Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
May 29, 2010

Finally, the Stanley Cup Finals!
aka: Too Many Men For Pete’s Sake

The Stanley Cup Finals drop the PUCK on Game 1 to-nite at 8PM.

Two well-crafted teams face-off in the Windy City. The Flyers proved to be no joke, rising up against the Bruins down Three games to Zero then completely “pwning” Les Habitants de Montreal in 5 games, shutting them out three times. This Flyers team has balance, good depth and the X-Factor of a hot backup goalie stepping in for the injured starter in Game 6 against Boston. For the Wild West, the Young Guns of the Chicago Blackhawks, one of the most promising up & coming teams in the past 5 years, finally getting their due shot at Lord Stanley’s Tupperware.
Will I stay awake past my bedtime? Will NBC bore me to tears with their television coverage? Would the NHL Network PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy the rights to show us the CBC Hockey Night In Canada Cup Coverage in real time? Is that asking too much out of Pay Television???

For Pete’s Sake
Too Many Men…It is a phrase tattooed onto the Gallery Gawds. Not just a Dumb Penalty, but also now a potential Arena Chant for failure.
For Pete’s Sake, I will tell him what “Too Many Men” Means to Bruins Fans.
Too Many Men on the Ice is a Minor Penalty in nearly all levels of Ice Hockey… as the Beatles said Here There & Everywhere, too many men is a Bench Minor that can cost you 2 minutes if found guilty. A Flag in NFL Football is thrown for the same judgment. In Bruins History, Too Many Men has burned Us Too Many Times. Once in 1979, Playoff Semi-Final versus the Montreal Canadiens was the game-tying power play goal to send into Overtime where Les Habs won the game & the round.
Fearful Symmetry two weeks ago in the Bruins historic loss to the Flyers and Game 7’s Too Many Men late in the 3rd period giving Philly their Game-Winning Power Play Goal.
Now…the following was an happenstance of collaborative genius.
For us, a true OCHO Moment…of Creative Collaboration, of Conceptual Continuity, of the things that started Channel OCHO for Us as our term for this $#!t we generate when we’re together like this. Brainstormin’ About Good Things.
Doctor Hooey & I were down at the Pub the Other Night, eating burgers of distinction washed-down with Mighty Pints o’Guinness Stout.
Feature This: Months Ago…Dr. Hooey asks me Bruins Questions. Popular Players. Current stuff. It was hard to ID one Bruins player on the team right now that a regular Bostonian would know by Name Recognition. Hooey’s own RTFM garnered the name “Krejci”. Now try pronouncing it.
Dr. Hooey recently had a production of his 2005 musical “Duplex”, where one 30-Something married Couple rents their other side in a 2-family home to a 20-Something Couple. Adultery Ensues with the Married Woman & next Door Neighbor Boyfriend. Eeek! Nonetheless, in one scene The Married Husband, Gordon curses the Bruins, exasperatedly bemoaning “Dammit, Krejci!!!”.
After seeing the production, I answer Hooey’s Question after Grokking Was Filled.
Have Gordon say, “Too Many Men!!!” unbeknownst to no one but his cheating wife & the audience. I was a little oblivious to my own reference at first…my internal-Gordon wanted to walk onto the stage & scene and convey my Bruins disappointment in one phrase aloud to the audience. Then about 20 minutes later I get my own joke with the cheating wife in the same room! Hooey was like I thought you got that 20 minutes ago…I said I’m bright yeah but I get there on my own.
That was a funny moment.
BTW, David Krejciwas integral in the Bruins Woes. He was injured in Game 3 of the Flyers series and lost for the Playoffs.

