Wednesday, March 31, 2010

30. Buffalo Sauce on the Computer Keyboard

I really want you to wait for this one...it's pretty funny.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
March 27, 2010

Time Marches On…
aka: Defense, ‘Da Fence, and Other Definitions

OCHO!!! The 8 Spot! It is a Fire Burning Brightly That Attracts.
On either side of the Mississippi, the number Eight is looking pretty great right about now.
On the Right in the East, 6 teams are within 4 points Above and Under the Eight Spot.
On the Left in the Western Conference, 5 teams need to shake it out within the tree with all but one team looking in.
What’s important is that while numbers give me headaches, good hockey gets me pumped (and sometimes headaches the next AM but iDigress…)
Today: 1PM
The Calgary Flames of the Western Conference, the current 9th seed on the Outside Looking Into their Playoff, needing every 2 points they can earn!!!
Versus! The Hometown Boston Bruins, owners of the Eight Spot of the East, with teams to beat and no quarter to give.
With Less Than 10 Games Remaining in the Regular Season, this is where the best push in Pro Hockey Starts…on a matinee Saturday Afternoon.

Armed I am with holy water brain grenades & Davis Square’s finest Chinese Food (or will be when I call them in for delivery). A brisk late March morning reminds us although Winter is Over, it is cold ‘nuff to lace up the skates. The Second Season Stars Soon. April starts next week. Easter. Family dinner. I have yet to get Prozac so still any family function is bearable for a scant few hours. Why stress. Why. Well, that’s between me and my couch. Although my couch today will be my Gallery Gawd’s Perch. On the fence, is the Bruins chance for the Second Season. Defense might have to get to be like Bobby Orr around here if the Offense can’t support Good Goaltending. And true controversy in a silent but salient way about the Bruins’ starting goaltending. Only injury resolves this matter when the hot backup outshines the old master. Tuuka Rask has earned 5 shutouts this season stepping up for an injured Tim Thomas. Rask also gave up a late goal in the 2-1 victory over the NYR (…patooie…) Rangers. As we say here at OCHO, “Do The Math, Mouthbreather…”

Once again, it comes down to something as simple as “Score More Goals” (pronounced from the Gallery as “Skoa Maw Goals”). The Bruins are in their driver’s seat and can only earn their own ticket to the 2nd Season…I can only pay for one. I’d love to go to the Garden for another Playoff Game. I think its time for the Pre-Game Rituals. To watch the Season Finale of Caprica on TiVO and call in a few sundries for consumption. Put on a few layers and my Bruins hoodie. And get down to the Living Room and get out some emotions on the Couch.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
The Comics Gnome POOTS...the End of the World!!!

The End is Nigh! or is it Blackest Night! no no wait...it is the End of the World. The sky is always falling in the comics world. Drama + Good Art = Funnybooks. Even Archie got Veronica & Betty fighting over him 50 Years Later! but iDigress...

Nonetheless, the Comics Gnome POOT'd to me a surprise, a stack of Fresh Funnybooks on Friday. Lo & Behold, I am at the Pub, eating a Reuben Sammich as thick as a Bible and laughing out loud to a few new stories of some old favorites. So if it really is the End of the World, I'll be down there swearing on a Bible-Sized Sammich.

In three different Earths, over three different Publishers, we have three different Apocalypses...

In DC Comics we have what will be known as my "Last Event Comic", the BLACKEST NIGHT. I'll poot a post-gam on a grand total which is always my excuse to reread the run. GREEN LANTERN #52, the penultimate chapter which concludes next week in Blackest Night #8. Once again, DC pulls off great playing with action figures, inventing a spectrum of choices, and a World-Ending Threat about to get bitch-slapped.
As Donovan said, "Superman & Green Lantern Ain't got Nuthin' on me..." What do we have here. Ladies & Gentlemen, my next geek tee-shirt. yes there will be a White Lantern Ring to get on BRIGHTEST DAY #1 (of 26, bi-weekly). The Brightest Day and the RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE might be the best way to End the Crisis Longbox. Actually that's already been written and I call it PLANETARY #27...

