Monday, June 28, 2010



this is my email address today (no...don't gawddawmn use it, it won't bloody work!)

I've been sick at home all day long.

I've eaten toast. a few cookies.

And a couple of mugs of homemade chicken soup. Ahhhh...

that was dinner. I just cleaned up.

In the Fridge I had...some homemade chix stock, some mirepoix and a few chic leg quarters...
I roasted & pulled the chicken legs. I prepped to morsel & sauteed the mirepoix to just-right yielding firmness to finish in the hot soup... I heated & seasoned the chic stock. I salted to near seawater then to a pre al dente tenderness boiled egg noodles, after draining immediately shock with the cold water spray in the sink...I finish the egg noodles in the boiling chicken stock then dump in bowl with the pulled chicken & sauteed mirepoix. I let the flavors mingle. **Egg noodles are a mysteriously thirsty pasta and your soup will turn to "stewp" if you wait too long.**
Damn...what a great soup. Every part cooked just right. perfect for a sick day...I feel weak-ass great. Ready for bed to go to work tomorrow.
Jewish Penicillin. L'Chaim!!!

my other option for dinner tonight was a 7 course gourmet feast paired with wine at a friends wedding reception. I called in sick from work...for real. no hangover. I mean "houston, we have a problem". I unfortunately bailed on the reception dinner due to valid illness. in a word...


Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
June 26, 2010

Takes Paws…Cool for Schrodinger’s Cats
aka: One More Year of the Recchi Ball

Cats Are Jerks…This We Know.

Nonetheless…Cats are used in a thought experiment once performed by Erwin Schrodinger to explain the new Quantum Physics.
No Actual Cats Were Harmed While Thinking About This Problem!
His metaphor for how quantum mechanics operate in the Material World is known as Schrodinger’s Cat

Schrödinger's Cat: A cat, along with a flask containing a poison and a radioactive source, is placed in a sealed box shielded against environmentally induced quantum decoherence. If an internal Geiger counter detects radiation, the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when we look in the box, we see the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead.

Huh? What the Frak do Dead Cats Have to do with Hockey? Besides relieving me of one less allergen but iDigress…
It gave me “paws” to share. I “bear” new wisdom. I dub “Physics For Locals!”
The Un-Scratched Instant Lottery Ticket!

The 2009 Boston Bruins Instant Lottery Ticket.

Before you rub those magic squares with your quarter…you are at once a Loser & A Millionaire.
Once we scratch, then we “lift the lid of the box and see either a Dead Cat or a Live Cat”.
Yeah I got one the other day with the last $2 in my pocket before payday, hoping for some Cosmic Mojo to Reset the Avatar of My Karma. And the ticket won $2. Great. I wasn’t expecting to win…Perhaps I should have focused my intentions better without attachment to its Fruit.
So like the cat being alive & dead at the same time, we hold the unscratched instant ticket just the same perpetually broke & rich. Potentiality! Crea Shaakti! Huzzah!

Talk About Scratching The Ticket!…The Bruins Got the Second Overall Draft Pick.
Yesterday, A young Canadian with a big grin was wearing Black & Gold.
Will the Gallery Gawds please rise and welcome Centerman Tyler Seguin. NPR pronounces the name like Carl “Sagan” but iDigress…

Mark Recchi’s Got Baked Beans for Brains, Thank cod…^_~
Muchismas Gracias, Senor Recchi!!! El Viejo Osso! Bueno!!!
The Recchi Ball has signed on for another one-year deal, now his third in Beantowne Faire.

Trades, Drafts and a For Pete’s Sake on NHL Free Agency Next Week…
Here on the Smoking PUCK! See ya!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

USA USA USA!!! MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!!! I'll be at the Pub for the 2:30PM USA/Ghana World Cup match, wearing Stars & Stripes in my Capn' America look.


A Day of Adventure! Of Freecycling Friends With Trucks!
Of World Cup Futbol! USA! USA! USA!!!