An Homeric & heroic loss I fear the Bruins suffered. There’s no such thing as neutral luck. In the Bruins Falling, figuratively I saw the Iliad and Hektor as Achilleus comes for his life’s blood. In the movie “Troy” with Eric Bana as Hektor & Brad Pitt as Achilleus, Hektor stumbles over a rock in the battlefield. Bad luck. In the poem though after chased around the Trojan Walls thrice times, Olympian goddesses in a similar fashion trip up Hektor. The Gods Favoured Achilles (Simon Gagne?). I fear the Bruins misuse of a 3-0 series lead is the will give the Boo-B’s something to hate…something they love doing. Every year, I hear heart-broken fans. Or maybe it’s our jobs as The Fans, The Gallery Gawds to not be disappointed. Or to realize that this past season wasn’t bad. Boo-B Fans…just let it out and let it go. If it’s not this one, it’s that one, then its Sinden, and then its Jacobs.
Indeed…Too Many Men.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
24. 'Nuff Said....Because Obama Says It All.

The First Ten Minutes Plus is good & informative. I am watching it though.
Top Kill? It sounds like a British Murder Competition Teevee show.
5 Weeks of This?...Wow.

Listen: We Live In The Future...Why Are We Still Dependent on Oil?
Qui Bono? but iDigress...

crea shaakti,

101 Things That Should Not Exist!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sweet Jeebus...

Real Story.
Compliments of Uncle Warren

Uncle Warren is Right...my weekend was not as bad as this.

crea shaakti,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

once in a while...something comes into your life and changes it. indelibly.

When the Advent of Music Television coincided with my childhood, the syzygy created a reverend in the Church of Rock 'n' Roll.

I was thinking aloud...just now. Talking to the air as if he could hear me...as we humans often do when we wish to directly Speak To The Dead...as if he can hear me.
I was thinking, "was he ever here? we have recordings of his voice but he's gone now..."
and then I thought and said aloud to the sky, "Ronnie, I'm very proud of you".
My tears well with eyes...

Ronnie James Dio passed away the other day after an heroic battle with stomach cancer.

This is the video that was my conjunction to a world of storytelling with really loud guitars and a man who could sing like that!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

iRawk....Therefore iPod

Hit Play

;) Turn up that frakkin' music. My heart feels like an alligator!

The Comics Gnome thanks Nicole Grace for Turning Him onto this. All Props...word.

The Comics Gnome Wishes You Well from Northern Mercia as well, send in Daft postcards from the Edge.

(personally, I'd jam on Daft Punk in the busiest of Sunday Brunches...I had a Playlist titled "Feet To The Fire", clever because my hands were always dipping into the fire of my 8-burner top, commanding elements of water, matter & fire; changing states. Every Daft Punk song I had was included on that playlist from Daze Of Yore but iDigress...)

crea shaakti,
The Smoking PUCK...
Dirge Edition

Mark Recchi has already summarized it. It would be wise for you to read it yourself.
Here, the "Recchi Ball" tell you "WTF" Just Happened as Quoted, "This One Hurts"...

Now I'll Digress...
Now Let the Right Reverend Eric Thomas Matthew O'Sullivan (nee Anzalone) ascend to the Pulpit to Address the Angry Mob of fire-wielding Gallery Gawds.
I need to be honest here.
There was a Mighty Congregation of Forces Conjoined to Make this Game 7 Happen.
Lots of Blame on the Bruins. But I want to Colbert our Report for a Moment and Tell You...
I Blame The Flyers. For Winning. For Digging Down Deep Deep Deep Down Where the Pirates Treasure in the Sunken Galleon Lies...for That is The Booty.
I Blame The Flyers. Sure the Bruins had Culpability...squandering opportunities as a Project Rat does to a Free College Ride. A Kinder, Compassionate Soul would say, "The Time Wasn't Quite Ripe for the Bruins" to paraphrase the out-of-print science fiction writer Kilgore Trout.
I Blame The Flyers because What really happened in Game 7 started in Game 4 ...
When ten-year veteran, career-long Flyer, the 30 Year Old All-Star Simon Gagne returned from an injury...Game-Winning Goals in Games 4 and 7.
What Happened was what Buddhists Call, Pratiyasamutpada.
This Rises. That Rises.
What Happened was Simon Gagne Had Risen...And So Did The Flyers.
The Bruins helped...sure. yes. Definitely.
Nonetheless the French verb "to win"...is Gange. Spelled with an "r" at the end in its infinitive version but pronounced the same way as Simon's last name.
I Blame The Flyers.

