Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey I'm lovin' the For Pete's Sake columns! I can talk alot more educated trash now. As someone still getting hip to hockey, I insist Olympics hockey is just as good as NHL! Especially since we kicked Canada's asses! USA! USyou get the drill...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Sunday Morning from Channel OCHO
from Doctor Hooey to me...from me to y'alls.

Ain't Got No...I Got Life.

crea shaakti,
Stay Tuned...
The Smoking PUCK!
February 21, 2010

Gold Medal Plans Any Which Way I Turn
aka: All-American “Daze”

No hockey. Sure…Olympic Hockey in my best Homer Simpson Vox. Unless its USA versus Canada!!! It could be a magic day for a magic team, Team USA…2/21/2010. Maybe I should buy an arm’s length of scratch tickets today. Nah. Beer Business at El Post’s then sleeping through the past-my-bedtime action. Maybe I’ll TiVO it…perhaps the score won’t be spoiled.

Doctor Hooey has a funny way of taunting me*. Well, it’s a taunt of his and he’s used it a lot but you definitely know when it’s been fired at you. I’m a goalie for Pete’s Sake. It’s when we’ve reached the saturation point in a political conversation…Dr. Hooey will start the addictive arena chant of “USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!”
1. I’m a Patriotic Mutha’ucka…I love this country and also think our burnable Flag is Styling. I got Stars & Stripes all I can but iDigress…FREEDOM!
2. I’m an obvious hockey fan so I immediately recall being Seven Years Old and surrounded by the local furor over Mike Eruzione. Especially the mural at Santarpio’s Pizza in East Boston, where as a boy I developed my taste for the Best Cheese Pizza.
So what do I say?
“USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!”

It gets me every time.

So…in Honor of USA Hockey, I was going to attempt to make a Homemade Puck of Cheese, Dough & Sauce.
I possess in my icebox one jar of homemade pasta sauce which I lovingly refer to as the “Weekly Ragu”. I should be making it every week alas I’ve slumped into a habit of calling out for delivery. I’m addicted to Wings Over Somerville’s Sweet Onion BBQ Tenders…and after an adulthood of being Meathead’s friend I now too love to dip BBQ tenders in ranch dressing, something that I never did & always grossed me out. Heh!
I have a pizzastone. All I need are a few bags of that ready fresh dough from the Cooler Section of the Supermarket and Cheese. Toppings? Nah…the truest expression of a great pizza is minimalism. Maybe fresh parm & pepperoni.**
While I’m at it I’m also gonna nail this one I made up:
Sully’s BLT Pizza:
Making pizza at home is great & creative. This is simple & crowd-pleasing…
One of my favorite homemade spins on a ‘Za is to brush the dough in a garlic oil (no red sauce), cover with cheese (your choice; I like fresh parm reggiano mixed with domestic shredded mozz), roughly chopped tomatoes but I prefer baby tomatoes sliced in half and also chopped cooked bacon. Don’t worry about seasoning the tomatoes, the bacon & parm will lend its salinity to the otherwise bland tomato. Bacon should be of a Medium-Well doneness, not crispy to cinders. While this pizza is cooking, slice the lettuce to julienne & toss in Caesar dressing. When pizza is finished and pulled from the oven, then top with salad.
It has all the romance of a hot slice of pizza complimented with the All American Sammich, the BLT.
My old roommate Grover has this on his menu at his Ball Square Somerville Pizzaria.

**In the End, I actually took my favorite roommate to the Pub for Burgers & Stout. I promised her after she “fixed” the Cable TV…if by “fixed” you mean covered me reconnecting the frakkin’ feltercarb after disconnecting it in error…sure.
Medium-Rare nigh-perfect, mine with O-Rings hers with fries. Mine with chili, cheddar & bacon, hers with crumbled blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. Both burgers outstanding….again an All-American Meal. She had her first sip of Imperial Stout (by the Berkshire Brewing Company) and her first Young’s Double Chocolate Stout along with the Guinness Appreciation Moments of watching the pint settle in the sunlight.

It really does taste like a Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar, my favorite Milk Chocolate!

Pitchers & Catchers Report!!! Spring will be sprung soon.