Doctor Hooey Purges his Storage Space. Nicole Grace has a Truck. We All Win.
Nic gets a Dining Room table & Chairs. I get 2 dressers. Other Things Up For Grabs...Might Have to Grab.

What a nice day out there...I hope we all have time for Burgers of Distinction at the pub!

Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah!!! To Freecycling Friends With Trucks!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hee hee. I love the fact it's been years and I still get Rev Sully's obscure references. Course it helps I've got a Borque Jersey courtesy of Preacha Matt hanging proudly in my closet still.
Anyway ~ what a game it was!!! I was almost ashamed to be half Italian the way they were taking dives. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Paraguay. Perhaps it may be in their best interest to play a B side team and accidently let the All Whites win a match. Sadly Italy play after us... it might be hard to pre-determine necessary points...
Don't let that jersey gather too much dust though Sul. Rugby World Cup looming in just about 12 months time coming at you live from little ole' NZ. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Courtesy of Doctor Hooey...who always gets me going by bashing Spider-Man 3.

He said this is better than Spider-Man 3.

I then got really defensive of Spider-Man 3.
I was wickid keen on the film...thanks Sam Raimi. Raimi's Spider-Man films are just much better than his Evil Dead films (in pure adult hindsight), I saw Spider-Man 3 two nights in a row, the 2nd night on mushrooms. Our Day in Cleveland with me & Meathead going back a few years now, we saw parts getting filmed there with mock NYC cabs & faux Subway entrances. I stayed spoiler-free and liked my movie going experience. Sure its got flaws. But hey...it is the last Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie. I was meh on "2"! But the Bigger Story of Peter Parker was over all three movies; MJ, Harry & Aunt May as well most especially.
There was a core to this story and it is these four characters. Aunt May counts, yeah...its not all Harry & MJ.
And bridging all three movies...the brilliant J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson

...with his secretary Betty Brant played by the always-lovely Elizabeth Banks. All three movies! Betty Brant was Peter Parker's 1st love interest in the comic book, the Comics Gnome wants you to know.

I just wish I played it on PlayStation! Dr. Hooey & I were addicted to "1".

crea shaakti...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Fathers & Forgiveness...

Happy Father's Day, Tommy & Joe.

Joe was my nigh-legendary Grandpa, aka the Golden Age Sully. His son, Brian was the Silver Age Sully. The baton was passed down to me, Eric the Modern Day Sully.
Brian's sons are Sullys too. Sullys are also Avatars.
Sullys are Monsters.
Sullys are Hero Pilots.
Some Sullys are related. Most are not.

But looking behind the curtain I see another person as well.
Tommy. My father.

My Mom, who we'll refer to by her nickname "Mo"...
Mo & Tommy were in love & in High School. Well, Mo was at least. Tom was a JD dropout. His best friend & 1st cousin on his moms Irish side grew up to be a Hell's Angel & my godfather. Tommy was 18. Mo was 16. I think there's a Madonna song I'll poot then move the story on from there...

So my first name was gonna be "Whooops!"...all props to Meathead, this is his line.
My name was "Baby Boy" for Three Days. Tommy really did want to name me Thor.
But they were a Shotgun Wedding at 19 & 17 respectively now with a squalling wee one.
Grandpa Joe got Tommy a job with the Natural Gas company & an apartment in the Old Harbor Projects in South Boston.

So those early days are a little muddy. Murky.
In all my Searching & Healing, there is something called the Ancient Hurt That Formatted Our Harddrives.
And I see Two that are One & The Same...both that need to be forgiven and moved on.

So for the first 3-4 years of my life, there was lots of love and sunshine but also there was a lot of vicious fighting too.
Tommy was barely 20. Mo had to drop out of High School. The details are best left for me and my Couch but there was lots of screaming, and beatings, and screaming and lots of me crying too from 1.) Being an infant and that happens naturally and 2.)a result of my parents' constant fighting. I can actually see them now in my mind a bit...from the Point Of View from where my crib was in the corner of the room if I was standing up.
And also I had a developing case of Very Bad Asthma. The Projects weren't the cleanest of all places...lots of waterbugs but iDigress...
This Would Be The First Hurt.

