Saturday, April 24, 2010

Comics Gnome POOTS…The Blackest Night Post-Game Report
Sponsored by Your Own Wallet & The Enabling FunnyBook Bodega!

Welcome to the Minutia! The Little Things. The Supposed Items That All Add Up.

Such is Stress! I earnestly need to stop having meltdowns or showing it. Stress. It adds up too. I have a loose belief that Stress would be the Brown Lantern in the Emotional Spectrum but that’s taking the piss out of the Super Elegant Metaphor but iDigress…

So to de-stress this weekend I selected a mighty huge stack of funnybooks…DC’s BLACKEST NIGHT. Written by DC-Uber Scribe Geoff Johns, BLACKEST NIGHT is a 9-issue mini-series involving the entire DC Universe.
It was an event I was into hook, line & sinker.
I bought the tee shirts (except Green & Violet…I have to have room for my FLASH tees).
I hustled down all the rings.
I have numerous crossovers & tie-ins to enumerate & tally…there are 8 individual funnybooks over 6 titles other than the core that are between BLACKEST NIGHT #s 5 and 6. Would anyone but me find this entertaining?

I’m actually finding some of the secondary stuff to be superfluous, most noticeably GREEN LANTERN CORPS by Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason. Although while sporting well drawn, jaunty, jarring zombie action, it was a bit tiresome in the dialog department and ultimately dragged down its contribution to BLACKEST NIGHT. By GLC #46, I found myself asking the Comics Gnome what was the point of it? He said to stop thinking so damn much & enjoy the pretty pictures.

Buy The Numbers
The Usual OCHO Caveat pertaining To Number: There Are Too Many of Them & Thinking About Them Gives Me Headaches.
I wonder why I’m broke sometimes and I look at a pile of receipts for take-out, delivery & beer. Funnybooks though are a different beast.
Let Us Once Again Review ”The Bargain”: in 2010 a pack of cigarettes is about $8.00. I was a pack-a-day smoker making 7 timesX $8.00 equaling= $56.00 per/ Week.
The Comics Gnome Stack is usually never over $20 per/ Week.
As we’re fond of Saying here on OCHO, “Do The Math, Mouthbreather!”.
Maybe that $30 per/ Week would be a great place to find savings…

On with it!
The Complete Sully-Edit of BLACKEST NIGHT, including pricing, sequential reading order and a brief thought about the magazine & its tale.

  • GREEN LANTERN #43, $2.99. The Prologue to BLACKEST NIGHT with the Origin Story of our Bad Guy, the Black Hand.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #0, Free. Free Comic Book Day in 2009 had this Zero Issue primer for anyone not tuned in. I missed going to the FunnyBook Bodega on that Saturday so I bought it for Fifty Cents off the wall rack.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #1, $3.99.
  • BN: TALES OF THE CORPS #1 (of 3), $3.99. The first (of many) 3 issue tie-in series under the Blackest Night banner along with other heroes of the DCU.
  • GREEN LANTERN #44, $2.99. The Brave & The Bold fight the Dead & The Stinky. Good stuff.
  • BN: TALES OF THE CORPS #2, $3.99.
  • GREEN LANTER CORPS #39, $2.99. All the dead Green Lanterns buried on Oa rise. Mayhem & lots of bad expository dialog ensue for the next 7 issues but action scenes a plenty! A Mixed bag Indeed.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #2, $3.99.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT BATMAN #1 (of 3), $2.99. Wait for it…
  • BN: TALES OF THE CORPS #3, $3.99. Altogether, Tales of the Corps was good. #3 has our 1st interaction with the elusive Indigo Tribe and a Director’s Commentary Pencils-Only reprint of Blackest Night #0. This one’s for all the geeks…probably replaced the one-shot SECRET ORIGINS & FILES ANNUAL magazine we usually get in these DC events.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT SUPERMAN #1 (OF 3). $2.99. On first read I thought it was pretty good. On this reading I’ve decided it nonessential. The pencil work though is amazing by Eddy Barrows, who through this won the monthly SUPERMAN title. A complete waste of characterizations of all the Supermen involved; dead or living.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT BATMAN #2 (OF 3), $2.99. I didn’t bother getting #3 and I’m thinking of mailing BN Batman #s 1 & 2 to Mario, stationed in Baghdad to give to the soldiers.
  • GREEN LANTERN #45, $2.99. I buy Green Lantern every month anyway and Blackest Night is founded in the GL Mythos.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #3, $3.99. Good issue, great art. Black Lantern Firestorm was really creepy. Job well done.