SUPERGOD #3 inc. 6-page preview. Read it at your own risk! Muhahahah!
Warren Ellis destroys the World!!! 3 issues into what is shaping up to be one hell-of-a-good story. Ellis is my cup o'tea...I can only see this, barring total prolapse, to end as it began...with an Old man talking into his phone (whether or not it's to "Tommy" or to himself, mebbe we'll find out), London Burning, corpses flotsam to the Thames. In this world the conceit was "What If The Cold War Involved Nations Developing Superhumans As Well...".
A History Lesson From an Alternate burning Now with themes of Deities. This could be a profound statement on the fictional concept of superheroes & superhumans, as was Ellis' goal to produce in this Superhuman Trilogy for AVATAR Press. Only 2 more left to this 5-issue story of "Why Prometheus Yelled "Ow!"".
Warren Ellis the reason the Comics Gnome still Poots Fresh Stacks. A reason to go to the Bodega.

and finally I caught up with a 3-issue stack attack of one of my favorites, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN.

ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #8!...fresh from Canada & the Gnome to me, chuckling at the Pub. This really is good stuff. Funny, quick. I'd give this to a kid to read. Finally...a comic for kids & guys alike.
The 3rd Leg of our Apocalypse Now! tour is on the MARVEL ULTIMATE property. Recently, the ULTIMATE Universe got a makeover with new issues #1 for all titles. It was the End of that Ultimate World. A bad event comic to streamline 10 years of continuity...every other title crowded over what ULTIMATE SPIDEY started in the fist place.
With the End of the Ultimate "Universe", I thought I was going to end my years-long fealty to Bendis & his perpetually 15-year old Peter Parker & his Amazing Friends. This is worth it and stays on the radar. It's chock full of drama...the new 90210 should be as good! Well...I admit I TiVO the new 90210 every week so I know what I'm talking about. Great art, great storytelling. Robust lively dialog! Huzzah!
Lemme tell you, when I got home from the Pub, 2002's SPIDER-MAN movie...Willem Dafoe was on and I caught the last 40 minutes of it...and I was already in a Spidey-Kinda Mood!

I keep saying I'm going to stop buying superhero funnybooks. That there's another world of new material out there. Serialized, illustrated. just the way I like it. They're out there and still new if I haven't got 'em yet. I still have never bought my own THE WALKING DEAD or QUEEN & COUNTRY.

Until then...crea shaakti,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

For Pete's Sake

a Post Script to "Fisticuffs in Hockey as Dispute Resolution Device".

This is just a cut & paste from today's Boston Globe. Bruins beat writer Fluto Shinzawa wrote this.
This Cliff's Notes; our best player, Marc Savard was cheap-shotted by Penguins Matt Cooke and lost for the rest of the season to a Grade 2 Concussion last week, the rematch was the other night. The NHL did not suspend Cooke for any amount of games saying there was no intent to injure. Nonetheless, there is an On-Ice code of Conduct.

Just less than two minutes into the game, when a helmetless Matt Cooke skated to the penalty box, justice served by the fists of Shawn Thornton, the score was considered settled.

“I think their older guys were aware that if I stepped up and did that, that was the end of it,’’ said Thornton. “Obviously, you can’t do that to a player. If someone did that to Sid [Crosby, All-Star captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins], it would be the same thing. It’s an unwritten rule among hockey players. I think they have some tough guys in their lineup that would step up and do the same thing.’’

The tough guy came calling. Cooke, whose dishonorable blind-side jolt to Savard’s head resulted in a concussion, showed some honor by accepting the challenge. And that should have been that.

“He knew what he had to do,’’ Sidney Crosby (hero of the Gold Medal Canada/USA Game -eo's! ^_~), said of Cooke. “He went out there and did it. That’s sometimes what you have to do. As a hockey player, you have to respond like that, and he did that. Once that was out of the way, I think he felt like he could play.’’

