Saturday, July 31, 2010

The story is called "BIG TIME". And Peter Parker earns success in his adult life...outside of being Spider-Man.

Can Dan Slott and the occasional art by Humberto Ramos here compounded with an interesting storyline & a cool-looking new uniform make me buy AMAZING SPIDER-MAN once again???

The Answer is....MAYBE???

Humberto Ramos' cover to the upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648

crea shaakti,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Comics Gnome...Still Dresses Me!

The NerdProm in San Diego (aka the 2010 ComicCon) held up delivery of a Flash tee shirt. Ironic?
The Blue Lantern Flash.
"All Will Be Well"...Quickly!

crea shaakti,
Period Speech


Sunday, July 25, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Just In Case Edition

Ahhh…Blue Skies.
Flying High with Arios Gundam, my little orange mecha.
I’ve recreated my important playlists. Random Beatles. 24-Hour Party. Superhero Rawk!
The World can now go back to being property drowned out.

I’m powering down the iPod with “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog”…it’s fitting; he’s got a Ph.D. in Horribleness. I’m Blogging.
Like the anal-retentive freak I am about my iPod Battery Life, my iPods must be properly pooped before plugged-in. Draining your battery, followed by a full 3+ Hours charge furthers your overall battery life on mostly all gadgets from cordless power tools to cell phones.
Here we go…lil guy needs a nap & sync. While he’s plugged in, I can extract the videos I shot (and delete the rest of them! Wow! I’m chatty with a few brews but iDigress…)

Still Sully After All These Years…
Taken from the Video Camera from my iPod Nano, then uploaded.
Cool, huh?

Just In Case I Hear Voices Again…
Needing to protect the pristine display, I immediately went to DasShaak (aka RadioShack) for a quick fix. Finding the one nigh-perfect case, I purchased it in haste! Upon donning the clear, plastic case I then experienced a “case” of an unpleasant engineering shortsightedness.
I got the simple protective hard clear plastic case by Belkin for $20. No frills. Nada. I wanted to show off the Orange Raging Coolness that is my Nano.
But the access for the Hold Switch was designed in an ignorant fashion…
The hole was not only too tiny for an adult human finger to effortlessly engage the analog toggle, it had no recess or shallowness to allow the raised Hold Button to be operated! The hole for the Hold Switch itself was the same flushness as the top of the case.
I was like, dammit. Doesn’t this ignite the whole “sucks/stinks” argument again.
And in times of trouble I have the spirit of my friends & family to guide me as well…
So I then had a flash of thought that I’ll call, “Ask a Ph.D.”.
Literally, What Would Matt Do?
I’m at the bus stop, sitting on the bench whence from the inside of my head, clear as day was Matt saying, “you know what the word, “plastic” mean’s now don’tcha, Sul?”
I said aloud, “heh!”
I then dipped into my Bag of Life for my Leatherman tool, used the single bevel, sharp small utility knife and slowly & patiently & safely started shaving away at the egregiously tiny hole.
I hoped and prayed that widdling like a redneck with a utility knife in Public was okay...I was stealthy about it keeping my business in my Bag O'Life.
Feature This: The iPod Standard Hold Button moves left-right, laterally.

Look closely at the upper left top part of the iPod and identify the aluminum nub, that's the Hold Button...the Belkin Clear case completely makes it a very difficult process to Lock & Unlock the Hold Button. So...
I shaped an oval to accommodate that needed & fluid left-right motion. Then later on at home after some R&D, I then carved enough depth to easily & effortless engage the Hold Button.
Problem Solved.
The Hold Button ended up being a very important way to save battery life. The internal Accelerometer will go off in your pocket keeping the screen alive & alit in your pocket when you walk. Well…I could shut the Accelerometer off in the Menu. The Nano has a built-in pedometer; I could finally figure out how much I walk in the morning before work.

Since the iTunes Storre is once again on-limits to me, I asked Doctor Hooey what can I get to make the New 24-Hour Party Mix better…requests, anyone? And one thing he said resonated, “MJ”. And that was the Cosmic Hint I needed to go and pick up my 3rd copy in the life of the Greatest Selling Album of All-Time.
Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Time Machine Factor set for November of 1982. Right after my birthday when I got my first stereo with record player, came the Mother of All Albums. I was 12. Everybody Loved Michael then. He was a Moonwalking Juggernaut. I had perhaps three Thriller pins on my jacket…and a few Def Leppard Pyromania ones for Cosmic Balance. We were the First Video Generation.
A few facts about Thriller and by “facts” I mean my unbridled opinion.
1. 25+ Years Later, it still holds up. This music is fabric in the quilt of America.
2. People Groove to this Still…4 songs immediately populated my 24-Hour party Mix.
3. I get to give my burnt copy to my potscrubber…I immediately re-import any iTunes/DRM music back into my collection. It’s mine dammit.