  • BLACKEST NIGHT SUPERMAN #2 (of 3), $2.99.
  • GREEN LANTERN #46, $2.99.
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #40, $2.99.
  • GREEN LANTERN #47, $2.99. The story has to cover a lot of ground AND reach the Issue #50 milestone near the climax of the Event.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #4, $3.99. Another strong, eagerly anticipated issue and a great time to mention the backup feature. Part of my goal in the re-read was to really “grok” the Second feature that I honestly skimmed over in my initial reading. It’s a text-oriented, illuminated by pencils on the side as an old Irish-Catholic Vellum. The Book of the Black: The Burned-In Thoughts of William Hand. The diary of a madman to excuse an Ozzy reference…but by BN#8 the Book of the Black is a major & cryptic clue of the Future.
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #41, $2.99. Creepy elements with Zombie babies. Always a good way to creep out a party.
  • GREEN LANTERN #48, $2.99.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #5, $3.99. Whoa. Wow.
  • ADVENTURE COMICS #4, $3.99. Written by Geoff Johns and bringing in one of my favorite CRISIS villains, Superboy-Prime. I’m actually convincing OCHO’s esteemed Doctor Hooey to give Superman a good try but he resists. Superman is a milquetoast, he says. I say adventure & villains aside, he’s still the ultimate immigrant story ruled by his Smallville, Kansas, All-American Kent Farm Family upbringing. The Clark Kent of Earth-Prime though…did not have a youth on a farm, raised by his Kents in the American suburbs of the Cold War. Earth-Prime is supposed to be a fictional “Our Earth” and Superboy-Prime since 2005’s INFINITE CRISIS has come to represent the worst in “fanboy” culture & the Dark Age of Comics. Part 1 of 2
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #42, $2.99.
  • BOOSTER GOLD #26, $3.99. Came with a Power Ring as did Adventure Comics #5 and Blackest Night #1. Other tie-in issues of other properties sported different Corps Rings but I got those rings later on just by asking my FunnyBook Bodega staffs, “got any spares?” Part 1 of 2 but did not get the second chapter.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT FLASH #1 (of 3), $2.99. The best tie-ins come from the hands of Geoff Johns, conductor & main writer of the Blackest Night. The BN Flash mini is the best of the 3-issue BN stories. Paired with his years-long FLASH collaborator Scott Kolins, this is a pretty decent side-story.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT JSA #1 (of 3), $2.99. James Robinson (STARMAN) is repaired with Eddy Barrows from their BN Superman 3-issue to more success here as the NYC-based Justice Society, a team based upon legacy characters get to fight Black Lanterns of their forebears. Includes better use of the Black Lantern Earth-Two Superman as well. In the end, BN JSA was kind of redundant and just another extra taking up space in the CRISIS Longbox.
  • ADVENTURE COMICS #6, 3.99. This is the hidden gem of the entire run. A huge homage to the Julie Schwartz days of adventures set in Earth-Prime where we saw fictional versions of DC writer & artists interact with DCU Heroes. I remember in the early 70s, Carey Bates-Prime, a character based on the DC writer with his glasses & ‘fro hairdo in a ridiculous uniform with “Plotter Power” facing off against the JLA & JSA. Not to mention what could be for hopefully a long time the Last Superboy-Prime Story with an ambiguously creepy ending. I could cheekily say “Whatever Happened To The Boy Of Yesterday?”
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #43, $2.99. Goodness! Guy Gardener becomes a Red Lantern upon seeing Kyle Rayner’s death. Kyle gets medical & power ring help and is resuscitated…Guy goes on a Two-Ring Kill Spree which makes all the boring dialog before this a little forgivable.
  • GREEN LANTERN #49, $2.99.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #6, $3.99. In a word, antepenultimate.
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #44, $2.99. More Red Lantern Guy Gardener Goodness.
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #45, $2.99. Even More Red Lantern Guy Gardener Goodness…this needs its own TPB!
  • GREEN LANTERN #50, $3.99. Extra-Jumbo King Sized for the Issue #50 Milestone. Every Issue written by the Master Himself, Geoff Johns. It has been a great five years hasn’t it.
  • GREEN LANTERN #51, $2.99.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT JSA #2 (of 3), $2.99.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT JSA #3 (of 3), $2.99. Another $10 dollars down the drain. I could bought two chicken and eaten for a week…AND made chicken stock.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT FLASH #2 (of 3), $2.99.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT FLASH #3 (of 3), $2.99. Great Flash story with Barry Allen, the Blue Lantern Flash. I really want the action figure but I do not want to be that fan…
  • THE ATOM AND HAWKMAN #46, $2.99. Written by Geoff Johns with art by the incredibly talented Ryan Sook. This is a keeper and going into the 13-issue stack I’m giving Posty to read for BLACKEST NIGHT. Ray Palmer, Indigo Tribesman ATOM versus his Black Lantern Best Friend HAWKMAN for a few pages then a deft recap of 2004’s IDENTITY CRISIS…the Atom has his compassion tested by the Black Lantern of his sinister villain ex-wife.
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #7, $3.99.
  • GREEN LANTERN CORPS #46, $2.99. Thankfully the last issue of GLC I’m ever “forced” to buy. Again, the art was stellar especially with Kyle’s Black Lantern Alex-Stuffed Refrigerator in Earth’s Orbit was absurd & had a “2001: A Space Odyssey” visual feel to it. Kudos to Patrick Gleason! Once again containing lots & lots of useless dialog dragging its feet and bringing down the pacing of the core story.
  • GREEN LANTERN #52, $2.99. As GL #43 which started off this grand list, GL#52 gets in core story although it is “brilliantly” dovetailed into…
  • BLACKEST NIGHT #8, $3.99. What’s so brilliant is that you needn’t have even read Green Lantern #52 in order to “get” what’s going on. BN #s 0-8 read fine on by itself little added to it.