In The Finals
The Conference Finals out West have San Jose playing Chicago. Wow. That's gonna be good. Out here in the East we have les Habitants de Montreal against the Philly Flyers, the Eight and Seven Seeds respectively. Again, scrappy. This is gonna be good.
Being a Hockey Fan means more than rooting for the Home Team. It means lining up at the end of the round to shake the other teams hand at Center Ice, look him in the Eye & say, "good game".
Thank you to my Beantowne Bees.
All Will "B" Well...
The Possibilities are maddening. All 4 Teams get their fair shot at Lord Stanley's Tupperware. All Four Teams have been resurgent over the past decade and less!
These are the elite.
Boston Sports fans are demonstratively vocal & emotional...hen-pecking & negative with Big Catholic Guilt built-into the Sports Culture. The field day the Chuckleheads will have on the Radio call-in shows. The "uddah" fans I gotta deal with.
My Cross To Bear is Their Salvation for when Thy say the Bruins Suck, iSpare Thy Life.
Again. Pratiyasamutpada Oi! \m/ ^_~ (I wrote this under the influence of black Spanish coffee & an all-metal shuffle...forgive me!).

So it's back to the Cave for Hibernation. A Season Wasted? No. An Opportunity Missed.
Conditionality. This/That. If/Then.
I replace "if/then" with "just so" which lies in the Centre of Conditionality.
I see "suchness"...what the Chinese Tao refer to as "wu wei".
The Time just wasn't Ripe!

See You Space Cowboy...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ha ha - that's frickin awesome!!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

25..My Mother Having FaceBook drama...
Are you frakkin kidding me?
Nonetheless, I spent 45 minutes on the phone relaying a lot of the good advice I got from my iPod the past two years in my Chopra audiobooks this very Sunday morning.
To abate this Facebook drama...sheesh. They're like high school kids, I swear...
Happy Mother's day!

101 Things That Should Not Exist!
A Smoking PUCK Moment of Pause...

The Red Wings eliminated.
The Bruins play tomorrow night.

I was gonna re-publish some damned foolish filler then I thought better of it.
Enjoy the Silence.

I just watched all three of my personal big three teevee shows; all their Series Finales.
The Sopranos.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer. and...
Battlestar Galactica (neo).
It's all about Closure. So usually is the last game of any Round of the Playoffs after game 4.

In the past few weeks, I've seen all three Series Finales in a Meta-textual Juxtaposition. Closure. Wrapping it up.
This is not for the weak at heart or a casual Sopranos fans but a contextual, critical breakdown of the much-ballyhooed Sopranos Finale.
Here it is...it changed my mind.
It made me ponder on this Grandiose Exeunt as the Bard Spake...and What Happened to Tony Soprano?
The Definitive Explanation of "The END" of the Sopranos

Buffy's Season 7's Series Finale "Chosen" still got me teary-eyed in the Same Place. Written & Directed by Joss Whedon...indeed he Doth Still Kick Ye Merry Arse! HUZZAH!

And BSG Season 4.5's Series Finale. Without Spoiler I Praise Thee...Since I previously Beheld the BSG Finale where I cooked Pot Roast for friends on Finale Night last Year & said "goodbye" with a Last Supper.
Its foci includes no less than 6 resolved romantic relationships. The spaceship is just a frakkin stage! Its all about the people inside whether the people are human or Cylon, it doesn't matter. I watched it 1 1/2 times. Once throughout the Extended Version with commentary by the creators, Eick, Moore & Rymer.
Then...watched Hour or Part 3 of "Daybreak" with the podcast commentary of Ronald Moore & Wife including the recognizable sounds of a Bic lighter, gurgle of water bong and cough cough! That was rich! 2 commentaries! Geek-Out! What I refer to asn Academic Viewing.
I now "get it" a lot better being walked through by the creators, sharing their vision of their creation.
Apparently BSG is a lot more ambiguous than Sopranos! ^_~
All three shows ended in the 21st Century. Buffy & the Sopranos started in the 90s so close that these truly are 21st Century TV Shows.