Not included on the Thriller album was the Single found in the Sir Paul McCartney catalog…which I bought as a single from his collection "All The Best".
“Say Say Say”, a really fun video & recorded a year before they laid down the first single from Thriller, “The Girl Is Mine”.

First week with a Nano wasn’t that bad. Next I’ll tell you about the coolest game that comes on it called, “Maze” where you use the Accelerometer to guide a ball through an ever increasing maze.
More later.

The Count:
16GB iPod Nano, 5th Generation
2,204 Songs
22 Videos
1 Movie (1.83GB)
3 Games

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…wired in.

GN-007 ARIOS GUNDAM, Allelujah Haptism, Pilot.

Arios in Flight Mode
Heya Preacher Matt!

August 13, Friday, House of Blues...would you & Jill like to come with me to the Willie Nelson & Family Show?
I'd love to see you! ^_^ Let me know PDQ & I'll nail us the tix. Its been too long...again. Nonetheless you are missed and I think about you everyday, you know with the GL ring & pics on the iPod.
I can't do "facebook" but have fun there. And remember OCHO is a fine place to post such pics & things as well. I love publishable copy...it's the "Dutton Peabody" in me but iDigress...
Facebook gives my chi center "bad butterflies". Insert the Gospel of Star Wars here. That's hyperbole. ^_~
Your voice, that I have in my head that helps me solves problems is coming right up in the next iRawk. I refer to it as, "Ask a Ph.D".
But about Facebook, honestly I'd hate the "cause & effect" of a loved one looking down at their BlackBerry while driving just to see "Rev Sully...Just Made the Brown Dolphin @ 4:20PM" only to crash into a bus of Nuns. Heh. More hyperbole. I'm quite "hyper" this AM.

Also I really do not want to be that accessible. I use my real name on our Blog here, not just hiding behind an anonymous IntrePoop handle. I make sure to include my former last name so those truly interested in me and not the Gay Biker Village Person...have a chance at finding me. I just Googled myself and there appears to be an Irish national Drift car racer named Eric O'Sullivan whose pretty famous in his Sport. That's the Fog my Field needs! Under the RADAR. I had to bracket with quotation marks "Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan" to get my first links to OCHO here...where one can find my actual email address. So I guess it could be difficult to find me which selfishly suits me but also I see where you come from...my inner Matt smiles brightly & gently, tilts his head, shrugs his shoulders and says "well Sully you're missing out". I'll tweak my OCHO profile to be more Googable because I should be accessible in a way...

Also it would break my heart to decline people I'd wish stay in the past or to be declined as well. This is perhaps one of my shameful anxieties in a head & tummy full of anxieties. It's a steadfast selfishness that has a very hard time melting. I like going forward, "what's next". My tummy is a cage of restless, nervous butterflies just thinking about it.
I dunno...as much as you think I'm missing out I have the addictive personality to get "too into it". As Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations". I'd be checking it, getting a BlackBerry for those in-between moments at work when I should be doing my duty. My workplace isn't framed by an IntrePoop paradigm as well. I use a knife & a smile at work...real Facetime. My hands are active on prep work, cleaning & serving my guest...I've judged having SMS or an IntrePoop gadget at work to be a distraction honestly. I have a Divergent Attention Span that I'm Actively Reining In through new strategies. Only to say that my hands mostly never touch a computer keyboard at work...the managers still ask me to help them when they can't find a file, et al, you know. ^_~

much love, not missing out but missing you,
The Smoking PUCK!
July 25, 2010

Bully For You, Bully For Me!
aka: Random Minutia Because That’s All There Is

What passes for Hockey Notes these daze, Pops? Nothing Much.
Perhaps we need a Sully-Bot to craft clever headlines! Such as…
This month Ottawa Senators mainstay Mike Fisher married country music belle & American Idol Carrie Underwood. And Carrie takes her husband’s name, obviously against her agent’s wishes. I really hope Mrs. Fisher does a remake of Christmas In The Stars, for Chrissakes but iDigress…

Meathead & I were in Cleveland a few years back for a Sox/Indians game. It was fun. Cleveland is a great city. They got a huge lake too. And great fans (well ask the Indians this year but empty seats can’t complain). Lebron’s from Akron, OH which is like Worcester to Southie if we hadda “Localize” this map. The Gallery Gawds feel for you. Take your pick; Mild Through HAWT. Espo. Bourque. Guerin. Johnny Damon.

