinner but iDigress…*never when I cook ^_~

My favorite Canadian is the friend-of-a-friend. I tell him all the time…Gawd Bless Canada. And thank you for Ice Hockey and Canadian Girls. I think the joke’s pretty much run its natural life. I’ll see if that holds true later. Why Canadian Girls? Ever see “Smallville” aka the show Posty & I refer to as the “Hawt Canadian Catfight Show”? Waiting in line for beer at the 2010 Winter Classic, I chatted up two gorgeous Canadian gals...I was already on my way to being Wasted (so unimpressive and shamefully documented here on a previous PUCK...) but I thanked them for the Hawt Canadian Catfight Show. They thought I was funny but as I said, "unimpressed".
Okeeday…hauzabout Shania Twain…anyone anyone? They all want to grow up to be Hockey Moms??? Ahh Nevermind…

Smallville's Lois Lane, played by Canadian actress Erica Durance

Speaking of Canadian Girls…It brings me back to Bad Movies of the 80s for some reason. One of my favorite all-time Awful Movies is a 1985 Canadian production called, Breaking All The Rules.

A lesser "teens on the loose" farce, Breaking All the Rules is set in a Canadian amusement park. The main characters are park worker Carl Marotte and his pal Thor Bishopic, who fancy themselves God's gift to women. The boys manage to impress the impressionable Carolyn Dunn and Rachel Hayward, especially after winning a stuffed toy at one of the booths. Since there has to be a plot somewhere, the toy contains a valuable diamond, stolen by three humorless crooks. The ensuing chase whisks our protagonists into a break-dancing contest, where the storyline is resolved in laff-riot fashion. Though four writers are credited for the screenplay of Breaking All the Rules, one gets the impression that it was being improvised as it went along.

~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

I think I remember watching this about 12 years old with my best friend Bryan during a sleepover at his cousin Keith’s rowhouse…Keith had Good Cable Teevee. His dad was a firefighter. Not only did we play then-cool Hockey on Coleco-Vision…Keith also had the basement to himself when his older brother wasn’t home.
This Up All Night watching HBO was fueled by 2-Litres of Soda Pop and Puffed Cheese curls…we also caught Duran Duran’s Sing Blue Silver this way as well…

Beware…it’s a terrible Rated R Movie. But it’s as addictive as Soda Pop & Cheese Curls.

Between this and the nice, wholesome Canadian Girls we grew with on Nickelodeon’s rebroadcast of the great white North’s 1980s teen show You Can’t Do That On Television

They mostly all grow up to be Hockey Moms. How hot is that…a chick you don’t have to explain Offsides & Icing to!

Bending All the New Rules
This coming Season of NHL Hockey has one great rule addition and also a few things “brewing”.
The idea that’s not a rule nonetheless floating around is “Hybrid Icing”.
What’s Icing? Let the Slap Shot primer at the bottom of this PUCK catch you up to speed and let's move forward. Icing can be dangerous…its been banned in NCAA (US College) Hockey and also the OHL, the Ontario Hockey League of the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League. Also used in IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation rules (aka the Winter Olympics & European Leagues).
They use “No-Touch Icing”. Puck travels the length of the Ice, whistle & a face-off from the other end.
In the NHL though, part of the thrill is the Chase of the Puck. Sometimes when timed correctly, the offensive player can score a goal or center the assist…its Ice Hockey at Full Speed. The Shadow to that is Injury. There has to be a happy medium, protecting the talent yet keeping it Real. Hybrid icing is just an idea…a good one too.

But something real that’s coming to pass is a Yellow Line behind the Red Goal Line.
Feature This: Instant Replay is Reality in NHL Hockey. A disputed goal is judged upon via television to the office in Toronto. If any part of the puck is now evident against the yellow line…no contention. An Allowed Goal. ‘Nuff Said. I think that’s a great solution to the Instant Reply’s judgments.

Also there have been mulling over a longer than 2 minutes break between the 3rd period & Overtime. Give the boys more time to breathe and the game might not have to go to a Shootout. This is been deduced by the General Managers & League as so,
”Another subtle change that drew a lot of praise was changing sides going into overtime to create the long line change we see in the second period. Goal scoring is up in the second period (37 percent) over the past 10 years, more than from the first (30 percent) and third (33 percent) periods, and the conclusion of the Hockey Operations Department is that's because of the long line change.