At the end, it was a great mini-series and I think a good place to say “enough” with the Event Comics. Geoff Johns is helming the BRIGHTEST DAY, the 27-issue, bi-weekly conclusion to BLACKEST NIGHT.
I bought the 56-page BRIGHTEST DAY #0 for $3.99…should I include it here? No. But I will get my White Lantern Ring this Wednesday completing my collection when Brightest Day #1 hits stands.
I do have the tee & matching bandanas for all the shirts.
I only wear the ring, shirt & bandana all together on Saturday Mornings.

Final Stats:
Total Funnybooks: 45 magazines.
Total Cost: $148.06 from June 2009-May 2010, average of $13.46/Month…well under $56.00/Week for “Squayahs”, huh?

So to the Little Things! Huzzah! They do add up nonetheless they still roll up and go in the back pocket. It’s how I ruin their resale value. I guess they’re only really valuable to me…or to the pennypushers in New York! Heh!

BLACKEST NIGHT, collects #0-8, hardcover, $29.99, on sale July 7, 2010.

They keep making them, I’ll keep buying them. I want to buy less but…I’ll keep my bargain. It works.

i boosted the Black Lantern Firestorm image from this guy because it was so contextual to what I was laying down...
Nonetheless here is a counter to my extolling of Blackest Night.
THOUGHT BALLOONISTS's complete & utter dissecting of this event but in a Negative Light. it's a great read. Please do. It was great to read before I embark on Posty's 14-issue Blackest Night Edit from me that I'm "proofreading".

Crea shakkti,
iRawk…Therefore iPod!
New Headphones Rawk Edition!

My last headphones lasted 9 months. Wow. That’s a record. I recall iRawking it last July.

Well…on the way home, these faithful servants of sound finally flaked out and lost a channel. Damn. Again. On the way home I immediately went to the CVS in Magoun Square near where I live and quite by accident found the Evolution of my last headphones.

Again by Philips, a wicked loud set of ‘phones. I’ve abandoned earbuds and this new design is sweet.

The Philips SHS5200. $20 bucks. A fabric cord. One cord leading from the left earphone, which also sports a “tug relief” line attached to the cord. Around the back of the neck design; I hate the over-the-ear style. That is incorporated here but not the sole means of fitting. The behind-the-neck piece even has reflective material for night. It was synchronous. In the display case I saw this third! These truly RAWK LOUD!!!