Then Again…
After living in Russia and playing in Atlanta, Ilya Kovalchuk probably likes living & playing really frakking close to NYC…without the NYC spotlight.

Bully For Me!
I have a bully at work…again. I have a personality archetype that seems to attract “bullies”. For real, when I was a kid I’d get chased home from St. Mary’s in Andrew Square. I got beat up by a pack of Southie girls…no wonder I’d never date the kind. I was a weird, kinetic, well-natured & kind-hearted kid. The perfect fodder for a bully. I grew up to become a weird, kinetic, well-natured & kind-hearted adult…but with a defensive Shadow that equals all that kindness & light.
Bullies, in the words of punk rawk gawd Henry Rollins, “They mistake kindness for weakness”.

So I was thinking of a mental movie…now my guru tells me even thinking of getting even with violence is just as bad as reaching out and hitting him. That’s Dharma. Sure I’d feel good for a few minutes but at what cost; my job?
So I had a funny thought…steeped in non-violence but brimming with duty-filling action.
I imagined having an Enforcer on my Hockey Bench. A Flash of a 10-Second ESPN-Style bump, an advert…
Camera faces “Chucklehead Rummy”, the work-place bully who has just finished expressing their negative feelings in my direction for an unprofessional Umpteenth Time…
Wherein Marty McSorely, legendary NHL enforcer and for years teammate & protector of Wayne Gretzky….
Marty McSorely comes full-stride, on-ice ready and checks “Chucklehead Rummy” into the wall. A Check…McSorely fishes with a simple Stare Down & Shaking of His Head. Skates away.
In Hockey, this is the Price when You’re Not Nice On The Ice…
A sense of creative release percolated my chi center. On-ice Behavior? Heh.
Also I read the Bhagavad Gita every morning on the train…that helps too.
I can’t rub it in this Bully’s face that the Foole & The Fireman never got along…the Fireman is an archetype that if there’s no fire to put out, they’ll start one.
Or I can’t explain to this individual that s/he could be my karma, my consequence for being a pan-throwing prick in other kitchens.
What Would Jesus Do? He'd "turn the other cheek". Romans thought Jews to be beneath them....therefore a Roman would use the back of their hand to smack a Jew, an insult by not using the respectful "palm side" of the hand. Now meditate on this oft misunderstood pearl of wisdom... Also Jesus would bear his Cross, which is the metaphor for Bearing Our Selfs. I’m not a Christian but my Bully makes me a better person in a way, bestowing me gifts of true tolerance and compassion. If I don’t react badly (which is one of many outcomes of choice), if I listen to Krishna in the Gita 2:14-15, “these things are transient, O hero, Endure them…do your duty with neither attachment nor an agitated mind”…then my behavior is no longer suspect. This individual has real problems…I have empathy for we all have our problems. I can’t help anymore than to fight their hate with love, their crap with light.
Nonetheless I’d still take Five For Fighting though…what can I say…take the Gawd out of the Gallery but cha can’t take the Gallery out of the Gawd. Why, why? Tell them that it's Human Nature,

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Can’t Understand the Rules of Hockey?
Let “Slap Shot” the Movie Help You…

Saturday, July 24, 2010

21. Cash-Only at the Diner
It is the 21st Century...hello? Kelly's in Ball Square...I'm looking at you my favorite diner???

22. Pizza Rolls
Not only dangerous to eat because of their Sodium Content, 430 mg per serving/6 rolls. Who the Frak eats just 6???
Do the Math, Mouthbreathers...
But now & forever more my two-word answer to most things pertaining to Star Wars...but iDigress...

Have You Seen the 70-Minute Video review of The Phantom Menace?. Follow it up with the 70-Minute Video review of Attack of the Clones and like me, you too will be watching the Revenge of the Sith shortly thereafter...

23. Steak Tips as a Dinner Menu Entree
Steak Tips started as a clever ruse to get to you eat cheap chuck cuts as something wonderful. Ever bite into a Medium Rare steak tip and chew like a cow for minutes at a time? I'll always spend the $3-4 dollars more for a real steak...it's worth it.
As an old chef once told Me, "Steak Tips ahh foah suckahs".
Steaks Tips nonetheless are wickid great in Chili...