But then there is the Other Part of that First Hurt.
And here's where the Tao now lends its wear to this sole.
So...in my searching what I found in my many re-listenings of my Spirituality Audiobooks...

The Path to Enlightenment: Insights Into Buddhism. A 1999/'00 live "concert" of Deepak Chopra and the amazing Robert Thurman, Ph. D., Professor of Religion at Columbia University, jamming on What The Buddha Taught.
A casual joke about denim blue jeans effortlessly & seamlessly segued into Bob Thurman making a joke about "Blue Genes".
And this Rock & Roll Love Child heard something Old, borrowed & blue and to me new. A Marriage of an Idea & My Heart joined...
The Idea in Buddhism Tradition the Notion of the Bardo Runs like this:
When we're dead, a disembodied soul, the individual experience of Jiva...this soul has a "gene" or "Spiritual DNA" to use a metaphor a
...and this so-called "gene" of the Disembodied gets a Blue Marker.
Your Father's Soul has a "gene marker" coloured White.
Your Mother's Soul has a "gene marker" coloured Red.
Bob's joke was about the American patriotic colour scheme it unintentionally brought.

Nonetheless get hip to this: At the Moment of Conception, the Blue Gene the disembodied you literally falls in love with the White Soul of your Father and the Red Soul of Your Mother at the Cosmic Alchemy Moment of Sperm Meeting Egg. The Blue Soul feels the Love of the White & Red in the Great Cosmic Union, the recreating of the Universe with Shiva Loving Shaakti...the Big Bang so to speak with a little "blue humor".
What a beautiful, fitting metaphor. If you believe in that such stuff...I do.

So even after a household & infancy steeped in violence,, rage, abuse, fighting, suffering, sadness and also love & sunshine...even after all that, the Greatest Hurt came when they Divorced and Tommy Had To Go...
That's when I became Moody...something that haunts me to this day & dictates my behaviour.

My Heart Was Broken. Quite Literally broken-hearted. Dada Was Gone. I Didn't Understand. Sure, the yelling was now over & thank goodness never, ever returned.
Grandpa Joe & Uncle Brian pretty much were an adjunct solution to a failing problem but they set him straight and told him not to come back....2 Good Men & 1 Bad Apple.
My Old Men..."abandonment" issues in name only because The Sullys picked up the Fatherly Slack & I upon hitting 18 took their Name for it.

I Loved Them, the White & Red Souls. I Understood That...The Love that brought me to this Earth was Over. That one moment in Space/Time, the foolish young love, before the yelling & fighting & hitting & drinking & blah blah woof woof all down the line... before all of that there was this One Moment of Love Unfettered & was a beacon that drew This Eric, This Sully to This Life. Was Done.
Not my fault...not only just my pain either. I can't think of this anymore in terms of "I, Me, Mine" It's Eric's pain, and also Tommy's pain, and Mo's Pain which became Joe's pain all down the line again. This is the Other part of my First hurt which turned me into a really difficult child & also a difficult adult as well.

So on this Father's Day I'm thinking of all the newer dads in my life.
Meathead. Doctor Hooey. Posty. Matt. YoungChris, aka Mr.CrakedKiwi (expecting). Del who now got 2 boys. OCHO Alum Hawt Dawg Keith with his brood. All These Men are the Dads we aspire to be.
I also send love and empathy to all the dads having a hard time right now like one of my best friends, Mario, OCHOs own MarCap, recently divorced, father of 2 great boys & stationed over one year in Baghdad, Iraq, a Lt. Cmdr. in the US Navy.
Also to others not-as-close but DB in NE gets the Genki, the Good Chi as well because you need it most right now. To you, Crea Shaakti.

And it wouldn't be OCHO without me throwing the "Eric" in Esoteric...
My Prayer on Father's Day...To Me, and my White Soul...I Forgive You.
Kyrie Eleison. Am I Forgiven? I'm sorry we broke your heart too, this old pain still lingers as well...I am just as guilty as my parents. I see this now...
To My Blue Soul...Let's Move Forward.