"That might be a way of settling more games," (Ottawa GM) Bryan Murray said. "I'd prefer that rather than have as many games as we have end in shootouts. We don't want as many shootouts. We want the game settled by players as best as we can."”

Source: NHL Dot Com, “GMs Believe Small Changes Are All That Are Needed”

The Season Starts in 2 Months. I’m getting ready by enjoying the waning daze of Summer with good company & some all (North) American BBQ action.
Maybe I’ll break my own rules and stay up way past my bedtime! Huzzah!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Sunday, August 15, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Taking Flak! Edition

Arios in Flight Mode

My Little Orange Mecha. He transforms into a Giant Robo. I’m Serious!
But the ability to “fly in and sortie” like a fast fighter plane came in handy the other day.
Also a lessoned learned in the Husbandry of Fine Electronics…

I keep my iTunes Library in the external hard drive with the music. I’ve never had a problem like this before but such as the nature of problems…new one’s appear daily in all things.
I did this.
I plugged the Nano into the Computer, my awesome 9 year old hand-me-down iMac G4 named “Bubble”.
I did not turn on the external hard drive. Never a problem before.
I did not open iTunes as an application from the dock. Shouldn’t be a problem, it should just open iTunes.
I fell asleep into a nice nap of between 10-20 minutes.
I awoke. I shook the Mouse. And beheld dread.
All my playlists were gone. My entire iTunes Library…BLANK!
Since the machine “fell asleep”, it did not sync or it would have Zeroed Out the iPod. Luck!
I disconnected it and was relieved that I did not lose any playlists or songs. Whew. I dodged a real bullet. So I shut down Bubble, turned on my external hard drive whose name is “Murphy” and fired up the iTunes again.
No Library again…odd. All my musics are fine & dandy in Murphy’s spinning brain. It seems we’ve lost the association by plugging in my iPod Nano in like that, made iTunes look for Murphy and not finding Murphy, created a new association internal to Bubble. Damn.
I plug in the Nano again. This time to sheer displeasure
FLAK! We’re taking hits! Evasive Action! Rolling, Diving, Turning!!!

I pull Arios Gundam, my Little Orange iPod from the spinning wheel of Doom and its Kitchen Sync! In the scant few seconds of sync I lost 100+ songs….down the drain so to speak but iDigress…

Interlude: I stand in the cockpit of my Orange Giant Robo, checking the damage. Minor leaks, a few rounds clipped the port-side wing but after than nuffin’a little orange paint can’t handle….but wait…oh no…we gotta go back in there!”

Doctor Hooey…calling Dr. Hooey. He can help but until he restores my iTunes and rechecks all the pathways & associations…Arios cannot Dock to Murphy. Here comes the Anti-Aum….::sigh!::
I realize I have to retrieve the videos that are trapped aboard Arios’ memory.
I had just taken the best shots at Meathead’s son’s 1st birthday party.
In a sense, I felt as though I left some people behind enemy lines.
As the Bard Spake, once more into the breach dear friends, once more…
And be prepared to take FLAK! Well the Bard didn’t know anti-aircraft ordinance nonetheless…Arios is going back in on a rescue mission.

I got pumped up. I rev up iTunes. I plug in Arios. What I need is to access the orange Nano icon on my desktop. I immediately stop the sync but there is always a secondary data sync. I need the device plugged into the computer for just enough time it takes to extract the videos I have trapped on the iPod. The process takes about one minute, a little more. Every tick of the second hand is akin to a round of Assault Fire from Bunkers & Turrets bursting against the armor of the variable fighter.
Mission Accomplished, no civilians left behind. Arios & I peel out of enemy territory and fly away a little worse for wear.
Direct Hits: The Beatles’ Abbey Road & Help. AC/DC. Astrud Gilberto. It appears it chewed a bit through the “A”s of songs and some random videos.
2 sorties…lost 300+ songs and all my playlists.

But How Could I Leave Meatball & Pike the Dog behind???
That’s what having an Orange Mecha is all about. Saving dogs & kids, right?

So I’m happy with my little battle-damaged Arios Gundam, walking around with no playlists, clugey album art and no ability to buy & sync new iTunes songs & albums until I fix my iTunes Library once again. I’ll use some Doctor Hooey bait and all will be well. Lesson Learned…always let Arios sync to Murphy lest there be cause to battle.