101 Things That Should Not Exist!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry to hear about motherboxx Sully. I feel for your loss.

Would I be beating a dead horse if I mentioned (again) that if you put your iPods in waterproof, shock-resistant cases, you'd stop killing them? To date, my $40 Otter case has saved my 80GB video iPod from 4 sidewalk impacts (two in puddles), 1 spilled beer, 1 pasta saucing, and 2 total immersions in salt water. I've had it for several years now, and it just got it's first fingerprint smudge last month, when I let Jill borrow it and she took it out of the case for the evening.

While I'm practicing equine pugilism, you're missing out on a lot by not being on facebook, like the link to the awesome Millenium Falcon electric guitar I just posted. Heck, you probably haven't even seen Kiwi's belly yet.


Monday, July 19, 2010

iRawk...Therefore iWait

Jul 19, 2010 12:56 PM Delivery exception MEDFORD, MA Customer not available or business closed
Jul 19, 2010 7:38 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery MEDFORD, MA
Jul 19, 2010 7:32 AM At local FedEx facility MEDFORD, MA
Jul 19, 2010 2:00 AM At dest sort facility EAST BOSTON, MA
Jul 18, 2010 4:48 PM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
Jul 18, 2010 5:57 AM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
Jul 17, 2010 8:57 PM Departed FedEx location ANCHORAGE, AK
Jul 17, 2010 7:46 PM Arrived at FedEx location ANCHORAGE, AK
Jul 17, 2010 5:38 PM In transit LANTAU ISLAND HK
Jul 17, 2010 12:38 PM Left FedEx origin facility SHENZHEN CN
Jul 17, 2010 6:13 AM Picked up SHENZHEN CN

I commissioned Arios Gundam on Thursday, July 16, 2010 at 7:56PM from the Apple Online Store. I wanted it engraved and I got it that way too...

I imagined that as the nameplate on the canopy of the Mobile Suit. I know...my advanced anime references are better left to the Couch and a stack of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 DVDs...or mebbe I'll just get them on iTunes.

You think I'm bad for naming my iPod after an anime mecha??? Lookie here. Gawd Bless The IntrePoop but iDigress...

And how quick was that? Ripe, off the Apple Tree in China! Engraved there and shipped to Hong Kong within hours. It was spirited away like a Bin Laden family member on September 12, 2001 but in reverse...I mean frakkin' quick! Now that its left in the hands of a local Union truck Driver to get here P.D.Q...now I'm getting anxious and bratty. As Bart Simpson said, "I want my Elephant".

Once I made the decision to use my Crappy Gift Card Won At Work, I Got the Exact iPod I Wanted ever since I saw the first "nanochromatic" adverts.

And speaking of the crappy gift card night, we Mom & I had a fabulous dinner at Legal Sea Foods, a rarity for us!
But our Hatchshell outdoor free movie night viewing of STAR TREK got rained out!
So...I bought us the DVD 2 disc version with Digital Copy!

She got the DVD...I got the to keep the Digital Version for my iTunes.
For Arios.
I Will Set Aside 1.83GB so I can watch one of my favorite movies in HDTV Widescreen...on my Nano. Wow.

As Tom Petty said "The Waiting is the Hardest Part"

I got home July 19, 2010 at 1:46PM. 50 minutes after their first delivery attempt. I'm crossing my fingers they come back on a second, requested-for swing...lest I got 2 buses including a 20 minute walk one-way just to get it. The Waiting is the Hardest Part...can't trust my roommates to be home tomorrow afternoon on dog walking day to boot.

crea shakkti,
All Will Be Well...
I keep saying it nonehteless keep percolating "sighs", the natural anti-Aum. My head cranes at every squealing brakes of a truck outside. I'm like a kid again waiting for my G.I. JOE "Duke" Action Figure i sent away for with Proofs of Purchase cut-outs.

maybe I should shuddup and start looking at cases and armbands, eh?

See You Space Cowboy...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Comics Gnome POOTS!...


This is the Computer Generated Image (aka CGI) enhanced uniform of the upcoming GREEN LANTERN movie.
I think I'll have to wait to see it in action.
Dig This: the uniform is a construct of the Ring itself...why not have it be TRON-like glowing...or even morphic especially when "willing" armaments & other type of Boxing Gloves.