The Tao of Sully

Off to the Pub for Brunch wearing this...

Sure I know...the All-Blacks are the Rugby Team.
The All-Whites are the Football Team.
Kiwi just said anything with the Fern counts.

10AM Italy v. New Zealand, 2010 World Cup. The #1 ranked team versus the #77 ranked team.
#77 Means Something in Beantowne Faire. ^_~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Comics Gnome Figures it Out For Me...

"I got it!" said the Comics Gnome, in a declaration worthy of Eureka.

I was distracted...perusing my pantry imparted more importance than parsing phrases with frakkin' figments.
In Addition, I hadn't been to the Bodega in Weeks.
My Shopping List is oddly more important than my Funnybook Accumulation.
PS...Need Another Longbox, but iDigress...

"You, @$$hole", the Gnome poked me with his Irish walking stick.

"huh?", I unplugged from Soma & The Feelies long enough to attend to the Gnomes' chattering madnesses.

"Your Comic Book Analogue! If this is an Earth-Prime, then you have a comic book doppelganger somewhere in the Multiverse!!!"

"which multiverse? whose properties are we talking here, old man...speak your mind!", he apprehended my attention like a runaway robber in a city's PM alleyway.

"You are...The Earth-Three Batman!!!"
::waits for pause::...Dun Dun DUN!!!

"what???", madness...I warned you.

"The Earth-Three Batman!!!", the Gnome appeared wickid earnest...he meant this.

"don'tcha mean 'Owlman'?...

okay...quickly. Earth-Three is Reverse-Earth.
Good Guys are Bad Guys. The Dark Mirror Opposites.
Earth-Three's criminal Owlman is the analogue to the heroic Batman.

"No no no...Get this: You would be the Earth-Three Batman. You're very far from being in shape, archetypically share only child issues manifested into adult behavior, you carry a personal Futility Belt in your Bag O'Life, had a history of 'Robins', those silly brightly-coloured tee-shirts you wear with the Lanterns, you have the complete opposite sleeping & earning habits, your Batmobile is the MBTA and your Wayne Manor is a run-down Summavilla on the outskirts of The City.", the Gnome looked satisfied and reached for another Taco Zero.

"dude...that's like your 13th taco zero...", I warned.

"Ahh, a Bakers Dozen of Goodness", the Gnome said through a mouthful of homemade Taco Zero of Freshness & Flavor.

"that's really comprehensive, man. But what does that make you?",...silence.
The Comics Gnome had already slipped into drool-mouthed Food Coma. I pulled a throw over this legs & feet and let him saw on some toothpicks.
Does that make you the Earth-Three Bat-Mite then?, I mused...then thought better of the whole she-bang & returned to my Shopping List.

I'm off in the "Batmoblie" to the Soooper Market, where I will buy one FunnyBook from its throwback spindle rack. Maybe an Archie Funnybook. See what publishing has to offer a modern-day supermarket spindle rack.

crea shaakti,

PS Thanks to Doctor Hooey for the 1960 Batman Teevee show Onomatopoeic fight cards.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
June 13, 2010

Ain’t Much To Say…Ain’t Nuffin’ Wrong With Tat
aka: That Toddlin’ Town!

Chicago. I like the word. Say it aloud. CHEE-Kaa-Go!
For Pete’s Sake, “Hey Ho, CHEE-Kaa-Go!”

It’s a city blessed with all 4 Major American Sports Teams. I hear they even got one of them new-fangled “futbol” teams but iDigress…

I have a short list of Musicals Okay For Dudes to Watch. CHEE-Kaa-Go! Is one of them.