Not much to say. Still have yet to Restore to iTunes since I haven’t unloaded all the tunes yet. Sigh. I gave up on that months ago and I fear the only thing that’ll get me there is an unwelcomed motivation.
I did clock 33 hours of battery life, audio only in my little experiment. It guess my system works. Yay.
So I haven’t really been to the iTunes Store since I won’t synch a 1/4 assed iTunes onto my iPod. I’ll get there but it’s all a matter of time & keystrokes. Beer & pizza will help.

I do have a question for OCHO though. We all hopefully dance naked. I mean how I dance naked is when I’m alone I crank an album and I still dance around barefoot on my hardwood floors, often taking one foot balances for long spells. I call it my Rock & Roll Yoga. I do play NPR on Vol. #4 to mask any singing along I might do but I don’t have a car, I don’t drive alone. That’s where I guess most of us would “rawk out” when we’re relatively alone & private time.
So what three bands do you mostly “rawk out” to OCHO? It’s not about admitting to it…it’s about admitting to “what”.
My three?
In no particular order…
And Led Zeppelin.

What say you? Where does the Music take you and which is it?

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

The Count:
# on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10899 songs
83 videos
146 pictures
8 games
36.6 GB Free Memory Remaining...

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Comics Gnome Dares You...to Chew...After Reading this!

It was A Dollar.
I couldn't help it.
It was also on every Top 10 "Best of 2009 Comix" List I saw on both major funnybook sites in January when we were all IntrePoop Year End List Crazy.

From the Comics's Offical Blog
The Concept
Tony Chu is a cop with a secret. A weird secret. Tony Chu is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. It also means he's a hell of a detective...

This is the first page of Chew #1. It's a particularly disgusting scene involving the preparation of chicken soup.

In this comics world, the FDA (the US Federal Food & Drug Association) has outlawed poultry due to a bird-flu so this would be a black-market Chicken Soup that was prepared above.

This Splash Page took me two days to read. It's Tony's first taste of the black market chicken soup prepared in the first panel.
The Green Panels are the preparation of the soup in the first page...the orange panels are brutal murder. And to Tony's shock, he sees the the preparation of the soup with the unattended injury!!! Ewwww!!! Oh yeah and that grizzly murder and victims through the Cook's Eyes!

As teevee's Eric Cartman says "Appetizer...it's what you eat, before you eat to make you more hungry!"...that can apply to this teaser of a One Dollar Reprint of an Issue #1. And it gets us wanting another plate. Issue #10 came out last week! Not too much of it out there but how about a good funnybook...a good old fashioned gross-out macabre crime thriller. Funny how that sentence works in funnybooks, eh? ^_~

CHEW from Image Comics.
Suggested by Professional Comics Reviewers as the Best Comic We're Not Reading.
Proof-Tested by Professional Funnybook Consumer.
Can I get some more please? heh

crea shaakti,
The Smoking PUCK!
April 19, 2010

Round One! The Second Season Is Under Way!!!
aka: Number Two in This Case is Not a Bathroom Code

Ahhh yeah!
Tonight! 7PM The Buffalo Sabres faceoff on Causeway Street against the Local Black & Gold 09-10.
I should be dozing off about the end of the 3rd period, overtime or not. Time & Tide Wait For No Man, Sailors & Cooks have this pithy cliché etched onto their hearts but iDigress…
The First Round out West features interesting matchups...Eye-fetching series include Phoenix up 2-1 on the Detroit Red Wings, Nashville tied 1-1 with ultra-hawt Chicago Blackhawks and the 8th place Colorado Avs up 2-1 over 1st place San Jose.
In the East though, instead of quoting key matchups, I’d like to point out something that the PUCK has been looking forward to a long time. 4 of the 5 Northeast Division teams are in the Eastern Conference Playoffs: Buffalo (3), Ottawa (5), Boston (6), and Montreal (8). That's half of the 8-seed Playoff tree! Only Toronto failed to qualify for the Second Season...but more on them in a minute. 1 team from the 5-team Southern Division made the playoffs, the President’s Cup-winning Washington Capitals; the rest of the South went South for the Winter, so to speak.
It is possible for all 5 teams of one division to get into the 8-seed Conference Playoffs. Someday, it could happen. A Good Toronto could have earned a 7-Spot if this was my dream year.