I roll spoiler-free so I won't see this again until the movie.

crea shaakti,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friday, July 09, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Motherless Sumbitch Edition

Well…Motherboxxx has gone back to the Source Wall. Sigh…she fell out of my back pocket.
Dr. Hooey & I were getting off the Spring Hill Bus. Last Stop, Last Bus. I had too much stuff in my pockets; I decided to go untethered and keep the Bag O’Life at home…mistake?
It was already up the street when I realized…Pete sez he woulda caught it. He’s quick you know but I knew it was lost. My great 120GB iPod Classic.
I called the Bus Lot where the #85 goes to sleep at night…no one turned it in. Sigh. Of course. Who would? Motherboxxx is a great iPod. 33 hours of battery life (music only) in an almost 2 year old gadget? My deepest regret is that Motherboxxx was a gift from my friends Pete, Eliza & Posty. They surprised me on my birthday with a nice party which warmed my grumpy soul.

Nonetheless…with one swing of the proverbial bat…or in his case a few keystrokes via the Terminal, Doctor Hooey had unlocked & unpacked my entire iTunes Library from my hard drive.
Hawt $#!t!
All I need now is an iPod, right?

Interlude: “Bee..Efff…Dee”. Big. Frakkin’. Deal. I won perhaps the worst prize at work. I won the attendance contest. In their first financial quarter, I was the ONLY employee not to be absent with either a sick day, personal or vacation day and was never tardy. At the end of Q1, all the employees who were not absent went into a drawing. It turned out I was the last one standing. So a $50 Gift Card was coming my way. Great. Then I got the Stoopid Gift Card…muthafrakker, its only good at certain stores such as The Gap, Borders Books and a few restaurants in the area. What a chumpy prize. It would have been more worth it to call in sick two days but iDigress…but $50 I can use at Crutchfield Dot Com as well…purveyor of fine electronics. I thought Borders might have sold iPods…they don’t. But Crutchfield DOES! I can’t get it engraved but “c’est la vie”.

Ladies & Gentlemen…allow me to introduce to OCHO my next iPod
The 16GB iPod Nano.

His Callsign.
Once again another obscure reference but this time I’ve gone Anime. From one of my favorite series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It was a most impressive anime, first ever produced & drawn in Widescreen for HDTV.

Mobile Suit Gundam GN-007 Arios

Arios in Flight Mode

Of Course I Like the Orange One.
I identify with the pilot too but lets get to the music.

I’m celebrating the resurrection of my iTunes by buying singles from the iTunes Store. Something I haven’t done since my laptop died last year.
Along with Pilot by Elton John from a spectacular live album simply called “11-17-70” I picked up a few songs for my New 24-Hour Party Mix. I am recreating all my playists. Starting over from scratch…
So I start off a party list with some of the best background music to any party, the band Morphine with their groove “(Starting over From) Scratch”.

immediately followed by…
Black Betty by Tom Jones

the version by the 1970s one-hit wonder Ramjam is the Unofficial Boston Bruins Fight Song…it was gonna end up in a Smoking PUCK then I clicked on this video. I need to jam to this at one of my parties…

It’ll be a few weeks until I can make the “scratch” to get Arios "On-the-Air" but my little Orange Mecha will fly me to the Moon & Back with Delight. I can’t wait to tell you the little cool things with the Nano; FM Radio, Video Camera, Simple Speaker in the Mic, Shake & Shuffle…widescreen video playback!!!

The Count:
We’re Not There Yet

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA…currently having to Endure The Loud World…

Postscript. Thursday, July 15, 2010, 8PM...since I can use the stoopid gift card at a local restaurant...I decided to take my mom to Legal Sea Foods Friday Night. Turns out Mo's got a $25 Gift Card to Legal's as well. We both really are not impressed with Legal's but I do know that their fish & chips are astounding. I said, "lets go to the Bar, get a few drinks, some appetizers & split a Fish & Chips"....then walk across the Longfellow Bridge to the Hatchshell wherein the new "Star Trek" movie plays at Sundown.
So since I'm committed to that...
I just bought Arios from the Apple Online Store which includes Free Engraving. Funny...because the Yellow iPod Nano is Online Store-Only...and I was thinking that one earlier & naming it Bumblebee after the TRANSFORMER. In the movie, Bumblebee talks to Sam only through his radio since his vocal mechanism was damaged.

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
July 6, 2010

Build A Pyre, Tell Valhalla A Warrior Comes Home…
aka: Free Agent Bumper Crop…Not!

Please hit play…

The Old Style of Hockey had one of its few dwindling Enforcers play his last game in 2002 and officially retire in 2003, perhaps an harbinger to "The Long Offseason", aka the Death of the Old NHL in the 2004-05 Lockout.