And more 21st Century goodness has to be my Bruins. They are not the Bruins of the past, certainly. I get this closure televised as well. But the Bruins closure at this point is only certain...whether it holding aloft Lord Stanley's Tupperware is Yet To Be Determined...


crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Saturday, May 08, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Nostalgia Edition

Mementos…nostalgia. Attachments to the Past? Well for most mortals we tend to like our “chachkies”, our souvenirs.
Sometimes all it takes to evoke a memory is the smell of something or the sound. For me, my “Golden Age” was 9 to 11. The years 1982-1984.
Portents suggested bad things; the original date of Steven King’s The Stand was afoot. That scared the crap out of me.

We lived in a world at the climax of the Cold War.
Two Tribes by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, 1983

Imagine being 11-12 years old, subjected to these flickering images. As I said, it was scary to think too hard about!

I was of an All-New, Different Generation. Children of Two Worlds: the ancient Analog World of Dialing Phones & TI Calculators to the Digital Age of the iPhone & Beyond.

Bringing me to Call Me by Blondie…

It was the #1 Single in America when I was 8 Years Old in May of 1980.
On May 21, 1980, The Empire Strikes Back was released to much, much anticipation to this child. This track popped up on my shuffle the other day as I’m IM’ing with Doctor Hooey and I was transported. Butterflies in my Tummy created a Wormhole to my Younger Self. Getting my Empire Activity book, the oversized MARVEL funnybook adaptation, my Han Solo in Hoth gear action figure, my Burger King collectors cups (in Massachusetts we weren’t allowed glass, we got plastic tumblers instead).

When it comes to Star Wars collector stuff, I got ridiculously few things remaining. Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan’s lightsabre’s from my Episode I renaissance. I have a Qui-Gon LEGO man that I keep its hairpiece off so it looks like a Rev Sully Jedi LEGO and I have Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite LEGO as well, remaining from a LEGO Slave I, circa 2000. I’ve always wanted the life-sized Han in Carbonite for my wall my iDigress…

The Power of the Force? Or the Power of Music. One and the Same I say. Pythagaros said that, “a stone is frozen music”. I say This Stone Rolls and How I Roll is with My Motherboxxx.

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

The Count:
# on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10899 songs
83 videos
146 pictures
8 games (and holding...)
36.6 GB Free Memory Remaining...

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Comics Gnome POOTS...A Blast from the Past

Hanging out with old friends is a trip. I got to see Husk, my old friend from the Hard Rock a few weeks back. We had plans to meet for Sunday Noon-ish so I did what any self-respecting friend would do when he knows he's entertaining a gay couple...Brunch!.
It's like a national Sport with those boys and I was a brunch Chef for years! After a "Meh" Experience at my old brunch kitchen, we ended up hitting one of the FunnyBook Bodegas of Harvard Square (where I got my Red & Violet Rings just by asking!!!)
Husk asks me what do I think of POWERS by Bendis.
And I start going on & on & on & on & on about POWERS and how I just ruined last month's Vol. 3, #4 resale value by drooling all over it. He was impressed; I was the 2nd old friend with good comix taste in 24 hours to adamantly suggest Bendis' POWERS to him.
I asked him a week later what he thought...Husk was already on TPB #3. Nice.

So Husku-Chan!!! I know you are a HUGE MARVEL Comics fan so I suggest this to you with a huge recommendation. You will like this one if you like POWERS.
An in fact, its controversial nature was just talked about in this week's Comics Book Legends on CBR Dot Com. Check this one out...it's Legend is TRUE!!! Notorious!!!

Originally posted July 12, 2004, 4:34PM
The Comics Talk!!!

Alias by Brian Michael Bendis
A Complete Series in 4 Trade Paperbacks (collects Vol. 1, issues #1-28)
Marvel MAX

Alias TPB #1 Cover

Her name is not Sydney Bristow for those who assume too much.

You will not confuse with the anti-heroine Elektra Natchios in any way, shape or form either...terrible movie btw...