There s nothing Hockey to report with the Exception Tonight’s USA vs. Canada tilt at 7:45PM. What do I say? USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

*This could be false…I might be reading too much into it and saying all the wrong things again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I really want to share this with you:

The Atom. a Three-Night Television Event on my Cable's Science Channel...I watched againlast night.
While the Cable is Out, the TiVO is mos defn'tly In.

I watched this before. Then I TiVO'd it. I watched it several times. Then we lost the Cable Box to entropy.
I lost my favorite smart show. Next cable box, TiVO'd once again. It' been watched several times but again, last night. Rainy Day Programming but iDigress...

Prof. Jim Al-Khalili in these great layman's terms explains The Atom. He follows the footsteps of history on location and makes great metaphors, which in the end is all you can really make about an atom to describe it. May you get Lost in the Links and keep watching. I do. I keep watching because this is great information and a pleasing delivery system.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
February 14, 2010

Gimme a Break!
aka: Couples in Rest & Motion on Valentine’s Eve



We are now on the NHL’s three-week Olympic Break.
And the Bruins broke their 10-game losing streak with a 4-0 road trip.

Instead of watching the Saturday Night Game, I was over at Posty’s with The Gang and Cookin’ Dinner. My Team, the All-Star Dinner Crew. What a fabulous table…charming guests & sparkling conversation including a 1-on-1 with me defending the iTunes Store to a self-publishing musician. No one bled, puked or cried but it wasn’t that kinda party. We even tried our Dark Chocolate orange Stout. Our homebrew was delicious but needs more carbonation so we’re “recapping” tomorrow.

I got home under the spell of a beautiful buzz & a turkey coma…I awoke to one unopened tall boy next to an opened but barely touched tall boy. I musta been tired! When the “T” runs synchronously smooth I refer to it as “having a good wind on one’s back” for all the nautical people I know…the #89 bus pulled in, late as usual but as I was coming off the Davis Sq Underground. That’s filling the sails all right. As dinner hit our well-met table, the Puck dropped in Sunrise, FL…I read the headline when I got home. I also didn’t drink nearly enough water, waking up to different headlines as if on a barbed-wire corduroy pillow inside my head.

We were celebrating El Post’s birthday with his pregnant missus, Doctor Hooey and his wife Action Grrrl along with baby in papoose (and such a cutie too!) and another couple, the musician & his wife, who happens to be Missus Posty’s BFF. Ay yi yi…I was a 7th Wheel on the Night Before St. Valentine’s Day. As I said, it wasn’t that kinda party…all homemade goodness. I made crostini with fresh mozz, basil chiffonade, brown tomatoes & exceptional balsamic vinegar. Posty hot wood-smoked a 14 lbs turkey to juicy perfection. Missus Posty made the root veg but also knocked two cakes from scratch. And Doctor Hooey & Action Grrrl did homemade cinnamon ice cream and to add to dinner a simple kale, garlic & walnut side we’ve turned-onto. All the dishes congregated on a well-set table and we had an excellent dinner party. We’re used to cooking like this…it feels good to genuinely impress “newer” guests.

So for the next three weeks, I can kick back and watch the Winter Olympics. Men’s Ice Hockey starts Tuesday for Team USA who face-off against Switzerland, Norway then Canada in the Preliminary Round. I actually watched Biathalon today waiting for my Chinese Food. My headache was so raw, I needed Exedrin. Seeing the Chinese Food restaurant across from the Pharmacy, I decided to feed my seoul…that’s an awful pun, btw. Even I know this. So on this Valentine’s Day, the despised Hallmark Holiday of Ball-Scratching Men Folk…my Valentine to all my fellow bachelors. Slainte!

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully
Sigh...once again I start off with the Anti-Om.

It's an invocation to the Muse of Funny Little Stories.

The Cable's out. Just not working. Nonetheless, the TiVO is intact. And I recently "taped" 3 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer before the cable went out. I missed Caprica this week and Smallville (but El Post got that one but iDigress...)