I like the Deep Dish Pizza. Hey ho, CHEE-Kaa-go! That’s one for the Porter Square Pizzaria Uno’s, one of me & Dr. Hooey’s fave local haunts. He’d be satisfied with their burger. I’d get The CHEE-Kaa-go! Classic Pizza ™. 20oz. Wickid cheap beer specials. A Great Place to Watch The Game whether it be Sox, Pats or Bees.
Sad to see you go. It's Closed...Gone. Eighty-Six'd.
Cheers Though to Maurice, the weird African-American guy who was a regular there & had quite possibly a sports jersey for every visiting team. Whether it be baseball, football, hockey or basketball, Maurice would root for the Away team everytime!

And since 1961, the CHEE-Kaa-Go! Blackhawks Hockey Squad have gone without Lord Stanley’s Tupperware being their birdfeeder. It was a Most Thrilling Stanley Cup Finals. The Blackhawks beating the Philly Flyers in 6 games. Hey Ho, CHEE-Kaa-Go!!!
Huzzah! Good for them. They earned it…what a great, hard-fought series.

That for Tat
The Grand Pronouncement on the entire 09-10 Year…Very Good. Chicago & Philadelphia, as Beantown Faire, all former great hockey towns. Year after year, suffering heartbreak in the playoffs with every League-Expanding Year that progressed from their Last Cup victories (Chi ’61*, Phi ’76, Bos ’72). Every year the hope & expectation of the fans in all three American working-class cities were dashed in media-hyped rabble rousing.
In a burgeoning, turgid league of Thirty Teams, playoffs & championships become numbers games for entry. In Each Conference, Eight of Fifteen Teams earn the right to get into the Second Season. In the 08-09 Season, 974 individual men from 28 different countries suited up for 30 NHL Teams. Numbers give me headaches if I think about them too much. Nonetheless, Dharma tells me Negative Energy is used to sell newspapers in this case.
This becomes That begets benches filled with players equaling line combinations & depth with varied talent. Salary caps & distribution of talent equal better teams overall. Listen: This is True…Teams Win & Teams Lose. That’s the Conditional Bargain We Agree To When We Love A Sports Team.
If your child failed as the Bruins did, would you scold them so? Where is the love?
*no longer the case –eo’s

This season for me cannot have possibly been a disappointment. The Cup Finals were the thrilling culmination of a great year. Lots of drama, lots of heartbreak…but in the end the Dharma reveals there can only be One Champion. Such is its nature. Just because my team was one of 29 Teams That Did Not Win, doesn’t make the season a waste or my team bad. Saying “Bad Luck” asks too much of the Boston Sports Fan. As if the momentum of that Flyers/Bruins series did not take a life of its own, out of anyone’s control especially the Gallery Gawds. It’s better to say they suck than they’re alright. Perhaps that’s as far as you get with an “alright” team. They’re not “bad”…they’re simply “alright”, not “great” although they held moments of brilliance season & playoff long but in the end…they were simply “alright”.
And that’s alright with me.

Crea shaakti, Tat Tvam Asi
Rev. Sully

Monday, June 07, 2010

On Sorrow...

I've had flashes here & there as a go scuba diving into myself...

Months ago I started meditating regularly. During lunch, I'd eat up quickly & then end up dozing while I'm trying to reach that sacred space "Between Thoughts".
Now I've made a commitment to meditate 30 minutes 2X a day. Take time to slow down and stop The Torrent of Thought.
It's been interesting. I felt my heart speak to me in poetry and colors. As if I had to scrape away layers of paint to get to its true shine...and I've just started scraping. I also earnestly mutter pidgin Sanskrit as a means to keep my mind focused.
What happened as well was that I asked My Shadow forth as a result of all this inward looking. I was shining light in deep places within myself, so to speak.

I had a random though earlier tonight tastes like bloody nose. I've had my share. Especially after getting really, wickid, ridiculously angry. Weeks earlier after Mother's Day, I heard a memory voice from somewhen float across my inner ear when I was a kid about getting upset & moody. Mom told me after Three & Four Years Old I got wickid moody...that was right after they divorced. That made too much sense. Chopra's always yammering on about the Ancient Hurt That Is The Quelle Source of All Our Negative Behavior. Was that mine?
It got me thinking...and when you're meditating sometimes ideas & thoughts drift in & away as a hair over your eye sometimes.