Her name is Jessica Jones, ex-super heroine & Private Detective and she is the Liz Phair or P.J. Harvey of the Marvel Universe for those savvy ‘nuff to follow. Brian Michael Bendis who works diligently on several titles wrote this MAX title congruent to his amazing run on Daredevil (still current at the time of this writing –eo’s). It overlaps in places. Sometimes identical panels. Some might think that’s a cop-out but I’m pretty impressed. Marvel MAX is set in the normal Marvel Universe but with the volume turned to 11 as in the movie, “This Is Spinal Tap”. Marvel MAX is one of my guiltiest pleasures of the Marvel Universe. A wild and uncensored run through familiar territory.

Marvel MAX is about a decade behind their Distinguished Competition when it comes to mature alternatives in mainstream comics. DC Vertigo is the Mendoza Line of Quality. Let’s be honest and admit it. Then came WildStorm (born of Image Comics). Again, Marvel dragging its heels. Dropping the Comics Code made sense to everyone. And then Bill Jemas green lighted Alias from a Bendis treatment saying “why not” in regards to “keeping it real” and keeping it vulgar. Marvel MAX today is one of my favorite imprints in the comics world along side of DC/Vertigo and WildStorm. In the “Silver Age”, Marvel had a magazine imprint called “Epic” which gave the world adult related & mature material from Conan the Barbarian to Howard The Duck and even Groo the Wanderer. Epic was the Proto-MAX/Vertigo. Adults are back buying the funnybooks for their stories, not the action figures and ceramic, limited edition and numbered busts so the adults need to be entertained without having to go to the “Young Adult” section of the library. Marvel MAX is what happens when our superheroes have grown up with us.

Jessica Jones is a superhero has-been by the time she’s 30. “Never ask a woman her age” is a maxim of being a gentleman. I don’t care if she’s your Grandma and you can personally count 100 candles on the cake…never ask a woman her age. It’s rude. I don’t think Jessica’s age is ever stated for the record but it’s alluded to in a fine flashback sequence to her high school days. She’s a girl from Queens, and she attended high school with a one certain Peter Parker. She noticed him from afar and had a crush on him too but it wasn’t meant to be. She’s about his age and he is currently very, very far from that bespeckled teenage geek who got bit by a radioactive spider. Spider-Man is a grown up now. There was a certain irony and joke to his being called Spider-Man for decades as the Friendly Neighborhood Wall Crawler was a high school kid for the early adventures and a college student for what seemed to be up until the 1980’s when he went and got hitched to that POA Mary Jane Watson. Well, these Ubervolk seem to have a low retirement age akin to Pro Football players.

I revel in Marvel MAX comics. I roll around in them like a cat on a hot tin rug covered in catnip. It’s brought back a coolness that was lost in the 1980’s and going “too serious”. Those stories although held back by the Comics Code were always cooler than most. In the 1970’s you had Luke Cage (black power!). Ghost Rider (Evel Knevil on Acid). Shang-Chi: The Master of Kung-Fu (Bruce Lee knockoff and the martial arts movement). Nick Fury (back then both an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the leader of the Howlin’ Commandos). Marvel MAX recycles characters. Gives them the usual Marvel Patented “Revolving Door at Heaven” without using dead characters. Just ones who’ve faded into the backlot. They’re commiserating at the Commissary.

Man, I’d love to interview him. Did this come from an idea about the Ultimate Marvel Team-Up series he did? I wonder. In Ultimate Marvel Team-Up TPB Vol. #1, Bendis tells me in the Introduction that he invited the pick of the litter in artist and asked them “which character would you love to draw and I’ll write an Ultimate Spider-Man story for it”. Who suggested Jessica Jones, one time Avenger known as Jewel who traded in her family for her powers of strength and flight? Literally. The flashback scene to the accident was a little tough even for a roughneck. Was she even an existing character? Did Bendis write her in? Cleverly inserted into the History. Was that why the Purple Man said to her about her ‘comic book’, “respect the continuity”? I wonder. I looked up and down my trusty Hitchhiker’s Guide. Most people call that a Web Browser. I couldn’t find anything historically for Jessica Jones, Jewel, or the Knightress (which I get the cleverness, what a gas! ^_~). I even asked Bendis himself. I hate not knowing. It’s one thing if it has not yet been revealed. Like Wolverine’s history. I gotta know. It’s canon. But I digress…(Jessica Jones was created by Bendis for ALIAS in 2004 -ed. note 1/9/08)