Shinzawa article, 3/20/10< Boston Globe

The "legal" but too hard shot to Savard's head.
No suspension for Cooke by the NHL.
Boston fans in an outrage!
Hockey team general managers also in an outrage! Head Safety is at an all-time high on concern in all ages of Ice Hockey! Deem for yourself. Was this a "clean" hit? For parity, for justice?

Lest we forget the '80s Classic movie "Youngblood" with Rob Lowe & Patrick Swayze? I'm a sucker for any hockey movie, especially those hokey Mighty Ducks movies but iDigress...
The Code! The guy with the beard ended Patrick Swayze's career with a cheap shot...and Rob Lowe's about to fulfill his Cambellian Hero's Journey.

But I do concede that this is On-Ice behavior. To step onto the ice is to accept that social contract...I did learn something very important taking the martial art Aikido...I am responsible for my opponent's well-being. That I should not harm my attacker...the spirit of this budo transcends to all things. There is Dharma there. Don't be Afraid to Play the Game...Just Play fair. And Dropping your gloves like this....is playing fair in Hockey. Thanks.

crea shaakti,

The Smoking PUCK
March 20, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

iRawk…Therefore iPod!
Special Beatles Dogfather Edition

It's Kinda like This Indeed...

It's my newest self-bestowed title. The Dogfather. Not to be confused with Snoop Dogg or any member of his Dogg Pound...nonetheless "word" for rizzle but iDigress...

Love, Love, Love

Cue the Music, kids...aka Hit the Play Triangle.

Hi, My Name is Eric and I like Puppies.

Moses as a 4 week old puppy back when I first met him. He'd yip as he hopped down the stairs when I'd take him for walks around Russell Field. He's known me all his life. I was once the PuppyUncle and he my PuppyNephew. But I've evolved...I'm now the Dogfather and he's my Canine Sidekick.

This looks like the 9 month old puppy that I'm currently DogSitting until El Post & His Missus bring their 2-day old Luke home Noontime. Moses is still a kid. Although to withers, Moses comes up a smidge over my knee but he's yet to get his Labrador's Barrel Chest.

His BIG Thing is...I can't say it out loud...he'll get too wickid excited.
It's F-E-T-C-H. He L-O-V-E-S it. He's a Retriever. So we invented a Game...
First his Catapult, the "Chuckit!" Brand Dog Toy. For Dog's of All Sizes...because on the Inside They're All Big Dogs. What an invention.

No Doggie Slobber...pick the ball up with the end of the stick.
Not to Mention to unlock the sheer energy-releasing potentiality of your dog. Imagine if you will a Little League Baseball field...because we play F-E-T-C-H by the ball field and the pool. So at Minimum, the length between deep right field and home plate is 165 Feet. As we say here on OCHO, "Do The Math, Mouthbreathers". That's a Gracious Minimum of 230 Feet Round Trip per Long Toss, running at top speed. And we do it for 30-45 minutes a go.

The Soundtrack...I'm listening to the Beatles.
"motherboxxx" is tricked out with a SmartPlaylist I call the "Random Beatles Generator", a Magnum of 357 Songs (currently...I need to get my paws on Past Masters, Anthology & the Mono Re-Releases).
The Place, the grassy stretch with a row of 5 trees to make marking Short & Long Tosses better...a nice long strip for this growing boy to cut loose.
The Time: A Sunset/Sunrise Double Header in the newest silly Man/Dog Sport Invented...
I call the game "Love, Love, Love"; one half esoteric personal reference that I deleted from my Hardrive & recently an old friend said to me "you remember 'love, love, love' don'tcha?" and I admit I got a little teary-eyed for I hadn't...and also the Beatles Reference as in "All You Need Is Love".

Being a goalie in hockey, I have the compulsion to stop any object rolled or thrown in my direction with various body parts. Try throwing something into a garbage can a few feet away and if I'm in the way, I'll flash an elbow to make the Save.
And In the Tradition of other self-made Sports such as Wimblton-Rules Hall Hockey & outdoorsy pastimes like Wiffle Ball, Where & When Ever the Field whether it be Billy's Driveway in High School, The backyard in Allston, The Prospect Hill Monument, Londonderry NH, or Garnet Road...