Although let’s take solace in the fact that since the Toronto Maple Leafs came in 2nd to last place (29th place of 30 NHL teams!)...they received the second pick overall in the upcoming NHL Draft. In the bingo-stlye weighted ball lottery, the Maple Leafs being the 2nd worst team in Hockey this year earned the right to pick Second in the First Round. This is of complete delight to me & the PUCK for the Bruins own the rights to that Toronto draft pick. And next year’s first rounder as well. Why? The Phil Kessel trade in the offseason last year, sending the speedy winger to the Leafs for draft picks & a bag o’pucks. Know this, the Leafs will snap out of it now under the leadership of Dion Phaneuf…this is hockey syzygy and cannot be replicated.

Can’t overtalk the Playoffs much. Just gotta watch ‘em. Tune into NHL Dot Com for Highlights! It’s gritty & entertaining. The Playoffs! The Bruins Made It! My favorite time of year to be a hockey fan. Huzzah!
This Patriots’ Day, Meathead & I are taking his boys to Hooters for lunch. Indeed. I’ll refer to the baby as Meatball & his stepson the Little Green Man. The baby I think will be the Ultimate Hooter’s Girl Magnet. Three & a high-chair. I’ve already come up with lines for the waitresses such as, “the baby approves of your beer pouring technique”. One time I think the Pink Shirt would be a bad idea…don’tcha think? Heh. ;P

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
The Tao of Sully
...On Light & Name Calling

Nyah nyah! ;P

It's my "tag". a wink with a tongue sticking out. I write it on everything in my apartment. In the Fridge, on my Fan (placed in the kitchen sometimes for searing...it gets smoky but iDigress...) Even on the Whiteboard...especially on the Whiteboard. The Whiteboard hangs in the Hallway where bills & messages are posted.
Nonetheless a housemate made a presumption about something none of us did, took umbrage and in anger posted a message to us, calling the assumed action a "dick move".

All judgments aside...I really do now have a filter. Running this "Light" through my Prism, therefore illuminating the Spectrum it shines from within me.
Reds for Rage. Orange for Greed. Yellow for Fear. Green for Will. Blue for Hope. Indigo for Compassion. Violet for Love.
Sure its a silly funnybook esoteric reference but that's what being a Geek is all about. I have a dumb metaphor that works well for me.
I Am The Light.
I Am The Prism.
I Am The Spectrum.
All at once.
Sometimes I react with Reds and Yellows and Oranges. My mind filled with tiny lights of these "colors"...react badly and angrily, hastily, & often viciously.
Know This: "The Light", this World...through my Prism, my Mind/Body or even more literally my eyes to produce the "Spectrum"...this "now", this slice of space/time & its unique experience from this POV.

I recalled all the times I called someone a "dick".
Or an "@$$hole"
or my favorite the "See-You-Next-Tuesday!", the Mother of all 4-Letter Words.

Sure we were all left feeling uncomfortable that a housemate would presume something ill-natured from us. Nonetheless I was mostly struck with Compassion and Empathy. An Indigo Light, photons in my brain in this "color" lit up.

In the moment I read the Whiteboard, I realized the irony of it. As if it was elusive yet in front of me the entire time.
Once you call someone a Dick, You Become the Dick.

It was a bit childlike, I guess. Especially playing with "imaginary emotional crayons".
But wisdom rarely is complicated.
All I could think about was about all the times I called somebody something mean.

The message has since been wiped clean, rubbed off the Whiteboard in the hallway. Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...the words of our moments.

perhaps for a Buddhist Zen Koan I Wrote in my head just now I'd like to put on a Tee Shirt, big white tee/80's Big Black letter style with the simple phrase...


crea shaakti,
27. The twitching in my left eyebrow
It’s literally an avatar of my stress. What the frak am I so stressed out about?

28. Red Skies For Real!

Red Skies. Once a code word for “things are going badly for our heroes”.
Disabling air travel in Europe for days with volcanic ash!
It looks like Ragnarok, the Norse Apocalypse. But in real life. No CGI. No Pencils/Inks & Colors.
In my cloistered world of funnybook esoterica…Red Skies mean “Bad”. I’m expecting to see the world’s remaining superheroes to team-up & save the planet.