His Name was Bob Probert.. Bob died the other day at the age of 45. Jeez. A life of cocaine abuse probably wore out his heart.
This Guy Really Was the Real-Life Ogie Ogglethorpe in the Slapshot Clip above. While playing for the Red Wings early in his career, Probie got busted with cocaine in the Winsdor-Detroit Tunnel, did 3 months for possession, and barred from entering his native Canada for Years. Life Imitates Art!

Something I never caught but just reading the Wikis…
“Probert recently worked on the Mike Myers 2008 film The Love Guru, making a cameo as a hockey player. He has commented on the irony of being given jersey number 28 to wear in the film — the same number worn by longtime rival Tie Domi.

When we were in High School, this is What We’d Watch All Night Long.
Meathead, Mario, Billy & Myself (who was still me before all this Sully foolishness came about…I was still The Foole but iDigress…)
This was WAY before the IntrePoop…and Our Beloved YooToob.
Cable TeeVee at Home was Hawt $#!t. Before DVDs we had the Video Cassette Recorder.
And I had a stash of NHL Hockey Fight Tapes. Edits & Dubs of different NHL Hockey fights of the mid-to-late 80s from different local television stations all across the USA & Canada. Three of them; hours long. I got them at the Squantum Flea Market or Budweiser’s World of Wheels…you just hadda know where to look with the vendors.
We would drink Beer. Lots of Beer. We would be merry. Hanging with the Boys at Eric’s Place When His Mama Ain’t Home…Beer, Pizza, Catholic School Girls, Snacks, Bros…and Hockey Fight Tapes playing endless loop. The Projects really were the place to be, eh? This is Neither Hyperbole Nor Snoop Dogg…
This was a Friday Night in High School.
But Centre Ice in it all…or rather All Along The Boards then in the Penalty Box was Bob Probert.
#24 Detroit Red Wings.

Back then it was customary for a team to have one “Cementhead” on the team…these two would fight the other with almost clockwork timing.
Fisticuffs Today in 2010 thankfully are an expression of justice…
Before Hockey’s rebirth, Fighting was just part of the Program. “Ahh…look Jay Millah & Chris Nilan ahh at it…again…”
For Pete’s Sake…Hockey Is Not Like This Anymore.
Sure it can get tough & rough out on the ice but the intention, the paradigm regarding fisticuffs is no longer the case.
Bob Probert wouldn’t be an NHL’er in 2010 if he could “do it all again”.
A Rock & Roll, young Canadian kid with a mullet and a tolerance for partying…lots of that obviously was to cure the pain of this persona, this lifestyle, the cementhead.
"Former Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman gave the eulogy for his teammate, whose off-ice struggles included drugs and alcohol.
Throngs of hockey fans lined the roads to pay tribute as Probert's casket was carried on a special sidecar of a motorcycle."

Bob Probert was the perfect player for that Space/Time. NHL Hockey wasn’t trying to shed its “Slap Shot” image, it was in its Last Days And We Didn’t Know It.

The role has developed, evolved. This is The Modern Age of Hockey. The Bruins are lucky to have Shawn Thornton…to make with the similes, Thornton is the Sheriff of Beantown Faire. He brings character & leadership. These formerly-called Enforcers are now required to make plays, shoot & pass the puck on the 4th Line, aka The Checking Line which is sent again the Opposition’s Talented players to shut them down. You can’t just have hands of knuckles & head of rock…Checking Line has to short-circuit any combo of talent by gaining & keeping possession of the Puck, establish presence with a hard-nose physical game play, all awhile creating scoring opportunities. Goals from the 4th Line are intermittent and usually scrappy...when the 4th Line Scores, I Roar More!
“Sheriff’s” occasionally are used to settle scores. Matt Cooke here injured Bruins All-Star Marc Savard. Justice Served. Nonetheless, the tough guy of the Penguins won’t be picking fights with “Sheriff” Thornton ad infinitum because that’s their role. It just doesn’t work like that any longer.

I was gonna say something about the July 1st NHL Free Agent Opening but there’s nothing much to report. I mean, “boring”…I’d rather tilt at windmills…ironically defending fisticuffs. Not violence…Duty! It’s an On-Ice Social Contract that does not extend to the parking lot or playground. Dig?

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Monday, July 05, 2010


Sometime I actually wonder if I use the word "metaphor" too much...describing crap.
(7/5/10 edit, eo's ^_~)
i need....