So I launch a ball listening the Random Beatles Generator, 36 songs into a random shuffle, I get this particular ditty. December 4 is the name of this tune, my fave from this album...sadly 'nuff 4 Days Later is Something else.

The Grey Album by DJ Dangermouse. Ever heard of it? It got me into Jay-Z...but I got it credited to "Jay-Z & The Beatles" so 12 of these 357 are...not quite Beatles tunes but I keep in in there for some reason. "If you can't respect that your whole perspective is whacked mebbe you'll love me when I fade to black..."

Allow Me To Explain the Rules of "Love, Love, Love"...
When Moses the Dog is charging back to me, he will release the ball with so much momentum....they get by me. And that I took as a challenge! His breed, the Labrador Retriever originates from Canada...no wonder why he's a natural at the hockey-like shootout. So...every "puck" Moses gets by me, I use the Semi-Tennis Score of "Love" (1-Love), or (2-Love)...Moses Being the Number and My Score "Love"...
And he "has to" beat OCHO LOVE to finish the game...get the ball past me Eight Times. I inwardly imagine a cartoon of this OCHO LOVE as a mustache-spinning badguy that Moses gets victory over...Love Defeating bad! Yay Moses! And I go on & on like this talking to the Dog, listening to the Beatles, seeing Venus glow on the horizon at Twilight, playing fetch with this awesome dog I really do help take care of.

What an amazing critter. So much more fun than cats. Remember: Cats Are Jerks!

I hear that the new parents are going to be a little late getting home...The Dogfather says we got time for One More Game of "Love, Love, Love!", Moses! Whatchoo think?
"Woof!", he agrees.

The Count:
# on the road "motherboxxx", my 120GB iPod Classic
10899 songs
83 videos
146 pictures
8 games (and holding...)
36.6 GB Free Memory Remaining...

crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
120GB iPod Classic, 1+ year old.

Eric O'Sullivan
Wandering around Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville, MA...wired in.

Click it!!!

*motherboxxx art proudly pirated off the IntrePoop but purchased in Final Crisis #5, DC Comics, Jan '09, Morrison, Jones, et al.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I "built" my first Lightsabre at the age of 10, I must have graduated from Youngling to Padawan.

Notice the construction on the hilt in the first picture. I have a "Sense memory", I'm using the Force. The oval holes at the butt of the beam emitter...that's why it made the same sound as a passing Wiffle Ball rising speedball.

Meathead threw this Wiffle Ball pitch all the time. ...along with the cross-notch at the top of the blade beam plastc, the wind meeting the oval cuts on the hilt made an almost lightsabre-like sound.
My First Lightsabre didn't light up. It was one-piece. I remember seeing it at a Toys-R-Us on some cinema Saturday afternoon with my father who took me out once a week...my single mother never took me to toy stores. The closest I'd ever got was the Pharmacy Store's toy row where I would end up getting all those crappy action figures or the background characters nobody wanted; Lobot, Bib Fortuna, Bespin Security officer... I'd beg him to take me to toy stores and I'd walk up & down the aisles. Big Scores from Dad Guilt include a Y-Wing, Millennium Falcon and the GI JOE Cobra Rattler but iDigress...

But this one...it make noises almost like the movie when you swung the blade. Being an only chid and with no one else in the 'Hood with another, I'd usually just brandish it at imaginary Imperials in my basement.

Well...Posty got me these for helping take care of the dog. 2 sets; Vader & Yoda.
I cannot wait to get the Windu for Doctor Hooey!
For Pete's Sake


Dispute Resolution Tool. I spoke of it 5 years ago here on OCHO in detail. The rules & penalties of Fisticuffs have not changed much in that time but For Pete's Sake if ever asked "why fighting in Hockey???" again...say it ain't "fightin'". Call it what it is.

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. It's really pronounced "Loo-CHEECH".
The old Canuck is Don Cherry, Zeus of Hockey Talk.

In the End, Team Canada won the Gold. That's cool. 2nd Place is Not the First loser. Winning/Losing is a Dual System...s'how it works, kids.

crea shaakti,