29. Distrust of Government
I listened to a great NPR bit on the AM radio this Patriots’ Day…
Morning Edition, NPR
Majority Of Respondents Don't Trust Washington
April 19, 2010 4:00 AM
A new Pew Research Center survey finds that nearly 80 percent of respondents say they can't trust Washington, and have little faith that the federal bureaucracy can solve the nation's ills. Director Andrew Kohut tells Steve Inskeep that only 22 percent said they can trust the federal government "almost always or most of the time."

“The shot heard round the world” celebrated in Boston today.
What would happen to this “Pax Americana” we have spread over the World if at home we collapsed into Civil War again? I’ve always fancied the notion We The People possess a Bicameral Legislature, not bi-partisan. And to hear the things the local chuckleheads say about Obama sometimes…balance in all things; we have come a long way but we have a long way to go.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
April 11, 2010

No Staring Into The Sun If The Sky’s Now The Limit…
aka: Shining Through Cloudy Days Black & Gold!

It started innocently enough. A Consistently Usual Friday Night…plans include: a pint of Edy’s Ice Cream topped with Cracker Jack, snuggling into a warm bed with a stack of Green Lantern, a Lite buzz to be sawing toothpicks by 9PM (I actually like bedtime now because it involves glowing in the wake of food coma…I start cooking by 5:30PM, I’m drowsy at the correct space/time but iDigress…)

Meeting Doctor Hooey after his 10PM gig at the celebrated comedy club, The Improv Asylum in the North End wasn’t in the Plans…nonetheless its what happened.
A free ticket to the Chuckle Hut, courtesy of the Esteemed Good Doctor who magickally pulled it from his Stoopinifying Re-TARDIS. An occasion to pull off the Mighty Pink Shirt, a statement of confidence & fashion…not all men can pull off the Pink Shirt. And a great nook & cranny in Dr. Hooey’s mobbed schedule! I hopped right on it. We can take the T home across “the Rivah” and grab a beer on the way! He’s Game! Ask him: I bug him all the time…wannna play? Wanna play? And he’s got this annoying thing of a gorgeous 9 month-old baby daughter & lovely wife to come home to every night. I think it includes dinner and lots of interaction with the family.
I on the other hand return to my solitary watchtower until the City calls…well the City Came Calling.

The North End was a blaze with life & beauty on a rainy Night. I was beheld! Couples, singles; Men & Women of ages & shapes. All dressed with a little shine, a little care. Going To, Coming Fro. Restaurants three a block, all abundant with business on a showery April Night (which poetically promise May Flowers & my sneezes). I stroll with waterproof clogs & a crappy umbrella, peering into the open window kitchens, amazed by artisans in my trade. A couple on a date making out in the rain, under the doorway. I add to the Noir with the scent of my own pipe, the city illuminated by neon signs, streetlamps, traffic signals and skyline.
Dr. Hooey & I stayed up very late & past our usual bedtimes; we imbibed a few potent potables and stumbled home, merrily.

I foolishly did not drink enough water before I fell asleep; this is the cause of all my hangovers. I recall musing on the way to bed that I usually get up near this hour. So after a good solid Eight, I awoke with a crude, huge, light-sensitve brain that needed some alone time bathed in analgesics. Two packs of Extra Strength Alka-Seltzer and about three more hours of sleep, I reawoke on the groggy & sore side of “fine”. But the 1PM Bruins Game was already 2 periods deep…I quickly tuned into the FM Radio to the end of the 2nd period and a 3-0 Bruins lead…which by 2nd intermission was cut to 3-2!!!
This is the Penultimate Game!!!
So what did I do…I watched the 3rd Period down at the Pub. Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a bowl across my head…then got a Bloody Mary & Eggs Benedict about 15 minutes later. And in the sparsely seated Public House, the Bruins on the big screen and on the house sound, I watched the Bruins prove me right to other fans. They earned their Playoff Spot. The win solidified a branch on the Eastern Conference Playoff Tree.

Hawkey Tawk Anyone?
The Second Season is On. It starts Wednesday. The Bruins will know later tonight the Who’s, Wheres & Whens. The last of the ice falls from a drying skate hanging in the locker to be used next week sometime…not being packed away for the off-season. Sunday Afternoon, I brunch again. With old friends at familiar places nut I’ll get to our 1PM reservation early to catch some of the 12PM Season Finale as the Bruins play this year’s Best Team in Hockey the Washington Capitals.