Arcs are key. And the switching artists too to fit mood/time. Ultimate Spider-Man and Bendis long time artist Mark Bagley takes care of the flashback scenes to Jewel’s costumed heyday...I had never seen The Vision’s face appear that way before, interesting stuff. David Mack does the journal of a young girl in “Come Home” and the covers. Legend Bill Sienkiewicz illuminates the autobiography of Marvel Universe long time character Rick Jones (no relation) called “Sidekick”. Rick Mays in issue #26 has a stand-alone; a conversation between X-Man Jean “Phoenix” Grey and Jessica on a playground that is very nice and needed while Michael Gaydos takes care of the body of the work.

I have seen Jessica rendered much prettier with the litany of talent just recited but under Gaydos’ pencil, she’s made handsome. Almost glamorous, like Lauren Bacall. Even sexy (but that could be the words coming out of her mouth, compliments of Bendis). Like Alex Maleev’s Typhoid Mary from Daredevil, Gaydos’ Jessica’s is an expressive human face. And she is also a gumshoe in the “Phillip Marlowe” mode. Sometime when reading Marlowe you don’t really know if he’s that smart or if he’s just coming into the office everyday. Shades of Chandler ring out in the P.I. moments. The expressiveness of Jones’ face (and the faces of the other characters; Carol Danvers, Scott Lang, Luke Cage, Matt Murdock, J. Jonah Jamieson) is worthy of getting lost in the panels. Her scenes when interviewing a client are always good and consistent. A cigarette in her hands, a billow of smoke and an impassive countenance until it’s her time to speak.

In a weird but complimentary way, Alias also is kind of a “Sex & The City” of titles. It’s on HBO PrimeTime. T & A. That means Tits & Ass (actually no to little nudity in Alias but there is plenty of adult language and subtext to get lost in besides obvious carnal scenes). Swear words. The works. Ahhh…make mine MAX. Jessica’s personal life is what it’s about. She is one part Samantha Jones (no relation), the Kim Catrall character on the fore mentioned HBO Original. She doesn’t have a Secret Identity. In fact, people know who she is. She’s got a picture of herself with the pre-Warbird Ms. Marvel on her wall; the 4th generation armor Iron Man and Mnolinir in the background. Her office assistant is a teenage groupie. She also has an abundance of something else no other superhero besides Wolverine & Power Man seems to and that’s a social life. She dates. She drinks. Almost too much. But also when it counts she does have those nifty powers. It comes in handy against homicidal & huge bad guys or when she needs to get the fuck away from the guy she’s dating because he’s the last thing she needs right now. Brilliant.

“FUCK!!!”. It’s the first copy in the mag, issue #1. Well…the “Alias Investigation” on the door doesn’t count as copy or does it. Ask a Professional. Jeph Loeb gave praise about it on the intro to Alias TPB. #1. MAX is for the older reader. In the first issue there’s everything a Rated “R” movie could ask for. She steps into a mystery from the get-go. But that’s OK, she’s a Private Detective. A Super-Powered one at that. Jessica used to be a super-hero but life took the zap out of her eyes. It’s a read. It’s dialog driven. Issue #3 is basically an interrogation scene out of Law & Order with a walk-on by Matt Murdock. The Blind attorney who she ends up playing bodyguard to both in Alias and in Bendis’ Daredevil when Daredevil’s secret identity is given up by a Capo to a Fed and then to a newspaper. But also another Secret Identity is at risk in Alias Vol. 1. And by the end of Issue #5, it’s made clear what is a hero because heroes follow Right Action. And that’s all that matters, I hear.