I meditated twice today. Well, tried to a second time before bedtime and I felt what I can only describe as a negative feedback whiplash.
My "Aum" got sticky in the throat...my mantra weak, my prana breath wasn't connecting. I abandoned less than ten minutes in with the Star Wars "Bad Feeling About This".

And in bed, lights-out, mind racing like a fire, I felt great sorrow for a brief moment or two. Sheer dread. Mortal terror. Zombie butterflies in the tummy. Is This my Darkest Night of my Soul? Had I had too much of Mother Nature's Herbal Cure-All again?

I figured it out quickly. Shadow Energy. The Shadow Energy is a Natural Part of You...You stand "in the light", you will always have a "Shadow". Your Shadow Energy is the part of you that is protective & will use any means necessary to ensure that safety. It rears its ugly head when needs aren't being met and stress is introduced. And in a way too, Shadow Energy was on my mind all day long. Just in an emotional way, the closest I came to this feeling was a few years ago while over at Deedee's, I got feverish. I also had too much of Mother Nature's Herbal Cure-All then as well, also...I was burning up, sick. I was Fever Guilt Prayer Mode a few hours in. I had never felt so scared & cognizant of fear. It was the first time in my adult life I felt like praying...really praying when I was burning up that night.

So I thanked my Shadow Energy...I thanked it for protecting me all these years. Fear, Rage, Anxiety...I felt a distilled sorrow; it quivered my chi center that I've been finally concentrating on, all these years after getting that 1st tattoo. I said something new-agey like "I'll Take It From Here"...because I tell you "My Shadow" looked just like that little kid who could say that pennies tasted like bloody noses.

crea shaakti, shiva shakti, moksha...
A Puck of Anticipation!

There could be one game left.
There could be two games left.

Stanley Cup Finals. Wow.

crea shaakti,
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Deejay Edition

Ahhh….Motherboxxx is my co-pilot. She is the Deejay that keeps my day spinning.

In the past, in the Radio Days, the Disc Jockey was something of a ship’s captain…before the 90s and Corporate America Killed FM Radio…the Deejay was a special somebody, ferrying us across the day. All flavors, all Taos, all music in the spectrum on the tuner of the Frequency & Amplitude Modulations.
Deejays nowadays are a bit passé as the medium changes from Airwaves to Broadband & Wireless. Satellite Radio still has its appeal but as I think why pay for music I can’t keep?
My audio medium changed to iPod & iTunes a few years ago.
My current broadcast radio diet consists of NPR90.9 WBUR, Bruins Hockey/Red Sox Baseball and whatever my Lead Cook is listening to in the morning, either Classic Rock WZLX 100.7 or Magic 106.7….both stations have their deejays & crews. Drive-Time Air Time Still Holds America’s Driver’s Hostage but iDigress…
One Hell State for me is to be trapped in an automobile with the radio tuned to KISS 108 or JAM’N 94.5. If I died and went to Hell, Satan would greet me in Autotone.

A Brief Personal History of Boston Rock Radio…in the Shape of My Space/Time of my Formative Years. These Deejays Shaped my Rock & Roll Heart.

Charles. Charles Laquidira,

104.1FM WBCN’s very own 6AM-10AM deejay for 3 decades including my childhood. My Personal Merlin. I believe I have a trickster god archetype living in my soul and I think Charles helped format that harddrive. A One-Man Three Stooges. Sure he had a cast that accumulated over the years but it came down to his presence, voice, humor & humanity.

Charles was fired from ‘BCN in the early 70s for playing this John Lennon song…which he was forbidden to play! So he played it anyway! Very Rock & Roll to do. He was rehired months later due to Public Outrage. His retirement party was hosted at the Hard Rock Café I worked, I got him to autograph my copy of the Lennon Anthology…I said, “right under Working Class Hero”. His smile alone was worth it.