With whom the Beantowne Bee’s play next week, we can read about in the funnypages tomorrow over oatmeal & coffee before going back to work. Right now, I’m going to make myself some break’est…”The most important meal of the day”. Maybe I’ll make some “Eggs in the Nest”-style hot off the griddle, in spirit for the Bruins’ “branch” on the Second Season’s tree. Some Jimmy Dean sausage & a cup of Coffee. I now go to watch the NHL Network’s Sunday AM NHL On The Fly, recounting the penultimate night of NHL Gameplay. The West has been locked up since last week, the East is a Different Beast boiling it down to the last Day for two teams; the NYR (patooie!) at the Philly Flyers @ 3PM was scheduled for this day over a year ago…this literally is Fate. By 6:00PM, EDT, we’ll know the East. What a great season.
Next Stop: Causeway Street for a Round One, Game 3 or 4. I simply gotta go. As Farragut said, “Damn those torpedoes!”…we’re going full speed ahead into the Second Season’s harbor, guns a’blazin! Huzaah! Batten your frakkin’ hatches, mateys, the Waters are about to get Rough.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

Thursday, April 08, 2010

iRawk therefore iPod!
battery edition

Hello and welcome once again to my open love letter to my best friend. No, I'm sorry it's not you. You're Second Though!
I'm talking about my iPod Classic, 120GB and 1.5 years old.

I am a freak...I am timing the battery with "music-only" consumption. Sure I bet I could just look it up on an iTunes tab, sure but this is more fun & interactive.

I started it up at 4:45AM with my usual set, "The Morning Playlist"...so many plays three songs have broken the Top 10 in overall plays.

Good Day Sunshine by the Beatles...a little ironic because I usually beat sunrise to the timeclock.

Misty Morning by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Too bad I gave up on weekday wake & bakes, huh? ^_~

and the song that starts off my 25 minute walk to work mostly every morning

Good Morning! by Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor & Gene Kelly from the wonderful movie Singin' In The rain.
Embedded Link Disabled by User but check it out in another tab. Is it wrong to admit having a retro-crush on Debbie Reynolds? C'mon...she was after all Princess Leia's "mom" before Natalie Portman but iDigress...

Although not yet cracked the Top 10, which I fear will be dominated soon by these AM tunes!!! but this 90's single delights me ever morning at 5:05AM

Every Morning by Sugar Ray. Will a Pop Up please come up and tell me which one's Ray??? That's an oblique Pink Floyd joke...

I predict I'll be playing hearing these songs a little less than 12 hours from now from this existing charge and let the iPod play all night long.
I predict 30+ hours Audio Only. Not FastForwarding liberally either, letting shuffle play, playlists play, albums play...
I wanna see if my systems working.

it is a year & a half old gadget. Why does such things please me so...well. I guess that's what love letters are all about, eh?

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
April 3, 2010

On The Edge!!!
aka: It really is coming down to this…

Teams have 4-5 games left to play. Playoff In’s & Out change by the minute until that last siren in the West Coast, some April night next week.
People ask me all the time, “Are the Bruins getting in the Playoffs this year?”
I answer every time, “Yes.”

Tonight, I’ll watch the game at an actual bar. I have to go out! No!!!
I’ve become a hermit. Maybe a bit like Gollum…perhaps Spider needs to come off the Mountain for a Night but iDigress…
But really, OCHO’s very own El Post is the lead singer of a Tool tribute band. He’s playing tonight at 9PM. I’m sure they’ll have the Bruins game on in Malden. At least it’s off the Orange Line.

The last place Toronto Make-Beliefs are getting ready to play spoiler. The Bruins own the 7 spot with traffic ahead & below and five games left counting tonight…the East is as all set as Jell-O. Atlanta & NYR (hack!) are two to four points under the 6-7-8 Spot holders. Plenty of games left to see heartbreak and agony.

So I will be out and about for the game tonight. Just hanging out. I’m making sure I eat first by swearing on a Bible-thick Reuben sammich for dinner and have very loud heavy metal music on Easter Saturday, Jesus’ Day in Hell…which always threw me for a screwball but that’s growing up Irish-Catholic.

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Rev. Sully

As we say in Southie, "No der..."
Of course I bought it. I'm wearing it right now.

In Brightest Day...

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