Issue #10 is great. It sets up the Pulse and her relationship with her employer, the notorious Marvel Universe ordinary person, J. Jonah Jamieson. After Jessica bails out Jamieson’s “ward”, his “adoptive daughter” who ironically does have mutant powers that give her cause to dress and call herself “Spider-Girl”, J. Jonah Jamieson is actually humble and gracious to a Super Powered person. Hey, I hear people can change. Spider-Girl’s situation was as grave as it gets when it comes to a downward spiral of abuse and self-loathing. This same arc sports great appearances by Speedball of the New Warriors and the original Spider-Woman Jessica Drew fighting a gang that have Maddie Franklin, the Spider-Girl captive for her Genes to make Mutant Growth Hormone, a drug that gives its user powers for a limited time or boosts existing powers (ahem…Magneto in Planet X anyone?). The MGH or “Kick” storyline is a thread that runs through the Marvel Universe.

Some might remember the Spider-Woman cartoon from “back in the day”. Issue #16: when superheroes date!!! And she’s obviously got something against She-Hulk but that’s a “Team-Up” waiting to happen, huh? ^_~ That’s an Easter Egg for those who pay attention. This title asks the important question like “Do You Have the Right Stuff to be a Super-Hero”? I watched that movie the other day. The Right Stuff. You’d need to have the Right Stuff in order to be a superhero. I get sick on a swing set. Image that compounded with Flight Ability. Fly-By Pukings, is what I tell you. I have Fear of Lobster. Fear of Clowns. And Fear of Roller Coasters. And I want a working GL ring…pah! ^_~

In a scene where Jessica is once again in Alias surrounded by the superhero team The Avengers, the almost absurdity of Capes comes into play. Jessica, finding herself under extreme emotional duress and on the verge of losing it, calls upon her friend Carol “Warbird” Danvers only to be asked not to use foul language at the Avengers Mansion. And to be annoyed by her quasi-boyfriend, a “B-List” Avenger and the replacement Ant-Man, Scott Lang. Jessica seems to be the only human among he superhuman in this poignant scene.

The last arc “Purple” is as twacked as any Azzarello issue in Hellblazer. And I mean that. It’s the last arc in the run. Not only does Jessica do unscrupulous things as a Person, we as readers are subjected to unscrupulous things by superhumans. It shows the ugliness I’ve only witnessed in few other places. In Alan Moore’s LXG Vol. 2 and in the Authority Vol. 1 with Mark Millar’s tender mercies. Even Alan Moore’s Joker in his “Batman: The Killing Joke” never came to LXG’s Hyde. Purple is also elusive in whether or not it addresses the Fourth Wall by Killgrave, the Purple Man, the adversary of this arc and also the culprit behind Jessica’s greatest secret refers to their situation as “her comic book”.

This title eventually settled down a bit in the story and changed direction and title. It ended at issue #28 and became “The Pulse”, on Marvel Terra Firma. With Bendis still at his prolific helm. Events from this could play out in Daredevil, the 5-issue quarterly Secret War and maybe even Spider-Man sooner or later. The Pulse is different. Less edgy. More heroic. Jessica Jones in Alias comes very close to a female John Constantine in her almost apathetic musings, her complex relationships and her “I don’t give a fuck” chain-smoking, over-drinking attitude. In the 5-issue “the Pulse”, she’s thinking in other, different places. Things change. Bendis has a great interview at this link here: http://www.strange-haven.com/news/123102/news3.html

The Pulse issue #1, Jessica Jones gets hired as “Superhero Consultant” for the Daily Bugle’s new spot of mutants and the superpowered “The Pulse”.

Such a good time reading this title. It plays so well with other titles. Rewards for paying attention with other titles (particularly Bendis titles…shhhhh! ^_~). This run was actually suggested and lend to me from a friend, usually it’s the other way around. The Comics Gnome is not just one magical person. The Comics Gnome is legion. To paraphrase Valentine Michael Smith from Bobby A. Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, “thou art Comics Gnome”. Alias Investigations closed shop. But the Pulse still beats and Bendis has plans for Ms. Jones. That much you can count on. He actually told me so. To my face. In print at the end of Alias #28 where the letters should be is one big letter from Bendis to us. He figured that issue #28 was the End and the story was told here. It informed us of the Pulse and the need not to have to say fuck. ‘Til then, Make Mine MAX!