I need to write this down quick before I lose it.

The Foundation of the TACO ZERO Taco SAUCE...

I just made Taco Zero Taco Sauce (mild). I love mild taco sauce. Its the mayonnaise to the sammich that the taco needs. The lubricant.
A lil hawt sauce and a squirt of great taco sauce is the finishing touch on nigh-perfection! Impress Your Guest! Eat Healthily!
My Taco Zero Taco Sauce (mild) got Spice...but the Heat drops right off the cliff.

Note: I use a handheld burr mixer, a hand blender. You can use whatever you have available be it a food processor fit for liquids or even an upright kitchen blender. I don't make ingredient lists; they're already in the recipe if you read it first. As Julia & Jacques said, "Bon Appetit!...and Happy Cooking!

I start with about a quart of Chix Stock. I use Unsalted Homemade chicken stock from chicken parts and I store the fresh stock in quart Ziploks in the freezer.
I got 3-4 decent sized dried ancho chilis. They're a great ingredient but you must remove the seeds before cooking. All of them. Pop the dried top off and split down the side with your thumb, shake into trash all seeds, get all out, then wash hands vigorously before touching any pink human parts.

(***NOTE: reserve aside ALL the ancho seeds if you'd like Medium to Hot Heat...there will be a Space/Time to add this if you think that Mild is Too Weak)

We're gonna bring these back to soft in simmering chicken stock, about 3/4 Qt. (save the other 1/4 quart for later). I add to the chic stock anything good for flavor like smashed raw garlic cloves,
chopped raw onion,
1 (one) bay leaf (you might be tempted to put in two but ONLY if they're both smallish!),
2 pinches of toasted whole cumin & coriander seed,
pinch dried thyme or a sprig of fresh
a pinch of whole black peppercorn...
drop in seeded ancho chili husks into boiling stock, drop to simmer, let hang out for 30 minutes.
When done, reserve ancho chilis, strain stock from solids & reserve stock (dispose of solids).
When the chilis are done, they'll come right off the outer skin and look & feel like roasted peppers. Use a butterknife or a spoon...go gently. The smoked, formerly dehydrated pepper will keep a paste-like consistency...this is normal and reserve as much of this chili paste as you can without the cellophane-like skin! Taste a little as well...there is a deep, smoky, complex, acrid mystery to the chili. We unlock its potentiality with love & singing Beatles songs to the Sauce...also with other fresh flavors such as lots of fresh Cilantro & raw onion.

Always Wash Your Cilantro. Soil in food will get you sick. I love fresh cilantro...its one of the Taco Zero Cornerstones.
Take a bunch of fresh cilantro still bound, stem side UP in a deep bowl and fill with cold tap water running over the bunch. Shake stem bunch vigorously and remove cilantro from water to a wicking towel.
If you've used a steel or glass bowl...I'm gonna ask that you look at the bottom of the water. It's why we take the produce out of the water instead of pouring out the vessel...there should be a small beach on the bottom of your bowl, right?
Better here than in your intestines...

In another deep bowl with rounded corners, burr mixx:
one bunch (washed) plucked fresh cilantro leaves
raw minced garlic (4 good cloves)
raw minced yellow/Spanish onion (one good onion)
with a little water & a little chicken stock, less than 8 oz liquid total.
This will blend down into a uniform green, aromatic, sweet & unseasoned cilantro water. Uniformity is key...we call this stage of ingredients Homogenization.
(NOTE: have a rubber scraper-style spatula and make sure to scrape down your edges in whatever vessel & device you are using whether it be hand blender, food processor or kitchen blender)

Cook off one 6 oz can of tomato paste, cooking off its raw flavor is important. Large frying skillet, medium high heat, until tomato paste starts blackening...you will be scrubbing your pan later. may I suggest immediately after this task as I do...
For real, kids...this is the only part of the entire sauce I consciously add Salt.
I lightly use Kosher Salt with a few pinches and season the otherwise completely & totally bland Tomato Paste.
Occasionally deglaze pan with ancho chix stock, scrape with wooden spoon (they're cheap...that's s'why Ma would break 'em over yer hands...they're cheap). Use a metal spoon and I swear you'll taste "metallic" but iDigress...
Add reserved chili paste to cooked-off tomato paste.
Add some roasted garlic cloves.
this paste portion goes into our liquid portion in a minute...