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
1,938 Songs
13 Videos
1 Movie (1.83GB)
0 Pictures (will not load photos if music takes up too much space)
3 Games
1.7 GB Free

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

17. Stretch Marks
This one's for Leah Carolyn Young (nee Bellando) with 5 weeks to go before the Kiwi Hatches.
I have stretch marks. In my One Year at College, I pledged a fraternity. I invented the phrase, "no one quits before Hell Week!" by quitting a week before Hell Week. Nonetheless from the brothers hazing the pledges by making us sleep in their cold, wet Mission Hill basement in the dead of Winter, I developed the Mother of All Chest Infections...call it my Number Zero. I can still get them any Winter ::knocks on wood::
Sadly enough the chest infection brought my Asthma back into the game. The doctors, Once Upon the First Grand Mal Asthma Attack since Childhood, admitted me overnight and pumped me with so much solumedrol that I plumped up a bit. Solumedrol is the liquid form of the oral corti-steroid Prednisone, which thanks to my asthma I took a lot of in my Twenties. The Steroid side effects included mood swings (which I already had an aggravated) and sudden weight gain.
I have stretch marks. Under my armpits, on my thighs and waist. Still. Like scars & tattoos...the Road map of our Tao.

18. Processed Food
I'm sensing a theme on this list from me about The Things We Put In Our Bodies...
but foodstuff further away from the Natural only tend towards the Unnatural such as diet-related diseases that are amok in America but iDigress...
if you do the Math, Mouthbreather then you understand how much sodium & corn syrup you ingest daily...apply that to a smaller human such as your child...such as serving size/sodium daily percentage versus how much you really eat.
We are mummifying ourselves from inside out.

19. Genetically Modified Foods
There's not much to ponder here.
Maybe it won't be the Machines that Rise Up Against Humanity, perhaps its the GMO Chicken & Cows.

101 Things That Should Not Exist!
I have a Theory...

Let the Elephant Loose.

Ever hear of the metaphor of "the elephant in the room"?

I had a novel solution to that posit...

if you let the elephant go, it'll love you...

I'm weird aren't I?

crea shaakti,

(postscript 8/14/10 eo's: I guess I was as clear as bacon when I mentioned "letting the elephant out". Dr. Hooey barbed me with it as an excuse to ignore things and that's not what I meant. When we ignore the elephant in the room is when we choose to keep the elephant in the room. When we lead the elephant out of the room, we have to talk to & interact with the elephant into getting it to come with you outside. I'd use perhaps a snack. The elephant "loving you" was in response to an intense image I had of an elephant hanging around in the yard for more snacks/love. The original post was meant to be brief & in the spirit of the Japanese Koan. A hit & run metaphor begging further thought & meditation including themes of elephants having good memories and if one if kind to an elephant then perhaps what follows is a kinds elephant in the yard...not in the room.)
The Usual Mid-August Smoking Puck

I actually talked hockey with another Bruins fan today at the packie. He was wearing an ad campaigns' 4 year old tag-ling, "I Bleed Black & Gold". Informed him that too was my Blood Type. We then got to chatting hockey and his son already got "hot off the presses" the #1 Draft Pick with the jersey number #19.
And we got into the usual Beantown Faire "Talking About The Weather" when it comes to strangers & shared sporting teams.
Who wore the #19 before Tyler Seguin?
Besides former captain & current reigning assists leader since his trade, Joe Thornton.

Dave Poulin.

I was right.

crea shaakti,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Willie Nelson at the new Boston House of Blues. August, Friday the 13th, 2010,

Where to start.
The venue. Sure I've been there before. But never like this. The Boston House of Blues Music Hall is the Perfect Evolution of Live Music Entertainment on Landsdowne Street. I've been to every bar under the Sun on Lansdowne Street and this was my first experience at the new HoB since it moved from its humble abode in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Great place to see a show, in this humble opinion. It's the old Avalon club but expanded, especially vertically with 2 tiers of wall-hugging balcony/premium seats.
I felt at home and in a new room, all at once.

Willie was sing-a-long good. he played all my favorites such as "Beer for my Horses" and "I Gotta Get Drunk" and "Angel Flying too close to the Ground" and "Still is Still Moving to Me" and "Whiskey river" and...
he played a short show but he's no spring chicken. only 1 1/2 hours but he crams a lot of material in there. He got the whole crowd singing along to "I'll Fly Away"...that's Gospel Music!