Other recommended readings in the Marvel MAX library are:

The Black Widow
Ghost Rider
Howard The Duck
Shang-Chi: The Master of Kung Fu
War Machine
The Hood
The Punisher

Some I have yet to get to but that’s the thing about the funnybooks. They’re new if you haven’t read them.

The Smoking PUCK!
May 2, 2010

Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round…Round Two!
aka: Now Is Time For Hope

This is exactly what I have been waiting for.

Round Two of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Starring the 6-Seed Boston Bruins Versus the 7-Seed Philly Flyers.
Together the two teams have gone from Winter Classic…to Spring Fever!!!

Hope! This is the time when my tummy is a cage of butterflies just thinking about the next game!!! Yesterday the Bruins with home-ice advantage took Game 1 of Round 2, 5-4 in Overtime. I tried listening to the Game on the Radio but I was over at OCHOs very own the Esteemed Doctor Hooey’s HQ. We were all getting the UberFriends together for our usual homemade cooking jam. Dramatis Personae include: his wife, Action Girl and their sprite 10-month old daughter “Action Girl, Jr.”, OCHO’s very own El Post, aka Posty, his Missus, her daughter and Posty’s 2 month old son, who has yet to earn his IntrePoop nickname but iDigress…
I cooked “El Pollo de Muerte!” my famous buttermilk fried chicken. We’ll it really would have been the “Chicken of Death” had I fried it in Lard as I really wanted too…but I didn’t want to kill anyone including myself. Along with stress, I got a family history of heart disease so I should really enjoy this while I can. Posty made his best pork ribs ever…better than my fried chicken in fact. Hooey laid down the sides with a mashed potato puree topped with crunchy, broiled-to-perfection Parmesan cheese and a Sully-Inspired Asparagus dish that is the best way to enjoy the natural flavor & texture of the Mighty Green Yummy Stick. What a team…like the Bruins.

I had Faith. Not only Faith we’d win Game 1. But faith that I didn’t need to bore my mates with my Sports. We switched from Hooey’s new FM-receiving iPod Nano playing the Bruins Game to the 24 Hour Party Mix off of my iPod Classic “Motherboxxx”…and again, the pleasing sounds lasted all party long. I got home with a beautiful buzz under the power of my own two feet to find the final. Marc Savard, who on March 7, 2010 suffered a cheapshot-induced Grade 2 Concussion, was cleared to play…and netted the O.T. Winner. It’s as if the butterflies get charged up every time I think that Savard is back. This is what I hoped for…for Marc Savard to return to the Team if we earned the Second Round.

Last Year the Bruins made the 2nd Round. 2 Years Before we fought our way into the 8-Spot and lost in the 1st round. The Playoffs are the Expectations of the Gallery Gawds. My Silent Expectation for this year…if the Bruins kept on track, the 3rd Round is where we’ll naturally advance. The Third Round, the Eastern Conference Final whose only next stop is the Stanley Cup Finals. Our disappointments are only equaled to our expectations…win or lose I’m already very proud of them. Of course I want to win it all. Don’t get me wrong. There’s only so “bummed out” you can be over a Sports team, if a childhood of Red Sox Baseball taught me anything it was that.

Playoff Hockey…the Cream of the Season has Naturally Risen to this Level and we got 2 rounds left to go! Anyone can make it…here’s to Hope! And here’s to Good Luck for the Black & Gold! Go git ‘em, boys! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
26. Love That Dirty Water...awww Boston You're My Home!

Did you hear? the main aqueduct pipe giving the Greater Boston area its FRESH WATER SUPPLY has gone kapoooie!
Fer shure, I spent all morning boiling water so we all don't die of the dysentery like G.I. in P.O.W. movie...
We could be without running potable tap water for over a week! Well...have you ever gone camping? It's kinda like that.

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