This past few mornings I've woken up without the Sopranos...but Buffy Season 2. Junior year in High School. Before Buffy sleeps with Angel and right after Spike & Drusilla are introduced. Perhaps some of the best episodes are the Season 2-->Season 3 Finale is one of the best stretches. The High School Years. Seeing Cordy, Xander & Willow fight & bicker in the library...if my cable was working I think I'd be "taping" the newest Scooby Oz right about now. But until the cable get's fixed I know this...

Joss Whedon Kicks Arse.

get one today!...Do Joss' Bidding...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I was bored. There was nothing on the IntrePoop except for the Best Coffeetable in the World: Channel OCHO.

I browsed our featured links and opened a few old 'Zines I've neglected for a while. Pages such as Scientific American and The Onion.

So proudly boosted from the Onion...

NASA Launches David Bowie Concept Mission
FEBRUARY 8, 2010 | ISSUE 46•06

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—NASA officials announced today the successful launch of the new shuttle Moonage Daydream, marking the beginning of a long-anticipated two-week conceptual mission inspired by British rock star David Bowie...

Make me jump into the air...

Crea Shaakti,

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Smoking PUCK!
February 7, 2010

The Good, The bad and the Hungry
aka: Get In My Belly!

Losing 10-in-a-Row makes for something alright. Hungry players. Indeed…Right this way, please.

You heard it here. As the Bruins go on the Road for the next 4 games before the Olympic Break, I’m gonna pack a lunch.

I have a plan….and I have $15 in my bank account. This Goalie/Troubador/Blogger is also an IntrePoop Reverend with Monastic Vows…all unintended I assure you. Such as poverty! Ask any ex-wife* and I’m sure they’ll be happy to report that. ^_~
I have $7 in cash, assorted quarters, dimes & nickels to make a “few dollars more” ::insert Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western Whistle theme Here::…

I have intimate gnosis of the chicken, whole grade “A” chicken $.99/lbs at the Butcher in Davis Square. At the supermarket, I need mirepoix, corn tortillas, 3-for-$1 limes (yes!) & coffee. And with so little, I could teach the hungry Bruins to survive and thrive. Teach a Bear to Fish, Blah Blah Woof Woof…
Interlude: I today I make tacos. And chicken stock. Yesterday, I survived on soup which really took me back to cooking at the Daycare center. We had to be wickid creative. All I had was fresh chicken stock (frozen into quart portions in Ziplok baggies from the freezer Martha Stewart be proud!), lasagna pasta which I layed uncooked on cookie sheets, seasoned vigorously with kosher salt & fresh cracked black pepper then poured boiling water from the tea kettle. I let the pasta soften so I could take my big sharp French knife and slice into strip…to make Noodles! The remaining starch in the uncooked but soft pasta I need to thicken up my soup! I then drained a can of green beans and a can of mixed veggies that I had in the cupboard for This Rainy Day. Et Viola! Chicken Noodle Soup. Well…I had no pieces of chicken meat for the soup but the chicken stock I know will keep my coat nice and shiny. ^_^

Super Bowl Sunday! Know What I Got? A few brain grenades, and TACO ZERO, my newest intellectual property. I’ll get to TACO ZERO in a minute. The Only two NHL Hockey Games on Super Bowl Sunday I get to watch; a 12PM NHL on NBC starring the Penguins at the Capitals then the Bruins visit les Habiants de Montreal ay 3PM. Football? I’m sure I’ll catch a little of it but I’d rather be passing a PUCK.

Someday I’ll learn how to use Spanish punctuation in my Word & Blogs but iDigress…
What is TACO ZERO???
Okay…we need context and to establish a frame of reference.
Such as Patient Zero, the Index Case…or the Comicbook Publishing Idea of the Zero Issue, where a current tale is told although the origin & a quick-catch up is involved, usually for a new Reader to turn-on to a title or property.