I wish I could have yelled out one request to him...and have played as the Encore so I'll do it myself.
The one Willie Nelson song I wanted to hear tonight and did not get...
the only difference between this video and what I saw tonight was that Willie Nelson was the sole guitarist. At 77 Years Young, Willie still picks a mean guitar. And can sing. Wow. Imagine being that vital in your own Twilight Years...
BTW to Meathead & his Love of New Country: There were no frakkin' fiddles (violins) playing anywhere on-stage during the singing of this Country music. ^_~

Saturday, August 07, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Trio Edition

I love Trios. Groups of Three. In Rock ‘n’ Roll we have the notion of the Power Trio but I’m just gonna mention a few. I do foolish things, being the Foole Himself, the Zero Card,
I love to get a little “lifted” and do what my Mom referred to as “Rockin & Rolling Up In Your Room”. I’d crank my music on my headphones & simply Become It. Let the Music do its intended job. I can’t help but want to be the frontman of a power trio…after I learn the guitar or bass but iDigress…

1983…A Merman I Hope To Be by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Mitch Mitchell is my Rawd Gawd #1 Drummer. For real.
Who’s your favorite drummer of all-time…mine’s Mitch Mitchell.

Tales of Brave Ulysses by The Cream
I’m an anal retentive frakker. I enjoy using the article “the” in front of Cream when saying their band name. I don't really like this "take" of the tune nonetheless the cut is live & genuine.

Beeswax by Nirvana. My favorite song to sing while wasted.

Peanuts by The Police. From 1979 on the BBC, this is a gem of the Police on the advent of the meteoric Rawk Rise.

I’m missing a bunch. Kiwi loves Green Day.
Matt likes Modeski, Martin & Wood.
Posty & Dr. Hooey like Lots & Lots of things like Muse.
Chime in with a YooToob of your faves…I’ll give it a “spin”.

But I want to finish this short list with a non-Rock Power Trio.
For me, this album defines “Jazz”

Very Special by Duke Ellington on piano, Charlie Mingus on bass and Max Roach on drums from their 1962 album “Money Jungle”.

Trios try harder. They possess more space to fill with less personnel.
I can’t seem to keep my delusions of miniature down! One day I will have my Nirvana tribute band! Heh!

And next time...more videos! Just dogs, kids, nice days, superhero tee-shirts and me with hair. ^_~

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
2,279 Songs
22 Videos
1 Movie (1.83GB)
0 Pictures (will not load photos if music takes up too much space)
3 Games
381MB Free

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

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Arios in Flight Mode
20. Drinking Alone
Hello...my name is Eric and I'm an Alcoholic.
(room greets, "Hello, Eric")
I drank half my 30-Pack of the Holy Water Brain Grenades on a Friday Night in...ended up calling in for pizza & wings (again).
Proving my interior dialogue's point that I am always just a drink away from making a bad choice.
No one got hurt or drunk-dialed. Funny thing is though I'm not even hung over. I didn't do anything bad...I don't even feel guilty.
Nonetheless my Chi Center (aka The Butterfly Cage) is telling me I'm better off just "taking it easy"...the repetition of experience begets little. New experiences await.
Crea Shaakti. Thanks.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

BATMAN #701 written by Grant Morrison & Tony Daniel.

I bought this with my groceries today. the Super Stop & Shop has an old-fashioned spindle rack.
Just like the one I first saw the Gnome at.
In Dorchester. At a store called "Patty's Pantry". Formerly called "The Creamery" which all the older locals knew it as.
In the book Mystic River, Jimmy Marcus is the proprietor of this corner store. This exact one. For real. In the movie though....not so much.

I perused the 4-sided spindle rack. a lot of obligatory MARVEL stuff. Lots of ARCHIE titles too. And BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD adapted from the teevee cartoon (ps Grant Morrison LOVES this title). I was kinda hoping for GREEN LANTERN's latest issue. But this...hoo boyee!!!
This was good. Grant Morrison has been spinning one big Batman uber-story for about 5 years now. He's done this before with the X-MEN over at MARVEL. This issue here plus into certain moments that were NEVER explained back in its initial run...I'm amazed that he can go back and fill in the holes. Its a testament to the medium. He is writing one long, big story. From driving Batman crazy to "killing him" which was actually a manic Vonnegut Unstuck-In-TIme Trip. I have all the Morrison BATMAN, even the Thogal Ritual in FIFTY-TWO...that was all-Grant.

Reading a funnybook on a Sunday Afternoon in the August sunlight. Nice. I ended up feasting on Taco Zero, Seared steak in Cast-Iron pan, butter-crusted. Damn.