Boston’s Very Own “WKRP In Cinncinnatti”. If I could I’d have the tee-shirt & wear it today. “94 & 1/2…Dubbya CEE OHHH ZEEE!!! Kick-Ass Rock & Roll!!!” That was ‘COZ’s actual “bump” to the Song after commercial or such other FM Rock Radio segue to music.
When I think of WCOZ, I think of this tunes…I taped it off of ‘COZ and listened to it over & over & over again. I was a Rock & Roll Love Child, man. No lie.
I hear this song. Next to Become one with Sully Tunes No. 0..
An only child’s game of patiently waiting by the radio with a boom box on his lap…waiting waiting for the perfect songs. Lots of stopping, rewinding. Dammits! A lot of songs taped off-the-air .

Dr Demento. Sunday Nights., the Nationally Syndicated Comedy Show…a real touchstone to Yesteryear from the WestwoodOne Radio network (who also brought us the King Biscuit Flower Hour…) My Mother said Dr. Demento would warp my brain (her kid wandering around the house, getting goofy over a song about Dead Puppies). It was that compounded with the following show, the later PM Dr. Ruth Sex Call-In Radio Show. Another Nationally Syndicated Show.

I fondly remember a long lost mixed cassette taped off the radio.
As Rutger Hauer said in Blade Runner, “Lost in Time…Like Tears in the Rain…”

I don’t think Deckert’s a frakkin’ skinjob…okay? ^_~ !

Nonetheless…Dr. Demento celebrated his 40th Anniversary by calling it quits. He’s going to Podcasts which the way the wind blows on the IntrePoop. The Doctor still makes house visits.

I wish my iPod had a bumper sticker as cool as the local radio stations did. Heh!

The Count:
# on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10899 songs
83 videos
146 pictures
8 games (and holding...)
36.6 GB Free Memory Remaining...

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Comics Gnome POOTS Synchronicity...

I intended this. I asked the Cosmos for this.

I wanted to read more & know more about ancient India's epic the Mahabharata.

Attend To: The Current Book in My Bag O'Life is This...
The Bhagavad Gita According To Gandhi

The Gita is one of the most revered spiritual texts valued by mankind. Its wisdom is universal and is currently helping me "to reformat my harddrive" but iDigress...
I was primed on the Gita by my "guru" Deepak Chopra and his audiobook Sacred Verses, Healing Sounds

Chopra whetted my appetite for The Gita with countless listenings to of this audiobook...broke it down in the oral storytelling he's naturally gifted with including his interpretations. Not the Complete Gita but good enough to make the Seeker get his own copy.
Which I Did.
And I opted to get the Gandhi version. I was fascinated. Mahatma Gandhi, A Man dedicated to non-violence is using the Great Celestial Song to explain What God Wants From Us to his ashram. The War Poem of Kurrukshetra, the Bhagavad Gita, a 700-verse sliver of the overall epic, Mahabharata which clocks in over 100,000 verses.

Grant Morrison, one of my favorite living sci-fi writers says this of the epic, "Firstly it’s unbeatable on a level of sheer spectacle alone, involving 10 million combatants with super powers, flying machines, fantastic weaponry and immense battle-formations moving in the form of birds, lightning or flowers. The cast of characters – from the troubled Yudhish and mighty Bheema to tragic Karna and young, doomed Abimanyhu – is incomparable. The whole idea that the cataclysmic ending of an Age is brought about because Krishna is moved by the smallest of things - the tears on Draupadi’s cheeks – shows us how everything in the universe is intimately connected by the action of karma."

So getting what I asked for...I applied my intention with an inquiry about the Mahabharata, a great Civil War between a family split in two but much much more.
An End of an Age. The Power of Choice. And Fulfillment of One's Duty.
Nonetheless, along the way the hero, Arjuna is given the Ultimate Advice from God, Brahman Himself Incarnate in his best friend & charioteer, Krishna.
The Wisdom That is the Bhagavad Gita.
If the War of Kurrukshetra lasted 18 Days, then the Gita is Day One.

I was then informed by the Comics Gnome of an upcoming POOT this August...
18 Days by Grant Morrison

Click image to zoom! It deserves it. ^_~

crea shaakti,