Dump the paste into the cilantro water then add reserved ancho chic stock*** a little at a time.
Burr mixx to get to the thickness of ketchup or a little less. This is called Viscosity.
About this time you should be tasting (actually tasting the entire time through).
Right about now the sauce really needs two small handfuls of Sugar.
Plain White Cane Sugar. Taste. Too sweet, needs a little salt. Too harsh on the acridity of the ancho chili...might need one more small handful of sugar. Just make sure you're blending the sugar into the sauce.

That's it.

Next Stop...Flavorville!

serve at room temperature...take it out of the fridge when you start cooking & stir up...or serve it fresh from the blender which is its peak of freshness & flavor.
get a squeeze bottle and fill it up.

Taco Zero Taco Sauce (mild) pairs well with your favorite hot sauce...
Mine is...

This combo is key because I used no vinegar in the Taco Sauce.
I thought I'd save the Zing & Pop of Vinegar for my Hawt Sauce.

The Taco Zero Taco Sauce. Thank you.
(to be tested over movie night with Hooey & Posty!)

Taco Zero: Not The First Taco You've Ever Eaten, Not The Last But The Taco You Will Judge All Other Tacos By! OYE!

crea shaakti,

***okeeday...this is the Space/Time where you can add real, lingering HEAT to your Taco Sauce with the dried ancho chili seeds we took out earlier.
Before you add the ancho chili chix stock to the sauce...bring ancho chix stock back up to a boil, add the dried chili seeds; 1/4 the amount for Medium, and 3/4 to all for HAWT!.
Drop to a simmer for 15 minutes. You can strain the seeds out & discard them. They've done their Duty & might not blend well into the sauce at this stage. I'm getting rid of mine...
Taste that ancho chix stock now with a wooden spoon (won't scald lip). Whoa! Yeah. Got some kick right?...that'll be the same kick in your Taco Sauce. This is where you can give it More HEAT...
OR Reduce Heat by pouring some out, adding water or stock to taste, taming this beast.
My earnest suggestion is to make the Mild Sauce as well and you can always increase its heat.
Caveat Empor!...Adding Heat is a Bell You Cannot Unring...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

On Quantum Physics

It pretty much is the Next Religion. Get Used To It.

Oh. I'm not a member in It.
As Groucho Marx once said, "I wouldn't want to be part of any club that would have me".

We Are Entangled With God.
We Are Entangled With Each Other.

Entanglement is the weird quantum process in which a single wavefunction describes two separate objects. When this happens, these objects effectively share the same existence, no matter how far apart they might be.
Source:...good article from Warren Ellis Dot Com.

It describes ancient history, what the Hindus called Atman. Atman has two natures; Jiva & Brahman.
Brahman is Eternal and we Westerners would do well to use the metaphor of Brahman being that Bearded Throned King in the Sky. As I said, that's only a Metaphor. Not the Christian God, the Islamic God, One-Eyed Odin, Zeus All Down The Line...but Beyond That. Unmanifest, without beginning, without end but iDigress...this is the Keeper of the Flame, the Watcher.

Jiva though...that's You! This is Me. This is You. We all have one. As fingerprints but even that's a metaphor. This Experience of You through these eyes, ears, nose, tongue & skin...all the good & bad & mediocre in between...YOU! Jiva! This is the Spark, the Soul, the Flame.
Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita 2:27, "For certain is death of the born, and certain is the birth of the dead. Therefore, what is unavoidable you shouldn't regret".

Welcome to Nowhere! You Are Here!

Almost an article of Faith would have to be that one accept that this You. This Me. This Experience...all at once are three things;
the Viewer (O),
the Viewed (x,y,z)
and the Scenery Itself. the rest of the graph in the picture above.

Between your torrent of thoughts lies the Gap...where the Witnessing Value of Life perhaps sits on a throne, watching us, dreaming this dream, giving this Eric his Information & Energy.
Where does this Witness, this Brahman, this Quietude Exist.

Not in the Map. Nonetheless...It is The Map...and We Are The Territory.
Take away Time and perhaps we look different...like waveforms, strings, fibres making God's Rope.
Another Silly Metaphor eh? Its only how we describe what we cannot describe.

What I Once "Saw" In My Meditation
I kneel at your Feet, goddess.
I appear, withdrawn...why would you notice.
the beat, I cannot feel.
The Light is pale and hard to see.
the 9 Gates are defenseless, we are vulnerable.
I will wait for you, goddess
here, now & forever....together, apart, seasons, fruit, fleeting.
endure...endure...we will.

crea shaakti,

The Tao of Sully