BATMAN #0, 1994 origin retold

I believe in Rick Bayless. I have eaten taquitos from a vendor on a Mexican street. I’ve eaten the cherished Sunday morning Barbaqua, the slow-braised beef cheek at “Las Pulgas”, the Mexican-American bordertown Flea Market.
And in my apartment dubbed the “USS Commonwealth, NCC 420” I have come up with…
TACO ZERO. Not the first taco you’ve ever had. Not the last Taco you’ll ever eat. But the taco that you will now Judge All Other Tacos Upon, Before & After. Like an Hatori Hanzo Sword.
BUDD: If you're gonna compare a Hanzo sword, you compare it to every other sword ever made... that wasn't made by Hattori Hanzo.
Kill Bill, Vol. 2

Tonight, poor gringo will eat like El Rey! Ai yi yi yi!!! Chicken tacos, poached in chicken stock & dried ancho chilis, spices & apple cider vinegar then pulled, on lightly griddle fried corn torillas, raw white onion, fresh lime juice and (hopefully!) fresh cillanto accompanied by homemade refried beans & rice. Oye!

For Pete’s Sake
Doctor Hooey’s Hockey Education is coming along just swimmingly but we use that water to skate across so let’s get him some skates.
For Pete’s Sake, I’ll mention the Olympics. There is not too much difference but know this. International Rules & Ice Size differs from its NHL Cousin. The Entire of European Hockey plays on a slightly larger ice surface, basically the other 66 of the 68 members if the IIHF, the International Ice Hockey Federation. The International ice is 13.5 feet wider making it literally more “wide-open”…a few extra strides and some of these Russian, Swedish or Czech players can really generate speed & momentum.

Ironically enough or the European influence is that Fisticuffs is Frowned Upon. Yes. Only North American Pigs like to Fight…

The upcoming Olympic break is just what the Big Bad Bruins need at this point to recollect, sharpen the skates, torch the curve and smoke the PUCK. It’s an exercise in frustration, seeing such talent squandered & tough breaks with late losses. Stock the pantry, get ready cookin’ and set the table for the Second Season. We The Fans deserve a Big Bad Second Helping. Hallelujah.

Crea shaakti,
Rev. Sully

*PS I’ve never been married but the joke just works better that way. Such as, “Damn, it’s colder than my ex-wife’s heart out there” is a great one for the Winter. That always gets a few yuks.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

31. Any more "news" updates on Amy Winehouse. it is wickid sad to be culturally remembered at Tussaud's as a 25-year old wino. This chick is the Rock & Roll Love child of Janis Joplin & Mariah Carey but iDigress...unless her next album is better than the last two, that is.

32. Nuclear Weapons.
We can get the Djini back in the Bottle. It's called Willpower. Only We can prevent the Future from Sucking. Even though it sucked as a movie, Superman IV The Quest For Peace thematically is "What One Should Do With Superpowers". yeah I said it...

33. Toasting one of my home brews with, "To The Homeland!"


I never hated him before. I'm not a fan of the Idle.
In fact he played cleverly with Jeremy on Top Gear and got a great lap time.
Once busted Howard Stern, in the FM Days Cowell on Stern's Couch asks for Milk for his Tea. Stern offers cream. Cowell refuses out of General Principle. I grew up Irish-Catholic...we put milk in our tea. Cowell 2-Idle 0.
But this?

As my Uncle before me...let me now say...
Simon Cowell I Fucking Hate You.

101 Things That Should Not Exist...
The Comics Gnome is a Dirty Old Man....

OK. This is My...ahem...this is OUR PG-13 Blog.

And my old friend, the Comics Gnome POOTed this to me on a cold, lonely Winter's Night.


Did you see what I see? I got a dirty mind, mind you nonetheless...

This is an average "spec" photo of the HeroClix Action Figure Game Upcoming Release. celebrating the BLACKEST NIGHT and your opportunity to fight as The DC Heroes & Villains Deputy Lantern Corps. I tripped across this looking at action figures...Green Lantern ones too. Go Figure as Meathead begat but iDigress...

The action figure BTW is Mera, the Royal Queen of the Seas, Widow of Aquaman and very pissed off after seeing her dead husband come for her heart. She is the Earth's Deputy Red Lantern. These is way too many literally ways to make fun of this right now.

This was not the intention of the photograph but...^_~ (wait for it)...but I think the sculptors could have made the trident a little less phallic? Or is that the Ladies' Trident in the His & Her Wedding Tackle? Wah wah wah...

Some cheap thrills! The other images show her vomiting red rage aura...that's worse!

Crea Shakkti...indeed,